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Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 53: Group Meeting

Eyes' opening to that of a bleeping noise, Tony Stark finds himself in that of a hospital bed but has no memory of what happened or why he is even here. Challenging himself to try and move, a trivial pain travels up his spine. Having no interest in going at it anymore, he lays back hopeful a doctor and or nurse will walk through that door and explain the situation to him. Resting up, his eyes close just listening to his surroundings.

"How are you feeling Mr. Stark?"

Opening his eyes, Tony looks over in the direction of the doorway; standing with a clipboard in hand is one of the doctors. Taking several steps forward he stops at the bedside checking to make sure everything is normal on the charts concerning Tony. Verifying all vital signs are ok, he turns to the billionaire.

"All signs are looking good; you should make a full recovery with a lot of rest. It may not be what you'd ideally want, but it is in your best interest to remain here for another three days." The Doctor lets be known.

"How did I end up here? I can't really remember much, everything is kind of a blur." Tony asks.

The Doctor doesn't have all the details of what happened, but tells him what he knows. It isn't known exactly which group was responsible, but it is because of gang violence why he is even in here. Grabbing hold of the sheets underneath him; Tony can't bear where things are headed all because of the recent vanishing/abduction of earth's most powerful heroes! That just means people like him and law enforcement are goanna have to buckle down.

"If you need to speak with anyone or need anything, just press the green button at the side of your bed and one of our service people will be here in a flash to fulfill your needs. Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?" The Doctor asks.

Tony shakes his head letting him know that he'll be just fine. With his clipboard in hand the Doctor makes his way out of the room closing the door. It won't be long before the media finds out that Tony Stark has finally awoke. Back in the city of Seattle inside a club, sits Mark at a table next to his best friend Drew. Both observe the dance floor, where Kristine and her friends tango and rumba.

"It looks like they're having a lot of fun out there, ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T WANT TO JOIN THEM?" Drew yells, trying to be heard over the music.

"Hey if you'd like, go enjoy yourself bro…I'LL BE RIGHT HERE." Mark replies patting him over the shoulder.

He'd rather not leave his best bud on the side to watch, so decides to sit it out as well gazing at the colors which shine from the disco ball above. In the next instant, the two of them are pulled from their chairs and taken out onto the dance floor by Kristine and Jayne.

"Come on you two, we came here to have some fun, not to merely sit around the entire time." Jayne says.

Not fighting back or arguing with the ladies, the two join the rest of their friends and shortly find that they chose the right thing to do, having more fun than they were when sitting off to the side. Going at it for over fifteen minutes the music dies down; most of them deciding they've had enough. Kristine takes a look at one of the nearby clocks seeing that it is a little after eight forty. There is still some time left before she has to be home.

"Who's up for a game of pool?" One of them challenges.

Taking him up on the offer a few of the guys follow him to the pool table. Mark gets up from where he sits, but twists looking back at Kristine.

"Are you ready to go yet, I can take you home any time?" Mark asks.

"I'm not ready yet, go have some fun with your buds." Kristine replies.

Giving her a kiss he does just that, helping the other guys set everything up.

Worlds Away

The catastrophic affair took place much earlier in the afternoon hours ago, but it is now being brought to the attention of Hideakin. Sektor is also in attendance listening to what is alleged by one of the elite members of the Panda Masters. According to what he says one of their own was attacked by a female vampire! This could be troublesome for their operations, particularly if this unknown was after information regarding their organization.

"Do you have a description of her appearance; it might be able to help out on identifying which type of vampire? Did she at all have wings?" Sektor asks in his computerized like voice.

He hasn't had very many encounters with vamps, but there is a particular one that comes to mind. The speaker explains to them he wasn't the one who witnessed the attack; but is able to confirm this meticulous Vamp did not have wings, but was still able to fly according to two eye witnesses who observed from afar.

"Does anyone know how she got on the property? I want this predicament taken care of ASAP!" Hideakin makes clear.

Subsequent to hearing the info regarding the vampire, Sektor is able to conclude it isn't the MK combatant Nitara. Yes there is a chance she could be involved, but he doesn't see any reason why she'd be trying to attack this group. Whenever Cyrax returns, he'll have to have a word with him about this all. The yellow cyborg would know more…that is if Nitara is mixed up in this somehow. If he had to guess, this is almost certainly someone else all together. Regardless of that, all angles and possibilities must be investigated; whoever is responsible for this, will be dealt with accordingly.

"Would you like for us to commence on an organized investigation? I can gather up some of our best guys and try and hit this thing head on." Sektor says.

"No…If there are more of them, we'd only be playing into their favor. Vampires are most powerful after the sunsets. It will be one of our top priorities tomorrow." Hideakin replies.

Dismissing the two from his office, Hideakin turns his attention to other important matters concerning this faction.

Lin Kuei Temple

All who agreed to take part in the travels to the alternative earth where Pythena has attacked first are gathered inside the Shalion Temple. That is all except Raiden and Batman who await the grandmaster outside of the Lin Kuei temple. Once he joins by their side, it'll be time to make the jump.

"I've got a question that I'd like an answer to. How and where did you get that mechanism?" Raiden asks refereeing to the small device.

The thunder god wonders how something so small could have enough power to transport an individual from one dimension to another; and how it ended up in the hands of the caped crusader. Giving him the shortest version possible, Subzero comes into sight seconds afterward along with two others. Stopping in front of Raiden and bats, Subz lets them know that he's ready to go and has decided to bring along with him two Lin Kuei affiliates. Batman is familiar with the woman; but isn't sure of the other.

"Who are they?" Raiden asks.

Before Subz gives him an answer, the woman identifies herself as Sareena and the other Astreow; wearing similar attire to Subzero except for the sky blue color and light brown eyes standing only 5' 10". Astreow does not have the ability to freeze, but is one of the top ranked material artists in the clan.

"Alright than…I'd say we're ready to go." Raiden says.

All grab hold of Raiden, who immediately teleports them to the Shalion temple. Just as he had planned from the start, Subzero told the eldest member he'd be attending to a mission with two others, but didn't give any info on where it would be taking place. With his status of being the grandmaster, it is best that he isn't away for long periods of time in case someone planned an attack on his clan.

"Glad you all made it back. Now let's get going, I can't wait to see what this other earth is like." Johnny Cage says.

Carrying with him is two suitcases, mostly filled with clothes; the movie star/material artists would rather not worry about shopping for clothes. Just as him, others in the group have packed small bags for change of clothes and equipment; there is no telling how long they could be gone. Aside from Raiden, Wolverine and Batman; the rest of the lineup includes Subzero, Scorpion, Sareena, Kitana, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sonya, Jax, Johnny Cage, Ermac, and Astreow.

"Whelp I guess it's time to go; so how exactly is this going to work?" Johnny inquires.

"If all of you gather around in this area, we'll be on our way." Batman informs.

Before anything else Raiden wishes them all luck, and in the next instant they're gone in the flicker of a light. A huge part of him wishes he could travel alongside them, but that is not a possibility due to his prominence watching over earth realm. His prime wish is that they all make it through this ordeal alive. A few miles away, Rosea walks alongside Nitara knocking at that of a castle door. Only having to wait a few moments the door is opened.

"I called you hours ago Sis…what took you?"

Rosea walks in past her brother not paying him much notice. Nitara smiles, wondering if they're always like this toward each other.

"Aren't you going to introduce us?" Nitara calls out to Rosea.

Rolling her eyes she looks back at them both; lately her older brother has been somewhat of a pain getting on her nerves whenever he can. Putting on a forged smile she walks back next to both of them.

"Nitara this is my annoying brother Derak, it's only a matter of time before you notice."

Glancing down the hall, she carry's on to where she was originally headed. Enlightened by her complaining the two of them grin at each other following Rosea down the hall. Entering into Derak's work-study, she speculates why everyone else isn't here! They've had this meeting planned from over a month ago, so there shouldn't be delays!

"Derak where is everyone? Please tell me you gave them all the right directions on how to get here." Rosea asks becoming agitated.

Coming up in front of his sister, Derak rests his hands over her shoulders looking her in the eyes. Just as Rosea he possesses lavender colored eyes, but has a faintly lighter shade. Telling her they're on the way he escorts her over to one of his master chairs situated in a corner of the room. Making his way across the room he pours her a glass of blood from his most recent victim from over forty five minutes ago.

"You just need to relax sis, you're way too demanding and nag too much." Derak says handing her the glass.

Positioned next to a wall Nitara can't help but laugh at watching them both; if you weren't told you'd guess they were married or brother and sister. Surveying them is entertainment; she just can't wait to see what will happen next. Taking a small sip, Rosea's eyes broaden as she spits the blood out!

"Who the hell DID YOU KILL? Whoever was your victim had very high blood pressure and tastes bitter!" Rosea yells standing.

"You stupid idiot! I just got that carpet cleaned!" Derak brings up.

Becoming even more agitated with him, she throws the cup of blood in his direction; using his swift reflexes he dodges it, having the blood spill all over the carpeting. Looking him in the face she grins evilly.

"Ok I think it's time for you two to quit acting like children. We're here to discuss the resurrection of the most powerful vampire princess to walk this earth and nothing more." Nitara says.

Rosea stops herself from saying anything else, but would truly like nothing more than to put her brother through a wall. Lifting the glass off the carpet he hisses at Rosea showing his fangs as she does the same. Off to the side, Nitara shakes her head questioning whether or not they will ever drop this childish behavior. Putting the cup back where he had originally got it, Derak walks up in front of Nitara with a peculiar look on his face.

"It'll be about another twenty minutes before the rest of the group arrives, but I have an idea which can help pass time."

Turning and looking over at his sister, Derak demands that she get lost. Too no surprise she stands her ground having no interest in what he says. Cursing under his breath, he looks away from her and back to Nitara.

"Come…I'll show you to my room. Something as beautiful as you shouldn't be left untouched; If I had to guess I'd say you probably have some experience, but it is an entirely different animal with me." Derak says.

Using her vamp speed, Rosea dashes over coming in between them both, being in front of Nitara.

"Noooooo…You're not going to sleep with her! She is like one of my closes friends, go look elsewhere!"

Having no desire to argue with his sister, Derak walks in the other direction not saying a word. With her mouth wide open, Nitara is overly shocked how forthcoming Derak was. Whenever does a guy just flat out go straight to the point in asking you to have sex? This is a first for her!

"Your brother is ah…uhhm, kind of strange." Nitara conveys.

For the remainder of the time, none of them speak. Neither of them are sure where Derak went; probably somewhere to cool off. Once their other acquaintances show they will have to find out what progress they've made on their part.

Worlds Away

On arrival, the group re appears somewhere in the Bronx. Batman finds this to be at random, but remembers that he forgot to set the coordinates for the travel back. At least from what he can tell so far is that they're back in his world, which is a good thing.

"So how is this going to work, are we just going to travel on foot? How far is your headquarters from here?" Johny Cage asks.

If it is possible, he'd rather not have to carry this luggage a far distance. The dark knight quickly lets them know they're first going to meet up with the Avengers. Kitana is the one to ask about who the Avengers are.

"Let's see if there is enough left of them to call it a team; I'm a member to them." Wolverine tells.

Logan is the one to lead the way, knowing one of the quickest paths which will get them there sooner. Back in the city of Seattle Drew lies on his back over the smooth surface of a sofa; Kristine lays on top of him planting kisses around his neck and jaw.

"Promise you won't say a thing…Jayne and Mark must never know about this. You're much more adorable than Mark."

"You don't have to worry about me saying a thing; this will stay between you and me."

Smiling she drops herself down onto him locking lips. Wrapping his arms around her back, the two deepen the kiss embracing the other. It is short lived as both of them listen to the door knob turning! Immediately jumping off him, she takes a seat over in a chair one ft away picking up a magazine to try and look less suspicious. At the door are CJ, Haley and Mark.

"Are you ready for me to take you home?" Mark asks looking at Kristine.

"Yes, it won't be long before my parents start worrying," Kristine stands looking back and giving Drew a wink, "See yah later Drew."

Coming up next to Mark, she gives him a kiss taking his hand into hers following him out of the building and into his car. Before starting up the vehicle he asks if she enjoyed herself the entire time they were out together all day. Giving him another kiss, she tells him it couldn't have been any better. Wrapping an arm around her, Mark gives her a kiss over the top of her head.

"Guess we better get going."

Starting up the engine they drive off, arriving in front of her home in less than twenty minutes. Getting out of the vehicle she waves at him heading toward her front door. It is then that Mark drives off in route to his own place. Remembering the city exceptionally well, Wolverine leads them all to the Avengers main stronghold in no time. It has been a long time, but he feels good to be back here in his home world.

"Hey I must say I really dig the place; it looks extraordinarily high tech. Can't wait to see what it looks like inside." Johnny Cage says looking around.

Wolverine just smiles leading the group toward the front entrance; and in a split second the main alarms to the building go off with bright lights shining over all of them. Some stay calm, while others like Sonya and Jax pull out their firearms.

"Darn that alarm is shrill! Can it go up any louder?" Liu Kang says with a hint of sarcasm, taking the opportunity to cover his ears.

Scorpion gets into a fighting stance looking up to see them all surrounded by men dressed in all black, carrying with them high-end weapons aimed at the whole group. The alarms soon die down, and the apparent leader of the group asks for them to identify themselves. Subsequently Wolverine steps forward, but is cutoff by a familiar voice.

"Well well, if it isn't Wolverine back from the dead."

Turning and looking in that direction, Logan smirks at the prospect of Black Widow standing in front of him. It wasn't just the surroundings he missed; but the people and missions as well. Being back on his home turf gives him somewhat of a home field advantage sensation. Taking a few steps forward, he shakes hands with Widow.

"Good to see you again as well; what I've been hearing from our friend over there," Logan points at the Dark Knight, "Things haven't been going so well."

Throwing her hair back Natasha takes a look over at the caped crusader, doubting the stories she's heard of him are true. From what she's been able to pickup, he's just an average guy with a lot of cool toys. That thought brings something else back to mind.

"Tony Stark is in the hospital, I haven't had the chance to speak with him. But they say he awoke around noon." Black Widow says.

"What happened? I mean…when did this happen?" Logan asks.

"It was sometime yesterday; according to one of his logs he was meeting with the billionaire Klint Gersayer.

Both know they'll need Tony to heal hurriedly; with this upcoming fray everyone they have will have to be on board ready to go. Looking away from Wolverine Black Widow asks for the shield representatives to lower their weapons.

"I'd like for every one of you to follow me inside." Natasha says.

The ninja spectre drops out of his fighting stance but keeps his guard up, not sure whether to trust these guys. On the way in Black Widow whispers to Logan that Nick Fury should be returning by tomorrow with more weapons and soldiers. Nodding, Wolverine likes the sound of that. Even though he was told what had taken place here in this world he still asks questions.

"Are any of the X-Men still around? It can't be possible that we know for sure that they're all gone." Wolverine contemplates.

Black Widow goes on to say that if they were in fact here, they wouldn't be hiding out, they'd come forward and join the effort of trying to put an end to this crisis. Increasing his pace Batman comes up between Widow and Wolvie.

"If you can remember we set up a meet tonight between some of your people and mine…Your alarms won't be necessary. They should be arriving soon." Batman expresses.

Arriving in front of the main entrance she punches in a code and bends slightly so that her left eye is scanned for identification; the door opening immediately afterward.

"No need to worry, your friends won't be attacked unless they initiate the strike. Come right this way, I'd like to get through introductions and the layout of our arrangement ASAP." Natasha says.

Most everyone heads inside except for a few guards who're ordered to survey the area and wait for whatever allies of Batman show. Communicating with Black Widow through a headset, one of the guards asks what they should expect these people to look like.

"It won't be hard sergeant Jay; they'll look dressed for a costume bash." She says ending the conversation with the click of a button.

Looking over at Batman with a grin, he glares back at her not liking Widow's choice of words. Looking around, Subzero couldn't agree more with Johnny; once inside you can really see that these people really mean business. The Lin Kuei has an established headquarters, but nothing quite like this.

"Wow this place sure is something else isn't it; what's your guess on the amount of weapons?" Sareena asks coming up next to Subzero.

"I have no clue, but I wouldn't touch anything; look at how on guard they're." Subzero says.

He mainly refers to the guys who stand off to the side dressed in black and white with dark shades. Over on the other side of the room, Johnny looks around feeling as though he is a top secret classified spy in one of his films. Saving her time, both Batman along with Wolverine give Natasha the names of all the fighters; it is than after she asks where they found them. Both bats and wolvie look at each other and then back at her, saying the story behind that can be saved for another time.

"What about you Wolverine? When Ms Marvel and the others returned from that mission of yours over a year ago, they said you were killed in battle. So how is it that you magically reappear as soon as things get bad?" She asks.

Ignoring her question, Wolverine tells her that story can be discussed later and with the purpose of focusing on why this meeting was made in the first place. Rolling her eyes she turns away from Wolverine and Batman, facing the main group.

"Is she always like this?" Batman asks.

"No…once you get to know her, she isn't all bad." Logan replies keeping his voice down.

Before getting started, Black Widow introduces herself giving the MK combatants a quick history lesson on the Avengers and the assembly known as shield. While talking She notices that one of them seems to marvel her appearance. Snubbing it she continues on getting into the details of how they will fight against the creatures when they return.

"I'm not even going to lie, she's a complete babe wouldn't you say?" Johnny asks turning to Kung Lao.

The Shalion warrior does nothing but smirk, which leaves Cage confused. Grasping that everything has gone quiet, and the attention seems to be on him, Johnny slowly turns with half a smile on his face to Black Widow who frowns.

"I heard that." She tells.

Laughing timidly, Johnny asks for her to continue and that he will no longer be a distraction. Just then one of the automatic doors slides open and entering by shield escorts are Green Arrow, Wild Cat, Nightwing, Red Robin, Red Arrow and Huntress.

"Is that all what is left of your associates?" Black Widow asks facing Batman.

"I'm sure there are others; I just haven't been able to locate them." He replies.

Taking another look, Batman wonders why Robin didn't travel alongside them; whenever this meeting concludes he'll have to ask Dick or Tim. Volunteering to help her conduct the meeting; Batman takes a few steps forward coming up next to her.

"Should we be expecting anyone else?" One of the shield employees ask.

Natasha shakes her head, adding that this will probably be it unless someone shows up unexpectedly. Someone like Ghost Rider or Moon Knight could be helpful; those are two of many who weren't recorded of being taken. But that doesn't mean they weren't. Remaining in place with crossed arms, Ermac can't wait for the boundaries to be set, and the talking is over. They need to get out there and put some hustle to all of the talk and get after Pythena. Scorpion feels similar to him, wanting to get this over with so that he can return back to earth realm and focus in on Quan Chi and Shinnok!

"Kitana are you uhm…ok? You look a little bit sleepy." Liu Kang asks.

"I'm fine Liu, but thanks for your concern." She replies smiling.

"I sure hope you guys didn't start the party without us, so what's the plan?" Nightwing asks aloud.

Telling him to keep quiet is Black Widow, adding that they'd get back to that. He along with Red Robin and their group join everyone else in the middle of the room. Clearing her throat it is Black Widow who chooses to speak first, telling Batman she'll inform him when it's time for them both to speak.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 54: Vampire Get Together

Pacing back and forth there is loads on the mind of Talia al ghul who is the one in full control of the current operation. With her father not being in town; currently in Nepal on business, she has to shoulder most of the work stacks. There are dozens of hired others who handle some of the less important work, so that she can focus on the essential functions of the League of assassins. The main focus now is to put the remaining five through a series of hazardous exercises which can prove to her that they do in fact belong. In route toward one of the windows in the far corner of the room, she stops perceiving the sound of the front door opening.

"What in the world do you think you're doing up here? Didn't my men downstairs tell you that it is off limits?" Talia yells out.

The person shuts the door behind them, telling her to keep quiet that they'd just like to have a few words with her. Taking a few steps back in the other direction she takes a seat in the nearest chair setting her feet up on the table top, asking him to speak. The fact that it is Deadpool who had entered has her unsure of what this could be about.

"You and your people have told us about this organization on a few occasions, but I'd like to know exactly what we'd be doing if we pass all of your tests and become full or backup members?"

Maintaining her position, she reminds him that he and the others will find out about that if any of them are able to survive this final stage. Taking a few steps forward he walks past her, grabbing hold of a picture that is positioned to the far left corner. Picking up the photo, he studies it for a moment before looking in her direction asking who the person in the photograph is. She retorts saying that it isn't any of his business.

"Oh…oh let me guess, he's your uncle or father! There is definitely a family resemblance that is unmistakable."

While frowning she removes her boots from the table top standing and grabbing the picture out of the hands of Deadpool placing it back where he had taken it from.

"That is my father Ra's Al Ghul; and if there is nothing else, I'd like you out of here now." Talia says.

Underneath his mask, Wade can't stop himself from smiling finding her to be even more attractive when angry, not that she wasn't already. Stepping from around the desk, he stops standing in front of her.

"I've just got one more question, and it is a bit more on the personal side. Are you currently seeing anyone? You know…kind of like a date or something? If not, I can assure you that I'm avai…"

Extending her arm, she grabs hold of his wrist marching them both to the door opening it and shoving him out at once. Murmuring somewhat, she pulls at her hair walking back over and taking a seat. She has become more than accustomed to men desiring having her, but this one is supposed to be a fighter in training to qualify for the League of Assassins.

"If he doesn't start understanding his place, I'll have to show it to him."

Closing her eyes she lays back, reflecting on the long day which consisted of a lot of casualties back on the island for the first phase. Standing outside her door Wade Wilson dusts himself off Stretching out and walking down the hall to a flight of stairs making his way to the main area where everyone else is. Looking around he spots Ted, the only other survivor from his original team. Seeing that he waits in line over in the bar area, Wade shrugs his shoulders having nothing better to do heading out in that direction.

"How's it going pal," Deadpool grabs a plate for himself, "Any idea on what they're serving?"

"I'm really not sure, but I hope it is as good as it smells. After that long day of hard work, I could really go for a scrumptious home cooked meal."

Patting him over the shoulder he agrees fully, considering they faced near death almost every minute when out on the island this would make for a small incentive. Back in the mansion of the Avengers the meeting continues, with Kung Lao asking the question of if they've figured out the location of where the enemy is hiding out. She responds with the answer of no, adding that they're trying their best to do so.

"If we don't know where they're, than how are we supposed to fight back against them? As of the moment, this is all just a waste of time until we can at least do that." Sonya says.

The grand master feels the same; if they aren't able to go after the enemy right away, what was the point in coming here. Clearing things up, Natasha lets them know their only option is to wait for the official raid from the adversary. Most everyone is ok with the idea, except for Ermac and Scorpion who'd rather not have to wait an extended period. Neither speaks up about it, keeping it to themselves not wanting to bring up an argument. Once the first of them arrive, it shouldn't be too hard to beat the information out of them.

"So what are we going to do in the meantime, just sit around or something? Cause I personally would like a small tour of this world if possible. Well maybe tomorrow, it has gotten a little bit too late; but perhaps one of you could show me around this city."

Most of them kind of just look at Sareena, wondering where that came from; having zilch to do with Shang Tsung, Kahn or Pythena. He doesn't say, but Johnny wouldn't mind a little outing of the city himself, if workable. From her left side, Natasha listens to Wolverine who whispers into her ear reporting that the fighters from this other world will need a place to stay, suggesting they could stay here in the Avengers main mansion or in one of their backup facilities.

"Good call, considering most of us were zapped out of reality there will be sufficient room here." She replies.

This information quickly becomes available to all the MK combatants. The meeting lasts for over another thirty minutes, with the overall layout of the plan being set and a lot of questions being asked and answered. Traveling up next to bats, Red Robin asks if the members of Avengers who still remain have given him a quick way of contacting them in case of an emergency.

"Yes…Widow has given me their emergency frequency; she says more info will be given once Stark is healthy enough to leave the hospital and this Fury guy shows. Until then, I'd say we're done here." Batman replies.

Heading for the exit, both Huntress and Wolverine come into the path of both Batman and Red Robin.

"Leaving so soon? Are you sure there isn't anything else you'd like to ask or discuss? We need to be as prepared as we can for this upcoming battle, and should explore all angles and options." Logan asks.

Red Robin is the one to speak for them both, saying that any further discussion should be put on hold until Stark is available; he nor Batman have ever heard of this Fury person, but they should wait for him as well. Coming up next to RR and bats is Nightwing, who rests a hand over his waist.

"Wait…how can I get in contact with either of you, if it's an emergency? I'd like a good answer; and don't tell me the bat signal." Huntress says.

Giving her a quick look, batman walks past her advising her to speak with Nightwing about that. His first ever partner shrugs his shoulders unsure on how to answer that. Giving her his cell or telephone number could lead to her figuring out his secret identity. This world is facing an upcoming crisis, but it has not yet got that serious that he needs to drop his secret identity. But then he remembers the communication systems the Justice League set up in their entire backup bases. Over five months ago he had spoke with Black Canary who said if no one was available at the base; the call would automatically travel to the bat cave and Fortress of solitude.

"Hold on just a sec; I just need get a few details from the boss." Nightwing says patting Huntress over her left shoulder.

Running up next to Batman, he asks for the main number to the League's headquarters. Giving him the bat glare, he makes it clear that he needs to get back to Gotham as soon as possible. Before turning away, he tells him to get the information from Wild Cat or Green Arrow. Gazing at the Dark Knight who walks toward the exit, Nightwing scratches at his hair wondering why he didn't do that in the first place.

"If you speak with either Green Arrow or Wild Cat, they'll hook you up with the information you seek." Nightwing tells.

Thanking him she heads in that direction. It is then that Batman stops, turning and calling for either Red Robin or Nightwing to come to his side. Without delay, both men make their way in front of him; Batman then asking why Robin did not come with them. It is important that even he is fully up to date with everyone else.

"Yeah about that," Nightwing sort of smiles, "A lot of Gotham's criminals believe you're dead…so yeah he's kind of busy if you know what I mean."

Red Robin adds that he was a bit hesitant on whether he was going to show up to this little group meeting; wanting to remain in Gotham to help out Robin with the crime who declined making an appearance at this meeting. Taking a step back, the caped crusader's eyes wonder to the ceiling deliberating Gotham's delinquents must have thought he suffered the same fate as numerous other heroes. He was only gone for one night, and hasn't patrolled in two. That is hardly any time to declare him dead, the news must have something to do with this; anyway it is about time he gives them the harsh reality that he isn't going anywhere.

"Do you think it will be necessary to get the U.S. army and other global power houses involved?" Wolverine asks walking up next to the three.

"I don't think any of us really know yet, but I'm going to go off on a limb and say yes. This is everyone's world, and we'll all have to fight together to protect it." Red Robin says.

The three of them agree with what he says. Who knows how many of them will appear globally on the initial authorized strike. Revolving in the other direction, Nightwing tells Red Robin and Batman that he's going to hang around here for a little while longer and introduce himself to the fighters from this other world. With on the side of his gauntlet Batman punches in a code, activating the bat plane to travel to his position.

"Good talking Wolverine, I'm sure we'll be seeing one another very soon." The Dark Knight says heading for the exit.

To no surprise he is followed by a few of the guards, not really paying them much attention. It isn't known how the criminals of Gotham will respond once they grasp he's still alive. Too him it doesn't matter; he's been through times when things have been chaotic, and others when it wasn't so much. Making his way out of the main group, Scorpion approaches Black Widow stopping in front of her.

"Does this place of yours by any chance have any type of training room? I'd rather not waste my time just sitting around doing nothing, for whoever knows how long." Scorpion asks.

"Yes we do, but I would rest up if I were you; it is late, but I promise to show you and the rest of your friends around tomorrow."

Before anything further he makes it clear that he isn't friends with any of them, informing her they all have a common enemy. He also adds sleep isn't needed for a spectre; a dead man doesn't need to sleep. Natasha quickly puts a hand up to her mouth, trying to hide from him her laughter. It's not that what he's saying isn't true, it's just the thought of it is so insane. But she's seen some pretty weird things in her time working with the Avengers.

"I see…once everyone is settled in, I promise to show you everything, sound good?" She asks.

Seeing that he's a guest, Scorpion holds his cool keeping himself from complaining, telling her that'll be perfectly fine. Just as Batman, Red Robin follows close behind being escorted out of the building. Once outside the two heroes stand in place not saying a word, being stared down by a group of shield members.

Worlds Away

Having waited for over an hour the other acquaintances of Derak and Rosea finally arrive; Nitara being the one to greet them all at the front entrance, leading the group to the main area where they can sit down and converse on what they've all been able to do up to this point in helping with their main goal, concerning the Vampire princess.

"Good evening everyone, I'm glad you could all make it. But I would like to know why you're all so DAMN LATE!" Derak yells out, slamming his fist over a table top.

Immediately coming up next to him, Rosea tries to calm her brother down telling him they need to stay alert on the duty at hand. In total there are four of them; their names being Jesse Lorweall, Hellen Kitsune, Keiji Spikes and Mana Vey. Just as Nitara, Rosea and Derak, they're all vampires. Jesse Lorweall stands at 5'10" having short brown hair resting around the mid section of her neck wearing a sleeveless dark purple latex suit with red boots having black eyes and light brown skin. Hellen Kitsune is also a woman, standing at 5'9" having long blond hair, passing her shoulders by six inches and light brown eyes. She wears a dark blue sleeveless dress and green metal bracelets. Keiji Spikes stands at 6'1" having a somewhat muscular figure, golden tan eyes spiky brown hair and wears a tuxedo with a red rose hanging out of the vests pocket. Mana Vey is the youngest of them, being just 19 when she was turned and hasn't aged since. That was over two hundred thirty years ago! She stands at 5'7" having long pink hair which passes her shoulders by five inches having bright blue eyes, wearing a blue and white skirt and top to match it with a blue bow in her hair.

"I totally dig the whole school girl look; you scored low on your last test…but if you follow me up to my bedroom, we might be able to fix that." Derak says jokingly.

Not liking his sense of humor, Rosea walks over slapping her brother across the face telling him to grow up. Him acting this way is making her look bad in front of her friends; but it always seems that he acts like an idiot whenever friends of hers are around, which annoys her to no end.

"What have any of you been able to do since we last spoke?" Rosea asks.

In his right hand Keiji holds a book, stepping forward and handing it over to Nitara and Rosea. Recognizing they have no idea of what it is, he explains that he had to travel through Egypt to locate this rare piece of writing which contains various spells and the set of directions to successfully bring back the princess at full strength without her having to feed to do so.

"Good job Keiji, for a moment I thought you'd be useless to us." Nitara says.

The attention revolves around the other three who're asked what they've been able to get done concerning this matter. Mana lets it be known that she has nothing, just as Jesse; but Hellen retrieved the map which will lead them to the fortress where the princess's remains are being held.

"I can assure you that her remains will be guarded well. They're located in the realm of Hiloyat, the knights and samurais guarding them are very power in the aspect of magic. Other past high profile remains are being held there as well." Hellen says.

Just as Keiji she hands the map over to Nitara and Rosea who are the two organizers of this complete operation. This is a good start for them so far; as long as they build on what they've done thus far they might be able to have this done in the next month or so. Nitara doesn't like putting a time table on things, wanting this to just play out on its own.

"If and when we're able to get this done, are there any problems we could face through the process of building our empire. I've heard rumors of a thunder god by the name of Raiden, he kind of scares me."

Nitara laughs at her words grabbing hold of Rosea who giggles.

"Hahaha are you serious…Raiden? He'll be a 2nd rate fighter to Dieya if she's at full power. We won't have to worry about anything once she's revived." Nitara says after collecting herself.

The group continues on with the meeting discussing what moves will need to be made next, and how they really need to try their best to keep a low profile. If they were to be figured out before the revival is complete, they could be in serious trouble. Earth realm and Outworlds defenses are what they have to worry about most.

Worlds away

Having arrived back in the City of Gotham over an hour ago, Batman looks down on the city finding the downpour to be consoling. So far there hasn't been any sign of any real activity, but that is most likely due to the weather. Perceiving the sound of a thump from his backside, Batman swiftly twists around facing a familiar face.

"Robin…how'd you know where to find me?"

"When checking my radar, your signal re appeared which let me know you were back. We did a good job of keeping things under control, but it is you they fear. Welcome back father."

While it continues to rain, Robin joins the side of the Dark Knight; both looking down at a few individuals pass by who ride motorcycles who laugh having it eco through the alleyways. Batman asks Robin if there has been any news on Mad Hatter, Toy Man and Penguin. The boy wonder shakes his head saying there have been no sightings of the group as of his last encounter with them. The three of them must be trying to keep a low profile after what they did killing off a lot of civilians with their poisonous gas scheme. There's no doubt they'll show back up soon, the question is where and when. Something else which he needs to find the answer to is why the particular three are teaming.

"So how'd it go with finding those fighters?" Robin asks.

Damian doesn't know much about this other world or what went on over a year ago. At the time Tim was Robin; but a lot has changed since then. If he's going to ask any questions, Robin will hold them off till later; during patrol isn't the best time.

"I'd say it went better than previously planned, more of them agreed to travel over to our world than what I was envisioning."

Precisely a second later, the clatter of gunshots are heard by them both. Moving from where they stand; the dynamic duo dives off the building directing their travels in the vicinity of where the sound came from, gliding down in front of a building smashing through a window.

"What in the name! It's Batman!"

Both the Dark Knight and Robin distinguish a person laid out in the middle of the room, with half his face blown off and blood discharging rapidly all over the carpet. Getting the order from the one in charge, the groups of men begin firing off at Gotham's finest. Flipping off to the side, Batman throws out a few batarangs disarming a grip of them Robin does the same with his projectiles. Dashing forward at full speed, Robin performs a spinning jump/split kick knocking over two of them. Dodging a fist, Batman takes down the person throwing him over his shoulder and into a table splitting it in half.

"I'm only going to ask once, and I want the truth! What is this all ABOUT, and why is there a dead man in the center of this room?"

Above even the police, Batman is the most hated single individual to Gothams criminals; none of them having anything to say to the caped crusader. Surrounding him throwing out kicks and punches; he counters taking down five of them; Robin jumping in and finishing off the remainder of them. All but two of them have been KO'd; one of them standing off to the side with two guns in his hands aimed at the dynamic duo.

"I've only been in Gotham for two days, and already I get the luxury of meeting Batman and Robin. I must say the two of you are impressive; you remind me of a fellow named Moon Knight. Sorry to be the one who has to put the two of you down."

Without any warning at all the person opens fire on the two masked men, having no luck astonished at how easily they're able to jump around with so much agility dodging his bullets. The two of them must have some sort of superhuman agility…how else would they be able to move around like this with so much ease.

"Who are you?" Robin asks coming to a stop, seeing that the shooter has run out of bullets.

From his left side, Robin blocks the punch of the other guy who he had not forgot about tossing him onto the ground and knocking him out with a knife hand to the neck.

"Remember the name Bushman! The two of you will be seeing a lot more of me; I'll be in town for a little while longer. But if I were the two of you, I'd get out of here as soon as possible."

Neither of the two are sure what he means by this, but listening in closely both are able to hear a lot of someone approaching their position from down the hall. If either of them had to guess it would have to at least be twenty approaching their position, and to top it off a few of the others who had been knocked out begin to awaken.

"You haven't seen the last of us either." Batman says.

Opting to retreat Robin follows the Dark Knight not questioning his decision. Smashing through a glass window; both use their grapple guns to pull themselves up to the building tops through the rain. In moments the other groups of men enter into the room, asking what the hell happened.

"We had a little run in with Batman, but he doesn't know anything." Bushman informs.

Little do they know, bats placed a tracking device on two of them, which also gives him the audible feature which allows him to hear what they're saying from really far distances? It's no secret that he and Robin are going to have a lot of work to do concerning this city; in big part due to the events involving the other heroes being evaporated.

Avengers Mansion

The MK fighters have all been assigned to a room, with most of them turning in for the night except for Scorpion and Subzero who follow behind Black Widow who guides them to the Training room with two members of shield on both side of her. Once in the room, she looks back at them both and can tell they're both impressed.

"If either of you need anything, just ask one of them. I'm turning in for the night." Natasha says.

"Is it really necessary for them to babysit?" Scorpion asks.

Subzero steps in front of the ninja spectre shaking his head; this isn't their home, so they'll have to play by the rules without any complaints. Asking if they have any more questions, both reply with no; which is when Black Widow exits out of the room. She may have told them she was calling it a night, but that is far from the truth. She signals for five of the shield members to follow her up to the observatory room, where they can watch the training session of Scorpion and Subzero.

"I want to get a taste of what these two might bring to the table." She says.

From the observatory room they'll be able to watch and even record through a window which they can look down on the session through; but the ninja and Grand Master won't be able to see them from their side of the glass.

"I've got my money on the blue one to be the most impressive; something tells me he might have some notable abilities." One of the men standing by the control panel says.

All of them watch patiently monitoring the two who seem to be warming up with stretching. Natasha crosses her fingers, hoping they'll get lucky and the two of them will spar against each other.

To Be Continue

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CHP 55: Observing and Planning

The city of Gotham along with the rest of the world is in great panic, afraid of what will happen next. For some though, it is a good thing which should be taken full advantage of. Harley Quinn sits at a table counting through the money for a third time, waiting for Poison Ivy and a few of the henchmen to return. She loves the fact the police will have their hands full with so many other problems that they won't have to key in on their group; not to mention more importantly Batman, or any of those masked heroes for that matter.

"How's it going Harley? You look hard at work; perhaps you should take a break and have something to eat." Someone says entering from a side door.

Setting the stack of one hundred dollar bills off to the side, she looks up to see Victor Creed A.K.A Sabretooth. Her group isn't fully working alongside his; but both parties have shared certain equipment and information in the past few days. Neither side finds it necessary to form an alliance and or merger. Victor has been working alongside some guy who goes by the name of Magneto; someone Harley hasn't been formally introduced to.

"What do you have there?" She asks refereeing to the food.

Reaching into the bag he pulls out something which is wrapped in foil sliding it across the table in front of her.

"It's one of Wendy's special custom burgers, I'm sure you will like it. I've got an extra thing of fries in here if you'd like some."

Showing her disapproval she pushes it away, disclosing that she isn't one to eat fast-food and will pick up something else later for herself. Taking a step forward with a shrug of his shoulders; Sabretooth picks up the burger unwrapping and taking a huge bite. Chewing away he looks directly at Harley who shows a face of disgust. Seeing this makes him smile, before turning in the other direction looking out of a window up at the moon. The next thing they know, the door again opens with Poison Ivy, Circe and most of their group entering.

"Did Wilson Fisk happen to call while we were out?" Behind Circe the group of men carry with them, heavy boxes, "We've got the weapons he requested."

Sitting back Harley nods her head informing that they haven't received any calls in the last hour. Their reason for joining with the Kingpin is because of his resources and unlimited supply of materials and men, to help put together their own little group. You could say this team up of theirs is only temporary, until they've fully established themselves. Circe turns back around directing the men to where exactly she wants them to take the weapons.

"How much longer until your magneto friend arrives? If he wants to discuss an offer with us, he'd better hurry and get over here ASAP. We've got a lot to do before this night is over, and would prefer not to have any setbacks." Poison Ivy says, having a seat over the table top crossing one leg over the other.

Taking another bite, Sabretooth looks down marveling the view of Ivy's legs grinning while he continues to chew. Catching the expression on his face she looks in the other direction frowning; but has her heart jump a bit observing the bat signal in the sky.

"It's really quiet redundant don't you think…what is the point of them raising the signal. Batman is gone, just like the rest of them." Pamela says hopping off the table.

Walking past and bumping into Victor, she walks up in front of the window rubbing a finger over the glasses surface. None of Gotham's criminals were fond of the caped crusader, but she and meta's like herself may find out sooner rather than later they miss the competition. Nothing should ever be too easy, having obstacles in the way gives everything true meaning.

"Don't worry about it red; the police are probably using it as a way to try and scare away people like us. But anyone who's been watching the news knows the truth." Harley implies trying to soothe her friend.

Moving away from where she stands Ivy chuckles, having no fear of the bat or the possibility of his left behind partners showing up. Robin or Nightwing don't frighten her one bit, besides they're undoubtedly busy elsewhere with the increase in crime. One thing that comes back to mind is the encounter she had with the three of them; that being Nightwing, Wonder Woman and the dark knight. How they were able to intercept and interrupt their meeting that night is still a mystery to her. Finishing the burger, Victor tosses the foil into the trash walking up next to Ivy.

"You look incredibly tense, I'd try and relax if I were you," Sabretooth runs a finger over the mid section of her left leg, "Wanna tell me what's on your mind?"

First and foremost she grabs hold of his wrist pulling his hand away from her leg, full and ready to slap him across the face but chooses not to do so.

"Don't ever do that AGAIN!" She says as nicely as she can pinching at his arm.

Pulling his arm away from her he readjusts the collar with on his jacket letting Ivy know it won't happen again. In the next moments the phone next to Harley starts ringing; her being the one to pickup. On the other line is a spokes person for the Kingpin.

"I think you od'a take this call Circe, it's one of the representatives for the Kingpin." Harley tells.

Relieved to finally here from them, Circe takes the phone from Harley conferring on the details of the weaponry they've collected. As ordered by Circe some of the men begin relocating some of the boxes in the storage area. If someone were to walk in through any of the entrances, they wouldn't spot the supplies.

"Say plant lady, are you at all hungry. I've got a choice of Super sized bacon and cheese burger with fries or a thing of salad. You strike me as a vegetarian for some reason." Sabretooth asks.

The mention of her being a vegetarian makes her sick to the stomach tightening her fists. She would never devour her babies or harm them in any kind of way! Marching toward him with a huge glare, she's grabbed from behind by Harley who stops her from going any further.

"Wait what happened…did I say something wrong?" He asks.

"No you're good, let's just say sometimes red takes things the wrong way." Harley says with half a smile hoping Ivy will contain herself.

Powering out of Harley's grasp she walks past Sabretooth entering into one of the other rooms needing some time to cool off. Pulling the keys from out of her pocket Selina Kyle enters into her apartment building setting her shopping bags onto the couch, making sure to close the door behind her. Almost immediately one of her cats leaps up onto her shoulder wanting attention.

"Looks like someone is hungry, just give me a second."

The brown furred cat meows jumping off her shoulder and unto the couch wagging its tail. Patting the kitten over the head, Selina enters into the kitchen pouring a glass of milk into one of the bowls and food in the other. Soon as she's finished three of them surround the area, bringing a smile to her face. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she hadn't really realized that her hair had grown an inch past shoulder length.

"Guess it's time to go party."

Stepping out of the kitchen she removes her sweater resting it on the hanger. Stripping down to just her panties and bra she slips into her cat suit placing the goggles over her eyes last wrapping the whip around her waist.

"Mommy is going out, but I'll be back soon." She calls out to the kittens.

Using the front door has never been her style when it comes to patrol. As she has done countless times before, she exits out of the window landing on top of a neighboring roof. Sprinting across the way, she feels an extra boost of energy flipping off one building onto another speculating on what she should do first. Whatever she decides on doing, she'll have to be extra cautious; the police will be on guard more so than usual. Looking out in the distance, something catches her attention! It glided by so quickly, having wings or perhaps a cape! Taking off after the figure she hopes it is indeed the dark knight. With all his connections, he's bound to know more than what has been being broadcasted on T.V.

"I hate being left in the dark; if anyone has an explanation for any of this…it's him."

Him being a part of the Justice League and working alongside these other heroes worldwide, alone should be enough to say he has at least some sort of indication of the events which have taken place as of recent.

"You aren't getting away from me that easily."

Putting forth her best effort to keep pace with him, she pulls out her whip, throwing it upward and connecting with the neck of a statue swinging around and soaring onto another building landing on her feet, still having the caped individual in sight being a good deal ahead of her.

Avengers Mansion

Getting out of bed, Liu Kang pours himself a cup of iced water setting it off to the side of his bed slipping back underneath the sheets getting comfortable. He finds it to be weird that Princess Kitana is asleep in the room across from him, but in a good way. Fluffing up the pillow behind his head, he thinks about his feelings for her concluding that should not be acted upon due to her status.

"Better get some shut eye, there's going to be a lot of work to do."

Inside her room, Sonya has just gotten out of the shower, with one towel wrapped around her body and the other in her hair turning on the T.V. The newscaster talks about several different things involving the economy and rise in crime. In the last day alone there has been a 22% increase in robberies, and will only get worse with time.

"Surely there is something else on more entertaining."

She flips through a few channels stopping when coming across sports not familiar with any of the shows. Fully drying off she gets into one of the T-shirts she brought along with her taking a seat on the right side of the bed. It still hasn't entirely sunk in that she's in a new world surrounded by people and things that are foreign to her.

"In football news, the Detroit Lions defeated the Cardinals 27 to 13 and the Bengals finished off the Seahawks in a last minute thriller 24 to 17."

She again changes the channel electing to stick with the evening news. This place is going to take some getting used to in more ways than one. Down in the training room Subzero lifts weights while in the middle section of the room Scorpion goes through the form of his latest kata he's been studying for the past few months. Maintaining their positions, Black Widow alongside everyone in the observatory room continues to wait patiently for them to put on display their true potential.

"So if this is all we're going to see, I'd like to take a quick break; I'll be back as soon as I can." The security person says walking toward the door.

He is grabbed from behind by one of the directors of shield being asked to take a seat. Not arguing he does as he's told looking through the class window down unto the two fighters dressed like ninjas. Having enough of sitting around and waiting, the director turns to Black Widow asking for her to clarify the names of the two; which she does straight away

"Hello Scorpion and Subzero, I hope the two of you have found our training facility to be of use. I'm not sure if either of you are much for competition, but how would taking part in our very own trials session sound?"

The two look around trying to figure out where the voice came from, quickly finding it comes from an intercom. So far neither of them has been able to fully get warmed up going through that stage. The Link Kuei member takes a look over at the ninja spectre that does the same. Looking away from Scorpion, Subzero faces the opposite direction.

"Sure…we'll try your little activity." Subzero says speaking for them both.

Scorpion notices the two guards who had been standing by the door now exit, which means this trial, could be something more than he was expecting. Truth be told he wouldn't want it to be any other way, he's always opened to a challenge. The lights within the room dim down, with the floor underneath them rotating, twirling in different directions. This action doesn't faze either MK fighter, keeping their concentration on the surroundings and what they could be in for.

"Alrighty than…this is difficulty level three; I'd put you through the first couple but if you aren't able to compete at this level, you shouldn't be here."

Subzero doesn't think too much into it, but Scorpion collects that what he meant is if they can't compete at this level than they're unworthy/dead weight to the protectors of this earth. Scorpion isn't much on trying to prove people wrong, but this should be fun and hopefully a good test for them both. Subzero cracks his knuckles, while at the same time the ground beneath them comes to a complete stop. Gazing forward they focus on a certain area in the room where two androids rise from the ground.

"They think we're un reliable…stay back grand master, I'll take them on alone." Scorpion says.

Grinning beneath his mask, Subzero takes a few steps back crossing his arms ready to watch. Seeing that he has in fact backed off, Scorpion gives his full undivided attention to the silver and gold cyborgs.

"Hhhmm it would appear he's going to try at it alone should be interesting." Widow utters.

In moments the two robots are activated with their eyes lighting up a color of purple, focusing in on Scorpion who gets into a fighting stance. In scanning Scorpion fully, the results are sent up to the observatory room coming back as unidentified on all accounts, and his strength level being a pinch over peak human.

"Who exactly did this guy say he was?" One of them asks.

There is no answer given to him, due to everyone having their focus on what's happening down below them. The golden android takes a moment to scan Subzero, who also sends up some results off the charts which label him as having Meta ability. In a hurry the two robots dash forward, being knocked down by Scorpion who performs a spinning air drop kick. Pulling out one sword from his sheath, the ninja spectre slices them both up in no time wanting to laugh. What joke of a trial is this? Maybe this was designed for small children.

"Good work Scorpion, that was so impressive we'll knock it up to level six." The shield director speaks through the intercom.

It is now Subzero who comes up from behind placing a hand over the right shoulder of Scorpion, notifying that he'll take on this next session alone. Having no problem with that, Scorpion takes a few steps back placing the sword back in its rightful place. The shattered robotic parts are removed, with the ground beneath them twirling and consuming them.

"Gotta give it to these guys; this is some pretty high end stuff." Subzero says to himself.

In the next seconds following, three robots are brought into sight from the ground below, each standing over 8 ft tall. Unlike in the previous session, they attack immediately firing off several rounds at Subz who flips out of the way dodging the bullets. Although he agreed to stay back; Scorpion too moves out of the way of the gunfire. Each robot has an installed firearm on its right arm, and a missile launcher on the other! At the same time the three fires off missiles at the Grand Master who freezes the projectiles solid, watching them fall to the ground.

"What is this guy some type of MUTANT?"

"That's certainly a possibility, but I wouldn't label him such just yet. These people aren't from our globe; this could be normal back in their home world." Natasha says.

The robots initiate firing off several more rounds at Subzero who this time quickly creates a sword made of pure ice cutting at and blocking the bullets. He then goes on to create a shield made of ice, putting it in front of him as he moves in closer. Leaping over fifteen feet into the air he lands on top of the closes of them stabbing his sword through its head; sliding off and slicing a leg off the one next to it. Having no real balance it falls to the ground firing off uncontrollably. Coming up with an idea he freezes the area of their weapons, and as one of them tries to fire off another missile it blows off its own arm; the missiles unable to travel being frozen in place!

"This Subzero ninja has good tactics, very remarkable." A shield member says while at the same time taking notes.

Moving around some, Subzero buys himself extra time creating an ice blast which freezes them all solid. After doing so he comes up in front of them shattering each of them with one punch each, and as a result there are a few claps in the observatory room. Precisely as Scorpion the Lin Kuei's best is commended for his completion of the session.

"You both have been impressive in your first showings, but I will assure you this next stage won't be so easy. If you work as a team, you may have a chance of surpassing it with a victory. Launch session twelve."

"Don't you think that is a bit high?" Natasha asks.

"Trust my beautiful, this is the best way. If we really won't to know how valuable these people are, we're going to need to push them to their limits."

Completely agreeing she has no complaints sitting back watching and waiting to see what the two of them will do next. Out in the city that never sleeps, it would appear to be a normal night; except that a yearlong project is just a day away from being complete. Entering through an automatic door Dr. Doom walks up to the right side of Electro wanting to be updated on the status of the android's built in memory capacity. Putting out a hand, Max tells him to hold on typing away. The automatic door again opens, this time it being Otto Octavius(Doctor Octopus) who enters.

"How are the final provisions going?" Doc Ock asks.

Having the same result as with Doom, Electro doesn't answer keyed in on the job at hand. Not liking that he ignores them both, Dr. Doom slams his fist on the table top which as an outcome gets the attention of Electro.

"Gee could the two of you try and be a little more unwearied, I just need to incorporate all of Iron Fists and Juggernauts battle data into this thing, and then we can move on to the final stages. With the recent events, this android might not be as necessary as previously thought."

This specific development was planned and started over a year ago to try and take down their most hated enemies; having the data of all the X-Men, Avengers and other lethal fighters throughout the globe. All within this faction aren't familiar with the Justice League or any of the heroes who came from that world, but were able to collect data from Black Canary, Superman and Wonder Woman. Now with the latest proceedings of them being wiped out, this whole effort spent on this project almost feels as though it was for nothing. The way things are now, they could probably be successful without the machine.

"I must say I will miss my run inns with Reed and the fantastic four, but it is a new era; that being our time. Uctogram can still be of use to us." Doom says referring to the android.

Back in Gotham Catwoman never lost track of the shadow figure following him/or her to a business building. She isn't for sure, but she has a good feeling it's everyone's favorite overgrown pointy eared flying crime fighter. Watching them enter through a window, she waits a few moments before going in herself. To her surprise there is no one there, except for a few safes located off to the side, which no doubt require a combination key to unlock.

"My eyes must be playing tricks on me, I know I saw someone come through here and this window didn't just open on his own. Anyway I guess I should take advantage and find out what's being kept in those safes."

Licking her lips, Catwoman sharpens her claws ready to take a more physical approach to this. Unknown to her someone steps from the left corner of the room coming from her back side tackling her to the ground ending up on top of her! Trying to fight the person off she's pinned down by her wrists, amused by the circumstance. At least she was correct when she had seen someone enter through the window. For a second there she had the feeling she might be going crazy.

"Who're you supposed to be; a cheap rip-off of the grim reaper?" Catwoman asks chuckling.

"I'm going to ask once and only once, and you better give me the truth! Why were you following me, are you some type of assassin?" He asks tightening his grip.

Catwoman now laughs finding his serious tone to be comical, catching her breath.

"I wouldn't hurt this cat if I were you; no not a very good idea. Batman wouldn't like that one bit."

Hearing what she says he gets up off her, standing off to her left helping Selina to her feet. Brushing herself off she's now a bit confused; that comment was merely a joke.

"Any idea where I can find the bat? There is someone I've tracked into this city who's very dangerous and is planning to bomb the convention center where the music awards will take place in two days. His name is Raoul Bushman. I've heard a lot of stories of this Batman; good and bad…any idea where I can find him?"

Catwoman shrugs her shoulders, not sure if she should confide in this guy or not, something just seems off about him. Any person who wears a cape and mask has problems, but this guy has somewhat of a hoody cape combination.

"What is your name?" She asks.

"Moon Knight, and you?"

"Catwoman; but I don't believe I've ever heard of you. If I had to guess I'd say you're a part of that mutant group with X something."

Moon Knight knows exactly who she refers to; that being the X-men to his knowledge have all been taken down just like the many other heroes worldwide. Pointing in the direction of the safe boxes, Moon Knight tells her not to move and that he's going to check what's inside of them all. Taking his time he's able to unlock and open them all but is blown away to see that they're all empty, coming to a conclusion someone beat him to the punch, or the information he picked up was false.

"Well I guess I came all the way to this part of town for nothing," Moon Knight stands walking toward the window passed Catwoman, "Are you sure you don't know where I can find the bat?"

"You need not worry about that," Selina crosses her arms grinning, "If you're here long enough…he will find you, that is a promise."

With a sigh, he jumps out of the window gliding into the darkness of the twilight. The city itself is stunning visually, but has fallen into the hands of corruption. Diving out of the window Catwoman uses her whip to connect with the building adjacent to this one. Running out over the tops of buildings there's no doubt in her mind that she'll score some kind of prize tonight.

New York

Standing in front of a glass window in his office, Klint Gersayer holds a glass of ice water in his right hand having a lot on his mind concerning the second meeting with Lex Luthor. Off to the side of his desk his personal phone rings; setting the ice water down he answers the call.

"Good I'm glad you got it done in a timely fashion, did anyone see you…where's her body?" He listens to the caller on the other line for a few moments, "Great job Mr. Kas…"

Klint ends the conversation hearing a knock at the door, telling the caller he'd give them a call back at a later time with another list of instructions.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 56: Wait and Inspection

All of them who weren't staying left the Avengers Mansion some time ago, having work that needs to get done elsewhere. Huntress stands beside Red Arrow on top of a building, both trying to process all the information which was discussed tonight. It was something that needed to be done; now that they've officially assembled a team of established heroes they have a legit chance of doing something about this upcoming attack, which Helena hopes doesn't turn into some kind of war.

"We should all be operating under one roof; what the hell is up with Batman in saying we can all go about our business separate until they attack. I can see why Nightwing agreed to that, but Wolverine and that Widow woman; I mean come on people!"

Extending out her right arm Huntress places a hand over his shoulder, advising him not to worry and that it will all work out.

"I'm not sure whether are not you're aware, but Batman doesn't play well with others until he gains your trust. I'm going to go off on a limb and say he doesn't fully trust shield or the heroes we aren't accustomed to." She implies.

"Maybe so, but we can't afford to be that way during a time like this…we need to work as one team! No birds of prey, Titans, Justice League, Avengers, Outsiders or whatever else! We need to be one unit, one heart, and most importantly ONE TEAM!" Roy complains.

She understands where he comes from on this matter but at the same time, she knows how the Dark Knight operates. She has no problems with trusting others, and honestly is on the same page with Roy on this particular issue. At the end of the day, they're all professionals and are still goanna have to get the job done no matter how each of them chooses to prepare. Strength wise they're doing ok, but that will definitely improve with the return of Ironman; both witnessing what he's been able to do from footage shown on the news and greentube; a site which allows for any user to upload videos.

"I'm about to go get a bite to eat, would you by any chance like to come along? If not, try and stay safe and alive we're all going to need each other."

Without another word, Red arrow connects a long piece of wiring to one of his arrows shooting it out in the distance, jumping off the building holding on tight landing on the sidewalk below seconds later. Taking one last look at Huntress, he solutes her before disappearing in the shadows. Finishing up the paperwork on one of his previous cases Matt Murdock places it in his file cabinet, pasting a label on it. He isn't sure if he's too late regarding the meeting Black Widow wanted him to attend concerning a grouping of the heroes who remain.

"If I'm too late, I'm sure they won't have an issue giving me a small briefing on what the plan is. Other than any of that; this world already has enough problems evolving around crime."

Perhaps there is an invasion of this world being planned, but their entire focus can't just be on that. There is so much more they've got to worry about; criminals and Meta's being at the top of the list. Dropping their guard even for a minute could prove to be very costly. Even as he stands now, Matt can hear the screams of innocent civilians being tormented in the city. A lot of the bad people in the world are beginning to feel way too comfortable with the absences of the world's most iconic heroes/saviors as some might say. Un doing his tie, Matt gets into his patrol uniform placing the mask over his head last. In no time he is out on the streets jumping from one building to another, catching the sound of corruption in several directions; but one in particular is close. Not hesitating he's off to the races getting there without delay.

"Looks like I got here just in time."

Throwing forward one of his Club's it connects with the head of a guy who had been holding the woman up against the wall. What he was able to pick up on his way here was these men were giving this woman no choice but to prostitute for them. She tried to reject saying that wasn't in her line of work; but they weren't going to have any of that.

"What the hell is going on? Who the heck is out there, show yourself coward!"

Not disappointing or stalling, DD shows himself coming at them straight forward; flipping off the building top. Using his radioactive vision he's able to see none of them carry a gun, just a few knives and a bat. In total there are eight of them against him. The woman stands her ground not really having any room to try and get away.

"What are you all doing just standing around, get over there and take him down. I'll make sure the bitch doesn't get away."

The alleyway is somewhat narrow, but still more than enough room for him to work his magic. Dashing toward Daredevil one of them throws out a punch which he flips over resting a hand over the attacker's shoulder giving him better leverage and balance to follow through and land on his feet grabbing hold of the club he had used to initiate this encounter. Performing a round house kick he follows it up with a left jab knocking one of them to the ground.

"Who the hell are you?" One of them asks pulling out a machete swinging it at DD.

Knocking the weapon out of the individual's grasp DD follows up with a knife hand to the throat finishing it off with a bear claw.

"The name's Daredevil; living in this part of town, you must of heard about me at least once or twice."

Swopping down from the darkness, even Daredevil is unable to collect what happened; looking over to see a masked cape fighter standing over two of the KO'd gang members. The unidentified person pulls something out of what appears to be a utility belt wrapped around his waist. Throwing the projectile toward Daredevil, it strikes one of the men in the head who tried to attack DD from his backside.

"To hell with this, I'm going to get out of here while I still can." One of them says dropping his weapon.

Sprinting down the alleyway, he doesn't get far having his face being smashed into the side of a brick wall and being thrown down to the ground right after. DD takes this opportunity to take out the individual who has a hold of the woman, seeing that he looks in the other direction. The person who took out the thug down the alleyway runs forward approaching Daredevil and the masked caped man. The gang members are finished off swiftly with the three working together.

"You're free to go miss; please try and stay off the streets at this time of hour." Daredevil says.

"Are you people apart of the group who call themselves the X-Men?"

Daredevil shakes his head with a no, telling her to get out of here ASAP and call the police and give them the details of what happened here, so that these men can be arrested. Walking forward she gives DD a kiss on the cheek before running out in the other direction.

"Good to see you Black Panther; didn't expect to see you in this part of town," Daredevil reaches out shaking hands with his ally, "You wouldn't by any chance know who this is?"

Panther shakes his head having no idea; both turning and facing the person.

"I go by Red Robin, and am or was a member of the Teen Titans. I also work alongside Batman, and do most of my work in the city of Gotham."

Both reply by saying they've heard of the Dark Knight, taking this opportunity to become acquainted. Wanting there to be no doubt or problems of trust, RR gives him his reason for dropping in on Daredevil fighting against those criminals, stating he fit the description of someone Black Widow had been telling Nightwing and Green Arrow about some hero which greatly dressed in all red resembling a devil.

"Guess I am too late, I was actually headed that way…I had a few things to take care of before doing so." Daredevil says.

T'Challa himself also was supposed to attend the meeting, but had some things come up for him as well. Red Robin offers to fill them in on what the bases of everything will be, but adds they should do it elsewhere. Listening to the police sirens closing in on them from a few blocks away, they agree; all heading for to rooftops. The two asks questions; RR replying and giving answers to the best of his ability. In that of Gotham; Batman and Robin put a stop to a drug shipment, with a lot of different parties being involved now driving off in the Batmobile.

"Any clue how many disappointed folks will be over sea, once they realized we put an end to their lab?"

"I can't give you a number, but there will be a lot of anger. When that happens people do desperate things, I expect us to have some extra company in the next few weeks, we've hit them at home base, and I know they'll hit back." Batman replies.

Robin likes the sound of that, sitting back and smiling; he would give anything just to see the faces of each top guy once they find out what has happened here tonight. He still hasn't been able to figure out why these people continue to run such business through this city. Yes there may be a few corrupt cops, but even they don't make up for Batman being here and watching over everything.

"How's the arm?" Batman asks, still with his eyes on the road.

Robin replies with saying it's just fine, and that it should be perfectly fine after two days. When engaging in battle against the dealers and pimps, one of them took a good swing of a curl bar at Damian causing damage. In the next second the built in communicator within the Batmobile beeps. Reaching out Batman presses the button expecting to hear Alfred.

"Batman here…is there a problem?"

"Oh hello Batman, I'm just calling to report to you the two ninjas have been very impressive. They've managed to make it through stage nineteen of our training system."

Tightening his grip on the steering wheel, he did not expect to be contacted by Black Widow or anyone from that group so promptly.

"Is there a problem? Robin and I are a bit busy. I wouldn't have brought Subzero, Ermac or Scorpion if I didn't think they'd be able to help, don't call again unless it is important…Natasha."

Pressing the button once more, Batman ends the transaction with a wide eyed Robin sitting next to him. Standing from her seat in the Observatory room; Widow's mouth opens dropping a little! How did he know her name? She never gave him that information! And why did he just hang up on her like that.

"What an ass!" She mumbles crossing her arms, not believing what he just did.

Standing from where they sit, one of the shield member's asks if everything is ok. You can tell by her face she's pissed off about something. Putting on a forged smirk, she tells him things couldn't be any better. Batman notices the look on his partner's face, asking what the deal is.

"Don't you think you were a bit of a…you know…uhm jerk? That isn't how you should talk to a lady. Is she one of your ex girlfriends?"

Giving the boy a quick look, Batman focuses back on the road heading for uptown Gotham so that they can meet with someone who says he has information about the whereabouts of Penguin, Toyman and their entire group, not answering the question. This could be a setup, and the two of them are more than prepared for that. The caller would not give a name, staying completely anonymous. If someone is trying to ambush the dynamic duo, they'll be more than prepared; trained for so many state of affairs, including something as this.

"What about Freeze? I caught a little of the news earlier this evening; they say he escaped Arkham around noon hours ago." Robin says.

Batman replies by saying they won't worry about him until a later time. Since his escape he hasn't done anything, aside from that there are more dangerous people ahead of him on the list that need to be taken care of first. Having nothing else to say, Robin sits back in his seat enjoying the ride while at the same time looking out the glass, considering the possibilities which could have happened to their fallen allies. Back in the city of New York the group, who now calls themselves the sky troopers attack civilians for the thrill of it having no true purpose. It first started off with just Hobgoblin and Firefly, but they have since added Vulture A.K.A Adrian Tooms to the fray. The little show they presently put on is to evaluate how well they can work as a team. People run in all directions trying to get somewhere safe. In the next minute the police force arrives, carrying with them some of their best weapons.

"Alright gentlemen this is where our first true test will begin." Hobgoblin says, feeling overly excited for the opportunity.

Preparing himself Hob gets a lot of his pumpkin bombs ready, more than ready to attack, but waits for the swat and officers to do so first. The chief of police holds what looks to be a black megaphone speaking directly to the three of them trying to get them to back down and turn themselves in. It is pretty obvious to both sides that won't be happening, but it was worth a shot. One of the officers walks up next to the chief.

"I've been a long time fan of Spiderman…I mean let me rephrase that," The officer clears out his throat, "For the last couple years I have been keeping tabs on the wall crawler and that guy up there on the glider is not someone to mess with. His name is Hobgoblin, and he even gives Spiderman trouble at times. I advise us not attack, it could end up hurting more than help."

"Thanks for the input rookie, but that is not what we do here in this unit. Heck you might even surprise yourself on how well we do, some of these Meta humans are so overrated."

Instructing the officer to step back, the chief gives the Sky Troopers one last warning before they unleash an attack on the three. The Troopers answer with a missile being fired from the wrist area of Firefly blowing up one of their police vehicles entirely taking down a few police officials in the process. Waiting no longer, the chief gives the order for his men to attack. Showing no hesitation they all fire off at the same time, some at Goblin, and others at Vulture and the rest at Firefly.

"I knew this would be fun, but I had no idea it'd be a party." Firefly says enjoying himself.

The criminals dodge most of what comes their way. What does hit them doesn't do a whole lot of damage, a huge part in thanks to their individual suits. Going up against the police is like Childs play to them, using this as a measuring stick to their effectiveness. Hobgoblin hovers right over the middle section of them dropping down pumpkin bombs laughing at the huge explosion as a result. Firefly zooms in over the top dropping large sums of flame over to group using his flamethrower!

"Retreat! I repeat, stand down!" The chief yells out, observing over five of his men covered in flames.

The chief makes it loud and clear to the Sky Troopers that they give up, not wanting to lose any more men. It is apparent this is one battle they will not win. Throwing down a final three bombs, four policemen are blown back in the other direction, with blood being everywhere. Hob snorts while he follows Firefly and Vulture who lead the way of their departure.

"This is Chief Ryan! I need the medics right away; I've got over ten men down, and at least three dead!" He speaks into his police radio; heart racing faster than it ever has.

All around him there is nothing but chaos and destruction, and screams of many. The chief makes his way over to one of his fallen men grabbing hold of his hand telling him everything will be alright and that he needs to stay strong and hang on. There is so much more in stored for him in this life, and that it is not yet his time.

Worlds Away

It had been a night of planning and organizing, but that has past bringing up the escalation of the sun over the mountains. Derak lays within his bed totally naked with both Hellen and Nitara on both sides of him being completely nude as well. Opening his eyes a smirk forms on the face of Derak; remembering back on the events of last night. Usually he sleeps within his coffin, but because of the circumstances of last night that would have been a little difficult. All windows in the room are covered with three layers of curtains; the sunlight isn't healthy for any of them. Sitting up, Derak moves over rubbing his body up against that of Nitara's, waking her almost immediately.

"How'd you sleep beautiful? I hope you enjoyed yourself, I'd say I did a good job of distributing my efforts between you both."

Rolling over on her side, she leans forward giving him a kiss on the cheek laying back down. Staring up at the ceiling she tells him she enjoyed herself a lot and that he was great. Extending his arm out he runs a finger through her hair and the other over her stomach. That was her first time being in a threesome, and found it to be different but still enjoyable. The two of them jump a bit as the door to his room flies open with Keiji stepping in.

"I'd get dressed and out of bed if I were the two of you. Rosea will be back in about fifteen minutes, and I don't think she would be too happy to see any of this. I'll wait for you guys downstairs, try and make it fast."

Heading for the door he closes it on his way out. Both Nitara and Derak look each other directly in the eyes laughing together enjoying this even more due to the fact they did it behind her back. It makes it just that much better! Putting out his hand, Derak taps Hellen over her shoulder. She groans putting her head into the pillow, not wanting to get up just yet. Getting out of bed, Nitara spreads out her wings stretching them out. Derak whistles observing the backside of her body, loving everything he sees. Recovering her clothing and boots off the ground she gets dressed exiting out of the room.

"Guess I better get up, there is a lot on the agenda. I first need to get something to eat; I can't focus when working on an empty stomach." Derak says getting out of the sheets

Removing himself from the sheets as well, Derak goes for the bathroom getting into the shower. His sis has a real keen sense of smell, and he'd better try his best not to give her any shortcuts on figuring out what he just did with two of her best friends. Getting out of the bed, Hellen enters into the bathroom.

"Mind if I join you? I can help you get those spots you're unable to reach."

Opening the sliding door, he allows for her to enter. Journeying down a flight of stairs, Nitara makes her way into the dining room where Keiji sits reading a magazine with one leg resting on top of the other. Feeling her presence, he lowers the reading material asking "How was it." Knowing exactly what he refers to, she rolls her eyes telling him never to speak a word of it again.

"What happened last night is in the past, we need to focus on Dieya."

Grinning uncontrollably, he lifts the magazine back up continuing where he left off. Too him it almost feels like a fantasy/dream regarding the possibility of them successfully resurrecting the most powerful female vampire this world or any other has ever known. It is one of those things that it is too good to be true.

Worlds Away

Dick Grayson walks beside Tim; the two of them entering into a Starbucks together, ordering themselves a cup of Coffee. Richard usually isn't in this part of town, but a text from his best buddy who is like a brother to him is something he won't stand down. After receiving their cups of Coffee, the two make their way over to a booth taking a seat.

"What is it you called me all the way out here for? Have you by any chance spoken with Bruce since our meeting with the Avengers last night?" Dick asks taking a sip.

It is only a little after eight, and neither of them have really gained their full energy. Last night was a long one for them both, but there will be plenty more of those in the foreseeable future.

"Nah I haven't had the chance to get his take on everything. Anyway the reason I called you here was to tell you I ran into two others who will be joining our efforts. Their names are Daredevil and Black Panther; from what I can tell, they're both street level as far as strength."

Sitting back, Tim now takes a sip waiting to see or hear what Richard thinks.

"I don't believe I'm familiar with either of them, do they happen to work for a certain group or do they operate as individuals?"

Rubbing two fingers over his chin, Tim replies telling him that he isn't sure. He also notifies Richard that the two of them are already acquainted with the Avengers and are accustomed to some of the other hero groups around that maybe the two of them lack info on. Dick still isn't sure why this couldn't have been done over the phone, but he didn't mind one bit coming out here to Gotham to help out a friend/and teammate.

"Whenever you speak with Bruce, be sure to update him as well."

"Will do." Tim says taking another sip.

The two of them have been through a lot together and with Batman, and one might believe it has made them better prepared for what will most likely turn into an upcoming war. It would be nice to have people like Superman and Wonder Woman around; but mankind has to fight for itself this time; just as it has done in history. Wearing a cap over his head with a pair of Dark shades, Herman Schultz drives a pickup truck pulling into a secluded area. Parking the vehicle in front of the place, he gets out of the driver's side, happy to be done with this chore.

"I knew you'd make it back in one piece Mr. Schultz. Did you get all of the weapons?"

"Take a look in the back, it is all there." He replies.

Three men unlock the back of the vehicle inspecting the whole area stepping inside. After the sweep is complete, they shake hands with Herman giving him the money he was promised if he was able to complete the job.

"You will need to get suited up now; your next task will require the Shocker! Professor Crane would like to discuss it with you personally inside. With the big guns as far as those super heroes being taken out of existence, there's going to be a turf war for territory, and we will be the victors. Also you will be traveling alongside some dude named Killer Croc…Dr. Crane speaks highly of him."

To Be Continue