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Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 49: More To Gather

The thunder God paces back and forth with a few fingers to his chin trying to make sense of all what has been said. Most problematic for them all, is having no clue of where Pythena is hiding out alongside Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. Something else which comes to mind is that if they're in any way located in a different realm, and or world he wouldn't be able to make the trip because of his status as the thunder god.

"I'll try and be as much of a help as I can, but there are limits in which even I can't pass. How serious was the damage to your world before you left?" Raiden asks turning to Batman.

In a way both sides have some form of the all powerful element of surprise. For them they have no clue when or where Pythena's attacks will come from; but they've got the advantage of knowing who's pulling the strings. Coming up with enough fire power to put a stop to this will be their first task.

"I'm hoping it is still the way it was before I left. Other than the earth's top defences, their invasion of the world itself hadn't happened or began yet. Hopefully it'll be that way for a little longer." Bats replies.

Patience has always been a strong part of his game, something in which has helped him in his great success over the years. If not for that and his drive/dedication to the mission, he'd no longer be around. Alerting the group that he'd like to speak with the Elder Gods; Raiden teleports out of sight leaving behind a flash of electricity. Re adjusting one of the plates on display off to the side; Kung Lao has more than he can organize with on his mind. Tapping a finger up against the wall which he leans up against, Liu Kang's eyes wonder up to the clock surprised to see that it's 1:23 AM! Time sure does fly by when you're busy.

"Standing around won't help us any, where are we going next. Who's next up that will join by our side?" Kung Lao asks.

Assembling a team will be step one, nothing else matters until that is done. It's sort of like a video game, with lots of different levels, and once you complete one mission or stage you move on to the next level which will eventually lead to the completion of the game. Their situation is very similar to that, in the sense they must do one thing after another which in the end should lead them to a battle against Pythena. Stretching out and yawning, Liu moves away from the wall stepping into the middle of the room.

"None of us will be any good tired and exhausted; I think it's time we call it a night and resume this first thing tomorrow," Knowing the Dark Knight just returned to their world after such a long time ago, it is known he has no place to stay, "The two of you can stay the night here at the Shalion temple; there're two rooms available on the 5th floor."

Neither Wolverine nor Batman know what to say; appreciative of the Mortal Kombat champ's hospitality. Usually bats would argue against such a suggestion, but Liu is right; all of them need to be close to one hundred percent if they're going to be affective. Having no problem with them staying the night here, Kung Lao offers to show them to their rooms.

"Sounds lead the way." Logan replies.

Reaching up and fixing his hat, Kung Lao leads the way with both Batman and Wolverine following. Everyone has that moment where they aren't sure how to explain their feelings toward something or someone; upon meeting someone, or barely knowing one another makes it difficult. He isn't sure why, but somewhere deep inside him...there is no doubt these two are trustworthy. Turning in the other direction Liu heads for his room.

"How many members would you say live here inside the temple?" Batman asks.

Kung Lao leads them down a dark hall up a flight of stairs which has no windows anywhere in sight of thirty ft. radius; the torches hanging from the walls being the only real light brightening the path ahead.

"Good question, I'd guess somewhere between...eight hundred to a thousand. But I could be wrong; we aren't the only one's around. Out to the North and East of us are other clans." Kung Lao replies.

Asking if either of the two clans run things the same as the Shalion temple; Kung Lao answers by saying no. Neither clan is associated with the Shalion temple by any means, but that doesn't mean he's never traveled over to both places. In fact sometimes the Shalion Temple trades different goods with both groups.

"Do you have anyone in mind who we could go after next?" Wolverine asks.

Opening the door in front of them brings forth much more light entering into the main hall of the 5th floor.

"Perhaps Rain or Ermac; but I wouldn't know where to find either of them. They aren't true allies of myself or Liu, but we can't be picky. Heck at this point we might even have to get in contact with Scorpion." Kung Lao says.

Glimpsing out of a window they pass, bats has an immediate reaction feeling a slight chill glide up his back remembering his few encounters with the ninja back at the tourney. It was off of tournament grounds that he tried to kill him; from their last encounter he'd say they've got a mutual respect for the other. Not to say they're friends or buddies; it is far from being that.

"Regardless of what the final team will consist of, we need to make sure we're all on the same side. We can't be fighting against each other." Batman adds.

Liking the point made by the Dark Knight, Kung Lao shakes his head unable to agree more. There is no doubt they'll have to group with certain individuals who may not be one hundred percent trustworthy, but that is a chance they're all goanna need to live with. Not that it's anything new for either of the three; Batman having to team with some of his most hated Gotham foes such as Mr. Freeze in past times.

"Well here we are you two...both rooms are facing each other, you can decide who takes what room how ever you'd like," Kung Lao turns from them both walking in the other direction, "If you need anything I'll be down on floor two."

Both again thank him for letting them stay the night here in his home; the Shalion member out of sight in moments...a similar feeling between them both. Tomorrow at this time, they need to have this group put together, a sense of urgency is what will lead to success. Walking over to his right Wolverine enters into that room while Batman enters into the room across from him. When first entering into the room, Bruce removes the cape and cowl as well as the utility belt from his person taking a seat at the edge of the bed.

"What a nice piece of art." Logan says to himself looking at one of the paintings hanging on the wall.

A good night rest is somewhere near in his future, but there's a bit too much on his mind to call it a night just yet. Steadily making his way over to a sofa located off to the side he takes a seat reflecting on a lot of things.

Worlds Away

Exiting off the helicopter, Deadpool takes a look out over the ocean glancing at the moons large reflection over it's surface; light waves brushing up against the shore, bringing comfort to the moment. Turning in the other direction, he follows the rest of the group out onto a wooden deck. All gather around one of the elite League of Assassin member's who will go further into detail on their objection; Ubu and Talia standing off to the side.

"Listen up newbies, I'm going to assign you all a team and then you'll be given further instructions from there."

Getting everyone lined up in an organized fashion each person is given a number from 1-12 setting up the groups which takes no more than two minutes. The speaker goes on by saying it could take them a few hours to recover the gem, which is located deep within the jungle like territory.

"You will set up camp around your assigned team for the remainder of the night, and we'll proceed once the sun rises."

All groups are directed to a specific spot where they'll set up camp; given tents, sleeping bags, flashlights etc.

Worlds Away

Opening his eyes to the sunrise that comes through the window, Logan sits up turning his attention to the clock which reads a little after seven. Removing the covers from himself, he gets out of the bed getting fully dressed. Walking past the mirror he stops in place looking at himself for a moment. It's been quiet a while sense he's done anything like this; lately everything has been so fast paced due to the series of events which have been taking place.

"If there is one thing we have, it is hope...Lets just pray that they aren't all dead. We might be faced with bitter victory, even if we do somehow take down Pythena." Logan says to himself.

Running a few fingers through his hair, he turns away from the mirror exiting out of the room through the front door. It would have been best for him to rest up a bit longer, but knowing what they have to get done won't allow for him to rest any longer. Only taking a few steps, one of the doors down the hall opens.

"Good morning to you sir, I was informed we had guests; how'd you sleep? Was it comfortable?" The Shalion member asks.

"I slept very well; thanks for asking. Do you by any chance know if either Kung Lao or Liu Kang have awoke?" Wolverine asks.

Using one arm to hold up the tray which he carries with him, he uses the other in scratching at his chin.

"I'm not certain if Liu is awake, but I'm quiet sure It was Kung Lao who passed in front of me in the main lobby. I'd say he went out for his early morning jog, he usually doesn't go far."

"Thanks a lot, I'll see if I can catch up with him." Wolvie replies.

Picking up speed Wolverine passes by the Shalion Monk again thanking him for the small info. Hopefully he's right in saying that Kung Lao doesn't go very far. He may have been in this world for almost a year, but he really isn't accustomed to this area and honestly hasn't really got around at all. Traveling down a grip of stairs; entering into the main area. It would seem the cleaning crew for the temple is hard at work; two guys vacuuming and a couple others cleaning windows and dusting. Slowly walking down the stairs he doesn't want to disrupt them at all.

"Let Ched and his crew know that they can get ready to bring in the carpet cleaning equipment." One of them says.

Dragging a basket at his side the message delivery guy exits out of the room to communicate the information. Casually making his way past them all, Wolverine exits out of the front door closing it behind him. The sun shines bright with only a few clouds in the sky; the temperature sitting somewhere in the mid seventies. Looking out in the distance, he spots someone about forty five yards away who passes by a bush, figuring it is the one he's looking for.

"Hopefully that's him; I don't feel for going on a search." Wolverine says to himself.

Running out he makes his way over in that direction, and in getting closer realizes it is Kung Lao. The first words out of the Shalion fighter's mouth are that of feedback; asking how Logan slept and if it was comfortable. Wolvie replies giving him a thumbs up approving of his hospitality.

"How long until we go after the next potential recruit?" Logan asks.

"Anytime...but I'd say we wait until Liu and the other fighter from your world awake. If we run into any problems, it is best that we're all together. But I'm all for getting a jump start on things if that's what you'd like to do."

Talking it over for a little, it is decided between them both to get started without Liu Kang and Batman. Close to over a month ago; Kung Lao heard word that Rain was taking part in a private training camp about thirty miles from where they stand. It took a good nights rest for it to come back to his mind. The information was leaked from what he believes to be an inside source/member. It isn't certain that any of this information is true, but it is worth looking into. Rain could be a formidable ally.

"Do you know the exact location of this place?" Wolverine asks.

"Not entirely, but I've got a good idea, wait here...I'll be right back." Kung Lao says.

Quickly racing in the other direction Kung Lao enters back into the temple leaving Logan standing confused. What could he be doing, maybe he went inside to retrieve something that will help them in their search for the one who goes by Rain. Off to his left another of the Shalion Monk members approach him.

"Good morning sir; would you like to try any of theses refreshments?" He asks.

Giving his undivided attention to the person which carries with him a basket of fruits, Wolvie puts on a smile politely declining; thanking him for asking. Patting Wolverine over the shoulder, the Shalion monk goes past him continuing about his own business. Over another minute passes before Kung Lao re appears from the main entrance door. Watching him approach, Logan notices he holds something in his left hand but isn't sure what.

"Alrighty than, we're good to go. I had to recover this map; if I'm right, Rain and the rest of the guys he's with should be located within this vicinity just outside of Tarkada territory." Kung Lao informs.

"What's the plan for transportation, walking will take up too much time." Wolverine replies.

Pointing out a specific spot on the map, which displays a dock; there is a train station up the street from that spot. That is where the two of them will head out first, and then from there they get off at point C which will put them only two miles away from the place.

"Nice find, lets get going." Logan says.

Folding the map, Kung Lao places in into his pocket already knowing which direction they must travel to reach the train station. Once they get off at point C, things might become a bit more interesting. Opening and closing the front gates behind them, in less than forty minutes they arrive to the train station purchasing the tickets at the booth.

"For a change a smooth transition would be nice. For guys like us there's always trouble in the path of trying to get something done." Wolverine says.

The MK fighter hopes what he says happens; Wolvie doesn't lie when saying problems get in the way of objections for people like them. He barely knows anything about this fighter originating from another earth; but completely understands him sharing the same types of problems.

"I have one question about the Pythena woman who hosted the tournament. Is she someone new to you and your teammates, or have you encountered her back on your home world?" Kung Lao asks turning to Wolvie.

"I've never seen her in my life until the day we arrived here in this world. I know just about all you know, concerning her." Logan replies.

Traveling down a hall they turn a few corners before arriving at the spot where the train itself will depart. Seeing that the doors open, both step aboard. Before they're able to sit, a woman stands from her seat who smokes a cigarette, walking past them both blowing smoke right in the face of Kung Lao exiting off with a wide smile on her face. Both look at the other wondering what the meaning of that was. Logan also notices there's a smoke detector located above almost every seat

"Ooooo...kkk." Is all Kung Lao says.

If there is one thing they don't want, it is to arrive to the set location and discover that the rumors of Rain taking part in some upscale training event was just (that) a rumor.

Nether Realm

Eyes closed in a deep train of thought; Quan Chi ponders what steps should be taken next given the circumstance. In front of them is a golden opportunity which needs to be taken full advantage of; but up until this point they've been unable to get their hands on the Orb! It has been guarded very well, but that is no surprise. The power which it possess according to what he's heard rivals or even out passes anything he's ever seen.

"Quan Chi do you mind if I have a quick word with you?"

Opening his eyes the sorcerer looks over in the direction of the entrance. Sitting back in his seat, Quan Chi gives his minion the ok to step in. Taking several steps forward the individual stops in front of the table where Quan Chi sits.

"You said you wanted to be kept up to date on all accounts, So I'll start off by saying my squad was able to haunt down and capture the apparent stocker who's been snooping around. As for Scorpion the ninja Spectre, we've been unable to locate him. We're questioning whether or not he's even in this realm currently."

The Sorcerer is told they've got several squads in search of Hanzo. It isn't just him they're after; there have been some suspicious activities from others as well.

"What is the latest on Baraka, have you heard back from him or Reptile yet?" Quan Chi asks.

"We haven't heard from either of them in over a week; but the last I spoke with Baraka he said the woman was going to begin the first phase of her plan. The Orb belonging to her according to Baraka is hidden away well."

Tightening his fists Quan Chi punches at the table top, hating the amount of setbacks and problems surrounding their efforts in trying to resurrect Shinnok.

"You're free to go, update me if anything else happens." Quan Chi says.

"Will do, I'll check with all squad officers if they've got any new info on our suspected targets who may not see things our way."

Bowing down he exits out of the room leaving Quan Chi to his thoughts. So it would appear the woman (Pythena) has most likely already began her attack on this other earth. Through it all she's bound to slip up somewhere; which is when Baraka can get his hands on the Orb. At that point he can bring it back to them and they'll use it to power up Shinnok. Back in Earth Realm Subzero stands outside in the middle of a field observing the rest of the Lin Kuei members who train.

"Good stuff, I'm seeing a lot of improvement from our past session." Subzero comments.

A couple of the members spar against each other, while some stretch and others practice Kata drills which they have been going over for quiet some time. Standing next to Subzero is another member of the Lin Kuei who holds with him a timer; they've found that timing the sessions has made it easier and more efficient to see improvement.

"The Eldest member said he'd like to have us all back at the temple before ten, so we should think about wrapping this all up."

"We'll give them another fifteen before I'll pull the plug on this session. Later I've got to meet back up with Liu Kang and his group to find out the progress of things."

Subz has not yet informed the eldest member of Pythena or anything regarding her plans; and still isn't sure if he will or not. Some things are better kept secret.

Shalion Temple

Getting out of bed Bruce stretches out standing only in his boxer briefs and socks looking over at his bat suit which lays on the ground.

"There's got to be something else I can wear, but still conceal my identity."

Batman is his life, it's been that way ever since he donned the cape and cowl; but who knows how many days it could take before they're able to recruit everyone before returning back to his world. The Dark Knight is a symbol of the dark and shadows; during the day he needs to find something else to wear, for as long as he may be here. Making his way over to the window there's a knock at the door behind him.

"Who is it?" He asks turning that way

"Liu Kang sent me, he said we had guests; so I thought you'd like something to eat."

Walking toward the door, he accepts the offer in which the Shalion member enters with a plate of Eggs Bacon, sausage and an orange. Setting it on the table, he asks if there is anything else he can get for him. Taking advantage of a possible opportunity, he asks what sort of clothing they may have; preferably something that will cover his face.

"The only thing I can think of which would fit the description of what you want is one of the Svaz battle uniforms. They're similar to that of Lin Kuei, but not quiet. The only colors we have currently are silver, black or purple."

"Black will do just fine...thanks, I'd appreciate that." Bruce replies.

Before exiting out of the room the Shalion member asks why he'd want to hide his face; Bruce replying with "I have my reasons.", nothing else is said.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 50: Unsuccessful Attempt

Sitting back for a good period of time, the train finally arrives to the stop in which they have marked. Getting up out of their seats, both Wolverine and Kung Lao step out of the train onto the sidewalk area passing by others who board. Reaching into his pocket, Kung Lao pulls out the map; both men walking down a set of stairs and a hallway leading them to a dirt road.

"Alright according to the map, if we follow his road up that way it should lead us to the area I have marked here. We should try our best to stay on the east side though; I'd rather not have any encounters with the Tarkada tribe." Kung Lao says.

Folding the directions back up, he places it back into his pocket; both men walking forward. Neither of them are sure what too fully expect when they arrive, but they'll have too be ready just incase things don't go as planned and they're forced to fight; again Rain isn't exactly a close friend.

"I don't know about you, but I'd sure like a cold beer right about now. Not that I need one now; we can try and find a place which sells drinks after we've got in contact with this buddy of yours." Logan says.

"Yeah sure thing...but I'm not at all a drinker. But I do believe there is a place not far from here where you can get one." Kung Lao replies.

Running out in front of them a rabbit hides out in the bushes to the left of them. Neither pay much attention to that having their full focus on finding their next potential recruit. If they're successful in getting him to agree to this; before going after anyone else they'll have to return to the Shalion temple. Some distance away back in the Shalion Temple, Bruce Wayne stands in front of a mirror; having received the Svaz battle uniform from one of the Shalion members just minutes ago.

"This will have to do, good thing it isn't too tight a fit."

Looking down in his right hand, he still holds the mask; bringing it up he lifts it up over his face making sure it is nice and secure, but at the same time not too tight. He rubs a gloved hand over the Chinese lettering located on his left sleeve, taking a look back in the mirror afterward; his dark blue eyes staring back at him. Luckily that's all that can really be seen; it's true no one in this world would recognize him, but keeping his identity secret from those they may possibly add to this team is one reason. Once they return back too his world; that could become a problem if someone in the group decides to turn against them.

"Nice look...I see you're suited up in one of our Svaz attires. What's the reason for this?"

Bruce looks over his shoulder to see that the door to his room has been opened, and standing there in front of him is Liu Kang.

"I'd rather not travel around in broad daylight in the bat suit; aside from the looks I'd get from civilians, I'd rather not go into detail," Walking in the direction of Liu, he stops standing in the middle of the room, "For now lets just go with Chax, a new member to the Shalion Monks."

Leaning up against the wall Liu has been thrown off the tracks a bit, who the heck is Chax and what in the name is Batman talking about?

"Sorry, but I'm a bit confused on exactly what you're trying to say. Aaaah, are you sure you're feeling ok?" Liu asks.

"What I meant was for the remainder of the time that I'm here in this world; if anyone asks, I'm Chax a new member to your temple. Just until we establish a team and return back to my world." Bruce replies.

Whatever his reason for this Liu decides to go with the flow for now; Batman hasn't shown any reasons thus far why he shouldn't trust him. The food in which the Shalion Monk brought earlier, Bruce finished before getting fully dressed. Opening the door fully, Liu Kang asks Chax A.K.A Bruce Wayne to follow him. Looking over in the corner of the bed up against the wall lays the bat suit. Picking up the empty tray he follows him out of the room.

"Did you happen to speak with Wolverine in the last hour or so? I haven't been able to locate he or Kung Lao." Liu Kang asks.

"I wouldn't know, this is my first time leaving the room since last night. It's nothing to worry about, they'll turn up sooner or later."

Traveling clear across the hall, Liu opens a door which will eventually lead to the main lobby. When walking down the several stairs, Bruce asks if the ones in charge of this temple would ever consider investing in elevators. The thought of it almost makes him laugh; honestly not able to picture that whatsoever.

"Good idea, but it'll never happen. Well not in the foreseeable future anyway, the people around here aren't much on technology at all."

Grinning beneath the mask, Bruce has no comment but can understand why things here will stay the same. These people have lived this life for over decades/whenever the temple was first built, and in that sometimes it is best not to change things which will affect your way of life. Going through another door down a set of more stairs, they enter into the main lobby.

"Good morning everyone...did any of you happen to see Kung Lao by any chance?" Liu asks.

Taking a few more steps both he and Bruce step out onto the carpet in the main room. One of the Shalion Monk member's inform Liu that they had last seen him close to over forty minutes ago, adding that Kung Lao had taken a map alongside him.

"Did he travel out alone, or did someone go with him?" Liu Kang again asks.

The individual replies by telling them Kung Lao had left with the other guest who had spent last night here. Neither Liu nor Bruce have to say a word, both thinking the same thing. Kung Lao and Wolverine likely got a head start on trying to recruit another person to this team they're trying to create to combat against their foes.

"Thanks a lot for the information, I might be going out here soon myself if anyone asks." Liu informs.

Walking toward the front door, Liu looks back at Bruce who gets the idea following him out. Waiting for Kung Lao and Wolvie to return would be their best move. If they were to leave now and the other two were to return with them being gone would put them in a similar situation as now.

"Good Morning Liu Kang, in speaking with the Elder Gods they have no knowledge of where Shao Kahn and this new enemy are hiding out. Wherever they may be it is in a realm and or world foreign to this one."

None of that surprises Liu; if he had to guess he'd say they're located in the place where Pythena came from/grew up, but none of them will be able to say for sure. Looking over at Bruce Raiden shows a face of uncertainty; Liu quickly clearing that entire storyline up. Asking if Raiden knows where Kung Lao is at this time, the thunder god replies giving Liu the answer he wanted. Due to his abilities, he's able to teleport almost anywhere he wants and hone in on individuals unless they're using some sort of sorcery to block him out.

"Judging by his current location...I'd say he and Wolverine are on their way to try and meet up with Kabal or Rain. Both if memory serves me correctly should be in that general vicinity." Liu says putting a few fingers to his chin.

"If you'd like to get going, I'll alert Kung Lao when he returns back. I think it would be in our best interest if the two of you try and get another recruit elsewhere while they're doing that." Raiden says.

He couldn't be more right; in fact it is best this way, traveling in pairs will get the job done a lot faster. Bowing down to Raiden Liu Kang turns in the other direction, both he and Bruce walking down the steps onto the grass. Raiden teleports out of sight afterward, neither of the two having a clue where he went off to.

"Since you seem so sure they're on their way to get in contact with Rain. Where does that leave us...who else is out there?" Bruce asks.

Pausing to think about it, Liu knows this person could be a huge gamble; in the past him working at the side of both Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. It doesn't matter how he feels about this, they'll need to take some chances with those who they may not trust.

"Ermac shouldn't be too hard to find, I'm assuming he's hanging out in one of three old hideouts to Kahn. We must be prepared whenever we're to arrive, I can't say for sure that he won't try and attack us. Though my last few encounters with him, we're " Liu says.

"In coming back here, I never thought it would be easy putting this thing together. In anything there's always obstacles and challenges to go through." Bruce replies.

This will certainly make things interesting if both Ermac and Rain were to join, given the two are enemies. Pointing them out in the right direction, Liu leads the way letting the Dark Knight know they'll be traveling on foot for awhile until they reach the first bus stop. Out in the distance opposite to their current position walks both Kung Lao and Logan who travel up a mountain side surrounded with a lot of color in every direction you look; that being from the grass to the bushes and trees. Putting a hand out Kung Lao tells Logan to stop hearing something up ahead.

"We must proceed with caution, I think we may have found our group." Kung Lao says.

Reaching into his pocket for the map, he unfolds it taking a look to see where they're currently; a smile forming on his face. It would seem they're right around the area where Rain is supposedly hanging out.

"Just a little further up...lets hope this is it."

Kung Lao folds the map back up putting it into his pocket, both he and Logan walking up the hill and looking down on a camp site. Observing several persons who seem too be sparring and another group who meditate; this is looking more and more like the place they've come for. From this spot, there's no sign of Rain.

"Any luck on seeing our guy?" Logan asks.

Kung Lao shakes his head, keeping his eyes open and staying alert.

"Not just yet, but I know he's got to be here; somehow I can feel it." Kung Lao says.

Not sure what he should be looking for, Logan asks for a small description of Rain on what he may look like. The Shalion member gives him a brief description/visual of what he should be looking for, also adding that the ninja was in the tournament. Wolvie doesn't remember seeing him, but he doesn't really remember a lot of the contestants, given there were so many of them. Observing someone dressed in purple emerge from a tent, Kung Lao smiles.

"Looks like we didn't come all the way out here for nothing...lets go." Kung Lao says.

Trying to grab hold of Kung Lao Logan is unsuccessful, watching the MK fighter run forward down the hill. It would have been better had they discussed there approach instead of just intruding this private session which is happening down in front of him. Turning in the direction of the hill Rain looks up spotting Kung Lao who comes his way. Most everyone stops what they're doing; the attention shifting over to one of Bo Rai Chu's students.

"I'm glad I was able to find you Rain," Kung Lao comes to a stop in front of him, "Our world as we know it is in danger once again. I come in asking for your help to stop this new threat."

Going as quickly as he can, Kung Lao gives him the inside scoop on what has happened starting from the events back at the tournament. Getting no movement or reply from Rain after finishing, gets Kung Lao a little bit worried. You'd think he'd at least have a few questions.

"I've already known about all of that." Rain finally speaks.

A chill travels through his entire body, heart racing faster than normal looking around to see the men who stood around come up surrounding him. If Rain already knew about this all, that could only mean one thing!

"I'll give out a prize to the one who can bring me the Shalion Monk's head. Consider this your first full test," Rain turns away from his men looking back at Kung Lao, "I've worked for Kahn for quiet some time now, and it won't be changing!"

Still hiding out behind a large rock, Logan shakes his head not feeling surprised at all that this blew up in their face. He had no idea it would be this severe; just their luck, they try and recruit someone who's already associated with the enemy...just great! Moving from where he leans, Wolverine stands sprinting down the hill flipping into the air and landing in the middle of the circle next to Kung Lao unleashing the blades from his knuckles.

"Gentlemen, it would seem the Shalion Monk brought a friend...take him out as well and I'll throw in a bonus." Rain informs.

Not waiting another second the attack begins on the two fighters who have got themselves into an unlucky predicament. If there is one thing they can try and gain out of this error, could be to hurry and defeat these enemies and try and find out where Pythena is from Rain.

"Stay still so I can cut you tongue out!" One of them says.

Kicking the blade out of his grasp, Kung Lao drop kicks the person; Wolverine stabbing into another of them throwing the person off to the side slashing another of them in the face. Taking off his hat Kung Lao throws it out like a boomerang connecting with the head of an attacker; the individual falling immediately. Kung Lao walks over pulling it out of his head placing it back over his.

"Way too easy." Kung Lao says to himself.

One guy comes from behind putting a choke hold on Wolverine who easily breaks out of it tossing the attacker over his shoulder onto the ground stomping over him. Another of them swings a machete at Kung Lao who performs his spiral spin knocking the individual off balance following it up with an uppercut. With the passing of another minute the entire group is defeated, both turning their attention to Rain who is...GONE!

"Figures, that's the way it always seems to go." Logan says rolling his eyes.

"He might have got away, but that doesn't mean one of these guys doesn't know something." Kung Lao says.

Looking around, Kung Lao searches for one of them who may still be conscious. As it has been so far for luck, they're all out cold. Inserting the claws back into himself, Logan makes his way over to a few of the tents to see if there is anything important which could aid them. Searching for a period of time and finding nothing, he returns to the side of Kung Lao.

"How's about we go get that beer? Afterward we can go after our next recruit on the list, unless you want to return to the Shalion temple first." Wolverine says.

Putting on half a smile Kung Lao has no problem with doing that, though he certainly won't be getting anything for himself.

"Lets get going, we can't afford to waste any time." Kung Lao says.

Worlds Away

Fast asleep a large ringing sound comes from outside his tent; Deadpool pulling the covers off his body getting fully dressed. Exiting out the first thing which comes into his line of sight is someone who stands close by shore blowing into some sort of horn. Fully stepping out of his tent he makes his way in that direction.

"If everyone could gather around here so we can begin; I'd rather not have to repeat myself more than once if possible." The speaker for the League of Assassins says.

Not everyone is there right away, the process taking over five minutes before all the gathered members are dressed and stand around the speaker. Behind him is both Ubu and Talia who let him conduct the entire thing. Each person gets into the group they were assigned last night, it is than that each individual member within every single group is given a weapon of choice. They're given a choice of three types of firearms, sword, bow and arrows, or a flamethrower! All throughout the groups several different weapons are selected by separate individuals.

"Haha, you picked a sword...hahahaha. Boy you're a funny guy, of all the choices you pick a blade over the other choices?"

Deadpool ignores one of the members in his group, attempting to warm up swinging the sword around trying to get a feel for it.

"It doesn't matter which weapon any of us choose, the wielder will ultimately decide how effective it can be." Deadpool says.

Others around try out the weapons which they received taking a minute or so to get accustomed the choice they made. Asking the speaker for the League of assassins to step down Talia comes forward.

"As you all know your main task is to recover the gem stone; the first group who's successful in doing that will receive a reward. But all of you who're able to reach the location of the gem stone alive will advance to the next stage." Talia says.

Gathering the groups into military like vehicles, Elite League of assassin members drive them off in different directions. Each groups starting point will be away from others, but all of them will have to travel around the same distance from their starting positions. The vehicles which are being used were brought on the island by boat. Dropping each group off at their checkpoint with a map to the location of the cave where the gemstone awaits, the drivers return back to the shore side, where camp was set up.

"How many of them do you think will make it through this?"

"Hard to say, but I'd be surprised if it's over ten." Talia replies.

The League of Assassin member smiles beneath his mask turning from her and walking out the other way, speculating to himself how this entire thing will turn out. Looking at his reflection through the shiny blade, Deadpool is grabbed from behind by one of his group members.

"You need too pay attention; if we're to get to this rock before any of the others we'll need to do it as a team."

Setting the sword down at his side, Deadpool gets into sort of a huddle with the rest of his group. Luckily for them the driver who dropped them off at this spot marked it down on the map as well. This should help in making this scavenger hunt manageable. Also on the map is the exact location of the gemstone.

"Ok it looks like if we go out that way and continue north it will lead us to a small river which we should have no problems crossing. Once we get through that we'll have to travel up these set of hills through a lot of forest area which will eventually lead to the cave. Gentlemen...we've got a lot of ground to cover, so lets get started."

Keeping the map out the assembled team begins their journey walking out into the forest area being surrounded by so much green. Not getting very far in they come to a stop in front of a mango tree; Deadpool jumping up and slicing a few down for the group, each of the three getting two each; Deadpool only getting one for himself.

"Ghee so far this place doesn't seem so bad, but who knows; maybe it'll get tougher as we progress. The way they spoke back there, made it seem like we were going to be traveling through some type of apocalypse." One of them says.

Traveling up a little further one of them stops the group in saying he heard something moving in the bushes somewhere in the general area. Another of them insists that it is probably nothing more than a squirrel.

"Come on lets continue, I'm sure it's nothing."

Walking ahead of the group holding out his machine gun, something leaps out of the bushes off to his left resembling that of a raptor taking him down to the ground! Running out with the sword in his grasp, Deadpool is knocked off to the side being tail whipped by what appears to be a dino. Burying it's teeth into the neck of the fallen individual, it pulls back with blood splatter everywhere.

"Holy crap! Hang on in there, we'll get him off of you."

The raptor moves it's attention from the guy who lays on the ground over to the other three. Sprinting forward at full speed it knocks the hand gun out the grasp of another of Deadpool's group members. Picking up the sword Deadpool slashes at the beast from it's blind side, cutting it open in the area of it's ribs! Roaring out it makes a quick retreat; none of them going after it; instead making their way over to their injured teammate.

"Hey Dan can you hear me? Are you alright?"

Blood continues to pour out of his neck, it is soon confirmed to them that he's no longer alive; eyes wide open, no movement...not even a blink. Deadpool is the one to bend down and close them. Now they can see what she meant by all of them wouldn't make it out alive.

"I'd say our friend here really got nailed, but life goes on too a living story and so do we. If he felt any pain, it wasn't for long." Deadpool says.

One of them picks up his weapon; the three of them continuing on but even more on guard than before.

Worlds Away

Walking for over some time Kung Lao enters a bar alongside Logan; a waitress leading them over to one of the booths located next to a window. Wolvie orders a light beer, while Kung Lao orders a bacon cheese burger with fries and a sprite. Taking their order she walks off into the kitchen area.

"Are you sure you don't want something to eat? Money isn't an issue, besides we're going to need to be at one hundred percent."

"I told you, I'll be just fine. I'm not very hungry." Logan replies.

Sitting in silence for a while both of them have there eyes glued to a large T.V. screen displayed a couple ft away from where they sit; currently on the sports channel. Returning with their drinks in a short amount of time, she lets Kung Lao know it won't be too long before his food is ready. Asking if they need anything else, both reply with no. Leaving them afterward she makes her way over to another table to help out customers who just walked in.

"Just so we didn't come all the way here for nothing, before we return to the Shalion temple...there is a guy by the name of Kabal that we can try and meet up with." Kung Lao says.

"Sounds like a plan."

Having searched the first of Shao Kahn's hideouts, Liu Kang and Bruce come to the second of them. Entering through the front entrance and walking through the place; there are various spider webs and dust all around the area. Walking over in front of a book shelf, Bruce rubs the cobwebs and dust from the front cover.

"Hhhmm, I'd say Kahn had a strange selection in taste for books considering the type of guy he seems to be." Bruce says.

He wouldn't guess the emperor would be into space shuttles and traveling through space. Who knows, maybe these aren't his at all; Shao Kahn has had a lot of people work for him. As a surprise to both of them, Bruce is grabbed being thrown into a wall across the way! But there is no one in sight, which leads them to believe whoever it is must be in some type of camouflage.

"What in the! Liu can you see anyone?" Bruce yells out.

The champion of Mortal Kombat has no answer for that; in moments Bruce is grabbed by his neck and lifted up close to thirteen ft in the air and held in place! Liu Kang can do nothing but just stand in place not knowing what to do.

"Tell me what this is all about or I'll snap his neck."

A voice speaks from the darkness, but Liu isn't positive which direction it is coming from. Making himself visible from a dark corner of the room, is the one they came in search for. Making his way over in that direction Liu informs him that they aren't here to fight, but rather in seek of his help. Using his telekinesis, Ermac lowers Bruce to the ground.

"Alright than, I'm listening. But before you begin, I'd like to know who your pal is over here. I don't believe I've ever seen him before?" Ermac asks.

"His name is Ba...I mean Chax; a new member to the Shalion Monks. He's been with us for about two full month's now. But our reason for being here was to find you; there's a threat against Earth realm, and we're going to need as much help as we can get.

With crossed arms, Ermac doesn't ask questions; listening to all of what is said by Liu Kang.

To Be Continue

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Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 51: One More To Go

Jumping over what appears to be some sort of dinosaur with a wing span close to over seven ft adding up to fourteen, Deadpool isn't really sure what to think of this mission or even this group who call themselves the League of assassins. It is now becoming more and more clear that he should have just stuck to going solo; something seems shady about this group in general.

"Do any of you need help?" Deadpool asks slashing at the Dino which fly's toward him, barely dodging his blade, "We can't afford to loose another out of our group."

"Don't worry comrade, We can hold our own; just worry about keeping yourself alive. We're going to need all three of us if we plan to successfully reach that cave." One of them says.

That is something he couldn't agree more to; after loosing their first guy he knew they'd probably be in for some surprises involving the overall surrounding. But the longer they've been out in this jungle like environment, these random encounters with the animal life of this massive island has really picked up.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but who gets the feeling we're in the next filming of Jurassic Park! Lets just hope the script writer has us surviving through this, I'd like to be alive in time for dinner." Deadpool says before being knocked off to the side.

Both his group members still aren't sure what to make of Deadpool; these things are trying to kill them, yet Deadpool seems to be treating this entire ordeal like it's some kind of game. If there is any fear inside of him, it doesn't show at all; in fact it almost feels as though he's really enjoying this! It's good to have him on their squad, it almost seems he was born for moments like this. Out of nowhere the ground beneath them shakes, giving them the idea that something big is coming.

"Brace yourselves for the main boss guys...I think Godzilla is on his way and he doesn't sound happy." Deadpool says flipping back onto his feet.

Looking in the same direction, all of them observe as something resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex busting through the surrounding trees!

"And they say the Lion is the king of the jungle; I think that needs to be re evaluated. Seems like a good day for fast food."

Taking off without warning Deadpool sprints off further into the jungle; his teammates getting the idea after a few moments following. The huge Dino follows as well but seems to loose them hearing gun fire in another direction heading out that way. It is hard for any of them to believe what they're going through! Dinosaurs have been extinct for a few million years! Perhaps these things which attack them are robots and or androids. That wouldn't make sense, because during one of their encounters back there, when shooting one of them down there was blood everywhere.

"Can't wait till this is all over so we can get the heck off of this island." One of them says.

Things will only get worse the more time spent in here, at the rate they're being attacked it isn't given that any of them will make it out of here alive.

"Do either of you still have the map?" Deadpool asks looking over his shoulder still in stride.

One of them replies giving him the answer "Yes" which is good to hear, the last thing they need is to be lost in this place, having no idea where to go. Out in the city of New Jersey a huge group of police officials sit within a room discussing the several issues of the city; including this up and coming serial killer who has now been labeled as the Blood bath butcher. Seemingly skipping from city to city and back. It isn't known if it is just one person committing these crimes, but the way a lot of the bodies have been left suggests it may not be human.

"There's been a huge increase in violence all around us, and I think we all know why, so I won't go into that bit of detail. If things continue to spiral in the wrong direction like they have, we might have to get outside help."

"We need to keep everything under control so that it doesn't get to that, this isn't the only city suffering. Just check the news, it is the same almost everywhere, and will only get worse if we don't do something about containing the situation." another of them says.

There have been talks of this entire problem all around, but fixing it won't be an easy task. For now they'll need to try and fix it with the current women and men they have right now. Outside help isn't necessary.

"What about our supernatural unseen unknown serial killer. I find it hard to believe that not a single person has seen a thing...I mean come on the guy has killed over forty people! And your telling me no one has even gotten a glimpse of him?"

"Him you say. Who's not to say it's a she; hell we don't even know if it's human. We could be dealing with one of those meta's."

The room goes silent for a moment, the mentioning of a Meta brings up the tough truth what has happened recently with what was supposed to be the heroes/some believed to be saviors of this world.

"We'll leave this Blood Bath Butcher up to the detectives, we'll have our main focus on the growing criminal activities."

Aside from the growth in crime rates, the biggest story which captures the main headlines in the news is the serial killer anyone has yet to identify or even see.

Worlds away

All information has been given to Ermac; the MK combatant standing without a word, neither Bruce nor Liu having a clue how he'll react or if he'll even let them leave freely; if he so happens not to be interested in helping them.

"So both Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn have formed an alliance with the woman who orchestrated the most recent Mortal Kombat tournament. I remember her...someone with her beauty; you'd never gu...but than again those are the most dangerous of them, it would seem." Ermac says.

Walking in the other direction, the ninja made from those of fallen souls paces back and forth thinking deeper into the matter at hand. By the sounds of it what the trio has planned won't benefit anyone, not even someone like him and that is saying a lot.

"How soon will it be before we travel over to the world of Batman? Where is he hiding out, shouldn't he be here with the two of you?" Ermac asks.

"So does this mean you've agreed to join us in our quest to put a stop to the evil trio?" Liu Kang asks.

Ermac shakes his head letting them know he's all in and ready to go whenever they so choose. Again asking where the Dark Knight lurks, Liu replies by saying he's helping out with their efforts else where.

"I'm not exactly sure what the status is with Kung Lao, as far as getting in contact with Ra...I mean our other contact." Liu says.

Making his way toward the exit Liu asks if Ermac would like to follow or stay here until they've got everything sorted out and ready to go. Still unsure of what is fully going on, Ermac decides to travel alongside Liu Kang and Chax/Bruce. Inside the hideout of the Panda Masters, a couple of the top members meet in a back room, including Sektor and Cyrax.

"Our encounter with Subzero yesterday evening will not go unpunished; how he and his friends were to escape...I'm not sure, but it is our job to make sure something like that doesn't happen again." Sektor says in his robotic tone.

Other than Subzero and Batman, neither Cyrax nor Sektor had any idea who the woman or the other guy was with the two. If they so happen to get in the way again, they will be dealt with. Their only business is with the Lin Kuei and Subzero, getting the weaponry blue prints from the clan will be their toughest task yet.

"So what's the plan, take out Subzero first, and than go after his clan? Or are we going to knock them all off in one sitting?" One of the member's ask.

"Our goal isn't to take down the Lin Kuei, we just need to get our hands on some of the information they hold." Cyrax tells.

All listen in as the specs for the next shipment are given which include the time and place for the next shipment. Being apart of this group, all involved must pay attention to detail in order to be successful and make their way up the latter on rank and status amongst the Panda Master members.

"Good, the meeting will proceed in the next twenty so make it fast whatever you choose to do in that time. Hideakin has some important announcements for all of us." Sektor informs.

All who sit, stand from their seats taking advantage of the opportunity to stretch their legs; most exiting out of the room. Returning back to the Shalion temple empty handed, Kabal was nowhere to be found. Kung Lao wonders if maybe the certain MK participant has moved locations, or he could possibly be on a mission which is elsewhere.

"Any idea where your buddy could be located...I mean would it really be that crucial if we were to loose him to this?" Logan asks.

"Kabal would be a valuable part to this team, but if we're unable to find him it won't put a huge damper in our efforts." Kung Lao replies.

Both of them feel the same way, their efforts have been a huge waste of time and are still in the same position they were last night. Stepping through the front door Kung Lao is immediately notified of Liu Kang taking off; the Shalion fighter already knowing why. He just hopes Liu has better success than what he and Wolverine experienced.

"Were you able to find what you were in search for?" On of them asks.

"We actually came up empty, but that's the way it'll be some times. Once Liu returns we'll try and get back at it." Kung Lao replies.

All in the room have no clue what he refers to, what is he going to be getting back at. Aside from Raiden, none of the village members are aware of what's going on and it is probably best it stay that way. The next thing they need is having panic and rumors spreading all around.

"Would you like to share what you and Liu Kang are up to? You've got some of us worried."

"If there's one thing I can assure you...that is not to worry, we're both fine. No one is in danger, we're simply just in search for something ancient." Kung Lao quickly says coming up with something off the top of his head.

To his relief it works, most everyone goes back to what they were doing; the attention no longer on him. Following Kung Lao into one of the kitchens, and being offered a glass of orange juice, Logan declines.

"When was the first time your path crossed with Shang Tsung or Shao Kahn. Guys with that kind of power don't just walk the streets in your daily life." Wolvie asks.

It doesn't surprise him to hear his first meeting with either of them was through Mortal Kombat, maybe not in the ring but somewhere in the event itself. In asking how long the tournament has been around; Logan is intrigued to hear it started centuries ago! It has truly been a long lasting event which has pretty much become tradition at this point.

"Is there anything else you'd like to know? I've got plenty of stories if you're interested." Kung Lao makes known.

"Maybe another time, we need to try and stay focused on the main goal."

Side tracking is something they must prevent, it'll only slow them down. Their wait is short lived; Liu coming through the front door alongside some unknown and...Ermac! The champion of MK asks for both Kung Lao and Wolverine to follow him outside. All five do just that, but Liu takes Kung Lao off to the side explaining to him the story behind Batman, and that he needs to go with him as being Chax for now.

"Is he wearing one of our temple's battle uniforms, it sure does look familiar?" Kung Lao asks.

"Yes that is correct, but you must go with this for now. It won't be for too long." Liu makes be known.

Shrugging his shoulders Kung Lao doesn't have a problem with it, but does wonder what the reasoning for this may be. That is something he'll have to find out later. Before anything else, Liu asks what happened in their search for Rain and (or) Kabal. Shaking his head, Kung Lao informs that neither attempt was successful and that he will explain later. Walking out a little, Liu turns to the entire group clearing his throat before speaking.

"There really isn't much more we can build upon; I'd say the team is set in stone. We've got the five of us, Kitana, Subzero, Johnny Cage, Jax, and Sonya. Unless there is someone I'm missing, I'd say this is the best it'll get." Liu says.

Everything goes silent for a few moments until Kung Lao takes a few steps forward.

"What about Scorpion?"

Hearing the particular name causes Liu to jump a little; how could they forget about the ninja spectre. Earlier they already discussed him as a potential recruit, but through it all they must have forgot. In the past Scorpion has been a foe, but than he's also been a help to them. Through the years of the Mortal Kombat tournament, Scorpion's main cause has been fueled by rage and revenge related to the events which took away his family.

"Adding Hanzo Hasashi to your team would be ideal."

All look off to the side; Raiden standing in place appearing out of nowhere tons of electricity surrounding him. Logan and Bruce may not know a whole lot about Scorpion, but the remainder of the group knows just how valuable he could be.

"I take it Ermac has decided to join your efforts?" Raiden asks.

Kung Lao updates the thunder god informing him that is indeed the case. It's unfortunate to find when trying to add Rain; the ninja had been working with the enemy the whole time, not to mention the failure in trying to locate Kabal. They definitely scored big in landing Ermac, his fighting skill and other abilities will contribute greatly.

"It is decided than...once we're able to get in contact with Scorpion, if he chooses to join us or not; it'll be time to jump dimensions. Lets just hope he cares about protecting this realm as much as we do." Liu Kang says.

Ermac remains silent throughout, becoming more and more anxious by the minute. In joining this team; should also give him an opportunity to test his skills outside of the ring against foreign enemies. From what he heard involving these guys working with Pythena, it is still a question how tough it truly could be.

"So how do we reach or get in contact with Scorpion. Do any of you know where he stays or hangs around?" Bruce asks.

"We'll have to leave it to Raiden...Scorpion can be a tricky one. He's one of those types of people who jumps realms frequently, which makes it tough to track him." Liu replies.

Worlds Away

Sitting back with both hands in his lap, Tony Stark looks out the window of the limo tapping a finger. It's been a good amount of time since he's been face to face with the particular business man he's on his way to meet up with. It wasn't explained over the phone what this meeting would be about, but he has a few ideas.

"How much longer?" Tony asks lowering his shades.

"It's just up the street, the wait won't be but a second." The driver replies

Pulling up in front of the building, someone who sits up in the passenger seat next to the driver exits out, coming around and opening the door for Mr. Stark. Stepping out onto the sidewalk fixing his tie, Tony lets them know he won't be longer than fifteen minutes.

"We'll be right around the corner in the parking lot...just call when you're finished."

Giving a slight nod, he travels toward the front entrance which opens automatically being motion censored. Just as they said, the driver to the billionaire moves the vehicle from the no parking zone. Glancing around he approaches a front desk where someone sits typing; going over something he has no clue of.

"Excuse me, but I'm here to speak with Klint Gersayer. If you don't already know I'm Tony Stark, Klint asked that I meet him here over a few days ago." Tony says

"Hold on just a sec, it'll only take a minute or so for me to search our database."

Having no problem with it, he steps off to the side looking down at his watch hoping this doesn't take up too much of his time. In no more than a minute, the scheduled meeting is found in their system.

"The elevators are just over there, Klint is on the third floor."

Thanking the person, Tony heads out in that direction entering into the one closes to his position. Arriving on the floor, he steps out walking down the hall having a good idea where Klint's office is located. Standing in front of a tall door down the hall is two men dressed in suits; one silver and gray, and the other in black with a red tie.

"Good to see you've arrived...Mr. Gersayer awaits you inside."

Both men move from where they stand opening the door to Tony who makes his way in clearing out his throat. Standing from his desk, Klint walks over shaking hands with the man responsible for Stark industries. One of the security people close the door behind the two of them.

"I must say Mr. Stark, I'm flattered to see you actually showed," Klint turns in the other direction looking out a window, "Would you like something to drink Mr. Stark."

Tony declines saying that he'll be just fine, and is ready to hear what Klint has to say. A smile forms on his face; Klint walking over and pouring himself a drink taking a quick sip before setting it down.

"I'm sorry my assistant Emma couldn't be here, I haven't been able to get into contact with her in the past two days. Hopefully she wasn't hurt in the events which have been taking place as of late."

Tony makes it known that he's already met the woman he speaks of, knowing her on a somewhat personal level. Taking a seat over on the sofa, Klint tosses a newspaper over the table top. Reading the headline, Tony's eyes broaden a bit.

"Zelsztech and Lex Corp, moving closer toward PARTNERSHIP!" Tony says raising his voice.

Klint enjoys this moment more than any other he can remember as of recent, the expression on the face of Tony brings new energy to him.

"Once Lex Luthor and I make this thing official, your little company along with Gill Saucer and Wayne Enterprises will be a second thought. You can't say I didn't give you the option Mr. Stark, and now you will be in the rearview looking on."

Lifting up the paper, he reads through it a bit; his fists quickly tightening at the material. Why would Klint call him here for something like this? There must be some other reason.

"Surely you didn't just call me down here for this...frankly this has nothing to do with my company. My line of business is different, so if you don't have anything else I'm out of here."

"Actually I do have something, so take a seat so we can talk like gentlemen."

Tossing the newspaper back onto the tabletop thinking to himself on what he should do. He's already made it perfectly clear there will be no partnership with Stark Industries. Walking over to take a seat, the reverberations of screams and banging sounds echoes from all directions. Jumping from where he sits, Klint races toward the window with Tony following.

"What in the hell is going on out there!" Klint yells out.

Moving away from the window, Gersayer goes for the nearest phone asking the guys downstairs what exactly is going on. No one is able to give him very many details, truly unsure of what is going on themselves.

"Stay here...I might be able to do something." Tony says running for the exit.

Klint reaches out trying to grab hold of him, but has no luck deciding to let him go. Getting back on the phone, Klint asks for his people in the main security center to try and focus in on what is happening outside using the surrounding cameras they set up.

"Whatever it is, make sure this won't be a problem for us."

Following what he says, all off duty security officials are alert, some even stepping outside in front of the building attempting to get a good look at what is happening. Sprinting down the hall and entering into the elevator; Tony gives his guys a call letting them know he's on his way down. With the doors opening he ends the call placing the phone back into his pocket, having the feeling things are about to get very interesting.

"Hey where are you going, it isn't safe out there. I'd advise you stay inside until things cool off outside, the police should be on their way." The person sitting behind the desk says.

"Don't worry about anything, I'll be just fine."

Just as before the automatic doors open, but the limo is nowhere in sight. It only takes a few moments before the vehicle pulls up in sight right in front of him. If he remembered to do so, one of his Iron suits should be located in the back trunk.

"Unlock the trunk!" Tony yells out to the driver.

With the sound of a click the back unlocks opening on it's own. Running around the back of the vehicle a missile seemingly comes out of nowhere connecting with the front of the limousine exploding the vehicle sky high in flames; Tony being tossed back in the other direction! His head smashes into the side of a light post knocking him out immediately! More screams are heard throughout the area with various civilians being shot down.

"Damn! This surely isn't good for business."

Klint can't believe what he's witnessing outside his window; how could something like this happen in this part of town. Things are really taking a turn for the worse. His heart skips even more realizing Tony Stark lays down on the pavement below, bleeding from his head and other parts of his body. The crime is picking up on all cylinders, and soon nowhere will be safe. Out in the city of Gotham, a group of men meet behind a construction sight which has temporary been put on hold. All of them wear similar black uniforms with shades and hats.

"From what I can tell, we're all if you could all follow me this way."

Everyone follows the individual having no questions at all, already knowing what to expect from this meeting. Traveling down a relatively steep hill, all of them enter into a slightly small building making sure they aren't being watched. Settling into their places the speaker of the group sits at the end of the table.

"As you all should already know, it would appear that the unidentified beasts who the newscasters worldwide have been broadcasting twenty four seven got rid of this city's very own Dark Knight. But we must realize that the rest of the gangs in Gotham know that as well, everyone will be fighting for power and territory with this news getting out. No more Batman means this city is up for grabs."

No one interrupts what the speaker has to say understanding the different points he makes. Just because Batman is gone, that doesn't mean the police will just bend over; in fact they'll most likely crack down even more on things! Whatever the police may do, they're no Batman.

"I also thought you all should know there was a Robin, and or Red Robin sighting just last night; possibly Nightwing as well. All three are associates of the bat, and need to be eliminated out of the picture in order for our plans to run smoothly."

"Hahaha, I don't know about any of you but Batman's bitches don't scare me at all. Excuse my language, but lets get real...the boy wonder is laughable."

Standing from his seat, the speaker slams his fist over the table top making it clear that they cannot underestimate Batman's teammates who've been left behind. It's true none of them are the Capped Crusader, but they surely must know almost if not all of his tactics.

"On a good note I spoke with our contact in Arizona, who informed me our upgrade at weapons will be sent in within the week."

They must gain control of the Gotham streets, if successful in doing that there will be a lot of money to be made. It won't be easy once they end up on the police forces radar, not to mention other organized crime units and gangs.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 52: Almost Ready For Return

The news of Tony Stark being hospitalized spreads fast throughout the nation hitting the hearts of many; knowing just how bad things are becoming. Not even the richest of them will be safe; some are truly beginning to consider the end of the world is upon them. Out with a couple of friends inside a restaurant is Helena Bertinelli who reads the headlines of the incoming breaking news. Standing from where she sits, Helena informs her friends she needs to take a bathroom break; waving her off they continue talking amongst one another. Pushing the chair in, she walks past several other tables before exiting out the front door. Distressing news sometimes calls for fresh air and a little alone time.

"Things are really getting out of contain," Pacing around for a few moments, Helena leans up against a wall, "Ghee I wish I could get in connection with Batman or Nightwing. But there is no way of contacting either of them in daylight."

The only time she's ever seen Tony Stark was through T.V. He has done a lot of good involving the military, not to mention being a true fighter in every sense of the word; using his money to help others, locking in on to criminals through his suit of Iron. Just like any other billionaire he's held charities to raise money for smaller businesses.

"This shouldn't be bothering me, but for some reason it is. I've never even met the guy…so why am I feeling this way."

Deliberating on the matter, she grasps what really gets under her skin isn't this specific event itself, but rather the message it sends. Perhaps in the next month or so things will start straightening out; that mainly being criminals. Moving away from the wall she makes her way back inside to where her friends await her.

"Is everything alright Helena? You look a little under the weather?"

"Don't worry about me; work has just been a bit stressful. But I have the next three days off, so I'll make it fine." Helena says taking a seat.

Killing some time in waiting for their food to arrive, the group changes the subject talking about the upcoming music awards set to take place this weekend. Moments later one of the workers comes around pouring and filling their glasses of water.

City of Seattle

Positioned in front of a mirror is a teenage girl who stands at 5'7" with blond hair which passes by her shoulders a couple inches as well as dark green eyes; brushes her hair, placing a pink bow over the top to match her pink dress. Executing slow strokes over her lips, the pink lipstick is what comes last; her putting on a smile twirling around. Not even a second later there is a knock at her door. Turning in that direction she asks for whoever it is to come in.

"Hey sis…thought I'd let you know that Mark just got here and is waiting for you in the living room downstairs." Her brother informs.

"Quick, how do I look?" She asks.

Her brother gives her the thumbs up before moving out of the path of her doorway walking down the hall to his own room. Gradually walking toward the door she exits out, journeying down the hall and a flight of stairs into the front room.

"Good to see you Kristine, you look gorgeous. Let's get going so we can meet up with everyone after lunch." Mark says

Feeling warm inside from his comment, Kristine takes his hand letting him lead the way. Yelling out she says goodbye to her brother who doesn't reply. Mark asks what the meaning for that is; Kristine guessing that he's doing one of two things involving listening to his music or watching T.V.

"You don't have to worry Kristine; we'll have a good time. I've had our reservation made from a week ago, so there shouldn't be any problems."

Wrapping both her arms around his as they advance to the car she rests her head over his shoulder. Walking ahead of her he opens the door to the passenger side closing it after she's settled. Coming around he gets into the driver's side starting up the vehicle and taking off.

"What time do you expect your parents to be home?" Mark asks.

"My dad should be home sometime around five, and my mother usually comes in shortly after that. It won't be a problem, as long as I'm home before ten tonight."

Keeping his focus on the road, Kristine moves over a little leaning off to the side and giving him a kiss on the cheek and as a result he grins. In less than twenty minutes they arrive in front of their destination. Both depart from the vehicle holding hands making their way inside. They're promptly escorted to a booth next to a window which was reserved just for them.

"You can get whatever you want, but I wouldn't decide too quickly; there are a lot of great choices you should browse over." Mark tells.

Other than today he's only been inside this restaurant on two other occasions. Taking his advice she skims over the numerous choices, as does he. By time the waiter makes his way over to where they sit, both have made up their minds on what they would like to order. During the process of this Kristine notices someone staring at her from outside the window across the street. The character exhibits red/burgundy hair, grinning as the two of them make eye contact.

"What would you like to drink miss?" The waiter asks.

Looking away from the window and up at the worker, she asks for a glass of water. Writing all the information down on a notepad he takes their menus heading for the kitchen area. Glancing back outside the window, the gentleman who stood across the street is now gone.

"Hey Kristine, is everything alright?" Mark asks reaching over and placing one of his hands over hers.

She gives him a slight nod, saying that everything is perfect. That was unquestionably bizarre with what just transpired moments ago. She had never seen that person in her complete life; but the way he smiled at her suggests otherwise. Out in that of another city entering into a bank is Roy Harper, who wears a white shirt with black khakis. It is one of the larger banks in the city, so he has to walk down a hall before reaching the enormous central area.

"I can help you over here sir." A voice calls out.

Pulling an envelope out of his pocket, Roy strolls over in that direction coming to a stop in front of the woman behind the desk.

"I'd just like to make a deposit to my account." Roy says handing her the envelope.

After doing so something grabs his attention off to the side concerning a group of men, who look overly suspicious. Stepping away from the counter Roy informs the woman he'll be back momentarily. Three of the men carry with them elongated black bags. Making sure to keep himself hidden from them he moves in closer attempting to get a closer look at what they're up to. Keeping his eyes glued on them, one of the bags is partially opened revealing piece of an AK42! Having seen enough Roy sprints off in the opposite direction.

"Wait sir, what about your receipt?" The woman calls out.

Roy pays no attention to what she says traveling down the hall. If those guys are truly attempting to rob this bank than why aren't they wearing ski masks or something to conceal their identities? Something just isn't right with this total state of affairs. Roy decides that his best option is to exit out of this depository before changing, due to all the security and cameras. That is the one thing he can't have happen is getting his identity discovered, especially at a time like this with so many of the heroes who were mysteriously taken. To no surprise gunshots are heard from the area he just left picking up speed!

"Everyone get down on the ground right now!" One of them shouts, firing off at the ceiling.

All present within the area do as they're asked falling to their knees. While six of them just stand around with their weapons loaded keeping an eye on everything and everyone, the remainder of the group gathers everyone present in the area to a specific region in the room.

"If all of you are cooperative no one will get hurt." One of them says.

The managers of the building are taken from the main group and ordered to fill up the six bags. One of them is successful in hitting one of the security buttons located under a table top. Luckily none of the men carrying the weapons saw this action. In over another three minutes the bank is surrounded by police vehicles along with swat teams. Standing next to his vehicle the commander of the officers asks for the bank's phone number. It doesn't take long for that bit of info to reach him. Moment's later one of the phones inside the building rings. The gunmen all look at each other, before it is signaled for one of them in particular to answer it.

"This is the chief of police officer Howard, is there a possibility you could release the hostages?"

Weeping is something which comes from one of the hostages; the chief of police being able to perceive clearly. Somehow they need to get the innocents out of there; circumstances like this never seem to end well.

"Not going to happen, these people are our only way of getting out of this alive."

The police officer tries his best to negotiate, but each attempt/idea ends with the same answer of "No". Having enough of what the cop has to say the criminal hangs up the phone, gradually progressing toward the rest of his team. One of the captives now cries terrified for her life, unsure what will become of them once these delinquents have got what they wanted. Another of them wraps an arm around her as a way of comfort.

"Hurry it up with the money…I know turtles and snails who can move faster than this!" One of them yells out becoming impatient.

Just as the patrol, the newscasters show up in the next minute trying to get coverage on what is taking place. Positioned in front of the hostages two of them stand with their weapons aimed at the frightened citizens. Startlingly the window from above crashes through while at the same time a red net covers up the two aiming at the hostages taking them down to the ground losing their weapons in the process. A character dressed in almost all red stands before them carrying a bow and arrows.

"Who the hell is that? Little red riding hoods older brother? Let's smoke him!"

Without another word all of them commence by firing off at the unknown; one of them quickly identifying him as Red Arrow. Showing extraordinary athletic ability, he flips around dodging the bullets feeling poised. Showing great accuracy; Red Arrow fires off five arrows connecting with all of his targets knocking them out. Not liking it one bit one of the men grabs hold of a hostage aiming his weapon at their head.

"Toss your arrows and bow off to the side or I'll blow her head off, no joke!" One of them demands.

"Damn!" Red Arrow mumbles.

Grinding his teeth together he hates to give in to the demand, but he really has no other option. Shaking his head back and forth he throws all of his weaponry off to the side. The remainder of the men who still stand laugh together aiming their weapons at the masked man.

"You stupid piece of…"

He is unable to finish, due to some sort of object hitting him over the head and knocking him to the ground. Everyone looks above to see a bird shaped figure gliding down and throwing down something which resembles shurikens KO'ing the remainder of the masked men. The capped person comes to a smooth landing turning to the hostages.

"You're all free to go now."

Moving from their positions everyone heads for the exits except for Red Arrow and the capped man.

"Good timing Red Robin, but I do have to ask what you're doing outside of Gotham." Red Arrow asks.

Coming in closer in front of Red Arrow Red Robin asks if he's aware of what has recently happened with a lot of the heroes related to the small invasion attacks. Roy answers with a yes, being fully aware and updated thanks to Oliver/Green Arrow.

"My reason for being here was to see if I could locate any more help that may not have been taken. Nightwing and Batman have setup a meeting with what is still left of the Avengers, which is scheduled to take place tonight."

Red Robin gives Roy the directions, asking him to try and be there when it takes place. Hearing the footsteps and voices of the law enforcement entering the building Red Arrow looks away from Red Robin and in that direction.

"So what should we tell them?" Red Arrow asks.

Almost jumping out of his shoes; he is render speechless beyond words to see that Red Robin is gone! It's like he just vanished into thin air; how he and Batman do that is something he'd like to know the secret to. Moments later the police officials fill the room cuffing the already defeated criminals.

"It was jus you who took them all down?" The chief of the group asks.

"Yeah I guess you could say that." Red Arrow replies going with the flow.

Worlds Away

In that of earth realm, the one known as Scorpion A.K.A Hanzo Hasashi trains in the mountains for what he believes will be an invasion of the realm with that of Shinnok returning. He knows bits and pieces of information, but doesn't know the how or the when. It would require immoderate power to achieve such a feat of Shinnok returning with his entire army. The Ninja spectre has set up several cardboard targets, using them to practice his precision. It wasn't long ago he fought against Quan Chi and a few of his followers in the nether realm. There's no doubt in his mind that the sorcerer Quan Chi has put a bounty on him. Pulling out his rope spear, while using all the strength in his arm, he throws it forward having the spear go right through the middle as he intended.

"Not bad Scorpion."

Listening to a voice coming from his back side, he jumps into a fighting stance; but drops his guard as the electricity ceases to exist leaving behind Raiden. The thunder god wastes no time getting right to the point explaining to Scorpion the dilemma which faces them all. This updated news puts him in a weird place; he has been preparing for a possible return of Shinnok, and now this comes up.

"The earth realm could really use your help Scorpion; if you are uninterested I'll understand. But just remember, this is your world too." Raiden says.

Feeling that it is an appropriate time to do so, Scorpion brings up the information regarding that of Shinnok and Quan Chi; who's to say they don't invade earth realm while they've got their attention on the blond haired woman, Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. Replying to his concern, Raiden enlightens the spectre in the sense that Shinnok returning is far from being reality. As far as what's known to them, that would be next to impossible; unless they've discovered some new hidden power.

"I'm not saying Shinnok isn't attempting to try and break through the barriers, but I wouldn't worry about it until this active problem is put to rest." Raiden declares.

Glaring out in the distance opposite of Raiden, Scorpion rolls up his rope spear fully attaching it back onto his belt. Taking a deep breath before exhaling, he turns back facing Raiden accepting the offer of joining Kung Lao and Liu Kang on this mission which will relocate them into another earth.

"When will we be making the trip to this world?" Scorpion inquires.

"I'm glad that you asked. Now that you have agreed to tag along it will be sooner rather than later, they wanted to wait and see what your answer would be." Raiden informs.

Making sure to have a hold of Scorpion, Raiden teleports them out of sight leaving behind only electricity. Not even a minute later they re appear in front of the Shalion temple. Opening the front door, Raiden asks for the ninja to follow, which he does with no complaints. Standing around in the main room is Ermac and Wolverine.

"Where are the others?" Raiden asks refereeing to the two Shalion monks and the Dark Knight.

"I'd try the dojo that is the last place I saw them." Wolverine replies leaned up against the wall.

The X-Men member offers to go and get them; Raiden replying in saying "That would be greatly appreciated." The fighter bent from lost souls doesn't budge, having a lot on his mind concerning all of this. There was a time when he had fought for Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn, but oddly enough, he finds himself on the other side of the fence this time.

"All of you may not have the greatest history with one another; but differences will have to be put aside if this job is to get done." Raiden tells.

Passing through a few hallways Logan appears in front of the Dojo's entrance opening the door and entering. Chax lifts weights while Kung Lao and Liu Kang spar against each other. Calling out he gets the attention of them all.

"Raiden has returned with Scorpion; it would seem the ninja has joined our efforts." Wolvie tells.

Immediately dropping what they were doing the three of them follow Wolverine out of the room. Making their way through the second hall Chax steps away from the group conveying to them he's got something to take care of. Not really paying him much attention to him the three continue to the main room.

"Good to see the two of you got here without wasting time. Where is Batman? I don't believe I've seen him since last night." Raiden says.

Looking at each other both Kung Lao and Liu Kang come up with the same answer saying he'll be joining them shortly. Deciding he'd rather not repeat himself, the thunder God finds it in everyone's best interest that they wait for the Dark Knight to return. This is mainly due to the fact he will be leading the charge; in view of the verity that they're heading to his world for this deputation.

"I hope I didn't keep you all waiting, if so than there is no need to hold off any longer."

Situated off to the side is Batman, fully suited up in his cape and cowl, utility belt etc. Crossing his arms, Scorpion knew the name sounded familiar; this is the guy who eliminated him in the Mortal Kombat tournament. First and foremost it is clarified between them all on who has all arranged to play a role in this. It is discussed and decided that the meeting place/departure will take place here just outside of the Shalion Temple. Confirming the names of the recruits; Raiden teleports out of sight heading on his way to get in contact with all the fighters starting with Princess Kitana. Each of them will be brought here by him personally, or will be given the location depending on the circumstance.

"Is there anything we can do while we're waiting?" Wolverine asks.

"For now let's just wait it out, and see who Raiden returns with. I'm hoping this process doesn't take too long so we can be out of here and traveling to your globe in the next few hours." Liu Kang says.

Out in the location of the Panda Master's main facility their new weapons have been shipped in, while some of the technical members make some final touch ups on the new installed security. Standing outside on their break; two of the members sit outside, one of them smoking a cigar.

"Master Hideakin is brilliant and all, but is it really that necessary for us to continue to try and improve our weaponry through hazardous circumstances. I mean we're already top dog as it stands."

The guy standing next to him shakes his head agreeing somewhat with his fellow team worker.

"Yes we may already be ahead, but being ahead and total domination are two different things. Once it is set in stone the Panda Master's will have no equal," Tapping his buddy over the shoulder, he walks to the nearest door, "See you in a bit."

Entering into the building the door closes behind him. Finishing the cigar the other guy throws it onto the ground stepping over and crushing it. Looking out in the distance something catches his attention; as it comes in closer his mouth drops open. It isn't long before the woman comes to a stop in front of him displaying black hair shoulder length and striking mystifying lavender eyes dressed in all black. The outfit itself is very revealing. An image of a Gargoyle is tattooed on her back and another of a red rose over the mid section of her left arm. The Panda member can't help but look down at her black boots making his way up with his mouth wide open! He becomes a bit startled as she comes in closer sniffing him.

"What is your name?" She asks grinning.

Trying to answer he stutters a bit, which causes her to snicker knowing he gazes at her attractiveness. Realizing this is going to be easier than she thought, the woman comes in closer again asking him his name; this time him feeling her breath over his lips.

"My name is Teit…but I don't believe you or I have ever met. What is your business with the Panda Masters? Are you here to speak with our boss, because if so you'll have to wait…he's in the middle of a meeting. "

Reaching out she grabs hold of his wrist, pulling him away from the wall.

"Actually I came to see you, I've got something I want to show you, but we can't do it here. It won't take long at all."

Attempting to stop he is unable to, being pulled along by this unknown woman who says she knows him. There is no way that could be true, he's the type of person who keeps to himself rarely ever going out, unless it is work related

"Wait hold on a sec, I've never even met you! Could you please tell me what this is about? I'd remember someone as sexy as you."

Pulling him with even more force she tightens her grip leading them into the surrounding forest area. She releases her hand from him, turning and facing him.

"For crying out loud you still haven't told me what you are here for, or even your name!"

"My name is Rosea Haurley; as for why I'm here you will find out soon enough."

Marching frontward Rosea presents a sinister smirk placing her hands over his shoulder. Moving them downward she runs a finger over his chest down past his stomach. Immediately she can feel and see his blood flow escalate. Progressing past his belt she massages the area of his crouch glaring into his eyes noticing that his desire for her grows.

"What do you want me to do first," Rosea moves in closer sticking out her tongue, sucking on the low part of his left ear, "I'll do whatever you want, just name it sweetie."

He truly has no idea who this woman is, but the more time passes Tei finds himself caring less and less. Having an idea she drops down to her knees, glancing up at him seductively. She helps him undo his belt. Unbuckling and pulling down his pants; Rosea smiles at the bulge through his boxer briefs. Reacingh forward she pulls them down viewing a full erection of his member!

"Hhhmm what shall I do first, your friend down here seems excited." Rosea says giggling.

Grabbing hold of his member, Rosea begins massaging it slowly getting immediate groans from Tei. Extending one of his arms down he runs a finger through her hair grunting, wanting her more and more by the second. Looking up into his eyes she licks at her lips as a way of teasing.

"Please Ro…R…Rosea, I'd like to see what you can do with that tongue of yours."

"Patience, we'll get to that."

Repositioning he rests his back up against a tree closing his eyes, being taken away by what he feels. But the question again creeps back into his mind. Who is this woman exactly and why is he excepting this pleasure from her. She might be some sort of spy trying to get answers about the Panda Masters by seducing him!

"Wait you didn't really answer my question," Tein groans a few times, "I know this isn't what you came for. Could you please give me the truth?"

Removing her hands from his member she brings her lips closer.

"I want your blood."

Hearing her response he begins laughing, but that quickly shifts to fear looking down to see her teeth sharpen! Opening her mouth she enters his full length biting down firm!


Tei yells at the top of his lungs in mind-boggling pain! Trying to grab and pull at her hair she heaves her head back releasing his penis from her mouth; blood soars everywhere, getting all over her face. Tei screams aloud through it all attempting to try and run! Jumping up Rosea wraps her legs around his waist burying her teeth into his neck! He shouts out louder than before, trying to get her off him! Tei rapidly finds himself fading getting weaker and eventually falling to the ground with Rosea still on top of him sucking and drinking away the life left inside him.

"Hey Tei is that you? Is everything o…what the fu…"

Rosea removes her teeth from Tei's neck looking over her shoulder to see someone standing a few ft away. Hissing at the individual, they run off instantly not wanting to stick around. Remaining in place for a few moments, she stands wiping the blood from her mouth.

"That was fun playing around with him for a little while; His rare blood type had better help with the resurrection of the princess. Nitara always has me do the dirty work."

Grabbing hold of his body she takes to the air making her way back to the cave.

Worlds Away

It has been several hours, but Deadpool along with only one of his team members have reached the cave where the gemstone should be located. They lost their other group member over two hours ago who was killed by a Spinosaurus. They aren't the only two who have made it this far, beside them is four others; none of them being from the same group. None of them have a clue how long it took to get this far; but the sun fell over an hour ago bringing up the rising of the moon.

"Ah ok…I don't see the Gemstone anywhere! What kind of sick joke is this?" One of them shouts looking on his map.

"That's because there is no gemstone."

All of them look around, but aren't sure where or which direction the female voice came from. Pointing their flashlights in different directions, they try their best in trying to locate the familiar voice. In seconds the entire cave is lit up.

"You won't need those anymore." Talia says coming into sight with five league of assassin members standing by her side.

All of them turn off their flashlights sensing some sort of deception; this cave has installed lights and power circuits everywhere.

"What do you mean there is no gemstone?" Another of them asks.

"The main objective of this mission was to test your survival skills, and see if you could get from point A to Point B in one piece. Congrats, the six of you are one step away from becoming reserve league of assassin members." Talia lightly claps.

One of them doesn't like any of this one bit, unable to hold himself back.

"So you mean to tell me innocent men died for no reason? You BITCH! I'll kill you."

Without warning the person runs toward Talia in total rage ready to break her neck! Having quick reflexes she reaches down into her boot shooting him square in the head using a hand gun! The individual falls to his death unresponsive in seconds. Placing the weapon back where she had it she looks up at the remaining five smirking.

"Nice shot babe…I have no complaints about the exercise, and nor do any of these guys. Survival of the fittest, am I right guys," Deadpool pats two of them over their shoulders, "Has anyone ever told you you're a really good shot? I love a woman of your allure who doesn't take crap from anyone."

Not replying at all Talia asks for the five of them to follow her; asking for two of the guards to dispose of the dead body.

"Wait…huh…did she like just totally ignore me?" Deadpool asks.

"Afraid so man." One of them replies.

The group listens to the order following behind her; Deadpool shaking his head. Thinking for a second a smile grows on his face.

"I see what this is all about…she's absolutely trying to play hard to get," Deadpool pauses for a second, "I like that."

Exiting out the cave, helicopters await them all; the five relieved that they won't have to travel through that hell any longer. The jungle was a colossal death trap.

To Be Continue