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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 35: Goblin Fly

Walking and entering into the room Princess Kitana walks past Liu Kang taking a seat over in one of the chairs located within the dojo looking up at both Kung Lao and Liu Kang she crosses one leg over the other with much on her mind concerning certain information which was given to her not long ago.

"I'm sure the two of you have already heard about the potential return of Shinnok; and I have come here to ask if I in anyway can assist you in stopping this from happening?" Kitana asks with much concern.

Both Shalion members look at one another knowing fully they have no plan for this rumored threat as of right now. According to Scorpion the sorcerer is currently lurking somewhere in the Nether Realm, and that wouldn't benefit them at all to try and act now. Even if they did make their way over into the Nether Realm to try and stop this before it begins, they'd be defeated easily. Not to mention their souls would be taken and they'd most likely spend the rest of eternity there.

"As of right now, there isn't much we can do except wait and hope this thing is unsuccessful. As long as he isn't present within Earth Realm, there just isn't much we can do." Liu Kang says.

Worlds Away

Walking into a dark alleyway is a tall 7' foot plus individual who wears a light brown trench coat and dark brown hat to go with it. It isn'st the greatest disguise to try and hide his physical features, but it will have to do for now. With his escape from Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc will have to be especially careful to stick to the shadows; the Arkham authorities are no doubt on his trail. But it isn't them he has to worry about so much, but rather the one who glides around in a cape and cowl. A masked avenger who has somewhat taken the law into his own hands, tracking down Gotham's most lethal criminals.

"If the bat shows up in my path; my only option is to loose him." Killer Croc thinks to himself.

Trying to fight one on one with the Dark Knight could go either way in his mind; but if he were to be defeated he'd find himself back behind the walls of Arkham. Out of all the inmates which are being held there; he probably despises it most, but than again who would want to be locked up? Observing that of lighting from a building up ahead, Croc continues forward wondering where he should go from here. His old hideout is an option, not to mention Batman never did know the location of it.

"Enjoying the night air Croc? I hope so, because it will be your last for some time."

With clinched fists Killer Croc begins looking in all directions trying to locate where the voice came from. He may not know the answer to where, but the who is all to obvious. He has heard the dark tone on several occasions and there is no doubt in his mind that it is the bat.

"Come on out and show yourself Batman, so I can drop you dead!" Killer Croc yells out.

Frustration would be the perfect word to describe what he currently feels; how on earth has Batman caught on to his whereabouts so quickly. He just escaped from the Asylum no more than twenty minutes ago! Taking a look up at the building tops, Croc frowns seeing as Batman glides down in front of him. Moving back a little to create space between them both, Batman pulls out two batarangs.

"I hate to have to send you back to Arkham, but you and I both know if I don't; you will only cause trouble. You leave me no choice Croc, and I know you won't come quietly. Doing things by force is my specialty anyway."

"Confident as usual Batman; but one of these days it will be your downfall. I'm willing to bet that time has finally come!"

Charging forward Killer Croc wraps his arms around the Dark Knight applying a tight grip smashing them both into a nearby dumpster. Kicking Croc off of him Bats throws an explosive batarang which blows up on impact tossing Croc even further in the other direction. Getting up fully Batman wastes no time running over at Croc to continue his attack. Reaching out Killer Croc grabs Batman by his shoulders throwing him into a brick wall head first! Tumbling to the ground Batman's vision is blurry and all he can do is watch as Croc opens that of a sewer lid entering and shutting it behind him.

"Uhh, he got away." Batman says standing while at the same time feeling dizzy.

Catching back up with Croc can wait for another time, there are much more important things he's got on his belt which need to get done. Grappling himself up to the building tops, he just looks down on the city with his vision soon becoming clear. Sitting with on a train with his eyes closed is Peter Parker who is making his way back to the city of New York. It'll be a couple of hours before it comes to his stop; so for now he can just get a little shut eye.

"Long night?"

Sitting up Peter opens his eyes to see a woman standing in front of him with long blond hair. It reminds him of his encounter/team up with the JLA member who goes by the name of Black Canary. Boy would he really like to see her again; they only met once, but there is just something that he felt between the two of them.

"Yeah I guess you could say that." Peter replies.

"Do you mind if I sit here?"

"No, go right ahead."

Setting her purse down, she takes a seat next to him. For the most part there aren't very many people present within the train, except for the two of them along with five others. He isn't sure why Gotham's Knight protector is so stubborn; even if Batman and Robin do find out any information about Blackmask and Hammerhead, you can almost be certain they won't speak a word of it to him. Wait a minute; how would they even be able to contact him?

"I don't know about you, but this world must be coming to an end. Lately the violence has been picking up here on our home turf, not to mention globally. I hate to say it, but I'm not even sure that Superman can turn things around. Many seem to think he's the savior of us all, but that is just elementary talk in my opinion." She says.

Looking up at the ceiling he gives it a little thought, but he wouldn't go as far as saying the world is going to end. In his opinion things could be a lot worse if that was the case.

"We all just have to try and stay positive within these hard times. Superman may not be our savior like some people say, but he does inspire a lot of good; and lets not forget there are many others out there like him." Peter says.

"Maybe so, but I'd say evil is toppling the side of good. I don't know if you heard about this or not, but it's been all over the news since yesterday morning when it was reported. But apparently a young girl at the age of seven was brutally murdered in her room by a complete stranger who entered her home. From the reports they're unable to tell who or what did that to her. Her mother was out of town, while her father was out working late; they say the brother was the only one in the home when it occurred but he was asleep."

Peter's heart jumps when hearing this information, who in there right mind would do something like that. But then he laughs at himself a bit; with the amount of maniacs in this world nothing should be surprising as far as what they're capable of. Regardless of that, the thought of what she must have went through disgusts him to no end!

"I mean really what can we do, people like you and I can only do so much."

"Yeah I guess you're right." He replies.

Some distance away Wonder Woman walks the streets but out of uniform, wearing a pink shirt with blue jeans and blue sneakers. The only part of her patrol attire that she wears is the metal bracelets, but they're hidden under the long sleeve shirt. Looking out in the middle of the street while cars pass by, massive light energy forms out of nowhere with some type of robot/machine appearing. Many cars which pass by crash into one another trying to avoid whatever this thing is.

"Great Hera." Diana says to herself.

But then the weirdest thing happens with the robot turning it's attention directly to her. Using some type of booster pack it hovers into the air blasting off and landing in front of her. At the moment she isn't sure what this is all about, but she'll keep her guard up just incase there is any sort of deception.

"Diana Prince, I have come to battle you to the death. There is no option; I'll show you why the Amazon's are inferior to all." It says in it's robotic voice.

Moving back a little while getting into a fighting stance she can't believe what is happening. What is this thing, and how does it know of the Amazons? If she had to guess she'd say it's not from this world based on it's design.

"Who sent you?" She finally asks.

"Question rejected, only objection is to defeat and bring in Princess of Themyscira."

Tightening her fists she wishes she had at least been carrying the lasso with her; most of the time she does, but tonight she doesn't. It really shouldn't matter, whatever this thing may be should easily be beaten. Just as she gets ready to attack a man steps in front of her.

"Run while you got the chance lady, I'll try and hold it off. And before you ask, yes I heard all of what it said." The unknown individual says.

Moving up she puts a hand to his wrist shaking her head back and forth.

"Trust me, just get out of here I'll handle this." She says.

The certain man is very defiant and stubborn only telling her to run once again while pushing her hand away. Just then the eyes of the robot light up as it blasts out lasers which rip through the stomach and chest of the man who falls to his death. Blood splatters everywhere with Diana jumping back to try and avoid it but gets a little on her shirt!


"Distraction terminated, now to begin main mission."

Many civilians who stand around, scream out in horror trying to get as far away from the area as possible; some by vehicles and others by foot. Putting it's hand out toward her it transforms it's entire arm into a massive blaster! Totally caught off Diana is hit by the laser beam which it fires off tossing her back in the other direction into a jewelry store.

"Hey miss are you ok?" One of the store workers ask.

"I'll be just fine, just stay in her and you should be safe." She says getting to her feet.

She exits out of the window she came crashing through making her way out onto the sidewalk. Down the street the robot approaches her, but at a very slow pace. Deciding to take it to the air, she speedblitzes the machine punching it into the side of a building. Reaching forward she grabs it by it's head pulling it out of the wall smashing her fist into it's face sending it in the other direction into a truck. Flying over she stands over it with crossed arms wanting answers.

"Why don't you enlighten me on why you're here to defeat me. I'd make it quick before I turn you into scraps."

Looking up at her, the robot stretches out it's arm punching her sky high reverting it's blaster hand back to normal. Catching herself, Diana hovers in the air looking down on this thing truly wondering who is behind this creation. By the sound of it, she'd say it belongs to an enemy of her people. Her eyes widen as it teleports out of sight but re appears behind her, knocking Diana out of the air and into a bus stop bench which shatters on impact. Looking up at the machine she puts a hand to her shoulder, still feeling some of the pain from an encounter she had earlier on patrol hours ago. Before she or the attacker are able to do a thing, the robot is knocked out of the air by some type of projectile.

"What is th.." Standing she doesn't finish her sentence, looking up at an individual who floats up in the air catching the projectile which knocked the robot out of the air.

That certain person turns their attention to her flying down toward her, and as they get closer she realizes the projectile is in fact some type of hammer. Landing down in front of her, he uses a finger moving a few strands of hair from her face.

"Why would something be attacking a woman as beautiful as you? Anyhow, you need not worry I Thor will take it from here."

Before he's able to take off she grabs him by his arm pulling Thor back.

"I appreciate the help, but that thing came here to fight against me. As a warrior I will not back down, and I'm going to ask that you stay out of my way."

Looking at her he almost wants to laugh, what would this simple civilian know about being a warrior.

"And you are?" He asks with a somewhat smart tone.

"Wonder Woman." She replies flying at top speed toward the robot.

Standing in place with his mouth wide open, Thor can't believe he has met the Wonder Woman! As much as Superman gets talked about among the public, she is the biggest role model among almost all women. For now he'll stay back, but if it looks like things are getting out of control he'll jump in. Just as she's about to reach the robot someone zooms in at top speeds beating her to the punch; dashing around at high velocity beating the machine down!

"Is everything ok Wonder Woman, you weren't answering your JL communicator so I decided to beam myself down here and make sure everything was ok." Flash asks.

Coming to a stop she stands in front of him with a frown on her face. Looking away from her and down on the robot, he looks back up at her realizing she wanted to be the one to finish it off.

"Oh ok...whenever did you care who takes out the bad guy? I mean really who's keeping score?"

Just then the battered robot reaches out grabbing Flash by his ankle while at the same time the two of them disappear in a flash of light leaving only Wonder Woman who stands alone! It is then that she looks over her shoulder to see Thor approaching.

"Was that a friend or teammate of yours? If so we might have trouble, something similar happened to a few of my teammates. But the enemies we encountered were nothing like that, but rather living specimens." Thor informs.

Wonder Woman isn't sure how to reply, or what to even say completely confused on what Thor is saying, and why that robot would even do whatever it did to Flash. If she could recall it came here for her in the first place! Talk about strange, this is something that will immediately have to be taken to Martian, Superman and Batman.

"I'm sorry to leave in such a hurry...Thor, but I must find out what happened to Flash." Wonder Woman tells.

Using her JL device, she instantly teleports herself to the watch tower. After she is out of sight Thor just stands in place for a few moments wondering what to think of this. Honestly all of them could be facing trouble; A.K.A super heroes. This isn't the first time he's seen one of them being zapped away like that; and honestly he's feeling like it won't be the last either.

"Guess it's time I return to base." He says to himself.

The rest of the night seems to pass by slowly bringing up daylight. Considering what has happened in the past with the strange disappearances of heroes on the battlefield; it is starting to feel as though these occurrences aren't random at all, but rather planned organized attacks. Opening his eyes to the sunlight which comes through the curtain, Tony looks over at the clock to see it is a little after eight thirty AM. Laying back he can feel the body of Sandra, which brings back all the great memories of last night. Moving over a little bit, he rubs up next to her; loving the feel of her naked body up against his.

"Good morning sweetie." She says with a grin, but with closed eyes.

Moving over even closer to her side he brings his lips to her neck planting little kisses which causes her to smile even more.

"Last night was incredible, and something I will never forget. But enough about that; how did I do?" Tony asks.

Opening her eyes she rolls over looking him in the face displaying a seductive smile.

"On a scale of one through ten, I give you an eight point nine." She says wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I'll take that as a complement."

Pulling him down on top of her the two join in a passionate kiss wanting even more of the other. Breaking the kiss Tony turns to his other side moving over and reaching down he lifts up his boxer briefs putting them back on.

"What are you doing hun, what about our session for morning sex?" She asks with a smile.

Getting out of the bed Stark walks over recovering his socks and pants putting them on the chair next to the balcony door. Walking back over he takes a seat at the end of the bed looking back over at Sandra; amazed at her beauty, still not believing he just slept with her. It'll probably be some time before it fully sinks in.

"I'm sorry gorgeous, but I have a plane to catch which is scheduled to leave at 11:45." Tony replies.

"Can't we just get in a quickie?" She asks.

Moving over next to her Tony gives her another kiss getting up and walking toward the bathroom turning and looking back at her.

"I'm going to take a shower, so I can get ready to return home. You should probably return to wherever you're staying before Trevor starts to worry. You've got my number, so just give me a call sometime." Tony says entering into the bathroom.

Hearing the mention of Trevor makes Sandra feel a bit guilty, but it is something she won't let get down on her. Getting out of the bed she gets fully dressed, writing a note for tony on a notepad leaving it on the table gathering her things and leaving the room.

New York

Within a police station, a group of detectives discuss a homicide case which involved seven year old Elizabeth Day. The squad goes over the details of her death but really aren't sure what to make of some of their findings. The thing made obvious to them is that several different weapons were used on her, which would make one guess whoever did this had some time and was comfortable not thinking someone would walk on them! For the most part they have agreed to keep away most of the gory details from the parents, as well as the public. The sad thing is, her brother Tommy was in the next room asleep when this occurred, which confuses many in the group wondering why wasn't he able to hear anything? Downtown walking the streets of new York is Peter Parker, who yawns due to his lack of real sleep the past night.

"I think a thing of hot coffee would be a great idea right now." Peter says to himself.

Walking down a few blocks he comes to a stop in front of a shop which sells coffee as well as other refreshments. Turning away from the shop his eyes broaden to see a familiar foe gliding around in the air throwing down pumpkin bombs on the civilians!

"Hob Goblin!" Peter says tightening his fists.

Looking around he makes his way for the nearest alleyway running at full speed. He wonders what Hobby is up to this time; just like their last encounter this is seeming quiet random. Exiting out of the alleyway he swings from building to building as Spiderman.

"Bout time wall crawler, for a second I thought you'd be a no show." Hob Goblin yells out.

Oh OK! So this was all just an attempt to get him to come out by attacking the people; the thing Spidy can't quiet put a finger on is the lack of common sense by Hob Goblin. With the merging of the two earth's there're even more heroes around; and him trying to hurt innocents trying to get Spiderman to come out, could draw the attention of Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman etc.

"I'm starting to think you've got an unhealthy obsession with me. The last time we met, this was your exact reason for attacking the civilians." Spiderman says.

"If it works, than don't stop it, is the way I see it." Hob Goblin replies.

Just as Spiderman swings forward getting closer to Hob Goblin he is shot out of the air from behind landing on top of a vehicle. Shaking himself off he looks up into the sky seeing another individual who fly's around using a jet pack of some sort.

"Oh I guess I forgot to mention I've got a new temporary partner in crime. He mainly does business in a city called Gotham, but for now that won't be so. Allow me to introduce you to firefly!"

Using his great reflexes and athletic ability, Spidy dodges a fire blast which comes from firefly blowing up the vehicle leaving behind flames. Shooting out his web Spidy pulls a stop sign out of it's place toward him and throwing it up at Hob Goblin who is knocked off of his glider.

"And he scores! Just look at the crowd going wild." Spiderman says to himself.

Shooting out his web, Spidy is able to catch Hob Goblin out of the air before he falls to the ground. Swinging him around a little bit Spiderman tosses him into a brick wall putting his hands up.

"And the extra point by the field goal unit is good!" Spiderman says with much energy.

But being off guard he is shot and tossed back in the other direction by one of Firefly's flame blasts. But he is quickly able to flip back up unharmed by the attack. Using a small gadget out of his bag Hob Goblin is able to call the glider back to his side jumping back on top of it.

"You may be great Spiderman, but the numbers don't favor you at all!" Hob Goblin says pulling out a pumpkin bomb.

Putting all of his arm into it Hob Goblin launches it toward the web slinger. But with the reverberation of a blustering scream; the bomb explodes in mid air! Turning and looking over his shoulder, Spiderman feeds his eyes on the woman who has been on his mind for the past seventeen hours! But what is Black Canary doing here?

"Why do you look so surprised Spider? I'm here to help you, and the how and why can wait for later." Canary says winking at him.

Hovering down closer to Hob Goblin Firefly whistle observing the overall body frame of Canary. Neither Spiderman or Black Canary pay his remark much attention maintaining their composure.

"Well I'd say the numbers are even now. So which of them would you like my lady." Spiderman says in a very gentleman like tone.

Seeing that she frowns at what he just said, Spidy chuckles to himself. It may be hard to believe, but for some reason he has a crush on her. But right now he'll have to put all that aside and focus. He won't lie to himself, but he's glad to see her again; especially this soon.

"Guess I'll take Hobby." Spiderman says running forward dodging a missile which is shot from Hob Goblin's glider.

Running forward Canary follows him into battle against the two super criminals.

To Be Continue

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 36: Things getting weirder

While both Canary and Spiderman come closer to the two criminals, the super villains make their way even further into the air trying to give themselves an edge/advantage over the heroes. Reaching back, Firefly pulls out a large flame launcher which he custom made himself a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't bother him at all that this will be his first time testing it, in fact he prefers it this way. Hopefully it is powerful enough to make the Spider and Canary road kill.

"You just stay back and watch, while I work my magic." Firefly says to Hob Goblin who hovers in place.

Hob does as he's asked just smiling while standing up straight looking down on both the web slinger and JLA member from his glider. Moving in with much acceleration, Firefly aims his weapon down on them both shooting away carelessly. Truthfully he could care less what or who he disintegrates, as long as he's successful in taking out the two of them.

"Woooh, didn't your mother ever tell you it's dangerous to play with fire flame boy?" Spiderman asks using his web to escape the fire.

Reaching out he grabs hold of Canary pulling her to the building tops getting them both out of harms way. Looking down on the general street, there aren't any people around; the area almost looks like something out of one of the old western movies when the town has been evacuated. But just like in those movies, there is a face off between opposites; being the only ones who still remain.

"Thanks for the save Spiderman, if you make it a habit I might have to thank you in return." She says.

Just then his heart begins to race, at her saying what he wanted to hear. But he really shouldn't be thinking about any of that, when in the Spider suit he is all business patrol and crime fighting.

"I'm up for some suggestions," Spidy turns to Canary, "How do you think we should go about bringing the two of them down?"

"Easy, if we ground the two of them they're at their weakest. I don't know about Hob Goblin but Firefly isn't any kind of real threat in hand to hand combat." Black Canary replies.

It is something he pretty much figured but decided to ask anyway, just to get her input and possible extra information on this Firefly which could come in handy.

"Ok lets go take these guys out, and afterward lunch is on me...if you don't have anything to do that is." Spiderman says leaping off the building.

Black Canary tries to call out for him but is too late seeing that he engages with Firefly. Not wanting it to become a 2 on 1 she jumps off of the building and down onto the glider of Hob Goblin grabbing hold of him.

"Let go of me you good for nothing blond, you'll regret the day you messed with Hob Goblin. You and Spiderman should be enjoying, what is going to be your last moments."

Leaning back a bit Hob Goblin quickly smashes his head into hers, which causes Black Canary to let go of him falling backwards off of the glider. But as she's about to reache the ground she flips into it helping herself from getting hurt. Standing with on his glider still hovering in place Hob Goblin claps.

"Bravo...bravo indeed, nice moves there blondie. But you're going to need a lot more than just some fancy moves to defeat us." Hob Goblin says.

"Oh don't worry, I've got a lot of different tricks up my sleeve." She replies.

Pulling out two separate pumpkin bombs, Hob Goblin throws them in the vicinity of Canary who jumps out of the way of them, which explode when colliding with the street. Gliding forward toward her he shoots off a few missiles, which aren't able to get far exploding due to Canary's scream. Up above Firefly falls from the sky being disarmed of his booster pack tumbling to the ground.

"Man that was so much easier than I thought it be." Spiderman says swinging down in front of the fallen criminal.

Lifting up his flame blaster he warns Spiderman to stay back, and if he even takes one more step he'll pull the trigger. Confident as ever Spidy ignores what Firefly says leaping forward and kicking the weapon out of Firefly's hand.

"I'm sorry but I don't scare easy, and I never back down from a challenge. I guess it's time that your friendly neighborhood Spiderman takes you in."

Attempting to web up Firefly Hob Goblin swoops down out of nowhere grabbing hold of his partner in crime, blasting off while laughing. The long time enemy to Spiderman yells out saying they'll meet again real soon on the battlefield.

"No way...they're getting away, we must follow them!" Spidy says.

Running over to Black Canary he wraps one arm around her waist while using the other to web them up to the building tops. But to their surprise, neither Firefly or Hob Goblin are in sight. It almost feels like a clean get away; but Spidy is more than positive he'll be seeing the two of them sooner rather than later.

"Well I guess there's always next time," Looking away from the bright blue sky Spiderman turns his attention to Black Canary, "So are you going to tell me how you ended up here fighting at my side? I'm getting the feeling you're stalking me."

Canary actually finds herself laughing at what he says leaning up against the building top thinking to herself. Word has been given from Wonder Woman that Flash was taken in battle, but Shiera/Hawkgirl suffered a similar fate a few days ago which has really got her worried.

"Hey is everything ok, if I had to guess I'd say something is bothering you. If that is the case, then speak up; I'm like the perfect guy to help make things better."

Staring at him she doesn't make a single move, just wondering what in the world is going on; but the thing that bugs her is not knowing what happened to the two JLA members. But not just that, they still need to figure out if there is someone or something that is behind this. If that's truly the case, whoever is doing this must have some knowledge of this world, and all of it's inhabitants. According to what Wonder Woman said, the robot's objective was to defeat only her.

"Uhm do you need a hug? Cause I can tell you really need some cheering up." Spiderman says opening his arms out to her.

"No Spider...I'll be just fine. It was nice working alongside you again, but I really have to be going."

Turning away from him she pulls her JL teleport device out of her pocket, but looking over her shoulder she can see that Spiderman says something under his breath putting a hand out trying to reach for her. Seeing this action she grins turning and facing him directly, but it is then that he changes his posture standing straight.

"Is there something you wanted to tell me Spider?" She asks while smiling.

"Well, see...there is this really nice place down tow." Spidy stops in mid sentence seeing as Canary approaches him with a weird look on her face.

Coming up in front of him Black Canary places her hands with on his shoulders looking him in the eyes.

"I'd love to get a bite to eat with you, but there just isn't time for that. Being a top member of the Justice League doesn't leave me with much time for anything fun. But I can give you something even better."

Moving her hands from his shoulders she begins lifting up his mask slowly, which causes the hairs on his back to rise feeling so many emotions all at once. Pulling it up past his lips she wraps her arms around his neck bringing her lips to his. Wrapping his arms around her he brings her in even closer opening his mouth allowing Canary to enter her tongue, which she does. Embracing one another the two of them moan enjoying the moment. Rubbing his hands up against her back he finds them wondering all the way down to her butt! Realizing his mistake he quickly moves them upward. Removing her lips from his she smiles.

"Kinky; who knew Spiderman was such a good kisser." Canary says removing her arms from around his neck.

Backing away from him she pulls out her JL device once again.

"When will I see you again?" Spiderman asks.

"I'm not sure when, but it'll definitely be soon; I have my way of finding people. By the way my real name is Dinah; you take care now." Black Canary says winking at him before teleporting out of sight.

Pulling the mask back down fully over his face Spiderman walks forward looking down on the city knowing there is work to be done. Down below many fire trucks surround the area putting out the flames which were created by Firefly during the battle. Looking out into the distance Spiderman jumps off of the building top swinging out of the area to see if he is needed elsewhere. With the passing of some hours brings up the evening with much of the world's attention being focused on the city of Washington. There are over dozens of newscasters covering what goes on, with several members of the Justice League, Avengers, X-men and even U.S. Army being there.

"For those of you who have been left out, and or are just now tuning in we've got a massive battle taking place behind us. Around 5:00 PM close to an hour ago, a large number of these unknown life forms have been appearing out of nowhere destroying the city! Thankfully there is many trying to put an end to this as quickly as possible."

Due to some of the explosions from the surrounding battles, a vehicle is tossed up into the air and headed for the newscaster Kayla who gives the news! But before it is able to reach her, an enormous green bath tub catches it out of nowhere setting it off to the side. Hearing many clapping and cheering she looks away from the cameras and up into the sky, to see non other than Green Lantern himself. Waving to the crowd he makes his way back out onto the battlefield.

"Oh goodness, thank heavens for the Green Lantern." She says turning back to the cameras.

Continuing to update viewers at home, even more information is obtained with the media now knowing who leads this attack.

"We have just been informed that an alien life form is the one leading these things. We haven't been given much information regarding this rumor; but you just have to believe Superman will get this under control."

The public may not know it, but it has been discovered by a few of the heroes that the alien goes by the name of Tyvez and has a hidden space shuttle/base close to a mile from the current location. Yes it is in fact Wonder Woman who figured this out. The ship uses the same type of camoflash/technology of the Amazons. How they were able to learn this Tyvez's name was through Martian man hunter who spoke with him using his telepathy. No one has actually seen him, but there is no doubt he's hiding out in that base. Standing with on the battlefield side by side is Superman, Captain America and Wonder Woman.

"Ok so what are we supposed to do, it's not like we can just leave our teammates on the battlefield and go after this guy. We're going to need to fill in everyone else on what's going on!" Captain America says turning to Supes and wondie.

There is a slight wind which blows Superman's cape back and forth. At the moment, only the three of them along with Martian know about this late development.

"You're absolutely right Captain, only you will be going. While you do that, the rest of us will stay here and fight. I'd go myself, but the public sees me as it's symbol of hope...and me leaving just wouldn't look good." Superman says.

Stepping in between them both Wonder Woman shakes her head not liking the idea one bit.

"There's no way we can just send him alone, we don't even know how powerful this Tyvez guy is. Not to mention he's probably got heaps of security beside him." Wonder Woman says.

"Ok than...who're you suggesting go with him?" Superman asks with crossed arms.

Looking away from Kal-El, Diana turns her attention out onto the battlefield. Many of their friends and teammates fight alongside one another, with everything overall seeming to be evenly matched. But a certain someone comes into sight, jumping up and throwing a projectile into the shoulder of an enemy drop kicking it. Flipping up this individual back hands another creature which comes from his blind side, showing great awareness.

"Batman!" Is what both Superman and Wonder Woman say at the same time!

Captain America looks at them both, finding it strange them yelling out his name at the exact same time. But besides that, he'd say Batman would be the perfect person to travel alongside him to the enemies base. Informing both Superman and Captain America to stay where they're Wonder Woman fly's out making her way over to the side of the dark knight blocking an attack by one of the creatures snapping it's neck throwing it off to the side.

"Batman may we have a word?" She asks.

Looking over his shoulder to see her, bats turns his attention back to the enemy which he fights against not trying to get distracted. Seeing that he completely ignores her, she frowns stepping forward. Walking past Batman she punches into the invader which he battles against, sending it fifty feet into the air going in the other direction.

"As I was saying, I need to have a word with you."

Looking out in the distance to see his opponent end up in a forest like area, he turns facing the princess with an eyebrow raised under his mask.

"I'm listening." He informs.

Moving in closer to him she begins explaining to him all of what they know regarding this current attack, but still aren't sure if these attacks are linked with some of them from the past. The capped crusader especially listens in on the mention of this Tyvez, and where he is hiding out.

"So how are we going to get to this guy without knowing the exact coordinates of where he's hiding out? Plus you said this place couldn't be seen by the naked eye." Batman says.

Reaching down Wonder Woman hands a small device to Batman.

"His position is marked right there; when you arrive it shouldn't be to hard for someone like you to find the place. Don't you have a set of lenses in that cowl of your's that can detect things?" Wonder Woman asks with a smile.

It is now Batman who frowns not liking the remark, but reaches out taking the item from her hand. Just as he's about to walk away she reaches out grabbing him by the shoulder.

"I forgot to mention, but you won't be going in alone...Superman and I have agreed that Captain America will go alongside you." She adds.

Nodding his head he informs her that is fine by him. Turning away from the Dark Knight she fly's back over to Supes and Cap letting them both know that it is time for Captain America to join up with the capped crusader. Both wish him luck with Diana giving him a kiss, afterward he runs up to the side of Batman. Superman's eyes widen a bit at what he just saw, but decides not to say a word. It is then that the two of them join the rest of their teammates on the battlefield.

"So what do you expect we'll be up against?" Captain America asks coming up to the side of Batman.

"Expect the unexpected; when it comes to missions like this a lot of the time things just aren't what they seem." Batman replies.

Continuing forward the two of them look out onto the battlefield to see the different heroes fighting off the beasts. But it is Batman who stops them both, looking out to see a familiar individual being knocked onto the ground. Pulling out two batarangs he jumps in front of the fallen fighter; throwing the two projectiles at a creature which stands over eight feet tall. But then another someone comes out of nowhere knocking the creature down. Moving forward Batman helps Huntress to her feet, asking what she's doing in Washington. But before she's able to answer the one suited in all red, who knocked down the creature approaches.

"Are you alright?" The one in red asks Huntress.

"And you are?" Batman asks the one in red crossing his arms.

Walking forward Captain America moves up next to Batman.

"His name is Daredevil, he is a very trustworthy ally." Captain America informs.

Turning away from the three of them, Batman notifies Cap to follow him so they can continue forward to the enemy base. Getting the attention of the capped crusader Captain America thinks it would be a good idea if they brought either, or both Daredevil and Huntress alongside them. Just like he said, neither of them really have an idea what they could be facing, and a little extra assurance never hurts.

"The two of them can come, but we need to go now." Batman says.

Shaking his head, Cap turns to both Daredevil and Huntress signaling for them to follow. Without questions the two of them join the side of Cap; Batman leading the way.

"So where exactly are we going?" Huntress asks running a gloved finger through her hair.

While continuing to walk Captain America explains to them both what has been discovered involving the person who is behind this city wide attack. Out on the battle field Kitty Pryde is grabbed by her neck, but in the flash of a second the arm of the beast is ripped from it's body; Pryde removes the hand from her throat jumping out of the way of it's purple blood. Looking up to her right, she smiles seeing Power Girl who was obviously the one who just got her out of trouble.

"Thanks for the save super girl," But seeing the expression on her face, Kitty knows she probably got her name wrong, "I'm sorry, I meant Power Girl."

Putting on half a smile Power Girl reaches out helping Kitty Pryde up to her feet. But before either of them are able to do a thing, they're surrounded by a group of them which jump forward grabbing hold of them both. And just like many times before the creatures disappear in a blinding flash of light with Kitty Pryde and Power Girl!

"No Karen!" Superman yells out flying at super speed approaching the area where they had just stood.

With tight fists he punches at the ground, frustrated wondering why this is happening! For the sake of them all, both Batman and Captain America better return with a good explanation for this! Punching into the ground again Supes lets his agitation be known, knocking the invaders as well as some of the heroes off balance.

"Wooh woh, easy there Superman; I know things might not be going our way, but we need to keep a clear head."

Hearing the familiar voice, Supes looks up to see Thor standing over him. But out in the distance both of them watch as Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, and Martian Man Hunter are wrapped up and zapped away with the all too familiar blinding light! Neither of them can believe what they just saw! Those three individuals were some of the most high caliber heroes on this planet!

"I hate to say it Thor, but I think we might be in some real trouble!" Superman says standing.

Both feel as though their souls were ripped apart when watching the disappearance of Captain M, Surfer and Martian! Perhaps retreating would be the best idea; but if they were to do that, the civilians and general public would think they were turning their backs on them.

"You know Superman...I couldn't agree more. But the real question, is what can we do to stop whatever it is that is behind these abductions." Thor replies.

Seeing that a group of the creatures surround Ms Marvel, both Superman and Thor have no intentions of standing around this time. Zooming forward the two of them make short work of the invaders turning their attention to possible other areas which they could be needed.

"Thanks a lot boys, you sure came in a hurry; not to say I couldn't have taken them out myself." Ms Marvel says.

It may have taken them some time, but the group of Captain America and Batman arrive to the location which Wonder woman had marked down. But there is absolutely nothing here, except for a lot of trees and bushes. Setting his lenses to detect mode, Batman is still unable to pick up anything which really confuses the group.

"Looks like we walked all the way out here for nothing; I knew we should have at least traveled by vehicle. We should be back there on the battlefield helping our friends." Huntress says.

But what happens next amazes them all as a door opens appearing out of thin air! The four of them look at one another shocked at what they're seeing.

"I guess that is our invitation to enter." Captain America says

But right before their eyes the door begins to close, with Captain America yelling out telling them all to hurry. Moving quickly all of them are able to jump through except Captain America who has it close before he's able to get in.

"Damn!" He says snapping a finger.

He may not have got in, but the weird thing is he can't even feel or see the door which was just there. According to Wonder Woman the place was in advanced camoflash; but this is seeming to be something entirely different. If it were just Camoflash he would at least be able to feel something.

"What in the world is going on?" Cap says while looking up into the sky.

Inside the ship Huntress gets off of Batman, apologizing for landing on top of him when they entered so quickly. The three of them look around realizing very quickly that Captain America didn't make it in.

"It looks like the three of us will have to do. Stay close, we don't won't to get lost." Batman says.

Both Daredevil and Huntress follow the Dark Knight down the gloomy hall. But unable to get far at all, they're surrounded by a group of suited up fighters which hold swords, knives and other projectiles.

"Well this should be some fun." Huntress says feeling energized.

The attackers don't say a word; just beginning their assault against the three heroes. Reaching out Daredevil grabs the arm of the closes of them, flipping him over and KO'ing him with a quick strike to the head. The three of them hold their own quickly defeating the group without much effort making their way further down the hall. Coming to the end of the hall they enter into a room which appears to be the main area. Out in the middle area of the room someone sits within a chair with their back to the three of them. Just as they're about to approach more security comes from behind them electrifying and knocking out Huntress. They try to do the same to Batman and Daredevil, but are unsuccessful seeing as both mask men take them out. The attention of Daredevil and Batman turn to the person who sits in the chair clapping with his or her back still turned to them.

"Very impressive Red devil and man bat. I'm sure you've heard already, but I am Tyvez." He says turning around in his seat facing them.

The villain smiles wildly, but seeing the expression on both faces of the heroes he knows he must have said something wrong. Lifting up his booklet, he opens it going through a few pages which takes up some time before closing it.

"Guess even I'm wrong sometimes...Batman and Daredevil! You don't appear to be on the list for the future plans; but the good thing is you both will be here to see the fall of your world to the likes of me." He says getting their names right this time.

"What are you talking about? What future plans?" Daredevil asks stepping forward

Sitting back in his seat, Tyvez enjoys seeing the anger and frustration from Daredevil.

"Are you the one responsible for those creatures?" Batman asks trying to stay calm.

"Well of course I am, and I will not stop until my vision becomes a reality. Soon all of the world will bow down to me and except me as it's leader once your kind is out of the way." Tyvez replies.

While still sitting Tyvez goes off telling Batman and Daredevil all of what he plans to do in great detail, which really gets the capped crusader thinking. After close to twenty minutes listening to this guy, both DD and bats ask a few questions of their own with Tyvez answering them.

"It was nice talking gentlemen, but I have things to do and you being here will only get in the way of that."

"That's the funniest thing you've said since we got here. Neither Batman or myself are going anywhere."

Both Daredevil and Batman get themselves ready to attack, but with an unknown chant by Tyvez they're teleported back to the forest area! What the hell would probably be the most appropriate thought for them both! Down on the ground is Huntress still unconscious out with her face in the grass. Bending down, Daredevil picks her up but has a weird feeling he has met her in the past some time ago before today. Her heart beat sounds mighty familiar.

"Ah Batman...what just happened?" DD asks.

"Honestly, I have no idea." Batman replies.

But one thing is certain, Tyvez didn't have to let them into his ship; but for some reason he did. But that isn't what bothers the dark knight, but rather the amount of information Tyvez was giving the two of them. Because of this, Batman can conclude that Tyvez wasn't completely honest with them; in fact Batman is almost positive he's working for someone. He may have said he's pulling all the strings, but Tyvez is most likely trying to draw their attention further away from figuring out the truth of these disappearances. Moments later Huntress begins to awake with Daredevil setting her back down on her feet.

"What happened?" She asks.

Daredevil replies by telling her not to worry about it, and that things are now more under their control, even though that is a total lie. Throughout the next hour the creatures retreat taking with them even more of the super heroes. All major news stations cover the event, trying to re assure all civilians that everything will be ok.

Gotham City

Taking off the batsuit Bruce takes a shower returning up to the manor in a pair of trunks and robe. If anything he should get a good night of sleep, so that he can fully function tomorrow. Taking a look at the clock it reads a little after ten forty PM. Walking into the main lobby area Alfred stops him dead in his tracks.

"Sorry to bother you Sir, but miss Danvers is here to see you. I asked if she could come another time, but she insisted you scheduled for this time."

"It's ok Alfred; where is she?" Bruce asks.

Alfred replies by telling him she's waiting out in the pool area. Thanking the butler he makes his way there. What is it that she wants from him? There was never an appointment made for them to meet either, but going with the flow is part of what he does. Opening a glass door he enters out into the pool area where Carol sits at a table wearing a large trench coat. Still in his robe he walks over having a seat next to her.

"I guess I'll start...why are you here? I'm not interested in being in any type of relationship right now." Bruce informs.

Standing from her chair she unbuttons the coat throwing it off to the side with Bruce Wayne's eyes widening looking at her standing in a two piece red and black swim suit! Kicking off her high heels she walks over toward the pool looking over her shoulder back at Bruce.

"I know you're going to be the gentleman I know you are and join me; and I won't take no for an answer." Carol says entering into the water.

Shaking his head Bruce doesn't want to do it, but in this case he will; besides no woman can force him into doing something he doesn't want to.

"Come on in Brucie, the water is great." She says fully entering.

To Be Continue