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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 31: Poisonous Deception

Entering into the large dark space, both JL members are still able to see thanks to the moon's lighting which comes through the several windows around. The one thing that is certain, is they must stay fully on guard and stay weary of their surroundings. Setting his lenses to detect mode, Batman scans the area for anything dangerous such as explosives or anything else lethal which is programmed into his database.

"Well if it isn't the Green Lantern and Batman, I'm glad the two of you were able to make it to our little tea party. Incase you're wondering, I can assure you there's enough for everyone. So why don't you super boys take a seat and stay awhile."

Hearing the very familiar voice, the fists of Batman tighten switching his lenses back to standard mode while at the same time shaking his head. It would seem they've got yet another high profile criminal to deal with. It is then that an overhead light turns on near the middle of the room, revealing a certain individual who stands next to a table pouring two glasses of tea.

"It would seem the two of you are our guests of honor, which means you get the first servings."

Stepping forward while pulling out a batarang, Batman makes it clear neither Green Lantern or himself are here to play games.

"I had no idea you escaped Arkham Mad Hatter, but that's exactly where you will be returning soon. Now where are the Penguin and Toyman? If you all turn yourselves in without a fight, maybe you will receive less harsh treatment when taken in." Batman says.

Taking a few steps to his left, Mad Hatter lifts up another glass pouring another portion of tea.

"I'd love to discuss your offer...but only over a cup of tea, don't be afraid I've saved two seats for you both."

Moving forward it is now Green Lantern who grows agitated with what feels like some form of role play!

"We've heard enough, perhaps a little physical action will get you to cooperate!" GL says creating a large fist.

Walking in front of him, Batman signals for his teammate to stand down. Doing as he's asked the object created from the ring ceases to exist. If there is one thing Batman has learned throughout his time as being Gotham's protector, it's how to go about handling the city's criminal master minds, or what most would call crazies.

"You know what I think? You super heroes have to much energy, but don't worry I've got just the thing to fix that. And maybe afterwards you will have the respect of being worthy of the greatest tea in town."

Both Green Lantern and Batman look at one another both unsure what that's supposed to mean. But an even better question, is what business do both Penguin and Mad Hatter have outside of Gotham. Just then four more lights are turned on which are located in the four corners of the massive space. It is then that both Penguin and Toyman come into sight, standing next to Mad Hatter.

"I couldn't agree more with Hatter, I'm glad you could join us Batman; and it makes it even sweeter you brought a friend along for the ride." Penguin says.

While smiling Toyman snaps a finger, and as a reaction from out of the darkness appears a huge group of men carrying with them knives, baseball bats, metal bars etc. Getting into a fighting stance Batman gets himself ready for battle. This comes as no surprise for either of them, they had a great idea this would be some type of ambush; for anyone else normal it would be, but for them this is just another day at work.

"Lets take them out as fast as we can GL, but be sure to keep your eyes on the three of them, we don't want them to escape or anything like that." Batman whispers to his teammate.

Shaking his head informing the Dark Knight he understands, GL creates a green carpet under the feet of the men who approach them pulling it up knocking a lot of them down. Running ahead of Green Lantern Batman engages in battle with a few of them who approach. Taking to the air GL creates an Eagle which grabs one of the men below with it's talons.

"When should we unleash our surprise?" Toyman asks.

"Not just yet, let them fight; and when the time comes it will make their failure that much more sweet. They have no idea this is just the smoke screen." Penguin replies.

Reaching out one of them grabs Batman by his neck tightening their grip, through an arm lock while three more of them come over punching on him. Using his upper body strength Batman tosses the guy off of him knocking down the others as well. Creating a large piano Green Lantern smashes it into the head of a criminal knocking over a good amount of them who stand around.

"The three of you should just give up. But I won't lie, I'm curious to why you've lead us to your hideout; seriously that won't help your chances of escaping?" Green Lantern asks looking over in the direction of the three.

Just then a window in the west side of the building smashes in with someone coming through, the glass shattering all over the ground below. Everyone is caught off guard watching as the individual within the darkness throws out a massive projectile resembling that of a shield! It passes the head of Toyman who ducks down, with it traveling back to the wielder as if it were a boomerang. Seeing as the individual steps into the light a smile forms on the face of GL.

"Captain America! What in the world are you doing here?" Green Lantern asks.

Outside of the building more and more bystanders seem to crowd the area coming from different directions; some having no idea what's going on. But looking over the many other civilians standing around, as well as police vehicles and newscasters they know it's something very big.

"We've just received word that some witnesses confirmed that Captain America has now entered into the building which stands tall behind me. While we all wait anxiously, we can only hope these criminals will be brought down."

Many watch at home with crossed fingers hoping this will end without anymore casualties. Without much delay Cap makes his way over to the side of Batman and GL. The three of them working together should be able to put an end to this entire ordeal quickly, as well as send Toyman back to prison and Hatter along with Penguin back to Arkham. Thinking to himself Batman does find it strange to see Mad Hatter working with the Penguin and Toyman; talk about a random team up. But the real question is why? What are the three of them really up to, and is it possible they've got even more criminal acquaintances?

"Hahaha, so I finally get to meet the great Captain America in person!" Penguin laughs pulling out one of his umbrellas shooting at the three, "As if the world didn't have enough of you!" Penguin yells out shooting.

Lifting his shield up to block the bullets Cap realizes there is no point seeing that Green Lantern has created a shield around the three of them. Taking in the words of Penguin, Batman concludes he's referring to the merging of the two earth's. With the good that came with this other world also came the bad; in a sense balancing out.

"The three of you should just give up, there's no way you're getting past us, and if somehow you did you're completely surrounded. Yes that's right the Police have the entire area surrounded." Captain America says.

Hearing what Cap has to say the three of them smile which, makes the three heroes start to wonder; GL taking down the shield. What exactly is going on here, there's probably nothing to worry about but they most definitely have to keep up their guards.

"Why're you all just standing around, you know why we paid you, so get over there and kill the three of them." Hatter yells out.

Doing as they're told the group runs over toward the three one of them swinging a bat at Captain America who blocks the attack with his shield kicking the guy off to the side. Just then another guy swings a knife at him, but with his quickness Cap dodges the attempt knocking the guy over using his shield. Creating a snake Green Lantern wraps it around one of them swinging him around; honestly this is child's play for him, and if he was trying this entire group could have been taken out the moment they came into sight. Jumping over one of the criminals, Batman knife hands him across the back of his neck, leg dropping another of them who approaches.

"I think it's time that we unleash our little surprise to these heroes. We'll see just how many of them they will be able to save." Toyman says.

"No not just yet, we'll hold off a little bit longer." Penguin says.

Grabbing the wrist of a criminal who punches at him, Cap twists it having the guy drop his hand knife due to the pain. Performing a quick combo Batman takes down three of them at the same time throwing a batarang into the head of another knocking him out. Creating a huge wide screen T.V. Green Lantern finishes off the rest of them. Looking over at GL Batman raises an eyebrow under the cowl.

"A plasma screen...really?" Batman says.

Shrugging his shoulders Green Lantern just smiles; the three of them turning their attention to Penguin, Mad Hatter and Toyman. There is no way they're going to escape, it's almost impossible with what awaits them outside not to mention the JL members along with the Avenger.

"I guess there is no point in asking if you guys are just going to take the easy way out and just turn yourselves in. It's fine by us, we'll just take you out like we did your men." Captain America says.

The six stand in total silence just eyeing the other side down, and for some reason Batman just gets the feeling this is far from over, and these guys have something up their sleeve. Why else would they have lead he and Green Lantern to this place knowing they were hot on their trail; this could possibly be a cover up for something bigger happening.

"I guess you super heroes have a choice to make. You can either try and stop us, or try and save the people."

Hearing the words of Mad Hatter brings chills up the backs of them all. What people are they referring to, it comes as no surprise to any of them, it's rarely ever that simple. Putting a hand into one of his side pockets Penguin pulls out a device grinning.

"Hold on what are you doing?" Green Lantern asks.

"There's got to be close to over five hundred people outside, observing and waiting to see what their heroes will do; but let this be the first of your many great failures to come. Poisonous gas may be more of Joker's thing, but hey if it works don't stop it."

Just as Penguin presses the button the device is knocked out of his grasp by that of a batarang thrown by Batman!

"Too late!" The Capped Crusader says sounding a bit panicked.

Running over to the nearest window Captain America looks outside with his eyes widening watching as the poisonous gas rises from the sewer area, which confirms that's exactly where the machine releasing that stuff is located! It is almost instantly that people begin gagging and coughing!

"So what's it going to be or them?" Mad Hatter asks.

Turning to the three Batman tightens his fist with agitation as well as frustration.

"If you think you're going to get away with this you're wrong! One thing I can promise you, is that I will find you; there is nowhere you can run or hide that I cannot follow." Batman says.

Within the area some of the thugs which were knocked out begin to arise, giving them the cue which option to take. Pulling out two gas masks from his belt, he places one over his mouth and tosses another to Captain America who catches it.

"There's no time to waste, we must hurry." Batman says running for the exit.

Shielding himself using the ring's power, both Cap and GL follow the Dark Knight outside to the chaos which surrounds the building! Some lay in the middle of the street and others on the side walk chocking and coughing up blood. Trying to get away from the area some are trampled by others and killed. Noticing a large body of people where the gas has not yet reached Green Lantern creates a round shield over them.

"Everyone just try and stay calm, stop where you are and just relax. It shouldn't take us long to get this thing under control." Green Lantern informs to the frightened civilians.

Setting his lenses to another mode Batman is able the locate where the four machines are located underneath them. Pulling out a few explosives, he throws them forward in the location of each machine; blowing up the upper surface creating quicker access to them. Looking over across the way Captain America holds a young boy in his lap who is becoming unresponsive.

"Hang in there little guy, we're going to get you some help."

Making his way over to Cap Bats taps the Avenger over his shoulder.

"We'll radio in for more help, but for now we can't attend to any of the injured; we must first put a stop to those machines producing the gas. I hope you've got experience in disarming weaponry, I'll take out two of them, and you will be responsible for the others." Batman says.

"No problem, I'll get right on it."

Both heroes still wear their gas masks; Captain America setting the boy down on the side walk heading in the direction where Batman points him out to go. Seeing the large opening from the explosives he jumps right into the sewer system just as Batman does on the other side of the street. Both men use flashlights to better help their vision to work fast. Looking up above Green Lantern just shakes his head watching as Penguin and the entire group exit from the area by plane! Right now the only thing which is important is to try and save as many people as they can.

"This is all my fault, I could have easily stopped this from occurring." Green Lantern says to himself hovering in the air keeping the shield around the civilians.

With the passing of some time, both Batman and Captain America finish up deactivating the machines, both returning to the surface. But at this time there are close to eight helicopters which hover over the area with their lights shining down on the streets. More police vehicles have arrived along with ambulances coming from all directions. Also arriving to the scene is even more newscasters.

"How many of them do you think are dead?"

Looking around at the individuals who lay around seemingly lifeless Batman doesn't know how to answer the question of Cap; this has been incredibly upsetting for them all.

"Try not to worry about it, we win some we loose some; we can't dwell on our defeats. But as I said back there, I will find them. Do you think you and Green Lantern can handle it from here? I've got somewhere I need to be?"

"Yeah go ahead, we'll take it from here. So how is it you're going to find them?" Cap asks.

"I've got my ways." Batman says pulling out his grapple gun making his way to the rooftops.

Putting a hand to the area of his mouth, Captain America removes the gas mask just watching the Dark Knight disappear into the darkness.

Worlds Away

A great distance away from the Shalion Temple, Liu Kang jogs down a sidewalk in that of a large city just enjoying his time away from the Temple. Truth be told he spends a lot of his time away from there and in the city when there isn't a tournament taking place.

"Excuse me sir would you take a moment to look at this?" A gentleman asks stopping Liu in his tracks.

Still jogging in place Liu takes the booklet looking it over. the moon shines bright over the city which reflects off the many windows around contributing to the beauty. Looking over the piece of paper which he holds there isn't much that interests him; mainly a lot of furniture and other house supplies.

"Thanks for sharing sir, but I don't need any of those things." Liu tells, handing the booklet back.

Both men shake hands before traveling in opposite directions of one another. Continuing forward down the street Liu stops at the corner. Waiting for the light to turn red he crosses continuing down another street. Walking down a few blocks he comes to a stop in front of a restaurant by the name of Roy Cham's Chimmy's. Entering into the place he has a seat close to one of the windows. Looking outside the window he just watches the many vehicles pass by.

"Well it's good to see you again Mr. Kang, it's been what...close to a year since the last time I saw you. How's life been treating you?"

Standing from his seat Liu shakes hands with the diner owner himself Roy; the place has become one of his favorite places to eat in the last couple of years when in this part of town.

"I've been doing just fine, the reason for me not being around was because I was taking part in a sports event far away from here. It required a lot of training and for me to spend a lot of time away from this area." Liu tells.

It is true he just came up with that story through the back of his mind; but it's not like he could just tell a civilian he was taking part in the Mortal Kombat tournament, which to the general public is unknown. Plus bringing it up would raise too many questions, and answers which many would be unable to accept.

"So what is it you'd like to eat tonight?" Roy asks.

Sitting back within his chair Liu picks up the menu opening it to the main dishes. Seeing that his favorite dish is still present, he orders quickly with a large Pepsi to go with it. Taking the order, the store owner walks back into the kitchen area. Sitting in silence Liu just tries to enjoy himself, but has a hard time doing so observing a group of men who surround a woman.

"Come on beautiful let me buy you a drink, I'm only trying to be nice. I'm tired of bitches who're ungrateful!"

"I already told you guys that I'm seeing someone, could you please just go away." She says looking away from the men.

Reaching out one of them grabs her by the wrist firmly pulling her out of her seat.

"Now listen here little lady, my friend offered you a drink and you will accept; and as a thank you, he'd love it if you'd come back to our place for some fun." The man says with a smirk licking his lips.

Looking around, Liu notices that a lot of people sitting at different tables listen in on what's going on, but don't do a thing about it. Seeing as another of them slaps her across the ass while laughing, Liu has had enough standing from his chair walking toward the individuals.

"I hate to get in on others business, but I'm sure I heard the woman say no. I don't want anyone to get hurt, so just back off and let her be." Liu says.

The group of men seem to just stare at him for awhile before looking at one another and laughing aloud as a group. Shaking his head the champion of MK had an idea this might be the type of response he'd get.

"And who the hell are you supposed to be, her father?"

All of them again laugh together enjoying this fully. Liu starts to wonder if maybe these guys are drunk, they just seem a bit off.

"Just remember what I said, she obviously doesn't want to be bothered so just get lost." Liu says turning away heading back over to his table.

Turning their attention back to the woman one of them forces her back into her seat with force.

"Look babe if you just go along with the flow, it'll make everything that much easier. A pretty piece like yourself must not go unused."

Looking over his shoulder to see one of them running their fingers through her hair, Liu tightens his fists turning back around. It seems as though sometimes certain people just don't get the message, he'll try his best not to have this thing result in a fight.

"Look guys, I'm sure there are plenty of other pretty women out there but she's made it more than clear that she's taken."

The biggest of them steps forward looking down on Liu cracking his knuckles.

"Oh really, and what are you going to do about it if we don't take no as an answer?"

Walking past the guy Liu doesn't reply coming up next to the woman putting his hand out, in which she takes. Helping her up, he leads them past the group of men. But before they're able to get far one of them places a hand with on the shoulder of Liu.

"And where exactly do you think you're going with her?" The guy asks with his grip tightening on the shoulder of Liu.

"You have five seconds to remove your hand from my shoulder, and if you don't I will be forced to do something I do not wish to do." Liu Kang says.

With a smile the guy now squeezes at his shoulder area indicating he has no intention of backing off. Placing his hand with on the top of his Liu twists the bigger man's wrist kicking him into a table which falls over. If they didn't have the attention of the diner, they do now.

"Now if you gentlemen could excuse us, I'm going to see that she gets out of here safely." Liu says, leaving the rest of the group with wide eyes.

Coming out of the kitchen area is one of the workers wondering what just happened. Lifting and putting the table back in place, one of the men explains to the worker it was just an accident and there is nothing to worry about. With the woman at his side Liu exits out of the restaurant, enjoying the fresh night air and breeze which goes out to the west.

"Thanks for helping me back there, those guys really weren't going to give up. Oh and by the way I'm Chyou, and you are?"

"Liu Kang. It's really dark out, and if you didn't drive I would call for someone to come and get you. These days the world is to crazy to walk alone after dark." Liu tells.

"That won't be necessary, I just live down the street."

Offering to walk her home she accepts, both not wasting anytime moving forward. He wonders if his food will arrive while he's gone for this short time; but really how long could a walk down the street be? The two of them are silent as they continue forward, but neither of them could be prepared for what awaits them. Just as they pass by an alleyway something zooms out from the darkness taking hold of Chyou, pulling her into the darkness. Hearing her screams Liu runs in after her. As he gets closer his eyes widen at the sight of another woman on top of her biting into her neck! Running over to pull the woman off of her he's punched off to the side. Pulling her fangs from the neck of Chyou she hisses at Liu with her nose and mouth dripping with blood. Lifting up her victim she fly's away into the night sky leaving a confused Liu Kang. What in the world just happened?

Worlds Away

Entering into the batcave there is much on the mind of Batman, involving the events which occurred tonight. How could he have not been prepared for what they had faced tonight, he makes it a point to make sure that doesn't happen again. Walking into a back room he undresses out of the bat suit, getting into his tuxedo and dress clothing. Knowing there's a lot of guests within the Manor currently, he chooses to enter the manor through his 2nd option; which leads to his bed room. Walking down a few halls and a flight of stairs, Bruce makes his way to the main room which is packed with people.

"Well it would seem the main man has finally arrived," Someone says approaching Bruce while looking down at his watch, "But you're over an hour and thirty late. Well I guess better late than not at all, wouldn't you say Mr. Wayne."

Putting on his playboy smile Bruce shakes hands with the man. Walking around He makes his presence felt speaking with several different individuals. From behind someone taps him over his back, in which he turns around facing them.

"Hello handsome, mind if I have a few words with you?"

Scratching at his hair he doesn't believe he's ever seen this person before.

"I'm sorry, but have we met?" Bruce replies with a question.

"No we have not Mr. Wayne, I'm Emma Frost and I'll only need a little bit of your time."

Putting on a smile he accepts, offering to get her a drink. Locking arms she walks over with him to the area of all the refreshments. It's been awhile since she's been in a room filled with so many big name faces. Leading them over to a non crowded part of the room Bruce looks her in the eyes.

"So what is it you wish to know?"

To Be Continue

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 32: Powerful mind

There's no doubt it's packed inside that of the Wayne Manor with many attending the fundraiser of that of Bruce Wayne, making it hard to hear over the music and many talking amongst one another. Standing in front of Bruce Emma thinks about how she would like to word everything without trying to scare him off. Tonight being here at this event she's met a lot of different people, some in which she thought she'd never be in the same room with.

"Well Mr. Wayne I'm sure you've at least heard of Zelsztech on a few different occasions; I've actually come here on the behalf of Mr. Gersayer himself. He would like to propose a business partnership, one in which both parties involved would benefit off of greatly."

Lifting up his glass Bruce takes a sip, setting the glass back down on that of a coffee table which leans up against the wall. Whenever it is anything involving Wayne Enterprises he must always put a lot of thought into it before speaking, especially with something like this.

"Yes I'm aware who Klint is, but I'm not sure why he would send someone to discuss something of high importance such as this. I'm going to be honest with you, I'll need to speak to him personally before I'm able to give an answer. Here's my business card; he can set up an appointment with my people in the front office."

Handing the card to her, he walks off in the other direction but doesn't get very far as she runs up next to him grabbing him by his arm. Emma knows just how long it can take when setting up appointments, especially with someone as busy as Bruce Wayne. Being in charge of a company this successful will leave a person with hardly much free time. Standing in place he agrees to listen to the details of what she has to offer regarding Wayne Enterprises and Zelsztech. Through it all she's stunned that his eyes never leave hers; most men usually take occasional glimpses of her chest area! Finishing giving him all the details he looks down at her rubbing at his hair putting on his playboy smile.

"I see, so he wants to partially combine certain facilities of our companies to better help production of weapons and materials. But I would still like to speak to your boss." Bruce says.

"Well I don't really work for him, I'm sort of there as a friend helping out whenever he needs it. Trust me Bruce you won't be disappointed." She says moving up closer to him in a seductive fashion.

Seeing the expression on his face she backs up blushing a little bit, she had no intention of doing that; it kind of just happened. Fixing her posture she stands up straight bringing her eyes back to his.

"Whenever you see Klint, which I'm sure will be very soon; just give him my card." Bruce says.

Before he's able to walk off she takes hold of his hand, causing him to raise an eyebrow as a reaction.

"Care to dance Bruce, I'm not all business?" She asks smiling.

Shaking his head he agrees to do so, following her out to the dance floor. Off to the side somewhere Tony Stark has met shaking hands with both Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. For the most part it is Tim and Dick asking the questions. The main conversation evolves mainly around that of Ironman, as well as Stark Industries.

"Don't you ever feel insecure, I mean with everyone knowing you're Ironman. What's to stop the bad guys from coming to your front door. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night." Dick says.

"Well when you've got as much money as me, you tend to not worry about these things. Besides if I didn't come out, I'd be labeled a vigilante; sort of like the one the people of this city call the Dark Knight. Really I'm surprised higher authority still hasn't been able to bring him in." Tony replies.

"Well maybe that's because they really don't want to; Batman has done a lot of good for this city over the years." Tim adds.

While out in the middle of the room along with a lot of others dancing both Emma and Bruce somewhat flirt with the other.

"So is there anyone you're seeing Brucie? Is there a special woman in your life?"

"Relationships can be very complicated when it comes to someone like me. With all my work, it makes it hard for me to be in anything long term. What about you?"

"I'm seeing someone named Scott, he's a really great guy. So what do you do on your free time, I've heard you've got quiet the reputation and have been labeled as a party boy. So the women you sleep with are just apart of your life style; having no feelings for any of them?" Emma asks.

With their hands locked together he twirls her around, keeping pace with the speed of the music.

"You shouldn't believe everything you read Emma, I'm not like that at all," He spins her around again, "If you took the time to know me you'd see that I'm not such a bad guy."

Continuing to dance neither of them says another word, but honestly she's very suspicious of this man. Most men would be drooling over her beauty; and this guy is supposed to be some type of bachelor playboy? He's more of a gentleman than most men in her life, but this could be an act of his to look good in the public eye.

"I know you're probably a man of privacy, but I hope you don't mind if I take a peek."

"Excuse me, what do you mean by that."

Resting her head up against his shoulder a smirk forms on her face. Reading peoples minds at random is something she doesn't enjoy doing without permission, but there is something that is just to weird about this particular individual. Calming herself she enters into his mind. Walking down a sidewalk is a family of three, exiting out of a theater running ahead is a little boy. One thing leads to another with the family ending up crossing through an alleyway. But that's when it happens, the piercing melody of two bullets! Taking a knee is that of the boy in the bloody mess of his deceased parents! But what really grabs the attention of Emma is the boy's eyes; it displays so much pain, rage, sorrow and...destiny. Digging deeper into his mind she wants to know more. In doing so her eyes widen at the sight of what looks like over thousands of bats flying right at her! With the clearing of the bats is an irritating clamorous laugh, one which resembles that of some kind of circus Joker! But then she's brought to yet another sight of a grave reading R.I.P. Jason Todd displaying a bloody crowbar on top of it! But from the turf below out rises an arm! It is at this point she's seen enough trying to pull out of Bruce's mind she's unable to! Everything becomes blurry as dozens of bats come flying from all directions!

"Emma are you ok?" Bruce asks feeling her arms drop as her body leans up against his.

Re positioning he tries to look her in the eyes, but when doing so her body falls forward; but using his quick reflexes he's able to catch her body before it's able to hit the ground. Many who dance turn their attention to the two of them.

"Don't worry everyone, it looks like she just fainted; she may have eaten or drank something that didn't agree with her system." Bruce says aloud.

Lifting her up Bruce carries her out of the room to somewhere quite, Alfred observes this from a distance following Bruce. He comes to a stop two rooms over laying her out over a couch. Entering in Alfred places a hand over his shoulder.

"Is everything alright Master Wayne, is there anything I can do?" Alfred asks.

"I'm not really sure what happened, one second we're dancing and the next she's fading away. If you could get her a cold wet rag and ice water, that would be great." Bruce says.

"Right away sir."

Exiting out of the room Alfred leaves Bruce alone with Emma. Reaching down he checks her pulse making sure everything is normal, if she takes too long to awake it might be a good idea to call an ambulance. Removing his hand from her arm the door to the room opens with Bruce turning expecting to see Alfred but is surprised to see who approaches.

"Carol! What in the world are you doing here; I don't recall seeing you on the guest list?" Bruce asks.

Walking past him she has a seat on the couch next to Emma rubbing her fingers through the unconscious woman's hair. She observed the whole thing from afar, and wanted to make sure Emma is ok.

"Good to see you to Bruce, " Carol re positions looking up at Gotham's finest, "Or do you prefer Batman? Don't worry I've been a good girl, no one else knows about your secret but me. But I will be honest, I'm disappointed I haven't heard from you since our mission close to a year ago."

Walking across the room Bruce looks outside a window.

"It's not like you left your contact information." Bruce says.

Looking over at him she just rolls her eyes.

"Lets get real Bruce, you know you could find me. You just didn't want to, I'm sure you keep a database of all heroes stashed somewhere."

Looking over at her he wants to say something back but doesn't, making his way for the exit.

"You can stay with her until she awakes, I can't keep my guests waiting. Maybe later you and I can talk." Bruce says before exiting out."

Entering back into the main area Bruce puts back on his smile walking over to another set of people starting random conversation. Breaking away from both Tony and Dick, Tim makes his way over to Bruce. Waiting for them to stop talking Tim taps him over the shoulder.

"Hey mind if I have a word with you; it's really important." Tim tells.

"Sure that'll be fine."

Saying goodbye to the group of people Bruce walks off to the side with Tim, and it is at this time Tim explains to him what happened to both Wonder Girl and Superboy on patrol earlier in the day.

Worlds Away

Inside of Roy Cham's Chimmy's Liu Kang finishes up most of his meal, but because of what he experienced back there within the alleyway with Chyou has made him loose his appetite. The picture of that vampire sucking the life out of her continues to replay within his mind. The waiter comes around asking him if he's finished, looking up Liu shakes his head informing the individual he's had enough. Picking up the dish the worker takes the dish and utensils.

"Wait a sec." Liu says to himself putting a finger to his chin.

If he can recall it was just the other day that Kung Lao experienced a scenario similar to this when visiting a neighboring village close to a mile away from the Shalion temple! This has got to be the same person/vampire Kung Lao encountered, or at least someone from the same group! It might be time to start taking this threat serious, but where would they start? If that woman was a vampire who drained the life out of Chyou, it sure wasn't the same type as Nitara; which probably means this has nothing to do with her. He wonders how she was able to fly without wings; it reminds him of a certain participant back at the tournament some time ago.

"Is there anything else I can get you Liu?"

"No that'll be fine, I'll take the bill whenever you can"

Thanking Liu Kang for stopping by he does just that heading into a back room. Sitting in place for over a minute Liu waits for him to return. After he does Liu leaves payment exiting out of the restaurant, but one thing is for sure it's going to be one long journey back to the Shalion temple after what he just saw tonight. Seeing that the light turns red Liu crosses the street passing all the vehicles.

"Once I return I must speak to Kung Lao about this; I need to get an idea of the vampire he came across. As of right now this doesn't seem to be a real threat to Earth realm; lets just hope these are just random occurrences."

But what is really is really strange is both he and Kung Lao have encountered a vampire less than three days apart! If it so happens it's the same one, that's even more peculiar. Jogging forward he takes his mind off of it thinking about something else. It doesn't take him long to reach the bus stop getting onto a bus.

"You having a nice night sir?" The driver asks.

"For the most part yes, but it's had it's ups and downs." Liu replies getting onto the bus and paying.

Some distance away a certain person enters into a cave which gets it's lighting from the torches on the wall. Dragging alongside her is a bloody body, traveling over to one of the empty coffins she places the body within it closing the top.

"It's good to see you have again returned in one piece, along With another rare blood type. That only leaves less than ten." Nitara says.

Taking a seat on the black leather sofa Rosea wipes the blood from her mouth. There may not be much more to go, but it won't be an easy task to find these people; but it isn't impossible either. The two of them just sit silent within the cave.

Worlds away

Feeling lightheaded, her eyes finally open looking up to see a familiar face. What just happened, the last thing she can remember was talking with Bruce Wayne and then dancing afterward. Wait but then she tried to read his thoughts!

"How are you feeling Emma? What exactly happened back there on the dance floor." Carol asks.

Sitting up the Xmen member sets her feet on the ground putting her hands to her head. She really has no clue what just happened, from what she can tell Bruce is no mutant. But if he is 100% human, why wasn't she able to pull out of that nightmare?

"You can keep a secret can't you?" Emma asks.

"Yes of course, you can tell me anything." Carol replies.

Sitting back with crossed legs she tries to remember every detail of what she saw. It's strange but it seems as though parts of his memories were locked off from her to observe by some type of barrier. Whenever she tried to break through it, an amplitude of bats would appear!

"I tried to read Bruce Wayne's mind, and before you say anything I know I shouldn't have. But there was just something about him that just seems so mysterious and weird."

Sitting and listening to what Emma has to say Carol almost smiles at the mention of bats. But the fact she was knocked unconscious when trying to read this man's mind really makes Ms Marvel wonder. From what she can tell no mind has ever been to powerful for Emma to enter into.

"For being such social maniac with others, you'd guess I was in the mind of someone else. All I experienced in his mind was adversity; There's got to be more to this man than anyone could come close to knowing." Emma says.

While Emma may be completely confused, Carol has a great understanding of what she saw. It may not be known how much this man has been through; but tragedy is the key in which lead Bruce to becoming Batman! But she promised she wouldn't tell a soul, and that is a promise she will keep. Just then the door to the room opens with Alfred entering with ice water and a cold rag.

"Well it would seem you've awaken; the young master asked me to bring this for you." Alfred informs.

Accepting the ice glass of water Emma thanks Alfred telling him the wet rag will not be needed. Standing together the two of them exit out of the room together, making their way back to the main area. Some distance away within the city of Metropolis, a jeep liberty pulls up into that of a McDonalds drive in.

"Thank you for choosing McDonalds, what can we make for you tonight?"

Sitting within his vehicle the customer takes his time on deciding what he wants to eat. Looking over the menu he decides on what he wants.

"I'll take the big Mac meal with an order of large fries, two apple pies and a large sweet tea."

The employee repeats the order to the customer making sure he got everything right, with the customer confirming that he's got it spot on. Pulling up to the first window, the customer rolls down his window. The MCD employee at the first window narrows his eyes at the appearance of the customer who seems to be dressed for a Halloween party. Giving him the price of his meal, the customer hands him a twenty dollar bill.

"So who're you supposed to be? what I mean is the costume if you're wondering?" The employee asks handing him his change.

"My name is Deadpool, and this really isn't a costume; I wear this sweet number all the time." Deadpool introduces himself cheerfully.

Both laugh as he continues forward to the next window, but for different reasons. Receiving his food at the 2nd window Deadpool drives over coming to a stop in the parking lot, deciding this would be the best spot for him to eat. Shaking his large cup of sweet tea Deadpool waits for it to get cold lifting up his mask past his mouth taking a sip.

"Man I love this stuff, it always gives an instant boost of energy." Deadpool says placing it into the vehicle's cup holder.

Digging into his bag he pulls out the Big mac taking a bite into it. Closing his eyes while chewing he really enjoys the taste of it. But just as he opens his eyes the bright shining colors of blue and red are present. Looking over next to him a police vehicle pulls up next to him, with a female officer stepping out walking over and tapping at his window. Rolling down his window, he wonders what this could be about.

"How can I help you officer?" Deadpool asks lifting up his cup of sweet tea taking another sip.

"First off I'm going to ask you to remove the mask from your face, and second the vehicle you're driving according to the licence plate was involved in a murder case just two day ago but went missing."

Setting the sweet tea back within the cup holder Deadpool now finds himself in a dilemma. Looking back up at the officer he smiles pulling the mask back down over his mouth.

"Well I think we both can see I've ordered fast food; but I also ordered it to go!" Deadpool says stepping on the gas!

The Jeep Liberty speeds off at high speeds entering out onto the road with the rest of the vehicles. Pulling out her gun, the officer decides not to shoot; instead radioing for backup. Getting into her police vehicles she drives forward going after him. Sitting within his vehicle Deadpool, realizes he made a huge mistake when taking this Jeep in the middle of the Arizona desert just thirteen hours ago! He had no idea it was linked to a crime; but with it sitting out in the middle of nowhere with the keys in the ignition it seemed to be calling to him. Obviously the vehicle was dumped in the desert by the criminals involved.

"Boy is my luck really bad." Deadpool says.

Still traveling at high speeds he runs a red light, slowing down is not really an option at the moment. Not until he gets the police off his tail, they may not know it but he had nothing to do with the crime which was committed. Turning to his right into another lane he causes two cars to crash into one another. Continuing at this for over another forty minutes; Deadpool is now broadcast on all major news stations! Several helicopters shine search lights down on his vehicle, while many other police vehicles close in on him. Lifting up his mask he eats a few fries, pulling down his mask afterward.

"What the heck!" Deadpool yells out feeling his vehicle being lifted upward.

It isn't long before the jeep is twenty ft into the air; it is also at this time Deadpool turns off his engine realizing there is no point in keeping it running. He doesn't know who's beneath his vehicle, but if he had to guess it is probably Thor. It isn't long before the vehicle is set down on a sidewalk.

"Step out of the vehicle civilian."

Looking out his window Deadpool can't believe who stands before him, it's none other than Superman himself! Since the merger of the two Earth's he's the most talked about and idolized hero of them all! Opening the door Deadpool runs over shaking hands with Superman!

"I hate to sound like an obsessed fan, but It's great to meet you! I can't believe I'm standing in front of the man of steel himself, rumor has it you're invincible. That is totally awesome man, I really love the colors. Captain America may have a lot of the same colors, but he's got nothing on you."

Looking down on Deadpool Superman raises an eyebrow; this guy sure is a weird one.

"Look Superman can you just explain to the police this is all just a big misunderstanding; see what happened is I took a vehicle which had been involved in a crime which had been ditched by the real crooks! You're the man of steel, the peoples champ...they'll believe anything you tell them." Deadpool says.

"Ah I don't think I'll be able to do that. If I were you I'd try and get a good lawyer." Superman informs.

Turning from Superman Deadpool runs back to his vehicle opening the front door pulling both the apple pies out of the bag. Walking back over to Superman he hands them both to Krypton's last son.

"This is my gift to you Superman; I would give you the remainder of my fries but they're kind of cold now." Deadpool says.

Supes doesn't know what to say, is this masked man really serious? This must be some kind of act to try and get himself out of trouble. The area around begins crowding with civilians and police vehicles.

"Thanks for your offer, but I'm going to have to decline; and I'll also have to take you in."

"Wait hold on I didn't even introduce myself yet, my name is Deadpool. But really I'm one of the good guys."

Just as Superman takes another step closer to Deadpool he stops in place looking in the area of the street where a massive amount of energy forms. Once it is finished, standing in the middle of the street is some type of creature standing close to seventeen ft tall.

"Now that is one big ugly monster, I guess I'll sit back and watch you work your magic." Deadpool says.

Turning it's attention to the civilians the creature breathes flames from it's mouth with many running and ducking for cover.

"I'll be right back, but don't go anywhere." Superman says flying off toward the beast dropping the two pies.

"Yeah we'll see about that." Deadpool says under his breath.

With his Super hearing Supes was able to pick up even that throughout the rest of the commotion. Just as he reaches the creature the man of steel falls to the ground; Looking up at the creature sweat falls from his face realizing the creature has a piece of Kryptonite drilled into it's chest. Lifting it's foot it stomps on the man of steel.

"Hhm wonder What's going on here, it looks like all tall and mighty might need my help." Deadpool says.

Running over to the back of the jeep, Deadpool opens it up pulling out a huge missile launcher. Moving up closer he fires the massive projectile off at the creature connecting with it's shoulder. The enemy is tossed back a few feet falling flat on it's back. Feeling weak, Superman is still able to stand to his feet, turning and looking back at Deadpool.

"Aim for the green section with on it's chest."Supes says taking a knee.

Waiting for it to get back up Deadpool stands up straight focusing in on the particular section of it's body. He's only got one more shot left in this thing, so he had better make it count. Waiting for exactly the right moment he pulls the trigger firing off the final missile which blasts exploding into the chest of the creature destroying the Kryptonite. Feeling his strength return to him almost immediately, Superman stands to his feet flying toward the creature.

"I don't know where you came from, but I know where you're going...and that is down."

With everyone's attention on Superman, Deadpool devises a way to escape without being seen. Pounding on the creature for a little bit it isn't long before it falls to the ground knocked out. The many civilians standing around cheer on Superman who turns looking in the direction of where Deadpool was, to see the Jeep Liberty driving off in the other direction.

"Would you all just excuse me for a sec." Supes says.

Zooming over at top speed in under a second he stand in front of the vehicle putting his hand out to stop it in place. But to his surprise there is no one driving the thing; using his X-ray vision he can see a huge rock was placed on the gas to get it going. Grabbing hold of the vehicle's door, Supes removes the rock turning off the engine

"Wherever he went, he couldn't have gone far." Superman says.

But maybe he should cut the guy a break, after all he couldn't be too bad a person seeing as he helped back there with the creature. Just then a huge flash of light surrounds the creature, and in a matter of seconds it's gone!

"What in the name!" Superman says observing this.

Even the large crowd of civilians can't believe their eyes. Some distance away in the city of New York, seven year old Tommy Pac takes out the trash; but seeing that of a baseball roll out in front of him a few yards away he runs over toward it. Reaching out to pick it up an individual steps out from the shadows.

"Hello Tommy, your father tells me you love baseball. I'm your uncle from the city of San Diego, if you'd like to come over to my car I could get you a jersey of your favorite player."

Looking up at this man displaying that of orangish Burgundy hair he's a bit skeptical seeing as his father has never mentioned this uncle. But then again he does know his name, so that should be legit enough.

"That would be awesome!"

"Right this way little pumpkin." The adult individual says grinning.

To Be Continue