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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 27: Unknown attackers



Finally finishing up what they had set out to do, the secret agency returns back to base with all their equipment. Having both cyborgs on their side made things run even smoother. The main man of the organization congratulates his men as they all enter into the large space.

"Good work everyone, I'm glad to see you all made it back in one piece. Now we can get ready for our next set of business."

Walking in front of the group, Sektor hands the chip of information over to the main guy in charge who grins! Taking the information from the cyborg the certain individual enters into a back room.

Worlds Away

Traveling at full acceleration within the bat mobile, something grabs the attention of the Dark Knight; an enormous light of energy forms in the area of down town Gotham. Not even thinking about it, Batman re routs heading in that exact direction. Out some distance away within another city, Tony Stark sits within his main office looking over some papers. Looking up from the papers, Virginia Pepper enters into the room approaching him.

"It's good to see you're here, I was just about to close up shop. Could you do the honor of finishing documenting all of this?"

"Yeah sure thing, but there is someone out in the front room who would like to speak with you." Pepper tells.

Narrowing his eyes he wonders who'd want to speak with him at this time of night. Fixing his collar Tony exits out of the room a bit surprised to see who awaits him sitting over on the sofa. If he can recall this is non other than Klint Gersayer the billionaire. It couldn't have been more than a week ago that Emma Frost had given him a visit concerning this man. In fact her intentions were to try and get him to agree with a possible merger between Stark industries and Zelsztech.

"I'm sure I already know why you're here, and the answer is no; but thanks for stopping by."

Moving forward Klint comes up behind Tony placing a hand over his shoulder.

"You sure are quick to terminate the suggestion, just think about how both our companies could benefit from this. At least give it a little more thought Mr. Stark."

Walking from the owner of Zelsztech Tony puts a finger to his chin, knowing he's already made up his mind. In most cases when he has done so it doesn't change, and it is no different in this situation.

"I'm guessing you know your way to the exit, and if not I can get miss Pepper to escort you out."

"That won't be necessary Mr Stark. Thanks for your time, but if you do however change your mind; here's my card." Klint tells setting it over the table top.

Recovering his jacket which hangs over a racket, he exits out of the building and into a limousine which awaits him. Back in the city of Gotham Batman arrives to the area of suspicion, eyes growing in size at what he observes roaming around! Three of them to be precise, one shooting flames from it's mouth down onto the several civilians!

"What in the world!" Is all that comes out of his mouth.

All of them stand close to thirty feet tall, with skin made of rich tough golden like scales! He's never seen anything like this in all his years of patrolling alone, or even with the Justice League; this is an entire new species which he's never encountered before. But there is a chance these could be some type of robots. Regardless of what or where they came from, the three beasts are dangerous and must be taken out ASAP. Tuning in to the police radio, the capped crusader finds out the swat as well as the air force are on their way. It's funny how quickly the government can find trouble, but than again being as massive as these three it's almost as simple as flying a kite.

"Batman come in...this is Red Robin. I'm picking up some unique signals within your location on radar; what's going on?"

"I'll get back to you once the situation is stable, Batman out."

Hopping out of the Batmobile, it is nothing but chaos with over twenty bodies laying out around the street with flames surrounding the area. But the screams of people fleeing, is something he's grown accustomed to over the years. It is the music and or tune of Gotham, as sad as that may be. Obviously talking to them will be ineffective, meaning getting right to the point is the only option. Pulling out two explosive batarangs, he has no idea how powerful these things are; but he'll find out soon enough. The communications piece within his ear begins to beep again.

"Hey Batman, it's Green Lantern. Is everything ok down there? I'm picking up some strange live shapes within your vicinity." Green Lantern tells standing within the JL watch tower.

Throwing one of the batarangs forward, bat's just ignores the message from GL. Now is not the time to talk, besides he should be able to take care of these creatures on his own. The batarang connects with the flesh of the closes of them, but does nothing. With unexpected speed the unknown life form dashes forward grabbing Batman by his neck throwing him into a nearby building shattering the glass on impact!

"What the hell! Is that Batman?" A civilian says sitting within his seat enjoying his ice cream cone.

Everyone within the diner known as "Icy sweet fudges craze" look over at the dark knight who stands to his feet.

"You all need to get out of here now, don't you realize it isn't safe? Just look outside!"

Not saying another word Batman exits through the front entrance, the damage done to the Diner's window is nothing compared to what these things will do if they aren't stopped soon. While two of them destroy the surrounding buildings, the other of them lifts a vehicle throwing it into another which explodes on impact taking out a civilian who was passing by! Running out Batman shoots out his grapple gun wrapping the wiring around this particular beast's neck. But with it's incredible strength he is pulled directly at it being knocked into the middle of the street feeling a strike of pain through his back. Maybe retreating is his best option for the moment, and return when he's properly equipped to take them on. Extending and opening it's wide mouth, the life form charges a large amount of energy! Getting up to his feet Batman drops down just in time as a speeding object comes out of nowhere smashing into the head of the 30 ft creature sending it in the other direction several yards onto it's side, the object working sort of like a boomerang returning to it's wielder/owner.

"You shouldn't be out here civilian, this is no job for a mortal. I'll get you somewhere safe."

Looking up Batman stands glancing over this individual. What stands out most is the choice of clothing and massive hammer he carries.

"And you're?" Bats asks.

"Thor at your service, but the questions can wait."

Flying over at high speeds, Batman is grabbed by his wrist and flown up to the top of a building.

"Lets get one thing straight, I'm no civilian; and second...what are you doing in my city?" He asks with the bat glare.

Rubbing at his chin Thor isn't sure exactly what this strange mortal is talking about? His city, now you've got to be kidding. Well unless he's secretly the governor; but dealing with his share of masked men, that is doubtful. Boy has the merging of the two earths made life that much more complicated.

"Who do you work for?" Batman asks.

Why is he even still here, down below there are three unknown enemies attacking and destroying everything in their paths. But maybe it is best he answers a few questions, but it'll have to be quick.

"I'm a member of the Avengers, which you may have heard about or not."

Right away a bit of understanding comes to that of the worlds greatest detective. Moving forward Batman puts out a hand in front of the Avenger. This action confuses Thor further, what is this all about.

"I don't know if you were informed, but I worked side by side with a couple of your colleagues a few months back. It's only fair I return the favor...I'm a member of the Justice League and am known as Batman."

Hearing this brings nothing but soothe to Thor; he doesn't recall being told about this individual by any of his teammates. Truth be told he heard about the myth of Batman close to a month in of the merger; but that can now be put to rest, seeing as he stands before him. Aside from that almost every day, either on television or in public the Avengers are always being compared to this Justice League! Smiling he finally shakes the hand of Batman.

"I've got questions, and I'm sure you may have some yourself; but we need to put a stop to this threat." Thor tells.

"Agreed, you go ahead I'll join you shortly."

Nodding Thor leaps off the building flying down toward the three creatures. Just his luck, sooner or later these outside heroes from the other earth will have to learn their boundaries. This is the city of the bat, and if he is to keep the criminals of Gotham in check; not just anyone can come flying in here, whenever he or she feels it necessary. Question is, how did this Thor person get here so fast? True maybe the event is being broadcasts on T.V., but something just isn't adding up.

"Bat jet initiate." Batman says pressing at something with on his right glove.

Down below Thor dodges two different fire blasts from one of the beasts hammering it into the ground. Lifting a damaged sports vehicle Thor throws it into another of them who just catches and crushes the car easily. Lifting the Mjolnir Hammer toward the sky, Thor hovers into the air with thunder and lightning striking down onto the hammer! Zooming forward with great speed he bashes the hammer into the closes creature's face sending it back in the other direction close to 200 yds into a building!

"I don't know who sent you predators, but I know where you're going!" Thor yells out spinning the hammer picking up velocity.

Dark gray clouds begin forming within the area, rain coming down hard with thunder and lightning all around. Batman can't help but cross his arms. This Thor person really is something else, he's never seen anyone quite like him before.

"Hey excuse me sir, I might be able to help."

Thor looks over his shoulder, stunned to see a little boy approaching him. Right away he stops what he is doing turning to the child. At the same time, the creature which was knocked into the ground pulls itself out, while the other which was put through a building does the same.

"Look kid you need to get out of here, this isn't a place for kids. Get to safety!" Thor yells out.

"Could you back up a little bit." The kid replies.

What is wrong with this person, is he trying to sign his own death certificate? Life can be tough sometimes, but there are less painful ways to go. Plus whatever problem he has should be easy to fix, mainly due to his youth. Deciding to ignore the boy Thor turns his attention back to the massive attackers walking forward.


Hearing the sound of thunder and lightning forming together, Thor looks back over his shoulder to see it strike the kid directly! Just as he runs forward toward the boy he stops in place with wide eyes!

"What sort of Treachery?"

"There is no such thing as that here. As I was saying, you might need my help. Before you ask I'm Captain Marvel, but introductions can wait for later."

Showing off his great speed Captain Marvel speeds forward taking flight punching one of them many ft into the air. Standing in place Thor observes this and can see he's got a formidable ally at his side. Lifting his hammer a smirk grows on his face as he joins in flying forward to attack another of them. Still observing from the building top, Batman now knows there is something going on. Captain Marvel wouldn't just appear in Gotham randomly like this. Looking out in the distance, he relaxes a bit to see the bat jet approaching.

"After this is over, there are going to be some questions that need answering."

As it comes in closer Batman uses his grapple gun as a way of quickly entering into the vehicle. Taking over the controls he re directs the flying vehicle shooting down a few ice missiles which connect with two of the enemies.

"Oh good it's Batman, the more help the better." Captain Marvel says grabbing one of them by it's arm swinging it around throwing it into another of them which has a hard time moving because of the ice.

Out in the distance the military chief calls off his men to stand their ground.

"It looks like the Justice League and whoever else have this particular situation contained. We're however needed in the city of Atlanta; we must stay in constant communication with the unit over there."

Swinging his hammer in circles Thor knocks one of them down which flips back up spitting some type of acid at him which he dodges. Considering the size of these things it's impressive how fast they're able to move around. Grabbing the neck of Captain Marvel one of them slams him down onto the ground. He is stomped a few times over before he is able to grab it's foot throwing it off balance, flying up and punching it into a parked Pepsi truck. Shooting out wiring from the bat jet into the back of an enemy. Batman electrifies the beast many times over before ejecting the wiring from the vehicle. Out of nowhere within the sky is a flash of light with yet another familiar face showing up.

"Looks like I made it in time."

"Good to see you Green Lantern, your help will be greatly appreciated." Captain Marvel says.

Judging by his entrance into the city, both Marvel and Batman conclude GL used the Justice League teleport system. Using the Ring GL creates a hand grabbing one of them by the neck throwing swinging it around before smashing it face first into the cement turf. While on the ground Green Lantern creates a huge monster truck smashing it into the side of the creature's head. Spinning his hammer at high speeds Thor whacks another of them across the chest knocking it back in the other direction. Just then the same familiar light which Batman had seen earlier returns, being the thing which in deed lead him to this part of the city. Everyone is blinded for little over a second, but when they regain their sight the creatures are gone!

"Ok now that is just weird, what happened to them? Something that size can't move that fast?" Green Lantern says hovering down to the ground.

Both Thor and Captain Marvel join him, all three stunned by what just happened. Putting the bat plane onto auto pilot setting it's destination to the bat cave, Batman jumps out of the jet gliding down in front of the others.

"Batman do you have any clue what just happened?" Green Lantern asks.

Just as Batman is about to speak, people begin appearing out of nowhere cheering the four of them on. Seeing this as a distraction, Batman signals for them all to follow him grappling himself upward onto the top of a building. The others follow flying up to his side.

"I'm guessing those things were sent by someone who was watching, and once they saw we had the upper hand they beamed them away. But that is only an observation, I'll have to look more into this." Batman informs.

"I guess now that things are a bit more under control, I should let you all know there are more of those things. In fact there was a spotting of them in Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and even different parts here in the U.S. But don't worry their are fellow Leaguers and proper authorities taking care of it."

Green Lantern explains to them what he had been observing from the Watch Tower, and when Batman didn't reply, he figured he was in a scuffle with a group of those things; which is why he teleported himself down to Gotham. Thor confirms this; he himself had already encountered a few of them a few hours earlier in the city of South Dakota. Keeping a close eye on the news station he was able to know exactly when those things would enter into another city. With all the other appearances they were making around the globe, you knew it wouldn't be long before they invaded another city. Receiving this information from Thor and GL, both Captain Marvel and Batman are surprised they didn't know about any of this sooner.

"Ok so they both have clean cut reasons for how they ended up here, but what were you doing in Gotham Marvel?" Batman asks.

Just as the others, Captain Marvel had his reason for entering into Gotham. Finishing up a mission just outside of Gotham, he too saw the massive light; it was just a little to suspicious to be unchecked. Pulling a device from his utility belt, Batman sets the batmobile to return to the cave. The four of them stand in place discussing the unusual events.

Distance away

Sitting within the front room of their new home is seven year old Daisy Hendeers. Hopefully this will finally be it, a place that they can all call home. Maybe she'll finally get a set of friends which aren't short term. It is passed 2 o'clock in the morning, but she can't fall asleep; which is why she left her room. Ever since they ate out at the restaurant earlier in the day, she seems to have extra energy. Hearing a certain sound coming from outside, she gets excited!

"Hey mom it's the ice cre.." But she stops in mid sentence.

Realizing the time of night it is, probably would only get her into trouble if she were to wake her mother. Remembering the dollar her brother had given her earlier, she smiles running over to retrieve it. Moving slowly she walks up to the front door exiting out slowly and quietly. Waving she runs over toward the ice cream truck driver who stops.

"How ya doin Ice cream man, I'd like to get something."

Lifting his bakery hat, the ice cream man scratches at his orange Burgundy hair.

"Go ahead kid, tell me what you'd like?" He asks with a wide grin.

Many hours pass with the rising of the sun, all creature's which were present around the globe mysteriously disappeared just as the set in Gotham. Opening his eyes to the sunlight which comes through the window, Peter stretches but stops feeling movement on his lower chest. Looking down he is surprised to see MJ fast asleep, with her head resting on his chest. Guess he must have accidentally fell asleep while they were cuddling, he truly had every intention of returning home last night. Moving over slowly he lifts her head from him setting it on a pillow. Standing to his feet he stretches walking toward the door.

"Aren't you goanna give me a good morning kiss?"

Stopping in place Peter bites at his lower lip, seriously he was under the impression she was a deep sleeper. Well that's how it was when they were together.

"Good Morning MJ, it was nice spending some time with you last night. But I've really got a schedule to keep, but we should definitely do this again some time." Peter replies.

Turning for the door again he stops hearing her call out his name. Looking back she asks for him to come back to her side. Not arguing he does as he is asked walking back over. Bringing his face down to hers Mary Jane presses her lips up against his. Strangely he finds himself kissing her back, deepening the kiss MJ opens her mouth entering her tongue into Peter's! Panicking a bit he breaks the kiss! If he can recall, both of them agreed to just remain friends.

"What's wrong catch your tongue?" She asks with a giggle.

"Oh no it's nothing like that, it's just I've got a lot to do. But I promise I'll call you later."

Standing Peter walks over to the door waving back at MJ who blows him a kiss causing him to have butterflies. Opening the door he closes it behind him walking down the stairs and exiting the premises.

Blossom Esplanade

"Hello sir welcome to the Blossom Esplanade, may I ask where your partner is?"

"Partner; what exactly do you mean by that?"

"You can't enter unless you have a date, if you don't have one we can easily have a blind date set up for you."

Oh isn't this just great, just when he thought he planned for it all. He must think up something fast, and it had better be a good one.

"Oh no that won't be necessary, she's already inside waiting for me."

The gentleman standing behind the glass window is a bit skeptical, but decides not to ask anymore questions accepting this person's payment opening the gate with the click of a button. The individual enters through wearing a light brown trench coat, dark brown gloves and hat to match; as well as a pair of shades.

"Now that I've got in, I need to figure out which area's Lois Lane had visited when in here. This here might not be much, but it's better than nothing."

Placing a hand into his left pocket Bruce pulls out a letter Lois had wrote month's ago, but what is important is her finger prints are all over it. Bringing a gloved hand up to the shades, he presses on a button which as a result scans the prints through the dark shade's lenses. After the scan is complete he places the letter back in jacket's side pocket. After the amount of time which has passed, any prints she may have left behind have probably been wiped clean. But you just never know, plus he hasn't got a lot to work with. Just as he begins to walk forward Two men approach him from both sides.

"If it is fine by you sir we'd like to see some ID, no offence but the way you're dressed doesn't seem like you're here with anyone. If I had to guess I'd say you are some type of detective." One of them says.

Oh great, now he has got himself into yet another hole!

"Oh thank goodness I finally found you, I told you to meet me over at the east end sweetie."

Locking arms with Bruce this woman walks him away from the two men, who just forget about questioning him any further Once out of sight she leads them over to a bench where she takes a seat.

"So let me guess, Superman sent you to keep an eye on me didn't he? Look Kara I appreciate the sa.." Looking down on her she frowns, "I mean Karen, sorry about that. If you'd like you can leave at any time, I've got some work to do."

Rolling her eyes Power Girl can't believe how un grateful this man can be, she basically saved his ass back there. It's no wonder he's a complete loner, and it'll stay that way if he doesn't lighten up a bit.

"Look I know you want to go at this alone, but without me you're going to get kicked out of here sooner rather than later. Don't worry I won't get in your way, plus lets not forget I'm pretty good with solving mysterious as well."

"That's fine by me, but lets get to work and stay on task."

Looking up she is definitely surprised he agreed to let her stay around, but that was a positive on his part. Standing she walks past him signaling for him to follow. Moving forward he does just that keeping pace. While walking his eyes seem to wonder downward catching a glimpse of her butt in the tight blue jeans, but he looks away just as quickly trying to stay professional.

"Hold on a sec. Do you have any clue where the security room is located?" Bruce reaches out grabbing her by the wrist.

Looking up she thinks about it, but remembers seeing a sign which read "Employees only".

"I think I might have an idea, just follow me this way."

After some time of looking around they find the place. But before entering, Bruce makes sure no one has their eyes on them, and checks for any possible alarms which may go off upon them entering. After clearing that up, both enter.

"So what exactly are we looking for?" Karen/Power Girl asks.

"I'll let you know if I find what I'm looking for."

Using the shades to his advantage, he scans the area trying to find anything. Looking over at Karen he asks her to see if she can find any of their past security footage, they must have backups somewhere. Continuing to look around; his heart rate speeds up! Just outside the room down the hall , both can hear footsteps! Stopping what they're doing, both look at the other!

"Karen can you get us out of here?"

Looking around she gives off a nervous smile shaking her head back and forth.

"When they enter we can just fight them off; unless you've got a better idea Mr. detective."

"I'm not sure, but fighting against them is not an option. I'm out of uniform, and that wouldn't look good on my resume as Bruce Wayne; people might start thinking."

Both just stand in place silent, trying to think up something fast; it is then that a grin appears on the face of Karen. Walking over in front of Bruce.

"This may not get us out of here, but it'll make things a lot easier. After all this is a park dedicated to lovers, I'm sure they'll understand."

Hearing her words almost scares Bruce, what exactly does she mean? Reaching out she pulls the shades from his eyes removing his hat as well.

"Take off the jacket." She tells.

Raising an eye brow he does as he is told removing the gloves as well. He isn't sure what exactly her plan is, but hopefully it'll work. Throwing his stuff off to the side she begins removing his shirt, in which he put his hands over hers to try and stop this action. Karen shakes her head moving his hands off to the side re assuring him to trust her. Moving back he removes his shirt to reveal a black tank top, dropping the clothing to the ground.

"Now what?" He asks with obvious agitation.

"You may or may not agree with what we're about to do, but remember you're the one who got us into this mess."

Walking forward she runs her finger over his rock hard abs, looking him in the eyes. Bringing her arms up, she wraps them around his neck bringing her lips to his. He is caught totally off guard but decides to play along kissing her back. Breaking the kiss she leads him over to a sofa located within the room commanding him to lay down; doing as he is told he realizes what her thought process is. Once they're found, they'll still suffer consequences but it won't be as severe. Kicking off her shoes she removes her shirt setting it down, getting on top of Bruce.

"When they find us, I'll do the talking."

Re positioning a bit she lowers herself down onto him bringing her lips back to his. Truly neither of them can believe they're even doing this; and it'll have to stay between them, no one else must ever know! If this had been Diana or Selina, it would have been a lot less awkward for him. Feeling her tongue enter into his mouth really brings him into the moment, but both truly wish it hadn't come down to this.

Worlds Away

Within the Nether Realm, Quan Chi runs around teleporting himself to a specific chamber. When inside he takes a knee bowing down to someone.

"It's good to see you Lord Shinnok, I've come with some news that is neither good or bad. Soon we should be able to get you back to Earth Realm, whenever Baraka is able to steal the orb from this woman."

Quan Chi goes into detail while Shinnok just stands in place listening. Without the orb there is still a chance he'll be able to return to Earth Realm, but it'll be a lot tougher and take even more time. Shinnok doesn't mind the wait, after all he'll be the ruler of all realms soon enough.

To Be Continue

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 28: Scorpion's roundup






Being a super hero is never easy, you will have your defining moments, times of defeat and even great victories. But sometimes you will even find yourself in certain situations which make you want to scream at the top of your lungs, which is what both Karen Starr and Bruce Wayne find themselves in. Wrapping her arms around his neck she deepens the kiss moving her lower body up against his. His eyes open at this motion; why in the world is she getting in to it so much, this is all supposed to be an act. With his hands still on her upper back he moves them down away from her bra. Closing his eyes once again Bruce's hands travel down further; him entering a hand into her pants. Moaning into his mouth Power Girl's eyes open breaking the kiss.

"If you value your hands dark knight, I'd keep them away from there. You know how easily I could break you, so be a good boy and keep it PG. You can touch anything else, but that is off limits."

"Oh really." Is all he can say.

Looking down at him, she's confused on what exactly that's supposed to mean. His tone brings chills to her back, but she chuckles seeing that he stares at her covered breasts which rest on his chest.

"Who knew Mr. Wayne could be so dirty." Karen says bringing her lips back to his.

With her super hearing, she is able to know that whoever approaches isn't more than five steps away from the door now. While grinning she places his lower lip into her mouth biting at it somewhat, with the door to the room opening. With wide eyes Bruce pushes up but is held down by Karen.

"Wait Power Girl it's just Boo.." Bruce is cut off by her tongue entering into his mouth.

Pressing her lips up against his she kisses him roughly; the security people standing off to the side must believe they're truly a couple. Removing her lips from his she kisses at his neck.

"What's wrong sweetie, you've seemed to have frozen on me?" She asks.

Looking him in the face Karen can see that something is definitely wrong, not to mention why haven't any of the guards said a word. Placing her hands with on his chest she sits up on top of him looking over her shoulder! Biting at her lower lip she jumps off of Bruce as fast as she can!

"Look guys this is totally not what it looks like; I can explain!" Power Girl almost yells.

Standing with crossed arms with a slight grin is Booster Gold, next to Wonder Woman who catches glimpses with Bruce rolling her eyes while exiting out of the room! Shaking his head, he can only imagine what she must be thinking.

"Wait hold on a sec, how did you know how to find us here in this exact spot?" Power Girl asks now becoming suspicious.

Getting up off the sofa Bruce walks around recovering his clothing which is all around the ground.

"After Superman sent you to check up on how Batman was doing involving this investigation; he asked me to travel down here and return to him with a full report. Well I guess you could say I was begging him to get me involved in a mission, and there was nothing available at the time; so he just sent me here to free himself of my annoyance."

"What about Wonder Woman? I'm sure something like this didn't require the two of you." Karen again asks.

"Well it's not like we could just enter this place in our league attire, so we just came dressed casually as one another's date. But enough about that, you two were so getting it on!" Booster says with energy.

Before speaking Karen walks over picking up her shirt lifting it over her head putting it back on slipping into her shoes. Bruce also recovers the rest of his clothing getting dressed placing the shades into his side pocket. While Karen explains to Booster what happened Bruce continues to look around for anything, which could lead to something. Pulling a small device out of his jacket Bruce connects it to the main computer within the room downloading as much footage from their security system as he can. With any luck there will be some shots of Lois. After giving Booster the important information Karen makes her way to the door.

"Now if you'll excuse me gentlemen, I'm late for a meeting at Starrware," Turning for the door a smile grows on her face looking over at Bruce, "I had no idea you were such a good kisser."

Bruce's fists tighten seeing as the door shuts while Booster's mouth drops somewhat. Waiting for all files to transfer onto his device he pulls it out putting it into his pocket. What is wrong with her, is she trying to make an already bad situation worse?

"Man I have to give it to you Bruce regardless of the situation, anyone who can get some from Power Girl must be a player. I wonder what would happen if you two were to actually do it; one would have to imagine you'd be crushed in the process."

While Booster continues to talk Bruce just seems to glare at him.

"But hey if Superman and Lois found a way to make it work, I'm sure you and Powe.."

"Shut up!" Bruce finally says.

Booster Gold does as he is told asking what Bruce found involving the case. The detective/crime fighter explains to him that he may have downloaded some of the last imagery of Lois when she was last seen.




Worlds Away




Within the chamber of Shinnok Quan Chi has set out a map across the table, explaining to the sorcerer on what exactly they'll have to do in order for his return to power to run smoothly. With the rising of this woman Pythena, working side by side with Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung this will be the perfect opportunity for him to return without drawing a lot of attention.

"What about Raiden and the elder gods, will they soon have a clue of this? It doesn't really matter if they do or not, but the more time I have the element of surprise the better." Shinnok asks.

"With everything else that is going on, I doubt they'd have a clue; but that is something we shouldn't worry about until the time comes." Quan Chi informs.

Shinnok nods understanding completely, for now they'll have to take it one step at a time. Outside of the chamber close to a mile away is Scorpion the ninja spectre who approaches two familiar individuals. But his main priority is not to be seen, all he needs is information. These certain individuals have been very suspicious for the last few days, if he had to guess they've got something big planned. Finding a good hiding spot behind a brick wall he tries his best to listen in.

"Good to see you Moloch, I'm sure you haven't spoke with Quan Chi yet; but he's got a really great proposition for us both."

The massive fighter known as Moloch sets his weapon off to the side giving his full attention to Drahmin.

"As I was saying, if we're to work alongside Quan Chi to help bring Shinnok back to the world of the mortals in return we'll be able to return to earth realm indefinite. The last time I had even set foot there was back at the tournament several month's ago; so what do you say to the offer?" Drahmin asks.

Moloch crosses his arms bringing a few fingers to his chin really putting some thought into this. With Sorcerers you can never be to sure if they'll keep their end of the deal, but on the other hand this is a great opportunity to get out of this place!

"I accept their offer; but could you tell me what is it exactly that we'll be doing for them?" Moloch asks.

Listening from his hidden position Scorpion can't believe what he's hearing, so they're merely using Pythena as a way of shielding themselves in a sense. He remembered hearing about her from Subzero, and if he can recall the Lin Kuei member informed him she was working with two of Earth Realm's deadliest foes! And now when you throw Shinnok in the mix that equals a recipe for disaster!

"I'm sorry to say, but I can't let you succeed. Shinnok must not be aloud to return!" Scorpion tells.

He may not be known as one of Earth Realm's heroes, but Hanzo Hasashi is still deep within him; and he will not stand by and let earth realm be destroyed.

"Well if it isn't Scorpion, so when did you become a do gooder? You would be doing yourself a favor by working with us." Drahmin says.

"I will not disgrace the name of my family or clan by doing such a thing. There is only one way this thing will go down." Scorpion says getting into his fighting stance.

This action from the ninja causes Drahmin to laugh while at the same time Moloch lifts up his weapon. There is no trying to consult or talk with these two, action is about the only way to handle business when in the Nether Realm. Pulling out one of his swords he stares the both of them down wondering which of them will attack first. This is something he must stop before it becomes a reality, all those super powers trying to rule all at once will lead to total chaos! Truth be told he really has no idea of the full extent/potential of Pythena.

"Though you may already be dead ninja, upon defeat we shall brutalize your soul to the fullest. That of course can be changed if you decide to do the smart thing and join our side." Moloch tells.

Seeing this as a perfect opportunity Scorpion teleports behind Moloch kicking the weapon out of his hand, jumping up and elbowing him in the back of his neck. Landing on his feet using his free hand Scorpion picks up the weapon belonging to Moloch whacking him across the face with it throwing the weapon far out afterward.

"You will pay for your insolence ninja!" Drahmin yells out running at Scorpion.

When getting over to Scorpion he swings at him a few times but has no luck connecting on any of the attempts. With the tip of his blade Scorpion slashes at the chest of Drahmin kicking him down to the ground. From behind Moloch charges trying to grab hold of him but Scorpion is able to flip over him kicking him in the back of his head.

"Are the two of you done playing so that I can finally put an end to you?" Scorpion asks.

But before he's able to perform his next move someone appears out of nowhere from his backside knocking him over down onto the ground. Attempting to get up is even more painful as he is kicked across the face.

"It would seem some souls will never change, you're a fool to try and stop the resurrection of Shinnok Scorpion. Do you truly believe you and your one man army will be able to stop us?"

Shaking his head to clear his somewhat blurry vision Scorpion looks up to see Quan Chi who looks down on him with crossed arms. His timing is interesting to say the least, either he's got really good timing or he somehow knew Moloch and Drahmin were being attacked.

"You will not succeed sorcerer, I shall see to it personally; besides there are plenty of others who couldn't agree more."

Scorpion stands to his feet but teleports out of sight leaving behind flames before any of them are able to do a thing. It was clever for him to escape the situation, but what's really on their minds is where did Scorpion go. Wherever it may be Quan Chi can feel that his presence is no longer in the Nether Realm.

"What we do now master Quan Chi?" Moloch asks.

"You will do nothing, Scorpion has no allies and is nothing but a minor nuisance who cannot come through on his empty threat."



Earth Realm



Standing outside the Shalion Temple within the area of the garden is Kung Lao who has something on his mind which continues to distract him fully. The scene of Danek having the life sucked out of him continues to play throughout his mind, which could be compared to a broken record in a way. Nothing but intensity goes through his body, especially not knowing who that woman was or who she's working with. What she and her followers may have planned could be very lethal, he wonders if the elder gods are over seeing these events and taking the proper precautions. Feeling the hand of someone resting over his shoulder causes him to ease up a bit turning to face them.

"Is everything alright Kung Lao, you've been out here pacing for the past hour; I'm really beginning to worry about you?"

Looking over the face of Liu he can tell that this is certainly true, the scene from yesterday may be replaying in his head several times over; but what really bothers him is the uncertainty of the future.

"It's really nothing Liu, after what happened the other day at the neighboring temple; it has just got me thinking."

How could something that beautiful do something so horrible, but than again she was obviously some type of vampire.

"Perhaps if you spend some time in the dojo working out, it will help take it all off your mind. It always works for me, but that is all up to you. If Raiden or anyone comes looking for me, just inform them I'll be at the market getting a few things." Liu tells.

Kung Lao nods watching as Liu Kang waves eventually disappearing out of sight. Things may be at peace for the moment, but no one should be dropping their guard, especially not Liu or himself; being part of Earth Realm's defense they must be prepared for any threat which may come their way. Something tells him it won't be long before they must again rise to the challenge of defending this realm.

Out many miles away within the Lin Kuei Temple several of the members stand inside the main room listening to the eldest member give a speech. About to go over their training exercise for the day he stops in mid sentence observing the middle section of the room where flames form, Scorpion eventually coming into sight. Running out from a corner in the room is Subzero who steps in front of the eldest member as a way of shielding him from any possible attack.

"What business do you have ninja, and you better answer quick!" Subzero demands.

Taking a knee Scorpion bows down to the eldest member with Subz stepping off to the side getting the idea he isn't here to fight. At this time the eldest member signals for the rest of the Lin Kuei members to lower their weapons.

"What is it you've come here for Scorpion?"

Hearing the question from the eldest member Scorpion stands to his feet.

"I have come here to form a short term alliance with the Lin Kuei," It burns him up inside to be teaming with his most hated clan but he's got no other choice, "I fear it is true that the one known as Lord Shinnok will be returning to reclaim Earth Realm." Scorpion informs.

Subzero as well as the eldest member can't believe what they've just been told. But how would Shinnok be able to return? He may have the resources, but where would he get that kind of power? Un crossing his arms Subzero himself approaches Scorpion.

"Are you sure this is true; what makes you so sure he'll return?" The best of the Lin Kuei asks.

"I was actually in a scuffle with Quan Chi and a couple of his hench men back in the Nether Realm. Trust me, this is something we need to take serious and be on high alert." Scorpion replies.

Subzero's eyes broaden to the mentioning of Quan Chi, this is beginning to become even more serious. Anything that involves Quan Chi is never to be taken lightly, but the Lin Kuei alone wouldn't be enough to stop Shinnok and his army.

"Please tell me you have more up your sleeve than just us?" Subzero asks.

"I'm already ahead of you, after I'm done here I'll seek out Liu Kang himself. The thunder god along with his two stooges will greatly help to balance the scale for our success. So will you and your clan put our differences aside and see that Earth Realm's future is secure?" Scorpion asks feeling weak for turning to the Lin Kuei.

Reaching out Subzero shakes hands with Scorpion.

"Yes, as long as it is to protect Earth Realm. Is there anyway of preventing him from returning, I mean you do have full access to the Nether Realm?" Subzero asks.

"It would be next to impossible for me to try and take them on alone; You have no idea how many followers he has within the Nether Realm. I would be defeated rather quickly without the slightest sweat."

Scorpion stands in place continuing to speak with both Subzero and the eldest member. Some distance away within the area of the outside market, Liu Kang carries with him a basket. All he has come here for is some snacks and extra fruits for the festival which will be taking place at the Shalion temple tomorrow.

"Well if it isn't the champion of Mortal Kombat himself, we're all proud of you Liu. So what can I get you today?"

It's true after retaining the MK championship many have taken notice of him within the area. He has become that guy that many look up to and or idolize. Before he's able to answer the salesman something catches his attention which leads to him turning looking over at these men dressed in black and gray carry with them guns! The group approaches a certain individual grabbing him by his arm.

"If you could come with us sir, we've got a few questions we'd like to ask you." One of them tells.

"I already know what this is about, and I will not give up my set of blue prints!" He yells.

Seeing this as a problem Liu walks over pulling the guy from the other who holds the gun.

"Look I've got no idea what's going on, but this gentleman won't be going anywhere with you. Based on your uniform I can see that you obviously are not the police." Liu tells.

Asking the others to stand off to the side the man in uniform pulls out a taser.

"Look Mr. Kung Fu I'd get out of the way or be electrified."

That reply alone is enough to let him know these guys are definitely not with the authorities; and are probably of an illegal organization. With a smile Liu quickly kicks the taser out of the man's hand uppercutting him before he's able to do a thing. Performing a flying kick another of them is knocked back in the other direction ten ft.

"Look I don't want to fight any of you, can someone please just explain to me what's going on?" Liu asks.

At this point most of the shoppers and even sellers have stopped what they're doing looking on. Everyone just gets the feeling something exciting is about to happen. To see the champ in action outside the ring would be the greatest thing in the world! The man that they had been after makes a run for it while Liu reaches out calling for him to come back; but he's unsuccessful as the guy is soon out of sight.

"Stupid Shalion warrior, now look what you've done!" One of them yells out.

Wow has he become that popular that even these guys know who he is? But being consistent at what you do, eventually you'll be recognized. After he takes care of these guys, he needs to catch back up with the man they're after. Whatever it is they want, it must be very important.

"Lets take care of this little punk so we can get back on the track of our real target." Another of them says.

Not giving them a chance to get organized or ready, Liu flips up disarming them all of their weapons bicycle kicking one of them to the ground; having great reflexes blocking a punch and kick from one of them at his backside. Leg tripping the certain person he twists his ankle, being knocked over by another of them who comes from his right. Flipping up he cross faces the individual kneeing him in the stomach throwing him down to the ground. Everyone watching from the side begins chanting "Liu Kang!". Countering another kick Liu smashes a fast right hook into his face KO'ing the guy instantly! Just as he turns to another of them someone teleports out of nowhere tapping at his shoulder. Turning to face the individual, his eyes widen to see Sektor who punches him into a huge stack of Oranges and Apples!

"Mr. Silvan didn't get far, my unit was able to pick him up once he escaped from you all." Sektor says to the men who begin picking up their weapons.

All of them aim their guns at Liu, but Sektor steps forward informing them to set them down.

"Let him be, there is no point in killing him; besides he won't affect our business in any way." Sektor says in his robotic voice.

All bystanders are impressed while astounded to see as Sektor teleports the entire group of men out of sight. Just as Liu is about to stand, a large amount of flames form in front of him with a familiar fighter looking down on him. Putting out a hand the individual helps him to his feet; but what would this particular person be doing here? He's neither friend, nor allie so this is very interesting in deed.

"Is something going on? I mean lets face it, I've never really ever encountered you off tournament grounds Scorpion." Liu asks.

Glancing around at the people which stare at them, Scorpion informs Liu to follow him; having so many watching from the side would be completely unnecessary. Once they're out of sight the ninja spectre begins speaking.

"I've already met with Subzero and the Lin Kuei on the matter; but it would turn out the one known as Shinnok could soon be upon us."

Almost instantly after hearing the words of Scorpion, Liu Kang's heart jumps.



Worlds Away



A super cyborg zooms around in the city of Seattle terrorizing and destroying everything in it's path. Standing in it's way trying to bring it down is Captain America! The avenger throws out his shield but is unsuccessful at connecting with the head of the robotic enemy. Shooting lasers from it's eyes, Cap runs as fast as he can avoiding the lethal attack.

"Where did this thing come from, it's got massive power for being a machine," Captain America runs over finding a building to hide behind for the moment, "A better question would be, is who made it?"

Peeking his head from the corner Cap comes out once again to engage the enemy blocking one of it's laser blasts with his shield but is tossed back a few ft. Getting up he watches off to the side as it is whacked across the head, with maybe the most powerful projectile in the world.

"Thor thank goodness." Cap says to himself relieved.

The cyborg easily flips back up, facing the son of Odin firing off another set of laser beams which Thor easily knocks away using his hammer. Flying forward at high speeds he smashes the hammer into the chest area of the cyborg sending it into a parked truck! From a distance several civilians watch, but make sure not to get to close. Pulling itself out of the truck, the cyborg shoots missiles at Thor who spins his hammer at full speed sending them back in it's direction! But with great jump ability, the cyborg leaps 30 ft into the air landing in front of Thor.

"Well I can see you're a clever one, but it doesn't matter; I'll put you down regardless."

Standing off to the side, Captain America does nothing but watch wondering what will happen next. At this point there isn't much he can do, plus he might get in Thor's way if he tries to get involved. Something such as this should be a piece of cake for the god like avenger.

"I'm going to ask once and only once, who do you work for?" Thor asks.

The machine does not reply, but instead transforms it's hands into weapons quickly powering up it's energy canons! Swinging his hammer forward once again Thor bashes it across the head knocking it back in the other direction a few ft. With one hand he spins the hammer at high speeds with dark clouds forming in the area, thunder and lightning striking down on the hammer giving it even more power. Flying over to deliver the final blow Thor comes to a complete stop.

"What in the name?" Is all that comes out of his mouth.

He watches as the cyborg is torn apart before his very eyes; but it happens so fast that he really isn't sure what he just witnessed. When it is all set and done the cyborg's head as well as arms have been torn from it's body with a man in red boots and cape standing over the demolished enemy. The individual dressed in red and blue turns to Thor with a smirk on his face walking toward him. It isn't long before Thor realizes who this person is; heck he's been the most talked about hero since the merging of the two worlds.

"Well it would seem I've finally met the man of steel. I've heard many great things about you Superman." Thor reaches out shaking hands with the Kryptonian.

Moving from his position Captain America makes his way over to both Supes and Thor. Seeing the two of them together sends shockwaves down his back.

"I'm taking it you're the mighty Thor, you're quiet the hero yourself," Supes turns shaking hands with Cap, "It's good to see you again Captain, I really do wish I had more time to talk but I'm sort of busy at the moment." Superman informs.

Before any of them are able to say another word, Superman's JL communicator goes off in which he asks both avengers to excuse him for that moment walking off to the side.

"Hello Booster, I'm a bit busy at the moment try and make this quick."

Supes listens in nodding his head, but at a certain point his eyes widen with his mouth doing the same.

"They did WHAT! Where are they now?" Superman asks raising his voice somewhat.

Both Thor and Cap look at one another wondering what's going on, hopefully it isn't something to serious.

"Alright Booster, I'll be there in a minute; tell Power Girl to wait for me in the conference room! Don't you worry about Batman, I'll get a hold of him as soon as I get there...Superman out."

Turning his attention back to Thor and Captain America he can see that both of them look extremely worried.

"Is everything ok?" Thor is the one to ask from them both.

"Yeah everything is fine, I've got something I need to take care of. But don't worry, I'll definitely see the two of you around." Superman tells.

Using his Justice League teleport device he is transported to the watchtower in seconds. Once there he marches to the conference room with his fists tight!



Wayne Manor



Down inside the batcave, Bruce sits at the bat computer with his uniform on the mask hanging off to the side typing away trying to open up the files within the set time of Lois's disappearance. It would have been easier had he jumped aboard when this case began, but there is no room to complain and he'll just have to make the best of things. Opening another document his JL communicator goes off again, he's been ignoring it for the past thirty minutes. What is so important that they'd need him right now; but you just never know. Reaching over he picks it up answering the call.

"Batman here, what seems to be the problem?"

"Get up here to the tower, we're having a team meeting and I need you here for it." Superman tells.

Giving his teammate the ok Batman ends the transaction, putting a gloved finger to his chin. Something about Superman's voice just didn't sound right, there is definitely something going on and he'd better get up there and see what. Minimizing everything on screen he lifts the cowl over his face teleporting himself to the JL tower using his device. Walking past Martian both say hello to one another as he continues forward. Walking past the lounge is when things become weird; everyone seems to stare at him with even some snickering. Even Zatanna looks at him in a strange way which really gets him worried. Continuing forward he comes to a stop in front of the conference room where Wonder Woman stands with crossed arms looking up at him.

"Before you and I enter I would like to clear some things up about what you saw earlier."

It is then that the door to the conference room opens with Superman standing in the doorway.

"You can speak with Diana in a bit, but for now I need you in here."

Supes grabs Batman by his arm pulling him into the room shutting the door behind them. Looking around there is no one else in the room except the two of them an..and...and Power Girl!

"Why don't you take a seat Bruce, this might take a while." Superman says pulling out a chair for the dark knight.

Now it all makes sense, the looks he was getting on his way here! Almost everyone must know what happened between he and Power Girl back at Blossom Esplanade! And it doesn't help that she smiles at him one bit. Shaking his head, he can't believe he's actually being questioned by a teammate involving something like this.

To Be Continue 
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Wow it's been awhile since I've really been on the vine, but I've just returned recently and boy there are some good stories posted in this section! But anyway I finally got to catch up on this; what a great story:) I guess I'll start by saying I was quiet surprised to see that Liu remained the champ of Mortal Kombat back in chapter 25, I thought for sure everyone's favorite TDK would take it. But Wayne had a good reason for dropping the fight. But now coming up to the current lol:D The whole status involving Bruce and Karen is hazardous haha, but really I think any man would love to be in his shoes. And to top it off Superman will be the one questioning both Batman and Power girl on what happened; that should be good. I also loved the battle scene involving Captain America along with Thor and Superman; even though supes did all the work:( It's just like the boyscout not to leave anything for everyone else.