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Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 45: 1st recruits

It has been a good deal of time since he was last in this world, but for the most part; all of the landmarks remain the same. This in itself will make it that much easier to get around. Checking out his surroundings, confirming he isn't being watched; moving down the path which leads to the Lin Kuei temple is what he does next. As important as he is to the Justice League and any other of his allies; the problem facing his world is going to require much help. With Powerful beings such as Wonder Woman, Thor and Superman unavailable, it will only make any success that much harder to achieve.

"Hhhmm I must say...I was starting to think you'd never show. Update me...has anything happened?"

Looking over his shoulder, Batman spins around taking a look at the forest area located behind him. It only takes a few seconds before Wolverine makes himself visible jumping from out of a tree above. Walking over in front of the capped crusader, the avenger member rests his hands with on his waist ready to hear what Batman has to say.

"I won't lie to you, but a lot of our teammates have been taken. I'm not sure whether any of them are still alive; it's a possibility they're being held captive, but at this point in time there is no real way of knowing."

"How many are we talking?" Logan asks.

Batman looks away in the other direction shaking his head, replying telling him that most of their strength is gone, leaving behind several of them who pose little to no threat. Naming off a few who had been zapped away, Batman gives Logan an idea of what they've lost. Not hearing a reply from Wolvie bats turns looking back at him, and can confirm he's confused by just looking at his face.

"You've been here for the last several month's, which means I'm sure you know your way around. I'll let you lead the way to the Lin Kuei temple. Once we get there, I'll go into depth on what has happened up to this point; it's important for Subzero to also here what I have to say."

Running up next to Batman, Wolverine applies a tight grip to his left shoulder.

"Don't you think we're wasting are time! If Pythena was able to get rid of Thor and others of his caliber so easily; what makes you think it will be any different with us?" Wolverine says.

"That is the part you're forgetting, those of us who have been left behind are not a problem according to her. The next part of her plan is to take over our world using a direct approach, and killing anyone who tries to stand in her way."

The heroes who still remain, as far as Pythena is concerned are virtually civilians through her eyes, and can easily be taken down through the process of taking over. That is why they still remain, and weren't zapped away like the many others; lucky for Wolverine, he has been hiding out. They learned some time ago, that he was one of the many she wanted out of the picture.

"Hate to be negative, but Subzero and the Lin Kuei won't tip the scale in our favor by much." Logan says.

"They're only a part of it, but we'll need a lot more help than that. I'll explain once we get to the temple."

Unsure of what Batman is getting at, Logan is more than eager to hear what bats has to say. Stepping and walking ahead of him, Wolverine leads the way to the Lin Kuei temple. On their way to the set location they come across no problems arriving in front of the premises in no time.

"I suppose knocking at the front door will be the best way to go about this."

Wolverine shakes his head letting bats know that Subzero had told him on several occasions, that if he really needed to speak with him, it would have to be through one of the back doors located on a balcony top which leads to his study. Logan goes on to say that the Lin Kuei clan really has no idea that Subzero has been sheltering him for the past several months.

"Is there a reason he's had to keep you secretly hidden away from his clan?" Batman asks.

Wolvie turns to the Dark Knight displaying half a smile.

"Lets just say the Lin Kuei aren't really pro outsiders." Wolverine replies.

Shaking his head, Batman understands looking away from the front door asking Logan to lead the way. Both turn and walk away from the door, but as they do it opens with someone stepping out and toward them both.

"So the bat returns...what information do you come with?" Subzero asks closing the door behind him.

Before either Wolvie or bats are able to reply, Subzero approaches them both coming down the steps telling them to follow him into the forest area where they won't be interrupted. The three travel about three hundred yards in before stopping. It is then that the grand master apologizes that they have to do things this way, but fills Batman in on the his clan involving individuals outside of the clan.

"Now that we're in a much more secure position, what info do you have to share with us?" Subz asks.

"I know the timing of this all has probably caught us all off guard; From my perspective, I figured Kahn, Shang and Pythena would give up on their almost impossible plan. But unfortunately they have returned, and have been knocking off a lot of my allies along with other heroes of my world." Batman notifies.

Batman goes into detail on how Pythena was successful in capturing/destroying the high powered heroes from his world using some strange form of unknown creatures. Subzero asks why again should he, or anyone from this world be worried about any of this. But he is quickly reminded that after they're done conquering both his and Wolverine's home planet, that this world would be next. The memory of why he even agreed to this alliance returns; yes that was the plan! If both Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn agreed to help her in taking over the planet of where bats and Wolvie originate, she'd help them take over this one.

"I'd love to help, but knowing that she so easily knocked off beings like the guy who donned the attire of the red cape and boots doesn't have me convinced one bit. By the sounds of it, I along with the Lin Kuei won't be enough to stop them."

"That's the point, I need your help in trying to recruit others in forming a team who can stop them. I'm sure you have made yourself acquainted with at least a half dozen of the fighters back at the tournament."

Crossing his arms Subzero shakes his head letting bats know that he really isn't buddies with any of the fighters from the tournament. But he also adds that there are a few individuals who he had fought alongside when earthrealm had been threatened in times passed. There is no denying that he has a few allies outside of the Lin Kuei, but he doesn't work close with any of them.

"I have a few people in mind who we can get in contact with; but I doubt even they'll be enough." Subzero tells.

"Good...we have to start somewhere; who knows, along the way we might pick up some unexpected help." Batman says.

Just as Batman had explained to Logan, he reminds Subz of the fact that Pythena doesn't see any of them remaining as a threat to her ultimate goal. Which is why she plans to take them out the traditional way.

"I may not see eye to eye with several of the Mortal Kombat contestants, but if they all knew this realm was endangered, they wouldn't hesitate in joining your group. But convincing anyone of what Pythena has planned will be tough; especially since we really don't have any evidence." Subzero says.

Batman can certainly relate with that...if someone from another world came to his side trying to warn him of an invasion, he'd be very skeptical. Getting recruits might be a little bit harder than he had originally thought, but it still should be doable.

"Before we start trying to add people to this group, I'd like to know how many of the warriors still remain in your world? You did say Pythena didn't get all of you." Subzero asks.

"I can't give you an exact number; but there are still plenty of us around. But we'll need the help from your best, if we're going to have a chance. It only makes sense it should be this way; we all have a common enemy."

The Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei shakes his head, having an idea of who they should visit first. The Shalion monks, along with the thunder god Raiden. The three of them are definitely atop earthrealm's elite protectors. Although he may not say it, Subzero is still finding it hard to swallow that Batman or anyone associated with the capped crusader would need the help of him or others from this realm/world. When you have individuals with the strength and abilities which Flash, Superman, Ms Marvel and Green Lantern possessed; you'd think they'd almost be unstoppable. Anyone with common sense would try and run away from this situation, but that just isn't the way any of them are.

"Standing here and talking will only waste our time, our first destination will be to the Shalion temple. Lin Kuei isn't exactly on good terms with the Shalion clan, but anything bad between us and them will have to be put aside." Subzero informs.

Out of nowhere gas bombs drop down from up above, and everything goes dark before Batman is able to reach for his gas mask. All three being fully off guard are knocked out cold! The last thing which Wolverine sees before fading is a huge group surrounding them!

Worlds away

Sitting within the JL meeting room alone, both Wildcat and Green Arrow watch over one of the T.V.'s. Red Robin, Nightwing and Robin had enough of just sitting around and decided to take their efforts to the streets. It will help in working as a way for taking all that has happened off their minds. Wildcat moves away from the side of Green arrow looking over a set of buttons located beneath a large monitor. Re positioning in his chair, Green Arrow takes a look over in that direction.

"Is everything alright?"

Wildcat turns back to Green Arrow nodding his head as a way of replying.

"I'm trying to see if I can get ahold of any available members who we have not been in communication since yesterday." Wildcat informs.

Out in the dark city of Gotham, Red Robin leans over on a building top glancing down over the city. Both Nightwing and Robin are out patrolling elsewhere, leaving him alone to locate any trouble within this particular area. Something that grabs his attention is a family of four; being that of both a mother and father with one young girl and boy who exit out of a diner called Fish Tale; but his reason for this is due to someone across the street who seems to have his eyes set on them mirroring their every step.

"I don't know...but whenever I see a guy dressed in all black with a hat and shades after midnight! Yeah I'd say it's safe to say this guy might be up to something." Red Robin says to himself.

Moving from his position Red Robin glides down onto another building which will give him a better view of everything down below. Making sure to keep pace with his current subjects, he leaps over onto a neighboring building. Whoever this man in black may be; the individual continues to follow the family sticking to the shadows.

"It's best I get a good look at this guy, incase he gets out of my sight."

Using his grapple gun, Tim is able to pull himself over onto another building giving himself an even better view. Using one of his cowl's extra features, he takes a snap shot of the person in black; three in total. Making sure to keep a sharp eye, the family steps into a vehicle driving off with the man dressed in black just watching standing out in the middle of the street. But then out of nowhere, from his backside something wraps around his arm applying a tight grip. Jumping in defense he turns to face whoever is responsible!

"Meow...where is your boss?"

Unwrapping Catwoman's whip from his arm Red Robin looks back down in the middle of the street to see that the man dressed in black is gone! No WAY! You'd have to have superhuman speed to be able to move that fast, he only took his eyes off of him for one second!

"I'm sorry little bird, but was I not clear? Where is Batman? I've been paying close attention to the news, and it would seem people like us are being targeted by some unknown."

Still looking down in the street, he can't believe how fast that guy disappeared out of sight. Moving his head back and forth he turns to Catwoman.

"You don't have to worry about Batman, he'll be ok. If you catch up with me later, I'll possibly fill you in on what's really been going on so you'll have a better understanding."

Turning away from Selina, Red Robin jumps gliding off the building wanting to know where exactly his target disappeared off to. Wherever he went, it couldn't be to far. Catwoman can't believe how he basically just ignored her, going about his own business.

Worlds Away

Everything is a complete, blur along with his brain pounding uncontrollably. Over a minute passes before Subzero is able to gain his sight; it is moments later that he realizes his arms are tied together, looking down to see that his legs are as well. But the worse part is down below him is a large pit of acid! On the right side of him is Wolverine, and over on his left is Batman. Just as him, they're both tied at their ankles and wrists.

"Good to see that you've finally awoke Subzero; whatever it is they used on us back there, is something stronger than I'm accustomed to. Any idea's on who would want to attack you?" Batman asks.

It is obvious whoever attacked them, if any purpose would have to be an enemy to Subzero. Batman is no resident of this world, nor has he spent enough time here to make any. Whoever is responsible for this, surely doesn't see eye to eye with the Lin Kuei. They've already got enough problems, this is only a set back!

"The list goes on, I wouldn't be able to pin point one group or person. Anyway...we should come up with a strategy to get ourselves out of this mess, before whoever is responsible returns. What all do you have in that utility belt of yours?" Subzero asks.

Hearing commotion from outside of the room, the two decide to keep quiet awaiting whoever is outside and approaching. Over on the other side of Subzero, is Wolverine who begins to awake unsure of his surroundings or even what happened. Watching the door knob take a turn, Subzero's fists clinch observing a group of men enter. Standing in front of the group is non other than Hideakin Ioa!

"Hahaha, you should not have crossed paths with the Panda Masters Lin Kuei warrior! Now you along with your two allies will have to suffer the penalty. Though I highly doubt either of them are Lin Kuei by the way they dress." Hideakin lets be known.

Trying to make a point, the Grandmaster yells back down on the Panda's leader saying that it was his group who attacked the Lin Kuei first. They were in search for the blue prints of the Lin Kuei's weaponry, and tried to take it by force when the clan would not give into their demands.

"You make a point...but life just isn't fair all the time. Funny thing is your clan has no idea of our stronghold, and will not be able to trace your disappearance back to us. I smell a clean kill...finish them off boys."

Turning his back to the three fighters who hang from the wall close to thirty ft above, Hideakin exits out of the room informing his men their is a meeting that he must attend. Just as he exits, both Cyrax and Sektor enter into the room; enjoying the sight of Subzero hanging above over a pit of acid is Sektor who cracks his knuckles.

"I'd say you're more than in a great position that suits us Subzero. Is there any last words from any of you?" Sektor asks.

"I've got one," Still hanging in place a half smile forms on the face of Batman, "Never underestimate an enemy."

All of the men within the room sort of just look at each other, wondering exactly what this man dressed as a bat is referring to. Both Cyrax and Sektor are also interested in what that remark could mean. Right before their eyes, the dark knight disconnects the rope from his wrists using a sharp object which was located in his glove. Falling down he quickly pulls a batarang out of his belt cutting the rope wrapped around his ankles; also pulling out his grapple gun pulling himself to safety before he falls into the pit!

"Don't just stand around! Get that bat...MAN!" Cyrax demands.

Wanting to make sure the numbers stay heavily in their favor, Sektor takes this moment to fire off two of his blasts splitting the ropes in half which held both Wolverine and Subzero! Falling down to their deaths, Batman uses his great awareness and speed shooting out the wiring to his grapple gun connecting with the ceiling. Pulling himself upward and passing by, he is able to grab only the rope which holds Subzero throwing him off to safety! In a split second a glass window from a neighboring wall comes crashing through! It isn't known who the individual is; but they leap out grabbing hold of Wolverine and pulling him to safety before he falls into the pit.

"What the hell!" One of the men in the group yells out.

Using the batarang which he holds in his left hand, Batman helps to untie the Grandmaster who easily does the rest. Both look over in the direction of Wolverine, and it is Subz who shakes his head walking that way.

"Sareena...what are you doing HERE!" Subzero demands reaching out applying a tight grip over her shoulder.

Re positioning she pulls away from him standing to her feet.

"Look your little friend here would be dead if it weren't for me! If you must know, I followed them when I witnessed the three of you being dragged off," Sareena moves up closer to Subzero frowning, but then looks away from him, "Who's tall dark and...handsome?"

Subz looks over his shoulder at Batman, just rolling his eyes at her somewhat premature question; especially at a time like this, being surrounded by a group who is ready to kill them. Logan uses his claws to fully cut himself free, standing up straight. The four of them are immediately surrounded, but aren't afraid by any means.

"Do as you all like, but Subzero is mine!" Sektor says racing forward.

Closing in on the four, Cyrax lets it be known that he'd like to test his talents one on one with the bat. Aside from Subzero and the capped crusader, the remainder of the group go after Sareena and Logan who stand back to back fighting off the Panda members. Grabbing the leg of Sektor, Subzero uppercuts him effortlessly. The cyborg lands on his feet firing off one of his missiles, which Subz freezes solid before it can really even progress.

"I see you're still just as great as ever; but that won't change the fact you, nor your friends will be leaving our hideout alive." Sektor says.

Blasting off another snowball, Sektor dodges the attack connecting a round house kick on the side of Subzero's face. Over a few ft away, Batman shows great flexibility jumping out of the way of a green net which is fired off from the chest of Cyrax. Batman truly does wonder what the story is behind how Subzero got involved with this group.

"I really don't wish to fight against you; if you only knew of the threat your world is facing. Whatever your differences are with the Lin Kuei, I'd say you should find a different time and place to settle your problems." Batman says.

All of the unnecessary fighting is becoming a problem, the longer he is here who knows if Pythena has already begun invading his home world. Pulling out a hand bomb, Cyrax throws it over at Batman who throws out a batarang which explodes it between them both. Due to the strength of the blast they're tossed in opposite directions.

"I must say, these guys have been trained well." Sareena says blocking a punch but takes a kick to the ribs.

"You can say that again." Wolverine agrees slashing into the chest of the enemy closes to him.

Attempting to leg grab/leg drop Cyrax, Batman is unsuccessful due to Cyrax stepping out of the way. While Batman is down, Cyrax stomps at his face. On the other side of the room Sektor connects a combination of kicks and punches on the body of Subzero, but has his final left hook blocked and grabbed. Twisting the arm of Sektor, Subzero lifts him up over his shoulder slamming him into the ground.

"You along with the rest of your group are wasting valuable time of mine. That isn't something you want to do!"

Using one arm Subz lifts the Cyborg to his feet, upper cutting him instantly. Jumping over one individual Wolverine stabs his claws into the next, slashing him to the ground with blood splatter. Feeling the presence of an attacker from her backside Sareena reaches back snapping his neck. throwing him to the ground. Both Cyrax and Batman match each other blow for blow, until bats throws down four smoke bombs which feels up the entire room. In doing this he yells out the words "Retreat". The four do just that, heading for the window in which Sareena came crashing through. With the clearing of the smoke they're nowhere to be found.

"Darn! This is the second time we've allowed them to escape our fortress! Alert all guards with on the premises, they couldn't have gotten far." Sektor informs.

A couple of the Panda members bow down, exiting the room to do just that. The remainder of them lift up the three deceased bodies which were done by both Wolverine and Sareena. Cyrax walks up next to Sektor crossing his arms.

"Is it just me, or do I recall that Batman along with the man who possess the claws attending the Mortal Kombat tournament over a year ago? And if memory serves me right, the one with the claws was killed by Baraka. Not to mention the bat faced Liu Kang in the final." Cyrax says.

Even before thinking back to the tourney, Sektor had recognized the capped crusader immediately when he entered the room and saw him hanging from the ropes above. As for the other guy, he doesn't quiet remember. Aside from that, what would either of them be doing hanging with Subzero or the Lin Kuei. Another piece of information which comes back to him, is that the bat came from another world; so why has he come back?

"This is something we need to look further into; if we're able to catch them before they fully escape, we'll get some answers." Sektor replies.

Out in the distance with the passing of a few minutes, Subzero and the others are able to get off the premises close to half a mile away. The four stick close to one another, entering into the woods checking their surroundings with major caution. Feeling pretty good about that, the group travels further in before stopping.

"I think it's safe to say that they're no longer on our tails, but the Lin Kuei must be informed of this groups hideout location. They have taken it a step too far with me, and they will pay dearly. I'm going to lead these two up that way to the Shalion temple, but I want you to return to the Lin Kuei." Subzero says looking directly at Sareena.

Looking away from him she rolls her eyes pouting a little, tired of being bossed around. Turning and facing him Sareena shakes her head saying that she will not do that.

"I'm coming with you guys; without me who knows what you boys will get yourselves into."

Before Subzero is able to reply, Wolverine rests a hand over his shoulder shaking his head and whispering that he cannot win an argument against a woman. Clinching his fists Subzero just drops the entire matter, asking them all to follow him.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 46: Hard at work

Traveling over a few miles, Subzero leads them all through a mountain path/rout which leads them to the Shalion temple. It isn't discussed amongst the group, but they all hope that no one from the Panda group was able to follow them. In all likelihood that probably isn't the reality, but not knowing the amount of training the Panda Masters have in stealth is a big question mark. walking up in front of the temple, three Shalion monk members approach the group. Subzero lets it be known that he'll be doing all of the talking.

"Hello outsiders...what business do you present to our clan?"

Subz replies by saying that they need to speak with Liu Kang, telling them that it is very urgent; adding that if he isn't available than Kung Lao will do just fine. One of the monks steps away heading into the temple, but the remaining two members stand in place keeping a close eye on Subzero and everyone else. By the way the group is dressed you'd almost think they were inviting Liu Kang to some kind of costume party.

"I still think we might be wasting our time a little bit. I'm not trying to be a downer, but we've got no chance unless we can figure a way to bring back some of our friends and allies." Wolverine whispers into the ear of Batman.

"What exactly are you saying?" Batman replies turning to him.

Logan makes sure he is clear in saying that he agrees with what Subzero had said; if Pythena so easily got rid of Thor, Green Lantern and others like them, it'll be no problem for her to eliminate them whenever she chooses. Batman did say she didn't see the remainder of them as a threat, and as a conclusion will take them lightly. But Wolverine isn't buying into any of that; they will be taken out easily if they do not come up with a proper plan.

"Things may not look so good at the moment, but I need for you to trust me." Batman replies.

Sareena tries to listen in on what is being said between the two outsiders, but is unable to really get a handle on what is exchanged between them both. Having a good plan is only half the battle...they're lacking big time in strength/hard hitters. Over a few minutes pass before the Monk returns, but it is a bit surprising to see him alone.

"Come right this way guests...Liu awaits you all inside."

Doing as they are told, the four of them follow closely behind the Shalion monk while the other two members of the temple stay behind still on guard duty. Not just anyone can just come walking up onto their property without permission or by invitation.

"Can someone explain to me what is going on?" Sareena says finally realizing she has no clue what they are even doing here.

Not to mention why was Subzero sheltering this Wolverine person; and now this bat individual comes into the picture. Something else she'd like to know the story behind, is why they were attacked by that group who called themselves the Panda Masters.

"I'll update you later, now isn't the time." Subzero says.

There would be too much to tell her at this point in time, but now that she is here and already apart of this, she'll have to be given all the details soon. He isn't sure how much she'll be able to help, or if she'll just be dead weight to the group. But by the sound of things, she will be needed along with several others.

"This place has quiet the view, very impressive." Logan says admiring the overall layout of the place.

Traveling a bit further the four are lead inside the temple traveling down a few hallways before coming face to face with Liu Kang who stands within the art room glancing over past masterpieces which were painted by past members of the Shalion temple, with some being as old as six hundred years!

"Sorry to interrupt Liu Kang, but here are the guests you requested me to bring to your position."

Turning away from the painting he studies deeply, Liu puts on a smile thanking the monk for the favor letting him know that he can now leave. The individual does just that, closing the door on his way out. Stepping forward Liu's eyes widen! What is he doing here!

"I need you to defeat me in the next two moves; but it needs to look believable. I'd say a flying kick followed by an uppercut would be good."

What in the name of all that is good? Both Liu Kang and Kal-El's eyes widen at the words of Batman; yes with his super hearing Superman is able to hear every single word said! The real question is why would Batman do this? If there is one thing Superman knows among all his teammates, it's that Batman is the one out of them all that displays the greatest resilience. Quitting and or giving up is never an option in his book; he must have some rational reason for this.

"Wait huh...are you sure everything is ok? Is there something I'm missing?"

At this point Liu is becoming more and more confused, is this some sort of trick?

"Now is not the time to question me! Just do it!" Batman demands.

Liu does not argue, doing as the Dark knight asks defeating him. But there is no way he'd be satisfied with just that, he needed to know why Batman dropped the fight.

"Hold on just a second there, you aren't getting off that easy. Now you're going to tell me why you forfeited the match. You at least owe me an explanation, I'm not understanding this at all?"

Looking into the champ's eyes he can see that this is something he so desperately wants. But who could blame him, no true competitor likes to be handed things; especially not a victory of this caliber. Throughout the entire area many chant the name Liu Kang!

"Just listen to them, you're the peoples champ; and I have no right to take that away from you. I completed my mission in stopping the evil threat; I forgot to mention I don't fight for sport." Batman says turning from Liu continuing for the exit.

Yes now he's able to remember his last encounter with the one who calls himself Batman; he faced him in the final round of the Mortal Kombat tournament, where the one who wears the cape and cowl basically forfeited the match informing Liu that he had come to this world to do what he needed to do. It had something to do with putting an end to an evil threat. That explanation still doesn't make very much sense up to this day.

"So does anyone want to explain to me what you're all here for?" Liu asks.

There are so many questions he has, but they can't be asked all at once. But seriously, what is Subzero doing with Batman? Not to mention why and how was Batman able to return back to this world. Liu was under the impression the masked man was a mortal; and that is just something a mortal shouldn't be able to do. Jumping dimensions is something only a sorcerer or meta should be able to accomplish. Other than Batman and Subzero, he really isn't too familiar with the other two.

"This might take a little while, so if you'd like I'd find somewhere to sit." Subzero says.

"No thanks, I'll be just fine. Does this have anything to do with the Lin Kuei, because if so I'm not sure that this temple would like to be associated with anything to do with your clan. Lets just say there have been a lot of bad rumors regarding the Lin Kuei as of late." Liu says.

Nodding his head back and forth, the grandmaster lets Liu know this has nothing to do with the Lin Kuei; but that it is something very important that will retain to them all who live here in earth realm.

"I'm listening, go right ahead, and while you're at it...mind telling me what he's doing here." Liu says pointing at Batman.

"I'll explain everything, and him being here is a big part of what's going on." Subzero replies.

Readying himself to speak, Subzero stops looking over at the door they entered through watching Kung Lao enter walking up next to Liu Kang.

"What is the meaning to all of this?" Kung Lao asks.

"It's good that you're here, that way I won't have to explain this again." Subz tells.

Just as Liu Kang, Kung Lao is surprised to see Batman standing here in the Shalion temple. Aside from him, the other gentleman looks sort of familiar as well. Getting right to the point Subzero asks both Liu Kang and Kung Lao what they can remember from the previous Mortal Kombat tournament. Putting some thought into the question, both Shalion fighters look at one another and then over at Subzero.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Liu Kang asks.

"Perhaps I should be a little more direct...Do either of you remember Pythena? The woman who worked closely with Shang Tsung in organizing the tournament." Subz asks.

"How could any of us forget a beauty like that...oops I mean yeah we remember her. Is that why you are here, is this about her?" Kung Lao asks.

"Not entirely, but lets just say we've got a huge problem. It just so turns out Pythena is working alongside both Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn to try and conquer earth realm and several other worlds as well."

If he didn't have the attention of the Shalion members, the grandmaster does now. Knowing that it is his world that they've already began attacking, Batman steps forward telling Subzero that he'd like to take it from here. Telling them all of what he experienced beginning from the tournament and up to this point, the Dark Knight tries to be as descriptive as possible. It takes over forty minutes for Bats to give them all of the important facts. Listening to all of what the Capped Crusader says, both Kung Lao and Liu Kang can't believe it, but at the same time it makes a lot of Sense. From the get go, Liu had a feeling Shang Tsung was up to something; but neither he or Kung Lao had any idea Shao Kahn was involved.

"Could you give us a brief description of what the creatures looked like? I'm just curious?" Kung Lao asks

"Honestly I wouldn't be able to tell you, they varied in size, form and even color." Batman tells.

The last few days have been a bit tough on both Kung Lao and Liu, but after hearing this news things have only got worse. Here they were thinking this would actually be a time of peace, but that never seems to last.

"Not trying to sound hopeless or anything, but it doesn't sound like our chances are very good. So what is the plan? If this is it, we're screwed." Kung Lao says.

Coming up closer in front of both Kung Lao and Liu Kang, bats crosses his arms.

"I was hoping the two of you could help in getting us some more recruits. Is there anyone from the tournament who're allies of yours?" Batman asks.

Liu Kang is the one to reply saying that he does know a few individuals, but also adds that even with them by the sound of how powerful Pythena really is, they're going to need even more help than that. It may even require trying to form an alliance with some of the fighters they really haven't seen eye to eye with throughout the past. All of that, coupled in with the remainder of Batman's allies back on his home planet might be enough to at least try.

"So what happens if we were to gather enough fighters?" Liu asks.

Clearing his throat, Batman isn't sure if Subzero or any of them will agree with what he's about to say; but if they want any chance of putting an end to this all, this will be their only option.

"If we're able to do that, then I'll lead you all back to my world. As I told you before, Pythena promised both Shang Tsung and Khan she'd help them conquer your world if they first helped her with mine. I understand that would be asking a lot...but what choice do we really have." Batman says.

Subzero doesn't like the sound of this at all, leaving and traveling over to the world of where Pythena currently attacks would mean he'd have to leave the Lin Kuei, for who knows how long. Not to mention, the eldest member along with other veteran members of the clan would question where and what the mission is about. Due to his status of being the grandmaster, going off on a mission without giving much details won't be a problem.

"Wait so let me get this want us to travel over to your world? May I ask for how long?" Kung Lao asks.

Looking over the expressions of everyone in the room, neither Wolverine nor Batman are surprised by the reactions by them all. It would be a bit tough for them to take it in if they were in the shoes of them.

"I can't give a time frame, but you could return home as soon as we put an end to Pythena." Batman replies.

The room goes quiet for some moments in which Liu Kang and the others think about journeying over to the home world of the Capped Crusader in fighting alongside him in helping defeat a common enemy to them all.

"There is no other option, I'm all in. The moment I learned Shang Tsung was helping with the organization of the tournament, I knew there was something completely shady. When will we be heading out to your world?" Liu asks.

Hearing the confirmation of Liu agreeing to the plan of travel, Kung Lao also agrees to being apart of this. Knowing that it is the only logical thing to do, Subzero does as both the Shalion monks agreeing to go through with this; but also adding they had better take care of business ASAP once they arrive.

"Good I'm glad you will all be aboard, but we're going to need more than this. Just as I had asked moments earlier...what outside connections do the two of you have which could help our efforts?"

Liu is the first to mention that of Princess Kitana, along with a few other names; going on to say they can convince a few others who normally wouldn't side with them due to the circumstance.

"I can lead you to the princess's fortress if you'd like." Liu says.

The group talks amongst each other for a little while discussing how they will try their best moving forward on how to do this in an organized fashion. Finishing up the conversation, both Liu and Kung Lao volunteer to lead everyone to the castle of where Kitana stays.

"That sounds like an idea; Sareena and I have a training event to attend back at the Lin Kuei, which will take place in the next hour or so. We'll catch up with the four of you later." Subzero informs.

Heading for the exit, Subz calls for Sareena to follow. In doing so she stops in front of Batman rubbing a finger over the symbol on his chest.

"What is it you call yourself," Sareena pauses for a moment looking up at him, "Oh yeah that's go by Batman. I look forward to seeing more what you're all about."

Removing her hand from his chest she follows Subzero out of the door. Putting on a grin, Kung Lao asks both bats and Wolverine if he could have a word a lone with Liu Kang. Neither of them have a problem with that, telling them they'll wait right where they stand. Using a door to the far left of the room, Liu and Kung Lao exit out.

"So what do you think about think about this all? Personally I'm not sure if I trust this Batman guy; hell I'm a bit skeptical about Subzero as well."

"I think you're jumping the gun a little bit here Kung Lao. I personally think we can trust him, why would he take the time to come up with such a story?"

Liu Kang may not say it, but something which plays a huge factor in Liu trusting the Dark Knight is something which happened some time ago. Anyone who forfeits a match in the way that he did can't be all bad. Not to mention his reason for doing so was to stop an evil threat! Yes! That's it! Now all of what he says makes sense based on past events. Him dropping the match now makes a lot more sense, seeing as once Pythena's first plan was stopped there was no real point in him continuing to fight in the tournament. Noticing a smile grow on the face of Liu, Kung Lao raises an eyebrow.

"Is everything ok Liu?" He asks.

"Yes...I'll be fine, in fact I couldn't be better. I need you to trust me on this one Kung Lao; I know things might be a bit out of place currently, but I know he can be trusted." Liu Kang says.

Liu never did tell Raiden or Kung Lao about what really happened between him and the Capped Crusader in that final round of the tournament. Some things a person just needs to keep it to themselves. Talking it over for a few moments more, both enter back into the art room looking to see Logan and Batman observing one of the masterpieces.

"Beautiful isn't it, that one is over two hundred years old. It was painted just outside of the mountains near the massive lake fall." Liu tells.

"Yeah I'd say so, it's great to see the beauty of the world captured in one snap shot," Turning and facing them, Logan rests a hand over one of the table tops, "But I'd say we need to get going, there is no time to be wasted." Logan says.

Seeing that it isn't fully necessary for them both to Travel to the castle of Kitana, the two decide it best for Kung Lao to stay behind. That way he can locate wherever Raiden currently is, and update him on the new development of what's going on. Wishing them good luck as they exit the room, Kung Lao himself travels in the opposite direction. Walking down a few halls, the three of them soon exit out of the main entrance, and off of the premises shortly after.

"I hate to ask, but I don't seem to remember ever meeting you. But I do have to say your voice sounds very familiar." Liu stops in place looking directly at Logan.

There is no question about him dueling it out against Batman in the tournament, but this other guy is somewhat of a mystery.

"My name is Logan, or you might know me better as Wolverine. I was the fighter who was defeated by the fighter who goes by the name of Baraka. Watching live, I'm sure all of the audience including you both thought I was killed when apparently tossed in that lava; but things turned out a bit differently than what they may have looked like. But that is another story, for a different occasion." Logan replies.

Hhhmm...the name Wolverine does sound familiar, but he isn't really getting a visual. Thinking it over for a few moments, it starts to come back to him. Yes...he was the individual who dressed in the yellow attire doming a mask along with matching boots and gloves. His reason for not remembering this individual is a big part in thanks to his current choice of clothing. In fact it is much more of a causal look...considering logon wears a black jacket with a white tank top underneath, a pair of blue jeans and brown boots.

"I guess you could say my original uniform sort of got destroyed." Wolverine says, already answering the question Liu had in mind.

" that we've got that cleared up a bit, lets continue forward." Liu says.

It was a no brainer that Liu Kang was feeling a bit uneasy, but that should now be put to rest as they move forward with their full attention being on the main objective.

Worlds Away

It rains heavily in that of Hell's Kitchen, with a little more activity than usually taking place down below in part to the news on almost every major broadcast station. All of the public, including the criminals have heard about the disappearances of all heroes; unfortunately for them that isn't entirely true with some still remaining. With closed eyes Daredevil just listens in to all of what goes on down below, calculating where he should strike first. Hearing the scream of a young girl, out in the distance his decision is made.

"She can't be more than a mile from here." Daredevil says to himself.

Sprinting forward he dives off the building top pulling out one of his clubs activating it's grapple option connecting with another building across the way. Traveling at top speed the downpour doesn't slow him down or affect his speed at all. Ignoring all other distractions throughout the city, Daredevil arrives to where the scream came from in under five minutes into a dark alleyway. Jumping and flipping down on top of a dumpster, DD looks around narrowing his eyes.

"I know that scream came from somewhere within this general vicinity." DD says to himself.

Focusing in, Daredevil hops off the dumpster listening in on the sound of someone chocking. Moving forward down the alleyway, he takes a look between two trash cans! His heart rate increases to see a teenaged girl layed out on her back with her stomach cut open as well as her neck! DD immediately makes his way over to her side.

"What happened?" He asks bending over by her side.

Attempting to speak, she coughs up blood which as a reaction causes Daredevil's eyes to widen. Judging by her blood flow and heartbeat, she won't be alive for long; but before she passes he must find out who was responsible for this.

"Hey I need for you to hang in there, help will be on the way soon," Reaching down he rubs at a strand of her hair, "I need to know who did this."

Trying her best to talk, she spits blood which makes DD clinch his fist hating to see such a young person going through so much pain.

"It was a..a...a turned into a m..mmonster."

Unable to say anymore her head drops back on the concrete. Knowing she doesn't have long, Daredevil again assures her that help is on the way, taking one of her hands into his own. Grasping her hand, he doesn't let go until she passes moments later! From the moment he got here, it was already too late for her. Reaching out DD closes her eyelids standing to his feet, thinking about what she said

"I am so very sorry." He whispers.

If only he had arrived two minutes earlier, he might of had a chance of saving her. Leaving her side, he makes his way over to the closes payphone; calling the police as an anonymous caller giving them the location of the body. After doing so he returns to the area of where the victim was killed looking for any clues. Spending over ten minutes, he has no choice but to leave; the area being completely surrounded by police vehicles. Looking down on the officers surrounding the body, DD can't help but feel hopeless. He must find the one responsible, however tough it may be.

"Whoever did that, is professional. They didn't leave a single clue behind."

Turning away from what goes on down below, DD finishes up his session of patrol in the next hour before returning back home. Entering through one of the back doors to his place, Matt removes the mask from his face taking a deep breath. Setting the mask off to the side, he jumps a bit at the sound of one of the light switches clicking on.

"Thank goodness you're ok Matt...I thought you were one of the unfortunates who were taken."

Looking over in the area of where the voice comes from, DD walks over in front of the individual.

"Natasha! What are you doing here, and how did you get inside?"

To Be Continue

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Good job, although it got a bit confusing when you switch back from "Logan" to "Wolverine" in the narrative. Still good though, keep it up.

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Glad you liked:)

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CHP47: Upgrading chances

Sitting crossed legged laying back against the smooth sofa, Natasha/Black Widow grins looking up at Matt. Telling him to just relax, and that she is only here to make sure he wasn't missing. Before he's able to speak, she questions him about any knowledge he has on the disappearances of the several earth defenders.

"I know about as much as the news people who have been breaking on the news. Please tell me you've got an important scoop of info that I don't already know." Matt says.

"Not at the moment, but I'll certainly keep you posted. In fact we'll being working closely with one another in the near future. Those of us that are left have agreed to an alliance with the Batman and some of his other allies."

Matt raises an eye brow at the mention of Batman! Since the merging of the two earths, he's been compared to this individual on several occasions; hearing that he's a formidable material artist, and ACE detective. Glimpsing at the expression on the face of him, she chuckles a bit.

"What's funny?" He asks.

"You know he's just like they say...tall dark," Natasha leans forward standing, "Strong and has this mysterious aspect to him. Any woman's dream man if you ask me. But don't worry Matty...I prefer devils over bats."

Smirking seductively she rubs up against him before walking in the other direction leaning up against his countertop. Coming up in front of her he asks if there's anything else he should know about, getting the reply of he'll know more once she does. Asking him if he'd like to be apart of the meeting which will include the dark knight and his colleague Nightwing, DD declines.

"As I said before, I'm just glad you're ok. Guess it's time that I head back to base." She says.

Turning away from him she heads for the nearest exit but is stopped by Matt who runs up next to her, grabbing hold of her arm.

"You still didn't say how you got in here."

"Lets get know I can get through any security system you have." She says with a wink.

Removing his hand, Matt wishes her luck telling her to be careful out on the streets. This is around the time of night where some people do crazy things. Waving him off she takes that as a joke, there isn't much of anything or anyone she can't defend herself against. Opening the door , Natasha looks over her shoulder telling him to get his rest; exiting out afterward.

"Hhhmm, I wonder what that was supposed to mean?" Matt asks himself.

Not worrying about it at all , Matt fully undresses out of his patrol uniform into something much more casual. Entering his home after a long night of patrol walking in to Black Widow is certainly a different feel than his normal routine. Perhaps updating his security codes would prove sufficient; but she'd still probably be able to break through that. Just the thought of it makes him grin.

"Wherever everyone disappeared too...hopefully it isn't what I think."

If that many of them are dead, that will not only spell trouble trying to take on whoever is responsible; not to mention the crime rates globally would have a dramatic increase. Out in the distance in a neighboring city, a certain individual rides a motorcycle who needs to keep a low profile after his few run ins with the law as of recent. Lately Deadpool has been on the move not spending a whole lot of time in one place. Ever since a day ago he's joined up with another group, and is on his way back to base.

"Hey Deadpool, how close are you to arriving?"

Someone speaks through his ear piece, letting him know that the boss wants him back as soon as possible.

"Hold your horses, I should be there in a minute or so. Traffic is really crazy, if the boss wants to start the meeting without me than just go right ahead."

Deadpool ends the transition, smiling underneath his mask currently on a side road with no vehicles in sight up ahead. Just joining this group, Deadpool has yet to meet the one in charge of the organization. Increasing his speed Deadpool arrives to the set location in under five minutes, parking the vehicle in the back.

"Hopefully this is quick, I really need to get something to eat. What is the point of stupid meetings anyway." Deadpool complains to himself heading inside.

Entering into the building, a lot of guys seem to just stand around talking with each other kind of confusing him. By the looks of things the presentation hasn't quiet begun just yet.

"Good to see you made it on time; come on...lets head into the main room, it should be beginning anytime now."

Letting the individual lead the way, he follows close behind both of them taking a seat in the mid section of the room with lots of chairs set up throughout the room. Sitting there for a little bit longer the rest of everyone takes their seats with close to around sixty people. Up on a stage in front of them stands the apparent leader/person responsible for setting this up and recruiting them all.

"It's good to have you all here tonight, we're just going to go over a few things before your first mission will be revealed. I'm being perfectly honest when I say not all of you will survive this. So before we begin if there is anyone who would like to drop out, now would be the time."

Looking all around the room, there isn't a single person who budges which brings a smile to his face. Being fearless is another part of the job which is something any successful member of this group must possess.

"Now that we've gotten that out of the way, lets get started shall we? But first I must introduce to you all to the one who will be calling all the shots."

Back behind the speaker on stage opens a door entering is a woman, which as a reaction much of the crowd whistles at her appearance; but she's entirely unaffected by it. Even Deadpool finds her to be extremely attractive, trying to imagine her only wearing a bra and panties with a red rose in her mouth! The gentleman on stage next to her yells out telling everyone to quiet down; which they do very quickly.

"Thank you Ubu," the woman steps forward clearing her throat, "As he already said, it's good to have you all here. My name is Talia Al Ghul, and you're all here to try out to become backup members to the League of assassins."

Close to over forty minutes of being on the road Black Widow arrives at the Avengers facility entering inside; finding it a bit strange to see that Tony is still here.

"What are you still doing here, shouldn't you have headed home. I've got a few files that I need to document and then I'll be on my way as well."

Him paying no attention to her, being busy on making updates to the systems within one of his suits results in her frowning. Coming up behind him she reaches out pinching him over his right shoulder, getting an immediate reaction of him jumping a bit obviously startled.

"Ouch...what was that for? I'm sorry if I didn't hear you, but I'm a little bit busy here. If you want someone to talk with, Black Panther is down in the main study across from the small library." Tony says looking away from her.

"If you're planning on getting out of here in the next twenty minutes or so, maybe you and I could go out somewhere and get a drink." Natasha says.

Normally she wouldn't do something like this with him, but with all that has been happening lately she's feeling incredibly tense. Going out and doing something fun which isn't work related should help.

"That sounds like a plan, I'll try and get this thing finished as quickly as I can." Tony replies.

Before walking in the other direction she makes it clear to him that this is in no way a date; telling him it is just something which can get their minds off of what's been happening as of late.

Worlds Away

There is a slight wind which blows out to the east, with a light sprinkle of rain being partly cloudy. Coming to a stop in front of a large caste, Liu informs Wolverine and Batman that this is the place. It is only known to Liu Kang that the princess's main fortress is actually located in Outworld; not here on Earthrealm. Pushing forward Liu is surprised to see that the front gates are unlocked.

"Well that certainly is a bit weird; I'd imagine the security here would be much more top notch." Liu Kang says.

All three enter closing the gates behind them continuing forward. It is Liu who flips out of the way of an arrow which passes by almost connecting with his chest.

"I would worry less about our security, and more about your lives."

The three of them look around wondering where the arrow came from, or even the one speaking. Not even Liu is familiar with the voice which spoke, not having any idea where it came from. As of now they'll really have to keep their guards up; things might get interesting. Finding themselves in familiar territory as before the three of them are surrounded by close to twenty female assassins.

"Look I'm not sure what this is all about, but we're not trespassing; I'm only here to speak with princess Kitana. She and I are close allies, I've come with important information." Liu says trying to better the situation.

Among them all, they carry with them Sais, Swords and two sided blade staffs. None of the three are sure why, but the apparent assassins don't seem to pay any attention to a word Liu just said pulling out their weapons.

"Trust me, you don't want to go there." Batman says.

"Oh really, cause I think we do. Those who're uninvited and enter onto our grounds will perish! Killing the three of you will merely be practice."

Wolverine can really do nothing but smile, liking the confidence of this group of security/ninjas. They aren't here to make more enemies, they've got enough of those as it is. Taking a few steps forward, the leader of the group demands Logan not to take another step or they'll attack.

"I know this is your property in all, but if you'd let us speak to your boss everything would be made clear. Fighting against you all for no apparent reason is not something I'd like to do." Logan says.

"Silly sealed your fate the moment you stepped onto this property, death is your only option!"

"Wait don't!" Liu says putting out his hand to try and stop the attack.

Jumping right into action both Batman and Wolverine defend themselves by fighting against the assassins. Liu has no choice, having to do the exact same grabbing hold of a staff which is swung in his direction. Pulling back he kicks the wielder to the ground throwing the weapon off to the side. He really hopes none of this comes down to any casualties. Flipping over one of them Batman backhands the individual in the back of their head KO'ing them instantly. At the moment Logan doesn't find it necessary to use his claws, deciding not to use them. Kicking at the leader of them, Logan's leg is grabbed as he's thrown off to the side. Rolling out Logan flips up throwing out a few jabs and knife hands at her. Leaping into the air Liu Kang bicycle kicks another of them to the ground.

"The three of you fight exceptionally well...who's your sensei?" One of them asks.

There is no reply from either of the three who just continue to fight, not letting their guards down even for a second. Pulling out a remote control batarang, Batman launches it forward knocking over four of them; the projectile returning to his possession afterward.

"Nice toy, but you're going to need a lot more than that if you expect to survive." Another of them says approaching the dark knight at full speed.

Seeing that three of them approach, he steps back pulling out a smoke bomb throwing it to the ground confusing the assassins. Taking full advantage, he runs through taking down two of them while Liu Kang defeats the other with a combination of punches ending with a round house kick. Grabbing one of them by her pony tail, Wolverine knees her in the face punching her to the ground! Some of the assassins which were taken down begin to arise feeling sore.

"That is ENOUGH!"

Everyone's attention is directed toward the front door of the castle.

"Princess Kitana." Liu Kang says taking a knee and bowing down.

Seeing this both Wolverine and Batman do the same trying to be respectful. Hopefully she'll call off her guards so they can put an end to all this meaningless fighting. She travels down a flight of stairs eventually coming to a stop in front of Liu. Luckily no one was killed during that entire skirmish.

"You may stand."

All three of them do so, Logan wanting to whistle at her beauty but stops himself from doing so.

"Princess we had them would have onl..."

"SILENCE!" Kitana yells out at the leading security ninja, "Liu Kang is a friend, I'd like to know why he's come here. All of you can get back into your positions, I'll take it from here."

Bowing down to the princess, the ninjas are out of sight in a matter in moments.

"I'm sorry for not letting you know ahead of time, but we're going to need your help. Earthrealm is in danger, and with the help of these two and others who work closely with them; we should have a good shot at maintaining the peace."

Knowing that this could take awhile, Kitana asks them all to follow her. Observing the ninja masks over her nose and mouth reminds Logan of the fighter Mileena who he had killed in the tournament. There are some things even he regrets, but when in the moment of things it's more of a take action ask questions later.

"Who're the two of you?" Kitana asks looking back.

Both introduce themselves only giving their names and nothing more. Looking back in front of her she leads them up the series of stairs which she had came down from moments ago. Keeping pace behind her, the eyes of Liu and wolvie seem to wonder gazing at the different flowers they pass which are on display.

"I'm ready to hear what this is all about, if Earthrealm is in danger I'm willing to help." Kitana says.

Before getting into the details of the plan by Pythena, Liu finds it necessary to elaborate more on the back story of where Batman and Wolverine came from, and how they were apart of the previous MK tournament. This gives her a better idea of just who exactly she'll be working alongside of. If you can't trust your teammates than you can't trust anyone; which would lead to them setting up for failure.

"What does the tournament have to do with any of this. That took place quiet some time ago." Kitana says.

"Yes that is correct, but the hoster of the tournament a woman by the name of Pythena formed an alliance with two names I'm sure you're familiar with...Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn." Batman informs.

Turning back and looking him directly in the eyes showing obvious disbelief; Liu Kang confirms to her that what he says is true. Adding he heard this info from the grand master Subzero as well, another MK combatant who's agreed to take part in putting a stop to the evil villains.

"Do we know yet what they've got planned, or is all this just speculation? I'm not denying what you say is true, but what have they done."

It is explained to her about the entire setup, Pythena used in bringing certain fighters to the Mortal Kombat tournament to try and execute certain individuals. But as soon as that failed, she fell back on some backup plan, which has now been revealed of her getting rid of the most powerful fighters using some unknown creatures. It has already begun in the world from where Batman and Wolverine originate.

"So basically Shang and Khan are helping her to take over this other earth, and in return she'll help them take over this one." Liu tells.

She honestly can't believe what she's hearing, but at this point, a lot really shouldn't surprise her. She really wonders when the next time this realm will be at peace, there always seems to be something bad going on.

"Hate to ask the obvious, but do we know where the three of them are now. I'd say the element of surprise would work in our favor if we were able to sneak up on them." Kitana says.

"That we haven't figured out just yet, but we will once a group of participants is established." Batman adds.

The sooner that happens they'll be able to try and go after and take down the three way team up of the dangerous enemies. Just like anything, there's probably much more individuals involved than they know; especially due to them being so successful in getting rid of so many heroes already.

"Batman forgot to mention, but in doing this we'll all have to travel back to his world. As you've been notified, Shang Tsung and company have already began their invasion there. Are you willing to travel alongside us in leaving our home world?" Liu Kang asks.

Yup, that is one bit of important information bats accidentally left out. Crossing her arms Kitana lightly bites at her tongue, not liking the idea of traveling to an entirely different world foreign to her. Who's to say once she and the Earthrealm defenders leave that this Pythena along with Shang and Khan don't attack this realm in their absence. That's a great risk, but turning this down would be cowardly.

"I'll come, but only because it is in the best interest of Earthrealm."

Kitana comes to a stop in front of a fountain out on the east side of the castle taking a seat out on one of the several benches. Asking if there is anything else, Liu shakes his head with the answer no. Sitting back she dismisses them all, telling them to come back once they've organized this entire plan.

"I'll await your return, but please do work as fast as you can. I fear the longer we wait, the more troublesome our current standings could become." Princess Kitana informs.

Understanding and agreeing they turn away walking in the other direction making their way back to the front area of the castle exiting out the front gate. It is good to know she'll be apart of this, but they'll have to continue their search in hopes of gathering others.

"Lets head out to the city...I think I know a person or two who would be interested in helping us." Liu tells.

So far things seem to be going as planned. The big question that still remains, which is also unknown to them is when the next attack of Pythena will take place. Getting ahead of themselves is something they must avoid, and take this all one step at a time.

To Be Continue

Justice Heroes Elite
CHP 48: Criminals getting comfortable

Going over a few files with on the main computer sitting in front of him, Officer Richard Johnson sits back yawning realizing that the night is young and that he still has a few hours left on the clock before his time here at the police station is over. Moving his arm over to reach for one of his pens, the front door swings open! Marching forward is Sonya Blade who pulls along with her a criminal who's cuffed by his wrists. The individual shows no signs of aggressiveness, seeming to be cooperating fully.

"Good evening Rich, he's totally out of it; I'm guessing he had a little bit too much to drink. Luckily he didn't do very much damage when trying to rob a hardware store." Sonya informs.

Again the front door opens; three officers entering returning from break, which was spent at the donut shop just a few blocks from this location. Standing from his chair Richard offers to take care of the person Sonya brought in, letting her know that someone awaits her in the in the next room/waiting area.

"Yeah that'll be just fine, thanks a lot." She replies.

Saying a quick hello to the others within the room, Sonya walks past them all making her way into the guest room being surprised at who sits in one of the chairs reading a magazine. What could he possibly want from her; this certainly falls under the category of unpredictable.

"Liu Kang...what a pleasant surprise, what are you doing here?" Sonya asks.

Glimpsing over she notices that someone else sits across from Liu, having no idea who he is. She isn't sure what it is, but strangely he seems familiar.

"I'm sorry if we're interrupting your work schedule, but this is really important. We've got somewhat of a crises on our hand." Liu says.

It comes as no surprise that she asks the other alongside Liu to identify himself, in which he does reminding her they met in the MK tournament; letting her know she probably doesn't recognize him out of uniform. Wolverine stands off to the side letting Liu do most of the talking, adding in here and there. Downtown close to over twelve miles away is another of the MK combatants who has attended almost all of them from when he was first introduced.

"It has been nice getting to know you through this entire filming process. What are your plans after we're finish shooting Dara?"

Walking next to each other across the street is Dara Snow and Johnny Cage who're both playing big roles in the upcoming film Two Sides. The two of them, along with the remainder of the cast and crew have been at hard work for the last couple weeks trying to stay ahead of schedule.

"You got me there, I'm not really sure just yet; hopefully there will be another opening to a possible role. But at the same time, I might just decide to take a few months off to rest up a bit."

"There's no arguing with that, a little vacation time is always a good thing. If I were you I'd go spend some time over in the Bahamas, the weather is great all year round." Johnny replies.

Liking his suggestion she playfully pinches him over his arm smirking. That might just be what she decides to do, but that will be something she'll decide in time. Continuing up a few blocks, both of them enter into one of the city's best five star hotels. This is where they will be staying for the next week or so until it is time to switch locations.

"Nice night for sure Dara...but I'm feeling tired and am going to call it a night. I'll see you first thing tomorrow for the morning jog." Johnny says.

"Sounds good, sweet dreams; I'm going to stay down here in the lobby for awhile and listen to a little music before I head up to my room." She replies.

Giving her a goodnight hug Johnny turns in the other direction making his way over to the elevator entering. Taking a seat in one of the few available chairs close to forty ft away from the front door; Dara gives her full attention to the small band. Exiting off the Elevator at floor eight, Johnny takes a deep breath exhaling. Long days and nights are something he's use to, but for some reason he feels more drained than usual. Staring down at the key card made of a silver and gold mix, he swipes it activating and opening the door to his room.

"The moment my head hits that pillow I'll be out in seconds." He says to himself.

If he could remember correctly the air conditioning to the room was not left off, but for some reason it feels a bit cooler than it should. Eyeing the panel which controls the air conditioning confirms to him that it is indeed off. Strangely enough there is a slight breeze which brushes up against the side of his face, bringing chills to his back wondering how that could be! Stepping further into the room his eyes broaden to see that the balcony door is open; and also notices a tall dark figure standing in the right corner of the room!

"What the hell!" Johnny yells out.

Stepping back he switches on the light, almost jumping out of his shoes to see some sort of masked man staring back at him, but eases feeling he has crossed paths with this individual before. But how did this person get into his hotel room?

"I'm sure you have some questions, but before you panic I'm not here to cause any trouble. Liu Kang told me I'd be able to find you in this part of town; he didn't know where, but I used a few tactics of my own to solve that puzzle."

Oh that's right! This is the one who fought against Liu Kang in the final round of the Mortal Kombat tournament...yes and if memory serves him correctly he goes by Batman. Putting forth full effort is what got them so far; meeting in the final round of the tournament. Stepping back Johnny gets into a slight fighting stance.

"That's all nice and said, but why are you here? And what are you doing in my room; you've essentially broken and entered! I could press charges." Johnny says.

His reaction is understandable, if someone enters into your space uninvited things can become heated very quickly. Explaining yourself is one side of the battle, but getting the other to believe in what your saying is the 2nd part.

"Look Cage, I'm not here to fight against you," Stepping away from the wall bats places his hands in front of himself, "I've only come here to ask for your help in a problem which retains to us all."

Dropping out of his stance Johnny is willing to listen to whatever the Dark Knight has to say. While listening to what he says, Cage keys in on his body making sure this isn't a set up, watching for any quick moves the masked man might try.

"Go right ahead I'm listening...but do try and make this as quick as possible." Johnny says.

"As we speak Liu Kang should be in search for both Sonya and Jax, updating them on what I'm about to tell you. Both Liu and Logan suggested that I wait and travel along with them; but splitting up is the only way we'll spread the word quick enough."

Before getting into any of the details, Johnny is notified of a few individuals who have decided to join; one of which being Subzero. Giving him the inside scoop as quickly as he can starting all the way back from to the MK tourney. Aside from seeing her at the tournament, Johnny isn't too familiar with Pythena; but he's very familiar with Shang Tsung and Shao Khan!

"How is Shao Khan apart of this, if I can remember, it was only Pythena with Shang and some other unknowns orchestrating the tourney?" Johnny asks.

"That is correct, he wasn't really helping with the tournament; but rather working with them behind the scenes."

Going more in depth the current status of what has happened is explained to Cage about what has happened in the world of Batman with the invasions/absence of so many defenders of his world. It isn't known what happened to any of them, but common sense says they're all most likely dead. After all that was what Pythena had in mind.

"Uhhmm alright? I'm at a loss for words. Your telling me that the speedster in red and yellow along with the rest of your seemingly invincible teammates were taken down by this woman?" Johnny asks.

"Exactly, that is why I've come back here to try and form an alliance with your best. As I said before, once they're through with my world, this earth will be next." Batman says.

Putting a hand up to his head Johnny scratches at his hair chuckling, which as a reaction Batman glares at him wondering what is so humorous.

"Yeah dude I'd love to help, but if this Pythena is able to take down people with god like abilities as your friends possessed, what's the point in even trying hahaha. Lets get one thing straight, I'll never back down from a fight...but this is straight up suicide!"

Johnny can't help but laugh a little bit more, what is going through the mind of this Bat guy which makes him think they have any legitimate chance at this. Keeping a straight face while maintaining his composure, bats is now becoming a bit irritated with the same response from basically everyone they've tried to add to this effort so far! Yes it's true that fighters such as Thor, Superman and Wonder Woman were what appears to be destroyed; but there is always a chance.

"You'd be surprised just how powerful the mind can be. It isn't always about physical strength, what a person lacks in that aspect can be made up for in other area's such as scheming."

"That's nice and all, but I'm not sure there is any amount of planning that can help us," Turning away from the Dark Knight, Johnny walks over the countertop pouring himself a cup of iced tea, "All that said, I'll join alongside you guys. I'll do anything to help protect this world."

Turning back to face the capped Crusader, Johnny almost drops his glass to see that he's gone! Running out onto the small balcony, Johnny looks all over but there's no sign of him.

"Dang I had no idea he was that fast...hhhmm I wonder if he's a meta like his buddies?" Johnny asks himself putting a hand to his chin.

Taking a sip of the Tea, John looks down on the city glancing at the various vehicles which pass by down below. Entering back into his hotel room, he slides the door shut locking it closing the curtains. Now he can finally get some shut eye, but first thing tomorrow he'll have to try and get in contact with Liu Kang to confirm what he has just been told.

Worlds Away

The absence of the heroes can be felt in some places more than others. Crime rates have increased a good margin and will only continue to go up. More so than the all powerful and mighty being there to stop them; the news of the heroes disappearing at an alarming rate is really what has brought about more criminals who have less fears of being stopped. Really wanting to test their chances of getting away with things.

"This is Susan Baily, bringing you up to the latest. News coming out of Las Vegas, there has been yet another murder to who the police are now calling the Bloodbath butcher! It is believed whoever this individual is, are most likely responsible for the deaths of forty eight victims, all female forty of them under the age of sixteen. Police have yet to name a suspect."

Photos are shown of the most recent victims displaying a small bio. Whoever the Bloodbath Butcher is, most believe it may not be fully human. Some of these murders had happened so fast and in public places, but no sign of the one responsible.

"Also there have been dramatic increases in gang violence as well as robberies; and that is projected to sky rocket. The police force will have their hands busy. This is most likely the result of the wide spread news of heroes like Green Lantern and Thor disappearing."

Sitting in front of his T.V. is Lex Luthor who doesn't really know what to feel with the recent news of no more Superman, and others like him. In some ways it is a good thing, but in others it just isn't the same. Turning off the tube, he gets ready for his business meeting. He's got over another thirty before the business owners arrive, which will give him a little more time to prepare.

"Mr. Luthor there is someone downstairs who would like to speak with you," One of his coworkers enters into the room, "She said it's rather important."

"Let whoever it is know that I'll speak to them during or after the meeting, I don't have time for any of that." Lex replies.

Doing as he's told, the person steps out of the room closing the door behind him. Walking clear across the room Lex takes a seat in front of his computer, noticing that Klint had left him a message. Out in the distance up town is a building which is surrounded by the police, and exiting out of the front entrance with a wide smile on his face is Sabertooth; or others know him as Victor Creed.

"Put your hands in the air Sabertooth, we've got you surrounded there's no chance of you escaping. Turn YOURSELF INNN!" The police chief yells out over the intercom.

In the last week Sabertooth was hired to kill the owner of a weapons industry and in the process three others were taken down who tried to get in his way. Some how the police were able to track him down, knowing this would happen before it did; possibly a snitch in the group.

"I prefer a challenge; give it your best shots copers...hahaha I dear you!" Sabertooth says finding the entire scenario amusing.

All police officers load their weapons on the command of the chief holding back waiting to see what Sabertooth will do. Flipping a couple ft into the air, Victor sticks the landing running toward the officers who instantly begin firing off at him! Surprisingly their bullets stop in place, floating in mid air!

"Everyone look up there! It's MAGNETO!" Another of the officers yells out.

Knowing the position they're now in, the chief orders all of his men to drop their weapons; all of them feeling completely helpless when doing so. Floating down next to Sabertooth Magneto controls the bullets which fall to the ground like a stack of rocks.

"It's good to see you all do the right thing, I'd hate for anyone to get hurt over nonsense. Good day, we'll be getting out of your way now." Magneto says with a wide smile.

The two of them casually walk past the police force, with much of the officers including the chief clinching their fists knowing there is nothing they can do to stop them. Magneto is a top tier mutant, and the weapons they currently have on their person would not be able to harm him.

"Officer Greg; report! Do you have Sabertooth in custody yet?" Someone asks over the chief's police radio.

Totally disgusted he runs over to his police vehicle opening the door and answering the call.

"I'm sorry to say sir, but he got away. One of his mutant buddies showed up, it was a bit too much for us to handle. I had to let him walk, if we tried to fight against them I would have lost a lot of good men."

The whole sequence of events is explained to the higher staff of authority over on the other line. It doesn't make sense to die over something, which you never had a chance in the first place. Over in the city of New Jersey things aren't much better; a random wedding being crashed by Hob Goblin and Firefly who just happened to be passing by. Landing in front of the large vanilla cake with white frosting, Firefly lifts up his mask.

"This stuff sure looks tasty." He says to himself.

No one tries to stop him, all too busy running for their lives from Hob Goblin who throws pumpkin bombs down on the crowd laughing the entire time. Taking the time to cut himself a piece of cake, Garfield Lynn enjoys its sweet taste finishing it in under thirty seconds.

"Hey Hobby when your done you should try some of this...It's really good stuff." Firefly says placing the mask back over his head.

Hollering back over at Firefly, he says he'd rather pass. Boosting back into the air Firefly suggests he and Hob Goblin head out.

"We've had enough fun here; lets stay focused and get back on track toward the main prize."

Throwing down one last bomb Hob Goblin follows him out of the window they came crashing through. Neither can remember the last time they enjoyed themselves this much, being able to get away with just about everything.

"This is the way it should be; not always looking over my shoulder to see Spiderman on his way. Good riddance, I hope wherever he and those other losers disappeared off to never come back." Hob Goblin says.

"I know right, we're truly living it right now. I know I won't be missing the over grown pointy eared Crusader."

Trying to make up for lost time, Firefly increases the speed on his booster to full blast with Hob Goblin doing the same on his glider. Passing by the skyscrapers and buildings Firefly looks down on the people below who look like ants from up this high. Within the city of Philadelphia a swat team surrounds an apartment building, trying to contain two gangs in a shootout against one another.

"Should we move in sir, the longer we wait the more innocents will loose their lives. I'm getting word from the north side of the building that there have already been five casualties of bystanders."

"Just wait a second or so; Eurel should be getting back to us momentarily. He just made his way inside with three other squad members."

Standing next to and in front of their vehicles, for now they'll just have to try and stay patient until they receive word to move forward. Inside the building four of the swat members make their way up a flight of stairs holding up their bullet proof shields. Hearing bumping sounds in a room off to the side, the team charges forward busting through knocking the door open! Standing there is a man who has a hold of a younger teenage guy with a knife to his neck.

"Let go of the kid and put the weapon down!" Eurel demands.

"Don't you come any closer, or I'll cut his neck open, and we'll all watch his blood SPILL TO THE GROUND!" The individual holding the knife yells.

Not wanting to aggravate the man, none of the officers move lowering their weapons again asking him to let go of the victim. Sometimes it can be hard to negotiate with someone who has basically nothing to loose.

"If you kill him there is only one way this will end; and let me tell you, it's not something you want."

"You're right...there is only one outcome."

Pulling the victim in closer he slashes his neck wide open throwing him off to the side through a window where he falls two floors down onto the concrete sidewalk below. Reaching into his pocket pulling out a hand gun; the individual is shot down before he can make another move! One of the swat members communicates with the remainder of the police force outside through an ear piece.

"This is Officer Dickerson; you may now move in. We've also got a wounded civilian who was thrown out of a window on the west side over here, I'm not sure if he survived or not."

Most of what is going on between the two gangs takes place upstairs, and must be stopped before anyone else is killed. Out over sea miles away, travels over ten helicopters which make their way to an island. Within one of those helicopters sits Deadpool buckled up with his eyes closed just listening to some of the other guys talk around him.

"I'm still trying to figure out what they meant by we'll be encountering several rare beasts while in search for the gem stone. If they need this rock so much, you'd think they'd choose to use their professionals."

None of them are too sure just how difficult this first test could turn out to be. Ubu did say there was a good chance that some of them won't make it out of this first stage alive; but many of the guys aren't buying into that at all. That is most likely a motivator to try and get them to do well and stay focused.

"How bout that Talia babe? I wonder what it would take for her to open her legs to me; I'd give that beauty the best ride of her life!"

Others around chuckle having different comments, all trying to speak at once trying to be heard over each other.

"Watch your language, that is my future wife you're addressing!" Another of them says.

His words bring up even more laughs; the group of men continuing to talk amongst each other throughout the ride. Deadpool's eyes open looking out the window to see that they're descending into the island, ready to be given instructions on what each of them will be doing once they land.

Worlds Away

It came as no surprise that both Sonya and Jax agreed to aid them in the upcoming battle against Shang Tsung and Shao Khan. From here on out it might get a bit tougher in trying to get other recruits with who is left. It's getting to the point to where all that is left; there could be some trust issues. Walking past an alleyway both Liu Kang and Logan are swooped off of their feet and taken to the rooftops one after the other.

"Where have you been, I thought I told you it would be best if we traveled together. Plus this isn't your home planet, you really don't know your way around." Liu says looking directly at Batman.

"Relax, I found my way just fine. I was also able to get in contact with Cage, he was a bit hesitant at first but he's on board." Batman says.

Liu asks if he gave Johnny a location and or time to meet with them; bats shaking his head saying they can get back on his track when it comes to it. For now they must continue to try and get others to join. Right before their eyes electricity appears forming a figure and in seconds Raiden stands in front of them all.

"I've spoke with Kung Lao, but I'd like to discuss this further with you all back at the temple." Raiden says.

In one flash they're all gone re appearing in the main room/area of the Shalion temple. Kung Lao steps from a corner of the room asking how everything went concerning the plan to gather others to help them in this quest. Liu lets him know that they've got in contact with those closes to them and are now focusing on the ones that aren't so much.

"So I'm taking what Kung Lao tells me is true...if so we're in grave trouble! We must find where Shao Khan is hiding!." Raiden says.

To Be Continue

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Man haha I remember reading some of the early chapters a while back, but have finally caught up in the last five days. I must say it has been getting really good and intense since the ending of the tournament. That Pythena chick is powerful, and the others like Wolverine and Batman who still remain are going to need to put together a pretty good team of warriors if they want any chance of saving the earth. Subzero and Scorpion would make a great addition and could contribute. It's funny to see Deadpool joining the league of assassins...hope the dude knows what he's getting himself into. Man it sucks Cap/Bucky was one of the unfortunates to be captured or who knows what happened to them:(

Great stuff, can't wait to read more.