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PART ONE WRITTEN BY @SpiderIvyDaredevilfan26

Disaster has struck the DC and Marvel Universes. A miraculous cosmic event has resulted in the two violently colliding with one another, the meta humans of both worlds being mixed in a giant melting pot. Unfortunately, the event resulted in an atomic bomb-like explosion which took the lives of millions. As punishment for the tragedy, meta humans were forced to sign on with the government or face extinction. At first, heroes like Captain America signed on with the government without a fuss, believing they were serving their nation. Over time, however, the act revealed itself as a move of power and greed, resulting in atrocities that cost the lives of hundreds. Now, only the most diabolical of villains have aligned themselves with the new government: All others have either been executed...Or work in secret.

Captain America quickly shut the door behind him, locking it. The warehouse where Rorschach and Cyborg had asked to meet him was not optimal...But it would do. As Captain America backed up into the darkness, voices from outside were heard.

"Trapped like a bug. What do you expect from a guy who dresses in a giant flag?"

As the soldiers burst the door open, Captain America's shield whizzed threw the air at the soldiers. It smacked one of them in the chest, knocking him out, before returning to Rogers hand. The soldiers opened fire on the former American Hero as he charged them. Rogers slammed his shield into the head of one of the soldiers, delivering a quick punch to the guy of the other. He grabbed the soldier by the neck.

"Please...Please don't kill me, I'm just doing my job! You were a soldier once, you know I'm just taking orders!"

"Who's in control? This isn't the America I know!"

Captain America suddenly felt the coldness of a sidearm being placed at the back of his head. He grimaced in frustration.

The soldier behind him shivered, not entirely ready to fire off the shot.

"Drop hi-"

Suddenly, some large projectile hit the soldier in the leg, causing him to cry out in pain. It was a grappling harpoon. Out of the darkness, Rorschach revealed himself. He was loading another harpoon into his grappling gun.

"Kovacs, calm down! We don't have to do this! They're just taking orders."

Cyborg emerged from the darkness, putting his hand on Rorschach's shoulder. "Rogers is right. Just put your little toy away for now." Rorschach shrugged Cyborg off with a grunt. He motioned towards the terrified soldiers. Two of the soldiers carried their wounded comrade away, closing the door. Rogers pulled out a list from his pocket. "Kovacs, Stone. I have your papers as requested. We've got some real talent here. If ever there was a roster to make a difference, we've managed to salvage one."

Rorschach snatched the papers, examining them. "When are you gonna stop being such a goddamn boy scout Rogers? Didn't they ever teach you that dumb animals should be put down?" He drew his eyes to the sheet before him. The members were as followed:


Poison Ivy


Dick Grayson


Ghost Rider

Jason Todd

Harley Quinn

Agent Venom




Moon Knight

Martian Manhunter


Rorschach throws the paper to the ground. "So we're recruiting criminals now? Some patriot..." Rogers sighed. "Yes, they're are men and women here with checkered past. But I've talked to them, and they're willing to change. They're not monsters Kovacs, if they were they would have gone along with the Act." Rorschach walks away into the darkness. "I was always a loner Rogers. Who you recruit is your business, I just asked to see the list. But when the lion you've raised comes back to devour you, I won't be there to rescue you." Rorschach walked up the building's steel stairs, the sound of his boots echoing through the building.

Cyborg saluted Rogers. "Anything that I can do for you sir? I'm here to protect and serve the ideals of the Night Legion." The sentinel of justice thought for a moment. "Inform all recruits they're to meet at the abandoned Selkes Bar, near the Gotham Port. I want everybody there to discuss our first plans of action. And for God sakes try and help them...Get along."

PART TWO WRITTEN BY @BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow

How about you post it. Also, a few edits I made to your part. Add if you want tom, don't if you don't.

....Get Along."

Comiedian smiled as he peered through the binoculars and at Rogers. The government had hired The Comiedian to take and dismantle this team.

"So there meeting at Selkes Bar huh? Well their going to have an unpleasant meeting."

The bartender closed and locked the door,

"Aight Captain the bars all yours."

The Captain saluted the man and turned around. Facing him were some very powerful people.

"Ahem! Well I'm glad that everyone has come even though nobody knows where Moon Knight is... Anyway, I know some of you.."

He nodded towards Ghost Rider.

"Well you know what we're trying to do so, introduce yourselves,

"I am Bane, In fact Captain America I believe we have meet. I was born into the hell that is Santa Prisca. I am the only one here who has broke the bat."

He smirked towards Ivy and Harley.

Rorshach mumbled,

"Oh great a psychopath with a luchadora fetish."

Bane stared at him.

Captain America looked at them both and said,

"Alright... Next."

Moon Knight knew he had to run faster, Spider-Man swinging along side him.

"Spector wait up, you'll need the extra man power."

"No! They're falling into a trap!"

"Comedian...Oh hell...Got ourselves a little Watchmen reunion."

From above, Dr Pamela Isley a.k.a Poison Ivy was watching the scene unfold with her binoculars. Beside her was her assistant Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a Harley Quinn.

"You sure you want to go through with this Red? Mistah J said..."

"Mistah J's will feed my babies before this revolution is done. We need allies Harley. Maybe we can make a few friends if we help out the heroes."

"And if they try and take us back to Arkham?"

"We kill em all, and take the leader down with them. Whatever happens, we won't stay for long."

He finally was a block away from the bar before a rocket hit the bar.


Countless government agents and a dressed up man who was calling them all together ran into the bar.....


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This is pretty cool. Looking forward for the next half.

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This is pretty cool. Looking forward for the next half.

Thanks the wait is almost over! LOL!

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Interesting idea.