Marvel/DC/Mortal Kombat crossover chps 29-30

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 29: Plan comes into play

Out in the lounge area of the watchtower, the league members talk amongst themselves speculating on this latest news. It isn't fully known if what is being passed around is fully true, but it doesn't matter; this is something to talk about, which does not involve patrol or saving the world. Sitting at a table away from everyone else Zatanna listens in on what some of the leaguers are saying. There is no way it could be true, Batman would never stop in the middle of a mission for pleasure; especially not with a teammate!

"Yeah the way I heard it is Power Girl totally took control of the action, pretty much dominating the bat." One of them says snickering.

"He seemed to be walking fine when he passed us, I felt sure she would have crushed him." The group giggles together.

Listening off to the side Zatanna just rolls her eyes at what she's hearing. Hopefully this is just all a misunderstanding, there's no way Bruce would do something like that. Standing within the conference room is both Superman and Batman with Power Girl who sits. Looking the dark knight in the eyes Supes can tell he isn't going to follow his previous instruction.

"Didn't I just ask you to have a seat."

The capped crusader doesn't reply at all just looking away from Kal over at PG who taps a finger over the table top. Moving over a little bit Superman grabs the chair pushing it forward forcing Batman into the seat. Power Girl almost laughs but stops herself from doing so just holding it in. Walking across the table Superman has a seat as well, staring them both down. It's a bit surprising that neither of them says a word, which means they must have done what everyone's been talking about.

"Power Girl hasn't said a word since I brought her in here; so you mind telling me what's going on." Superman asks Batman directly.

You would think how long the two of them have been working together and how well they know one another, that Supes should know the rumor which has been going around has been vastly blown out of proportion.

"Look Clark we were in a situation which we thought was something else and needed to get out of."

"Oh so you thought using my cousin in a way such as that was your only way out. You're one of the most clever guys I know around, you could have found another way!" Supes says.

"I'd watch your tone Smallville, it was her idea." Batman replies.

About to say something Superman is a bit stunned with nothing coming out of his mouth, turning his attention back to Power Girl who still taps a finger over the table's surface not giving him eye contact at all. She continues to do so but eventually the silence between the three becomes awkward; a grin forming on the side of her face.

"Look what do you want me to say, I had to think up something quick; heck this wouldn't have happened if you didn't send Booster. Both Batman and I figured it was security on the way."

Superman just shakes his head listening to what she says, not really agreeing with how they handled the situation.

"I hope you realize how unprofessional you two handled this, I don't care who's idea it was just don't let.."

Supes is cut off by Power Girl.

"Wait hold on a second there, you do realize I'm not Kara I can take care of myself; besides I don't know of any woman who would pass up a freebie with Bruce Wayne." Karen says, but puts a hand to her mouth realizing what she just said!

Sitting in place Superman's mouth drops a bit while Batman sits back in his seat his mouth opening as well. Both stare her down as she blushes, having no clue why she said that out loud.

"Look I'm sorry it came out like that, are we done here yet? All we were doing was making out, it was nothing more than that; so are we free to go? Plus if this had been you, no one would be questioning you on the matter." Power Girl says standing from her chair.

"Have a seat Karen, we aren't quiet done here yet."Superman says.

"Excuse me yes we are, if you want anymore details just ask him." PG says pointing at Batman.

Pushing in the chair she walks for the exit opening and closing the door leaving the two of them. Once outside she looks into the eyes of Wonder Woman before completely walking off. Still sitting within the conference room Batman explains to Supes in depth what happened making sure he fully understands without any further questions or concerns. Seeing as the two of them were at a park devoted to couples, if PG and himself were caught in the security area searching around they would have suffered pretty high consequences. But thinking back on what the purpose of the park is, Karen realized if they were found in the position of making out, the security people would see it as a couple who just found a random place to pleasure each other.

"Ok now I see, so were you able to find anything involving your investigation?" Superman asks.

"I downloaded a large amount of their past security footage, but it will take a couple days to sort it all out. Let's remember the last Lois was seen there was month's ago; but don't worry I'll contact you if I find anything important."

Standing up from his chair Batman pushes it in with Superman doing the same both JL members walking for the exit Supes opening the door. Both are a bit surprised to see Wonder Woman standing in the doorway.

"Oh hey Diana, what are you doing standing outside the door," Supes puts a hand up to his head scratching at his hair feeling a growing suspicion, "You weren't listening in on our conversation were you?" Superman asks.

The princess looks up at both men but keeps a straight face.

"I've got work to do back in Gotham, but if you guys need me you know how to reach me."

Batman pats them both over the shoulder heading down the hall. Knowing something is on the mind of Diana Supes takes her by the wrist asking her to follow him into the conference room. While in stride down the hall Batman stops in place hearing his name being said within the lounge area. His eyes narrow to see Power Girl sitting at a table with Flash, Canary and Zatanna.

"For being all dark and gloomy, he actually isn't a bad kisser; I noticed he was especially good with his tongue." Karen says with a grin.

Both Flash and Black Canary laugh while Zatanna frowns a little bit. Is Power Girl really bragging about this; why would Bruce do that with her, she's totally not his type? The magician wonders if it had been her if Bruce would have went about it the same way.

"Seriously though he isn't such a bad guy, who know's maybe I could be the light to his darkness." Power Girl teases.

But seeing the serious expressions and Flash's terrified face she realizes it could only mean one thing. Re positioning she turns looking up at Batman who gives her the bat glare.

"I'd like to speak to you in private." Batman informs.

Not wanting to cause any problems she waves to the others.

"It looks like I'm in trouble guys, I hope he doesn't spank me to won't, will you?" PG says to Batman as a way of teasing.

"Enough jokes, this will only take a moment of your time."

Leading them both out into the hall he explains to her that telling everyone about what happened isn't necessary, and will only cause distractions. She quickly reveals to him it wasn't her who told everyone in the first place, and that since whoever did so she'd make it less distracting by giving the details to anyone interested in knowing. Making it clear he doesn't want her speaking with others about it, the two go their separate ways. Inside the conference room Superman finally breaks out the question.

"I've noticed you've been acting a little strange towards me since we've got back from the tournament some time ago. I thought it would pass off but it hasn't, would you mind telling me what's going on?" Superman asks.

Part of her is glad he finally asked, but at the same time she's surprised it took him this long to say something.

"Well obviously you have no clue I saw exactly what you and Batman were doing with those women. It's quiet sad really, you're supposed to be someone everyone looks up to."

Listening to her words almost makes him laugh; so that is why she's been a bit off for some time.

"I had know idea you had seen that, I guess I should clear up a few things which happened that day. It may have looked like something from your prospective, but it was all just a misunderstanding."

Worlds Away

Entering through the front gates Liu Kang continues forward to the Shalion temple calling out the name of Raiden. It doesn't take long for the thunder god to appear right in front of his path, the student of Bo Rai Chu bowing down to Raiden.

"Judging by your urgent tone I'd say something is wrong, if so than speak Liu Kang."

Standing up straight Liu brushes himself off clearing his throat before doing so.

"I'm not sure if you've had any idea of this, but I've just received word from Scorpion, the ninja who attends most Mortal Kombat tournaments that Shinnok could be returning to Earth Realm soon. I'm not sure how reliable a source the ninja is, but this is something you should be aware of."

The eyes of Raiden broaden at the news given to him by the Shalion fighter! But that just isn't possible, the sorcerer by the books should have no way of returning. Something is definitely going on, even though Scorpion is someone you wouldn't trust fully he wouldn't come to them with information like this unless there were some truth to it.

"Where is Scorpion now?" Raiden asks.

"I really don't know, he sort of just disappeared leaving only flames behind and I didn't ask where he was headed. But lets take this worse case scenario that Shinnok is indeed on his way back; how should we prepare for that?" Liu asks.

The thunder god crosses his arms giving it some thought before answering. The best any of them could do at this point is to stay alert and inform as many of earth's defenses as they can. For now that is about all they can do, seeing as they have no idea when this supposedly will occur.

"For now just keep your guard up, if and when this threat is confirmed I'll inform the elder gods myself."

Back inside the Nether Realm the ninja spectre Scorpion returns but makes it his main priority to keep a low profile and not to be seen by anyone. There is no doubt in his mind that Quan Chi will return to Shinnok to report the ninja; in fact he probably already has. The only time he ever works for someone is if there is something in it for himself; but with this late development that would be very unlikely.

"Subzero and the Lin Kuei along with the Shalion fighters are hardly enough, it might result in civilians having to fight if Shinnok does so happen to bring with him his army."

Continuing down his path, he makes sure not to be out in the open moving in the area's which provide shelter.

Worlds Away

Standing within one of the backup facilities of the Avengers, Ironman works on one of the many computers located within the area. Looking up from what he does the ceiling inside the room opens; Thor entering from above with some type of machine in his grasp. Hovering down next to Ironman Thor sets the destroyed robot onto the ground.

"Whenever you have the time, it would be beneficial for you to try and figure out where this thing came from. When I encountered it earlier it seemed to have been attacking at random." Thor informs.

Bending over somewhat Ironman lifts up the destroyed enemy taking it over to a table setting it within the middle area. Stepping back somewhat he walks over to the end of the table punching in a code on the pad which activates the scanner. Both teammates watch as the mess is scanned, with Ironman walking back over to his computer.

"It might take some time, so if you'd like just make yourself at home." Ironman says.

Thor just shakes his head but stands in place not minding the wait at all. In a way it's strange to meet up in battle with the heroes of this other earth, but at the same time it's a good thing that there is more help around. But with the good there comes the bad, with even more super powered criminals populating the earth. With the passing of four minutes the scan comes to a complete stop giving the results of unidentified.

"So what now, we've got to figure out where this thing came from. When I engaged it in battle, it seemed like something even the military wouldn't be able to create."

Looking over some stuff with on his computer Tony doesn't reply right away; having his attention on the screen in front of him. He's got a lot on the agenda for the remainder of the week, starting off with several meetings. Sometimes being the owner of Stark Industries can be very time consuming, but he wouldn't give it up for anything. Eventually he looks up from his screen to see the scan came up with no results.

"It looks like I'll have to give this thing a closer look," Ironman steps away from his computer walking over to the destroyed cyborg/robot, "Whoever created this thing really didn't want it to be traced back to them."

Tony has some of the best high tech systems there are, so whoever is behind this is probably a professional. Just then through one of the intercoms is the voice of Captain America which comes through informing any available members should report to his location to help with a situation.

"You can stay here and finish up whatever it is you're doing, I'll take care of this." Thor informs.

Flying up Thor exits out of the same way he entered through the ceiling which is still open. Carrying a small device at his side he's able to see the exact coordinates of Cap. Out within a city some distance away the police sit in the living room of both Bob Hendeers and Kiray Hendeers. The officers go over with them the details of when they last saw their daughter.

"Did anything seem off about Daisy before the two of you turned in last night. Remember that any and all information will help us with this investigation."

The two parents look at one another trying to think of anything that may lead to a clue. If their daughter has indeed been taken, in most cases the more time goes by that something isn't done; the chances of them finding her alive degrade.

"Well I guess she was a little more energetic than usual, but what little girl isn't when her birthday is only three days away." Bob informs.

One of the officers writes this information down.

"At around what time did this occur?"

"I'd say right around dinner, we were given a invitation to a really big event. A lot of big names attended such as Ted Harikson, Lex Luthor and Klint Gersayer to name a few."

Both officers look at one another one of them writing this information down.

"If possible we'd like a list of all who attended; this sounds like we could have a potential lead. Within an environment with that many people, someone could have eyed your daughter out and followed you folks home."

Bob shakes his head getting up from the sofa heading upstairs to find the booklet which listed everyone who attended. Seeing as it was a private event, most spots were reserved with record being kept of all who attended.

"We're also going to need to speak with your son whenever he returns from school, he may have seen something you didn't."

"Yes that'll be just fine, he'll be home a little after three thirty."

Looking down Thor puts the device away landing with force at the side of Spiderman. The wall crawler hides behind a wrecked car which was done by the things which are attacking.

"Man these things sure are something else, good thing you showed up I'm sure Cap, Hulk and I would've had a hard time taking them."

Peeking from the corner of the vehicle Thor takes a look what they're up against. His eyes narrow at what he's seeing; he's already encountered these beings before!

"I've seen these creatures before, I actually fought alongside the Justice League to take them out; but they disappeared before we were able to defeat them." Thor notifies.

If he didn't already, he's now got the full attention of Spiderman, but before either of them is able to do a thing another of their teammate's jumps down on top of the car looking at them both.

"So are the two of you going to get involved or just watch?" Spiderwoman asks jumping off the vehicle running toward the enemies.

Lifting up his hammer, Thor somewhat zooms into the air passing Spiderwoman knocking one of them over with his weapon. With great leap ability Hulk latches on to one of them but is knocked off to the side. Moving from behind the vehicle Spidy follows the rest of his team not wanting to let them down; but really he'd like to know what these things are. With it's great strength one of them reaches out whacking an approaching Spiderwoman knocking her out cold. Swinging from one building to another Spiderman tries to look for a good opening to try and begin his attack.

"Man these things really are something else, talk about tough skin I'm starting to wonder if anything phases them." Captain America says throwing his shield out.

The projectile connects with one of them but does little damage traveling back into the arms of Cap. Flying around circling one of them Thor picks up speed getting ready to try and put it down for good. Another of them shoots some type of laser from it's eyes seeming to stun the Hulk running over and grabbing the brute by his neck. Opening it's mouth it blasts something in the face of the Hulk which knocks him out also causing him to revert back to Bruce Banner. Just as Thor is about to set up for his move all the creatures disappear in a blinding flash of light.

"What in the world! I can't see a single thing, what's going on?" Spidy asks yelling out.

It isn't long before they all regain their sight, but just as it had been before they're nowhere to be seen. Yelling out in frustration Thor hovers down punching into the ground below. However they keep teleporting like that, must be the work of someone else. As far as any of them can tell, those things are completely brainless.

"So it would seem they've got away from me again!" Thor says tightening his fist.

Moving from their positions, both Captain America and Spiderman make their way over to the side of Thor.

"I don't know, but something just doesn't feel right. I'm not understanding why they appear and destroy things and leave just as soon as they're going to be taken out!" Thor says kicking at the ground.

Listening to Thor while observing the area Spiderman notices many civilians who stand around who were probably watching no doubt. But that's when it hits him!

"Ah guys I think I might have an idea what this is about! They didn't just leave...they took Hulk and Spiderwoman with them!"

Realizing what Spiderman says is true, both Thor as well as Cap find their blood pumping a lot faster than normal! What could this mean, was this all at random? Or did someone have this planned out? None of them have answers, but the sooner they get back to base the better so they can sort this all out.

Outside the earth's atmosphere inside that of the JL watch tower a few of the leaguers watch on screen seeing that there is a problem in Nepal, a part of the group beaming themselves down to the area. Right away Green Lantern recognizes the things with march around destroying the area.

"I must warn you all that these things are tough, so don't take them lightly. They might be big, but be careful; they're a lot faster than they look." Green Lantern tells.

Flying forward GL glows a bright green creating a massive mountain with his ring smashing it into the head of the closes of them which falls off balance. Adding on to his attack he creates a jet flying and crashing into the head of the creature knocking it over.

"Maybe these guys are faster than what you say, but there is no way they're touching me. I've never seen anything this large move at light speeds." Flash says zooming forward.

Increasing his acceleration and speed Flash runs around one of them jumping up and punching it in the area of the stomach actually having an affect on it because of the speed he goes at enhancing the power in the hit. Flapping her wings Hawkgirl takes flight holding her weapon close to her body.

"Do you have any idea where these things came from, they're certainly foreign to the Justice League?" Hawkgirl asks.

Gliding down on top of one she swing her weapon at it but is unable to fully follow through being grabbed by her ankles and thrown off to the side. Using her wings she's able to stay airborne not falling to the rough surface below.

"I'm not sure where they originated from, but Captain Marvel along with Batman and myself encountered foes similar if not identical to these." Green Lantern replies.

Creating a boulder GL blocks the attempt of a punch from the beast which fights against him. Quickly creating an enormous shovel he smacks it across the face knocking it off balance once again. Creating a hand he grabs it by it's neck throwing smashing it into the ground below.

"Maybe it would have been a good idea to have brought Martian along with us, he might have been able to read their minds. But something tells me there wouldn't be much to find out." Green Lantern says.

Getting back up from the ground the creature doesn't appear to really be hurt at all, but hey it usually is never easy anyway. Spotting a free tire which was part of a now vehicle in flames, Flash dashes over picking it up with an idea in mind. Standing in place he sizes up the creature before proceeding while in place he spins his body in circles reaching up to speeds of sound throwing the tire out at the creature which falls back a bit roaring out.

"Wherever these things come from, it's probably dirty; let's just say a shower would be very sufficient for these guys." Flash says.

Flying toward one of them at full speed Hawkgirl is grabbed by her shoulders and slammed down into the street below being held there. Creating a shark with his ring Green Lantern bites into the arm of the creature which he engages, knocking it over creating a massive boot. Re positioning in the air somewhat he creates a missile launcher aiming it down on the fallen foe, but with a huge flash of light the beast is gone!

"You can't be serious, this is the same thing which happened last time." Hal/Green Lantern says to himself hovering down to the ground.

Speeding over to the Side of GL Flash puts a two fingers to his chin looking around.

"So is that what they did last time you met with these things? How were they able to do that anyway? Not to mention what happened to Hawkgirl?" Flash asks.

Both men look around, but she's nowhere in sight.

"I'm sure she just returned back to the watch tower, it's possible she got called in for something urgent. To answer your other question, yes these things disappeared on me the first time I fought against them. I think there might be more to this than what we know." GL says.

Making sure the area is clear of any danger the two beam themselves back to the watch tower. Both men do find it weird that she'd leave during battle.

Worlds Away

Inside the facility of the group who call themselves the Panda Masters, both Sektor and Cyrax enter into a back room bowing down to Hideakin Ioa the man responsible for the entire organization.

"You two may now stand, I'm quiet thankful that you're both apart of my organization. At this rate I'll have to put the two of you as 2nd in command with the type of production you've been producing."

Both cyborgs stand in place listening to what he has to say. It is true though, so far since they've joined they've had no problem completing any of the missions assigned taking out anyone who has tried to stand in their way

"I do have a new mission for you both, there is a set of documents which could come in handy for our organization, but the one's who hold this are really lethal. If I'm correct you've previously been apart of this group, they call themselves the Lin Kuei!"

To Be Continue

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 30: More taken

Being transported back within the watch tower, both Green Lantern along with the Flash make their way over to Black Canary who seems to be looking over the daily maintenance. Both just stand in place watching her for a little bit, knowing at this particular moment it's probably best for neither of them to mess up her concentration. Setting some of the papers off to the side, she notices them.

"What can I help you two with?" She asks in a somewhat agitated tone.

The two JL members can tell she's obviously moody, which is why they should get straight to the point.

"We're sorry to get in the way of whatever it is you're doing, but have you by any chance seen Hawk Girl?" Green Lantern asks.

Thinking about it for a moment she looks at them both shaking her head, informing them the last time she had seen Hawk Girl was close to an hour ago. Her answer doesn't help them out one bit seeing as they were just with her on a mission not even ten minutes ago! There is no need to panic just yet, she'll most likely turn up soon. If not than they'll have to put together a search party.

Down within earth a man sits within a cafe; seated outside enjoying the bright sunny weather. He wears shades to block out the sun, looking over the menu not sure what to order. Hearing footsteps approaching, he lowers the menu displaying a smile.

"Hey Diana, it's great to see you made it. Heck it's great we both found time in our busy schedules to finally do this."

Standing Bucky walks around pulling out a chair for Diana, who takes a seat. Just as him, she to wears shades over her eyes to try and conceal her identity from the civilians. Dating while being a member of the Justice League or Avengers can be chaotic as far as time is concerned. Walking back over Bucky sits back within his seat.

"So what are you going to get?" Bucky asks.

"I'm not sure yet, but I can honestly say there are some good choices."

Looking over the choices for a minute or two, both decide what they'd like. Once the waiter comes over they notify him of what they'd like. Taking the order he walks away entering into the kitchen area. Reaching out across the table Diana places her hands on the tops of Bucky's.

"So has anything out of the ordinary happened for you today? Me personally it's just been another day in the world of a superhero." Diana asks with a smile.

Bucky thinks about it for a second but there isn't anything really which happened out of the ordinary, which he can recall. But than again there is one thing that sort of stands out within his mind which happened recently.

"I'm not sure what to make of it, but earlier when patrolling with a few teammates; with the disappearance of our enemies, we also lost two of our own."

Sitting back this news puzzles her, but what could that mean?

Worlds Away

Coming closer to the Lin Kuei temple, Cyrax stops his group in their tracks awaiting the signal of the other groups before they proceed. Being one of the leaders in the Panda Masters is a great privilege, overseeing what goes on in the group builds leadership skills.

"Cyrax, what exactly are we waiting for? Sitting around doing nothing will not get the job done."

Looking out many yards away, all within the group observe a red light which shines before dieing down.

"That is our cue to move forward." Cyrax tells.

Leading his unit with great caution, Cyrax scans the area to make sure there is no one around watching them. Getting the results back the group moves forward in the direction of the Lin Kuei temple. Coming up closer to the entrance, two Lin Kuei members come into sight who train with one another. Neither of them is able to react being shot down by a few of the Panda Master members. Fully on guard Cyrax steps ahead of everyone kicking the front door open!

"What is the meaning of this?" Is all that comes out of the eldest member's mouth.

Over in another corner of the massive room a wall explodes, due to that of an explosion. With the dust clearing, Sektor enters along with close to twenty other guys. Shooting a missile from his chest, the cyborg knocks over one of the statue's located in the middle of the room. Entering the room from a nearby staircase, Subzero's eyes widen at what he sees!

"Sektor and Cyrax! What is the meaning of this?" Subzero demands.

"If you give us what we came for than this meeting will be a lot shorter than it has to be; but if not we will take it with force. Now if you could kindly hand over the documents, to the Lin Kuei weaponry we'll be on our way."

They can't be serious, there is no chance the Lin Kuei would give up such top secured information! What exactly are Cyrax and Sektor up to, and who are these strange people with them. Aside from that, there is no way the Lin Kuei will give anything to an outsider free; even if they were previously apart of the clan. Creating an ice ball, Subzero shoots it off at Sektor who dodges the attack shooting a missile at Subz, who freezes it before it's able to reach him.

"I suggest you and your little group leave now before the Lin Kuei and I have to exterminate you all. It is something I'd rather not do to past members, but it will be our only option." Subzero tells.

With his chest opening Cyrax shoots out a net toward Subz who jumps out of the way dodging the attack! It is at this time that the remainder of the Lin Kuei members present within the room begin fighting against the group who call themselves the Panda Masters. Sitting within his chair the eldest member just watches.

"I see the Lin Kuei is still stubborn as ever!" Sektor yells out in his robotic tone knocking one of the ninja's over.

Worlds Away

Entering into the massive theater area, Tony Stark fixes his tie pulling out his ticket from his pocket trying to locate his seat; a woman pulling it from his hands.

"Don't tell me you forgot where we're sitting already? Remember we're in row six, g6 and g7."

Locking arms with him she leads them both to their seats. Removing his shades he looks up at the purple curtain which at the moment covers the stage. Since he's got off the plane over an hour ago, the city of Gotham is just like he heard. Before he was even able to get into his taxi, he was almost robbed! Thank goodness the police were nearby, and intervened.

"Aren't you excited Tony? Sandra Bridey is the greatest pop star of this decade, who knows maybe with someone of your stature, we could get some alone time with her. Lets be real, this type of thing is down my lane; so why is it you agreed to travel with me to Gotham?"

Still staring at the curtain he looks down at his watch wondering when the show will begin. There are things he's got on the agenda for later in the day. Feeling Torah patting him over the shoulder he turns to her.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

Shaking her head she looks away from him, realizing he didn't listen to anything she just said. It's true she adores Mr. Stark very much, but it is things such as that which annoy her about him.

"I was just asking, what is it you came to Gotham for?"

Looking up on stage the curtain opens with much of the crowd cheering watching as Sandra comes into sight waving to the crowd wearing a bright yellow and orange dress.

"I will actually be attending a fundraiser which will be hosted by Gotham's very own prince billionaire Bruce Wayne later this evening."

"Where did you here he was a prince? That sure is a first for me." She speaks loud trying to be heard over the cheering.

"He's not actually, but with all that money he might as well be. Everyone knows I use my money to help better this world, but this seems to be your typical spoiled kid with too much money he hasn't got a clue what to do with it." Tony replies.

Sitting back she looks away from him and up unto the stage. Outside of the city some distance away, the Teen Titans battle against an unknown group of enemies. Yelling out loud Conner jumps high into the air landing and punching into the turf below trying to knock the enemies off balance. The attempt by Super boy is unsuccessful.

"Man these things sure are tough, I'm really starting to wonder where they came from."

Running out past Super boy, Red Robin leaps into the air throwing out a few birdarangs; in which some are dodged while others connect with the intended target. Even than it does little to no damage against these enemies who stand at roughly seven ft tall.

"I wonder what these things are made of, from what I can tell they're actual living organisms. I highly doubt they're cyborgs or robots." Red Robin tells.

Flying forward Wonder Girl wraps her lasso around one of them tightening it around it's waist. Swinging it around for a little she smashes it face first into the cement pavement. Taking to the air as well Super boy hovers above them zooming down smashing his fist into the side of the the closes of them. The life form is knocked back, but digs it's claws into the turf before it ends up in the side of a truck.

"Man you got to hand it to these things, they sure are tough." Super boy says.

Using his laser vision he shoots out at another of them which grabs that of a huge piece of glass deflecting it back on Super boy tossing him in the other direction a few yards. Just than something seems to come out of nowhere at top speeds that the human eye couldn't even begin to comprehend/follow!

"It looks to me like you guys could use some help. But don't worry I'll take care of these guys in a flash, after all they can't hurt what they can't touch."

Zooming around at high speeds Kid Flash knocks a few of them over with ease, feeling really good about his handy work. Pulling out his staff Red Robin runs forward trying to engage the life forms in battle but is knocked back by one of them which shoots a blast from it's mouth. Before Red Robin hits the ground, Super Boy catches him out of mid air setting him down.

"Just like you I'd sure like to know where these things came from, they aren't anywhere near the toughest enemies we've faced, but are still unique regardless." Conner says flying forward.

Punching into another of them, this time Super boy sends it into a building with the shattering of glass and the screams of civilians as a reaction. Running circles around one of them, Kid Flash punches it high into the air, and as it comes down he zooms over catching it by it's throat and throwing it into a nearby bench.

"Much to easy, these guys may be durable but they don't put up much a fight. It's really disappointing, I really wanted to get in some good action today." Kid Flash says.

While Wonder Girl lifts up one by it's ankle, two more of them come from her blind side grabbing ahold of her body while she struggles to get them off. Coming down on another of them Super boy punches at it, while it reaches up grabbing him by the throat not letting go. Just as Red Robin and Kid Flash are about to jump in, a blast of light takes away their sight for several seconds; and when they regain their sight the enemies are gone, but so are Super Boy and Wonder Girl!

"Oh ok, so what just happened?" Kid Flash turns looking over at Red Robin, "That is like not cool at all, Cassie and Conner just like got wiped out or something!"

Walking over to the side of Kid Flash, Red Robin narrows his eyes trying to make sense of what just happened; but for the first time in awhile, he has no clue. Hopefully both Super boy and Wonder girl will be just fine, and find their way back from wherever it is they've gone.

"I don't know Kid Flash, but this doesn't look good at all; lets relocate with the rest of our team. I'll try and figure out what happened when we get back to base." Red Robin informs.

Back within the city of Gotham, the show of Sandra Bridey continues on, with the entire audiences enjoying themselves. With the passing of another hour and forty, the show comes to an end with everyone standing to their feet applauding Sandra along with the entire band. She bows down blowing even occasional kisses to everyone around.

"Wow she truly is amazing isn't she Tony, I think Bridey is my new idol." Torah says with sparkles in her eyes.

"Speak of the devil." Tony says looking across the room.

Standing while clapping suited in a black tuxedo is non other than Bruce Wayne himself. With the event he has set up for later, you'd think he'd be in his mansion helping set everything up. But than again he's probably paid people to do that for him. Clearing his throat, Tony begins walking toward Gotham's finest but is grabbed by Torah.

"And where do you think you're going? You weren't just going to leave me now, were you?"

"It would seem I'm not the only big name who attended this event. Look over there, it's Wayne! I'll be seeing him later tonight, but I guess I'll have a quick word with him since he's here."

Taking his hand into hers the two of them walk over together, but just as they approach, a group of women jump in front of them; all clearly fans of Bruce Wayne and obviously have never met him. He's surrounded with some of them touching him, while they ask many questions all at once. Using his charm he sort of just brushes past them, right in the direction of Tony.

"Greetings Mr. Wayne, I'm Tony Stark and will be attending your fundraiser tonight. I heard there's going to be lots of good food and music." Tony says putting out his hand.

Reaching out Bruce shakes hands with him, and after a few moments the memory of the man comes back. A grin forms on his face remembering working on the same team with him as Batman, months ago at the Mortal Kombat tournament. The world may know Tony Stark and Ironman to be one, but that will never come to reality with Bruce Wayne and Batman.

"It's great to finally meet you Mr. Stark, I've heard about you a lot since the merging of the two earths. I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but a lot of people compare the two of us. I know one things for sure, I don't go flying around fighting crime like yourself." Bruce says in his playboy tone.

All three of them laugh together; Tony loving the sense of humor from Wayne.

"But overall I love what Stark Industries is doing, your company is really helping to make this world a better place, something we need more of. I don't recall seeing you on the guest list.'"

"I'm sure you didn't, this was a last minute thing." Tony replies.

"Oh I see, than I'm sure it's probably been updated. May I ask who the beautiful lady is?" Bruce asks taking her hand into his lightly kissing at the area of her wrist.

"The name is Torah Fesico, it's a pleasure meeting you Mr. Wayne." She says with a smirk.

Looking at them both Tony raises an eyebrow quickly changing the subject.

"Being a bachelor like yourself Bruce, please enlighten me on why you came to this event alone. I mean come on you're practically a magnet when it comes to women?" Tony asks.

"Well actually I did come with someone, but she had to leave during the middle of the show. But you said you're attending my event tonight, so perhaps you will see her." Bruce replies.

The three of them just stand there within the middle area of the room just chatting while more and more people continue to exit the theater. Off to the side a man approaches the three of them with a paper in hand.

"Sorry to interrupt, but management of the show informed me that Sandra herself would like to meet and speak with you Mr. Wayne."

Wait what? Are you serious, so you mean to tell me now even the hottest pop star wants to meet this guy. The fists of Tony tighten, becoming a bit annoyed with this Bruce Wayne! The gentleman holding the paper turns to Tony, with his eyes widening a bit.

"Oh wow Tony Stark, I don't believe any of us knew you were attending as a spectator. Just follow Bruce to her preparation room; I know she'd love to meet you as well."

Hearing this eases him up a bit; Bruce taking the slip of paper from the individual.

"Shall we." Bruce says.

The employee working with the organization shows them which hall to go down to get to the room of Sandra. Walking down the hall, Tony places his hands within the sides of his pockets. Coming to a stop in front of the room, Bruce is the one to knock with a woman answering the door.

"Oh it's just you, she's right over there."

Entering into the room, they walk over approaching Sandra who sits in front of a mirror. Re positioning she looks up at the three of them.

"No way...NO WAY! Wow...I can't believe I'm looking at both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark standing in front of me!"

Both Tony and Bruce smile at her excitement, but maintain their straight postures trying to stay professional. Standing from her seat she just seems to stare at them for a few moments as they do the same, admiring her presence just as much.

"I'm very sorry about that," Sandra says breaking the silence, "You're both even more handsome in person. Can I get you guys anything to drink?" She asks walking over to a refrigerator.

Both men just shake their heads informing her they will be just fine, but Torah accepts the offer. Coming back over she hands the glass of wine to Torah, asking if they'd like to have a seat; Torah also being the only one to do so. After some time the two of them finally take a seat as well. What feels like hours finally comes to an end with the four of them standing up from the table, Sandra, Tony and Torah laughing.

"Well that sure was fun; I'm going to be in Gotham for a few more days, so how about dinner tonight? I'd love for my fiancee to meet you all?" Sandra asks.

Bruce informs her tonight he'd be unable to make it because of his big event, Tony also confirming he'll also be attending the fundraiser.

"Ok, so how about tomorrow night? Please, I'd really love it?"

Both men look at one another and then back at her both saying that would work for them. Looks like Tony will have to cancel his early morning flight out of Gotham for tomorrow morning. Exchanging numbers with them both she informs them she'll come up with a time/place and give them a call. Saying goodbye the three of them exit out of her room, heading their separate ways.

Worlds Away

The Lin Kuei fought hard against the Panda Masters eventually causing the group to retreat. The Masters were unsuccessful at obtaining what they came for, being completely out numbered by the Lin Kuei on their home turf.

"We will have to increase security, I'm sure they will be back soon and we need to be ready for them."

Looking around at the damage within the area, Subzero shakes his head at what occurred seeing the damage throughout the main room.

Gotham City

The day comes and goes bringing up the rising of the moon. The Wayne Manor is opened to many guests who begin entering through, showing their invitations. Dick Grayson stands in the front area greeting most everyone who comes through but is finally relieved of his duties by another individual. He may not live with Bruce, but he volunteered to help out with the fundraiser. Entering in wearing shades Tony looks around, impressed with the overall structure of the place. This guy sure knows how to throw a party, this is a lot of people!

"Is there anything I can help you with? The food and drinks should be out in another fifteen."

"I was just looking for Bruce, the man responsible for all of this."

"Master Wayne is running late, but I'm sure he'll be here soon. I wouldn't wait up, sometimes he adds things to his agenda." Alfred informs.

Shaking his head, Stark walks away from the older man thinking to himself. What could this guy be doing that he's late to his own party? Looking around to see if there are any big names around, Tony's eyes narrow to see Emma Frost talking with a group of people! What the heck is she doing here? Walking over in the direction of her, someone steps out in front of him.

"Hello Tony, what brings you to a place like this?"

Looking down at Carol Danvers, his eyes again widen. What business does she have attending a fundraiser by Bruce?

"That's my business, but the real question is why are you here; and did you know Emma Frost is here as well." Tony says.

Pointing over in her direction, Carol looks and judging by the expression on her face it's obvious she had no clue she was present. But thinking about it a little, Tony knows exactly why Emma's here. Not long ago she came to him on the behalf of Klint Gersayer, to try and get him to combine Stark Industries with Zelsztech! And now she must be here to try and convince Bruce to do the same with Wayne Enterprises!

"Is everything ok Tony? Seriously, you look like you've just seen a ghost or something." Carol asks.

"I'll be fine, all I need is a drink." Tony replies.

Taking him by his arm, she forces him to mingle with her talking with several different people. He may not know the secret Bruce Wayne keeps from everyone, but she does. Getting invited to this event was easy, but her reason for coming isn't fully known even by her yet. There is just something about him that makes her want to know more. Walking around, Dick heads over to Tim who enters through the front entrance.

"It's good to see you, I'm a bit surprised you came; I figured you'd be busy or something." Dick tells.

Stepping into the mansion Tim informs Dick that he needs to talk with Bruce, concerning something which happened earlier on patrol. Some distance outside the city of Gotham is Batman and Green Lantern who chase after two dangerous foes.

"Hal can you hear me? Can you see Penguin or Toy man from your position?" Batman asks through the built in intercom in the bat plane.

Flying up above the city, Green Lantern creates a huge body of water in the path of the criminals to try and slow them down; but toy man quickly freezes it solid with an explosive ice bunny rabbit. With their vehicle coming to a stop, the two hop out running into a massive abandoned warehouse.

"Yeah I can see them clearly, they just entered into a warehouse. I'm not liking this Batman, it feels like a trap to me." Green Lantern finally replies.

"Stay in your position, I'm on my way."

Flying the bat plane over the building, Batman sets it to autopilot jumping out and gliding down in front of the place. GL hovers down next to him; Bats nodding his head informing Green Lantern that they will in fact enter the old fashion way. Stepping forward, GL is the one to kick the door open with both entering. Just outside of the building over five hundred people surround the area with even the newscasters pulling up in vans setting up shop.

"For those of you watching at home, it is believed the building right behind me is where the duo of both Toy man and the Penguin lurk. The two of them are responsible for over forty murders over the past week, one of those being a senator. But we can rest easy, there are reports that both Batman and Green Lantern are inside, and will finally end their murder spree."

To Be Continue 
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