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“And who do you think you are?” rasped Dormammu as the ancient evil watched the cloaked figure descend to the cavern floor. The Dreaded One rarely got guests of their own volition, even rarer were those he didn’t expect.

“I am here for my father,” the cloak billowed like a cloud upon landing.

“I have many ‘fathers’ here,” Dormammu laughed. “Any one in particular?”

“Stephen Strange!”

Dormammu scowled and shifted uneasily on his throne of Black Dechantment. “I am unfamiliar... with that name.”

“Liar!” The cloak dropped to reveal a young man in his twenties. He was striking handsome. Around his hands swirled red magicks that puzzled the demon.

“This is very true,” Dormammu stated. “And who are you?”

“Max,” the man said. “You will release my father or pay the price.”

Dormammu chuckled, the sound reverbing through the chamber. “Oh I don’t think so little mortal. If the Sorcerer Supreme and his assistant couldn’t defeat me, what makes you think that you are able too boy?”

“Because you don’t know a damn thing about me, pumpkin head!” Max said as he formed a ball in his hands. “Or what I can do.”

“A variation on the bands of Cytorrak,” Dormammu yawned and pointed at the spell. “I’m quaking!”

Max hurled the ball towards the hell lord who at the last minute teleported away as the ball reduced the throne in upon itself, collapsing it as if it had been crushed in vice!

Dormammu shrieked in horror “NO!”

“Chaos magic,” Max smiled. “Unpredictable, deceptive, and a gift from my mother...”

“Wanda Maximoff!” Dormammu hissed as he exhaled a column of flame at the young mage. In a bout of blinding speed, Max easily dodged the attack as if it was a stationary object.

”She always told me only to pick on people my own size,” Max snapped his fingers releasing Pym Particles over himself which caused him to grow to gigantic proportions to match the demon. Dormammu was genuinely surprised, even more so when he was punched in the face that sent him crashing to the floor.

“You will pay for that!” Hissed Dormammu as he lashed out lightning from his hand, but his opponent wasn’t there.

“Release my father,” said Max’s disembodied voice.

Dormammu scanned the chamber, slightly concerned. He couldn’t detect his attacker, yet knew he was still about. He wasn’t invisible nor lurking in the Astral Plane. “Where are you, boy?”

The question was answered as Max accelerated to giant size and clipped Dormammu on the chin with a blow from the Cudgel of Yaziya. The sound was like a perfectly hit baseball, and again the demon hit the floor.

“Pym Particles courtesy of my fellow Defender,” Max stated as he stood over the prone monster who attempted to clamber to an upright position. Max raised the enchanted hummer high. “Now where’s my father or do I flatten your head?”

“You will pay for this effrontery,” Dormammu muttered as he clicked his fingers. From the cavern floor arose a stone. Embedded in it like a fly in Amber was Max’s father, Stephen Strange. Max shrunk down, waved a spell at the stone prison and his father collapsed out onto the floor, hacking up stone dust.

“I got you, dad”


“You’re safe now,” Max helped him up. “But I’m sure we’re not home safe yet.”

“You have invaded my home! Stolen from me! Now, mortal, you will pay for your transgressions against Dormammu!” The demon waved his hands and the ground shook. Hundreds of Mindless Ones burst forth.

“Do you have any spells?” Max asked.

“I’m the Sorcerer Supreme,” Stephen smiled as his hands filled with mystical energy.

“About that...” Max said as he cast the Flames of the Faltine, a surge wave of fire shot out incinerating the nearest Mindless Ones. Stephen summoned up an icy barricade of frozen thorns.

“KILL THEM!” Dormammu roared.

“I’m no longer the Sorcerer Supreme?” Stephen asked as he paused for breath.

“You were gone seven years, dad,” Max said as he surrounded them in a Shield of the Seraph. “The universe won’t just protect itself.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Stephen mumbled. “Seven years...”

“How about we get out of here?”

Stephen nodded. “One thing before we do. Open the shield.”

Max looked around at the horde of faceless monsters enveloping them, held back only by a thin layer of mystical energy. Max readied the dimensional gateway to leave and dropped the spell.

Dr Stephen Strange wove his hands about. “You’ve kept me from my family, Dormammu. For that, you shall pay!”


“I call forth the Daggerstorm of the Djinn!” Silver energy shot from Stephen’s hands as a thousand curved silver daggers flew forth at the demon, peppering him with cut after cut. Dormammu screamed as he was sliced. Max grabbed his father by the scruff of the neck and threw him into the escape portal. The pair stood in the lobby of the Sanctum Sanctorum, 177A Bleeker St New York City.

Max threw his arms around his father. “I’ve missed you.”

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@cbishop: Boredom and the idea of a very magical mutant man

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