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"This story contain pre-existing characters not created by the writer and are explicitly owned by the creator of the characters."

Through out the centuries a secret organization known as the Set has been the backbone for much of the world. They have branches in each country and their goal is to take over the world and they've been around for years. The set's biggest goal has been to create super soldiers for their personal bodyguards and foot soldier to take over the world. For many years they've been using some of the brightest minds to find a way to create the perfect warriors. They began to create soldiers due to breeding between some of the athletes and martial arts fighters and the use of a incredible diet. The next steps would be to remove the fetuses and use gorillas and tigers as surrogate mothers. They were exposed to many different forms of violent images and taught from a young age how to kill.

When the dawn of the new age came and technology improved they decided to modify their treatments and push the human body past it's original limits. The had preserved one embryo for years and decided to test the new methods on it. A young and up in coming geneticist named Nathienal Antonio and a female scientist named Rachel Chills working on cutting edge mechanics. He was able to modify the process by injecting the host with reptilian DNA and she added nanobots and microprocessors into the fetus. The were able to speed up the aging process. He was trained for many years and modified with any new technology the Set could get their hands on which was almost all of it.

When he became old enough they began to send him on assassin missions. Due to his age t was easy for him to be allowed close to people without them fearing him. His first kill was a politician who began to speak view that the Set was afraid of. He was also a pedophile and it made it easy for him to get into his home. Their he killed the politician by stabbing him with a baseball bat through the mouth. The horror of his first kill made Rachel realize the damage she had done and for years began to undo it. For years she had been reprograming the nanobots with non-violent information in the attempt to create a conscience.

After years of reprogramming she finally activating the program when he was ordered to destroy orphanage just to kill one child. She activated it when he was getting examined for the attack. When it was activated the two programs contradicted each other and he flew into a berserk rage. He killed almost everyone in the facility. He then destroyed much of the building and then escaped. He began to wonder the city after he calmed down. He was also guided by preprogrammed images of Rachel.

When he was 14 he saw a pimp abusing a prostitute. He assaulted him and his body guards. He was arrested by police officers and the pimp escaped. He was interrogated by the police. However he was able to escape by seducing a female police officer and having sex with her on the interrogation table. After spending time there he began to think about how the whole situation felt. He realized he liked the idea of protecting someone and decided to become a hero. He accessed his data and became aware of several swiss bank accounts. He used these two by a home under an alias over the internet and used them to buy weapons and equipment. He then went out that night in a uniform and became the Mid-Knighter.
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