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Moterock's Den of Devastation
CHP 1: Spies among Leaf

Ascending over the engraved faces with on the mountain tops of the great passed leaders known to the grand village, was the sun generating light in essence a new day. The village had its portion of peaceful as well as hard times. Recently things had been going well for the Hokage and the village as a whole. The fifth Hokage A.K.A Tsunade was in high spirits. Gazing down over the Leaf from her balcony she thought about numerous past events; most of which of her training in the early days with Hiruzen. From that point she never imagined things would turn out the way they did with her becoming Hokage so many years later. Whenever times were like they are now is when neighboring nations got along best. Enjoying the view for a little while longer she entered into her office through an unlocked door.

Inside a home down below a young girl awoke sitting up in bed. Resting her hands over the tops of the sheets she yawned. Giving herself a few seconds to fully awaken she got out of bed stretching. Catching a glimpse of herself through a mirror in a corner of the room, she ran a finger through her pink shoulder length hair. Stepping out of her clothing she entered into the bathroom taking a quick shower. She got dressed into her pink/red combination ninja attire tying her Leaf village headband over the top of her hair exiting out of the room.

Walking down the road she waved at some of the villagers who did the same back. Exchanging a few helloes she continued on her way. It was yesterday that she had been informed she'd be heading out on a C rank mission along with two of her teammates. After meeting up with the two they'd speak with and get the details of the mission from the Hokage. Jogging down the street she ran up a set of stairs slowing as she stopped in front of a door.

"Naruto open up!" She called out.

Knocking a few times over she waited to see if her friend/teammate would answer. After minutes of remaining patient, she reached out grabbing hold of and turning the doorknob. Slightly surprised to see that it was unlocked she slowly entered calling out his name. Tip toeing onward she hoped he'd be dressed. Noticing that his kitchen area was close to spotless shocked her a little. Coming up to his already made bed she rested a hand over her waist. She had no choice but to look elsewhere for her spiky haired teammate, sighing as a result.

Once back on the road she thought hard about where he ran off to but came up with nothing. The thought he went to the Hokage first without meeting with the rest of the team is something she highly doubted. Holding her head down below her shoulders with clinched fists, it was times like now that she didn't mind strangling him until he passed out. It was made clear in advance to the team when they'd be meeting with lady Tsunade.

"How's it going for you this morning Sakura-Chan? You wouldn't by any chance know where I can find Naruto would you?"

Looking off to her left Konohamaru walked up next to Sakura.

"Hate to say it but I'm looking for him as well, he and I are supposed to be in lady Tsunade's office no more than thirty minutes. Naruto has a nag for running off at the most inopportune times. Anyhow what do you need him for?"

"Ah it's nothing really…just something to do with a jutsu I've been working on."

Crossing her arms she glared down at him.

"Mind sharing the details of the jutsu?" she asked.

With a guilty smirk he ran off telling her he had somewhere to be in the next ten minutes. She kept a close look on him as he disappeared into one of the alleyways up ahead. Not thinking much of it she got back on track to locating either of her two assigned squad members. A couple of others in the area greeted her before she took off up the street. When making a right she bumped into her team member that wasn't Naruto.

"Sai I'm glad I ran into you…where is Naruto? Or what I should ask is if you've seen him." She asked.

Sai smiled having no clue where Naruto was. This agitated Sakura even more, and Sai's grin didn't help at all. Grabbing hold of his left arm she pulled him forward alongside her and demanded that he wipe the stupid smirk off his face before she did it for him. He pulled his arm away from her suggesting they split up, telling they'd cover more ground.

"Sounds good to me, but we should at least check and see if he isn't already waiting for us in Tsunade's office."

Agreeing she first wanted to check with the Hokage. Now that Sakura found Sai she didn't want to lose him to. He followed her to the main building in the center of the village. Traveling up various steps they walked down the hall. Sakura knocked at the door while Sai stood behind her. Opening the door Shizune invited them inside informing that Tsunade had been expecting them. Both greeted the Hokage and realized Naruto was nowhere to be seen. Sakura looked passed that informing that she and Sai were ready to hear the details of the mission.

"Where's Naruto?" Tsunade asked.

Clinching her fists holding them close to her sides Sakura told the truth that neither she nor Sai knew of his whereabouts.

"I see," Tsunade paused for several seconds which made Sakura gulp, "If you can't find him in the next fifteen minutes I'll be assigning a replacement member to your team for this mission. In the meantime I'll enlighten you both with the info of this mission. Your replacement member will be waiting at the main gate if you don't find Naruto in time."

The two shook their heads confirming they understood. Standing off to the side Shizune walked over opening one of the windows to the room letting in some air while Sai and Sakura paid close attention to the instructions the Hokage gives them. Following the briefing Sai and Sakura bowed down exiting the room. Neither had much to say but knew the first thing they needed to do was find Naruto. Sai suggests using his beast scroll to locate Naruto, but Sakura decided against it. Placing a hand over his shoulder she let him know using that would take away unnecessary chokra.

Splitting up they began their search for Naruto. Coming across several of the villagers Sai asked if any of them had seen the boy who dressed in orange. All of who he came across hadn't seen him yet this morning. Continuing on he searched in several other locations. In the passing of those fifteen minutes neither he nor Sakura were able to find him. Regrouping at the main gates the replacement to him waited.

"Captain Yamato what a surprise. I had no idea you'd be the one assigned in his place." Sakura said.

"I'd agree with her, this mission hardly calls for someone of your status. Sakura and I can handle this alone…but you're more than welcomed to join us." Sai told.

He was more than confident they could get the job done on their own, but decides it best to travel alongside them. They briefly go over the information of the mission one last time. Following that they discussed the formations they'd use in case they found themselves in a battle. Settling all of that they headed out on their way.

Over at the east end of the village inside the forest area approached a group of armed individuals. They carried with them swords, all sorts of daggers and paper bombs. In total there were seven of them and for the most part had different strengths. Three used taijutsu, while two used Genjutsu and the remainder specialized in weaponry. Closing in on the Leaf, they're stopped in their tracks by two Leaf Shinobi ninjas. The group is asked to identify themselves. One of them stepped forward in front of the rest.

"We're here from the hidden mist. We've got something important for the Hokage to look over," He handed the two Leaf shinobis each a map, "Just take a look at the marked areas."

Both shinobi lifted up the maps in search of the points the individual spoke of being killed immediately by the unknown person! Knowing they'd have their eyes off him he used two separate knives stabbing through the maps and into their necks cutting them open. One of the ninja behind him used an earth style jutsu to quickly get rid of their bodies.

"Let's move along now, I feel we're closing in on the great one." The leader of the group spoke.

They made sure to stay concealed using the surrounding trees as best they could. The leader of them could feel they drew closer to the one they had been ordered to locate. The amount of chokra he possessed was unmistakable. They watched a group of children pass by and stopped. The team waited for the young ones to be out of sight. Re routing they traveled throughout the small forest area bordering the Leaf village. Again the leader stopped the group grinning widely beneath his mask.

In deep concentration a boy sat over the top of a large rock with his eyes closed and legs crossed. There was an immense chokra flow in and outside of his body. All kept their attention on the boy wondering what he was doing. Moments later his eyes of bright blue sprung open. Jumping up from his position he stood on top of the rock looking out in the distance while the wind blew his hair as well as the back of his ninja headband back and forth. With much confidence over his face the ninja cracked his knuckles leaping high into the air performing a front flip and landing perfectly.

"Is this him? I feel a lot of chokra coming from that guy, but how could someone of such youth contain that amount of Chokra?!"

"Yes that's him alright…Naruto Uzumaki! I shall contact our leader and see what he wants us to do from here."

Using a small earpiece the main ninja in charge contacted the head guy giving him a small report of what they'd done so far. Asking if the team should try and apprehend the boy, the speaker on the other side told them not to do such a thing. All he wanted for them to accomplish was to observe and calculate what goes on in the Leaf. They weren't the only group with such a mission, he sent similar groups to the hidden rain, sand, mist, sound, land of waves and several others! None of the groups are aware of what his ending plan will be. For now they take orders and relay as much info to him as they can.

"You're not to engage Uzumaki…I will deal with him and others of his status at a later time."

Hearing a clicking sound, the leader of the group turned back to the rest of his team sharing with them what he had just been told. Putting away some of their weapons, all of them understood what was asked of them. "Multi shadow clone jutsu!" All of them turned their attention to the boy who spoke aloud out on the field. When the smoke cleared there were over thirty copies of the boy surrounding him. The clones partnered up in groups of three. One clone in each group stood while the two others helped form a ball of energy in both hands.

"What's going on? What exactly is he doing?"

"It's called the Rasengan, it is a jutsu that was created by the legendary fourth Hokage. The boss man has his reasons for doing things a certain way, but I don't see why we can't get our hands dirty. I'd like to test my skills on this kid." The leader of the group said.

All of them remained in place watching Naruto train. He did some things that impressed them, but at the same time the entire group felt it would be an easy victory for them if they engaged him in combat. Aside from the mission the thing that had them a bit spooked was the reality none of them had ever met the one they take orders from. Even worse they haven't a clue of his name either. All of the missions have been assigned through his two spokespeople. So far no one has questioned this unknown being and the three who did were unheard from again. Executing one move after another, Naruto finally grew a bit tired, deciding to lie out over the grass. Glaring up at the sky Naruto sighed feeling relaxed. A butterfly landed on his nose reminding him of something.

"Oh that's right! I'm supposed to be going on a mission!" He shouted flipping up.

He sprinted in the direction of the village knowing he had to get to Tsunade ASAP. Some tried to call out to him as he passed by in the village, but he had no choice but to ignore them. Entering into the main building he ran up dashing into the office of Tsunade.

"Sorry I'm late grandma Tsunade…but I'm ready to get going! Sakura told me we'd be heading out on a C-rank so tell me the details, don't leave me hanging," He could see that her face showed signs of disappointment, but he had no idea why, "What's wrong."

Stepping forward Shizune answered for the Hokage.

"Sai and Sakura were dispatched without you. A replacement was sent in your place due to you not being present." Shizune said as cheerfully as she could.

Looking at them both Naruto tightened his fists demanding to know which direction the group went.

"Come on I'll be able to catch up to them in no time, I don't want to sit around and do nothing. All I've done for the past few days is train! I want to get in some action!" Naruto complained.

"Don't you raise your voice at me I'm the Hokage," Tsunade stood slamming her fists over the tabletop. Taking a few deep breaths she looked him in the eyes, "If anything else comes up I'll let you know."

Turning away from her Naruto headed for the exit.

"Whatever you say granny."

Exiting out Naruto rested both hands over the back of his head with nothing but dissatisfaction. Once outside he bumped into a familiar face. Usually he'd say hi but he continued to walk without a word. He was grabbed from behind.

"Hey you don't look so good, do you want to tell me what's going on; how about over a bowl of noodles at Ichiraku?"

"Not now Shikamaru. I really need to get back to my training." Naruto said with a lot less energy than usual.

Scratching at the back of his head, Shikamaru wondered what was bothering his best pal. Watching him walk off, he could tell by his body posture that something upsets him. Deeming it best to not bother him Shikamaru turned walking in the other direction. Outside the border of the Leaf two more ninja groups approach from different directions; both associated with the first. Talking amongst themselves the group had no idea who was pulling the strings/in charge of this group. All they knew was his/and or her vision. If they were successful in completing their part, it' would bring them one step closer to conquering the ninja world.

"We're getting closer by the second. All of you remember not to encounter any of their top shinobi, especially not the copy ninja Kakashi Hatake."

To Be Continue