Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth [F-3]

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Frame 03: MARK & Targeted

~The Battlefield: Space~


“I know. Whatever it is, Asemu is heading for it,” communicated Flit to his little brother Kio who was worried from an unsettling feeling he was receiving from his gut. Though Kio wanted to act, gripping his gears, he felt the need to believe in his super pilot brother. At least until him and Flit are able to clear a path for the Amadeus and Baranche in order for them to push the attack forward.

The Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound reverted back to MS mode as Asemu began picking up abnormal readings from his sensors.

“This is Cadet Frost, now entering the combat zone,” she confirmed. Regina felt more confident than ever, feeding off of Commander Rossario Solen’s impression.

Regina, watch your gauges. Any irregularity and we’re pulling you out,” spoke Dr. Almers via a top left video monitor. “Be extra cautious.” Regina gripped the joysticks wearing a dark blue piloting suit with a yellow chest/shoulder pad and yellow vertical stripes that went from the center of her arms and neck on down. Further inside the cockpit Regina had to wear two wrist braces and a head brace in order to maintain the MARK Neutralizer as it began feeding her brainwaves with data automatically just by encountering unknown units. Both Regina and Asemu had never combatted with Mobile Suits like each other’s before. Asemu’s mobile suit seemed almost human-like like a Machine Doll while Regina’s mobile unit seemed alien-like with a mono eye. This didn’t stop Asemu from firing multiple shots thinking that the fight would be over quickly, but the Miragrah swooped in, circling around the beams.

“What? How? Could the pilot be an X-Rounder?” Asemu thought. Asemu began to wonder if the Extraterrestrials had people who were also X-Rounders too. Asemu had the Dark Hound release its anchor shot. A wired anchor shot out between binders, as he wanted to restrain the mobile suit. From the Miragrah’s cockpit the braces on the pilot pulsated.

~The Angeline~

Dr. Almers and his team monitored the reponse of the Miragrah. Everything seemed solid till a spiked in performance read on screen. It wasn’t uncommon almost considered normal as the MARK Neutralizer was syncing with Regina’s Newtype spatial awareness.

~The Battlefield: Space~

An astral projection of Regina’s image entered Asemu’s cockpit, sitting next to him.

“¡¡Stop!!” the projection emulated through an echo to him before vanishing.

“Wha?” he questioned. Though this was the second time he encountered a phenomenon like this. The first happen when he wore a helmet belonging to his former enemy the Vagan, sending signals to his X-Region. This however was different, he wasn’t wearing the helmet do to brain damaging affects and no X-Rounder encountered in the past projected themselves like that toward him. If that was the pilot and she wasn’t an X-Rounder, just what is she and why?

Stop?” he repeated softly as to why. His focus went back onto the screen just as the Miragrah maneuvered adjacently propelled passed him.

“Ah!” screamed Flit, as his X-Rounder power was slammed with friction. Suddenly Kio X-Rounder rays predicted beam shots locked onto the AGE-1 Glansa.

With the aid of both ships, the Amadeus and the Baronche began pushing forward as the Gigaks started to pull back. Both Flit and Kio rendezvoused with Asemu. Flit was suddenly slammed with friction that his X-Rounder power was picking up. Instantly Kio’s X-Rounder rays predicted the AGE-Glansa being locked onto and taken out by beam fire.

“Ah!” screamed Flit from mental stress.

“Flit! Look out!” Kio shouted. A beam fired from the Miragrah, Kio activated the C-Funnels to swoop in to provide cover for the AGE-1 Glansa by creating a 2x4 physical shield. Flit maneuvered his shield rifles around, predicting a point that the mobile suit would cross. Dark Hound came to the right, firing multiple shots to direct the attention back on him in which failed as the Miragrah moved at an angel, avoiding the beams. Attach to the beam rifle under the barrel was a second thicker barrel that emitted a beam saber instantly the Miragrah swung at the Gundam AGE-FX. Kio’s X-Rounder power manifested, predicting the exact moment his suit should move in order for the beam saber to miss him. This allowed Kio the change to grab onto the Miragrah and make contact with it’s pilot as Regina heard the voice of a boy,

“Why would you hurt us? Why keep fighting?”

“Why would I? I could ask you the same. I want to stop this conflict,” said Regina, trying to break free of his suit’s grip.

“I want to stop it too. I don’t want anyone else to die. We are all human beings,” Kio continued to use his X-Rounder power and moved the Miragrah of the way from a beam fired from Flit.

“I…I…” Regina stumbled. “Who are you? I feel a sense of calm…from you, is this us?” Regina asked, the Neutralizer began emanating, establishing a psyche-link with its pilot and him.

“Let us try to understand each other. You and I can end this together if we just only try,” Kio pleaded when the Miragrah started to lower its guard.

“Kio stop this now!” shouted Flit, releasing his X-Rounder rays, sensing Kio anxiety for the pilot. The two X-Rounders power clashed became so overpowering that the psyche-link between her and Kio disconnected with such a jolt, it sent an overwhelming serge of unintended changes to the MARK Neutralizer, corrupting the original data.

“AAH!” Regina screamed, unable to get a hold over the neutralizer.

~The Angeline~

Dr. Almers and his team quickly responded to the sudden anomaly that was affecting the neutralizer. From their end, the MARK Neutralizer was producing unexpected results resulting in a system crash.

“Calling Project MARK team. I repeat, something’s wrong with the MARK Neutralizer. Requesting aid,” Regina broadcasted to the Angeline. Wasn’t long before she silenced the channel between Regina and Dr. Almers. From her main quarters, Rossario switched the Miragrah’s frequency, intercepting the broadcast to a secure private channel.

“Sigato, eat your heart out,” she said, taking a sip of red wine while reopening the classified reports.

“Dr. Almers! We found the source of the data corruption. The MARK Neutralizer is reacting to a phenomenon from another pilot,” said a scientist, deciphering to the data that was being collected.

“Calculations were off. It’s extremely sensitive when processing data delivered from multiple sources of heightened awareness. It’s not transmitting Regina’s sense, but the enemy pilot’s,” Dr. Almers concluded.

“Based upon everything collected thus far, any distortion will cause it to see what it wants you to…believe,” reported another scientist in the room. Dr. Almers pulled up fluctuation levels and saw that they were on the rise, reaching critical. He tried the comm-link but was receiving no sound output. Dr. Almers heart sunk, as if he just gave a soul to the devil.

~The Battlefield: Space~

MARK—targeted,” spoke the central terminal as the letters M.A.R.K. appeared in red.

“Commander…anyone?” cried Regina as the MARK Neutralizer began overloading her brainwaves with raw statistical data of possible future outcomes to counter the X-Rounder’s power of acute precognition ability. Her mental stability was being crushed, collapsing her Newtype awareness into running wild. The duration of her transitioning wild Newtype presence expelled exerted pressures, bolting directly at Flit and Kio, blocking their X-Region.

“Flit, Kio, what’s happening?” Asemu asked with concern in his voice, seeing their suits contorting. He however received no response back from them. Regina’s head lifted up, revealing her lilac eyes glowing a hazed orange color, becoming more influenced by the neutralizer. She began to have vivid hallucinations as it continued to send corrupted data to her brain rapidly and had chosen the path for her to take by deeming the three Gundams are her enemy.

“Please, make it stop. Make it—make the Machine Dolls stop. The…these Machine Dolls are our enemy. Intercepting chosen targets.” Regina at first whimpered, but then spoke out in a confession slowly in a collared manner. The Miragrah’s head picked up when its mono eye flashed bright red and the weapon pods on the Miragrah’s backpack ejected all four pods with heat-tethered wires attached. The claws at the end of each pod opened to reveal built in beam cannon and immediately green beams rapidly fired on Flit, Asemu, and Kio.