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Sandgnat-Man and I had prepared a story for Blade v Demogoblin in Hell's Kitchen but for some reason, his e-mail refused to send it out and we missed the deadline. Not wanting to have it go to waste, I'm posting it now here for your viewing pleasure. This was a joint effort between me and the Sandgnat-Man.

Blade v Demogoblin:

Wendell A Yancy was lost. He wasn’t sure how he found himself in Hell’s Kitchen, but that is where he wound up. Now he was trying to get out. Wendell had put in a hard day at the office, much too hard and it was much too late when he was finally able to head for home. The whole week had been like this. His poor wife was starting to feel a little neglected. A co-worker had told him about a late night flower shop which was a little out of his way home, but Wendell felt his wife would appreciate the surprise. Maybe it would be some compensation for all the long hours he had been putting in lately. He had not anticipated getting himself lost. Now if he could only find his way back to familiar territory.

Wendell wasn’t originally from New York. He had grown up in a less busy place, where everything closed by 6 p.m. and the only time there was “rush hour” traffic was for the local high school football game. He grew up in one of those happy rural places. One of those places where everybody knew everybody and you always stopped to help out a neighbor in trouble. So when a saw a young lady sitting all by her self on the side of the street crying with clothes ripped and tattered, he instinctively pulled over to see if he could help.

“Excuse me miss,” said the young businessman, “are you alright? Is there anything I can do to help?”

“My boy-boyfriend, he-he-he threw me out of-of my apartment,” said the sobbing brunette.

“Threw you out?” asked Wendell, he couldn’t believe the way people in the city treated women. “Well, do you have anywhere to go? Can I take you somewhere?”

“Well there’s one th-thing you can do for me,” replied the brunette as she wiped away her tears.

“What’s that?” asked Wendell.

“Give us your blood,” said a voice behind him. Wendell got up to his feet uneasily as he looked to see the source of the voice. Two guys dressed in black and red stood over them. They flashed their fangs and hissed, causing Wendell to flinch in fear. He looks behind him again to see two more similarly dressed men circling around Wendell and the young damsel.

“Stay back!” exclaimed Wendell, “Get behind me; I’ll distract them while you get away.”

“How noble,” said the girl as she stood up behind him. “You are my knight in shining armor.” Wendell could feel her hot breathe on his neck. Before she could sink her fangs into his neck, a red dot appeared on her forehead.

“Sorry lady, I don’t think he’s your type.” The brunette vampire’s head exploded. This wasn’t part of the plan. The other vamps turned to face the man behind the voice. He stood tall and sure astride his Harley, a 9mm hand gun with laser sight in his hand. Across his chest he wore a holster with four silver spikes held neatly in place. His black shades sealed his gaze, and the vampires found themselves staring at the hilt of his sheathed sword. It was the Daywalker, Blade.

Before they could act, Blade threw a silver stake into the chest of the next closest vampire, turning him into a mound of ash. He blasted a third one as the other two took flight from the hunter. Wendell stood stiff, shocked at the sight of the assault. This was the type of thing you only read about in comic books. Blade approached him and checked for puncture wounds. Satisfied of Wendell’s condition, Blade says, “Go home to your wife. I’ll take care of this. Next time, go straight home. I mean, what were you thinking coming out to this neighborhood at this time of night?”

Wendell ran back to his car as Blade followed the trail of the last two vampires. He would never forget the man who had saved his life. He couldn’t wait to tell his wife, but he knew for sure that she’d never believe what happened in a million years. She was still having a hard time believing his story about the time he met that Spider guy they had been reading about in the papers.

Blade trailed the two vampires at blistering speeds. One of the vampires tripped over a pallet in an alleyway. Blade took advantage of the vampire’s fall and staked him on the spot. He didn’t linger long. He didn’t want to let the other vampire get away. The only good vampire after all is a dead one. Well, technically they were already dead. Dusted was the word, and Blade was planning on doing some dusting. Blade stopped short when he saw the last vampire flying back towards him in a ball of flame. The vampire was toast. Nice work, but he didn’t do it, but who? Then Blade saw the thing in the distance. It looked like his job was far from being finished for the night. That monster flying toward him on a flaming wing looked like he meant business.

“You’ll burn for your transgressions, sinner,” hissed a creature clad in black hooded cloak. Its jaundice skin pocked with boils and scales. Its fingers adorned with nails capable of rending the toughest flesh off a man’s bones. In its hand, an orange orb in the shape of a pumpkin. Its face was twisted, with a row of teeth obscured by an impossibly long pointed tongue.

“Who or what are you? You are one ugly sucker!” asked Blade as he drew his sword.

“I am the purging fire which will cleanse this world of sin,” said the creature. “I am the Demogoblin, and now you will pay for your sins with your death!”

A blast of searing hot fire rocketed toward Blade and he jumped up out of the flames path. The Demogoblin lobbed a pumpkin bomb at him and Blade barely managed to leap out of the way while drawing a silver shuriken. Blade hurled the spinning razor, cutting Demogoblin’s arm. The villain howled in pain and retaliated by flinging several bat-shaped knifes at the Daywalker.

“I can’t keep up with him in this a shooting match,” thought Blade as he bounded closer to the Demogoblin. Every time he got close to the demon, it would use its gliders to fly into a better attack position. A pumpkin bomb exploded near Blade knocking him down to the hard street below. He quickly regained his feet, only to be slammed back down by the fire glider of the goblin. Blade needed a way to neutralize the Demogoblin’s advantage and he needed to do it fast. There was no way he was going to let this thing keep the advantage.

“Give up vampire,” said Demogoblin, “I’m more than a match for you. Your friend there should be more than proof of that.”

“I’m no blood-sucker,” retorted Blade as he lunged for a nearby fire escape to even the height advantage. “And that pile of ash was not my friend. You got the wrong guy if you’re looking for a push over and now I’m starting to get angry.” Using the staircase to block the Demogoblin’s blast, Blade soon found himself ready to pounce. Demogoblin charged him on his goblin glider as Blade lunged forward. He tackled the demon and knocked him off his glider down to the pavement below. Demogoblin clawed at his body, but Blade’s Kevlar proved enough to resist the monster talons. Blade flipped the goblin so he would take the brunt of the fall and pushed down on him to make sure the creature would not be able to manage some sort of last minute flip.

Demogoblin hit the ground hard, cracking a couple of ribs in the process. Blade landed on top of him and the rolled off him and regained his footing. Demogoblin was hurt, and decided a hasty retreat was in order. He would not forget Blade anytime soon. He would find him and make sure that he would suffered the fate that all “sinners” deserved, a fiery death at the hands of the Demogoblin. Demogoblin threw down a smoke bomb to obscure his retreat on his glider. When the smoke cleared Blade found himself in the alley alone.

“Quite a night,” came a voice from above. Blade looked up to see the crimson guardian devil looming overhead.

“Daredevil,” said Blade, “what bring you here?”

“This is my neighborhood,” said Daredevil, “I had heard some wild stories about a group of vampires suckering innocent people with good hearts to feed their blood thirst. I was looking for them when I happened upon your handy work. I caught the end of your fight, but I couldn’t do anything to stop the Demogoblin from escaping.”

“That’s alright,” said Blade, “I have a feeling we’ll be seeing each other again soon enough. And this time, I’ll be better prepared.”
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Cooool. That was awesome. Blade rules.