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The whole actual fan-fic isn't done yet, so I thought that I would give everyone a preview of it (advertising, what can I say?).

This story is mine, and mine alone, thank you very much. All intellectual rights belong to me.


Anyway, here it is......


-Galdor System

"Admiral Dane to the bridge please. Admiral Dane to the bridge", the Aurora's voice rang out.

Admiral Dane, commander of the Galactic Federation fleet, stepped out of his personal quarters. The electronic door opened as he stepped out, and shut behind him with a hum. The Admiral was in his 50s-his gray hair was covered by his hat. Medals covered his chest. He found himself in a brightly lit hallway-fluorescent lights hummed and bloomed around him. Doors were to the sides of the hal, and the entire area has transparent power cords whisking about. It was clean, and plain. The Admiral stepped down the hall at a birks pace and walked out the next sliding door. He walked down another identical hallway, passing by some mechanics. They stopped and saluted as he passed. Another hallway, another door, and Dane found himself at the main elevator shaft. He stepped in, and pressed the holographic touch-button that was marked plainly "BRIDGE". The elevator jerked a little, and then slid downwards.

The mechanics should work faster, the Admiral thought to himself.

Eventually, the hum stopped, and the lift jerked again as it halted. Dane stepped out.

He entered the bridge of the G.F.S. Olympus, the mightiest flagship of the entire Federation. He was on a balcony overlooking a massive window into the open space. In front of him toiled the crew, hologram computers accessing controls and navigation systems. Dane walked forward, and the nearest crew member snapped to attention.

"What seems to be the trouble, shipman?", the Admiral asked.

"Sir!", the man said, taut and ready, "Our scanners have picked up a distress signal originating from the planet KL-4!"

"What? How is that possible? The planet has been uninhabitable for years", Dane wondered aloud.

"More odd news sir.....it's using one of our oldest frequencies", the shipman said uneasily.

Admiral Dane's face changed from confused to surprised.

"How old?", he demanded.

The navigator pointed to the console.

The frequency was last used openly in the Federation 600 years ago.

"Give me a scan of where the distress signal is being emitted", the Admiral ordered.

The man nodded and typed onto the hologram. A sudden holographic screen came up in front of the viewing window. It showed the planet, and then circled into a specific section. The screen zoomed in, zoomed in again, and then cleared the screen.

The Admiral's face went pale.

"Sending thermal imaging scan!", the man announced.

The screen changed it's colour. Almost no thermal images came up-save one. Inside of the small emittor of the signal, was a humanoid shaped form. The pod had been sent out years upon years ago-so old that the pod had the original Federation logo on it.


The Admiral made his decision. "Send a specialist team down there. And Get me Samus Aran"

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Not bad so far. I'm a little mad at you because I thought it was a game. lol

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Eternal Chaos says:

"Not bad so far. I'm a little mad at you because I thought it was a game. lol"

Heh, I WISH!

It should be finished soon. By the beginning of next week, at the latest.

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Well, I'm off for the night. See ya all tomorrow, and try to be somewhat interested in this thing!

See ya!