Marvel,DC,Mortal Kombat crossover chps 33-34

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 33: Team Effort


Following this unknown individual to his vehicle, Tommy is excited only having that of the Jersey on his mind! Lately there hasn't been much that's been happening around here, and with his parents working so much of the time he's had to spend a lot of his time alone. Coming up to the vehicle, the adult man asks Tommy to stand in place while he opens the door. Opening up a box within the back seat of his van, the individual pulls out a Jersey of an all star New York Yankees player! Turning around he hands it to the boy shutting the door.

"THANKS A LOT uncle..."

"Ted, I'm your uncle Ted. So is your father or mother home?"

"No, right now my mom's out of town and my dad is working the late shift."

The Adult man smiles a bit looking away from Tommy and up into the night sky.

"So how about your sister, how's she doing?"

Tommy informs him she's been doing fine, but is asleep pointing up to her bedroom window. Patting the younger boy over the head he sends him off telling him to stay out of trouble and to notify his folks that he had stopped by. Watching as Tommy enters back into his house, the supposed uncle Ted takes one more look at the window of Tommy's sister grinning. After doing so he gets into his vehicle driving off.

Worlds Away

The night comes and passes with Liu Kang returning to the Shalion temple watching the sun rises over the mountain tops. Last night was a long one with all that had happened, but there are so many questions left un answered involving the particular individual he encountered last night. Aside from that matter, there's the potential issue regarding that of Shinnok. If anything that's what everyone's main focus should be on, as he said to himself before the incident last night could have been a random occurrence that they don't really have to worry about. Walking toward the main entrance Liu looks over in the area of the garden spotting Kung Lao; re routing toward him.

"Good morning Kung Lao, what is the reason for you being up this early? You should be sleeping in and enjoying the time off, but I guess some just like to keep busy." Liu asks.

"Good morning to you as well, I thought by now you would have known I'm an early bloomer. But anyway where are you coming from, I didn't see much of you yesterday afternoon or night?" Kung Lao replies with a question.

Liu smiles knowing that Kung Lao is obviously in high spirits unlike yesterday, he seemed so tense which made the champion of MK uncomfortable himself.

"I'm glad you ask cause that leads to a question I'd like to ask you about the vampire woman you encountered at the neighboring temple. I think we possibly could have come across the same vamp, but it seems highly unlikely due to the distance."

Hearing this from Liu causes Kung Lao's heart to jump a bit, but when he says distance; where exactly did he encounter this person? Speaking to Liu directly, Kung Lao asks for in depth details what Liu went through last night. Doing as he's asked Liu Kang explains to him what had happened starting from when he entered into the restaurant. He does his best to try and explain what the woman looked like within the alleyway, asking Kung Lao even more questions seeing as he got a better look at her.

"Say we both did encounter the same vampire, don't you find it strange that something like that could happen in totally far apart locations. Who's to say she isn't really after us." Kung Lao says.

Looking down at the grass which the wind blows back and forth Liu looks back up at Kung Lao.

"No I don't think so, she gave me one look before flying off with her victim. If it had been me she wanted, I probably wouldn't be here right now. From what I could tell she posses both super speed and strength."

Both Shalion members stand in place discussing it for a little while, trying to figure out who this person is and if she's anything to worry about. Regardless if she is or not, Shinnok's return would bring on a global threat which is why their focus should remain only on that.

"Do you think we should alert Raiden about this?" Kung Lao asks.

"As of this, but if you or I encounter her or anything like her again it will be something we can bring to his attention." Liu replies.

Far out within the city area the police close a huge section away from the public. The authorities have caught up with the group who call themselves the Panda Masters; it wasn't long that the particular group stole top secret information concerning the FBI as well as most of the police force.

"Panda Masters you're surrounded, drop your weapons and surrender and this entire ordeal will end without casualties. There is no way you're going to escape." An officer informs through in intercom.

Surrounded is close to over twenty of the vigilant group, with both Sektor and Cyrax being present in the group. The good thing for them is this is only a small portion of the Panda Masters; it's well known between them all that a good margin of them probably won't be making it out of here alive. Moving his arms away from his chest, Sektor fires off four missiles at the police. Many of the police force run away from that of a police vehicle which is blown sky high in flames.

"Well it looks like they aren't going to come in easy, not surprising at all. I'm not sure where these guys came from or who they work for, but once we bring survivors in we'll need answers."

"That sounds like a plan, but some of my boys tell me you're familiar with those Cyborgs Jax. Who're they?"

Both Sergeant James and Jax kneel down behind a police vehicle looking over at the criminals which carry with them some very high tech weapons. Surrounding the outlaws is close to over sixty police vehicles and helicopters hovering from above.

"Yeah I've encountered them both in a tournament, they go by Sektor and Cyrax. But we won't get into that now, what's important is that we take these guys down." Jax says.

Standing from his position Jax fires off at the Panda's using a machine gun but ducks down as they shoot back. The chaos is being broadcast on all the major news stations; many at home wondering how this entire thing will unfold. Running up and taking cover behind the vehicle next to James and Jax is a familiar face.

"Sonya what are you doing here? aren't you supposed to be back at base?" Jax asks.

The sound of gun fire and yelling from both sides makes it tough to hear.

"Yes I was, but I was notified that there was no progress in bringing this group down so I got here as fast as I could."

Turning away from her Jax sets his eyes back on the battlefield and is surprised watching that of Stryker and a few others closing in on the group close range which causes the rest of the police force to stand down from shooting.

"You two stay here, I'm going in." Jax informs

Re positioning Sonya reaches out to grab him but is unsuccessful in doing so.

"Jax wait here, they should have it under control!" She yells out.

It isn't known if he didn't hear her or ignore the words of his squad member, but he runs forward in the direction of the Panda Masters. Approaching that of Sektor he drops his weapon punching at the cyborg which grabs his hand twisting his metal arm and throwing him down to the turf kicking him in the face. Not staying down long Jax gets back to his feet kicking at Sector who blocks the move karate chopping him across the neck. Blasting out another missile Jax jumps out of the way watching as it blows up a police vehicle.

"What is going on with the two of you? Is this the work of the Lin Kuei?" Jax asks with certain anger in his tone.

Sprinting Toward Jax Sektor kicks him a few times in the upper chest grabbing hold of his head smashing his face into the passenger window of a car belonging to a civilian! After doing so Sektor lifts Jax up by his neck throwing him into two other police officers. Using one of his installed nets on an officer, Cyrax steps forward stabbing a blade into the individual's left shoulder. Through it all there are fallen warriors from both sides, and in the end both Cyrax, Sektor along with seven of the team members escape. The others from their group are either unconscious or dead. It isn't long before Jax regains consciousness putting a hand to his head realizing he bleeds a little from his head. Most likely due to the contact with the glass.

"Lets round these guys up and take them back to the station so we can try and get some answers regarding their little gang." Stryker informs to the police officials who still stand.

Standing upright Jax can feel that of a hand resting on his shoulder turning to see Sonya who hands him a piece of cloth. Right away he puts up to the area of his cut looking up into the sky wondering just who exactly are the Panda Masters.

"How are you feeling Jax?" Sonya asks.

"I'll live; hopefully we'll be able to get some legit information out of one of these guys." Jax says.

Worlds Away

Fast asleep under the sheets; a knock at the door awakens Kal-El who reaches over grabbing his glasses getting out of bed while yawning. Looking over at the clock displayed on the wall it is a little after eight in the morning. He truly wonders who would be coming to visit him this early; if he can recall it isn't until 1 o'clock until he's due at the Daily Planet. Using his X-Ray vision he's able to see through the door surprised to see who stands on the other side. Reaching out he opens the door inviting the person in closing the door behind them.

"Well I must say I'm a bit surprised you stopped by to my apartment. So what's on your mind Bruce, can I get you anything?" Clark asks.

"No I'll be just fine." Bruce replies taking off the shade's and hat.

When coming here it was important no one recognized him, or people would be asking questions like why is Bruce Wayne is in Metropolis? Walking over into the kitchen area Clark starts up a thing of coffee.

"Don't keep me waiting, why are you here?" Clark asks turning to his friend/teammate.

Setting both the sun glasses and hat with on the countertop Bruce turns to Kal.

"I need to know more about the last day you saw Lois."

So that is why he's come here, at some point you just have to accept the fact that someone is gone and is not coming back. Opening up a cabinet Clark pulls out a small thing of brown sugar and cream. With a few moments passing and getting no reply from Kal he realizes this isn't something he wishes to talk about.

"I'm sorry for waking you, I guess I'll be on my way."

Picking up his shades and hat he makes his way for the exit but stops in place hearing the voice of Supes.

"Wait...I'll tell you what I can remember, but I doubt it really matters anymore. Just wait here for a second, I'll be right back."

Turning back around Bruce walks over having a seat on the sofa watching as Clark enters into a back room. Tragedies affect people in different ways, had his parents death occurred when he was a bit older he may have had the strength to move on past it. There is still no body; which means there is still hope Lois could be alive somewhere. If anything he needs to try and give his best friend some hope; but if he had to guess she's probably at the bottom of the ocean or buried somewhere. Someone like her wouldn't be gone this long without contacting someone. Bruce looks up to see Clark entering back into the room with a few photographs, taking a seat next to him.

"These were taken on the day I last spoke with her. These photos are mainly of her and Evern Jay, a reporter from Minnesota."

Taking the pictures from the hand of Clark Bruce looks through them, and for the most part Clark isn't in any of them except for one picture. And in that photo is Clark standing next to an individual who holds a massive metal looking suitcase. Why would someone be carrying around something that size; it must be heavy!

"What is this one of?" Bruce asks.

"That is one of me and Evern, taken just outside of Lois's apartment. He happened to be exiting out of her place after a meeting they had there. Evern informed me that she wasn't feeling well and that I should come back later."

Clark goes on to explain that the photo was taken by Evern's assistant, and that afterward he left the premises not seeing or speaking to Lois at all. The last time he had spoke to her was a few hours before that photo was taken.

"I don't really see how these photos will help at all seeing as Lois didn't go missing until after we left for that Mortal Kombat event. She was last seen at the Blossom Esplanade remember."

"How was this Evern guy towards Lois? Did it seem from your prospective that he could potentially want to harm her. It's a possibility he could have been keeping an eye on her routines and then striked at an opportune moment?" Bruce asks.

Sitting back on the couch Clark puts a hand to his chin trying to remember if there was any suspicious behavior regarding Evern.

"No from what I could tell, he seemed like an ok guy."

Sitting in place Bruce listens to what Clark tells him in depth of the last time he saw or spoke with her previous to the photos. It isn't long before Clark is finished giving all of what he can remember.

"Thanks for your time, but if you don't mind I'd like to borrow this entire stack of photos so that I can make copies for myself. Don't worry I'll get them back to you ASAP." Bruce tells.

Nodding Clark informs him that'll be just fine. Making his way for the exit Bruce places the shades over his eyes and hat over his head exiting out of the front entrance. Back within the city of New York walking down the sidewalk with an ice cream cone in hand is Peter Parker. Just two days ago he received an invitation to an art show from an old friend from middle school. The event is set to begin no longer than fifteen minutes and he still has several blocks to go. But it really shouldn't be a problem if he's just a little bit late.

"Ghee this has been some week, besides the time I spent with MJ I haven't had much free time. Hopefully these next few days will be a little easier going." Peter says to himself.

Taking another lick at the cone his heart drops at the sounds of screams and what resembles that of an explosion! Man can't he just have an hour where there is nothing going on; this week has truly been chaotic with non stop trouble. Finishing up his cone as fast as he can the stick is thrown into the trash. The next thing on his mind is looking for the closes alleyway finding one straight ahead. Looking in all directions making sure no one is looking, he continues forward into the alleyway. Moments later he exits out as Spiderman swinging around toward the area of where the screams originated. Arriving to the location in under a minute Spidy swings coming to a stop hanging off a flag poll, with his eyes narrowing.

"What in the world is that thing?"

Down below is a nine foot creature with a rough scaly red skin texture. People run in horror trying to get away from the beast which now shoots flames from it's mouth! Shooting out his web Spidy brings himself down in front of it.

"Shows over buddy, I'm not sure who you are but I'm taking you down." Spiderman says.

The creature does not reply or even pay Spiderman any attention, just continuing to blow fire out around the surrounding area. As a reaction Spidy scratches at the upper area of his mask.

"Ok so I'm a complete ghost? Man I hate the brainless ones." The wall crawler says to himself.

Running at top speed Spiderman leaps into the air kicking into this unknown enemy only knocking it off balance. Turning it's attention to the wall crawler it swings out it's tail tossing Spidy into the side of a school bus which passes by. All of the passengers go wild excited to see a glimpse of Spiderman in action. The driver speeds up trying to get them all out of harms way; down on his knees Spidy waves to the children as they're eventually out of sight. Looking back in the direction of the attacker he's whacked across the chest by it's tail again being smashed through a bus stop bench!

"Darn that thing is fast for being that big; but you know what they say the bigger they're the harder they fall."

Taking a stand Spiderman brushes himself off running toward the creature once again webbing it around the neck jumping over it while at the same time trying to pull it down. But to his surprise it pulls at his web catching him by his neck out of the air slamming him into the ground before throwing him into the side of an apartment building. Getting up slowly Spidy grunts stretching out his back.

"Ok now I'm just confused, what is this thing? Better yet how does it posses strength and speed like that?" Spidy asks himself.

As far as what he thinks, this thing is the creation of some mad scientists, but than again there are many scenarios in which this thing could have been constructed. He highly doubts it's an actual living species.

"Well I guess I'll just have to keep going at it, maybe I'll eventually find it's weak point. I guess that would all depend if it even has one." Spidy says to himself.

Moving from his position, Spiderman jogs out to his right lifting up an Aston Martin DBS 2011 launching it over at the creature! This time Spiderman is successful in knocking the creature over onto the cement ground. Quickly running over to follow up on his move Spiderman jumps up high, but as he comes down the enemy's tail stretches out wrapping around his neck and throwing him off to the side. It is then that the beast gets back on it's feet looking in the direction of Spiderman.

"Oh oo oh...ok so this guy is that good? Hhm I'll have to come up with a different tactic if I want to take this thing down. I can't let it leave this area; keeping the civilians safe is top priority." Spiderman says.

Before he's really able to do much of anything the creature jumps into the air close to over twenty ft in distance landing on top of him while stomping the web slinger. Trying to grab it's foot, Spidy is unsuccessful in doing so due to it's strength. Attempting to stomp Spidy again the creature is stopped from doing so! Hearing that of a piercing scream Spiderman covers his ears, watching as the creature is tossed back in the other direction; but he isn't sure how.

"Need a hand Spider?"

Removing his hands from his ears Spidy looks up to see a beautiful blond haired woman standing before him with a smile on her face.

"Yeah sure, but who are you?" Spidy asks standing to his feet.

"I'm Black Canary, but there's no need for introductions. Honestly I've seen and read about you in the papers. But lets not stand around talking, we need to take this thing down now." Canary informs.

Making her way past Spiderman, she sprints over at the creature punching and kicking at it jumping out of the way just as it shoots fire from it's mouth. Following close behind Spiderman runs in but this time dodges the tail of the creature using his super human reflexes.

"Alright ugly, it's time for you to go down!" Spiderman yells out.

Punching at the creature Spidy's fist is grabbed and he's thrown off to the side with the creature running in the opposite direction jumping 40 ft into the air making it's way onto the building tops. Neither Black Canary or Spiderman can believe their eyes; something that size shouldn't have hops like that.

"Wow should he even be able to do that? I mean really, that was pretty impressive." Spiderman says.

"Just when you think you've seen it all. Come Spider, lets see if we can cut it off on the other side."

Before Black Canary is able to say or do a thing Spiderman runs up behind her wrapping an arm around her waist, he webs them both up to the building top. Traveling on foot the two of them try and keep pace with the unknown enemy jumping from several rooftops. Up ahead both of them observe that of the creature coming to a complete stop. Coming up next to it the two of them stop as well.

"Any idea's on what this thing is?" Spiderman asks looking over at Canary.

"That's funny, I was about to ask you the same thing." She replies.

Roaring aloud the creature charges the two of them swinging it's tail while trying to bite at them both. Breathing another round of flames from it's mouth, both Black Canary's jacket and shirt catch on fire! Acting quickly she removes the jacket tossing it from the building top along with her shirt!

"Hello Roxanne!" Spiderman says whistling.

Looking over at him she smirks while at the same time blushing. Seeing this makes him feel bad, he didn't mean for it to come out that way; that was totally unprofessional. Both turn their attention back to the unknown foe; Spiderman shooting out a thing of web wrapping it around the monster's legs. But with relative ease the creature breaks out of it grabbing Canary by her throat throwing her into Spiderman who catches her; but unable to sustain balance they both tumble down with Black Canary ending up on top of him.

"Wow this must be my lucky day; either that or I'm dreaming." Spiderman teases.

Still on top of him she looks over her shoulder to see the creature preparing to shoot fire from it's mouth once again. It happens so fast that she really isn't sure what to think, watching as the creature is lifted from the rooftop by it's neck, and smashed head first into the sidewalk below! Moments after the one responsible fly's up hovering down in front of them.

"So what exactly are the two of you doing?" the person asks with a grin.

Both Spiderman and Black Canary glance at the individual and then back at each other.

"Thanks for the save Ms. Marvel; and incase you're wondering this is not in any way what it looks like." Spiderman says.

Canary sitting up on top of him shirtless in most situations could only mean one thing. Hearing the somewhat hurried/desperate tone from Spiderman causes Ms Marvel to chuckle.

"Oh sorry." Canary says finally getting off of Spidy, both heroes standing.

The three of them look down on the creature and to their surprise it disappears with a flash of light. It may not mean much to the ladies, but Spiderman has seen this before; and it was at that time in which both Hulk and Spider woman went missing! Could this event today be related to that?

"It was nice partnering up Spider we'll have to do it again sometime, but I've got to get back to the watchtower. I'll see if I can figure out where that thing went; if I find out anything, I'll let you both know." Black Canary says winking at Spiderman.

Using her JL teleport device she's gone in seconds, leaving both Ms Marvel and Spiderman. Walking over toward him her smile grows.

"I had no idea you could be such a little bad Spider. You two must have really been going at it before whatever that thing was arrived. I'll give you credit, she's very attractive."

"Look I already told you, there was nothing going on; we were trying to take out that thing. Her upper clothing was burned during the scuffle." Spidy tells.

"Whatever you say Pete. But I'd really like to know...out of us both who do you think is prettier?" Ms Marvel asks in a seductive tone.

Biting at his tongue, Peter becomes nervous feeling the hairs on his back standing. With clinched fists he tries to think of a way out of this.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot, I've got to get to an art show; nice talking with you though." Spiderman says leaping off the building.

Looking down and watching him swing out of sight brings a smile to her face. Up in that of the Watchtower Canary heads for her quarters, but on her way there she passes by both Super girl and Booster gold who look at her funny.

"Don't even say a word." Is all she says.

Worlds Away

Inside that of the Lin Kuei Temple Subzero trains in the dojo alone. Most of the other members have gone out on their set morning routine which requires a lot of cardio exercise. Being the grand master is a major responsibility, and he must be sure to stay in top form at all times. While punching on the sand bag, he stops feeling that of a hand resting on his left shoulder, turning to face the person.

"It's been awhile hasn't it Kuai, how have things been?"

"Good to see you as well Sareena, how was your travels in the Himalayas?" Subzero asks.

"I guess you could say it was alright but it's good to be back. So what's happened in the past year besides the Mortal Kombat tournament?" Sareena asks.

Subzero pretty much replies by informing her things have been pretty quite for the most part with not a lot going on. Stepping back she challenges him to a friendly sparring session. Stepping into the middle of the room where the mats cover the space he accepts her challenge.

"Just to let you know I won't be holding back." Subzero says.

"Good I would expect no less."

To Be Continue
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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 34: Trio of the Bat,Spider, and Bird!

Circling one another both Sareena and Subzero eye the other down looking for a good opening. Moving Forward Sareena is the first to try and attack, but has her fist grabbed with Subzero kicking her in the stomach; lifting her up and tossing her to the ground. She may look beautiful on the outside, but within she's truly a demon; which is unknown to most. Punching at the mat she gets up throwing out a few kicks at Subz who easily dodges.

"Nice form, but you need to work on being more precise." Subzero says ducking down from another kick.

Using her speed and strength she's able to land a good hit near the left side of his rib, knocking him off balance. Reaching out to grab her, she slides down leg dropping him onto the mat. Standing she looks down on Subzero who lays on his back, smirking wildly! Bending down she gets on top of him resting her lower body on top of his while resting her hands on his chest. Trying to sit up, he's unable to given the fact she pushes down on him.

"I'd say I've got you in the perfect position, but the question is...what should I do?" She asks seductively.

While trying to get up again his eyes widen feeling that of her lower body rubbing up against his in a circular motion; observing the grin on her face makes it even worse. Now taking the situation more serious he effortlessly tosses her off of him. Landing on her right hip she chuckles while looking over at him. Standing to his feet, Subz brushes himself off looking over at Sareena with clinched fists.

"Why in the world did you do that? That was beyond unprofessional!" Subzero asks wanting a good answer.

Standing to her feet she can't help but smile; he's kind of hot when he's angry.

"Honestly I'm surprised, I had no idea the Grandmaster could be aroused so quickly. But than again, what man wouldn't want this." Sareena replies looking down and touching at herself a little bit.

Not hearing an instant reply like she expected, Sareena looks up at him realizing he's at lost for words. Seeing as he walks toward her, a shiver creeps up her back unsure of what he's going to do. Perhaps she crossed the line with her action moments ago. Coming within touching distance of her Subzero stops in place bringing his face down to hers.

"Don't ever DO THAT AGAIN!" He says making himself clear.

Turning away from her he walks for the exit, but taking his 4th step he stops in place turning back to face her.

"Wait just a sec, why did you do that in the first place?" Subzero asks.

Holding back a smile, this makes her feel a bit warm inside. Whenever a guy wants to know why; in most cases means he's a little bit interested.

"Someone like you shouldn't be alone in your quest of battle. A warrior should always have something to live for; like a family and or wife. Besides the legacy of Subzero shouldn't die with you, but rather continue to live on." Sareena says.

Standing in place he crosses his arms becoming a bit confused on what any of that is supposed to mean. Giving it some thought he's got an idea of what she might be trying to say; but that's crazy! Now Subz begins to wonder if something happened to her during her trip to the Himalayas.

"SAREENA we're both Lin Kuei, that can never happen! Besides we wouldn't be able know...wait why am I even talking to you about this?" Subz says.

Walking forward she shakes her head disagreeing.

"If you're referring to sex than you're wrong; I've got the body of a woman. But if you meant reproduction, well than that's something that will have to be tested." Sareena says looking him in the eyes.

Looking back at her, he truly can't believe what she's saying; it almost seems like when she left for her journey, someone else has returned in her place. He wonders if this is someone else, but until there is actual evidence Subz will just keep this to himself.

"This conversation is terminated; You and I are goanna pretend this never happened. It is best we forget about this." Subzero informs.

"Yeah maybe so, but if you ever change your mind you know where to look." She says.

Looking away from her, honestly he feels like he wants to strangle her by the neck for some of the ridiculous things she's saying. Just as he's about to turn for the door it opens with the eldest member entering welcoming Sareena back.

"I hate to be a bother Subzero, but I think you should know there's been a breach on the outer edges of the temple over on the west side. I can send a squad out to analyze the situation, unless you'd like to check it out yourself."

"No problem, I'll be on it right away; I'll take three others alongside me." Subzero says while bowing down.

Just as he's about to exit the room, Sareena volunteers to come alongside him, and before he's able to decline the eldest member agrees saying that would be a great idea. Seeing as she's been away for a long time, if there is something wrong this would be a good time for her to get back into action. Frowning beneath his mask Subzero wants to say something, but doesn't exiting out of the room with Sareena following him.

"Why do I get the feeling you're angry with me?" Sareena asks.

Getting no eye contact from him or even a reply confirms her assumption. But to be honest it was his older brother she had feelings for, when they first crossed paths in the Netherealm some years ago. Entering into the main lobby, Subzero gets the attention of two Lin Kuei members informing them to follow him. Dropping whatever it was they were doing the two follow that of Sareena and Subzero out of the front door.

"So where exactly are we going?" One of them asks.

"There might be someone unwanted on our premises, and if that's the case they must be removed. Keep your guard up, there may be more than one." Subzero says.

Traveling out to the area as fast as they can, when they arrive they're surprised to see that of a humongous gorilla looking animal, except for the fact it has dark blue fur!

"Ok I'll bite; does anyone have a clue what in the hell this thing is?" One of the Lin Kuei members ask.

But there is no reply, due to the fact none of them know the answer to that. Without warning the strangely colored gorilla growls while slamming it's fists forward with Subz jumping out of the way. Taking a few moments Subzero is able to create an ice sword, dashing forward to attack. Roaring at the tops of it's lungs the blue gorilla Knocks Subzero off to the side with the sword falling out of his hand.

"Darn this thing looks really tough, but it isn't anything greater than what we've trained for." One of them says.

Moving ahead of the group Sareena recovers the ice sword turning and running at the beast but is grabbed by her neck and slammed head first into the turf, lifting her over it's head Sareena is thrown into a nearby tree being knocked out. Shaking his head feeling a bit dizzy, he gets up running out in front of his clan members creating an ice blast freezing the gorilla solid!

"Now I'll rip it's heart from it's body." One of the Lin Kuei members says stepping ahead of Subzero.

But with a burst of strength the gorilla bursts out of the ice pounding at it's chest charging Subz and his team. Freezing down at it's feet doesn't slow it down one bit, reaching out and smashing one of their heads into a rock knocking the other of them over. Taking off toward a nearby cliff with an idea in mind is Subzero. Just as he had predicted the ape follows him, and as it closes in Subzero flips up kicking it across the neck watching as it falls over eighty ft to it's death. But surprisingly before it hits the ground a huge light appears overhead taking the attacker with it!

"What in the...just happened?" He asks himself.

Just then the edge of land he stands with on begins to crumble and he's unable to grab hold of anything due to how fast it happens. With wide eyes he readies himself to freeze the surface down below as much as he can to better help his survival. But out of nowhere he is grabbed by his wrist and pulled back up onto safe grounds.

"Looks like I arrived just in time bub, what happened?"

Looking up Subzero is a bit surprised to see the person he had agreed to let stay out in an outer cottage of the Lin Kuei temple. Many believed Wolverine had died at the Mortal Kombat tournament close to a year ago, but only Subzero, Batman, Superman and Spiderman knew the truth. When Batman had first come to Subz about Wolverine staying with the Lin Kuei, he was a bit skeptical. But when bats explained to him Pythena's plan to take over both their worlds, he agreed to this seeing as they'd have the element of surprise as far as Wolverine goes; not to mention he's a worthy warrior.

"Good timing Logan." Subzero says standing to his feet.

Being here close to a year Subzero and Wolverine have gotten to know each other a little bit, even getting in several secret training sessions. But for the most part they haven't seen much of the other, seeing as Wolverine isn't a member of the Lin Kuei coupled in with the fact Subzero spends close to 95% of his time there. In Fact the Lin Kuei as a whole doesn't even know Logan is staying in one of their outer cottages except for Subzero himself.

"Honestly I'm not sure what that thing was; any normal gorilla wouldn't have been able to break out of my ice blast. But as of now it will no longer be anything to worry about." Subz tells.

"Well than, I guess I'll return back to my camp sight before anyone sees us together." Wolverine says.

But before he's able to go the surrounding Lin Kuei members begin to awake with Sareena approaching the two of them. The others do the same as well, but before they're able to get close Subzero demands them to return to the Lin Kuei temple as an order. The two members bow down doing as they're told, except for Sareena who just stands in place removing her hand from her head.

"What part of return to the Lin Kuei temple did you not understand?" Subzero asks.

Not replying or even paying Subzero much attention Sareena moves in even closer with her eyes on Wolverine.

"What are you about 5'4?" She asks.

"Yeah something like that, but I'm a lot more dangerous than I look." Logan replies.

Standing off to the side, at this particular moment Subzero feels like a ghost; being completely ignored. Something is wrong with this woman, from the moment she encountered him in the dojo there's just been something off about her.

"I'm sure you are," Sareena looks away from Wolverine and back at Subzero, "Is he a friend of your's?"

"Return to the Lin Kuei temple Sareena, don't make me have to ask again." Subzero replies.

Turning away from him she rolls her eyes wanting to say something; but at the same time she doesn't want to get on his bad side. Walking away she does as she is told returning to the Lin Kuei temple. Both men watch as she eventually travels out of sight.

"I don't know if it is possible for you to get in touch with the manbat, but I think now would be a good time for you to return to your home world. I have a good feeling that whatever her name was has given up on trying to conquer our worlds."

"Manbat... I think you meant Batman. I'd have to agree with you on that one; the last time I spoke with Batman was close to five month's ago. He made his way into this world using the device I had given him. He informed me to wait it out another seven month's, so I guess I've still got some time to wait here."

Looking up at the gray clouds which begin to come in both men know a storm is most likely on the way, so it's best they finish up this conversation sooner rather then later. But the thing Subzero has always wanted to know, is how Wolverine survived being thrown into a pit of lava by Baraka? Most likely that's probably what it looked like to those watching; it's obvious that's not what really happened. But than there's the dimension/teleport device! Where did Logan obtain something of that high caliber, not to mention find his way to a hospital near tournament grounds and get in contact with the capped crusader? One day he'd like to know the story behind this, but right now isn't that time.

"Well I guess this is where we part ways; I'll check up on you in a day or two." Subzero informs.

"Sounds good, see you than."

Wolverine is the first to begin walking heading back to the small cottage he's been staying in. Just thinking for a little while Subzero makes his way back to the Lin Kuei in the next ten minutes.

Worlds Away

Entering into his hideout located just outside the city of Metropolis Deadpool takes a seat on the sofa resting his feet on top of the table lifting up the remote and turning on the T.V. Beneath his mask he smiles seeing that of Cherry Rox, the most beautiful and best singer globally; between her and Sandra Bridey as far as the public is concerned they're top tier among other singers.

"Before I die I'd love to meet Cherry in person, she's such a fox." Deadpool says sitting back.

Sitting for over another few minutes Deadpool sits up taking a stand and walking over to the kitchen area. Opening the fridge, his eyes narrow to see only a thing of orange juice along with left over hot dogs from two nights ago. Shaking his head he reaches forward pulling out the bottle of juice, shutting the fridge and returning back over to the couch.

"Once I'm under less heat, I need to get out of this dump and relocate; after that I need to put together a new team." He says to himself.

With the passing of some time the sun sets while the moon rises bringing up clear skies in that of Gotham City except for a few clouds here and there. In front of the five star restaurant known as GC City side, a limo pulls up with both Sandra and her fiance Trevor stepping out onto the purple carpet. Off to the side is the paparazzi who take several photographs of the two as they enter into the diner. Trevor informs one of the workers in the front they have a reservation and are lead to their table moments later.

"So is there anything I can get you guys to start off with?" The waiter asks.

"I guess we'll take two waters, but we're waiting for two others and will order when they arrive." Trevor informs.

Writing the information down the worker thanks them for coming, letting them know he'll be back with their waters ASAP.

"Trust me Trevor, you'll love them both; they're really great guys." Sandra tells

"The way you speak of them, I'm sure I will."

While sitting and waiting the two of them talk to one another, and within the next five minutes it is non other than Tony Stark himself who enters in walking over to their table. Sandra is the one to introduce them to one another. Taking a seat it is Tony who takes over to conversation telling Trevor a little bit about himself, along with some small details of Stark industries. The three of them talk back and forth loosing track of time realizing that thirty minutes has passed by.

"Wow I wonder what's taking Wayne, do you think something came up and he won't be able to make it?" Trevor asks looking over at Sandra.

Pulling out her phone she checks to see if she has any missed calls, but there isn't any displayed.

"I'm sure he would have called if that were the case; I'm sure he's still coming, someone of his status probably has a lot on his plate. How about the three of us order in the meantime, so we don't starve." Sandra says with a laugh.

The two of them agree with her picking up their menu's looking at the different choices. Outside of the restaurant a couple miles away, within a business building in uptown Gotham a new set of individuals have arrived. Sitting at a table with his hands on the table's surface is one of Gotham's most lethal criminals. Holding up binoculars and looking through from a building across the street is the dynamic duo themselves.

"So are you ready to move in?"

"Not yet Robin, I want to see who this new business associate is who Blackmask has been speaking of." Batman replies.

Pulling out his grapple gun Robin aims for the building across from them.

"Damien what did I just say?" Batman almost yells.

Robin informs Batman he was just trying to get in closer; bats shakes his head telling him to stay put. If they were to get any closer they'd be in serious danger of getting seen. Putting the grapple gun back within his utility belt the boy wonder crosses his arms leaning up against the wall. Looking back into the binoculars the dark knight observes the door opening with someone entering in with a weirdly shaped head.

"Yo bats, I'm glad I found you I need your help."

Pulling the binoculars from his eyes, Batman as well as Robin look up to see a certain someone dressed in blue and red sticking to the building looking down on them.

"Spiderman! What are you doing in Gotham, I thought I made it clear I didn't want any outsiders in my city." Batman says.

Using his web Spidy swings down putting himself in between both Batman and Robin.

"Wow I guess this is the first time I've met the boy wonder; nice to meet you kid I'm Spiderman." Spidy says putting out his hand.

Robin just seems to stare at him which causes Peter to raise an eye brow behind his mask; from what he heard Batman's sidekick was supposed to be the light to his darkness. It sure doesn't seem that way at the moment. If he had to guess it's probably been a tough start to patrol tonight for these two.

"Ooo...K," Spidy says turning from Robin to Batman, "As I was saying I need your help to bring down Hammerhead. Rumor has it he's trying to partner up with some guy called the Blackmask."

Before Spiderman is able to continue talking Batman stops him, while at the same time handing him the binoculars.

"Take a look in the building across from us, at the eighth floor 3rd window to the left. Is this Hammerhead anywhere in sight?" Batman asks.

Lifting up to the binoculars Spidy looks through, the window in which Batman instructed, but if Hammerhead is in there it will be tough to tell due to the amount of men in black suits which stand around. But watching for a few moments more, three of the men exit out of the room, and there he is as bright as day!

"I see him, he's right there!" Spiderman says.

Reaching out Batman takes the binoculars from Spiderman putting them back into his utility belt.

"Robin and I will take care of it, you can make your way back to your home town. Your assistance will not be needed." The dark knight says.

Hearing the words of Batman causes Spiderman to laugh a little With bats narrowing his eyes wondering what's so funny. Batman may not know it, but Spiderman finds it to be funny how he always tries to push everyone around making all the decisions, and through it all believes he's right. Still leaning up against the wall Robin just looks back and forth at the two.

"Look bats I know it's your city which equals your rules, but I've made a living of dealing with guys like Hammerhead." Spiderman says.

"So have I; and I won't ask you again to leave!"

"Ok that's all fine, but I guess you're going to have to make me; I'm not going anywhere. Look bats I'm not trying to be a hard case, it's just that I have history with this guy. Plus look at it this way, if the Joker or one of Gotham's criminals was in New York I wouldn't be shooing you away like this."

Moving forward Batman gets in the face of Spiderman giving him the bat glare, but the wall crawler doesn't budge at all.

"Is that supposed to scare me?" Spiderman asks.

Backing off from Spidy Batman turns looking in the direction of where Blackmask and Hammerhead stand.

"Alright than, tell me what you've heard about this deal involving Blackmask and Hammerhead." Batman says.

Moving up next to Batman Spidy informs him he received his information by eavesdropping on a few of Hammerheads men, back a few days ago and heard they'd be meeting here in Gotham. According to what he heard the guys saying, both Blackmask and Hammerhead were planning a short term partnership to bring more money in off the streets and to add more fire power. If he heard correctly they were also recruiting more individuals to join their team, but have to go through some training.

"Well now that I know what this is all about, I'll put an end to this before it even begins." Batman says pulling out his grapple gun.

"You mean we're going to put an end to this, with Robin and I at your side we can take care of this quickly without any issues."

Looking back at both Spidy and Robin, Batman looks back over at the building across from them.

"The two of you are strictly backup; if things look to be getting rough you can make your way over." Batman says grappling over to the other building.

"Whaaaat! Backup, what kind of stuff is that?" Spidy says complaining watching as Batman swings himself across the way.

Looking away from Batman Spidy turns to his young sidekick.

"Is this always how it is for you; oh hey Robin you're just backup?" Spidy asks trying to impersonate Batman.

"Not all the time, it really just depends on the mission. But really I'm not one to sit around, Batman is great but he isn't always right."

Pulling out his grapple gun Robin shoots it over at the building across from them following Batman! Scratching at his head Spidy just shrugs his shoulders; guess tonight will be the trio of Batman, Robin and Spiderman! Honestly he could get use to the sound of that! Shooting out his web Spiderman follows Robin. Without warning for any of them the window comes crashing through with Batman standing tall in front of the group!

"It's over Blackmask, your plan to create an alliance with Hammerhead is being wiped out before it even starts." Batman says.

A few of Blackmask's men run at Batman but he calls them off telling them to stand down.

"So your this Batman I've been hearing about, I've heard all about you ever since I've entered Gotham. But I think I'll show you why they call me Hammerhead." He says charging forward.

Just as he comes within a foot of the dark knight, bats jumps up over him kicking hammerhead into the wall. Hammerhead shakes himself off turning to Batman.

"You're quick Batman, I'll give you that; but rule number one never come into a lions den alone. Boys $40,000,000 extra for whoever can bring me the Batman's head!" Hammerhead tells.

Getting into a fighting stance Batman signals for them to come and attack.

"Who said he came alone."

Everyone looks in the area of where Batman had come through to see Robin enter as well pulling out three birdarangs. not even a second later Spiderman enters as well.

"Spiderman! How in the world does this bug know where I was! The price has been upped, whoever can kill the spider, bat and bird will earn a $100,000,000 bonus!" Hammerhead informs.

Both Spidy and Robin make their way over to the side of Batman. It is then that the huge group of men run at the three heroes attacking at full force. Blocking a punch Batman back hands one of them across the face while Robin jumps up elbowing and leg dropping another of them. Using his spectacular flexibility and speed Spiderman takes out close to four of them all at once. Truthfully this is a fun experience for Spidy fighting at the side of the dynamic duo; and although Batman may not admit it he feels good to have Spidy in his corner. The trio quickly and easily defeats the group of mobsters turning their attention to Blackmask and Hammerhead who're already gone!

"Well we should have known those cowards would escape during us fighting. So what's the plan now? Are we goanna go after them?" Spiderman asks.

Just then the three of them can here that of police vehicles coming to a stop in front of the building. This is probably the work of Blackmask and Hammerhead; by calling the police anonymously, this would give them little to know time to question the mobsters.

"No we will pick back up on their trail another time, besides we disrupted their meeting which means they'll have to reschedule. Robin and I will get back to you if we find out anything. But in the meantime I want you out of Gotham."

Spiderman again chuckles at Batman's words, as if he couldn't make it any more clear. Turning to Batman and Robin, Spidy's heart jumps a bit to see that they're gone! He heard they had a way of disappearing, but that was fast!

"Guess that's my cue to leave as well." Spidy says.

Making his way over to the already shattered window he leaps out swinging into the darkness. With the passing of another forty minutes Bruce Wayne finally arrives at GC city side walking out onto the purple carpet entering into the restaurant. He is taken over to the table by one of the waitresses.

"Oh wow so Mr. Wayne finally decides to show up; where have you been out partying? You're like an hour late." Tony asks.

Both Sandra and Trevor laugh at what Tony says, Bruce taking a seat next to him. But moving out his hand Tony accidentally spills a thing of sauce on his shirt. Sandra is the only one to laugh with Bruce smiling.

"You guys don't go anywhere I'll be right back." Tony says getting up from the table.

He heads for the bathroom where he plans to clean up the small mess. Bruce decides to order something to go so he doesn't keep them waiting seeing as he's so late. Talking with Sandra and Trevor for over five minutes the phone of Trevor's rings with his agent being on the other line. Finishing the conversation Trevor stands putting the phone back in his pocket.

"Sorry hun but I've got to go, there are a few things I have to take care of down at the studio. Nice talking to you Wayne even if it was a short time; tell Tony I'm sorry I had to go."

Giving her a kiss Trevor heads for the door exiting out. For over a minute both Bruce and Sandra just sit in silence just sort of staring at each other, Sandra is the one to finally look away blushing.

"Is everything ok?" Bruce asks.

Looking back at him she smiles.

"Tell me Bruce, are you a good or bad boy? I could give you pleasure beyond your wildest imagination." She says smiling seductively!

Leaning forward she removes her foot from her shoe lifting it up and rubbing it in the area of his crotch! Through it all she licks her lips with much desire in her eyes winking at him.

"Why don't we just leave now and go back to your place? Come on Brucie, I want you to show me just how much of a playboy you are."

Reaching down he removes her foot from his area pushing out his chair.

"Ouch that's the first time I've been rejected, but don't worry when I want something I get it. You can't resist something as beautiful as me for long."

Looking down on her, Bruce cannot believe THE Sandra Bridey is trying to hit on him!

"Look Sandra I won't lie, you're incredibly gorgeous and Sexy, but Trevor is a good man and I'd hate to ruin that."

Standing as well she slips her foot back into her shoe walking over in front of Bruce placing her hands with on his chest. Looking away from her and outside of the window he can see the bat signal shining bright.

"Look cutie Trevor doesn't even have to find out about this. Plus we aren't married yet," Standing at the tip of her toes she whispers into his ear, "I want you to make love to me."

Putting his hands up against her waist he pushes her away.

"I'm sorry, but this just isn't going to happen. Perhaps you should call off your wedding, if I had to guess I'd say you're not settled enough yet."

Just then the waiter arrives with Bruce's food handing him the box. Bruce thanks him before he walks off.

"Look Sandra I have somewhere I need to be, I apologize for being late to the dinner. Don't do this to Trevor, good men are hard to come by." Bruce says.

To her surprise Bruce gives her a hug before exiting out, most likely so things are less awkward between them both. She loves when a man plays hard to get, and when he's as good looking as Bruce it makes her want him even more. She didn't think it was possible a man could reject her, Gotham's finest sure is something else. While in her train of thought she feels someone tapping at her shoulder, turning to see Tony.

"Where'd everyone go? Sorry I took so long, on the way out I ran into a few fans who were asking a lot of questions." Tony tells.

"Well my fiance had to report back to the studio here in Gotham, while Bruce had something come up."

Tony shakes his head understanding fully.

"So do you need a ride back to your place?" Tony asks.

Zoned out a little bit a smile creeps onto her face.

"Actually there was something I wanted to show you, but we'd have to go back to your hotel. I mean that is if you aren't busy."

"Oh sure that'll be fine, what is it you want to show me?"

"You will just have to wait and see." She replies.

Waiting for the waiter to return Tony pays the bill with the two of them exiting out together. When outside the driver of Tony's limo awaits the two of them; being a gentleman he opens the door for her entering second. For the most part neither of them speak through the ride. After some time they arrive to the hotel quickly making their way up to his room before anyone can see them due to their celebrity status. Walking over and sitting on the edge of the bed Tony picks up the remote turning on the T.V.

"So what was it you wanted to show me?" He asks.

"Hold on, do you mind if I use your bathroom really fast."

He replies by telling her "Go ahead." changing the channel to the local news. His eyes narrow hearing the newscaster speaking of someone by the name of Killer Croc who has escaped a place called Arkham Asylum. Tony shakes his head, wondering if there is a city out there more twisted than Gotham. With the passing of another ten minutes the door to the bathroom opens.

"How do I look?"

Still with his eyes on the T.V. Tony re positions turning to look over at Sandra.

"You look...DAMN! I're beyond th the mmost...beau beautiful doesn't even descri!" Tony is unable to finish his sentence dropping the remote.

Walking toward him seductively, she wears nothing but her panties and Bra. He's unable to keep his eyes off of her with his mouth open. Coming up next to him she picks up the remote turning off the T.V. sitting in his lap wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I know you want me Tony, just say yes and I'll give you a night to remember. Trevor will never know, this will be our little secret."

While in his lap she begins moving her lower body up against his.

"So what do you say?" She whispers into his ear.

"Yes...yes I want you." Tony replies.

Grinning she pulls herself off of him, helping Tony to remove his shirt. While in the moment he kicks off his shoes. After doing so he gets up further into the bed resting his head on the pillows. Smirking she removes her bra to reveal her breasts throwing it off to the side. Getting into the bed she gets on top of him resting her chest over his bringing her lips to his joining in a deep passionate kiss. Entering her tongue into his mouth, he does the same moving his hands up and down her back. Kissing him roughly she breaks the kiss sucking on his upper lip.

"I say we cut the chase and get right to it." She says reaching down and unbuckling his pants.

Worlds Away

Within the Dojo both Liu Kang and Kung Lao train, staying in top form due to the uncertainty of what they could be facing if Shinnok does indeed return. Liu lifts weights while Kung Lao practices keeping his form of Material arts crisp and precise. It is late and soon both of them will turn in for the remainder of the night. Watching as the door to the room opens both are surprised to see who enters.

"Kitana what are you doing here?" Liu Kang asks.

To Be Continue