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Rating (FR18)-(21) Due to later chapters
disclaimer : I do not own any of the marvel Mortal Kombat or DC characters, they belong to their respected owners. 
   Story Description:

A villainous woman by the name of Pythena has come to that of Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung with a promise to help them eliminate Liu Kang and the rest of the Earth realm defenders. But she wants something in return; There is a world she would love to take over except for one problem. There’re too many high powered heroes who will stand in her way keeping her from reaching the set goal. She convinces the two of them to go along with her plan which will benefit them all. They’re successful in baiting a group of the individuals into the Mortal Kombat tournament; which this year isn’t really what it seems to be. Secrets will be revealed with great loses and deception . Teammates will be turned against one another. The fate of both worlds will be determined by not the most powerful hero, but the one’s of true knowledge, will, determination and intellect to figure out the mystery. Main characters Starring From Marvel: Spiderman, Ironman, Ms Marvel, Captain America, Wolverine/ From DC: Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman. Many Other characters will show throughout the story. 

The Justice heroes Elite

CHP1: Evil plan

Two men wearing ski masks enter a drug store. They look around for a few seconds, before coming to the front of the store. One of them pulls out a gun aiming it at the head of the man who stands behind the cash register. The individual tries his best not to show fear; but it is possible he may not survive this encounter. But hearing of situations as the one which presents him; cooperating is probably the best thing to do.

"Alright old man, you know what the hell we want. Fill this bag up!" One of the thugs yells.

He throws a brown bag onto the table. Being frightened, the guy behind the cash register opens the safe. He fills the bag with money. One of the criminals grabs the bag, and the two quickly exit. Running across the street, they get into a car. The one who gets into the drivers seat starts up the vehicle driving off as fast as they can.

"Aaah, would you look at all this money!! The boss will be proud with us." The guy in the passenger seat yells excited for what they've accomplished.

The man driving just smiles, not saying anything. Hearing a thump on top of the car both men's eyes widen at the sound. The guy in the passenger seat roles down his window, with a gun in hand. Instantly, he is pulled out of the window. He is surprised to see the hero in tights.

"I hope you fella's are planning on returning that money. Come on now, you should have known your friendly neighborhood Spiderman would show up." Spidy says in a cheerful tone.

He webs the thief to the top of the car. Spiderman gets in the car, through the passenger window.

"Hey what sup, your partner is a little webbed up right now. Why don't you pull the car over, that will make it easier for us all." Spiderman suggests.

"Spiderman!!" The guy yells, pulling a gun from his pocket.

Spidy kicks the gun out of his hand; webbing the criminal to his seat. Spiderman moves over and steps on the breaks; he then removes the keys stopping the car. Minutes pass, with the police arriving to find the two men webbed upside down on a light post. Spiderman swings on his web through New York City, in his blue and red tights. He comes to a stop, at the top of a sky scrapper. He digs in his suit to pull out a cell phone, and dials a number. It rings for a bit before someone answers.

"Hey Tony it's me Peter, what is it you wanted to tell me?" Spiderman asks.

On the other line, Spidy can hear the loud noises of machines.

"Hey Tony are you still there?" Spiderman asks.

A few seconds pass.

"Oh hey Peter, you should turn to channel 2. The world wide voting for the greatest hero is almost done. They are just waiting on the votes from Beijing and Wyoming." Tony Stark tells.

Spiderman pauses for a second.

"You called me for this? I thought it was something important, why did you call me about this?" Spidy asks confused.

"They just announced that the winner will be the poster boy, for a new world wide security system. I'm just letting you know you made fourth place." Tony Stark tells.

Spiderman's heart rate speeds up.

"Are you serious; is there an official third place yet? Who are the three ahead of me?" Spidy asks.

"The beauty Wonder Woman, Superman, and Captain America, are the three ahead. It's going to be close; it's on a few channels." Tony replies.

Spiderman looks down at the city, to see two men beating on one guy.

"Hey thanks for the update Tony, but I really have to go." Spidy says in a hurry.

The two hang up.

City miles


A woman walks in a dark alley holding her belongings close to her side. The moonlight is about the only reason she is able to see in this dark part of the city. Before moving here she's done her research, fully knowing about the many maniacs and criminals which lurk in the city in which some say is un savable. But that will not scare her off; depending on the business agreement with her company will determine how long she's going to stay. Crossing the street she steps over a set of newspapers which are eventually blown out of sight. Continuing to walk, she is surrounded by a group of laughing men.

"Well well, I think we just got lucky boys. She sure is a pretty one." A guy says, licking his lips.

"Please don't do this, I have money. Besides if you even touch me you will be hearing from my lawyers." The woman stands tall not showing any fear.

She has an idea what might happen if she doesn't get out of here right now. Two men come up from behind her, throwing her to the ground. They hold her down, while she struggles to free herself. Another guy bends down, and starts cutting her skirt off. Quickly ripping it off, she is slapped in the face to keep quit. The remaining men form a line behind him. Seeing this her eyes widen as she now puts all of her strength in trying to break free!

"Now to get rid of these." He says, looking at her panties.

Something comes out of the darkness at a fast speed, hitting one of the men in the head. The guy falls to the ground with everyone else looking around taking their attention off the woman. The guy picks up the object that hit him; Having an instant shiver run up his spine as goosbumps form on his arm seeing it's bat shape. All men step away from the woman pulling out their pocket knives and daggers looking in all directions. Just as he as done so many times before he glides down taking out his first victim!

"The Batman!!" A guy yells, pulling out a gun.

Rolling out the dark knight throws a Bata rang, knocking the gun out of his hand. Batman runs over, and knocks down the two men who were holding the woman down. jumping over the woman, putting himself in the middle of the remaining men. They all try and attack him at the same time. The blades on Batman's gauntlets slice into the face of a guy, who falls to the ground blood shooting from his face. A guy stabs a knife into Batman's side. The dark knight yells out in pain; but sucks it up knowing he has felt much worse. He quickly removes the knife. With the passing of seconds he eliminates the group of thugs. The woman still with tears in her eyes, runs up to Batman pulling him in for a hug.

"Oh thank you, I just moved to Gotham. I guess the legend of the Batman is true." The woman says, crying into his chest/body armor.

"It will be ok now, the police are on their way." Batman replies trying to comfort her.

Standing in place for a few moments longer he does nothing, just letting her get rid of any and all tears she may have. Slowly freeing himself from her grasp he walks over cuffing all criminals making sure none will escape before the police can arrive. After doing so he turns back to the woman questioning her on why she was attacked. Explaining that she just moved to the city gives him the conclusion she was attacked at random. Waiting it out the police force soon arrive to the certain area.

"Hello commissioner, make sure she gets home." Batman says, pulling out his grapple gun.

Pulling himself to the rooftops he travels to higher ground where he can patrol the city more therally. The men are arrested and taken away while the woman answers questions which are asked by the Gotham police force. leaving the scene, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. This has always been a good way to warm himself up for any action he'll get himself into in close combat. While doing this the communications piece in his ear buzzes. Before answering he grapples up onto a dragon statue before answering.

"Hello master Bruce, I'm calling to let you know that Ms. Kayla has called for you three times. She seems to be worried about you, after your sudden break up." Alfred tells.

Batman just stands there for a little bit, looking down at the dark city. Shaking his head at the sight of a drunk driver just agitates him. Some may wonder how he knows, but the way the vehicle drifts all but confirms this.

"If she calls again, tell her I'm away on business." Batman finally replies.

"Ok sir, will do." Alfred replies.

"I'm getting someone on the other line, speak with you later." Batman says, switching over.

"Hello Batman, you need to get to Metropolis now! The Justice League needs you." A female voice yells.

Wait Metropolis? What is so serious that they need his help, shouldn't the man of steel be more than enough. Aside from that Gotham seems to have a few extra trouble makers out tonight.

"Diana I'm busy at the moment, I'm sure you guy's can handle it." Batman rejects.

Gliding down to a lower rooftop he makes his way closer to the speeding vehicle running at full speed leaping onto yet another building keeping pace.

"Please Bruce we need you, Superman and Green Lantern are currently on a different mission!" Wonder woman yells again.

Pulling out four batarangs he throws them having almost perfect aim flattening three of the drunk's wheels watching the vehicle crash into a stop sign.

"Please Bruce?" Diana asks, but in a soft almost seductive tone.

A smirk grows on Batman's face.

"Ok, I'll do it just for you princess." Batman says in a sarcastic tone.

"Ok but hurry." Wonder woman replies.

Batman ends the transition. pulling a device out of his utility belt, pressing in his coordinates. Waiting over a few minutes the bat plane arrives 20 ft above his position.

Worlds away

The champion of Mortal Kombat himself stands in the middle of a ring with Kung Lao opposite to him staring down one another.

"Ready, begin!!" Some one yells.

Liu Kang shoots a fire blast at Kung Lao, which hits him in the chest. The blasts force, knocks Kung Lao to the ground. The Shalion fighter is quick to get back on his feet. Liu Kang jumps into the air to kick Kung Lao, but his kick is grabbed. Kung Lao throws Liu Kang to the other side of the ring. He lands on his back, but Liu quickly flips back up. Kung Lao runs over and begins fighting Liu. The two throw kicks and punches on each other.

"Time!! That will be enough." Another voice says.

"Lord Raiden!" Liu Kang says with a bow.

Kung Lao also bows down.

"It's good to see the two of you training hard, as the tournament is in two days." Raiden says.

"Yes of course, I know the two of us will be ready. As you know, the Mortal Kombat tournament is not to be taken lightly." Kung Lao adds.

"Good, I will see the two of you later." Raiden says.

The thunder god is quick to disappear in a blinding flash of electricity. Liu Kang heads inside to a work out area, to lift weights. Kung Lao also heads inside, but to take a shower.

In a mountain to the


A table sits out in the open, with target boards facing up on it. A ninja wearing the colors black and yellow, practices by throwing shurikens at the boards. After practicing that for a while, Scorpion continues his training. With a series of one hundred push ups, and sit ups.

Populated city

Miles away

A man wearing sun glasses sits in a coffee diner watching T.V. A door to the diner opens, and it seems to get his attention.

"Hello Johnny Cage, it is finally nice to meet you. I'm the director of the upcoming film you will be taking part in. By the way, I'm Ritchie Edwards." The Director explains.

He sits down next to Cage, who takes another sip of his coffee. The guy wears bright colors which somewhat distracts Cage, but he tries to stay focused on the business which needs to be discussed.

"It's good to finally meet you as well. So when will filming start?" Johnny asks.

Ritchie looks down at his watch.

"Filming will start in the next few weeks. I'm sorry I came in so late, but I have a meeting to get to." But please, take my card." Ritchie hands Johnny one of his business cards.

Ritchie gets up from the table, and exits. Honestly he wonders why Johnny gets up to leave, but a familiar blond enters. She turns and walks over to cage.

"Hey Sonya, what brings you here? You look very beautiful today, you don't usually wear that much make up." Johnny asks.

Sonya blushes for a second.

"Thanks Johnny, I'm here because I heard you were meeting someone. So I thought I'd stop by just to say hi." Sonya says.

"I'm assuming you are ready for the Mortal Kombat tournament that is in a few days?" Johnny asks.

"Yes I am. It was nice talking with you, but I better not keep my date waiting." Sonya says.

She looks at Johnny's face as his smile is quickly taken off. She giggles a bit from his reaction. She walks for the exit.

"With who?" Johnny asks.

Sonya turns around and smiles.

"None of your business." She replies.

Sonya takes this opportunity to exit. Not long after Johnny takes off as well.

Inside a Cave

Miles away

Shang Tsung enters the cave well on guard. He can see a torch giving off light ahead, so he follows it. When he finally reaches the lit up area, he recognizes the person.

"What are you doing here, Shao Kahn?" Shang Tsung yells out.

"The question is why you are here, I was invited." Shao Kahn replies.

"So was I!" But since you are here, I will have the pleasure of killing you." Shang Tsung says, pulling out a knife.

Shao Kahn just stands in place not saying a thing.

"I'm glad to see the two of you could make it, now let's get down to business." A female voice speaks.

Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn are looking around to see where the voice came from. She steps out of a dark corner to reveal herself. Both Shang Tsung and Kahn's eyes widen at her appearance. She appears with long blond hair, Dark green eyes, and breasts almost the size of Power girl. Looking at her overall shape, the two are amazed.

"What's wrong boys, a cat catch your tongue?" She asks.

She wears black boots, and a gray and white suit.

"Are the two of you ready to discuss my offer?" She asks.

Shao Kahn clears his throat.

"Yes of course, let's hear it." Shao Kahn replies.

"Ok good, I will give you a visual while I explain what I want." She says.

"What is your name?" Shang Tsung asks.

Turning to him she throws her head back, so now all of her hair is behind her ear.

"I'm Pythena." She replies.

Pythena creates an energy ball from her hands, she lets go of it and the energy floats upward. It stops at a point, and increases size.

"What is happening?" Shao Kahn asks.

"Show me the Fantastic four?" Pythena yells.

The energy forms a square shape, and a clear image of the Fantastic four in battle appears. They are fighting a huge robot. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung focus in on it.

"They are the Fantastic four; I called the two of you here because I want you to help me destroy them." Pythena tells.

"That guy on fire looks really tough." Shang Tsung adds.

"Oh yes, human torch he is a hottie. Show me the Titans." Pythena says.

Titan's tower is now on the screen, with Kid devil and Ravanger sitting on a couch.

"The teen titans and Fantastic four are a minor threat. I really need the two of you to help me destroy the Justice League and the Avengers!!" Pythena says aloud.

Pythena goes through footage of both the Avengers and Justice League, with Kahn and Shang Tsung. She snaps her fingers with the energy window disappearing. The two men are silent for awhile. Shang Tsung breaks the silence.

"How do you expect us to kill them all? And what is your full plan? Also, what's in it for us?" Shang Tsung asks.

Pythena tells them her plan to take over the planet, once the heroes are destroyed. With them all out of the picture there will be nothing to stop her from ruling over everything.

"Also, don't worry about heroes like Daredevil or Wild Cat, they haven't got any powers. I just want the super powered heroes gone. If the two of you help me pull this off, I have the power to make you the leaders of this world." Pythena says with a smile.

Both Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn smile. Both shake hands with the woman, forming an alliance. She explains to the two why she chose them, and her ability to teleport to different dimensions.

"Just to put you both on full alert, you need to be most careful of these sold called heroes." Pythena throws the pick to Kahn.

In the image are Captain America, Superman, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Spiderman, The Flash, Power Girl, Hulk, Thor and Captain Marvel. Both men look at the image.

"Pythena, why don't we all go back to my place to discuss the plan?" Kahn asks.

She finishes putting on her pink lipstick. She licks her lips and turns to face the two.

"Good idea, plus it is a bit dark in here." Pythena replies.

The three exit the cave.

Shalion Temple

Kung Lao gets out of the shower and dries off. Liu Kang still trains in the work out room. Liu punches hard and fast on the boxing bag.

Worlds Away

Two men exit a licker store; on there way out another guy accidentally bumps into one of them.

"Sorry about that." The guy says.

The two men put down their bags. Not really having a clear head one of the men throws the guy up against the wall.

"Have the two of you been drinking? Really bub, I don't want to hurt the two of you." The guy on the wall says.

"Too late freak show, next time watch where the hell you're going." The man says, pulling his fist back.

Three blades come out of the guys knuckles, who leans up against the wall. The man lets go of his shirt.

"Hey I was just playing man." The man says in a panic.

Both men grab there bottles of bear, and run off.

"That's what I thought." Wolverine says.

The blades slip back into his knuckles.

Back in Gotham


Batman returns to the cave hopping out of the batplane making his way down the stairs. He stretches out his neck still feeling pain from the blow he received from the giant squid which tossed him into the side of an ice cream truck. Not only that but his lower left rib aches from the punishing blows he took from the android. But hey this is a normal day of life for the Batman, this is what he lives for.

"Hey Bruce, how was patrol?" A voice asks.

Lifting the cowl off his head he continues forward toward the main area of the cave.

"It was fine, what are you still doing up Tim? It's like 4:30 in the morning." Batman asks.

Tim turns around to face Batman.

"I'm doing some research on this mob boss, I think I might know where he will strike next. And when he does, Robin will be there to take him down." Tim answers.

"I see, but I think it is time we both call it a night." Batman adds.

Walking past Tim he enters into the dressing area where he undresses. Taking off his upper uniform he bends over a bit putting his head into a sink running the water over his face. This sure has been one long night, but he doesn't mind he prefers it that way. Fully undressing he takes a quick shower. When done he steps into a white robe made of smooth polyester. Exiting out of the back room he travels up to the manner with Tim by his side.

To be continue    

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The Justice Heroes Elite

CHP2: Ten Members

The sun rises over the city of Metropolis reflecting off the various glass windows throughout the city of the tallest buildings and skyscrapers. It may not be the city that never sleeps, but it possess arguably the greatest protector in all of the globe. The crime rate has been steady for the past few weeks; in fact most trouble lurks elsewhere. Of course there are a few crimes here and there, but nothing to serious. Opening his eyes the Kryptonian yawns, picking up the T.V. remote turning it on.

“Breaking News, two nuclear missiles have been launched, to two different locations in the world.” A news woman tells.
Just as in the past no time can be wasted with the window of his apartment flying open with him gone in seconds.

Inside the white house

“Mr. President what do you want us to do?” A guy asks with a little panic.

Many officials as well as the President, look down at the radar.

“Good god!! One of the missiles is heading this way!!” An official yells.

“We have no chance of retreating; we must try and shoot it down. It will reach here in less than a minute and a half.” The President tells.

“Someone get a hold of Ironman right now!” Another Official yells.

The officials look at the radar again, to see that another missile is heading to China, and the last to Europe. Two un identified objects appear on radar. One is heading toward the missile heading for China, and the other to Europe. What In the world, who could be behind this! Fear can be felt between all the men within the room, what will happen once this gets out to the public?

“Mr. President, we got in contact with Ironman. He is headed to stop China, and his buddy War Machine is headed to stop the other one. They don’t know there is a 3rd nuclear missile headed our way, should I let him know?” The guy asks.

“It does’t matter if you do or not, they won’t make it here in time.” The President replies.

“Hey everyone get over here to the radar!! A third un identified object is closing in fast on the missile headed this way!!” An official yells.

All men in the room gather around the radar. The missile that was headed for the white house, is now heading up into space. Everyone in the room jump up cheering feeling so much emotion; some even with tears in their eyes. One of the men turns on a nearby TV.

“The Crises is now over, thanks to Ironman, War Machine, and Superman! They have diverted the weapons to safe locations.” The news woman tells.

The officials in the room chant Superman’s name.

Outside of


Superman flies the missile into space, and pushes it forward with much force. looking around, he spots Ironman and War Machine, getting rid of the other missiles. Flying over to the two he quickly gets their attention. Boy it never seems to get old being up here, the beauty of space has always been something that comforts him looking down on the earth. But things have changed within the past few months with the merging of the two earths.

“Superman! What brings you up here?” Ironman asks.

“Lets get back into Earth’s atmosphere, and we can chat there.” Superman replies.

War Machine and Ironman follow Superman who leads them back into the planet. Honestly he has always wondered what it would be like to fly away through the milky way in space without a worry in the world. Maybe someday there will be world peace, but it won't be today nor tomorrow. Flying down over the city that never sleeps the three come to a stop on one of the more taller building's. New York city is always on the move just as it is now with the many trains and vehicles moving about with most going to work and others to whatever else.

“I was up there as well, shortly after the first two missiles were launched. A third missile was fired off, heading toward the White House.” Superman tells.

“How could we have missed one!! That would have cost many lives.” Ironman kicks at the ground.

“Don’t beat yourself up over it, things turned out just fine. Lucky the three of us were there.” Superman says.

“I have an idea where the missiles were fired from. War Machine, I want you to head back to the white house and let them know we will have everything figured out.” Ironman says.

“Alright Tony, See you later.” War Machine rockets off at a high speed.

Both look up to see War Machine blast out of sight. What just happened will probably have a lot of people panicking pointing fingers, but not these two. It's men and women like them which excel in these situations. Discussing with each other they're interrupted by a certain individual who swings up seemingly out of nowhere landing next to Kal.

“Hey guys, good work getting rid of the missiles. Good to finally meet you Superman.” Spiderman says.

Both Superman and Ironman look at Spidy. Him showing up at this time is definitely random, but maybe he can help.

“Hey come to think of it, this is the first time the two of you have met.” Spiderman says.

“How did you know that we were up here?” Ironman asks.

“I was just swinging around, and happened to see War Machine flying off. So have you guys got an idea where the missiles were fired from?” Spidy asks.

“Yes, I think I have the exact place. Superman and I are going to check it out.” Ironman says, getting ready to fly off.

“Hey wait a sec; I want to go with you guys. You never know, you might need my help.” Spidy says, crossing his arms.

Ironman turns to look at the Wall Crawler. But before he can speak, someone else does.

“You can come, but be on guard when we get there.” Superman tells.

“Of course, after all I’m Spiderman.” Spidy says.

Superman just smiles at the reply. The man of steel picks up Spiderman.

“You lead the way Mr. Stark.” Superman says.

Ironman blasts off into the air; Superman follows him with much speed. Hopefully they aren't in for a surprise when arriving.

Worlds away

Shao Kahn enters a palace.

“Hello Prince Goro, I have much to tell you. This earth realm will finally be ours.”

Goro sits listening to Shao Kahn tell him about Pythena, and her plan. The Prince sits there for a moment, before speaking. The biggest question is can this woman be trusted. That's all they need right now is to be backstabbed.

“Can this woman be trusted? Where are she and Shang Tsung now?” Goro asks, standing up from his chair.

“The two of them are completing step 1 of the plan. Not even Liu Kang himself will be able to stop us.” Shao Kahn says.

Goro shows a face of disbelief; some woman comes out of nowhere saying she will eliminate all their enemies, now that is funny. But for what is the question.

“You seem to have doubts, don’t worry my friend. It will all be clear to you soon. She has an army of alien fighters which can morph shape and appearance.” Shao Kahn explains.

Goro sits back down.

“Can we trust this girl?” Goro asks again.

“Yes we can. After all, she came to us for help.” Kahn tells.

With those words, Shao Kahn exits the room.

Lin Kuei


Subzero enters the main room, feeling tired stretching out his arm.

“Hello master, I am back. The training session went well.” Subzero tells.

“That is good to hear, how is the training coming with the rest of the Lin Kuei fighters?” The eldest member asks.

“They all seem to be improving. Before you ask, yes I have signed up for the tournament.” Subzero tells.

Both Subzero and the Lin Kuei's eldest member are quite for a little bit. Subzero looks up at the eldest member. Perhaps this will be the year he brings home the championship; doing that won't be an easy task with the competition he'll be up against.

“I’m going outside of the temple for a training exercise. I will be back in a few hours.” Subzero tells.

The eldest member nods his head, giving Subzero permission to go. Before leaving, Subzero bows.

Worlds away

Ironman and Superman land, in the area of an abandoned military site, on an island. Superman lets go of Spiderman. The three begin looking around for anything that could be of importance. A tank is thrown high into the air, at Spiderman. Superman with his speed zooms over and catches the tank. He sets the tank down. Ironman makes his way over to the two. The three heroes can see someone approaching. Superman’s eyes widen as the person gets closer.

“No, it can’t be.” Superman says nervous.

The person stops in front of the three.

“Hello Kal, it’s been to long.” The person says.

A tear falls from Superman’s eye.

“I can’t believe this, how are you back Connor?” Superman asks, giving him a hug.

“Super boy alive, now this is just strange. I heard rumors that he was killed by another Superboy, from another world.” Spiderman says scratching his head.

Ironman is confused at the whole situation. Connor breaks the hug, as Ironman takes another step forward.

“This sweet reunion crap will have to wait till later; right now I want some answers. So kid, were you the one who fired off the nukes?” Ironman asks.

Connor looks straight at Ironman, as sweat falls from his face. Connor just sits there, not saying a thing. Connor begins to speak, but chocks and stops. Superman’s face gets serious.

“Go ahead and answer his question Connor.” Superman breaks the silence.

Connor is still silent, looking down at the ground.

“Well let’s hear it, cough it up pal.” Spidy adds.

Connor finally looks up from the ground.

“No, it wasn’t me. It’s the guys that have my soul captive. You guys must go to the mortal kombat tournament, and win. That is the only way my soul will be free.” Connor tells.

Ironman, Superman, and Spiderman show faces of disbelief. Spiderman almost laughs. Connor yells out, saying it is the truth!! The three men get serious again.

“Please father, you have to believe me. Be here tomorrow night, around six or seven, a portal to the world will be opened. And make sure to bring a few of the others. There are 10 spots still opened, so do choose wisely.” Connor tells.

Ironman grabs Connor by his shirt, pulling his fist back to punch him.

“You're insane kid!” Ironman almost yells.

Before Ironman can do anything, he is pulled back by Superman.

“Tony just think for a second, he might be right. Connor, do you know what happened to the guys who fired off the missiles?” Superman asks.

Connor faces the man of steal.

“They can be found in the new planet. Really, the three of you should leave now. Get recruits, and come back tomorrow.” Connor says.

“But Connor, there are so many un answered questions. Like, how are you able to be here?” Superman asks.

“Don’t worry Kal, everything will make since soon, I don’t have much time left here. You should go, I’ll be ok. Just remember to be back tomorrow.” Connor repeats.

“Don’t worry; we will be back for you. Let’s go guys.” Spiderman says.

Superman picks up Spiderman and begins flying up.

“We will be back.” Superman tells Connor.

Ironman joins Superman as they fly off. Once they are out of site, Connor smiles. Not long after he is laughing at the top of his lungs. Connor quickly reverts into Shang Tsung. Pythena comes from behind a nearby tree with a smile on her face. She walks up next to Shang Tsung.

“That was amazing how easily the three of them were fooled. But why did you tell them, there were only 10 spots left?” Pythena asks.

“The Mortal Kombat roster this year is full. Ten more participants, is about all that I can fit. I just want to know, how you know so much about the heroes of this world. For the reason, that you have not encountered any of them before.” Shang Tsung asks.

Pythena places her hand on Shang Tsung’s shoulder.

“I told you that I have studied the super powered heroes closely, for the last few years.” Pythena replies.

When studying the many heroes she saved herself a lot of time by completely ignoring the un powered individuals. Which would include anywhere from Batman to the Punisher. With that, she creates a portal. Both she and Shang Tsung step through, returning to his world. The three heroes fly over the Pacific Ocean. Ironman breaks the silence between the three.

“I don’t know about the two of you, but I don’t believe that guy. No offense to you Superman.” Ironman speaks

Superman is quite for a second.

“You know Tony; I’m going to have to agree with you. Not just that, but for some reason I don’t believe that was really even Connor. There was something so strange about him.” Superman says.

Both Spidy and Ironman are surprised by his response. But he's no idiot, that guy wasn't Superboy, but he decided to go along with it anyway.

“So maybe the guy seems a bit shady, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t Superboy, or isn’t telling the truth. I say we should still check this out, he said something about a tournament. Hey Supes, you most definitely need to alert your bud Batman about this; he's like one of the best fighters slash tacticians around. Tony and I will talk with a few of the Avengers.” Spiderman adds.

Superman smiles at the mention of Batman.

“Alright, I will do that. But we need to take this serious; some how I feel it might be a trap. Plus this should lead us to the one's responsible for” Superman replies.

“Agreed, but Spiderman is right. This is something we must all look into.” Ironman says.

The three fly back to New York where Spidy is dropped off. Supes informs them he will be returning to Metropolis for a little while, to do a few things.

Worlds away

Subzero runs through a forest, jumping over a few logs scaring the many animals around. Subzero comes to a stop, when three men stand in the way of his path. The Lin Kuei warrior turns around, to see three more guys behind him.

“Hello Subzero, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. I’ll cut right to the chase, our boss wants you dead. So that is what we have come here to do.” A guy says.

“Who are you guys?” Subzero asks.

“We are assassins.” Another guy answers.

The six men with black masks covering there faces run at Subzero. One guy knees Subzero in his rib, as another guy punches him in the face. Subzero falls to the ground. He gets up quick, not showing any weakness. He can feel the pain in his side. Another guy throws a punch at him, but he grabs it. He twists the guy’s arm and kicks him into the air. The assassin lands in swamp water. Subzero freezes another assassin; he then kicks his body in half. Subzero jumps high into the air, and as he comes down kicks two assassins to the ground. Another guy tries to attack him from behind; Subzero throws him over his shoulder. He then snaps his neck. The four remaining assassins retreat.

“Cowards, I hate when they run.” Subzero says angrily.

Subzero runs off to continue his training exercise.

Shalion temple

Liu Kang sits at a table eating, while Kung Lao sits at a nearby couch reading a magazine. The only thing that can be heard is Liu Kang’s spoon when it hits against the bowl. He drops his spoon, looking over at Kung Lao.

“Is something bothering you, for some reason you seem really tense?” Liu Kang asks.

Kung Lao looks up from his magazine.

“Everything is fine; I’m just doing something that can occupy my time.” Kung Lao answers.

His attention is again turned back to the magazine.

“Is that a way of getting the tournament off of your mind?” Liu Kang asks.

Kung Lao looks up from the article again, but this time annoyed.

“Why don’t you just eat and shut up. To answer your question, I wasn’t even thinking about the tourney.” Kung Lao replies.

Liu Kang picks up his spoon and continues to eat. Soon after Liu Kang finishes eating, and tosses his spoon and plate. He then exits the room.

Portal opens

Next to


Shao Kahn looks up from his chair to see Shang Tsung alongside Pythena enter the room from a portal.

“So how did everything go, will they be attending the tournament?” Kahn asks.

“Yes, but only ten of them. I’m just hoping the ones we actually need out of the way, are the heroes to show up. I have a back up plan for those of them who do not show.” Pythena tells.

“I am more than confident that they will all die in the tournament, but say they do succeed. What will we do than?” Shao Kahn asks.

“Don’t worry; I have a back up plan for that as well.” Pythena says, smiling.

Shang Tsung picks up an apple and starts eating it.

“You talk as if we should be worried about these Meta humans. Who we should have are focus on, is Liu Kang and his group.” Shang Tsung says.

Pythena laughs at Shang Tsung’s suggestion.

“Are you serious, the champion of Mortal Kombat? You have got to be joking, I still can’t believe either of you were defeated by that low class fighter.” Pythena says.

Both Shang Tsung and Kahn are surprised.

“You must not know much about him, your ignorance will be your downfall. Liu Kang is not to be taken lightly.” Shao Kahn says, standing up.

Pythena walks up close to Kahn. He can feel her breath against his lips.

“When I am done with your little Liu Kang, he will be nothing but dust. Same goes for the rest of your earth realm heroes.” Pythena says.

She then walks from Shao Kahn and takes a seat in a nearby chair. She puts one of her legs over the other and crosses her arms.

“I’m hungry; do you guys have anything good to eat?” Pythena asks.

Kahn looks at her.

“I will have something made for you. Later you will have the chance of meeting Prince Goro.” Kahn tells.

Worlds away

A few hours have passed. A number of Avenger members appear at a military site, standing before Tony Stark. Tony fixes his tie before he begins.

“I called a few of you here today, to help me get behind who launched the missiles earlier today. It turns out the guy’s who did it, are now on another planet. But they launched the missile from our planet.” Tony tells.

Whispers can be heard through the crowd, with disbelief.

“I know all of this can be a little hard to believe, but I need two more participants to go to this world to find them. Spiderman, myself, and I spoke with Cap, who will be going. Did I mention five of the Justice League members will be joining us?” Tony asks.

The crowd goes silent right away. Carol steps forward.

“I will take part in this; it sounds like a serious matter.” She says.

Tony looks down at her and smiles.

“I’m glad you will be joining us, Ms. Marvel. We need one more member.” Tony says aloud.

Right away, Logan steps forward.

“I’ll come, but I would like to know a little more about this mission.” Logan says.

Tony dismisses everyone except Ms. Marvel and Wolverine. The two follow the billionaire inside.

“Alright now that the two of you will officially be joining us, I’ll tell you all the details. We are actually entering a tournament; we must win to save the soul of Sup…” Tony is cut off.

“Did you just say tournament, I thought this was important.” Forget it I drop out, you can call Mr. Banner to replace me!” Carol yells.

Tony puts his hands on her shoulders.

“Don’t leave on us, let me explain further.” Tony Stark says.

He explains in detail to the two what happened earlier in the day. The two are silent just looking at Tony.

Tony pours them all something to drink, he hands them there glasses.

“So are we solid, will the two of you join us in this mission?” Tony asks.

Both Carol and Logan reply with yes.

“Good, the two of you are dismissed. Make sure the two of you come suited up, tomorrow evening.” Tony adds.

With those last words, the three of them exit together.


In the meeting room sits Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Hawk man. The six Justice League members sit in silence. Flash looks at everyone, and then the ceiling. Wonder what this could be about, hopefully it is a good mission, oh how he would love some action right now.

“Hey Supes why don’t you just tell us, Batman is probably busy.” Flash says.

Superman looks over at Batman’s empty chair. He then gets up from his chair.

“Could you guy’s excuse me for a second, I’m going to see if I can get a hold of him.” Superman says, leaving the room.

Superman picks up a phone outside of the room. He dials a number. It rings a few times before being answered.

“Hello, who is this?” A voice asks.

“It’s Superman, is Bruce around Tim?” Superman asks.

Tim sits in the bat cave, suited up.

“Bruce is at a meeting, but I will give you his cell.” Robin replies.

Robin gives Superman the number, which he dials right away. He gets an answer quickly.

“Hey Bruce its Kal, I need you at the Watchtower. It’s very important.” Superman tells.

“I’m in the middle of a meeting right now; why not just tell me what is going on?” Bruce asks.

Superman quickly explains to Bruce, the events which happened earlier. Which include the details of Connor and the tournament. His eyes widen a bit at what he is hearing. What in the world could all this mean, he feels as though he is in some action film hearing this news. It takes him some moments to take it all in.

“This sounds like a problem, I should be out of this meeting soon. I will most definitely attend this event, I’ll than figure out what is really going on.” Bruce says.

The two say their good byes and hang up. Superman re enters the meeting room, taking a seat back in his spot relieved. If anything they're goanna need Batman, there is no telling what they could be up against; if there is a puzzle to be solved he's the man.

“Were you able to get in contact with him?” Wonder woman asks.

Superman looks over at her.

“Yes I was, and he has agreed to be part of this next mission.” Superman replies.

Superman clears his throat, and tells the members in the room about what happened on the island earlier. Everyone’s heart's speed up, with the mention of Connor Kent. He finishes up in the next ten minutes.

“Batman and I will be traveling to this world; I need three of you to join us.” Superman says.

Flash is quick to raise his hand.

“I’m definitely in!” Flash says in excited.

Green Lantern, Wonder woman, and Hawk man look at each other. After a few seconds, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern volunteer. Superman gets up from his chair again.

“Alright good, tomorrow night we meet here. I will than lead you all to the island.” Superman says.

He gets up from his chair and exits.

To Be Continue    
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CHP3: Jump of Dimensions 


Everyone in the meeting room is silent. Looking around Flash taps a finger over the table top waiting. Wonder whats up, Superman is acting a bit strange; and whats with him leaving the room so much, he thought this was supposed to be a meeting.

"Hey guys, do you find it strange that Superman wanted to let bats know about the mission before us all? I mean come on; Black Canary should have at least been informed." Flash Complains.

He looks over at Hal, the Green Lantern who is smiles for whatever reason. Narrowing his eyes Flash notices this crossing his arms.

"What's so funny, are you smiling because you agree?" Flash asks.

"If you want to know so much, why not ask him?" Green Lantern suggests.

"No it's not really a big deal, I was just curious." Flash replies curious if they were given all the information.

Superman re enters the room with Black Canary. The two take a seat, with the official meeting beginning.

Back on


A Day later

Hours have passed. Logan walks side by side with Rogue, down a street enjoying the fresh air; sometimes it is nice to get out when it's not related to fighting against evil.

"I have one question for you Logan. In the training room today, you seemed to be putting more effort in than you usually do. Are you expecting something big to happen?" Rogue asks.

Logan doesn't look at her, but continues to walk with his head down. Putting his hands in his pockets he looks up at the sun which begins to set over the mountain tops.

"It's nothing for you to worry about, just myself and a few others. We are going after someone that is in a different world. I'm still a bit confused, Ironman really didn't explain in detail." Logan tells.

"That sounds like fun, were you recruited." Rogue says with a tone of sarcasm.

A small smile forms on Logan's face. They walk in silence for a bit longer.

"So where exactly are you taking us? We have been walking for a long time now. Do you even have a destination in mind?" Rogue asks.

She gets no answer from him, instead he grabs her hand and leads her to a nearby latter. The two of them climb all the way up to the top, where it leads to a roof top. Logan and Rogue look down at the city together.

"Oh wow! This view is so beautiful." Rogue says.

"Yes I know, that is why I brought you here. I wanted you to see this; I come here to think about things sometimes." Logan replies.

Rogue turns to look at Logan; the soft wind blows his hair back a bit. She moves closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. His heart rate speeds up, from her sudden move.

"I don't know why you chose to bring me here. But I'm glad that you did." Rogue says.

The two look down at the city, as the sun sets. A few hours pass and it is now dark.

A City

A group of ninjas break into a museum. They enter the security room and knock out the guards. One of the ninjas shuts off all the surveillance that is throughout the museum. With that done, the ninjas begin their search for a few objects. The ninjas come across many fossils and many paintings.

"So why exactly does the boss want us to take these objects. I don't see what is so beneficial about the four ancient swords, and the ancient gold armor?" One of the assassins asks.

Another ninja turns to him.

"I'm not really sure if he has a reason for this. But as long as we do what he says, we will get paid." A Ninja tells.

The ninjas split into two groups. One group comes across the swords; they put the swords into a long metal box they carry. The other group of ninja blows down a few doors to get to the golden armor.

"Wow, would you look at that. I wonder how much it weight's?" One guy asks.

"I have no idea, but let's take it and get out of this place. I have a bad feeling the police are going to show up." Another guy replies.

It takes about seven of them to lift the armor off its stand. The men place the armor into a metal casket. They all carry it out of the room together. Within a few minutes, both groups of ninjas are putting the stuff into trucks.

"The boss will be proud with our accomplishments. I know he will like the paintings that we took as a bonus." One of the ninjas says happily.

"To bad your boss will never see the stuff; I suggest you all return what you have taken." A voice from the shadows can be heard.

The ninjas stop loading the stuff into the trucks, and are looking to see where the voice came from.

"Hey guys, do you think it is the Batman?!" A ninja asks with wide eyes.

"It can't be him, we're not in Gotham." Another ninja says.

A man jumps from out of the shadows.

"You thugs should know that Bludhaven has its own hero. That's right, me!!" The person says.

"Who in the hell are you?!" One ninja asks.

"You freaks must be new to this city. I'm Nightwing." He introduces himself.

The ninjas pull out staffs and Nun chucks, ready to fight the vigilante hero. Nightwing jumps high into the air prefoming a front flip. He lands in the middle of of them all. They begin their attack on him. One ninja throws a kick at Nightwing, who grabs it and throws the ninja back, by pushing on his leg. Nightwing round house kicks another of them into a nearby truck, and elbows a ninja trying to attack him from behind. Nightwing disarms one of them of his staff. He swings and spins the Bo staff around, knocking down the ninjas surrounding him.

"What's happening guys? It's all of you against me, shouldn't you be winning?" Nightwing asks with a smile.

He jumps up and kicks two ninjas into a nearby wall. As he comes down, he knocks a few ninjas out with the staff. He quickly defeats the remaining ninjas. He ties them all up to a light post.

"Well that was easier than I thought. I guess it's time to inform the police about this." Nightwing says, pulling out his communicator.

"I don't think that will be necessary kid. You and I have a party to attend." Someone nearby says.

Nightwing looks up on top of one of the trucks to see a person standing, looking down at him.

"No way, what are you doing here Deathstro... Wait you're someone else." Nightwing concludes.

"That is right! You can call me Deadpool. I'm impressed with your fighting skills, and how quickly you took out my men. Where did you learn how to fight like that? I actually recruited them from family doller; but I can see you're Walmart material." Deadpool asks.
Nightwing scratches his head a bit, did this guy for real just try and crack a joke? Ok, the next thing he needs is another Joker.

"I was trained by the best. So are you going to return everything? Or suffer the same fate as your men?" Nightwing asks.

A wind blows to the west; both men are silent staring each other down. Nightwing drops and kicks the staff out of the way.

"I prefer to do things the hard way. This should be fun, I always love a good challange." Deadpool says, jumping down in front of Nightwing.

The two circle each other for a bit. Nightwing gets in his fighting stance, putting his hand up. He signals Deadpool to attack him. Deadpool runs at him, and the two begin fighting. Nightwing punches at Deadpool, but it is blocked by Deadpools kick. Nightwing flips back before he is hit in the face. Deadpool grabs Nightwing by his chest gear, and punches him in the face. He falls to the ground, but flips up and uppercuts Deadpool onto a nearby car. Deadpool with much strength pulls the car door out. He throws it at Nightwing who dodges it.

"Man, what is this guy made of?!" Nightwing says to himself.

"You really are flexible, and fast. Maybe you should join me." Deadpool suggest.

"No, I don't think so." Nightwing replies, running toward Deadpool.

As he reaches him, he jumps up and kicks him into the car that is missing a door on one side. The impact of the hit sends Deadpool crashing and breaking through the door on the other side. Deadpool is quick to get up, but feels dizzy. Nightwing jumps over the car to throw a punch at Deadpool, who grabs it. He takes this opportunity to slam his knee into Nightwing's stomach. Nightwing yells out in pain as blood comes out of his mouth. Deadpool throws Nightwing high into the air. He jumps up and kicks him into the fountain, in front of the museum. Nightwing is slow to get up, as he spits blood. He gets out of the fountain and runs at Deadpool.

"So he hasn't given up, I'm impressed." Deadpool says to himself.

As Nightwing gets closer to Deadpool, he jumps over him grabbing his shoulders at the same time. He slams him into the ground. Nightwing steps back from Deadpool, but notices no movement from him. He turns around and pulls out his communicator, to contact the police. A smile appears on Deadpools face, under his mask. He picks up a nearby staff, and gets up slowly being silent. He whacks Nightwing across the back of his head, the hero falls unconscious. Deadpool throws the staff to the ground.

"Rule number one; never turn your back to an enemy." Deadpool says laughing.

He walks over and cuts his ninjas loose. Deadpool has the ninjas put the remaining stuff in the trucks. Before they leave, Deadpool looks down at Nightwing.

"I'm pretty sure we will meet again." Deadpool says.

With that, they all get in the vehicles and drive off. Nightwings eyes open to see them turn the corner. He gets up slowly, putting his hand on his head.

"I should have known he was tricking me. They better hope our paths don't cross again." Nightwing says.

The hero of Bludhaven makes his way to the roof tops, looking down on the city.

In the Bat


Batman finishes typing something on the computer. Standing over him Robin pays close attention to the information. Batman points up at the screen.

"That is where Ralph and his men will be meeting. The east end of the docks." Batman tells.

Batman gets out of the chair. He walks over to a table, with a bag on top of it. Inside the bag are a few bat suits, and regular clothes. Batman picks up the bag and throws it into the bat plane.

"If you need help with the city while I'm away, just give Dick a call." Batman says to Robin.

"Yeah, I'll most likely do that." Robin replies.

Batman jumps into the bat plane, and blasts off out of the cave.

Worlds away

Liu Kang and Kung Lao work out in the training room. Both men stop to take a break.

"I wonder why the tournament got delayed until tomorrow. I'm starting to think Shang Tsung is up to something again." Liu Kang says.

"Well aren't you the smart one. Whenever is Shang Tsung not up to something?" Kung Lao replies.

Liu Kang walks over to a machine and lies on his back, lifting weights.

"As long as we are on full alert, we should be ok." Liu Kang says.

Suddenly Kung Lao is thrown into a wall. Liu Kang looks up, to see no one. Kung Lao is kicked into a nearby machine. Liu Kang jumps up from the machine, and runs over to help Kung Lao. Liu is grabbed by his neck, and thrown into Kung Lao.

"What is going on? I don't see anyone. He must be using some kind of Camoflosh." Liu Kang guesses.

With the press of a button on his belt, a ninja appears before Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

"You are correct Liu Kang. I have come here to kill you. My boss wants nothing to do with you Kung Lao, he just wants Liu dead. So I suggest you stay out of my way." The ninja demands.

Both Liu and Kung Lao get off of the ground.

"Who is you boss? And why does he want me dead?" Liu Kang asks.

"My boss has his money on Ermac to win this tournament. He sent me to get rid of the competition. You're the champion of Mortal Kombat, we can't have you getting in the way." The ninja says, pulling out a long blade.

Thinking fast, both Liu and Kung Lao punch him in the face at the same time. He falls to the ground knocked out.

"So what should we do with him?" Liu asks.

Kung Lao picks up the ninja and puts him over his shoulder.

"I'm going to take him outside the temple. I want you to alert the guards to increase security. There might be more of them, where he came from." Kung Lao tells.

"Good idea, but hurry back." Liu Kang replies.

Kung Lao walks out of the room with the ninja.

Worlds Away

On an island

Superman, Ironman, and the rest of the heroes all gather at the island. All except Batman, who has not arrived yet. Each hero introduces him or herself to everyone. Flash runs around Ms. Marvel a little bit.

"If I weren't married, I would have taken you out on a date any day." Flash whispers in her ear.

Ms. Marvel just blushes. Flash then runs over to Superman and Ironman.

"You guy's are positive this is the right Island? I don't see any portal forming." Flash asks.

"Just give it a little bit more time, it should open soon." Superman replies.

Wonder Woman sits on a big rock, next to Captain America as they talk with each other. Spiderman, Green Lantern, and Wolverine just stare at the moon as they wait. Wonder Woman places her hand over caps.

"It must have been hard for you, when you lost Rodgers. So do you prefer to be called Cap, Bucky, or Captain America?" Wonder Woman asks.

"You can just call me Cap. Rodgers and I didn't really see eye to eye close to his assassination." Cap replies, looking into her blue eyes.

The two stare for a bit, before Captain America gets up to walk around. A loud noise can be heard in the night sky. Everyone looks up, to see the bat plane approaching. It flies over the island, as Batman jumps out and glides down to the ground, with a bag around his shoulder.

"Good, Bats is here." Spidy says, walking over to greet him.

The remaining heroes also make there way over to Batman. Superman introduces Batman to everyone who hadn't met him.

"So Batman, what happened to your flying vehicle?" Wolverine asks.

Batman turns to Wolverine, and the two shake hands.

"I left it on auto pilot; it will head back to the cave on its own." Batman replies.

A few seconds pass, and the wind speeds around the island increase greatly. Energy builds up in a specific spot, and a portal forms.

"Last one in eats mud for dinner." Spiderman says running.

Flash zooms past Spidy into the portal. Spiderman jumps in afterward.

"Wait!!" I can't believe they jumped in so quickly, we should have all talked this over first." Ironman says.

Batman walks past everyone.

"We can discuss everything later." Batman says entering the portal.

Everyone else enters right after him.

Worlds away

The portal opens inside of a temple, it closes behind the heroes. They look around, to see Pythena sitting in a chair. She gets up, and approaches them.

"Hello fighters from another world, this is the temple you will stay in while you are here. The tournament will begin tomorrow." Pythena says, pretending she doesn't know any of them.

"What about Connor?" Superman asks stepping forward.

She doesn't answer him right away.

"I don't know who you're talking about. Maybe you will see that person at the tourney tomorrow." Pythena lies.

Batman pulls Superman to the side, explaining to him not to ask questions and wait for tomorrow. Pythena hands Batman and Superman the directions to the tournament's location. She marked on the map the directions from the temple to the tournament dome.

"You all need to be there by ten in the morning tomorrow. The brackets will be up, showing who you will be fighting first, after I enter your names in." Pythena tells.

She asks them all for there names, even though she already knows them. She writes them down on a pad. She digs in her pocket pulling out four keys. She again gives it to Superman and Batman, who stand in front of everyone.

"I could only get you all four rooms, so you can decide your own sleeping arrangements. The rooms are on the 7th floor. The room number is attached to the key." Pythena informs.

With that, she exits the temple. Wonder Woman walks up to Batman and Superman, putting herself between them.

"So which one of you lucky boys want to share a room with me?" Wonder Woman asks smiling.

Both Superman and Batman are surprised at her words. Ironman steps forward.

"We will discuss that stuff, when we get upstairs." Ironman says.

Wonder Woman walks from Batman and Superman, pressing the button to get the elevator. The group travels in two separate elevators. The group talks it over with, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Green Lantern sharing the first room. Ironman and Flash take the second room, with Batman and Superman taking the 3rd. Ms. Marvel, Captain America, and Wonder Woman take the last. The heroes shut the doors behind them.

Miles Away

Baraka is surrounded by a group of Tarkatan's on a field. They run and begin fighting him. He releases the blades from his arms fast, as do the Tarkatans. Baraka jumps over a few of them, kicking them to the ground. Two Tarkatans come up to him and begin blade fighting. Baraka slashes one of them in the chest and then trips him, making him fall to the ground. Baraka blade sparks and blasts the other fighter to the ground. The remaining Tarkatans come at him fast, his hands come up as his blades go back into his arms.

"That will be enough for tonight. After all, the tournament is tomorrow." Baraka says.

The Tarkatans on the ground get back up.

"Let's head back to the palace. I sure do hope Mileena is there tomorrow, I'm going to rip that woman to pieces. Nobody crosses me and gets away with it." Baraka says.

"It seems our biggest threat as far as participants go, is Liu Kang and Kung Lao. Raiden's little boy scouts." A Tarkatan complains.

Baraka turns and grabs the Tarkatan by his throat and throws him to the ground.

"I don't like when anyone thinks negatively, I will destroy Liu Kang!! I've waited for awhile; it's time for a new champion." Baraka yells.

The Tarkatan picks himself up as the group continues to walk. They reach there destination quickly. Entering the Castle, they spot Pythena sitting across from Shang Tsung and Kahn talking.

"Who the hell is she, and why are you sitting in my chair?" Baraka asks, yelling.

Pythena looks up at the angered Baraka and smiles. She stands up.

"I guess we haven't met yet, I'm Pythena. I have a really good proposition for your boss here." Pythena says.

Baraka looks over at Kahn.

"Tell me your not serious; we don't need help from a woman." Baraka says.

He looks back at Pythena.

"Why don't you get lost Pythena, your presence makes me sick!" Baraka says loud.

Pythena zooms over and punches Baraka into a wall. Shao Kahn gets up smiling.

"She has many different powers, such as super speed and strength. Give her a chance Baraka, plus you haven't even heard our plan yet." Kahn tries to explain.

Baraka pulls himself out of the wall. He dusts himself off from the back.

"I'll give you one chance, you screw up even once and you're a dead woman. I hope you we got that clear." Baraka tells.

"Why don't you have a seat Baraka, this might take awhile." Kahn says.

Baraka walks over to his chair and sits down. Pythena and Kahn sit down next to Shang Tsung. The Tarkatans in the room exit.

Back at

The Temple

Carol A.K.A. Ms. Marvel gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around her. She walks over to the sink, and brushes her teeth. Rubbing her hand over the mirror she gets rid of the steam, so she can get a clearer view of herself. Her heart jumps when she sees Batman standing behind her in the mirror. She turns around to slap him, but he grabs her hand.

"What the hell are you doing in here? Were you watching me take a shower? How long have you been in here?!" Carol asks angered.

Batman lets go of her hand.

"Don't worry; I got in here a little after you got out. I'm just letting you know I'm going to search around this floor, and a few others. I just want to make sure everything is safe, and this isn't some kind of ambush." Batman tells.

"Why are you telling me? Aren't you and Superman sharing a room?" Carol asks.

"Yes we are, but he is asleep. You're the only one who is up besides me."

"That is a good idea, by the way I'm Carol. Who are you behind the masks?" Carol asks with a smile.

Batman is silent, just thinking for a few seconds.

"Maybe another time Carol. You really should get some sleep." Batman replies.

Batman then exits the bathroom closing the door behind him. Carol looks down at the ground.

"They really should have had a bathroom in each room. Not three in the hallways on each floor." Carol says to herself.

She thinks to herself, remembering she had locked the bathroom door. That raises one question, how did he get in?

To Be Continue    
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CHP 4: Tournament begins


Pythena enters the castle, and makes her way to the front room. She spots two Tarkatans playing cards at a nearby table. She makes her way over to a table where Shang Tsung sits alone thinking. She slams her fist on the table sitting down in front of him. He looks up at her confused.

“What’s wrong, did something happen?” Shang Tsung asks.

“There is no real problem, I’m just pissed that whoever the bat guy and the individual in the Iron suit showed up. They are pathetic and a waste of time, there powers are the kind you can buy at a Wal-Mart!!” Pythena says with much anger.

Shang Tsung takes his hands out of his pockets and rests them on the table.

“I don’t see what the big deal is; won’t the two of them be easily beaten?” Shang Tsung asks.

“That is the whole point! We need to get rid of the threats; the two of them aren’t real heroes. Plus I barely know anything about either of them; I only focused on the super powered ones with real abilities.” Pythena says looking down at the table.

“You need to stop worrying; everything will work out just fine. I’ll speak with you later; I need to arrange the fighters on the brackets now.” Shang Tsung tells.

He gets up from the table and walks into a back room. 


The next

Bucky’s eyes open, and he looks at the clock which says 8:35 AM. He sits up in the bed and yawns. He looks over at the other bed, to see Diana and Carol still asleep. He gets out of his bed slowly, trying not to wake the two. He picks up the Cap suit which lies next to the bed. He takes it with him leaving the room in silence. He makes his way to one of the bathrooms in the hall. Inside of another room, Clark is up and getting out of bed. He walks over to the other bed where Bruce sleeps.

“Hey Bruce wake up, it’s time that we get ready.” He says tapping him on the shoulder.

Bruce grunts at Clark, putting his face into the pillow.

“Come on Bruce, it’s already after eight. We have to be there by ten if you haven’t forgotten.” Clark says.

Clark backs up as Bruce sits up, rubbing his eyes.

“Did you have a late night or something?” Clark asks.

Bruce gets out of the covers and sits on the edge of the bed.

“You know I do late hours Kal. I had to be sure this place was safe?” Bruce replies.

Bruce walks over to a corner where his bag lays. He bends down opens the bag, pulling out a bat suit and utility belt. He looks over at Kal.

“I’m going to take a quick shower, and when I get back you can go in.” Bruce tells him.

With that, Bruce puts on a pair of jeans over his boxer shorts and exits the room with his bat suit. Inside another room the T.V. is on. Tony Stark gets out of bed and gets into his iron suit. Wally pulls one of his rings out and zooms into his flash suit.

“Well, it looks like the two of us are ready to go. I wonder about the others. Even if Super boy isn’t here, I think this tournament will be a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to take on Spiderman!” Flash says.

Tony smiles under his suit. Flash picks up the T.V. Remote and changes the channel. He takes a second to look over at Ironman.

“Don’t you sweat a lot in that suit? I mean come on; the weather in this place is hot man!” Flash asks.

“That is a good question. I programmed air conditioning inside of it.” 
“That was smart; do you also have a heater for when it is cold?” Flash asks.

Tony smiles again under the iron.

“Yes I did.” He replies.

“I guess you have pretty much thought of everything.” Flash adds. 

At a Studio
Miles away

Johnny Cage enters with some papers. He walks passed many camcorders that are on a set. He quickly spots the man he is looking for, and makes his way that direction.

“Hello Mr. Cage, so what do you have for me?” Ritchie asks.

Johnny hands him the papers that are in a huge envelope. The man goes through the papers for a little bit before saying anything

“Well Johnny, it looks like everything is here. Welcome aboard. Filming will start in the next few weeks. You can talk with Ms. Chelsie over there, who will hook you up with your script.” Ritchie tells.

Johnny shakes hands with the man, before heading that direction. She looks up from her desk and smiles at him.

“You must be Johnny Cage.” Chelsie says shaking his hand.

“Yes I am. How long will it take for you to get the script for me? I have some place I really need to be.” Johnny asks.

She sits back putting her legs on top of the table.

“I will have it printed out for you in about thirty minutes.” She replies.

Johnny looks down at his watch.

“How about I pick it up later, like maybe tonight? I really don’t want to be late for this.” Johnny asks.

“That will be ok. Do you mind if I ask where you are going?” She asks. 
“I’m going to the Mortal Kombat tournament.” Johnny replies as he begins to walk off. 
“I’ll be routing for you.” Chelsie says with a smile.

Johnny exits the building to see a helicopter waiting for him. Jax and Sonya step out of the helicopter to greet him.

“How did the two of you know I was here?” Johnny asks confused.

“We checked at your house first, and you weren’t there. So this is the only other place you would be.” Sonya says.

“This guy is one of the hosts for the tournament; he is going to take us to the island.” Jax says pointing at the pilot in the helicopter.
“Ok, than let’s not keep him waiting.” Johnny says.

The three of them get into the helicopter. Not much longer and it is air born. Another hour passes. 


Inside the
Tournament dome

Superman enters with the rest of the heroes behind him. Spiderman’s eyes widen at the long lines.

“Man, just how many people are going to be in this tournament!! This is getting better and better by the minute. Hopefully there will be a huge crowd watching as well.” Spiderman hopes.

“This must be the right place.” Superman says.

He turns to Batman and gives him the map. Batman folds it up and puts it in his utility belt.

“I guess this line is to sign in. It will be interesting to see who out of us all will be on the same bracket.” Green Lantern says.

Many minutes pass, and they are now at the front of the line. A man in one of the booths hands Wolverine a pen.

“All you need to do is sign your name on the next available spot.” The guy tells.

Wolverine looks down on the paper, and writes his name by the number 326.

“Alright you can head in, but take a left.” The guy tells him.

“No problem bub.” Wolverine replies.

He enters the main area. He is amazed at the sight of the ring; there is no top on the dome. The sun shines bright on the ring. Wolverine looks into the audience area to hear many screams and cheers.

“Wow, there must be over five thousand people in the crowd. I think I am going to enjoy this tournament!” Wolverine says to himself.

Logan can feel himself getting nervous, but pumped up and ready to fight! Not long after the others are registered and join Wolverine. Both Spiderman and Flash, show there excitement.

“Come on guys, we need to go find the brackets!” Flash says.

“I know, I’m anxious to see who I will be fighting!” Spidy says in excitement.

Wonder Woman looks far ahead and spots four wood boards with names on them.

“Let’s go up that way, I think the brackets are posted up over there.” Wonder Woman says, pointing.

Flash zooms past everyone, with Spiderman running behind him. Ms. Marvel shakes her head.

“I swear those two are acting like children.” She says.

The rest of the group catches up with them.

“I can’t seem to find my name, there are so many on each board.” Flash says scratching his head.

“I might be able to help.” A voice from behind him says.

Flash turns around to see a muscular man.

“Who are you?” He asks.

“Oh sorry, my name is Liu Kang. You and your friends look to be new here. I like the costumes. I hope you all enjoy the Mortal Kombat tournament.” Liu says.

Flash walks over and shakes hands with him.

“It’s always nice to see a new Friendly face. I’m called the Flash.” He introduces.

Liu Kang walks in front of the brackets. He looks at it for a few moments.

“There you are. You are going against a guy called Veimp.” Liu tells flash.

The others stand behind the two.

“Thanks a lot Liu, I really appreciate that.” Flash says.

“No problem, I hope to see you around.” Liu replies.

He walks off and waves to them all. Green Lantern and the rest of the heroes move up to look at the brackets. Spiderman finds everyone’s name in the group.

“This is amazing, four brackets with 100 participants in each. So how it is looking, Bats, Supes, and Flash are in Bracket 1. Wonder Woman, Cap, Ms. Marvel, and Ironman in 2, with Green Lantern and Wolverine in 3. That is really cool; I basically get a free trip to the finals, with me being the only one in Bracket four out of us!” Spidy says in relief.

“Don’t get to excited Spiderman. You don’t know any of the fighters of this world.” Captain America says.

A man steps in the middle of the ring with a micro phone.

“I’m glad you could all make it today, we are glad to present to you the Mortal Kombat tournament!! Things will be a lot different this year, you as the audience can now place bets on who you think will win each match.” He tells.

The crowd goes wild with cheers and yelling!

“We also have a new transport system, which means the fighters have the choice of fighting here in the dome. Or they can choose to fight in another destination of there choosing. But with the huge energy window above me, you all will still be able to see them battle.” The announcer tells.

The crowd is even louder than before. Liu Kang and Kung Lao stand nearby watching.

“Wow, it really is different this year. But I won’t perform any different, even with that many people watching. Kung Lao says cracking his Knuckles.

“This is what we trained for, there are much more outsiders taking part this time. I still see myself in the final round.” Liu Kang says stretching.

“We will see about that.” Kung Lao says under his breath.

Inside of a back room, Subzero sits in silence. He can here the roaring crowd outside.

“Can I have everyone’s attention?” The announcer says over the speaker.

The crowd takes a bit before it calms down.

“You all should thank Ms. Pythena for the new updates to the tournament. If it weren’t for her, things would still be the same. Here she is, Pythena.” He says pointing at her as she enters the ring.

The crowd cheers again. Pythena takes the microphone from the announcer and begins talking. Outside of the Dome, a helicopter lands with Sonya, Jax, and Johnny getting out. They get out of the helicopter and head into the dome fast. Johnny is first to get to a booth. He used his ID to get to the front of the line.

“How are you doing today Mr. Cage?” The guy behind the booth asks.

Johnny looks down the list and signs his name by 387.

“I’m doing just fine.” Johnny finally replies.

Johnny then heads into the main area of the dome, where Pythena is speaking. Jax and Sonya join him quickly.

“Ok everyone, the Mortal Kombat tournament will begin shortly. Once we get all fighters in the waiting area. They will enter the ring when they are called up.” Pythena tells.

The crowd claps and cheers, awaiting the first fighters to enter the ring. The hosts of the tourney gather up the participants standing around and take them to the huge waiting area. Wolverine looks up to see the many TV’s.

“I guess that is how we will be able to watch each match, while it isn’t are turns.” He says to himself.

In another thirty minutes the fighters are all gathered in the waiting room. Shang Tsung steps into the ring as Pythena exits.

“It is time, Mortal Kombat begins now! First up is Liu Kang vs. Blood brawler.” Shang Tsung says.

The crowd is excited and loud!! Liu Kang and his opponent make there way past the many fighters in the waiting room. Blood Bawler accidentally bumps into Reptile, who pushes him against a wall.

“Watch where you are going idiot.” Reptile says.

Blood Brawler ignores him and continues to walk. Both fighters enter the ring shortly. This gets the crowd really excited! Shang Tsung steps out of the ring with the announcer stepping back in. He holds the microphone.

“So would the two of you like to battle right here in the dome, or take it somewhere else?” The announcer asks.

The two just stair at each other, neither of them saying a word. Liu Kang finally speaks.

“We will fight right here in the dome.” He replies, not taking his eyes off of his opponent.

The crowd gets loud again. The announcer exits the ring. Both fighters get in there fighting stances and back up a bit from each other. Everyone in the waiting room is tense; watching on the TV’s who will strike first. Scorpion stands by a water fountain.

“I hope Liu Kang kicks this guys butt!” Flash yells.

A lot of people in the waiting room, look over at Flash. Batman walks up behind him.

“Do me a favor Wally, just shut up.” Batman whispers.

Flash smiles and scratches his head. Everyone’s attention is back on the screens, in a few seconds. Blood Brawler pulls a chain out of his jacket, with a blade on the end of it. He swings it around in place for a bit, before throwing it forward. Liu jumps back, and grabs the side of the blade. He pulls hard on it, pulling the chain out of his opponent’s hands. He drops the chain, jumps up and bicycle kicks Blood Brawler to the ground. The crowd is loud, and chanting Liu Kang’s name. Blood Brawler gets up and throws a few punches at the champion, which are blocked. Liu knees him in the stomach and uppercuts him. The man lands on his back.

“Hhm, maybe this Liu Kang fighter deserves more credit than I gave him.” Pythena says to herself, standing outside the ring.

Blood Brawler is slow and dizzy to get up. Liu jumps up and knife hands him in the neck, he then round house kicks him back down. Blood Brawler looks up at Liu one more time, before his eyes shut and he falls unconscious. Some of the audience get out of there seats to stand up and clap!! The announcer steps back into the ring.

“The winner of this Match is Liu Kang!” He tells.

Liu waves at the audiences as he steps out of the ring, and heads back for the waiting area.

“I knew you would beat him quick, but I had no idea it would end that fast.” Kung Lao says.

Liu stops and stands next to the man.

“Let’s hope you are just as lucky.” Liu says.

He does not reply, but closes his eyes standing in silence. A few more matches go by.

“Alright, now for the next match. It is Zudo vs. Spiderman!” The announcer says.

When he hears his name get called, he shakes a bit. Batman notices this, but just sits back.

“I guess that means you’re the first to fight out of our group.” Superman says.

He pats Spidy on his back.

“Wish me luck guys.” Spidy says.

He makes his way past the fighters in the room.

“Spiderman, who goes by a lame name like that?” Cyrax says, as Spidy passes by.

Peter just grins under his mask, and continues his way to the ring. Zudo gets in first, and awaits Spiderman who gets in a little while after.

“So where would the two of you like to duke it out?” The announcer asks, putting the microphone between them both.

“We would like to take a look at the area’s you have.” Spidy says.
“Great, that will make you two the first today. The announcer says.

Pythena steps into the ring. She has them both look up at the energy window; it goes through the many different areas. After doing that, she exits the ring.

“So which one will it be boys?” The announcer asks.

Zudo doesn’t say anything, just standing there. Spiderman has a hard time picking one. But the crowd begins yelling the lost swamp, Spidy smiles at this.

“The lost swamp it is!” Spiderman tells.

The announcer gets out of the ring. A huge light shines over both Spiderman and Zudo, within a flash of energy they are both gone. The audiences look up on the energy window, which shows a clear image of Spiderman walking around in mud. The crowd is loud and excited. Inside the lost swamp, Spidy looks for Zudo.

“I wonder where he went, I hate hide and seek.” Spidy says.

He looks up to see the clouds covering the moon. He realizes there is a huge time difference in this world. As apposed to back in the dome area. He can hear frogs crocking, and insects. His Spider sense goes off, and he jumps out of the way of a metal boomer rang. He looks up in a near by tree, Zudo looks down at him smiling.

“Are you going to come down? Or am I going to have to come up there?” Spidy asks.

Zudo jumps down from the tree, and almost slips when he lands in the mud. Spiderman shoots out his web, and it sticks on Zudo’s chest. Spiderman pulls himself toward his opponent and kicks him into the mud. Zudo gets up and starts throwing punches at Spidy, who dodges them with his reflexes. He gets annoyed with this, picking up Spidy and throwing him into the swamp water. Spiderman looks down at his wet muddy suit.

“You just had to get my suit all wet and dirty. I think it’s time we finish this.” Spiderman says, standing in the dark water.

Zudo runs at Spiderman, and tackles him into the water. He digs his hand to the bottom and throws wet mud into the Wall Crawlers face. Spidy webs Zudo’s arms together and kicks him off of him. Zudo breaks out of the web and the two begin fighting. Spiderman trips over a rock, and falls into the mud. Zudo places his foot on Spiderman’s chest, pulling out a large blade.

“I win, Spider boy!!” Zudo yells, about to stab the blade into his opponent.

Just then a huge Crocodile comes out of the swamp water, and bites off Zudo’s head. His body falls forward, with his blood shooting all over Spiderman. The Croc comes back, and takes the rest of his body under. Spiderman jumps out of the water and swing up into a tree with his web.

“What just happened? I have never seen a Crocodile that big!! Either those were some really good graphics, or my opponent just got eaten.” Spidy says.

In seconds a light shines over him, and he is brought back to the dome. The crowd is at its loudest!!!! Spiderman stands alone in the ring, covered in mud and blood. Everyone in the crowd, jumps up and cheers. Shang Tsung enters the ring with the announcer. The announcer puts up Spiderman’s hand.

“Spiderman wins, fatality.” Shang Tsung says.

No one in the waiting room believes what they just saw. Superman and Ironman are wide eyed. Spiderman looks over at Shang Tsung.

“So does this mean people can die in this tourney? I didn’t think it was going to be like this.” Spiderman asks.

“Yes, that is the way it is. You can be killed, or just beaten.” Shang Tsung replies.
“Do you have an idea where I can go, to clean up a bit?” Spiderman asks.
“There is a bathroom on your way to the waiting area.” Shang Tsung answers.

Spidy thanks him, and then heads out of the ring. He gets many cheers, and waves at the people. In the waiting room, Captain America stands in a corner thinking. Wonder Woman walks up next to him.

“What’s on your mind Buck?” She asks.

He looks down at the ground, not making eye contact.

“I know where not to fight when it’s my turn.” Cap replies.

Wonder Woman laughs a little at what he said. Batman walks over to the Water fountain, and gets a small drink. He and Scorpion catch glimpses. They stare at each other for a bit, until Batman finally walks off. A few of the hosts are cleaning the ring, getting rid of the mud and blood that dripped off of Spiderman. Spidy returns to the waiting room, looking clean. He gets a few claps from a lot of the fighters. He makes his way over to his group.

“So how do you guys think I did?” Spidy asks.

“Well obviously you won, so you must have done something right.” Ms. Marvel replies.

“You were awesome Spiderman, couldn’t have done it better myself. I was however surprised when that huge Croc came out of nowhere.” Green Lantern adds.

Spiderman talks with the group for awhile, except Batman who stands alone and Wonder Woman who is talking with Captain America. Another two hours pass. Many matches have gone by.

“And now we have Nitara vs. Batman!! Come on out you two.” The announcer yells.

Batman’s eyes open at the sound of his name; he gets off the wall he leans on. Spiderman and Superman walk over to the Dark Knight.

“Go show him what Batman can do.” Superman says.

Batman shakes his head.

“What’s wrong?” Superman asks.

“That was a bit lame.” Batman replies.

“Good luck bats, just remember brains beats muscle if you are out powered.” Spiderman says.
“Thanks, I will remember that.” Batman says.

The Dark Knight walks passed the fighters who sit around. He and Scorpion catch glimpses again, but this time he just keeps going. Spiderman turns to Superman.

“Doesn’t Nitara sound like a girl?” Spiderman asks.

Superman just looks at him.

“Let’s just watch the fight.” Superman says.

Everyone’s attention is on the TV’s around. Batman enters the ring, and looks up to see his opponent fly down into the ring. She licks her lips at the sight of him.

“Wow, it is a woman. She has bat wings, now that is funny.” Superman says.

Batman and Nitara stair into each others eyes.

To Be Continue    
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@Bruce27 said:
Which characters? 
For Marvel:
Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Iron Fist and most importantly, Daredevil
For DC:
Rorscach, the entire Teen Titans and Poison Ivy
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#8  Edited By Bruce27

Hey thats funny you mentioned Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Ivy! I actually had plans for all of them to show up later down the line; Daredevil praticularly will have a main part at the side of Batman Liu Kang, and Ironman. But yeah if you'd like to add you can; inside this topic or if you prefer you can create another. 

The Justice Heroes Elite

CHP5: Progressive winning


Batman stares into Nitara's eyes through his lenses, with her looking back at him. She ends it by turning her head to the side and laughing. He raises an eye brow behind the cowl confused. Nitara steps forward, walking ground Batman a few times. He stays in place just looking at her. She finally comes to a stop in front of him.

"A man who dresses like a bat." She says, holding back a giggle.

Batman does nothing but frowns.

"You are interesting. I can't wait to taste your blood." Nitara says, showing her fangs.

The announcer walks up, standing between Nitara and Batman. She asks to look at the different areas. Pythena operates the energy window from outside of the ring. The two opponents look up at the screen, as she goes through the many different places.

"We will take this to the grave yard." Nitara tells.

The audiences clap and cheer, as the announcer steps out of the ring. Back in the waiting area Reptile stands around with a few others.

"This Batman guy is about to get his ass handed to him." He says.

"You got that right, this outsiders life ends today." Cyrax says agreeing.

Flash stands nearby, and can hear the two. He shakes his head in disagreement. Flash makes his way over to Spiderman and Superman, whose eyes are focused on the TV. The three of them watch together. The light shines over the two fighters, and they are transported to the grave yard. The two of them are surrounded by tomb stones with much fog. She looks up to see the moon flapping her wings, and flying into the air. She looks downward to try and find Batman. It is hard for her to see much of anything, with the thick fog. Dead leafs fall from a nearby tree, she spots this swooping down. An object comes from behind her fast. She kicks off of the tree jumping and flying into the air, dodging the batarang. She fly's down in front of the Dark Knight, kicking him into a tomb stone. Batman flips up, pulling out two batarangs.

"Are you some kind of vampire? Your reflexes are not normal." Batman asks.

She does not answer, but jumps into the air and glides down in front of him. She attempts to scratch him but he knocks her hand out of the way, with a batarang. He punches her in the face and kicks her back. The ground area behind Batman begins to move. He turns around in time, to see a skeleton pop out of the ground. Both Nitara and Batman are surprised to see this. The skeleton grabs him by his cape and shoulder, swinging him around. In the waiting room, some fighters laugh as they watch.

"This is incredibly unexpected. It's funny that an outside interference could end the match." Wolverine says, with crossed arms.

Green Lantern stands next to him.

"I agree with you completely. But this match is not over yet." He says.

The audience seems to roar as the skeleton throws Batman into Nitara, who catches him. She slams her knee into his back, and throws him into a nearby tree. The vampire takes this opportunity to fly into the air. She looks down to see the skeleton running at Batman. He throws a bat bomb at it, exploding him into pieces. A few seconds pass, and the bones put themselves back together.

"What in gods name!" Batman says surprised, with wide glowing eyes.

Batman looks into the dark sky to see her flying. He pulls out his bat grappler and shoots it up. The wiring wraps around Nitara's ankle, pulling him into the air. He presses a button on the grapple gun, pulling him closer to her. He jumps onto the top of her back. She fly's all over the place, and upside down to try and get rid of him. Batman holds on tight to her stomach, he moves up further. His hands find there way to her breasts. He realizes his mistake and let's go, Nitara blushes with anger as one of her wings knocks him off of her back. He falls many feet down into the grave yard. Batman lies on his back not getting up. Nitara comes out of the sky, landing in front of him.

"I had no idea you were so much of a pervert. It seems you can't get up, such a pity. I guess I will finish you off now." Nitara says, stepping forward.

She sits down on top of him pulling out her knife. She turns Batman's head to the side, looking down at his neck. She licks her lips, and brings her head down closer to his.

"I'm going to enjoy sucking you dry." She whispers in his ear.

He turns his head to face hers, half a smile is on his face.

"Why don't you just wait five more seconds?" Batman says.

She sits up on him, but confused. He quickly pushes her off of him, and kicks her a few feet away getting back on his feet. She is getting up to face him, but something explodes on her back. She blasts off fast into the air, crashing into a tomb stone which knocks her out. Seconds after, zombies bust out of the ground and surround her. Batman grins throwing a smoke bomb over at the zombies. He jumps in with his gas mask on, and takes down the zombies. He picks up Nitara and grapples them out of the area. He sets her down behind a tree and stands next to her. A light shines over them both, and they are brought back to the tournament dome with a loud crowd. He then takes off his gas mask. Shang Tsung and the announcer enter the ring. The announcer puts up Batman's hand.

"Batman wins." Shang Tsung says.

The paramedics come into the ring and put Nitara onto a stretcher, leaving the ring with her. Batman gets a few cheers and boos. Shang Tsung walks up next to Batman.

"Next time when you are in battle, you must let your opponent die. You have shown weakness to the audience." Shang Tsung tells.

Batman steps out of the ring, heading back to the waiting area. He passes Pythena on his way out, who rolls her eyes at him. He does not notice it, and continues to walk. Superman walks over to Wonder Woman and Captain America who are laughing.

"Hey Diana did you watch Batman's match, he was great?" Superman asks.

Wonder woman puts her hand up, waving at him indicating to talk to her later.

"Not now Kal." She says, still laughing a bit with her hand on Caps shoulder.

Superman makes his way over to Green Lantern and Ms. Marvel. As Batman re enters the waiting area, many whispers can be heard.

"What a dummy, he wouldn't let them just tear her body a part." Darrius says.

He just ignores the rude comments and continues to walk forward. He looks over at Scorpion who looks back at him. It ends as quickly as it started with Batman walking off. Spiderman and Ironman approach the Dark Knight.

"You did awesome bats! That is great she didn't notice you placed the bomb on her. Even I didn't know you did that, until the bomb went off." Spiderman tells.

Batman stands up against a wall.

"I do have a question for you Batman. Why didn't you just let that rotten Nitara die?" Ironman asks.

Batman looks up from the ground, but not at Ironman.

"There is one thing the both of you should know about me. I don't kill, and I won't stand by and watch anyone die. The day that happens, is the day I hang up the cape and cowl." Batman tells.

Both Ironman and Spiderman stand on the wall next to Batman. Looking up at the TV as the announcer begins to speak.

"The Next match is Kira vs. Superman! You two may enter the ring at this time." The announcer tells.

Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman are very surprised. Spidy looks at both Ironman and bats.

"Now this is just freaking strange, you and Superman's matches back to back. They must have set this up or something." Spiderman complains.

Supes walks up there way, heading for the exit. Spiderman steps in front of him, resting his hand on his shoulder.

"Alright big guy, go show her why they call you the man of steal!" Spidy says.

Superman smiles at Spiderman, and continues to walk waving at Batman and Ironman who stand against a wall. Kira waits in the ring, to see Superman flying up high and landing in the ring. The crowd is really excited to see a different type of fighter, like Superman in the ring! The announcer walks up to the two.

"So where would the two of you, like to fight today?" He asks.

"We will do it here in the ring sir." Superman replies.

The announcer steps out of the ring with Shang Tsung. Kira gets in her fighting stance, backing up from the Kryptonian. She looks at him from head to toe. She smiles a bit, at him standing up straight and stiff.

"Are you sure you're Superman? You seem more like Gay man to me!" Kira says laughing.

Superman looks down at her, but he does not show a face of anger.

"Excuse me, what is it you just said?" Superman asks, already knowing what she said.

"Do you need to clean the wax out of your ears, gay man? I know you heard me that time. Just look at the way you dress, it's pitiful." Kira replies.

"Why don't we get this show started?" Superman says as he smiles.

She pulls out two blades and runs at the last son of Krypton. She swings her blade at him, but he zooms behind her in less then a second. Some of the people in the audience stand up and clap!

"What the hell! How did he move that fast?" A guy in the audience yells clapping at the same time.

Pythena walks up next to Shang Tsung.

"You see now why I say your earth realm heroes are nothing to me. It is heroes like Superman who we need to worry about." Pythena tells him.

Shang Tsung doesn't reply but continues to watch the match. Kira back kicks, but he zooms in front of her before her leg even extends out the full way. He knocks her to the ground with a slight push. Some of the audience laughs at Kira. She drops her blades, and gets up to try and punch him. He runs circles around her, as she throws kicks and punches at him. She eventually stops, falling to her knees out of breath. He stands in front of her with a smile on his face. She looks up at him, with fear in her eyes.

"Are you done playing around?" Superman asks in a nice tone.

The crowd is loud, with many talking amongst each other.

"As soon as the voting booths open, I'm putting five thousand on this Superman guy. I have not seen a fighter yet, who compares with him." A guy says, in his seat.

"You got that right. When I first came here, I had my mind set that the champion Liu would win. But Superman will literally destroy him, I'm betting everyone will put there money on this guy. I'm going to put down two hundred thousand on Superman." The guy next to him replies.

Back in the ring, Kira throws a punch at Supes which he grabs. He cracks her knuckles with his strong grip. She yells out in pain, falling to her knees. Supes grabs her arm, and fly's them both into the air. He throws her down fast; she crashes into the ring knocked out. Both the announcer and Shang Tsung are surprised! Pythena smiles at there facial expressions. The two of them enter the ring.

"The Winner is Superman!" The announcer shouts.

The crowd chants Superman's name as he fly's out of the ring. Inside the waiting room, fighters discuss the match.

"How the heck is anyone in this room, going to be able to beat that guy? He has super strength and speed like I've never seen before!" A fighter yells punching a wall.

Many others in the room agree with him.

"This tournament is beginning to get really pointless. That man in the red underwear is to damn strong!" Rain yells in agreement.

Superman walks into the waiting room, and everything becomes dead silent. He walks over to Batman, Ironman, and Spiderman. Some people stare at him.

"You were awesome Supes; I know you could have taken her out in a second. But where would be the fun in that." Spiderman says.

Ms. Marvel walks up to wonder woman and Cap.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but did the two of you see how quick Superman's match went bye?" She asks.

Diana turns around to face Ms. Marvel. Captain America has his focus on her as well.

"Superman already fought? I guess we missed it. He did win right?" Wonder Woman asks.

"He was toying with his combatant, but he won easily. Shouldn't the two of you be focusing on your upcoming matches, and not each other?" Ms. Marvel asks.

"Are you jealous? We are focused, sitting around and watching so many different people fight can get boring." Wonder Woman replies.

Ms. Marvel backs up a bit, putting her hands on her waists. The announcer calls up the next two fighters who will fight in the ring.

"Jealous, are you serious? To let you know I'm not even in to Cap, he is a friend figure to me. It's ok that the two of you talk, but just remember to stay focused." Ms. Marvel tells.

Wonder Woman looks away from Ms. Marvel and over at Captain America.

"I will be back in a minute; I'm going to congratulate Superman." Wonder Woman says walking off.

Ms. Marvel looks at Cap who is smiling.

"You feel something for her don't you?" She asks crossing her arms.

"Maybe there is a little something between us, but it is just a close friendship." Captain America replies.

"Yeah right, whatever you say than." She adds walking off.

Wonder Woman stops in front of Superman.

"I heard you won your first match, good job. So what are you going to do about Connor?" Wonder Woman asks.

"If that was really Connor, we have to win this tournament to save him. So are focus is to win as much as we can." Superman tells.

"You're the only one who has fought out of us; hopefully we all come out with wins." Wonder Woman says.

Superman puts his hand on his head, and gasps.

"What is it, did I say something wrong?" She asks.

He removes his hand looking down at her.

"I told you that Batman had won his match, and so did Spiderman earlier." Superman tells.

Wonder Woman steps back, with her mouth opened a bit. She looks away from Kal, and down at her red boots.

"Oh I'm sorry about earlier; we just had a good conversation going. You know how that goes. Any way, where is Batman?" Wonder Woman asks.

"I'm not sure, he went off somewhere with two of the others." Superman replies.

In a corner of the waiting room, Flash, Liu Kang, Batman, Kung Lao, and Spiderman sit at a table with a few other participants talking. The men drink iced Pepsi. At the table, each person discusses some of there past fighting experiences. Liu Kang is up to talk.

"When I began my training, it was in the Shalion temple. Both Kung Lao and I are Shalion monk fighters." Liu Kang tells.

"That was so cool; your life story was pretty interesting. I'm just confused on the part why Kahn wanted a rematch against you, after you had beaten him. But I guess that is how all bad guys are." Flash says.

"I can't wait to see you fight, especially since you conclude that you're the fastest man alive. I doubt you're faster than the guy in the red cape." Kung Lao says, taking another sip of his drink.

"Just wait and see Supes can't keep up with me any day." Flash says sitting back in his chair.

The guy's are quite at the table, looking up at the TV to see that Sektor won the match. Spiderman taps Batman on the shoulder.

"It looks like your up bats, let's hear it." He says.

Most fighters at the table want to know why he dresses like a bat. He does not want to share the beginning of his origin with anyone, so he declines.

"I will start off with my first night of patrol." Batman tells.

Everyone at the table is interested and listening. Sonya and Jax sit down next to Liu, not knowing what is going on. Another thirty minutes goes by, with a few more matches. The announcer stands in the middle of the ring.

"This should be an interesting one, Subzero vs. Killer rampage. You two may enter the ring at this time.

Subzero and his opponent are quick to get into the ring. The two agree to look at the different areas, so Pythena goes through them.

"The Pyramid looks promising; it's a great place to for me to rampage on this Subzero." Killer Rampage says, getting in the ninjas face.

Shang Tsung exits the ring. The two are then transported to the Pyramid. Subzero stands on an upper part of it, looking down at his opponent. Both fighters realize the steepness of the pyramid. A few miles away, a sand storm is headed to there location.

"Why don't we begin blue ninja?" He says.

Subzero jumps up a bit, sliding down and kicking into killer Rampage. Who tumbles to the ground, rolling down a few times before catching himself. Subzero shoots an ice ball at him, but he dodges it sliding across the surface. Killer rampage runs at him, grabbing him by his head and slamming him down onto the surface! It breaks open with Subzero falling through. Killer Rampage jumps in as well. Subzero lands on a platform, and so doe's Killer rampage. Both fighters look up to check out there surroundings. They can see small Egyptian paintings across the walls.

"Let's continue ninja, I don't think we should keep the audience waiting. Your death is a certainty." He says.

Subzero does not look at him; he looks down from the platform. He can see sinking sand down at the bottom.

"How dare you ignore me fool!" He says, jumping at Subzero.

He throws a punch at Subzero which is blocked, and the Lin Kuei fighter knife hands him across the neck. Killer rampage steps back holding his neck and coughing. Subzero runs over and uppercuts him onto another platform. He also jumps over, looking down at him. He gets up still holding his neck, trying to punch Subzero with his other arm. Sub grabs it, twisting his arm and throwing him back down to the ground. Killer Rampage spits blood.

"Your going to regret you stepped into the ring with me. No one humiliates me like this." He tells.

Subzero just elbows him on the neck, and then kicks him in the stomach. Killer rampage rolls over on his back in pain.

"For the record, I know three hundred ways to kill a man. Why does one talk so much while fighting, you should learn to shut your mouth sometimes?" Subzero says.

Killer rampages heart rate speeds up, at the mention of how many ways he knows to kill someone. Snakes hiss at the bottom, near the sinking sand. He gets back up and continues his attack on Subzero. All of his attacks are blocked, and Subzero swings his arm around punching him in the face! The hit knocks killer Rampage out, who falls off of the platform into the sinking sand. The audience cheers loud! Subzero is quickly brought back to the dome. Shang Tsung and the announcer enter.

"Subzero wins." Shang Tsung says in the microphone.

The Lin Kuei warrior gets many cheers when exiting the ring. He heads back to the waiting area like the many fighters before him. Wolverine and Green Lantern stand by a soda machine.

"Subzero seems to be a good fighter, I will be sure to observe him closely with each of his matches. With that ring of yours, you probably don't have to worry about loosing too much of anyone." Wolverine says.

Green Lantern lightly punches Logan on his arm.

"I know you can hold your own as well. Plus some of these guys that we have seen fight and win today don't look like much. You'll do just fine Wolverine." Green Lantern adds.

The two of them look up at the TV, to see hosts cleaning the ring for the next match. Superman and Ironman walk down a hallway, heading to one of the gift shops.

"I hope we didn't travel to this world for nothing. Don't you think we should start investigating a little bit?" Ironman asks.

"If we are going to do anything like that, it will have to be after night fall. We will leave it to Batman; he is good at sneaking around and getting information. Plus we don't even know who the guys are who have Connor, or if that was him." Superman replies.

Ironman and Superman walk into a shop with electronics and many other things. The guy behind the front counter smiles at the two costumers.

"If the two of you need help on looking for something, just let me know." He says.

"We are just looking, not for anything particular." Superman replies.

"Hey you're Superman! I saw your match a little while ago, man you were awesome. I know you will most definitely win the whole thing, that is also what a lot of costumers said that have come through this shop!" He tells.

Superman stops in place, looking back at the guy.

"Thanks a lot; I will put in all my effort. But do know there are fighters here that can give me a run for my money." Superman says.

"Yeah right, I highly doubt that. Just remember I can help you if you can't find something." He replies.

Superman smiles at the man, before catching up with Ironman who is looking at some music stereo's.

"I might buy one of these. It would be nice to listen to some music tonight, back at the temple." Ironman says.

Superman looks over at a tournament flier that is on a comic rack. He picks it up and reads it.

"It looks like all of round 1 will be today, round two matches don't start until tomorrow. I guess that means Spiderman, Batman, and I don't have to fight again today." Superman says.

"I just hope they take the money from our world, in this one." Ironman says, looking at the prices.

The announcer steps back into the ring.

"And now for our next match, we have Mileena vs. Wolverine!" He tells.

Wolverine stands next to GL in the waiting room. His blood stream is pumped and he is ready to fight.

"Go get her, and don't forget to put in your best effort. But most importantly, have fun." Green Lantern says.

Wolverine smiles.

"Don't worry bub, I will." He replies.

Superman and Ironman exit the shop quickly, after hearing Wolverines name being called. He is the first one to enter the ring, jumping in and releasing the blades from his knuckles. The crowd cheers and applauses.

"I'm going to tear her limb from limb." He says.

Wolverine turns around to see her entering the ring. His eyes widen.

"Hot damn!" She is sexy beautiful." Wolverine says to himself.

He looks down at her legs, and makes his way up! Mileena walks in front of him, pulling out her Sai's.

To Be Continue    
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Mileena stands in front of Wolverine spinning a Sai. He just looks back and forth between her and the roaring crowd. CaptainAmerica and everyone in the waiting room watch, except for a few who just sit around talking. The announcer as usual walks up to the two participants.

"Where will the two of you fight? How about giving our audiences something we haven't seen yet!" The announcer suggests.

Wolverine thinks to himself, trying to remember the many arenas that he saw on screen before hand. He smiles with a decision made.

"The great farm looks promising." He replies.

The crowd claps and cheers, within moments the two of them are transported to the chosen area. Mileena stands on the open caged field, looking at a few horses galloping. She checks out her surroundings, also spotting Cows that chew on grass. Mileena sniffs the air, but cannot pick up his scent. The avenger/Xmen walks inside of the farmhouse. He bends down petting one of the pigs, who just squeals. He looks around to see many other caged animals, such as buffalo and lamas.

"This place is not like a farm, it's more of a zoo." He says to himself.

He exits the farmhouse with caution, looking out to see a field with Horses and Cows. He walks onto the field, sniffing the air as well, Logan picks up many different scents. A horse comes galloping at him fast, with Mileena on top of it.

"Let's do this bub!" He says, with his blades blasting out of his knuckles.

He jumps up high landing onto the horse next to her. Wolverine pulls them both off the animal, with them tumbling to the ground. She is first to get up, ready to attack he jumps back putting space between them.

"It's such a shame a mortal like you had to face me first. I am Mileena the leader of a Tarkatan army. You had better enjoy every moment of your life little man, because it ends now!" She yells ready to attack him.

"First off I am not a mortal, I'm a mutant. And second, I'm not the one who is going to die." He replies.

The two of them run at each other, with there blades colliding. She knees him close to his private area, his eyes water up as the reaction. He slashes her in the chest with his claws, as her blood flies out. She stabs one sai into his shoulder, and another one into his left rib. She kicks him to the ground after wards. She rests her boot on his chest, pulling the Sai out of his shoulder. She stabs it straight into his heart. A laugh escapes from her mouth. The crowd goes wild back in the stadium, with some people jumping out of there seats. Flash stands up from his seat shocked.

"I can't believe it, he lost! How is this happening, not only did he loose but she killed him!" Flash yells, slamming his fist on the table.

A lot of fighter's attention is now on flash, who turns his face to a wall. Batman gets out of his chair walking up next to him.

"Don't be upset Wally, I'm betting this match isn't over." He whispers.

Wally turns to Batman with a face of disbelief.

"You know what I think bats. I think you have been in your dark cave a little bit too long. She stabbed a blade into his heart, it's over I'll even put 20.00 on it!" Flash says.

Batman smiles shaking his hand, they both sit down afterwards. Flash right away puts his hand out for his money. Mileena pulls both Sais out of Wolverine, stepping back looking down at his apparent dead body. About to walk away from him, she notices something strange. The areas of his wounds begin to move! She realizes his body is regenerating! He jumps back on his feet to face her. At this moment, Batman puts his hand out in front of the flash.

"Don't tell me that you actually thought I was dead. Someone like me can't be beaten that easily." He tells.

Wolverine jumps over Mileena kicking her in the back of the head. She holds her balance, not letting herself fall. She throws both her Sais at him, as if a projectile. He spins around dodging both blades, running into her with his blades stabbing into her stomach and chest. He pulls them out, and watches her fall to the ground. She holds her stomach, as a good amount of blood gushes out.

"You may have defeated me this time, but there will be a next time." She says.

The part Tarkatan lays in a puddle of dripping blood as her eyes close, she finally dies. Wolverine shows no emotion on his face. He is brought back to the dome to a loud crowd. Flash pouts but is glad Wolverine won as he hands his cash over to the dark knight. He puts it into his utility belt. The announcer and Shang Tsung already stand in the ring.

"The Winner is Wolverine, fatality." Shang Tsung says.

Wolverine quickly steps out of the ring, heading back to the waiting area.

Worlds away

Ralph Bores and his men gather at the docks. The sun shines bright over the City of Gotham, many men in black suits stand around. Ralph steps forward, shaking hands with another man.

"I'm glad you could make it Bernard, this deal must go through right now. So do you have all the weapons?" Ralph asks.

Bernard puts his sun glasses on while smiling. He snaps his finger, and some of his men bring a few of the weapons out of the surrounding vehicles. The weapons are located in steal suit cases.

"I've got your money; let's do this quick before trouble shows up." He replies.

A flying object comes out from a corner knocking one of the cases out of the mobster's hands. The men look around to see Robin jumping off of a wall. The men pull out there guns shooting at him. He blocks a few of the bullets with his cape. He knocks a few of the thugs to the ground.

"Don't just stand there boys, get the damn bird boy!" Ralph yells.

Robin knife hands a guy on the neck, who coughs blood. He kicks and throws a few of them into the Gotham Lake. Bernard pulls out a chain swinging it, Robin dodges it. He round house kicks and uppercuts the mob boss into a nearby truck. He throws bird wiring around the legs of Ralph, who tries to run. He falls down hard, as the boy wonder pulls him back.

"Do yourself and your pals a favor, keep your activities out of Gotham." He tells.

Robin ties them up, leaving a legitimate call to the police. He returns to the bat cave un dressing, and heading up to the manor. Tim heads into the kitchen wetting a rag; he puts it over a bruise on his arm. He walks into the main dining room turning on the TV.

"In latest news the reporter Lois Lane is missing. She was last seen at Archens manufacturing company building." A news man tells.

Tim watches rubbing the wet rag over his arm. He thinks to himself knowing that the crime rate in Gotham has been increasing as of late, he pulls a small phone book out of his pocket. The two first numbers he spots are that of Stephanie Brown and Dick Grayson. He puts the book back into his pocket.

"I think I should be able to handle this myself, If something ever happens to Batman it will be up to me to carry on his heroics. Robin can handle Gotham for a little while." He concludes.

Tim sits back on the coach and relaxes, because when night fall hits it will be time to work. Back in the city of Bludhaven, a ninja stands in the middle of a room. The room is filled with many different weapons from all around the world, with ancient suits of armor.

"Lets begin; I will have a prize for the one who can take me down!"

Deadpool is the ninja who stands in the middle of the room, surrounded by five of his own ninjas. Three of them run in and try and attack him at the same time. They throw kicks and punches at him, which he blocks sliding to the ground. He leg grabs one of them, tossing them over and into a wall. He elbows and neck grabs two other ninjas, slamming one of them onto the cement floor. Deadpool quickly defeats the rest of them.

"You've got to be kidding me right? No wonder that Nightwing punk defeated you all so quickly! You fight like pussy cats." Deadpool says, laughing out loud.

A few of his ninjas look at him with questionable faces, because of the joke he just cracked. Deadpool walks over to one of the displays rubbing his hand against one of the blades of a sword.

"There are just a few more things we need out of this city before we leave. If that winged vigilante shows up again, don't disappoint me boys." He says.

Deadpool pulls out a sword from its holder. He performs a full kata using it. His ninjas watch him as he performs many different advanced moves. Deadpool jumps up kicking a sand bag off of its chain that holds it up.

"I'm not trying to change the plans or anything, but can't we find what where looking for in another city. Like how about New York?" One of the ninjas asks.

Deadpool throws the sword into a dart board; it sticks right into the middle. Some of the ninja's eyes widen at his accuracy! Deadpool turns to face them.

"The precise things I seek can only be found in this city. Don't tell me you're afraid of the knight with wings!" Deadpool says again laughing.

The ninjas are quite not saying a word, Deadpool exits right afterward.

Worlds Away 

Ironman has just finished his match and blasts out of the ring, waving to the cheering crowd. Kenshi and Superman have just introduced themselves to each other.

"Ten others including myself have come from our home planet, to take part in this tourney. Are reasons for coming is a bit strange, it's nothing you really need to know about." Supes tells.

Kenshi listens to Superman talk for a bit, before he says anything.

"I'm a blind fighter; I have been this way for longer than I can remember. I'm use to being in the darkness, although it would be nice to see the beautiful colors of the world." He tells.

Superman looks over at the blind man almost feeling sorry for him. Pythena walks into a dark back room, turning on a light to see Kahn sitting at a desk. He looks up at her as she looks back at him, with a confused face.

"I don't even want to know what you were doing in the dark. Everything seems to be going the way I planned, each hero that has fought from the other world! They have won there matches." Pythena tells.

"So will the plans remain the same? The winner of the tournament will fight Shang Tsung?" Shao Kahn asks.

Pythena walks toward Kahn, sitting herself on top of the desk he sits at. She puts her hand on his chin, bringing his face up to hers.

"You know babe I think you should be the one they face in the final round. You're such a powerful man." She says, bringing her lips to his.

Kahn pulls back standing up out of the chair. She looks up at him confused yet again.

"You're a very beautiful girl, but no woman can seduce me. If that is what you want, I will fight against the winner of the final round." He replies.

She sits up straight on the desk, just looking at him for a few seconds.

"When the time comes, I will have to enhance your strength and abilities. Superman will be the person you will fight; there is no one among them all who can defeat him." She tells.

He turns his head away from her.

"Once again you have underestimated the other fighters. Very well I will be prepared for this man of steal. That is what they call him right?" He asks.

Pythena replies by nodding her head. The two of them can hear the roaring crowd outside of the room. Ms. Marvel swings and throws her opponent out of the ring. Shang Tsung and the announcer are quick to get in, announcing her as the winner. She enters the waiting area shortly after wards.

"Nice job Ms. Marvel, I didn't know you could change your body molecules like that."

She looks over to see Superman standing up against a wall with his arms crossed. She stands next to the kryptonian.

"Thanks it means something coming from you. Why don't we gather up those of us who have fought, and go out to eat somewhere? I don't know about you big guy, but I don't think I want to hang in this place all day." She suggests.

Supes puts his arm around her.

"If we are going to go anywhere, we should wait until everyone from our group has fought. It shouldn't be too much longer." He says.

Supes takes his arm from around her, and walks into the crowd of fighters. He spots Flash and Batman sitting at a table, talking with Liu Kang and a few others. Superman takes a seat across from Sonya. Wolverine and Green Lantern, sit at a table playing cards with some other fighters.

"Next match is Hazel Flame vs. Reptile, hurry in you to." The announcer speaks.

Reptile cracks his knuckles.

"It's about time; I don't think I could have waited any longer." He says.

Reptile jumps into the air, doing a front flip over a lot of participants. Hazel Flame awaits him in the ring. Reptile is quick to request the match take place in the dome. With that he and his opponent are left alone to face off.

"So now there is a green ninja, there are way too many participants dressed as ninjas. You should have come up with a better idea bud." Hazel Flame tells.

Reptile just smirks at his comment. The lizard ninja is quick to begin, as he jumps up and punches his opponent across the ring. Hazel Flame pulls out a two sided staff blade, using it to keep him from falling.

"I see you've got a little quickness to yourself ninja, but they don't call me flame for nothing!"

He ties the staff onto his back, as his hands heat up. Both his arms are now in burning flames. Reptile is a bit surprised at this technique, but no where near afraid. He throws and shoots fire balls at Reptile who runs back and forth in an attempt to dodge them. Not to long one side of the ring is on fire! Reptile makes his way over to the safe side.

"You had better keep moving boy, or you will be burned alive."

He shoots a few more fire balls at him, but this time one of them hits Reptile right into the chest. The ninja ends up on his back. Hazel Flame takes this opportunity to shoot as many fire balls onto reptile as he can. He sits there as the whole arena is now covered in flames. The audiences cheer loud.

"I win!" Hazel flame says, smiling.

Movement can be seen throughout the flames, as reptile jumps up high into the air on fire. He lands in front of Hazel flame, throwing punches and kicks onto him. Reptile brutally beats him knocking him out with a punch, as a tooth is knocked out of his mouth. Water hoses come from each direction, getting rid of all the fire. Reptile stands in the ring soaking wet, with his defeated opponent. The crowd is loud as the smoke clears.

"Winner Reptile." Shang Tsung says.

Reptile steps out of the ring, with his half burnt gear.

"I'm definitely going to change suits, this one is basically destroyed." he says, to himself.

Reptile does not return to the waiting area, but to the locker he bought. He pulls out a different suit and changes into it. A few more matches go by.

"Our next match is Veimp vs. The Flash."

Batman turns to him, but only to look up at the TV, to see that he is already in the ring. Kung Lao's eyes are wide, at how he just seemingly disappeared. Superman just smiles. Veimp walks into the ring to see a smiling Flash.

"What's up with the tights man, this isn't exactly a Halloween party!" Veimp tells.

Flash turns to Shang Tsung and the announcer.

"We will take care of this match, right here, inside of the dome. Try not to blink guys it will be over that fast!" Flash tells with much confidence.

Veimp shows a face of anger. The two of them exit the ring, as Flash turns to his opponent.

"Alright fella I'm going to end this quick, this will prove to everyone who is the best around here!" Flash tells.

Veimp has had enough, tightening up his fist he runs at him throwing a punch. Flash runs around him five times before his fist fully extends. Veimp jumps back a bit afraid, as Flash runs around him with great speed throwing in many punches. Veimp is quickly knocked out. Everyone in the audience's jumps out of there seats throwing up stuff! This is the loudest they have been all day! Even Shang Tsung and the announcer are at a loss of words, for his performance.

"Thank you everyone thank you, you're all the best?" Flash says bowing down a few times.

"Damn this is going to be a hard one! This guy is just as fast, if not faster than that guy in the red cape earlier. I don't know who to put my money down on!" A guy in the audience says.

"It looks like Superman has competition after all; I thought this whole thing would be a blow out for him. I'm still putting fifteen thousand on Superman; I didn't see this guy fly." Another man tells.

Everyone is excited in the audience, discussing Flash! Shang Tsung and the announcer are now in the ring. Flash zooms toward them both, giving them both speedy hand shakes.

"Flash wins, flaw lawless victory." Shang Tsung says through the microphone.

This gets the crowd even more pumped up. A huge amount of the crowd chants his name. Flash runs around the ring a few times in less than a second, showing off. Now everyone in the crowd chants his name. He stops in front of the two men.

"So over all how do you guys think I did execution wise, and I do except constructive criticism." Flash says, smiling.

"You sure are an energetic one, I think you did superb. Better than a lot of the fighters out here today!" The announcer replies.

"There was nothing I could see, but your opponent falling to the ground." Shang Tsung says, grinning a little bit.

Flash laughs at his comment.

"I told you it would be quick, after all I'm the fastest man alive!" Flash says, zooming out of the ring.

He spots some cute girls who blow kisses down to him; he stops in his path bowing down to them. The waiting area is filled with confused and angry participants. One guy goes to the extreme of pushing over a table!

"How the hell is anyone going to be able to compete with a guy that fast, except for Super wonderful? I came to this tournament to compete; those two are on a whole different level than the rest of us!" A guy yells.

Everyone's attention is on him. Wonder Woman has her head down, smiling at his frustration. Ermac comes up behind the fighter, tapping him on his back.

"I'm going to have to tell you to lower your voice; some of us are concentrating for our upcoming matches." He tells.

The guy takes a few deep breaths, picking the table up and sitting back down. Many fighters in the room agree with him. Flash re enters the waiting area, zooming over and sitting back down next to Batman. Everyone in the room's attention is turned to that table.

"Am I not the fastest man, or am I?" Flash asks.

Kung Lao shakes his head while smiling.

"Ok you get your props, you are pretty darn fast." He tells.

Spiderman congratulates flash by shaking his hand. Sonya notices everyone staring over at them.

"Can we help any of you?" She asks.

Right away most of them turn, and go into there separate areas. Batman and Superman just sit back in there chairs silent, as everyone else starts up a conversation. Over another hour goes by.

"And now we have Shady vs. Captain America."

Cap finishes his dr. pepper he got from the soda machine, making his way to the ring. He is grabbed by his arm, and turns to see Wonder Woman.

"I just want you to know I hope you do well, I'll be charring for you." She tells.

He smiles at her as they give each other a hug. After doing so, he enters the ring ready to fight. His opponent stands in the ring stretching, trying to get warmed up.

"Where will this battle take place?" The announcer asks.
To Be Continue
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Very nice!! This story is awesome; hopefully flash can pull through and win this tournament! Screw superman:)

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CHP7: End of round 1


The sun sparkles bright over the stadium. Shang Tsung stands off to the side along with the announcer. The two opponents appear to be intensely focused on one another.

"We will take this battle to the vacant castle." Shady looks away from Cap. "It seems to be my kind of place."

The two of them are quickly transported to the destination of choice. Captain America looks around observing his surroundings within the castle walls. If not for the torches on the walls, there wouldn't be any light. Cap walks down the long dark hall with his gun in hand, along with his shield in the other. He notices a window and decides to take a peek outside. There is a full moon which is partially covered by clouds, along with immeasurable stars.

"Hopefully this guy decides to show himself soon, I hate to wait around." Bucky takes a deeper thought into the circumstances. "He is probably trying to find me as well; after all, this entire place is massive.

Cap only takes a few more steps forward, before hearing the sound of something tumbling producing a clatter resonance. It echoes throughout the many halls. But it is quite clear which direction the sound came from. Captain America takes off running in hopes of discovering Shady. He ventures down and through two halls, finally coming across a suit of armor which lays across the carpet in pieces. Cap quickly concludes that it was knocked over in order to indicate his opponent's location. He is hit across the head from his backside plunging to the ground.

"Looks like I found you Mr. colorful." Shady spits on the ground crossing his arms. "Now get up so we can start this little match."

Captain America jumps up, aiming his gun at Shady who kicks it out of his hand.

"Do you really think that piece of man made weapon will harm me? You must not know me."

Shady stands in place while his entire body begins to glow, Cap takes a few steps back not sure what to do at the moment. This individual quickly creates Shadows of himself that surround Captain America laughing. Back in the stadium, including the waiting area everyone continues to watch.

"Wow that sure is some technique he has there. Hopefully cap overcomes this and is victorious." Spiderman says looking at the shadow figures.

Close by is Wonder Woman with clinched fists, she watches with much emotion and intensity.

"I say that America dude is finished, besides what sort of coward uses a gun."

These words from somewhere in the group of participants angers Diana, but she keeps herself from saying anything. One of the dark shadows grabs and throws cap upward. Shady takes the opportunity jumping up kicking him across the hall. Cap lands on his feet throwing his shield at Shady across the way, but it is caught by a shadow. It throws the projectile back at Captain America who catches it.

"I hope you have more tricks up your sleeve than that, because if you don't this fight will be over very quickly." Shady says.

The shadows of Shady sink into the ground as if they were ghosts. They re appear from beneath Cap, holding him by his ankles. Shady runs across the room, soaring into Captain America kneeing him in the abdomen. He tops it with an uppercut. The avenger falls into a display black knight armor knocking a few of the sections off. Cap kicks up now back on his feet. Shady slides across the floor, punching and kicking at Cap who blocks the hits. Cap performs a spinning round house kick, putting Shady off balance. Cap takes the option to smash his shield into the face of Shady, who falls unconscious. The Shadow's immediately disappear back into the body of Shady. Captain America picks up his gun, watching as he and Shady are brought back to the stadium of the shrill crowd.

"Good match Captain; we will see you in round two." The announcer informs.

Cap steps out of the ring walking across the grass, waving at the spectators. Shortly after he re enters the waiting area to first be greeted by Flash.

"Good match man, for a second there you had me worried but I knew you would end up on top." Flash congratulates.

Cap gives him a smile while patting him on the shoulder.

"Thanks a lot, by the looks of it we will all advance past round one. I think what remains of our group who hasn't fought yet is Green Lantern and Wonder Woman."

Flash scratches his chin a bit.

"Speaking of which, you didn't happen to cross paths with Batman exiting the ring did you?" Flash looks around trying to spot the caped crusader. "He just left from the table not saying where he was going."

"No I didn't, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about." Captain America replies.

Flash agrees zooming off into the crowd. The tournament continues on and with a couple more matches, it is Green lantern called up to fight against Chameleon. Both enter the ring at the exact same time, coming from different sides.

"We would like to duke it out here in the ring, I would prefer not to have outside interferences." Green Lantern tells.

Shang Tsung steps out of the ring along with the announcer. Green Lantern seems to be in a hurry creating a hammer with his ring. Chameleon doesn't have time to react, as the hammer stretches diagonally drumming him across the face. The impact of the attack results in Chameleon being knocked up over twenty ft. Before he even descends fully, Green Lantern creates a hefty shoe stomping over his opponent. The green light around Hal disappears as he goes back to normal. Chameleon lays knocked out in front of Green Lantern. The Audience laughs and cheers, standing to their feet. The Announcer enters the ring alone.

"Lets all give a hand to the Green Lantern!"

The spectators applaud him once again. The shifts in ideas now become apparent among the audience. It had begun with a simple notion that the man bearing the red cape and boots would sweep the tourney, but it has since changed. The feeling can be felt between each individual that the tournament will be won by Green Lantern, Superman, or the Flash. Pythena walks up behind a Shang Tsung with amplified eyes.

"I know it is probably hard for you to take it all in, these warriors are a great deal more powerful than anything you've ever encountered." Everyone looks up as Green Lantern flies out of the ring. "Don't worry too much about it; everything will be taken care of."

Shang Tsung crosses his arms grinning.

"So far what I've seen the only one's to worry about are Superman, Ms. Marvel, the flash, and Green Lantern."

"You haven't seen Wonder Woman in action yet, I think you will find her strength to be impressive as well."

Green Lantern enters the waiting area, and isn't surprised when he is stared down by many. He walks over taking a seat across from Superman.

"That was quick, I felt sure you were goanna let the fight drag." Superman says.

"I could have done that, but I prefer to send a message to all fighters early." Green Lantern looks up at a T. V. smiling. "I'm sure round one should be over soon; it has been a few hours now. From what I can remember I believe round two starts the day after tomorrow, it gives all the remaining participants rest and more time to prepare."

Superman shakes his head agreeing.

"Yes you are correct, originally it was going to take place tomorrow but they updated the schedule just over an hour ago."

Various other matches pass by, and it is now the 2nd to last fight of round one.

"And now we have the sparrow Vs. Wonder Woman!"

"Hmm that sure is something; I can't believe it took this long for you to finally fight." Cap pauses for a second just glaring into her face. "Good luck Diana."

She gives him a smile while giving him a hug. Wonder Woman then makes her way to the ring waving to GL and Supes on the way. Liu Kang sits back in his chair looking up at nothing in a deep train of thought. Kung Lao taps him over the shoulder.

"What's eating you, you look very worried and uneasy?" Kung Lao asks.

"It's nothing much at all." Liu sits up in his chair. "I was just thinking this tournament almost seems impossible for a mortal to win. But that is what has me all hyped up, the chance to defeat the odds."

Kung Lao can feel that Liu is enjoying to moment, and decides to think about it a little himself. The Site of Wonder Woman flying into the ring is already enough to get the crowd raucous. Her opponent possesses wings, flying into the ring as well.

"I don't care of her opinion, but I would like this match to take place in the sky haze." The Sparrow concludes.

Wonder Woman looks over at him rolling her eyes at his obvious rudeness. She shifts her body turning to Shang Tsung and the announcer.

"I guess it's whatever, that will be fine."

The Announcer walks out of the ring with Shang Tsung. Wonder Woman and the Sparrow are immediately sent to the chosen arena. Once there it is than known that their flying abilities would be proven extremely essential. The two of them stand on separate floating blocks within the sky. Wonder woman looks down and is surprised at what she discovers.

"Either we are up very high, or this world has no bottom. It would be like falling forever."

The sparrow laughs at the expression on Wonder woman's face. He jumps off of his block onto another, and continues to do this getting closer to his opponent. Diana jumps off of her block flying as well as punching into the Sparrow. This individual grabs his stomach bending over out of breath.

"For a lady, you sure pack a punch." He looks up at her with watery eyes. "But there is no way I will loose to a girl."

He jumps back a bit; throwing a punch at her that is grabbed. She cracks his knuckles which are located in the palm of her hand. Using her free arm she swings across punching him in the face. The blow to the head knocks him out cold, she grabs him by his ankle as he nearly falls off the block. The two of them are brought back to the stadium. Wonder Woman lets the Sparrow drop to the ground. It is than that the paramedics come in and retrieve him.

"The winner of this match is Wonder Woman!

She quickly flies out of the ring with the entire crowd cheering her on. Shang Tsung looks up at her with clinched fists. Once in the waiting area she is first greeted by Spiderman and Superman.

"You sure did take that guy out quickly; I thought you would entertain us all, but that's ok. It's good enough that you won." Spidy says.

"I guess it wouldn't make senesce to leave now, we might as well watch the final match of this round. But it sure will be nice to leave this place; it feels like we have been in here forever." Wonder woman tells.

She excuses herself from them walking off; Spidy can't help but look down at her rare end.

"Wow she is such a babe." Spiderman mumbles.

Superman looks down at him with an eye brow up.

"She won't be a distraction to you now will she?" Supes asks.

Spiderman's eyes widen behind his mask, realizing that Superman heard him clearly. He thinks about it for a second, remembering that he did in fact have splendid hearing.

"No she won't, but you do have to admire a woman of her beauty and strength." Spidy replies.

"Don't think about it too much, plus we are here to find Connor. Even if we have been tricked, someone wanted us here so we must stay around to find out why." Superman says.

Spiderman shakes his head agreeing. The final match comes and goes quickly closing up the first round of the tournament. It is than that Pythena steps into the middle of the ring.

"I would like to thank you all for coming once again, round two will take place in two days. But there is plenty of events that everyone can attend in that stretch of time. Tonight just across from this stadium, a party will take place consisting of food, music, and dancing. I encourage you all to attend."

The announcer steps into the ring next to Pythena.

"Don't forget to vote for who you think will take the tournament, the voting booths are now open. The person or persons who guess right will get the money they put in back, including that of those who guessed wrong."

After the announcer is finished speaking, he gives everyone the permission to leave. Flash zooms around in the waiting room, finally stopping in front of Ironman, and Wolverine.

"Have either of you seen Batman, I'm beginning to think he got lost in this place?" Flash asks.

"He didn't pass by this way, I'm sure we'll see him on the way out." Ironman replies.

The three of them exit the waiting room together.

"Whelp only two hundred participants remain; fifty were eliminated from each bracket. We most definitely need to take the day of rest to our advantage." Sonya says to Johnny.

Many spectators still stand in the bleachers cheering on the participants as they walk by to the exit doors. When Superman and Flash come into site, the crowd gets even more energized. They chant their names, and some yell out for autographs. Flash smiles at the site of fame.

"I'll see you guy's outside the stadium, but for now my fans need me!"

Flash zooms off in a hurry toward the crowd. Superman shakes his head laughing a bit at Flash's child like excitement.

"If we take too long you can all travel back to the temple without us." Superman tells.

He gets out of the line to the exits, following flash to the bleachers.

"For once I just wish I were number one to a crowd." Spidy complains looking down onto the ground. "Who knows maybe my day will come soon."

People jump ahead of each other trying to get their pads or cards signed first! Supes just does it as any other normal being would, but Flash does it speedily signing various cards and pads in seconds. A woman steps ahead of everyone with her little girl in hand, she passes a camera to her husband who stands in the crowd.

"We would really like to have a picture with the two of you, if that is ok."

Flash pats the little girl on the head.

"Of course that will be fine; you can have as many shots as you'd like."

The pictures are taken as Superman and Flash continue to write their autographs. Pythena stands nearby watching the activities of Superman and Flash.

"Just as I expected, the two of them are spectator favorites. But after everything is said and done, this world and their world will be ours." Pythena tells.

She and Shang Tsung leave the field entering into a back room. The lines for the voting booths are packed!

"So who are you voting for?"

"I'm goanna have to go with my boy Flash, the dude's got ridiculous speed. No one can touch him except maybe for the guy in the red cape. How bout you?"

"I'm not sure yet, I'll have my mind made up once we get closer to the front. But it will either be Superman or the green lantern."

Many conversations go on throughout the line. A little over an hour passes before Flash and Superman are finished signing autographs. They walk out of the exit side by side. The two of them talk and laugh about the days events. When outside of the stadium, they find a familiar comrade standing up against a wall with crossed arms.

"Hey Batman, why is it that you are still here? Where're the others?" Flash asks.

"They must have left with the rest of the crowd earlier; I didn't see any of them. I was looking around to see if I could find anything strange, but came up with nothing. Hopefully this tournament isn't just a set up for something big." Batman tells.

"What do you mean by that?" Superman asks.

"Let's just hope we aren't going to regret attending this affair. I'm willing to bet someone has something to gain from this all, but than again I might be wrong." Batman replies.

The three of them are silent for a few moments.

"What I think our whole group should do tonight is attend the dance! That should relieve any stress we might have. Of course we would have to come without our patrolling slash hero costumes on." Flash suggests.

Batman leans forward off of the wall.

"You Clark and Everyone else maybe, but I have work to do. Tonight is the night I want answers. Something just isn't right about all of this." Batman says.

"In all honesty you just need to chill out a bit. You just seem so uptight about everything, trust me bat's a little fun would do you well." Flash advices.

"You might be right, but I don't plan on sharing my true identity with any of the avengers. Or anyone for that matter." Bat's tells.

"Alright that's enough; let's make our way back to the temple. We've probably kept everyone waiting long enough." Superman says.

The three of them begin their journey back to the temple. Miles away both Kung Lao and Liu enter the Shalion temple. Awaiting them in the front room is Raiden.

"So how did the two of you do?"

Before saying a word, both shalion fighters bow to their sensei.

"Well I guess you could say we did well, considering we both passed the first round. I'm not going to lie to you, but this is goanna be a tough one to win." Liu replies.

Raiden glances back and forth at each of his students.

"I know who you speak of; it is the fighters from another world. But I can feel the confidence throughout you both, just believe in yourselves and you can accomplish anything."

"Thank you lord Raiden, it is greatly appreciated." Kung Lao says.

"Dinner is being prepared for the two of you and should be ready in the next ten minutes. I think it would be a good idea if you guy's just rest for the remainder of the evening." Raiden tells.

Liu looks up at a close by clock seeing that it is thirty minutes past five. Superman, Batman and Flash return back to the temple. They take the elevator up to their floor, by way of Bat's and Supes parting ways with Flash. When inside their room, Bruce takes the cowl off of his head, sitting down in a chair.

"I really do think you should take Wally's advice, a little relaxation never hurts anyone. Come on Bruce, you wouldn't even know where to begin looking for answers." Superman says.

Bruce stands up, getting un dressed out of the rest of his suit. He gets into a pair of tan slacks, and a sky blue tea shirt. He additionally puts on some shades along with a hat, with black Nike shoes.

"I'm going on a short walk, which should give me a little more time to think it over." Bruce tells.

He opens the door slightly; looking out to make sure no one is present in the hall. All is clear, so he exits the room walking down the hall to the elevator. Wolverine talks with room service on the phone.

"Could you please repeat again how much weight in total you'd like?"

"No particular weight, just make sure it is over 400." Logan says.

Hal and Peter just sit around waiting for their ordered tuxedoes to arrive.

Miles away

Pythena, Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung work on the preparations for round two. Kahn looks over the shoulder of Shang Tsung, getting a glimpse of the fighters who remain.

"Maybe you are right about this Superman; so far our men in the booths count him having a splendid amount of the votes. But it isn't quite clear between him and the one who goes by Flash, who holds the most votes." Kahn says.

Pythena discusses further matters with Kahn, while Shang Tsung continues to set up each individual 2nd round match.

To Be Continue    
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Can i ask why all the made-up oponents are all so rude?What kind of world gives birth to  them?LOL
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@Remoness said:

"Can i ask why all the made-up oponents are all so rude?What kind of world gives birth to  them?LOL "

 Hahaha yeah I guess they are huh:) It just came out that way; most of them have a lot of self confidence.
Justice Heroes Elite

CHP8: Close call

Baraka along with a couple Tarkadens barges into the room which Shang Tsung works in. The sorcerer glances up from what he is doing, presenting a face of agitation.

"If you have come here to talk, it will have to wait till later." Shang Tsung looks down over the brackets. "If you're that anxious, Pythena and Shao Kahn are just in the next room."

Baraka signals the two tarkadens to have a seat on the nearby sofa. He strides over taking a seat across from Shang Tsung at the lengthy table.

"I just spoke with prince Goro, and he informed me that he will begin fighting against tournament participants who make it past round 3. Shouldn't he be fighting sooner?" Baraka asks.

"You of all people should know Goro loves a challenge, he is waiting for a handful of the weaker fighters to be eliminated." Shang Tsung looks up from what he is doing. "If it is those super powered fighters you are worried about, don't worry. Pythena has orchestrated a plan which includes them all being demolished."

Baraka sits back with a wide smile across his face.

"That's great, but that does nothing. The real problem is Raiden and his group of earth defenders that is who Pythena should be targeting. Those meta humans have nothing to do with our world."

"I guess Kahn didn't let you in on the whole plan, but we are going to take over this globe and the one they come from. Pythena came to us directly for help to accomplish this plan."

Much excitement runs throughout Baraka, but he still does not fully trust their new found ally. Over two hours pass and the sun has fully set over the mountain tops. Logan reaches over turning off the water handle. He steps out of the shower wrapping a towel around his body. He opens his nearby hand bag, getting ready to shave. He doesn't spend more than five minutes in there before finishing up and leaving. When in the hallway, he looks over to see Batman.

"If you are looking for any of the others, you probably won't find them. They all left for the primetime event." Batman informs.

"I already knew, but thanks for telling me any how. Not to assume anything, but youaren't going are you?" Logan asks almost certain.

Batman looks down pulling something out of his utility belt, throwing it to Logan.

"Here are some coupons I picked up earlier from the stadium; you can use them tonight or on something in one of the gift shops."

The avenger/Xmen glimpses through them, seeing what discount each of them gave in depth. He looks up from the slips to an empty hall. A nearby window is open in company of the wind from outside brushing against the plants.

"Now I can see why this guy hasn't been killed yet, his awareness and technique is crazy. For someone with no super human abilities, he is a bit impressive."

Afterwards Logan walks off into his room getting dressed.

Lin Kuei temple

Subzero along with many of the other Lin Kuei fighters spar amongst each other. Standing before them is the grand master, who takes notes of each individual fighter. After doing so he calls time, which ends the training session.

"I'm glad to see that most of you are showing improvement from the past few weeks, but loads of you still have a long road ahead of you. Our goal by the next mortal kombat tournament is to have at least ten of you representing along with Subzero."

The grand master has the entire group of rookies step aside, he sends a veteran fighter out to the middle of the room to face off against Subzero.

"I want you all to watch them carefully, pay close attention to their execution of moves."

Outside of the temple reptile runs through a forest jumping over a log. The resonance of splashing water is present seeing that the ninja continues crossing through a lake. He looks around, making sure he isn't being followed before proceeding. When coming to a stop Baraka awaits him by a camp fire. Another individual steps from behind a tree.

"I'm glad to see you made it on time, we must hurry and discuss the future plans before anyone gets suspicious." The sorcerer Quan Chi leans a bit on the tree. "Baraka has some information that is sounding promising."

"Oh really, and what might that be?" Reptile asks, not sounding too intrigued.

Quan Chi steps forward putting a hand in front of him.

"Patience Reptile let Baraka speak before forming your opinion. This looks to be a perfect opportunity to resurrect lord Shinnock."

The ninja decides to listen taking a seat on a nearby rock. Baraka clears his throat before speaking. He starts off by telling them about the new alliance between Pythena the outsider, Shang Tsung, and Shao Kahn. Across from the tournament dome, many people enter the building where the revelry will take place. Most of the attendants are directed outside through the back doors, with many tables set up and a view of the beach. Clark and Diana enter with wrapped arms taking a seat near the beach front.

"Wow that really is some view, it sure is stunning tonight." Clark sits back, opening a menu. "So do you think we should start off with some appetizers first?"

The princess stares into the night sky, seemingly lost in her thoughts. Diana wears a pink dress with long pink gloves, while Clark wears the casual black suit and tie. He takes a moment to observe her; she notices a smile from him.

"Is something wrong?" Diana asks.

"Ah it's nothing really; you just look so beautiful tonight. Where did you get that outfit?"

She looks away from him blushing.

"Tony Stark purchased this for me just an hour ago, I'm glad you like it."

"Figures, I should have known it was him. Tony's got so much money it's amazing, just like someone we know."

Diana rests her elbows on the table's surface.

"I really wish Bruce would have come, sometimes it just feels like Batman has completely taken over his life."

"Yeah maybe so, but that is a part of who he is. Both Batman and Bruce are the same individual, just two different sides trying to bring some good to the world."

Bucky walks across having a seat next to Diana, it is than that Clark changes the subject.

"So are the others all here yet?" Clark picks up a menu. "There certainly are a lot of things to choose from."

"Yeah most everyone should be making their way through the front entrance, but I do believe Wolverine and Batman might be running a little late. I didn't see either of them." Bucky replies.

Wally enters alongside Peter, the two of them head right over to the bar area.

"Don't worry about reaching for your wallet, this one's on me." Wally tells.

Both of them order large sprites, sitting at the stools in front of the bar. Tony, Carol, and Hal make their presence known walking across the cement floor finding a table.

"You must enjoy having that super speed; I bet you're never late for anything. I can't even count how many times if I had just been there minutes earlier things could have been different." Peter reveals.

"You'd be surprised, because even with my immense speed even I haven't made it on schedule every time."

Most everyone's attention is taken away from what they are doing, with the sound of booming music. It is then that a DJ enters the main stage along with his crew. Through a microphone they encourage everyone to come out on the dance floor, which a lot of people do almost instantly. Wonder Woman stands up from her chair, grabbing Bucky by his wrist.

"Come dance with me, it will be a lot of fun."

He smirks looking optimistic at the princess.

"It would be my pleasure." Bucky replies.

"While the two of you are out there I will order some buffalo wings and nachos as an appetizer." Supes tells.

The two of them leave the table holding hands while walking out onto the dance floor. Tony steps onto the dance floor as well, he just looks around finding a woman who stands alone. Hal and Carol just sit at the table watching.

"The two of them sure have taken a liking to one another, it's almost like love on first site wouldn't you say?" Carol asks.

Hal rubs his chin for a few moments reflecting on it.

"I guess that means I'm not the only one who noticed, so what do you have planed for tomorrow? I think I'll just sit back and relax, training won't be necessary for most of us."

She sits forward resting one of her legs over the other.

"I haven't really decided yet, but I might just go on a little tour of this island."

Hal stands up from the table walking forward.

"I've decided I'll go for a few rounds, if you change your mind you can come on out." Hal tells.

He disappears into the crowd of dancers. While the bar tender looks the other direction, Peter webs a can of Pepsi pulling it over to his side. He leaves money in its place. The fast paced music switches over to a slow pace. Diana relaxes her head on the shoulder of Bucky as they dance around in circles.

"Hey Pete I'll be back in a minute, I need to ask Superman something really fast. You should really go out there and dance, it looks enjoyable." Wally tells.

Not far away up a hill and on the pinnacle of a brick temple is Batman slouched over, looking down on the entire event through his binoculars. He looks in all directions, making sure there isn't any form of deception. But he appears to come back to a certain someone, the princess of Themyscira. Her appearance of much attractiveness seizes his concentration. The dark knight finally comes to a realization there is nothing gruesome about the party, deciding to take his search for answers elsewhere. He places the binoculars back into his utility belt gliding off of the roof top.

"I saw you looking down on the dance, what are you some kind of assassin? You're good at sticking to the Shadow's but so am I"

Batman looks over to see a suited up fighter with crossed arms standing up against a tree. He takes a few steps forward to get a clearer view.

"I remember you from the tournament, your that ninja. Isn't it Scorpion you go by?" Batman asks.

"I see you have a good memory as well, but I have to tell you something. I don't like guys who sneak around, why don't you cut to the chase and tell me what you're really here for."

"I'm sorry but that's just none of your business. I'd back off if I were you; you're getting into dangerous territory." Batman replies.

Scorpion laughs at his comment seeing it as a challenge. He pulls out his rope spear twirling it around.

"I don't know what it is your thinking, but I'd put my weapon away if I were you. Take my word for it; you don't want to fight me." Bats tells.

"I've heard enough of your talking, and you're obviously hiding something! Maybe If I beat on you enough you'll have a change of heart." Scorpion says.

"As I said before it's none of your concern, but if you insist just try me."

Scorpion smiles under his mask, seeing as the dark knight has accepted his challenge. Hanzo wastes no time, throwing the rope spear out at Batman who jumps out of the blade's lane. As a quick counter he pulls out four batarangs throwing them at the ninja spectre. Two of them pierce Scorpion in the shoulder as he dodges the other two remaining. Both Scorpion and the dark knight perform a flying kick, knocking each other to the side. Scorpion once again throws his rope spear out at Batman, who just knocks it down with his gauntlets.

"Had enough yet? Quite honestly you're just wasting precious time of mine. I have things that I have to do other than fighting." Batman notifies.

Scorpion leaps forward into a front flip, coming down behind Batman kicking him into a bush.

"I don't care who you are or what you want, we will fight till the end. Either you will kill me, or I will kill you."

The Dark knight gets to his feet knowing that he won't kill Scorpion, and really has no desire to fight him either. The battle continues as Scorpion races over toward Batman, throwing a few punches and kicks. Some of which are blocked, while others he lands perfectly. Batman steps back putting power into a round house kick, knocking Scorpion off balance. Batman steps into it punching him across the face, watching as Scorpion goes down hard. The ninja shows signs of dizziness, but is quick to get up kneeing bats in his left side of his ribs. The dark knight yells out in pain as he is uppercut fourteen feet into the air. The ninja spectre takes the opportunity to throw his rope spear up. It tears right through the stomach of Bats, but doesn't quite make it out of the other side. Scorpion pulls it out and watches as Batman falls to the ground in a somewhat bloody mess.

"Well it looks like this fight is over, quite honestly I expected a much better match." Scorpion says.

He looks down on Batman, and can tell he is in tremendous pain.

"You really are pathetic; I guess I'll take the liberty of beating on you some more before I finish you."

It is obvious Batman cannot get up after Scorpions previous attack. Hanzo walks over stomping on the dark knight's chest, watching as more blood squirts out from his body. He then picks him up by a bat ear on his cowl brutally striking him in the face, before slamming his head to the ground. He now bleeds from his nose and mouth.

"I could just leave you here to die like a dog, but I'd rather finish you off with something remember able." Scorpion tells.

He steps back a few yards spinning his rope spear at a high speed. He focuses looking down at Batman's chest, in the area of his heart's location. The rope is thrown with more than enough distance but the blade just drops to the ground. It all happened so fast, but Scorpion notices the rope had been sliced while air born. He looks up in time as he is slashed across his chest and punched to the ground.

"You messed with the wrong man bub!"

Scorpion jumps up putting some space between him and this unknown person.

"And who are you supposed to be? I take it you must be a friend of that bat." Scorpion asks.

"The name's Wolverine and you don't have much longer to live! How dare you attack and kill Batman! I'm goanna cut you open and watch as the roaches feast on your dead carcass.

"I think I'd rather not waste my time on another worthless fighter, who knows maybe you'll fight against me in the tournament. Until than, so long you fool."

Logan watches as Scorpion disappears into thin air. The avenger falls to his knees, punching at the dirt in rage! It destroys him within; given the reality he didn't show up sooner. Many thoughts float through his mind, but what sticks out most is what he would have to tell the others. And how would he do so. The sound of Batman calling for him can be heard within. But after a few seconds, he realizes something. Standing and turning to his other side, Batman lays in the dirt alive calling for him. Logan immediately makes his way over to his side.

"Batman can you hear me?" Logan asks.

"Help me u..uu.. up. No wa..Wa..way will I d…..d..di.e like this." Batman struggles to say.

Logan takes off his tuxedo vest, wrapping and tying it around Bat's stomach to stop the bleeding. After doing so, he puts Batman's arm over his shoulder lifting him up and walking slowly.

"The infirmary is near by; it is the same one that the participants in the tournament earlier in the day went to if needed. After they patch you up and everything, I'll take you back to the temple. Just don't die before we get there."

Logan proceeds down the hill with Batman slumped over on his side. Back in the party area Peter and Wally have moved over to the side of Superman.

"Besides going by Superman, what is your civilian identity?" Peter asks innocently.

All he gets from the big man is a smirk.

"You most likely won't get an answer from him; he probably wants to keep it private." Wally says.

The three of them sit back, but it isn't too much longer before they are served their food. Over another four hours pass before the event ends. It is than that everyone exits from the premises.

"Wow that was actually really fun, hopefully they have more of these parties. Heck there was a lot of fine babes in there as well!" Wally says.

Bucky puts a hand on his shoulder laughing.

"Yeah I'll have to agree with you, that was a lot of fun. It took off a lot of the pressure from the tournament."

The group talks amongst one another while on the way back to the temple. Back across from the stadium, Logan looks through the glass window watching over Bruce who lies on a comfort table hooked to oxygen. His wounds have since been cleaned and patched up. The nurse by his bed side after some time finally leaves exiting the room.

"It's a good thing you brought him when you did, if it had been five minutes later he would have passed on. He will be just fine; all he needs now is a lot of rest. Your friend won't be able to get up on his own for at least two or three days. Do you have any idea how this happened?"

"No clue misses ah umm." Logan looks down at her name tag. "Ms. Deana, I just found him this way." Logan replies.

She lifts up her clipboard writing something down.

"Well I have another patient to check up on, you can stay here as long as you wish. He probably won't be up and back to 100% for two weeks at quickest."

"That can't work; he is a participant in the tournament." Logan replies.

"I'm sorry but that's just the way it is, he will have to be taken out of the event. Just let him rest, that is the best way for a nice speedy recovery."

Deana puts the clipboard down to her side walking down the hall. Logan looks downward at her legs and backside whistling. She turns around as a response, but he hastily looks the other way. Logan then looks through the glass to see the eyes of Bruce open. But what happens next surprises him more. Bruce sits up taking the oxygen off of his face, hopping off of the table. It is then that Logan enters the room.

"What in the name of god do you think you're doing, in your present state you shouldn't be up?" Logan asks.

Bruce takes off the hospital pajamas throwing them to the side. He steps over to the chair located by the table picking up and getting dressed into his bat suit. Logan watches at the side amazed, at how Bruce moves around as if he hadn't been injured at all. Bruce puts the cowl back over his head last, turning to Logan.

"Let's get out of here before she makes another round to this room." Batman says.

Logan wants to say something but is at lost for words. Instead he just shakes his head agreeing. Batman takes the lead as they hurry through the hall to the exit. Once outside they are almost soaked down with the heavy rain all around.

"We will just call it a night and make our way back to the temple. Let's just keep it between us what happened tonight." Batman tells.

Logan shakes his head agreeing walking through the downpour.

"Hopefully you don't have another encounter with that ninja; you might not be so lucky next time."

The comment seems to have the dark knight stunned, or perhaps angered. Whatever it may be it is known that he puts much thought into it.

"There is one thing you don't know about me Logan, and that is I don't repeat the same outcome twice. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying, but if he and I meet again it won't be the same."

"Whatever the case, I'm glad you made it ok. Just try and be more careful when sneaking around, I won't always be there for your assist."

Back at the temple Diana finishes up in the bathroom, slipping into a long tea shirt returning to the room. Both Carol and Bucky are sound asleep. She tip toes across the carpet over to Bucky's bed. She looks down at him having much desire in her eyes. Rubbing a hand across his face, she bends down a bit bringing her lips closer to his. Feeling a bit uneasy she pulls back standing, walking across the room and getting into bed with Carol. At Shao Kahn's fortress Shang Tsung looks over his completed round two brackets.

"It all looks good; you have done a fabulous job as usual. I'm about to go get some shut eye." Pythena emphasizes.

Shang Tsung looks over to see her wearing a robe in the midst of her bra and thong revealed. He does a proficient task of trying to hide his interest. She blows him a kiss goodnight leaving the room.

To Be Continue    
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I want to see Batman kick some arse already!
LOL hey how about that vampire comes back and thanks bats for not letting her die?

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Wow Batman is a straight up G!! He almost got killed by Scorpion and still seems to be able to continue on through the tourney! Thank goodness Wolverine showed up! I’ll eagerly be awaiting the next chapter.

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CHP9: A day of rest


Driving through the streets of Gotham is a fresh group of individuals, who appear to keep a low profile. Not much attention is drawn to them, as there is a large amount of felony throughout the city keeping the police force diligent. The large pickup truck turns into a dark alleyway, before coming to a complete stop. The group sits in the vehicle for some time, making sure they weren't being watched. After some time, three of the passengers exit out of the vehicle walking to a nearby street light.

"Whelp there it is Mr. Deadpool, but I'm sure it is crammed with all sorts of crazy alarms."

Deadpool marches over patting his teammate on the shoulder.

"Don't worry about it; I've got the map and layout of Gotham Museum. When we get inside I don't want the two of you acting like monkey heads, I prefer Gorillas." Deadpool says laughing.

"Yeah whatever you say boss, but on a more serious note, what about the bat?"

"Don't you worry about the Batman." Deadpool wraps an arm around the ninja's shoulder. "I got a call from him this morning; he informed me the he will be hibernating within his dark depressing cave."

Deadpool runs ahead of his ninjas crossing the street while laughing. The two of them exchange glimpses, which regard that of Deadpool. Not wanting to waste time, the two sprints across the street catching up with Deadpool. The three of them get their equipment ready for the planned stealthy break in. Deadpool leads them to the rooftop, and too his surprise a roof vintage has apparently been busted into. They do not see it as a problem entering into the entrance created by an unknown person, so that is what the three opt to do. There is much space while they crawl through the vent, making the mission that mach easier.

"You have any clue when we can make our way down?" I'm a bit uncomfortable when in enclosed area's."

Deadpool only nods, trying to keep their presence from being noticed by any possible security guards. They continue through making many lefts and rights before Deadpool stops. Digging into his utilities located around his waste, he pulls out a laser gun. He uses it to melt the nails to create an opening through the vent, pulling the top off and throwing it to the side. Deadpool moves aside as one of the others sprays a lot of something into the room beneath them. Once the dust clears, it reveals lasers which would trip the defense system.

"Alright you're up Jerald, go down there and disable the security system. After you take care of that, we will follow you down." Deadpool says.

Jerald has that of super human reflexes and agility jumping down into the almost definite death trap. He maneuvers his body dodging the sensitive beams, performing side and back flips. While doing this he promptly locates the panel which will shut everything down, pulling out and throwing shurikens at it. The panel electrifies for a few moments before exploding. At this time the lasers disappear, with that of Deadpool and the remaining ninja entering from above.

"Good work Jerald; let's just recover the chest plate from that armor over there." Deadpool tells.

The other ninja opens up a huge bag dragging it across the room. The feeling of victory is replaced with fright, given the loud sound of a whip striking the marble floor. The bag is dropped as the three of them turn around to see what caused the noise.

"Meoow, good evening boys, I hope I'm not getting in the way."

One of the ninja's recognizes this individual instantly. Deadpool has nothing but desire in his eyes, how is it they hit the jackpot on a mission like this?

"I'm taking it that you're Catwoman right? I've read about you in the Gotham newspaper."

"Well I'm impressed; I see someone did their homework. Just step aside, I've come for that relic and won't be stopped."

Deadpool walks over picking up the burnished item pitching it too Catwoman. She reaches out catching it, but is surprised it was given to her by these unknown ninjas.

"Have you ever been told you're sexy? What would it take for the two of us to get a date?" Deadpool asks trying too sound like a gentleman.

Catwoman smiles while blushing a bit.

"Maybe another time sweatie, because tonight you have a date with the police."

Catwoman stretches her whip some ft away activating and tripping a backup security system. She blows a kiss to Deadpool, using her whip to get to the ceiling she exits through a window.

"I always knew kitty cats were deception artists. The two of you must hurry; let's get that armor and dip." Deadpool informs.

Within the city of New York, Scott summers has just returned from patrol along with Iceman, Storm and Beast. He walks into the T.V. room having a seat on the sofa, picking up a nearby remote turning on the news. The number one headline is the disappearance of Lois Lane, along with another group of reporters. Scott takes a silent gasp thinking back on the day's hard work. He is startled a bit with the hand of someone resting on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Scott it's just me, I merely want to know how the mission played out?"

"It actually went fine Emma, considering they retreated. Not that it is really a problem but have you seen Wolverine?"

She walks around the couch having a seat by his side.

"I guess he didn't tell you, but he went on some mission along with some of the Avengers. Logan didn't give me any real details."

Dimensions away

Everyone sleeps soundly within the temple. It rains outside also thumping against the glass windows, awaking Peter Parker from a unpleasant dream. It was that in fact of him watching as his uncle Ben was gunned down by some common thug. He tries not to think about it, but to instead think good thoughts which will enable him to fall asleep. After some time he finally does. With the rise of the sun bringing light to the plains, Liu Kang arises stepping out of bed and getting dressed. He wears black sweat pants along with a white sleeveless shirt, exiting his room making his way down the many steps to the main lobby.

"Good morning Jay, have anything planned for later in the day?" Liu asks.

"Nah nothing much, me and a couple of the other guys are going up to the grave yard for some voluntary work."

Liu and his clan member finish the conversation shaking hands before going their separate ways. The champion of mortal kombat makes his way to the main room, bowing down to Raiden.

"Did you have trouble sleeping, usually you're not up and moving this early?" Raiden asks.

Liu stands up tall stretching.

"With some of these new opponents within the tourney, I find it important to stay focused and that means being at my complete best. If anyone comes looking for me, just let them know I'll be up on the hill top training." Liu informs.

Raiden nods watching as his student opens the front entrance leaving the premises. Liu takes a deep breath looking up into the sapphire sky, appreciating its magnificence more than usual. After some moments he begins jogging making his way onto the grassland.


Clark awakes looking over into the other bed not seeing Bruce! He speculates if he even returned from wherever he was last night. But it doesn't bother him much, remembering that the dark knight is an early Springer. After a little over two hours most everyone else is awake. Bucky sits up over his pillow staring over at Wonder Woman who runs her fingers in the hair of Carol who lies up against her. It is then that someone knocks at the door. Carol sits up getting out of the bed, strolling across the carpet and opening the door.

"I just wanted to know if the three of you would like to join the rest of us. Flash just discovered there is a restaurant downstairs, which we all can order some breakfast." Tony tells.

The three of them concur to the idea. Carol requests both Tony and Bucky to leave the room so that she and Diana could get dressed. Bucky seizes some clothes to change in, exiting along with Tony.

"I don't know about you but I'm kinda enjoying this place, it's a pleasant change of scenario. Plus this is a good way to test our skills in a tournament." Bucky says.

Tony strokes his buddy on the shoulder as they walk down the hall. Logan steps out of the laundry room approaching them.

"Everyone is already downstairs getting tables; I'll see the two of you along with the ladies whenever you're ready. No one seems to know where Batman or Superman are, they're probably out exploring." Logan tells.

Wolverine walks to the halls end getting into the elevator. Hal sits at a table located close to the pool reading a newspaper while drinking a banana flavored smoothie. Peter sits to his left wearing shades to hinder out the sun.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question GL?"

"Sure go ahead." Hal replies taking another sip.

"Well um did you notice your teammate Wondie has something going on with cap? I might be mistaken however."

"Why does it matter, are you jealous?" Hal asks smiling flipping the page.

The wall crawler doesn't answer right away. It is obvious that she is incredibly attractive, but there was no way he felt that way about her.

"Of course not, that would be eccentric." He finally replies.

Not even a mile away from the temple, Superman flies above looking below for someone. He is almost certain his search is over looking down on a man who sits under a tree meditating. He gradually descends to the ground disembarking in front of the person, realizing he is right.

"Good morning Bruce, why is it that you're this far from the temple?" Supes asks.

"You should stop stressing so much Kal." Bruce opens his eyes. "I can get more quite and concentration out here, which is why I'm here."

The Kryptonian notices the bandages wrapped around the stomach and chest of his ally, but decides not to ask why. Bruce stands picking up his shirt and putting it on.

"I have some things that I need to get from the room, so if you'd like we can return to the temple." Bruce says.

Superman decides to meet him there flying off. Bruce uses the same path he used when coming to this peaceful spot, a dirt road just a few yards away. He puts on a straw hat along with shades to help cover his face just incase he is approached by any of the avengers except for Wolverine who already knows his secret identity. At the castle of Shao Kahn, Prince Goro looks over some of the tournament footage.

"So what round do you plan on jumping in?" Pythena walks in next to Goro. "I don't believe I was informed when you planned to do so?"

"It isn't something for you to be concerned with; however I am very impressed with some of the fighters you have invited to the tournament."

Pythena walks over to a near table pouring her a glass of wine. She looks on the screen to see the recap of Baraka butchering his adversary.

"That Ironman seems to be a powerful force himself, but I'm sure without that armor of his, that of his abilities would drop to nothing. Not to say I plan on loosing to anyone in this tournament, but it will be interesting to see who holds the mortal Kombat title in the end." Goro tells.

Pythena can feel that the presence of the JLU members along with the Avengers brings much excitement into that of the Prince. The two have different thoughts on which the competition is actually between. Pythena believes it will be won by Superman, Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman, GL, Captain America, or Wolverine. While Goro believes it can be taken by anyone. She feels Spidy is also a contender but his cockiness seems to get the best of him in battle.

"So once your plan is fulfilled we will rule this world, and that of where these beings came from! That is great but I feel we shouldn't stop there, spreading our rule throughout other dimensions would be all too satisfying." Goro tells.

Pythena throws her hair back smiling.

"Two great minds must think alike, that was my plan from the very beginning!"

Goro sits back feeling all too good, this was like a dream come true. He is offered a glass of wine from Pythena accepting. Within the residence of the temple, Diana, Carol, Bucky and Tony enter into the restaurant. Tony asks for them to be seated outside seeing as that was where everyone else was. The four follow the waitress, who seats them at a table next to their acquaintances.

"Took you guys long enough, we were about to order without you." Wally lets his irritation be known. "Now let's eat before its lunch time."

Logan picks up a menu looking at the different dishes. Just outside the front of the temple is Bruce who walks into the main lobby waving at the woman who stands behind the desk, who does the same back. He is swift getting over to the elevator, not trying to delay. Diana taps Peter on the shoulder putting her hand out.

"We're short a menu, after your finished can you pass it over here?" She asks sweetly.

"You can have it now, I've already decided on the pancake special." Peter says, placing it in her hand.

She thanks him setting it on the table top. Upstairs Bruce exits out of the elevator seeing that the hall is empty and silent. The first thought that comes to mind is that the others must have gone out somewhere. Usually the voice of Flash and or Spiderman could be heard. He walks over opening the door to his room with a slide card.

"Flying back I saw some of our group downstairs, they were sitting by a pool. I'm goanna get dressed in something casual so that I can join them." Supes tells.

Bruce removes his hat and shades throwing them onto his bed.

"Why don't you hold off on that, the reason I came back was so that I could purchase some clothes for myself. If you'd like I can do the same for you as well? I thought we would be in and out of this place immediately, which is why I only brought three bat suits and three pairs of clothes."

"I don't want to be a problem for you." Superman replies.

"Don't worry about repaying me; Just think of it as a small favor." Bruce replies with his billionaire smile.

Supes decides not to reply knowing that he didn't want to try and argue with someone who rarely looses. Both of them jump a bit with the sound of a knock at the door. Bruce steps off to the side not wanting to be seen, signaling Superman to answer it. Not asking who it was nor using his vision to look through the door he just walks over opening the door.

"You've been a very bad boy; it's time you've been spanked!" A woman says pushing Superman into the room.

Another woman comes in following her closing the door behind her. One is dressed as a nurse whiles the other as a police officer. Bruce comes from behind the corner comprehending something is terribly wrong! He is quickly pushed onto a bed with the nurse getting on top of him licking his lips. Superman could easily throw her through a wall but doesn't, this all must be a huge misunderstanding. Unless Bruce! It couldn't be, did Bruce in fact set this all up! He is speedily pushed into a chair, and cuffed to it by the woman in the police suit.

"What are you doing stop! You must have the wrong room, we've never even met!" Bruce cries out.

The nurse holds him down while unbuttoning her shirt revealing her bra.

"Of course not silly, you ordered us out. But I see you like to play hard to get, I love a good actor."

Bruce tries to say something else but she brings her lips down to his, sticking her tongue into his mouth. At this time his eyes are wide! How in the world could this happen to him of all people, maybe it was Clark/Superman who set this up! But why would he? Superman breaks out of the cuffs as the woman sucks on his neck.

"Wow you're strong! Very strong in deed, that's a turn on."

She bends down trying to pull down his red underwear, but it is this action which is enough! Superman pushes her back as she soars through the air a few feet; he zooms over catching her before she goes through the wall. Downstairs Wonder Woman gets up from the table.

"I just remembered that I just forgot something up at the room, I'll be right back." Diana tells.

"Enough!" Superman yells out.

The nurse gets up off of a blushing Bruce, it is very rare for him to feel this way but given the circumstances he does.

"What is wrong with the two of you, did you change your minds?" The woman in the nurse suit yells out.

"As we were trying to say you must have the wrong room." Supes tells, setting the woman on her feet.

Both woman dig into their bras pulling out one card each. The accident can be felt greatly between them both; they had come to room 550 when it was in fact room 450 they were supposed to be in. They had been off by one floor!

"We are incredibly sorry; it was the room below this that needed our services."

Bruce gets off of the bed walking over to his bag and pulling out his wallet. To Superman's surprise he gives them both a twenty!

"I don't want either of you feeling troubled, so just take the money and go. Don't worry neither of us will be notifying anyone of this misunderstanding." Bruce says putting on a forged smirk.

The women take their money leaving almost instantly. Bruce turns over looking at an irritated Superman.

"This stays between the two of us! As far as I'm concerned this didn't happen." Bruce tells.

Wonder woman flies through an open window on the 5th floor. She notices two women coming out of the room of Superman and Batman! What in the world could this mean? She was not going to make any predictions just yet. But it made her think seeing them placing money in their bras! She decides to just stand by and wait till they pass; maybe they'll spit out what happened.

"That was definitely different; too bad they didn't want more. We could have really given them something to remember."

"What do you expect they were true gentlemen, wow but they sure were real hoties."

Diana watches as the two ladies get into the elevator. Some sort of pain runs throughout her body, but it isn't physical but more spiritual. Could it really be this way, could Superman and Batman drop that low of turning to prostitutes? In her mind they were both beyond good looking and could get any woman they desired. Maybe they aren't even in the room; perhaps Bats and Supes let someone else borrow the room this just couldn't be. She steps forward walking toward their room biting at her bottom lip. When reaching forward to knock she hopes there is no one inside. Both Bruce and Kal look over at one another answering at the same time with a simple. "Who is it?"

Diana's head drops thinking the worst, but she knows that she cannot just run off.

"It's Diana, can I come in?"

Relief can be felt between both men, grasping it wasn't someone else from their recent encounter. Superman walks over opening the door, only to have Wonder woman staring at him.

"Well aren't you goanna come in?" Superman asks sounding concerned.

She glimpses over at Bruce who looks through his wallet. That was enough to confirm Bruce in fact paid for their pleasures and she now knew!

"You know what it can wait till later; I've kept everyone else waiting long enough." She says rudely.

Wonder Woman leaves almost slamming the door behind her. Bruce shakes his head but couldn't stop himself from smiling. It was obvious that she had seen the women leaving the room, and believed he and Kal had been messing around with them. Not wanting to cause a scene he decides not to go after her. He could explain to her later what had happened.

"Gee I wonder what's wrong with her; she must not be feeling too well." Superman emphasizes.

Bruce gets up from the chair placing his wallet within his pocket strolling toward the door.

"I'll be back shortly; I'm just going across the street to get us some outfits." Bruce says opening and closing the door.

The sound of a closing door causes Diana to turn around and look, walking the other way is Bruce, she roles her eyes turning the opposite direction of him walking to her room. Back at the hideout of Kahn, Shang Tsung has returned to the castle with the results of which fighter was favored most by the fans to win the tournament. He is greeted in the front room by Baraka.

"What is all that you hold there?" The Tarkada asks.

"It's the poll results, some people must be hoping for an upset. Ms Marvel has the second most votes to Superman; the flash is only under her by nine votes."

To be continue    
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CHP10: The Orb of opportunity


The day to loosen comes and passes quickly leading up to the opening of the second round of the competition. Liu Kang enters into the dome over an hour before the event is set to proceed. As much as the shalion warrior has been trained, he can sense the presence of another individual near by. Emerging from a corner is Wolverine skimming down on a flyer he holds. Liu relaxes realizing there is no danger opposing him.

"If I can remember correctly you're one of the fighters who traveled from another world. So what do you think of the mortal kombat tourney so far?" Liu asks.

"It's actually not too bad; whoever set this thing up picked a good spot. The surrounding turf is striking."

Wolverine walks past Liu continuing on his trail. Once out of site he pushes down on his ear piece located within his cowl.

"I hope you're having better luck than me, why don't we just forget this bat's. Perhaps this isn't a setup, maybe it is as simple as winning this competition. In my opinion you think too much." Wolverine says.

Batman sprints along the top of the dome looking down inside, no matter what anyone says there is a swirl of deception which plays in his head. Batman grapples over to the other side of the dome changing the vision within his lenses, trying to locate something to follow up on.

"You could be right Logan, but I've been around long enough to know when something just isn't right." The caped crusader moves around swiftly noticing Liu Kang walking the opposite direction of Logan, but someone follows him from behind holding an ax! "Wolverine behind you!" Batman yells gliding down.

Wolverine leaps out of the blade's path, uprising the razor claws from his knuckles. The individual who stands before him is a seven ft Viking. Batman comes down on the Viking's back trying to wrestle him to the ground, only to be thrown up against a wall. Laughing is the enormous brute with extent dignity and fortitude. Batman grabs the wrist of Wolverine who attempts to attack the unknown person head on.

"Before any further action, why did you try and attack my friend here?" Bat's asks.

The Viking drops his weapon charging the two grabbing them by their necks, throwing them into a stack of chairs. He looks down on the two laughing frenziedly. Wolverine jumps up kicking into the giant, only moving him back a bit. The Viking punches Wolverine a few feet backwards smiling at how easy it is. Batman roles over to the side getting up while pulling out two batarangs.

"I'm goanna ask you once and only once, why in the world are you attacking us!" Batman demands.

The Viking reaches out to grab the dark knight who jumps over his shoulder. Before getting to his back side, Batman is grabbed by his ankle and thrown in the direction of Wolverine. Bat's pulls out his grapple gun slinging himself to the top of a wall.

"You sure are a clever one, very impressive." The Viking looks up at Batman displaying a huge smirk. "Come down here so I can crush you!"

Trying to catch the giant off guard Wolverine tries to cut at him only to be grabbed by the arm and thrown to the side. What makes it shoddier is the fact he didn't take his eyes off the caped crusader. Batman glides down throwing the explosive batarangs at the obvious destroyer, being grabbed by his cape and thrown to the side as well. The Viking again snickers at how effortless it seems. The Viking falls forward being attacked from his backside. He catches himself before completely falling to the ground. The leviathan brushes himself off turning to his attacker. Standing before him is Liu Kang who is obviously confused.

"I'm not sure why you all are fighting; the tournament will be progressing in less than an hour. There is no need for all of this nonsense." Liu tells.

"Why don't you tell that to this brainless idiot?" Wolverine takes a stand keeping his guard up. "He attacked us and didn't have the decency of telling us why."

Liu turns over to the Viking surprisingly being kneed in the stomach, along with being uppercut ten ft. Wolverine along with Batman charge the giant kicking him back into a glass display. Liu wastes no time joining by their side, watching as the Viking stands.

"Why don't you stop wasting everyone's time and just tell me why you are attacking us?" Bat's asks.

The Viking walks over picking up a table throwing it at the three, who all jump out of its path. At this point the champion of the tournament himself is confused on the actions by this unknown individual. Batman shoots his grapple gun in the direction of the Viking who dodges the sharp tip, which ends up in the ceiling. The Dark knight pulls fiercely on the gun bringing down a huge portion of the ceiling over the Viking.

"It's about time, that maniac was driving me insane. Do any of you have a clue why he attacked us?" Wolverine asks.

There is no time to reply, as the rumble in front of them gradually moves. The Viking busts out of the top, running past and knocking the three of them over. Liu jumps up attempting to go after him, but is grabbed by Batman.

"Let him go, I've placed one of my bat trackers on him. Whatever that was all about, whoever sent him is probably expecting us to try and follow. I will check up on this later, besides if I can recall he is one of the participants in the tournament." Batman tells.

"You can't be to sure about that, for all we know that could have just been some random act." Liu takes a look around at the destroyed area. "Maybe it's best we report him to the tournament hosts, they will have proper consequences for his actions."

Both Batman and Wolverine look over at one another, and it is clear they're on the same page.

"Quite honestly I'm not sure if we can even trust the hosts; there is undeniably a lot more going on than what any of us know. Whatever it is I will get to the bottom of this, it almost feels like we're doing exactly what they want." Batman informs.

Liu steps forward showing apparent signs of a little panic.

"What are you talking about, and who is this person you speak of?"

"He doesn't know yet, but we all need to watch our backs in the meantime. It seems someone might be trying to get rid of a few contestants early. Whatever it is we do, the top priority is to find out what is really the purpose of this tourney." Wolverine adds.

Batman navigates through his utility belt locating the bat tracker. He takes a look at where the Viking travels, immediately knowing that he is somewhere outside of the domes borders still on the move.

"How confident are you on your speculation, do you truly believe that there might be a setup?" Liu asks wanting to be 100% sure.

Batman nods his head looking up from the tracker.

"Now looking back on the events which lead up to us traveling to this world, I'd say we were bated. Someone did a good job of it to, but there is no time to dwell on past mistakes."

The dark knight places the tracker back into his utility belt. The three stand silent for some moments thinking about what they should do next. Wolverine bends down picking up a piece of shattered glass.

"I think we can all agree that the best course of action for now is to just go with the flow. In fact it would do us all well to put this little encounter behind us for the time being, and just worry about our upcoming matches." Wolverine suggests.

The two agree, knowing that if anything they must be alert. Wolverine leads them to the waiting area where they're greeted by other participants who arrived early.

Kahn's castle

Pythena enters the main room with Baraka at her side. Shao Kahn sits at a table in a corner of the room looking over some papers. Pythena walks across the room placing one hand on the table's surface.

"Shouldn't you already be at the arena, setting up preparations with Shang Tsung?" Pythena roles her eyes informing him of her distress. "Whatever you're doing hurry and finish, so you can help with more important things."

Kahn glimpses at the two before looking back down on his notes.

"Instead of wasting time the two of you should be on your way, Shang Tsung might need some assistance. I will be over there as soon as I can." Kahn tells.

Just then the front door to the room opens with that of a seven ft being entering. Pythena turns her attention to this individual. He takes a few steps closer before stopping.

"So were you able to destroy the one called Wolverine? Don't let this be bad news Adalzm, as you can see I'm not in a good mood." Pythena asks.

"I'm sorry to disappoint but he had allies, one dressed as a bat and the other seemed to be some material artist kung fu kinda guy. I figured it best for me to leave the situation. He will be easily disposed of, I knew it would have been better to try and take him down at night fall."

Pythena automatically knows that Batman was present, but has no idea who the other was. She leans up against the table thinking about what to do with the circumstances.

"Did any of them try and follow you? It is very crucial that our plans are kept secret from anyone."

"You don't need to worry about that at all, according to how I was picking the three of them apart so easily I'd say they were afraid to follow. I only left given the fact that I didn't want any other participants to walk in on what was happening."

The two talk back and forth for a little bit longer before the conversation ends. It is at this time that Pythena exits the room along with Baraka and Adalzm, when outside of the castle's front entrance Baraka takes to a different path than the two, informing them he has something that must be taken care of. Pythena nods following Adalzm the Viking to the tournament arena. The Tarkada rechecks his surroundings a few times over before proceeding into a forest area. He sprints down a familiar path reaching the meeting point without much delay.

"I would have been here sooner, but I had to shake the giant and beauty off my trail. Next time we set up another one of these meetings, it will be safer to have them during twilight hours." Baraka tells.

Quan Chi unwraps what appears to be some kind of poster. Reptile sits on an enormous rock tapping a finger over its surface.

"I know the two of you have a tournament to get back to, so I will make this as swift as possible. Based on the information you have given me Baraka, you need to steal the sapphire orb from Pythena."

Reptile steps up interrupting the sorcerer.

"Have the two of you been keeping information away from me. If we're going to work as a team to bring lord shinnok back, I must know all the information which has been gathered." Reptile tells.

"Have a seat Reptile all will be explained, Baraka just gave me this information around three hours ago. As I was saying we must obtain that orb, it contains unimaginable power which Pythena plans to use to power her army to conquer this world. But if we get our hands on it, we'll have more than enough power to resurrect Shinnok." Quan Chi tells.

Inside the


Over an hour passes with the beginning of the 2nd round. Every seat within the stands has been bought out. The energy and excitement can be felt between everyone throughout the dome. The announcer steps into the ring causing the crowd to get blaring.

"Hello everyone and welcome to round two, before we get started I would like to tell you all a few things. As you should already know there are only 200 remaining participants, and by the end of the day there will only be 100. But moving on to the polls, the fighter favored to win this tournament by your votes is Superman! Now for our first match it is in fact Superman vs. Reg the magician!"

Superman gets up from his chair walking past the many contestants, which some show faces of resentment. He stops in front of someone who frowns.

"If you don't mind I would like to speak with you after my match. You know you can tell me when something is bothering you Diana." Supes tells.

He rubs a hand over her shoulder only to have her shrug him off. She looks the opposite direction of him as he continues his way to the ring. What she had seen the other morning still bothers her a bit, but she figures it isn't her business therefore shouldn't say a word. Supes enters into the ring along with his opponent.

"So where would the two of you like to battle today?"

Reg steps forward with an exceedingly huge smirk on his face.

"I will take on this so called man of steel in Halloween town." Reg quickly says.

Superman nods agreeing to the suggestion. The announcer steps out of the ring as usual. At this time the two opponents are zapped to the fighting area. Superman looks around to dead leaves blowing all around, and the smell of pumpkin pie brings a smile to his face. Supes looks around to see kids trick or treating; the full moon is the last touch which brings on the Halloween spirit completely. The man of steel is so caught up in the moment he doesn't realize when a kid bumps into him falling back.

"Watch where you're going mister!" the kid yells kicking across the leg of Supes.

Superman just smiles not feeling the hit at all, the child runs catching up with his friends. He is brought back to reality with the echo of screaming children. He looks across the way to see children running from a huge fire breath shooting pumpkin! On the top of it is Reg himself.

"Are you ready to begin Superman, I'm goanna prove to everyone that you can be beat? I'd say this would be a great world for your demise!" Reg tells.

Superman fly's into the air soaring toward the pumpkin who blasts fire balls at him. Supes just punches the heat balls out of his way flying forward. He punches right through the pumpkin watching it splatter to pieces.

"Impressive Superman, but I have a lot more up my sleeve."

Reg chants a series of words, within seconds ghosts surround the area along with skeletons ripping out of the bottom surface. Superman steps back taking a deep breath, stepping forward and blowing out his ice breath. The skeletons are frozen solid; Supes then blasts them to pieces using his laser vision! Next he zooms in circles around the ghosts at incredibly expeditious velocity destroying them instantly.

"Just like I've told many others who have opposed me throughout my life, you're goanna have to try harder than that."

Reg stands in place wide eyed, but at the same time excited for the challenge.

"So I see you're the type of guy who likes to get straight to the point. Well fasten your seat belt, because now you're in trouble!"

Reg chants yet another set of words with a large amount of energy forming around him. He begins growing fangs along with claws. Superman takes a few more steps back, grasping he is transforming. It doesn't take long for the transformation to be complete. The man of steel doesn't show much emotion looking up at the now bronzed Tyrannosaurs Rex. The dinosaur swings its tail at Supes who grabs it throwing the 70+ ft T-rex some distance away into a lake. Superman takes to the sky following in the direction of his opponent. The spectators back within the stadium show their appreciation for the Kryptonian's skills. The T- Rex immediately hops out of the lake back onto dry land.

"I think I've had about enough of this." Superman says to himself.

Supes looks around to see many trees coming up with an idea to finish the match. He flutters downward pulling a tree out of the ground, flying over and whacking the Dino across its head! Reg goes upward like a baseball falling to the ground over 100 ft away. Reg returns to his human form knocked out. The two are immediately brought back to the dome. Superman grins at the sound of all the cheers.

"Winner is Superman!"

The paramedics come into the ring and take Reg along with them to the infirmary area. Superman hovers out of the ring waving to the spectators flying to the waiting area. He comes to a stop locating Spiderman standing next to the Green Lantern.

"Hey good stuff supes, that sure was an entertaining match. You seemed a bit out of focus at first, but other than that you were great." Spidy tells.

"Yeah I guess I was huh, it's just that entire area reminded me of some of the Halloweens I had back in Smallville as a child. Those were the good old times."

A few matches pass by with most everyone sitting around with their eyes glued to the screens.

"Next up we have Mokap vs. Ms. Marvel, one of them being another crowd favorite."

Mokap is the first to the ring very energized that he had passed round one. Everyone including Mokap look up to see Ms Marvel enter into the ring, coming down in front of her opponent.

"If it is fine with her, I would like to fight here in the ring." Mokap tells.

She agrees to his suggestion which is when the announcer steps out of the ring. Mokap starts things off fast sprinting forward toward his opponent casting a few punches and kicks which are precluded. He punches at her some more as she counters slapping him to the ground. He takes a stand spitting off to the side.

"That's interesting not only are you super powered, but you know a thing or two about hand to hand combat. Too top it off with beauty makes it just that more sexy." Mokap says.

Ms Marvel catches him off guard by reaching forward grabbing him by his shoulders flying them both into the air. The spectators look up some distance astounded at the site. Ms Marvel rockets down fast sending Mokap head first into the ring's surface knocking him out.

"The Winner of this match, by way of knock out is Ms Marvel!"

Back in the waiting area Batman is approached by that of Captain America along with Spiderman.

"Hey Bat's why do you choose to always be alone, heck it almost depresses me seeing you sitting around just staring into space. It almost makes me question if you have a life." Spidy tells.

Batman looks over at the wall crawler with an eye brow up behind his cowl.

"First off I do have a life; right now I'm just trying to figure out what is going on before it is too late." Batman replies.

"Yeah whatever you say Bat's you keep telling yourself that. If I were you I'd try and relax a little bit, it's obvious you carry to much of the worlds problems on your shoulder. Besides at the end of the day you're just a man with no super powers, don't get me wrong I love all your really cool toys and stuff."

Cap walks over placing a hand on the shoulder of Spiderman applying a tight grip.

"You've said enough, I'm sure he understands what you're saying. Maybe you should think a little more before you speak, do you forget what this man has done. He has worked up his status to a legend."

"Enough lets just forget this conversation ever happened." Batman looks down pulling a stack of cards out of his utility belt. "Anyone for a game of poker?"

Both nod consenting in the idea. Within a back room Goro stands over Shang Tsung who looks over the set of wins and looses so far in round two.

"Since Pythena is so obsessed with destroying those fighters from the other world, why not have them face each other now?" Goro asks.

"Patience Goro, we must keep the spectators hyped for this event. As you should already know a handful of those fighters are crowd favorites."

Shang Tsung continues to observe the matches, watching as several contestants are eliminated.

"Next up we have Sindel vs. Wonder Woman."

Captain America immediately sets down his cards standing up.

"The two of you can start up without me, I'll be back soon."

Batman and Spiderman look up from their cards at one another.

"Its official, Cap has a crush on the Amazon princess. I can't blame him though; she's like everything a man could want and more. Is it just me or did I just repeat myself." Spidy says shrugging his shoulders.

Batman looks around locating Flash who tries to flirt With Sonya and Ms Marvel. He just shakes his head displaying a small smirk.

To Be Continue    
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CHP 11: Notified 


Subzero walks past the waiting area over to the brackets looking at the remaining fighters within round two. The Grand Master studies it for a little bit figuring out each bracket conference will end in that of round seven. It is then that the champ of each individual bracket will face off in the semi final, with the two winning contestants moving on to the final round.

"It seems like it will be a decade before the final, but don't worry ice ninja for I'm your next opponent. I intend on winning the entire event and claiming my prize."

Subzero does not reply staying focused, eventually with his opponent walking past him. After some time of thinking, Subzero returns to the waiting area as round two continues. Within the ring stands Sonya against JJ Hunter. JJ twists the arm of Sonya grabbing her by the neck; and throwing her to the ground. He takes advantage of the moment stomping and kicking at his defenseless opponent. She rolls away in the opposite direction in order to create some space between them both. Sonya sits up straight kicking off the ground standing before Hunter.

"I had watched your match in round 1, I'd have to say that I'm not very impressed. It seems you know the basics of a soldier, but not that of a true material arts master." JJ Hunter tells, throwing a sharp dagger across the way.

Sonya moves out of the blade's path running at her opponent with determination. She jumps over him wrapping her legs around his neck and slamming him head first into the tiles. JJ gets up a little drowsy from the move trying to stand firm. Sonya runs forward slapping and elbowing JJ Hunter to the ground for a knock out. Just as the many fighters before her; she is applauded and congratulated for her win.

"Congrats Sonya you have made it past round two. But I can assure you that there is much excitement ahead."

Sonya looks over her back shoulder to see a smiling Shang Tsung. She walks a few feet from him rolling her eyes before turning and giving eye contact.

"Whatever you might have planned sorcerer, will fail."

Sonya exits the ring without saying another word, returning to the waiting area. Wolverine walks over to a soda machine inserting a few coins receiving his Pepsi. Only taking just a small sip of the soft drink, something catches his attention certain whispers are picked up by his good hearing. Not just that but the intensity between the two builds by the second. Logan takes another sip looking around to see if he is being watched by anyone. After clearing himself of that, he takes off toward the nearby door where the certain activity takes place. Placing one hand on the door knob he opens the door slowly. His eyes widen with the hairs on his back straitening up, but at the same time not surprised; with the sight of Captain America planting little kisses on the neck of Wonder Woman who giggles. The door slams closed behind Wolverine! Captain America jumps forward in that of a fighting stance startled, not sure of who just entered but relaxes a bit when he realizes it's a teammate. Wonder Woman turns her face the opposite direction in order to hide her blush.

"What in the world do the two of you think you're doing, the mission is to important for thi.."

Wolverine stops in mid sentence shaking his head with a long sigh. The three do not speak for a long period of time. Wolverine finally looks up from the ground seemingly ready to say something; but is cut off by the opening of the door, zooming in is an energetic Flash.

"I thought I saw you come in here Wolverine, So what are the three of you up too? I hate being left out so someone fill me in." Flash asks.

Logan begins to speak but is cut off by Wonder Woman who shoots him the look to not say a word.

"It's nothing for you to worry about Wally; we were just discussing the tournament proceedings." Diana replies biting at her bottom lip.

Flash notices this having his doubts that he was told the truth.

"Ok.. whatever you say princess," Flash places a hand on the door, "I'll see you guys in the waiting area."

Wolverine leans up against the wall looking both Cap and Wonder Woman in the eyes.

"I'll keep your little affair a secret, but don't count on it staying that way for long. The way things are going the others will find out soon, if they haven't already."

Wolverine exits the room, closing the door slowly. Cap walks behind Diana wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Let's try and keep this whole thing a secret until we return back to our world if we can. The best way for us to do that is to stay professional, which is how we will present ourselves."

The two close up their conversation with Wonder Woman leading them to the exit. Not too much longer the announcer calls for Master Ocho and Ermac who arrive quickly.

"So where would the two of you like to battle this out?"

Both fighters agree to that of the Eloat's Float Fortress. The two are sent to the destination. Ermac looks around realizing almost instantly that he along with his opponent stand on an island which floats in the air miles above the rest of the land.

"I'm sorry to have to be the one to have to tell you this, but I'm going to cut you into eight pieces Mr. Ocho. It's a shame you have to duke it out against me."

Eight chains rip out of the body of Master Ocho with sharp blades at the ends, reaching out and stabbing into Ermac. He swings the ninja in circles smashing him into a miniature size boulder. Ermac pulls all eight blades out of his body throwing them off to the side. Using one of his inside abilities Ermac lifts up a huge log.

"So I see you know a thing or two about telekinesis, very impressive." Ocho notifies.

Ermac directs the log at high speeds directly at his competitor who slices in half with a sword. Master Ocho teleports behind Ermac kneeing him in his back sending the ninja a few feet into the air. Ocho then spits out eight shurikens which are in flames! Ermac catches them using his telepathy, sending them back toward Ocho. The shurikens end up within the body of Master Ocho who stands near the island's ledge; falling back and off the island and to his death. Ermac is brought back to the dome of cheering spectators.

Worlds away

Johnny Storm walks around the mall with both his hands in the pockets of his brown leather jacket. He walks past the electronics store taking a seat next to the massive water fountain which is displayed in the middle section of the building. Johnny looks down at his watch shaking his head, annoyed at how long his sister is taking. Johnny stands up from his seat noticing a sports store, but is stopped in his tracks with the sound of an explosion outside of the mall. He quickly sprints toward the exit to get outside.

"Well it seems like action follows me no matter where I go; Flame on!"

Standing before the now human torch is that of Rhino, Electro and Dr. Doom. The Fantastic four member fly's into the air hovering over the three.

"I shouldn't have to ask what the three of you are up to, it's obvious that it is never good."

Human Torch looks around to see many civilians retreating from the area in screams. Not far away can the sound of police sirens approaching be heard.

"Just curious what are the three of you doing together?"

Human Torch scratches his head realizing the randomness of what appears to be a team up. Doom, Rhino, and Electro? Rhino runs across the parking lot charging and smashing into an SUV vehicle, ripping the door from the passenger side. Stepping into it Rhino throws the door up at Human Torch who easily dodges it. The door cuts a light post in half which falls forward smashing into a car setting off it's alarm.

"Say Dr. what's in the suit case, you know I can't let you guys leave here with that?"

"Why don't you get lost flame boy, we haven't time for pests like you." Electro replies blasting Human Torch with a lightning bolt.

Before he can drop to the ground Rhino grabs him by the ankle tossing him into the sidewalk splitting it open. Human Torch gets up quickly flying into the air shooting fire balls at the massive foe. Rhino effortlessly punches the balls out of existence, Torch dives down to punch Rhino who grabs his fist throwing him into a bench shattering it into dozens of pieces covered in flames. Both Electro and shoot blasts at Torch. Rhino lifts up a nearby vehicle displaying a large grin on his face.

"It's lights out for you Torchy." Rhino says with a deep tone.

As Rhino steps forward the vehicle is taken out of his hands as he is punched some distance the other direction into a truck. Holding the vehicle up straight with one hand wears that of red boots and cape along with an iconic symbol across the chest! Human Torch stands wide eyed watching as the individual sets down the vehicle gently.

"Not to be immature or anything, but you're looking sexy." Torch compliments.

The police vehicles quickly surround the area. Human Torch looks into the woman's sky blue eyes, and for a moment feels in love! Her long blond hair blows in the direction of the wind.

"Now this is an interesting term of events; what brings you here Super girl?" Dr. Doom asks.

"Why don't you hand over whatever is in that case to the authorities, and maybe this visit will be brief." Super girl demands

A small laugh escapes from the mouth of doom who holds the item. Supergirl notices Rhino charging her from the left side, turning grabbing him by his horn and throwing him through the ground.

"Wow I like this girl, she gets straight to the point." Torch says, feeling soft inside.

"I'm feeling really good today so please don't put me in a bad mood, just hand over whatever it is you have taken." Super girl notifies.

Human Torch looks into the sky to see a strange looking shuttle floating close to one hundred ft over Dr. Doom and Electro.

"It looks like our ride arrived just in time, it was nice playing around with you two but we have more important matters to attend." Doom informs.

The ship aims and shoots laser beams onto both Human Torch and Supergirl blasting them both to the ground. Rhino rips out from under the surface as the ship continues shooting on the two.

"See you later failures." Rhino yells out running next to Electro and Doom.

A light from the ship shines over the three teleporting them inside. The ship continues to blast away as the two watch it zoom out of sight. Human Torch powers down returning to normal. A few police officers approach Johnny and Supergirl who get up from the ground brushing themselves off.

"Do any of you know what exactly it is they just escaped with, I can tell whatever the item may be is significantly important?" Johnny asks.

"According to our sources they got away with some very powerful energy devices which when put together creates some type of super soldier."

Johnny thinks about the horrors of what this could bring, but chooses not to express or show signs of his opinion.

"Don't worry about it officers, the fantastic four will be on their trail in no time." Johnny tells.

Johnny Storm steps off to the side with Supergirl as the police tape off the area.

"So are you at all busy later? I mean if you're not doing anything maybe we could go out or something." Johnny says nervously scratching his head.

"Well that was quite the direct approach," Supergirl giggles, "Maybe another time fire boy, I've got some things I need to take care of."

Supergirl pats Johnny on the shoulder before flying off. Johnny watches her disappear in the distance. Ironically his sister comes out of the door just seconds later holding two bags. Susan looks around the parking lot surprised at the destruction which has been done to the parking lot.

"Don't even ask Sis, I'll let you know all about what happened in just a moment." Johnny says smiling still looking into the sky.

Within the city of Metropolis the police enter into the apartment of Lois Lane looking for any answers that could lead to her sudden disappearance. Two police officers tape off the area putting on rubber gloves to search the area.

" Say chief why are we searching her apartment when it was the new love park for couples she was last seen developing a new story."

"There is one thing you will learn in life kid, and that is things aren't always what they seem. There might be something in here that can lead us closer to the victims location."

The announcer steps into the ring ready to name the fighters for the next match.

"Next up we have Jade vs. Batman! should be a good one, both had very impressive first round wins."

There is a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd.

"By the sound of it neither bats or his opponent are fan favorites; sucks for them."

Flash puts one hand in his bag of Doritos eating a couple more.
"Guess that's what happens when you have no cool abilities."

Batman enters into the ring seeing his opponent already waiting.

"Is there a particular place you want to combat, or do you want to just begin here?"

Jade steps forward suggesting a location by the name of Crystal mountain. The caped crusader agrees to her suggestion as they are transported to the mountain. Jade steps forward looking down and seeing the whole turf beneath them is covered with many types of crystals and rock. The ninja spins her staff around a few times as a way of warming up.

"You seem to be pretty good with that, where did you pick up that skill?" Batman asks trying to create conversation.

Jade replies by kicking at the ground catching a crystal that pops up off the ground and slinging it toward the Dark Knight. Batman jumps out of the way but at the same time throws a batarang which she catches on her staff.

She pulls the projectile out of the staff throwing it off to the side. Batman steps up running full speed toward his opponent beginning his attack. Jade blocks a series of his punches and kicks using her staff. The caped crusader ducks down various times avoiding being hit by Jade's staff. Finding an opening Bats kicks the staff out of her hand tackling her to the ground. The Dark Knight wrestles her down further before being kicked off to the side. Both get up quickly not trying to give the other an advantage. Jade throws her staff off to the side reaching into her boot pulling out a long hand knife she swings the blade at Bat's with much precision staying focused and determined to win.

"Strangely dressed but at the same time resistant!"

Jade kicks at Batman who grabs hold of her foot throwing her off balance.

"No matter how hard you try rodent I will be victorious."

Batman jumps back but is still hit across the face by a round house kick. The caped crusader falls back the other direction landing on his back. Jade puts a boot to his neck applying pressure. Batman reaches up grabbing her by the ankle tossing her off balance, she comes down smashing her hand knife into the crystal rock surface cracking it open. Batman's eyes widen, a bit confused but at the same time intrigued. Underneath the crystal displays that of what seems to be a very familiar green rock! There is no way it could be in this world as well, that's impossible!

"I wonder what's going on with the bat, he must be show boating," Ironman paces back and forth near Ms. Marvel and Green Lantern who sit, "Than again his opponent isn't a complete bust."

Both Jade and the Dark Knight continue to fight taking blow for blow. Batman once again catches the leg of Jade pulling her closer to himself before throwing her upward. As she comes down Batman tightens his fist uppercutting her, traveling a few feet up before coming down into his arms unconscious. Not even a second passes as they're returned to the dome. The Paramedics are the first one's into the ring; Batman sets Jade down on the cart, watching as she is carried away. Batman walks over to exit the ring only to be stopped.

"Yet another surprising win within this round, Just as I had told you before your kindness to not finish off your opponent will be the death of you. It only shows how weak and deliberate you are; stupid fool."

Batman just walks past the sorcerer ignoring his words and traveling back to the waiting area. Liu Kang stretches preparing himself for his upcoming match. The Shalion fighter looks over his shoulder spotting Johnny Cage.
"Just thought I'd come over and see how you are, what a day it's been so far. Good thing I wasn't betting on some of these matches, I would have lost a lot of money."

Liu just gives his friend a nod while continuing his workout. Johnny realizes Liu is in deep focus and doesn't want to be bothered.

"Well I guess I'll see you later, good luck with your match."

Cage walks in the other direction into the crowd of participants. Before entering into the waiting area Batman stops in front of an unforgettable ninja.

"So it would seem you survived, I must say I really believed you were dead, guess my efforts from the other were unsuccessful. If I were you I'd stay out of my way."

Everything goes silent for a few moments hearing only the sound of the crowd.

"The encounter we had the other night was unnecessary and should have been avoided. Just know that if some how we face off in the tournament, you will see a different side of me from last time."

Neither says another word as Batman walks past Scorpion into the waiting area. Wonder Woman looks around to see Spiderman sitting at a table with a couple others just sitting around and talking, deciding to join them.

"Tell me Spider did I miss anything, who out of our group has fought in round 2? I really haven't had the chance to see much." Wonder Woman asks.

"You didn't miss too much, everyone in our group who has fought was victorious. You just missed Batman in the last match, I really do admire his material skills."

Diana smiles for a second but then remembers what she had seen a day ago. Next within the ring Kung Lao enters with his opponent Tina who carries with her a sword. The two elect to fight one another in the ring. The announcer steps outside of the ring.

"I come from a far away village and have been trained exceptionally well. I came here to this tournament with no intentions of loosing, and I will fulfill my goal." Tina informs.

Kung Lao does not reply but instead begins the match by running at his opponent top speed. The blades she holds is knocked out of her possession and kicked off to the side. Tina punches at the Shalion warrior who grabs her fist twisting her arm, throwing her to the ground.

Back room

Kahn watches the match closely anxious to see the outcome.

"It seems to always be this way when it comes to Liu Kang and his comrades so be it, soon enough they will all be taken care of accordingly."

Baraka sits close by looking up at the screen watching as Kung Lao counter hooks Tina a few times uppercutting her.

"I would worry less if I were you, just try and stay focused on the task ahead. It's about time I get ready for my upcoming match."

Baraka heads toward the door exiting making his way to the waiting area. Shao Kahn looks up at the screen in time to see Kung Lao knock out Tina. The leader of Outworld just shakes his head. Some distance away Raiden enters into the temple of the elder gods. The massive room is dark but the torches from the wall create what light there is. Raiden walks up the dozens of stairs entering into the main room. Raiden takes a few steps before kneeling down in the center of the room. He is silent for some time before chanting certain phrases which create flames around him, five ft away from him in each direction in the shape of a triangle. Raiden waits patiently watching the light energy forming in all corners of the room, this certain procedure never seems to disappoint the thunder god. Raiden bows down as the elder gods come into site.
"It is a pleasure as usual to meet face to face, what is your reasoning for summoning me; I'm sure it couldn't be anything good."

Back within the dome Liu Kang enters into the ring against his opponent Peakol Slash. The battle ground decided by both fighters is that of the castle town. The two are transported to the battle ground. Liu scratches his head looking around at the dozens of town's people who mingle around working hard.

"I wonder how I'm supposed to find my opponent within this mess; I better get started so that this doesn't drag on to long."

The Shalion fighter looks straight ahead toward a hill some distance away from his position observing the town's enormous castle standing tall. He quickly takes his attention off of it putting his focus back on his task. Something else that catches Liu's attention is the smell of fresh hot bread, straight out of the oven! Close to the center of the market is a fountain of rich marble; near the area a group of children sword fight with one another. Liu looks over to his left watching as someone steals an apple out of a fruit basket, but what is more ironic is that the individual is in fact his opponent. Liu runs after Peakol who makes his way into an alleyway. Liu is grabbed by his arm and stopped in full stride.

"Hey there foreigner you should slow down a bit, you might knock someone down going that fast. What kingdom are you from? I'm sure I've never seen you around here before."

"Look sir I don't have time for chit chat, there is something that I must be doing right now." Liu says pushing the older male off to the side.

Liu follows his opponent into the alleyway; looking up to see clothes hanging from lines many ft above. Further down the alleyway is a smiling Peakol who takes a bite into his apple. Liu steps forward shooting a fire blast over at Peakol who dodges it; taking the opportunity to jump off the somewhat narrow walls making his way into an open window just twenty ft above. Liu follows his opponent jumping off the walls himself.

"I don't have time for all this cat and mouse stuff!"

Just as Liu enters through the window his eyes broaden with his spine going cold. Laying out on a couch are two women making out! The two of them turn their attention to the champion of Mortal Kombat.

"Hey cutie would you like to join us?" Both women ask giggling.

Liu just shakes his head with half a smirk continuing after Peakol. Liu jumps out of yet another window heading up to the rooftops where his opponent waits.

"I'd say this would be a perfect spot for your defeat." Peakol says.

Liu Kang jumps forward performing a flying kick which knocks Peakol over. Liu kicks at his defenseless competitor, who eventually just grabs him by the leg throwing him off balance. Peakol jumps up punching and kicking at Liu who blocks all of his attempts; Liu counters stepping back and uppercutting his opponent who falls to the surface knocked out.

"Wow it's really over that quickly, all that running he did just for the match to end this quickly." Liu says almost laughing.

The champion of Mortal Kombat is brought back to a blazing crowd as his hand is raised declaring him victor. Liu Kang steps out of the ring walking back to the waiting area.

To Be Continue    
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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 12: Enemy locked on


An immense amount of fear is perceived through the eyes of Raiden, now knowing the truth of what is the plans behind the tournament. The scary reality is that he has no idea who is the one behind it all; it could be anywhere from a participant to the tournament hosting squad! The elder gods were un able to identify any parties involved, but the thunder god has a good idea of who was. Near that of the tournament arena round 2 has come to a close, with it being announced that one fighter out of each bracket favored by the crowd votes will get a bye up to that of round 6! All fighters exit the waiting area and head out to relax for the remainder of the evening.

Worlds away

It has just passed that of six o'clock and exiting out of their home is little seven year old Kate along with her older brother Greg at twelve. Their mother yells out to the two informing them not to stay out passed thirty minutes; this is most deserving seeing as she is baking their favorite pie. Kate follows her older brother down the sidewalk heading for the park nearby.

"Hey sis when we get there I want you to sit on the bench and stay put. Some of the older boys can be a bit rough. I'd rather you not risk yourself getting hurt, but I promise I'll bring you back again tomorrow."

"Ok I'll do it, but we better be coming back tomorrow."

The older brother nods his head informing her that it will be that way. Arriving at the park things are just as expected; all of Greg's friends are already waiting for him. He looks back at his sister who smiles walking off to the side and taking a seat on the bench.

"What took you Gregory? It's about time you showed, at least we have enough people for teams now that you're here."

The boys waste no time getting started, running out onto the field just past the swings and slides. Greg is most anxious to begin, seeing as it was his team who lost by two scores just two days ago. He and his teammates start off with the ball kicking it back and forth to one another making their way to the other team's goalie. Sitting over on the bench is Kate glancing over at the swings, tempted to get on one of them; besides the boys were out on the field, so that means she can't get in the way. Trying to rise everything becomes a blur before blacking out! The youngsters play for what feels to be a lengthy amount of time. Everyone seems to loose track of time, and just like that over an hour passes. Greg and his friends say goodbye to each other agreeing to meet at the precise spot tomorrow. Striding off the field something feels empty within him, possibly all the running around has drained him of his energy. Looking down at his watch, it's obvious he will receive yet another lecture for staying out too late; it's about time he along with his sister go home.

"Wow she really left without me?" Greg looks over to see an empty bench, "Guess I can't blame her, sitting around and watching is never fun."

Enjoying the soft breeze Greg begins his way home, not going too fast or slow. Walking on the other side of the street is a man with burgundy colored hair who shoots him a small smile. He doesn't give the man much eye contact knowing that he must get home quick. For some reason something just doesn't feel right, maybe it is just the fact that he is late getting home yet again; but for some reason something in his gut tells him otherwise. Coming up to his home, already standing with on the front lawn is his mother.

"Get your butt in the house this instant, I'm getting sick and tired of you always being late! Now where is your sister, don't tell me you let her out of your sight again; you should know in a city dangerous as this you must keep your eyes on her at all time."

What; his sister? But to his knowledge he believed she had returned home not too interested in watching he and his friends play. This is definitely not good, he thinks up a quick reply to get himself out of more trouble to bye a little more time.

"Oh really she isn't inside, when at the park about maybe fifteen to twenty minutes ago she had told me she was coming back to the house," Greg thinks up something else to say before this becomes a problem, "In fact I think she is at her friends house up the street, I'll go and get her."

He watches as his mother turns her back to him rotating to the front door.

"You had better be back in ten with your sister, or you're grounded!"

He replies with a yes mamma, looking the other direction walking off of the front lawn. Hopefully his theory is correct, if he is wrong there is no telling where she could be. Right now all he can do is pray for the best. Stepping out onto the sidewalk a variety of pain runs down the back of Greg who doesn't know why, this might be due to his nervousness. Crossing the street and traveling up a few blocks he walks up to the steps of Kim's home, also known as the best friend of Kate ringing the door bell. After a few moments her father appears opening the front entrance.

"Hello and how are you doing today Greg; is there anything I can help you with?"

"I'm doing just fine; Kate wouldn't happen to be inside would she?"

"I'm afraid not, the last I checked Kim was working on her homework upstairs alone. Is everything ok?" He asks sounding concerned.

"Everything is fine, I'm sure she'll turn up soon."

The two say their goodbyes with Greg walking down the steps and back out onto the sidewalk. Now what is he to do? Whatever he decides he cannot return home just yet, he can stall a little more time trying to search for her and if he is unsuccessful, it's a possibility that she will return home on her own. The place that makes the most sense to begin is where he saw her last, which was back at the park. Not wasting another minute he takes his path up in that direction. Kicking a rock off to the side he almost jumps out of his skin the next second; A scream is heard in the direction of the park! Not another minute will waste; Greg takes off in a flash. scurrying at top speed he comes to a stop, staring at a woman that he knows as Ms. Tilma; she holds out a phone dialing a number trembling and shaking.

"What's going on out here." Someone asks approaching her as well; it's no secret that he heard the scream as well.

It isn't long before more and more civilians enter out onto the scene creating a small crowd. Stepping forward is Greg watching as Tilma gets off the phone with tears in her eyes turning to him. Looking down near the turf he notices her dog circling around something. Before he can say or do anything; there is yet another shout out for help from a civilian. Pushing forward past everyone, there is nothing but misery and reservation running through his mentality. Dropping to his knees the boy is directly in tears; how could someone do this to such a young life? Her face is almost unrecognizable, cut up so bad; not just that but the chest and abdomen are sliced open.

"Oh God please help us." Tilma bends down pulling Greg into her.

He buries his head into her shoulder crying even harder than before. His sister had just been murdered, and he didn't know why. Maybe this wouldn't have happened had he just kept his eye on her more frequently. It isn't long before the sirens of the police is present.

City of Cleveland


The final train at the particular position comes to a stop with various passengers getting off. An assured individual exits off with his luggage, strangely wearing shades seeing as it is passed daylight hours. Traveling down the stairs a ride is already awaiting him; greeting the driver and putting his luggage in the trunk getting into the vehicle.

"It's good that you've decided to do business with us," The driver looks through the mirror view to see the passenger looking out the window, "It won't take us long to arrive, so just sit back and relax."

Passing a bridge the several lights of the city generate some luminosity throughout the conurbation. Just as he had said the ride comes to a immediate stop in front of an office building.

"Don't worry about your bags, just head inside; I'll have them in there for you in just a moment."

The mysterious person opens the back door stepping out and entering into the building. Already sitting in the front room is a group of men debating at a table going over different things.

"Welcome Mr. Morlun, I'm glad you're here; now we can get into more essential matters. Have a seat so that we can begin."

Not trying to argue he does as he is asked. Pulling up a chair Morlun takes a seat at the end of the table.

"Once you have helped us here in Ohio with the territory transfer, we'll help you take down the wall crawler; or what he is known by most as Spiderman."

The poise can be seen through the grin of Morlun. The conversation between the men lasts for over a few hours.

In that of another state A body is brought into the morgue inside that of a black zip up sack/bag. It is a worker along with a police officer who brings the body into a back room; the worker exits the room afterward, having a lot of paper work to catch up on.

"Any clue on what weapon was used on the victim?"

The police officer pulls out his weapon aiming up into a certain corner before putting it down; recognizing the masked man almost immediately.

"You would think I would've been use to you sneaking up on me; anyhow what brings you here Nightwing?"

The masked hero jumps down from the ceiling being certain not to make much clamor. Standing tall he walks over un zipping the bag, revealing the thrashed carcass.

"What was her name? Nightwing asks bowing his head, "Anyone who can harm a child in such a brutal way such as this belongs in hell!"

"There is no doubt about that, but there is something fishy about this case. The way she has been cut open and brutally beaten would have taken some time to happen; by the way things look she was killed out in the open. The thing that bothers me is that no one saw anything. Now you know that is bullshit, someone saw something but just isn't willing to speak...yet. To answer your question her name was Kate Robinson."

Nightwing punches at the table before zipping the bag up over the body.

"Any clue when the professionals will be in to perform an autopsy? I would love to get my hands on the animal who did this, I'm not sure why anyone would cover up for such a horrendous assault."

"Its probably best if you left now before someone comes; I'll try and contact you with any further updates."

With that Nightwing jumps off a wall grabbing onto the ceiling and exiting the way he came through. Once outside he makes his way up to even higher structures; leaping from building to building. If anything he needs some fresh air to clear his head; he comes to somewhat of a sliding stop seeing as someone steps out of the shadows in front of his trail.

"What are you doing here, you shouldn't come out of nowhere like that or you might get hurt," Nightwing lets out a slight smirk, "What are you doing here in Bludhaven Huntress; or is there even a reason?"

She throws her hair back walking over and sitting on the building's edge. Dick just looks at her for some time watching the wind blow her hair back and forth. Nightwing turns from her looking down on the city; just as he attempts to leap downward Huntress snaps at him. Turning to her he is a bit confused on what she wants.

"You wouldn't mind sharing what's bothering you; and don't tell me otherwise?" She asks.

"I'm not discussing that right now, you'll be better off asking me that again a little later."

"Ok I'm cool with that; how bout you and I patrol together? Just for tonight, I know you have an ego just as the bat; but you're also more laid back. So what do you say?"

"I guess so; lets not waste any time, I'm sure there is something brewing down there somewhere."

She follows him diving off the building.

Worlds away

The two Shalion combatants enter into the Shalion temple after their evening routine. Awaiting them in the main lobby being no surprise is Raiden. Both members bow down to the thunder god showing their admiration.

"I take it the two of you have been out all day; it's good to know you're both staying up on your training and conditioning. Follow me this way I have some news to share with you both."

Both Kung Lao and Liu Kang look at one another a bit mystified on what this could be about. Nevertheless they follow their master down the main hallway. It has been a long day and both of them would like nothing more than to be able to get some shut eye for the upcoming round tomorrow.

"The Elder gods summoned me earlier in the day with some disturbing news. Just as the many Mortal Kombat tournaments before this, someone is using it as a way to gain supremacy."

"So were the elder gods able to identify the individual?" Liu continues following Raiden down the hall along with Kung Lao at his side, "I'm willing to bet Shang Tsung has something to do with all of this."

"If it had been Shang Tsung I'm sure the elder gods would have known right away. I'd keep an eye on the travelers from the other dimension, it may not be them but we need to keep our eyes sharp."

Just outside of the Shalion temple near the mountains walks Captain America along with Wonder woman. Neither of the two say a word just enjoying the view in addition to the soundlessness.

"In some ways I feel a bit Sorry for Green Lantern, Ms. Marvel, and Superman; I wonder how they'll manage not fighting for another three rounds," Wonder woman places a flower over her left ear, "This gives us an opportunity to look into this whole Conner scenario further; I'm sure Superman can dig up some more information."

With no warning Diana is pushed off to the side while Cap jumps in the other direction. A laser blasts a hole into the ground right between them both. Looking up above them floats an unknown being holding a laser canon. Captain America observes the rest of there surroundings at once seeing they're surrounded.

"What is the meaning of this and please don't tell me you have no answer?" Cap yells out.

The ambushers reply by beginning their attack on the two heroes. One of them stretches their arm out grabbing Cap by his throat throwing him into Wonder Woman. The two tumble a bit with Wonder Woman ending up on top of. She blushes a little but realizes the situation immediately hoping off of him. Both the heroes take a stand ready to take on the aggressors. Diana steps forward flying at top speed within a circle punching and knocking out as many of them as she could. Coming to a stop only three of them remain; wide eyed while backing off.

"I'm not sure where you all came from or what your purpose was; if you were by any chance sent let your boss know to stay away or this will become a personal war!" Wonder Woman tells.

One of them nods; afterward the three of them retreat. Both Bucky and Diana look at one another not sure what the meaning of that was. Shortly after the three of them return to a castle entering into the central extent. Laying out on the sofa is Pythena.

"So how did the attack go?" She asks sitting up.

"Well what do you think? Don't tell me you actually thought we had a chance; the Amazon Princess's strength is incredible."

"Of course I didn't expect you to actually defeat the two of them; I always love to put fear and pressure into my victims before I finish them off. That was merely my way of informing them to watch their backs."

To Be Continue    
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Very good chapter, the team up with Cap and Wonder Woman was awesome!

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 13: A misunderstanding

The night passes by promptly just as the 3rd round starts up. Hovering over the dome close to 100 ft above is the iconic hero of metropolis. Today may be a vacation from the tournament but there is always problems to be solved, the slight appearance of Conner Kent days ago has led them to this unknown world. Perhaps there is no mystery to the whole circumstance; Maybe it is as simple as following what they were told. If they're to win the tournament he will be free; but of what? Something just doesn't seem right, nothing is ever that simple. Looking down the man of steel locates what appears to be some type of garden, a bit interested he descends to the location. Sniffing the air brings a smile to his face remembering some of his childhood memories.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

Looking over his shoulder standing with crossed legs is Ms. Marvel. Hhhmmm he wonders how long she has been watching him, but than again it doesn't really matter.

"That's for sure and smells just as good as it looks," Supes takes another sniff of the flowers exhaling smoothly, "So what is on your agenda for today given the reality you don't have to fight either?"

"It's tough to say, this isn't exactly supposed to be a vacation. In a little bit I may return to the temple and change into something more comfy, since I won't be taking part in any action there really is no need to be walking around in this." She replies.

Inside the Dome Johnny Cage has been defeated by Subzero stepping out of the ring holding his head with a massive head ache. Both fighters return to the waiting area to their respected areas. The next fighters called to the ring are Kung Lao along with Spiderman!

"Whelp it looks like I'm up, wish me luck guys." Spidy says.

"Don't take this match lightly, I've seen some of this guy's previous matches he is definitely a formidable opponent. Stay on guard at all times, this guy is definitely quick with much precision." Green Lantern informs.

"Yah yahh, so the guy is a material artist; but I've dealt with much worse throughout my days and nights of patrol." Spiderman replies.

Not saying another word the wall crawler sprints off making his way to the ring. Hal just shakes his head while smiling. If anything he has learned it's that the web slinger is an energetic, confident individual. Arriving to ring side already awaiting him is the announcer along with the Shalion fighter. Leaping up into the air he performs a front flip landing in front of his opponent bowing down to the audiences in all directions. As a result he receives numerous cheers.

"Thank you thank you, don't worry I'll put on a great show for you all," He bows some more getting the spectators pumped up, "Are you ready Kong Fu man?"

Not thinking to much of why he said that Kung Lao grins as a response. Whoever this nutcase is, it's obvious he's full of himself.

"You've mistaken me with another fighter, the name you referred to me as was eliminated in the 2nd round just yesterday."

"Sorry about that; how bout you and I battle at the candy globe? If you ask me it looks like it could be fun?"

Spidy stands there for a few moments hoping that the MK warrior will agree with his suggestion. Nodding his head Kung Lao agrees to fight within the suggested location; stepping out of the ring is the announcer watching the two being zapped. Hollering out loud is Spidy who falls out of the sky and into a puddle of mud.

"Wow I thought when we were transported to an area it would be on the ground, they might want to fix their machine; not all of us can fly." Spiderman complains, trying to clear his suit off as best he can.

Something is very strange about the mud, it is a bit stickier than usual. The wall crawler soon realizes that he is in fact covered in chocolate not mud. It almost makes him laugh just thinking about it; Something such as this would only happen in a kids movie. Standing to his feet he steps out the puddle of Carmel chocolate. Something else that catches his attention is the surrounding homes which are made of Gram Crackers! What in the world is this place; this would be a dream world for many.

"Ok I think it would be in my best interest to hurry and locate my opponent; the sooner I do that the quicker I'll be out of here."

There is no doubt that the world freaks out the hero from New York city. Within an area near by is Kung Lao who also walks around observing his surroundings. His eyes narrow at what appears to be a strawberry milk fall over a mountain! What really catches his attention causing him to second guess himself strolls across a field many yards from where he stands. It resembles that of a gummy bear, but is the size of a ordinary bear!

"What in the name for all that is good! This is unbelievable, I wonder what the habitants of this planet are?" The Shalion monk says to himself.

Just as it looks as though things couldn't become any weirder, the clouds above made of marshmallows begin raining skittles! But what is really trendy about it is when they hit the surface the Skittles liquefy! All of a sudden Kung Lao feels as if he is a part of fairy tale.

"Wow this place is something else," Kung Lao wonders if this is an actual world or if it was created special for the tournament, "The tourney representatives surely out did themselves this year."

The thought of this destination causes him to laugh, what in the world kind of stuff is this. Progressing forward to commence his search for his challenger, the Shalion member is whacked across the back of his head tumbling to the ground. Reaching over he picks up his hat setting it back over his head before turning to find out who was responsible. Standing before him is Spidy holding a massive candy cane.

"Well it looks like I found you, lets get this show on the road." Spiderman says.

Jumping to his feet Kung Lao kicks the item out of his grasp stepping back a bit putting space between the two of them. Spidy shoots out his web wrapping it around the wrist of his opponent pulling him toward him while upper cutting him. The MK fighter lands on his back rolling over getting back up. Throwing kicks along with punches only results in failed attempts. The speed and flexibility of the wall crawler is beyond that of any man. Kung Lao soon realizes this thinking up a new tactic for defeating his nemesis. Very clear of their surrounding both jump out of the conduit of speeding arrows!

"It looks like we had better watch our backs, this place seems to have interference just as some of the other areas." Spiderman informs.

What appears next takes their attention off of each other; just over a hill marching toward them is a cluster of Ginger bread men suited up in soldier uniform. They carry with them weapons such as swords, bow and arrows, hand guns etc. Peter lifts an eye brow behind his mask scratching at his head. Now the question is whether to fight against Kung Lao or find out what the deal is with this. The apparent leader of the soldiers calls out for them to attack the two of them!

"I'd say it be a good idea for us to take these guys out, before we resume," Kung Lao prepares himself for a collision, "I'm sure it won't take long any how."

Shaking his head the wall crawler agrees, if anything he'd rather not want to have unnecessary interferences. It doesn't take long for the Ginger bread men to surround the tournament fighters. Reaching out is Kung Lao snapping the arm off one of the attackers taking his weapon. Using the now equipped blade he slashes and slices into the surrounding foes; all of them bleed brown sugar with a mixture of cinnamon. Spiderman webs one of their arms together punching in it's face. He leaps over another of them webbing by the head swinging him around before throwing him into a group of his allies.

"Retreat, we must bring in more recruits!" One of the ginger bread men yells out.

Neither Spiderman or Kung Lao attempt to follow them seeing it as an opportunity to finish the match. Performing a flying kick the Shalion fighter puts Spidy into a pile of rocks. Looking for a quick victory the web slinger webs up a massive stone swinging it across and smashing it across the head of Kung Lao. He jumps to his feet watching as Kung Lao falls to the turf knocked out. Moments later they're both brought back to the dome.

"Well looks like I'll be advancing to round 4, for a moment there I wasn't so sure." Spidy says relieved.

There is no doubt in his mind that Kung Lao is a splendid combatant, from what he saw his moves were swift and precise. The truth of the matter is he would have been defeated had it not been for his superhuman strength and reflexes. Stepping out of the ring brings a good feeling inside; he wonders what will be within his path next round.

Staring up at the wide screen inside the back room sits Shao Kahn shaking his head with understanding. Now he can finally see what Pythena meant, if that fighter was able to defeat Kung Lao that easily, they're definitely a force to be surmised with. Whatever the case, it won't be an issue with the plans set for these particular individuals.

Spidy enters into the waiting area passing by Wonder Woman who has been called to the ring.

"Good win Spider, I'll be joining you soon." Diana says winking.

He nods walking the opposite direction looking for the rest of the group. Walking over to a close by table he has a seat next to Ironman along with Green Lantern.

"I'm sure the two of you were watching, but you have to agree that the world I just battled in was completely insane! I don't know about you, but I'd rather not have one of my favorite desserts trying to attack me."

Both GL and Tony laugh at his comments. From all the matches which have taken place so far, that was probably the most unpredictable as far as the surroundings go. Just outside the dome is Kung Lao who dumps his head into a fountain of water as a way of cooling himself off. Turning around he notices a close colleague of his.

"I'm sorry about how your match turned out. It seems as though this year's competition has certainly upgraded. I'll have to stay on guard at all times, there're a lot of newcomers this year."

"You May be the current champion of Mortal Kombat; but in order to retain that you'll have to push yourself near and beyond your limits." Kung Lao replies, drying the wetness from his face.

Inside the dome the match between Uork and Wonder Woman has begun. The princess of Themyscira grabs the kick of Uork gently tossing him onto the smooth tiles. Jumping back up he sprints soaring over Diana Wrapping his arms around her trying to execute a master lock. Easily breaking the hold she spins around grabbing him by the throat slamming him head first into the floor. Standing to his feet once again but this time a bit off balance.

"What's the secret to your strength; let me guess possible steroids right? It really doesn't matter because I'm going to defeat you regardless of that."

"You can believe whatever you want, but I'm naturally this way," Wonder Woman stretches out a bit, "Enough talking, I'm getting the feeling you're trying to delay."

He again charges her this time in an attempt to tackle her onto the foundation. Without any effort at all she pushes him off balance watching him fall once again. The crowds with the stands chuckle at the pathetic efforts of Uork. Rolling his eyes he again stands.

"I wouldn't make a joke out of me if I were you bitch! You must think you're so cute humiliating me like this, that is all about to come to an end now!"

It is no doubt that he's beyond frustrated but nevertheless Diana is shocked by what he had just called her. It doesn't affect her much, plus it's not like it's anyone she cares about. He runs at her once again being grabbed by his shirt collar she slaps him across the face several times throwing him to the ground once more. At this point the fury and aggravation can be seen in his face. How is it that he is getting his butt handled to him by a woman? To make matters worse she's beyond gorgeous! The entire situation drives him nuts, while at the same time hearing more spectators laughing within the stands.

"Alright that's it, I've had enough of this. This match is over as of now."

He again takes a stand running at the princess, but this time she pulls out her lasso swinging it roughly before wrapping it around his neck. He is swerved violently before being smashed head first into the tile surface this time knocked out. The announcer steps into the ring declaring her victor.

"Now you gotta say that was sexy, Wondie is sure something to watch. I doubt if she put much effort into that win, regardless she looked great." Spiderman says.

"I'll have to agree with you, as far as style points go id give her a 9/10." Ironman replies.

Sitting off to the side is Green Lantern who also agrees with both his current teammates. Dozens more matches pass by. It is then that Drahmin along with his opponent Batman are called to the ring. Both enter into the arena shortly after.

"I'm assuming you both would like to battle here in the ring, but I'm not always right." The announcer says.

Drahmin suggests a destination that appears on screen called holiday town. The Dark knight looks it over a bit before finally agreeing; observing previous matches makes him a bit skeptical with all the outside interferences. While the announcer steps out of the ring they're both teleported to the location.

What is noticed instantly is the change in weather along with the large amount of snow under his boots. Bat's looks into the sky examining the countless flakes coming down. What is more intriguing is the numerous trees around covered in lights with many ornaments. This is absolutely a town of local holiday; he can clearly hear the jingle bell rock being played but has no idea where it comes from.

"Funny that my match is taking place within an environment such as this, about a month from now it will be Christmas in Gotham." Batman deems.

Stepping forward he begins his search for Drahmin, the frosty climate doesn't affect him much; the entire bat suit was designed for all kinds of different weather conditions. Not even walking up a block the caped crusader looks over to see a family of three walking together holding hands. It is a mother, father and a young boy who couldn't be any older than eight. The sight repulses him, why is it that he had that taken away! Right in front of his eyes his mother and father were taken away from him; what he would give to have his parents back. Deep in thought he is knocked over being brought back to reality.

"Looks like I found you winged fighter. I'm not fond of bats or rodents for that matter, I'm going to finish you off quickly so you won't feel too much pain get my drift?"

Batman gets up brushing off snow from parts of his cowl. Throwing a batarang at Drahmin who dodges the projectile but slips falling into the snow. While down he creates a snow ball throwing it at Batman who puts his cape in the way blocking the somewhat childish attempt of an attack. It doesn't stop there as he continues to create and throw snow balls at the dark knight who for the most part either dodges or punches them out of existence.

"Please tell me you're done playing around. I'm not sure what the meaning of your actions are, is this your way of warming up?" Batman asks a bit frantic.

"Stop asking questions and fight, are you afraid?" Drahmin replies.

Neither of the two answer the question of the other. Bat's runs over to strike his opponent only to be thrown up high falling to his back near a snowman. Getting up he again shakes himself off. Readying himself for another attack he is grabbed from behind! It can't be Drahmin as he stands right in front of him, but the freezing grasp all but reveals the ambusher. How could a snowman come to life put together by children!

"Well now this is interesting very fascinating," Drahmin looks over at the snowman who holds Batman within a master lock, "Hold him steady frosty, Hahanah."

The snowman smiles with it's mouth made of buttons. Watching as Drahmin approaches with a blade in hand, with much strength the Dark knight rips off the arms of the snowman kicking it's face in. He leaps out of the way just in time kicking the blade out of Drahmin's hand. Drahmin throws a few punches at the caped crusader only to be countered , taking power hits. Kneeing him in the stomach Batman uppercuts him onto a bench close to that of a Christmas tree.

"Lucky shots bat, you and I both know you cannot win. I'm sure I wont win the entire tournament but I promise I'll eliminate you!"

Before they can continue something fly's above them circling around. Underneath the cowl Bruce's eyes widen, it can't be! Above them is Santa Clause in a slay with flying reindeer keeping it air born.

"Here I was thinking I've seen it all." Bat's says to himself.

Jumping out of the slay and down into the snow is a group of seven elves. Both Drahmin and Batman look at one another equally puzzled on what this could mean.

"Sorry to say but the two of you are on the very naughty list of Santa, We'll take care of you accordingly."

It is at this point that Batman feels as though some of these worlds have been put together by the tournament management, how in the world would the two of them be on any list?

"Hohoho merry Christmas, even in death you should enjoy the holiday." Santa says flying out into the darkness with Rudolf the red nose reindeer leading the way.

The elves begin their attack on both Batman along with Drahmin. One of them bicycle kicks Drahmin into a light post. The caped crusader grabs the leg of one that kicks at him easily throwing him off to the side. Another two crawl up his back while another wraps its arms around his ankle trying to bring him down. The spectators watching back in the dome snicker at the sight of elves attacking the tournament fighters. Getting up is Drahmin who kicks one of them a few feet in the other direction as if he were a soccer ball. Batman reaches back pulling them both off his back throwing them into an approaching elf. The impact knocks all three of them out. Seeing as the circumstances may have put the dark knight off guard Drahmin tries to attack him from behind. Feeling the presence Bat's elbows Drahmin in the face spinning around power punching him to the ground knocking him unconscious. The remaining elves run over to continue their attack on Batman but he and Drahmin disappear being brought back to the arena. Trying to hold it in he half smiles at the cheering crowd, something he hasn't received much of.

"Winner by way of knock out, Batman."

The crowds applaud him even louder than before. Stepping out of the ring he walks down the path leading to the waiting area. While entering into the halls located up against a wall is Wonder Woman. What is she doing out here alone, a bit concerned he stops in front of her.

"Why are you out here alone, it's not like you to be alone?" He stands in place for a few moments waiting for her to answer, but she doesn't, "Is it to crowded with the rest of the fighters; if so I'd have to agree with you sometimes a little peace and quite is good."

It becomes even more awkward when she doesn't reply. It's moments like this where most people scratch their heads. Batman reaches out placing one hand over her shoulder.

"Diana what's wrong, just talk to me you know I'll listen."

She slowly removes his hand from her shoulder; at this point Batman can feel there is some tension inside of her. Was she upset at something he did?

"I thought I knew who you were Bruce, that is until I saw something the other morning."

So it finally comes out, she is thinking about the mistake which happened the other day with the women in their room! There was nothing he or Kal did wrong, just a blunder.

"Tell me Bruce is that how you spend your time off? Why am I even asking, I forgot you're a playboy."

"You've got the whole situation figured wrong you see..."

Bat's is cut off by her snapping.

"You're not a very good liar, and I'm not sure why you got poor Clark involved."

"Diana that is enough!" Batman says getting a bit pumped.

"Oh stop your complaining Bruce, it's all fun and games until the truth comes out. I wonder where Alfred went wrong with bringing you up." Wonder woman says almost smirking.

At this point Bat's clinches his fist ready to punch her across the face. Why is she being this way, this is not like her at all. Is she trying to push him over the edge?

"One more thing before I go, I know how men love to fantasize about women. If you ever imagined me being one of your whore's, screw you Bruce it'll never happen."

Not saying another word she begins to walk off, but is grabbed by the wrist.

"Dammit Diana if you'd just listen I could explain what happened."

She pulls from his grasp turning around slapping him across the face while continuing the other direction. He rubs a gloves over the now sore area surprised by what just happened.

"Lets say what you're thinking did happen, why the hell would you care?"

Turning back she looks him straight in the face about to say something but doesn't just turning the other way. He watches as she disappears down the hall. Perhaps she'll listen to Superman, after all who wouldn't. With the passing of another two matches both Wolverine and Baraka are called to the ring.

To be continue    
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CHP 14: From good to bad

Stretching in the ring looking at the various surrounding spectators brings a grin to the face of Logan. Although he isn't quite sure why he agreed to the trip, the competition takes his mind off of any doubts he may have. Across from him is a warrior who displays blood lust within his eyes, the tarkada fighter is more than ready to begin the match. Before the announcer can step forward to clarify where the match will take place Pythena steps into the ring. It becomes a bit strange when she passes the announcer walking over to the side of Baraka; resting a hand on his shoulder and whispering something in his ear. As a response the tarkada smiles wildly staring down Wolverine with even more confidence than before! Watching on a screen in the hallway the Dark knight observes all of this rubbing his chin. What could this mean? Finally a lead for him to work off of, if there is anything Batman has learned throughout his career as a detective/crime fighter is when something big is being plotted/arranged. Pythena steps out of the ring grinning at the now suspicious Wolverine. What would a tournament host have to say to one fighter that can't be heard by the other.

"So where are we taking this bub, I'll let you choose."

Examining Wolverine the Tarkada is impressed; this guy unlike his previous opponents shows no signs of fear. It doesn't matter if he's afraid or not, the fact is Baraka will not fail; the match must end with him as the victor. Watching the area's flip through on screen; the mortal kombat fighter lifts a finger pointing to a particular area. The decision is made; both participants are transported to Hell's Solitude.

"The end of the road draws near for you Wolverine; I will have your blood!"

The X men member listens to the echoing voice of his opponent. Taking a knee Logan lifts up his mask wiping the sweat from his head. The heat within what resembles that of a volcano/mountain is beyond intense, so severe in fact that much steam flows all around through the air. Standing upright he slides the mask over his face.

"This place alone could probably defeat someone, where are you Baraka?" Yelling out he looks down over a ledge at a pit of lava, "That explains a lot."

Falling forward a miniature size boulder shatters over the head of Wolverine who barely catches the edge before falling down below to his death. Stepping forward is the Tarkada the one responsible for the attack; Logan pulls himself up ready to begin.

"Lets go bub, consider that your only freebie."

Running forward Wolverine unleashes his claws, but is surprised as Baraka lets loose his own pair of long blades. The battle begins with both fighters slashing at one another; the blades of both fighters collide up against one another. Inside the dome Shang Tsung makes himself present stepping out of a back room. Catching his attention immediately is the extreme battle on screen. Watching for a few moments brings excitement within him, this is exactly the type of match which brings so much thrill to the Mortal Kombat tournament. Looking over to advance toward Pythena he is beat to the punch. It is so fast that even she jumps a bit startled who stands in front of her.

"Ah hey miss Pyth.." Flash scratches his head looking up, "I'm sorry what is your name again?"

It is no secret that she is annoyed by his random appearance as it is displayed all over her face. What does this superhero want with her; she can't wait for the entire plan to be complete so she can be rid of these heroes! But Perhaps he has a question regarding the tourney; after all she is part of the management. Putting on a false smile she rest one hand on her waist.

"The name is Pythena; how can I help you Flash?" She asks pleasantly.

Her tone enables him to relax a bit dropping his somewhat raised shoulders.

"Well I just wanted to you to know that you're um, say ah shessh how would you say beautiful. You're so hot you've caught me on fire." Flash says biting at his tongue.

Lost for words would be an understatement, what did he just say to her? She turns from him trying to hide a blush. Wally notices this smiling, so far so good. Reaching out he moves a strand of hair from her face rubbing a hand across her ear.

"It was nice talking but I really have to be going now."

Zooming off out of sight, Pythena is left with her mouth wide open. What was the purpose for any of that, from what she can tell the Flash has a crush on her. That only makes things a bit more complicating, but it will not be a problem.

"What A strange man." Pythena utters.

Tapping her on the shoulder from behind is Shang Tsung.

"What was it you told Baraka before the beginning of the match?"

"It has no relevance so just forget it." She replies snapping a bit.

Inside the halls just outside of the waiting area Flash comes to a stop in front of a teammate. Both look around to make sure they're not being watched before speaking.

"I did just as you asked bats, I placed the device on a strand of her hair. So how sure are you that thing will not fall out?" Flash asks.

"It isn't something to worry about, when you were talking with her did you feel that she might have expected what you were doing?"

Looking up shrugging his shoulders; he believes she was completely surprised and caught off guard. Most people in that situation aren't thinking of some sort of setup.

"Nah I'm sure she hadn't a clue, thing is I think she actually digs me. So what is your purpose of suspicion regarding her?"

"You've done a good job Flash, that is all you need to know. If you are asked by anyone who may have seen anything, don't tell them a thing." Batman replies.

Shaking his head hating to be left out of details, Flash makes his way back to the waiting area. Why must the caped crusader always be so stubborn, he could have at least shared some information with him. It's no wonder he hasn't got very many friends, the dude keeps to himself far more than normal. Being pulled off into a corner a hand wrests over his mouth. He is let go turning and viewing the person responsible.

"What's going on; by the look on your face I'd say it's pretty serious," He looks the Amazon princess up and down, "Well obviously you don't want to talk, guess I'll see you around."

Turning the opposite direction Flash whistles while walking off. Reaching out Wonder Woman forcefully grabs him by the arm pulling him back.

"What is it you and Batman were talking about; please don't tell me it was nothing either!"

Oh no this isn't good, he was just told not to share any of the info with any of the team members. That's just great oh well he is the fastest man alive, perhaps he can come up with something convincing; but he had better be quick.

"Well um you know, I was just trying to hook up with this one chick and um we all know how good Batman's counterpart is with the ladies. So he just gave me a few pointers here and there." Flash says putting on a wide smile.

This doesn't last long receiving a frown from Diana causes him to gulp. It feels as though she can see straight through his lie, she's almost as intimidating as the bat!

"Whenever did you have trouble talking to women? If I can recall you've never had problems doing so." Diana says glaring down into his eyes.

Feeling as though he is pinned in a corner about to be executed, a smile of guilt forms upon his face. Thinking quickly he stands tall brushing himself off.

"Oh crap would you look at the time, I promised I'd meet Spiderman at this instance; gotta go." Flash tells.

Wonder Woman screams out his name watching him zoom off out of sight in half a second. What is up with Wally, it must have something to do with Batman; the thought of him makes her want to shove her face into a pillow and scream!

Hell's Solitude

Smashing a rock into the left side of Baraka's head Wolverine trips him lifting him over a shoulder throwing him above a ledge. The Tarkada survives stabbing a blade into the rocky like turf. Pulling himself up murmuring he runs at Wolverine swinging his blades all around.

"He has most certainly lost a lot of energy." Wolverine says to himself, dodging the reckless attempts by Baraka.

Whenever someone chooses the go ahead style of fighting it could mean one of two things; first they might feel they have no chance to win unless they score a quick KO, or two they want the fight to end. Stepping forward Logan stabs his claws into the stomach of Baraka who shouts out in agony! Slouching over Baraka puts both hands on his stomach applying pressure to the area of the wound.

"Lucky Shot, you will need a lot more of that if you expect to defeat me," The Tarkada spits blood ready to continue, "I'm curious to where you came from; I know you arrived here from another world with some friends?"

Stepping back a few ft Logan's eyes narrow, how would a typical tournament participant know about that? Bingo! It must have something to do with that Pythena women. If there is some sort of deception planned, she's definitely the candidate. Not answering the question of his chosen foe The X-men member begins his attack once again.

"Oh well I guess it's not important anyhow." Baraka mumbles.

Moving swiftly the MK fighter darts the attacks of Wolverine trying not to take even more damage. Catching Logan's arms in stride, Baraka lifts him throwing him into a wall. The blood lust fighter runs forward at bursting velocity punching ruthlessly on the defenseless Wolverine. After a few power shots to the head Logan is knocked unconscious. Of everyone watching the most astonished is Spiderman! Never in a hundred years would he have thought Wolverine would loose to some unknown like that. But unlike the normal tradition of every other match the two fighters are not brought back to the dome! Everyone continues to watch as Baraka beats on Wolverine.

"I know you probably can't hear a word I'm saying, but I told you it would take all the luck in the world for you to pull off a victory against me."

Lifting Wolverine up high over his head he walks forward looking down at two separate pits. One which is made up of spikes and the other Lava!

"Do it!" Pythena says under her breath getting energized.

Making his decision he tosses Wolverine into the pit of spikes smiling seeing them rip through his flesh. Blood pours everywhere leaving the audience and participants with a disturbing sight. Standing up from a table Green Lantern has had enough; yes it is true that he has seen many loose their lives throughout this tournament, but not quite like that. He didn't know Wolverine on a personal level very much, but the pain of loss runs through him as if an insect were trying to suck the life right out of him. It can't even be imagined what Spidy and his group are feeling. Being brought back to the arena, Baraka raises his arms up high declaring himself victor.

"Winner of this match by way of fatality, Baraka!"

The crowds applaud the winner; the Tarkada does something that he rarely ever does bowing down receiving even more cheers. Entering into the ring clapping Pythena steps in front of Baraka.

"You have done well, continue to do things my way and I see a bright future for you involving my upcoming plans. Wolverine was part of their lethal force, you have done great."

Using a finger she removes some hair which covers her eye noticing a certain someone entering. Feeling the tension and anger within him causes her to smile and chuckle.

"Hey blonde if you don't mind I'd like to have a word with you," Marching forward is the web slinger Spiderman, "I'm not sure what's going on here but I'm sure it has always been once a fighter has been KO'd the fight is over! What I just witnessed, wait let me rephrase that; what we all just witnessed was the match ended after he was killed."

Tightening his fist Spiderman stands in place wanting to hear a good answer, but for some reason feels he will be given an excuse.

"Well I'm sorry, do you want an apology?" Pythena asks with sarcasm.

Following her words she tries to cover her mouth to hide laughter but has no luck. Making things go from bad to worse she stares the wall Crawler straight in the face giggling evilly. Wow she has some nerve; what disrespect! The only thing that this tells Spidy is there is a possibility she had the match planned out from the beginning. Dashing and leaping forward he punches at Pythena who dodges and grabs his wrist slamming him onto the tile floor.

"What's wrong is the little baby about to cry, perhaps this tourney has proved to be mentally too tough for you. I'm sorry about what happened to your friend, but I had nothing to do with that." Pythena tells in disdain.

Getting up slowly Spidy turns the other way heading toward the ring's exit. His sudden surrender brings a smile to her face, she is once again in full control.

"You're a liar!"

Spiderman turns around webbing her in the face jumping up and kicking her to the ground. Running forward Baraka tries to attack Spidy, but has no luck being webbed up by his legs tumbling to the ground. Ripping the web off her face is an enraged Pythena!

"I think I should go out there and stop this before things get really ugly." Captain America sets down his shield.

Not even taking a step he is grabbed from behind. Turning around he glimpses over at the Amazon princess, who also shows emotion in her face. It's noticeable she feels for the Avenger members, the loss of a teammate always hurts.

"You wait here, I'll take care of it." Diana tells.

Cap nods holding back a tear. Inside the ring Pythena blocks the attempted strikes by the spider countering and slapping him off balance and onto the ground. Rubbing the area of his face, he realizes she is definitely stronger than that of a human. Getting up to throw a punch something wraps around his wrist.

"That's enough Spiderman, if you don't stop I'll have to take you down myself. You have reacted in the wrong way, drop it before you're disqualified."

Spidy calms his mental strain taking a few deep breaths and is surprised when turning to see that it is in fact Batman who holds onto wiring wrapped around his wrist. Without any effort at all he rips the wiring off throwing it to the side. Noticing the group of security approaching the ring, he decides to take Batman's advice.

"It would seem he is the brains of your little group, I'd take his suggestion and leave." Pythena utters.

He does not say a word exiting, what really bothers him is the terminology of Batman. Only a coward would say such things, but than again he was most likely looking out for his best interest and trying to keep a low profile at the same time. Stopping in place Wonder Woman watches from a distance seeing that Batman had beat her to the punch. Whatever the case someone has to have a talk with him, after what just happened he will need someone at Spidy's side. Back near the ring Pythena calls off all security; throwing her hair back and smiling at the fact that she has now got into the head of one of her hated enemies.

"Diana take him back to the waiting area, and don't take your eyes off him." Bats tells.

"Yah sure thing."

Bats glares at her facial tendency, she's clearly still heated at him for something which he didn't do. But that could be discussed later, right now they have bigger problems. Trying to wrap an arm around him he just shrugs her off walking past she and bats at a prompt pace. Looking back at Batman she exhales.

"Just let him go, he'll need some time to himself."

He follows her out of sight and into the back room. Just when things seemed to be going so well, little by little it seems to be falling apart. Somehow they all need to come together keeping their minds on the important task ahead. The announcer steps into the ring apologizing to all viewers in the stands for the slight interruption. After saying a few words the tournament continues on; the next fighters are called to the ring; which are Hoxz and Ironman. Trying to catch up to the wall crawler Diana stops seeing as he exits the dome.

"Hera I sure hope he doesn't do something he'll regret."

Arriving to the ring fairly quick, both fighters consent to battle within the dome a bit skeptical with all the outside interferences. Stepping out of the ring the announcer gives them the ok to begin.

"I haven't really seen any of your past matches, but I'm sure with all that Iron around your body it's hard to move. Try Dodging this!"

Ironman easily rolls off to the side watching Hoxz shoot some blast from his mouth. Taking advantage of him being off guard Tony charges up a beam blasting his opponent out of the ring and into a brick wall which shatters on impact. Hoxz stands to his feet outside the ring, walking a bit off balance before falling to the ground unable to continue.

"The Winner of this match by way of knockout; Ironman!" The announcer says stepping back into the ring.

He is applauded by many, conversations within the audience speak of his quick victory. Some have even considered changing their booth vote over to this individual. Ironman blasts off into the air exiting the ring while waving at the cheering crowds. Some hold up tea-shirts, notepads and other merchandise for an autograph.

"Look at them they just love these super powered fighters; it looks like the days guys like us were appreciated is over." Kung Lao says watching from a distance.

"That may be true but I didn't come here to loose; it doesn't matter if I win them over, as long as I'm still champion in the end. Though I will have to say the chances of that are next to none." Liu tells.

It's too bad he won't have the same chance as Liu, remembering back on the loss to that Spider guy only infuriates him. He felt for sure this year would be his time, but that is what most believe when entering; and if you don't you've already lost. Round three comes to a close with the final four matches finishing up. At this time many of the spectators make their way over to the booths, while the participants egress off the premises. Hovering above Ms Marvel spots Green Lantern side by side with Ironman flying down by their side.

"So what happened, how'd we do as a group? Will everyone be in round 4?"

Walking in silence neither of them say a word. Not receiving a reply after another few seconds she becomes worried.

"Wolverine is dead."

Ms Marvel looks over in the direction of the familiar dark voice! This is no joke, the expression on Batman's face says it all!

To Be continue    
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What noooo!! Wolverine can’t be dead! Man that Baraka has to pay for this! Please hurry and update; talk about super epic! 

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CHP 15: What a night

It is just two days before thanksgiving with the energy being felt throughout all of Central city. Most probably shop stacking down on food for family members who may be traveling in from out of town, while others may be planning reunions for the upcoming holiday. Whatever it may be, around this time of year is unquestionably the time for sharing and spending time with others. Stepping into a five star restaurant along with a group of friends is Victoria Harrison along with her fiancée Ken Wilson. She wears a bright blue dress along with fur coat to go along with it. Standing at her side he's dressed in a nice white tux and red tie with his blond hair brushed back in a slick appearance.

"Hey over this way," A friend of theirs yells out holding up a menu, "You two better hurry, we almost ordered without you."

Rushing over to the table both take the last two seats. This meeting between them all was made weeks ago with the set up of this reservation. Picking up a menu Ken advices the waiter to take the order of the rest of the group; by than he and his wife to be will be prepared.

"So what are you goanna try tonight hun?" Observing some of the different choices, using a finger pointing out a specific dish, "I guess I'll try the shrimp exclusive; sounds like it'll be good."

Taking her jacket off Ken rests a hand on her shoulder moving it down her arm. It is now that the sapphire diamond around her neck stands out sparkling. Flipping through to the combo section she selects a steak combo. The waiter takes the order of everyone before making his way back into the kitchen.

"So has anyone besides me been keeping up with the news? That bombing just outside the city of Philadelphia just three days ago was hectic!"

With everyone now in attendance ten sit at the table. Of them all is Travis Hunter, the most talkative and always up to date on what's happening in the world.

"Now that you speak of it I remember, it's just been overshadowed by the recent terrorist attack of those three missiles! One in which was heading for the white house; I tell yah I'm not sure what this world has come to."

Looking out a nearby window Victoria notices someone outside the restaurant looking in on their group; seeming to come to some sort of conclusion. His burgundy hair is what stands out before he disappears across the street.

"I don't know about the rest of you but the U.S. Government needs to do something about these attacks. We need to show these guys we're not afraid; besides we have Tony Stark, he should suit up in his little armor and lead the rest of the military and go hunt these people down." Chelsea says.

"I understand what you're saying, but if we're to start pointing fingers we could start an unnecessary war; that would not be the smart way of tackling this problem." Vince adds.

Shaking his head Travis expresses his opinion agreeing with Vince. Sitting there talking with each other sure blows off time, before they know it they're being served.

Gotham City

Just as it always does the city has much going on, some of which is good while others at the same time not so good. The champion/protector known to all as Batman, has been a no show for the past nights. But things have been held at a steady pace; Tim Drake may not be the dark knight, but he is good enough to hold everything together for this period. Grappling from one building to the next Robin searches for two high security Arkham breakouts! This is no surprise, quite honestly he can't remember how many times he or Batman has had to continue the process of taking inmates back after escaping.

"The sooner I take care of this the better," Pausing for a second scanning the city for any extra unnecessary activity, "Hopefully this is a group of low profile individuals."

With any luck this isn't someone of the level of Penguin and or Joker, the city without them is already tough enough to handle. Sirens flare down below, it is a car chase; and judging by the amount of police vehicles it must be something big. Using his grapple gun the boy wonder follows the pursue.

Near the area of the docks walks Deadpool along with his only remaining teammate. They were successful in obtaining another part of the armor, but unfortunately the police caught up with them. The two of them are opportune to have got away.

"So how many more pieces do we need before this armor of yours can be constructed?" The two creep around staying to the shadows, "I hope it's all worth it, especially with the mess you've got us in."

Continuing forward Deadpool looks over a map using a small flashlight as a way of seeing. By the looks of it they aren't far from their next item; just follow this side road and make a left crossing the street into a warehouse.

"You don't have to worry about this being worth it, once we have collected all pieces we'll be ready to begin putting everything together. Please tell me you're having fun, just think of this as an adventure and try and enjoy it." Deadpool says gleefully.

Thinking back on the past few days it has been nothing but stress and hard work; it will be nice when this is all over. But for now it wouldn't be such a bad idea to take Deadpool's advice. Pacing further up the ninja narrows his eyes watching two persons entering into the building he and Deadpool are headed for. Putting a hand out he signals for Deadpool to stop.

"Perhaps it would be smart to wait around and see if the two who entered will leave. Who knows maybe they'll be quick." He suggests shrugging his shoulders.

"I like the way you think, they'll be in and out before we even get there." Deadpool says running across the street and laughing.

What is wrong with this guy? He's never met someone quite like Deadpool before; by looking at him you'd never be able to guess what he is really like. The ninja stands following after him. Feeling a bit more reckless along with the fact that they're four objects away from being finished Deadpool kicks the door open skipping inside.

"Honey I'm home," Deadpool teases pulling out two pistols aiming over in the direction of the persons, "I'm here to collect my prize, if you stay out of my way you will not be harmed."

Entering short after is the ninja who steps up next to the side of his teammate. All of a sudden Deadpool's eyes widen lowering his weapons while whistling. Standing before them are two women of beauty.

"Sorry for the scare ladies, I hope you can forgive me."

Watching Deadpool approach the two the ninja stands in place putting a hand over his face. The situation has become a bit awkward, by the way these two are dressed one might think it's Halloween. One of them displays that of pale like greenish skin with hardly any clothing while the other resembles that of a circus clown! Bending down to his knees Deadpool kisses at both their wrists with his mask on. The two ladies look at one another snickering.

"By the way I'm Deadpool; and you two are?" He stands brushing himself off of the dust on the cement floor, "Maybe you two should join us, you look like you know how to have some fun."

Looking each other in the face, this time smiling.

"Harley why don't you show this gentleman what we're all about."

"No prob red, I'd love to." Harley replies.

Deadpool watches her open a box over at her right side pulling out a massive hammer. Not prepared or thinking at all, Deadpool is whacked across his chest being sent back a few ft the other direction. Bystanding isn't what the ninja is accustomed to doing but at the moment he isn't quite sure what is going on.

"Guess it's my turn now."

The surface beneath them shakes, vines erupt ripping through the surface wrapping around both Deadpool and his team member lifting them.

"Well if this is your way of saying hello I like it; but could you let us down now we have business we need to take care of."

Harley and Ivy can't help but laugh, most would be afraid for their life if they were in his position. What an odd fellow.

"Somewhat of a simpleton wouldn't you say Harley?"

Shaking her head she agrees completely; wherever he is from it must be far from Gotham. Having full control over the plants Ivy lowers Deadpool in front of her.

"How bout a kiss goodbye." She asks smirking seductively.

"Sounds cool as long as you let me down after this."

Again the two females laugh; he has no idea of what he has agreed to. He's basically signed his own death certificate; but that would only be if he were human. His regeneration factor would keep him alive from her toxic kiss.

"Well so it's you two who escaped Arkham Asylum; guess my prediction was wrong."

The voice captures everyone's attention, but it's hard to know where it comes from. Whatever the case the voice is very familiar to both Harley and Ivy. Smashing into the warehouse through a glass window gliding down a few ft away from the two escapees the boy wonder/Robin throws out a few birdarangs cutting down both Deadpool and the ninja.

"I hope you enjoyed your time out of Arkham, but I'm afraid your vacation is over."

"Wait hold on a minute, who in the world is this guy. Where did you come from, is this all some sort of act? By the way I dig the costumes." Deadpool says smiling.

The ninja bends down picking up a piece of destroyed tile throwing it over at Deadpool connecting with his arm.

"Wake up you idiot, what bird boy over here is saying is these are some crazy bitches who escaped from an asylum. If you were paying any attention he is here to take them back. I knew there was something fishy about these two when we entered the building."

Thinking for a few moments he brings everything in coming to a realization; he just never imagined these two would be criminals. But than again it isn't jail they're being taken back to, it's a loony bin. Picturing the two of them in stray jackets is to much; Deadpool busts out laughing. What is this? Is there some sort of joke that everyone missed besides him?

"Pull yourself together pal, we need to get that item and get the heck out of here."

Deadpool rubs at his somewhat teary eyes agreeing; locating and picking up his two pistols.

"Now if you three would excuse us we have an artifact to take, after that we'll be on our way."

Just as Deadpool steps forward impending the boxed merchandise; a birdarang knocks one of his hand guns to the side.

"Unless you want some jail time, you and your buddy should leave. That is private property and doesn't belong to you." Robin tells.

Turning to Robin Deadpool smirks shaking his head.

"I don't know if I mentioned but it is bird hunting season!" Deadpool says with a laugh shooting at Robin who dodges the bullets.

Making his way over to the boxes he orders his teammate to keep Robin busy. Not wanting any chances of seeing the walls of Arkham again Poison Ivy joins in as well. Just as Robin leaps forward to engage the ninja a vines rip through the tiles wrapping him up tight.

"It was nice knowing you Robin; I hope Batman won't be to angry loosing you." Ivy says.

The ninja begins kicking and punching on the boy wonder. While at the same time both Ivy and Harley exit through the front entrance. What a night it's been so far, non stop drama. Now because of these two idiots all he can do is watch as two of Batman's lethal enemies just walk away free. Now bleeding from his lower lip Tim finds the strength to break free from the vines using his spiked gauntlets ripping free. Grabbing the next punch thrown at him he knees the ninja in the lower stomach upper cutting him the other way.

"I've got it, finish up with the bird and lets go." Deadpool tells.

Nodding the ninja gets up bicycle kicking at Robin who blocks countering using a round house kick knocking the ninja into a box. Seeing that his teammate might not get the advantage he throws down a smoke bomb running forward and kicking Robin into a group of boxes which tumble. During all the commotion Deadpool grabs his acquaintance somewhat dragging him to the exit, taking off fast. Kicking and pushing the boxes off himself Robin stands shaking his head.

"What in the world just happened?"

Taking off after the door he hopes there is a chance that the two ninjas are still in sight. Opening the door there is nothing but that of a few passing cars with no sign of Deadpool or even Harley and Ivy. Just great, all of that and he ends up empty handed. Using his grapple gun he pulls himself back up onto the rooftops.

Central City

Ken and the rest of the group have finished eating. Getting up from the table they shake hands saying some last words. Victoria is the first to leave heading out the front door of the restaurant.

"Alright I guess it's about that time it really has been a great night. We should definitely do this more often."

All of them share a final laugh agreeing. Leaving a tip for the waiter they all exit out of the restaurant together. The temperature outside is immediately felt, when breathing they're able to see their air. Walking over to their separate vehicles something doesn't seem right, wait where is! Looking down at the side of his SUV Ken's eyes widen, laying there in a puddle of blood all cut up is undoubtedly Victoria!

"Some one heeeeellllp!" He screams at the top of his lungs collapsing in tears.

There is no question about it, she's dead. He is quickly surrounded by his friends and many other bystanders who seem to come out of nowhere. He covers his face into his hands crying away. But the strange thing is the huge diamond necklace still hangs around her neck; so whoever did this wanted her dead. It's impossible; a lot of someone must have saw what happened, she has obviously been murdered out here in the parking lot. But the way she has been so brutally cut up and beaten would have taken time, but Ken and his friends followed out not even a minute after her. This is now looking like an impossible case. The police and ambulance soon arrive making sure no one leaves before being questioned. Close to 200 people observe the crime scene from afar.

Whatever did this was not human. How was this able to happen in public without anyone seeing it happen?

Worlds away

Sitting crossed legged in the dojo room is Liu Kang who meditates, keeping his spirit and will power at it's highest. Keeping his nerves in tact is always a top priority before going into battle. Tomorrow the tournament will continue, and still he hasn't figured out who has brought some form of deceit. It could be almost anyone from the tournament host to a participant.

"I see you're putting in extra hours as usual. You must remember that a true warrior always needs his rest; without that all else fails." Raiden says entering into the extent.

Liu opens his eyes standing and bowing down to his master. So far he hasn't messed up, but he will almost have to be perfect if he is to win again this year.

"Perhaps you're right lord Raiden, I'll get my rest and prepare in the morning for the opening of the next round." Liu tells.

Stretching out and yawning Liu steps out of the dojo heading to his stable. He may not say it much but Raiden is proud of what he and Kung Lao have been able to accomplish so far in life. Joy builds inside him knowing that there is so much more they can accomplish.

Some distance away at the temple of where the avengers and JL members stay; everything is quiet. There still has been no sign of Spiderman, most of them worry that he won't return to the temple. The sudden death of Wolverine most certainly affected him most. Walking in the hall Wonder Woman and Ms Marvel stop in front of supes.

"Any sign of him?" Diana asks.

"No luck, and I never memorized his heartbeat or else I would be able to track him down that way. Batman left close to an hour ago, I don't know if it was to go out and look for Spiderman or for his own personal reasons." Supes replies.

"This isn't good at all, he's going to need someone to talk to. I guess we'll have to just wait it out and hope he eventually shows." Ms Marvel says.

Kal-El lowers his head closing his eyes hoping he will show soon, everyone should be here for one another. Ms Marvel and Wonder Woman return to their room as Superman does the same. Flash, GL and Tony Stark play cards keeping themselves busy.

"Man you're pretty good at this Flash, you sure you aren't quickly moving cards around?" Tony asks smiling.

Wally has won two games in a row while Tony won the first; Hal has come close but still no luck. Entering into their room sitting at the coffee table is Bucky who reads a newspaper. Diana and Carol walk past him over to the beds.

Distance away

Just outside of the tournament dome close to 400 yards away is Batman who is bent down on the top of a shrine looking through his binoculars down at the dome. What happened earlier was wrong, the match should have been over no one should have lost their life. It has now become his top priority to find out what is really behind this tournament.

"Hey bats we need to talk."

The Dark Knight is a bit startled but eases seeing that of the wall crawler stepping toward his side.

To Be Continue
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Justice Heroes Elite

Chapter 16: Bat spy

Looking away from the avenger back into his binoculars the dark knight sigh's, "Go ahead and speak, but if you wanted someone to converse with your thoughts and feelings on the events which happened earlier you came to the wrong place."

Looking down on Batman who kneels observing something out in the distance, Spidy stays quiet for some moments trying to come up with the correct words to say. As funny as it may seem, there is no other person he'd rather speak to right now; which is very strange, really who wants to seek out Batman for something such as this? Especially when you have Superman around? Guess sometimes things just work out differently.

"Well here goes, you and I both know what happened to Wolverine earlier in the day was wrong, I'm starting to think someone has it out for all of us; and won't rest until we're dead."

Pulling the binoculars down from his lenses placing them back into his utility belt, he looks up at Spidy.

"It doesn't take a detective to figure that out, but if you don't mind perhaps you should return to the temple with the others. You being here will only get in my way. I'm not asking you I'm telling you."

"Look Bat's I know you're into the whole solo working alone gig, but it was a friend of mine who was killed. If you're going to do something, I'm coming with you."

Both have their attention taken off each other seeing the last of the lights go off in the dome. Glimpsing down it is just the last of the genitors leaving the arena, given the size of the place it's no wonder they're just now finishing.

"I'm sure we've all lost a friend or two in life, return to the shrine and take the rest of the night off. If needed go talk with Diana, she always has inspiring words."

Tightening his fist Spiderman grabs Batman by his cape a bit infuriated at his sarcastic tone.

"Maybe that is who I should have went to in the first place; I can't believe I wasted my time on you. Makes me kinda feel sorry for the boy wonder or whatever it is they call him; It's no wonder you haven't got very many friends."

Not saying another word he lets go of his cape jumping off the top of the shrine swinging away out into the darkness. What the wall crawler said is true, he doesn't have many friends. But the mission presented in front of him to protect the city which most times seems has no hope is his destiny. He is the light in the darkness, the savior which the city needs for a prospect of a bright future. Waiting for all movement to clear down near the dome, Batman uses his grapple gun lifting down at the entrance door. Before proceeding he looks around making sure he's alone. Confirming this he sets his lenses to night vision scanning the area for any security finding none. Using a few utilities he unlocks the front entrance stepping inside.

Lin Kuei


The grand master/Subzero steps into the main room surveying members of the clan finishing up their final session of the night. Throughout these last few weeks he has seen a lot of potential from several individuals who could be moving up to the elite squad in the near future. Taking a seat he watches as the last of them exit the room.

"Would you like me to leave the light on Subzero?" The final guy asks about to shut the door.

"You can just shut it off, the moonlight coming in from the window is enough."

Giving him the thumbs up he does as he is told shutting the door behind him. He's not sure what it is about the dark , but it seems his focus doubles. Maybe it is that way for everyone, whatever it may be he closes his eyes reflecting on the tournament thus far. His eyes open at the sound of the balcony window cracking. Standing he walks over opening the door walking out onto the extended balcony. From where he stands it would be close to a seventy foot fall!

"Looks like I got your attention, up here grandmaster." A voice whispers.

Looking up Subzero discovers the female individual instantly, hanging on a wall using some type of ninja grip wear. Hopping off of the wall she lands in front of him.

"I'll answer any questions you may have, but for now you need to follow me."

Using a rope hook connecting with a tree below, she leaps off the veranda. Trying to ask a question Subzero just shakes his head irritated. Who was this woman, and how did she get passed security all the way up to the top floor? Guess he'll have to follow to get some answers; gearing up he does just that, but takes the stairs. Moving quickly but quietly he tries his best not to alert any of the Lin Kuei members. Once outside he exits out of the front gates where she awaits.

"Lets continue on, it isn't much further." She tells.

Running into the forest ahead Subzero follows. What is this a game of cat and mouse? Wherever this place is it had better not be too much further, he is beginning to have a bad feeling about this. About 300 yards in they come to a complete stop. Looking around there are numerous trees, but they are far apart from one another.

"This is probably the best spot we'll find with some open space. By the way I'm Elisa Kimberley, I'm an assassin who has been sent to take you out. I could have done so when I saw you on sight, but I way prefer a good challenge."

Subzero's eyes narrow at his foolishness on following this woman to begin. But he is far from surprised, truth is he somewhat was expecting this. But the real question is who wants him dead?

"Do you have any questions before our death match?"

Subzero looks up, would she really tell who her boss was? Guess it's worth a shot.

"Who sent you, what is the meaning of this?"

"Sorry that's the one question I won't answer. Anyway enough talk, lets begin."

She does just that running at Subzero pulling out a long blade.

Back at the temple where the Avenger and Justice League members stay, Diana Prince exits out of a doorway which leads to the rooftop. Wearing only a pink robe along with bunny slippers. Strolling over near the roofs edge she stops running her fingers over the railing. What a beautiful night it is and the view below makes it even better. Closing her eyes she lifts her head up sniffing the air displaying a smirk. Just than two firm hands rest on her shoulders. She tries to frown but can only smile, she couldn't stay mad at him for long. Besides she's actually in the listening mood.

"Ok Bruc.." Turning she stops what she was goanna say.

Standing behind her as a surprise is Bucky, wow is his touch similar to Bruce's! Boy does his touch bring shockwaves through her body heating her, it's funny to think about; given the fact Batman is 100% human.

"Oh sorry Cap, I thought you were someone else." She says blushing.

Bucky perceives this, but decides not to inquire what's wrong. Walking up now standing side by side he also places his hands on the railing. Both enjoy the moonlight along with the magnificent view.

"Just one question how'd you know I was up here?" Diana asks moving a strand of hair from her eye.

"Well I figured you might be up here when you didn't come back to the room. It usually only takes a person twenty minutes to complete a shower."

Sliding over closer to him she leans her back up against the railing looking into his eyes.

"I think we both know that our relationship with one another, is different than with any of the others. But I feel we might be going a bit to fast, it would probably be in our best interest to slow things down a bit."

Shaking his head Bucky can't evade but look down in the area of her chest. Yes the fabric of the material covers most of the area, but in the middle section is somewhat of a wide opening. Wow she doesn't wear a bra at the moment! The thought excites him, but he forces himself to look up at her.

"I agree with you, it almost feels like someone has cast a spell on us," Bucky says laughing, "I've never developed feelings for anyone this fast before."

Diana again finds herself blushing leaning further back hiding a smile. Stepping forward he strokes at hair at the side of her face.

"Neither of us should be ashamed of what we're feeling, guess this is part of being human."

Both of them are silent for a few moments before laughing together. Really who's human these days, to be able to survive and do what they do it requires super human abilities. Taking his hand off her he walks in the direction of the exit.

"Wait don't go, just stay a little longer and watch the stars with me." Diana says.

Looking over his shoulder she displays a puppy face. Not being able to say no he turns walking back over to her side. Pulling herself up off the railing she turns looking up into the sky.

Inside the tournament dome, the caped crusader has no luck finding what he's in search for. But remembering back on a certain scenario which happened close to two days ago comes to mind. Yes the ambush by the unknown Viking, he was sent by someone; there's a possibility getting back on his trail could lead to an explanation. Pulling a certain device out of his utility belt he locks in on the bat tracker he had placed on the giant, relieved that it's still enabled.

"I've wasted enough time here, with any luck this will lead me somewhere useful. That giant was sent to kill me, so I'm willing to bet I might find out more than I'm looking for."

Silently exiting out of the dome he follows the trail on the tracker.

Back inside the forest Subzero still battles against the assassin who was sent out to execute him. The list of people who could possibly want him dead isn't very long; but why not have this done at the tournament? What type of coward sends an assassin to try and take him out when he's completely off guard.

"Getting tired there ninja, your moves seem to be slowing." Elisa says throwing a right hook which is blocked.

Back flipping into the air Subzero puts a little space between them both.

"I'm not a ninja, the way of the Lin Kuei is totally different. Why don't you just tell me who sent you; why didn't they come after me themselves?"

Dashing forward she jumps kicking into his chest knocking him that direction onto a log. Kicking off the object he makes sure not to stay down long. Stepping forward shooting an ice ball, his eyes narrow at how easily she predicted and dodged the move. Whoever her associate may be, they know enough about him. Pulling a dagger out of her boot she goes on the offence again. Having enough of the games he catches her by the wrist twirling her around smashing the palm of his hand into her shoulder! With the snapping sound he lets go of her seeing as she cries out in pain holding her now broken shoulder.

"Now that this little session is over, do you mind telling me what I want to know?" Subzero asks crossing his arms.

Looking up at him in disgust she spits off to the side.

"Go screw yourself, I'll never talk."

Using her other arm she quickly throws down a smoke bomb ceasing the moment. Soon as the smoke clears the grand master shakes his head, she got away to easily. What was with him tonight; whatever the case the best idea is to return to the temple before something else happens. Taking off in the direction of the temple he does just that.

Still standing on the rooftop, a few minutes has turned to thirty. Both Bucky and Diana converse about past as well as current events. They find much interest in the others experience.

"So what is it they call the three of you? If I can recall it's something like trimly, but even that doesn't sound right. Regardless of that I find it funny that tall dark and broody is a part of it; if you were to ask me I'd say you Superman along with the Green Lantern are the big three of your league." Bucky says.

"It's actually called Trinity, and it's not all about physical strength. Batman is a great tactician."

Both of them look down in time to see a kangaroo galloping by passing the temple in a hurry. Seems as though everyone is an a hurry these days.

"Have you ever been told you have such beautiful eyes?" Bucky asks.

Moving strands of hair from her face she looks him in the eyes. Neither speaks just taking in the moment.

"You sure do know how to say the right words to a woman." She says leaning forward bringing her face closer to his.

All of a sudden butterflies form in his stomach, her beauty is to much to overcome. Seeing as she closes her eyes bringing her lips to his he does the same. He wraps his arms around her back feeling the soft touch of her lips. Breaking the kiss she brings her lips back to his this time deepening it with more passion. Opening his mouth her tongue enters rubbing up against his exploring throughout. massaging his hand over her back, he becomes aroused at the motion of her lower body rubbing up against his. Reaching down he presses a hand over her butt, lifting her right leg up near his waist. They find themselves speeding up the pace; Opening her eyes Diana pushes off of Bucky quickly trying to fix her hair and robe. But it is to late, Flash stands at the entrance door wide eyed!

"I didn't see anything." He quickly says slamming the door zooming away.

He stops in his tracks hearing Diana yell out his name. Zipping back up onto the rooftop through the entrance door he lowers his head.

"Gee I'm sorry, how was I suppose to know you two were up here about to make love," Looking up at Diana's face growing red in anger he sigh's, "Ok I was just messing around cut me some slack. So you two haven't done you know what have you?"

Walking over in irritation, she grabs the speedster by his arm pulling and dragging him near the roofs edge.

"Hey let go, it's not like I did anything wrong." Flash complains.

Cap just stands in place embarrassed by what just happened. There is nothing more awkward than a teammate walking in on you making out with another teammate.

"Let's make one thing clear, if Superman or Batman finds out about what you just saw you'll wish you weren't born! Do I make myself clear?"

Wally becomes nervous feeling like when he was a young boy being lectured by his mother? It's funny how intimidating the Amazon princess could be; almost as frightening as the bat himself!

"You have my word, what's the big deal any way it's not like either of them will care; besides we're all grown. Could you let go of me now?" He asks smiling.

Letting him go he squeezes at the area of where she held her tight grip, trying to relax the muscles.

"Don't worry about a thing, your secret is safe with me." Flash says zooming out of sight afterward.

Feeling like a total idiot Bucky looks away from the princess both standing without saying a word. After some time they catch glimpses, again causing her to blush.

"Wouldn't it be better if they just know, keeping secrets only leads to disaster." He says stepping forward.

"I understand how you feel, but we'll let them know after this entire mission is over I promise."

Her assurance brings a smile to his face. Walking over she plants a kiss on his cheek leading them both to the exit.

Coming to a halt in front of an enormous castle, Batman's exceedingly impressed with it's configuration. Looking over his tracking device once more, he verifies this is certainly the place where his attacker lurks. Progressing slow making sure not to alert anyone of his presence is what is imperative continuing on. Examining the area he pulls out his grapple gun pulling himself to the rooftop.

"No need to follow this signal anymore, It's the one behind this all I'm after." Batman says to himself.

Slumping over somewhat, he continues forward tip toeing searching for any type of entrance which won't make much sound. But during it all something comes to mind! Yes he had placed a tracker on Pythena earlier in the day, so if she is located beneath him as well; there's a possibility she could have been involved. But why would she want him or any of the Justice League members dead? He's never seen or heard of her in his life until they traveled over to this world. The only rational explanation would be the avengers, since the merging of the two earths just over a year ago; there's no telling what enemies they may have had before the earths became one. For now the thoughts would have to wait; using a special designed lens within the cowl he locates all entrances. Moving forward he chooses to enter through an open window jumping off the roof and into the open access.

"Well looks like my prediction was right, she's in this palace somewhere," Bats says looking down on the device, "I'll follow her signal, she'll most likely hold relevant info."

Before taking even a step he sets his lenses to night vision enhancing any light which may be in the room. Moving with precision exiting out of the extent, he looks in all directions before moving forward. Turning different corners traveling down several halls he arrives at the door; and on the other side is the sound of voices. Putting the tracking device back into his belt, he places an even smaller gadget on the door. Looking over his shoulder he finds a statue to hide behind incase an unexpected person walks by. Once there he adjusts his ear piece greatly increasing the quantity of the voices, making it clear as if he were in the room.

"Could you please stop with the annoying tapping, before I come over there and break your arm?" Pythena asks now becoming irritated.

Sitting over on the other side of the table, Baraka looks up giving her the middle finger while smiling. Placing her feet up on the table top she rolls her eyes sitting back. From the moment the two of them met it's no secret that they don't like each other very much.

"How about you both stop, we have more important matters we should be discussing. Have you got word back from Elisa? Hopefully Subzero is no longer part of the equation." Kahn asks.

"No not yet, but I'm sure your snowman is dead. She's a higher level of skill than Adalzm, I wouldn't worry to much."

"You mean the Viking? He's got much potential, but his cockiness will be the death of him."

Batman's eyes widen, so it was in fact Pythena who sent the giant to attack them!

"Oh how I can't wait for our dare Superman to complete the tournament and win. We have such plans for the boy of steal." Pythena utters.

Sitting back for what seems like hours the dark knight finds out more than he bargained for. Wow so that's their plan, whatever he does he cannot let any of his Super powered teammates win the tournament, especially not Kal-El. This woman has really thought it all out, but what is this backup plan she speaks of? It doesn't really matter, he got what he wanted and now it's time to go. Standing up running over and retrieving his gadget he begins his way out. Taking the path he used to get in; coming down a certain hall it has been blocked by a gate. Probably momentarily for maintenance. Re directing he takes another path which leads him to a large library close to 80 yards in all corners. Looking for an exit the lights to the room click on.

"Well look what we have here gentlemen, an unwanted guest," A group of ninjas enter into the room surrounding him, "If I can recall you're a tournament participant. What are you doing in here?"

There is no point in trying to lie, his best chance is to try and fight them off. Pulling out two batarangs he readies himself.

"Looks like our guest speaks with actions, should we inform Pythena of his presence?"

"Nah we got this, plus I hate to say it but she's a bitch. I hate taking orders from her, Shang Tsung and Kahn."

All of them agree forming a circle around bats with some even laughing. Just as they're about to attack one of them screams being pulled up into the ceiling by something.

"What the hell is going on, whoever is up there come down and show yourself coward." One of them yells.

The ninja is dropped back down unconscious. Leaping down the individual reveals himself jumping off walls before landing making his way to the side of Batman.

"No need to fear your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is here. Really bats do you always get yourself in these situations?"

"Were you following me?" Batman mumbles trying not to let their enemies here.

"Well what do you think, you're the detective. By the way I wasn't angry with you earlier, it was just an act so that I'd be able to keep a close eye on you."

It's funny he never smiles much, but for this moment he does. The wall crawler is a clever one. Any questions either of them may have will have to wait, for now they must survive while trying to escape the fortress of Shao Kahn.

To Be continue

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awsome please continue!!

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CHP 17: Mob Boss

It was just over seven month's ago, when things had been remotely normal. But that all changed in a flash on the merging of the two earths; the greatest minds from either world still have yet to crack the mystery. Fighting side by side as allies is one individual from each earth, but find themselves within yet a completely different dimension with the calling of a mission. Acrobatic as well as flexible, Spiderman leaps over the shoulders of Batman kicking into one of the heavily armored foes.

"Hey bats, wanna have a little competition on who can take out the most enemies?" Spiderman asks with much energy.

Internally the dark knight smiles but doesn't show signs of it on his face.

"So no answer aah, guess that means you except my challenge."

Performing three quick take downs ending with a ko strike Batman looks to the exit as he and Spidy finish up with the fighters. Not speaking amongst one another both hustle for the exit not wanting to draw anymore attention to themselves. Traveling down the hall they stick close to the walls taking to the path Batman entered the castle through; leading the way.

"Once we're out of here I'll update you on what I've learned," Pulling out his grapple gun he pulls himself upward to the vent where he had entered,"Things have just become a lot more interesting."

Both enter into the small space, advancing to the rooftop.

"So you ready to fill me in on what info you've picked up," Spidy watches as Batman glides off the castle top not paying him any attention, "So he's playing it that way, guess I better keep up if I want to learn anything."

Diving down he blasts his web over onto a dragon statue keeping pace with the dark knight.

Back within the castle

Standing from their defeat, some have suffered sprains while others have injuries ranging from various broken bones. Some still lay unconscious, while the remainder of the group rise; none have a clue as to what happened with the two intruders, but it's all too obvious to them the vigilantes escaped. looking over his left shoulder the chief of the group turns bowing down.

"Would you care to explain what exactly you and your squad are doing," Looking around Pythena places a hand over her waist, "This place is a mess?"

Most in the room look at one another, not sure what to say, beside that no one feels the need to tell what had happened. She may not know it but not a single one of the squad members respect her the slightest.

"Our dear mistress, we were ambushed by a large group of assassins who I belive came for the orb."

Standing in place she listens to the chief, but is a bit skeptical on how this large group was able to enter and exit the castle only being seen by the particular squad.

After clearing themselves a lot of distance from the castle, the Avenger and justice league member come to a stop.

"It would assume my earlier suspicion of this tournament is right, we were baited."

Batman could have let Spiderman hear the direct recording he had managed to pick up; but he instead tells him personally leaving out bits and pieces of important information. If he's right about the wall crawler, this information won't stay just between them for long. It's true they could all decide to quit the event, but then that would bring up this B plan; something Pythena has not discussed with anyone. Whatever the case, he must make sure none of the Avengers/Justice League members step into the final unless it is he or Iron man. Given the reality of being mere mortals it would fail, the resurrection of King Trezz Grihmv must be stopped.

"Alright I've followed you so far I think, but what does this Trezz guy have to do with pythena. You haven't given me any reason why we should even be afraid of this guy, if he is somehow brought back to the world of living."

Walking off to the side Batman sighs reflecting, deciding to give Spidy even more information.

"According to what was said this Trezz person can rival even the strength of a kryptonian, which is the race of Superman. On another note Pythena Grimv is someone to be cautious of at all times, and before you ask yes she is one of the daughters of Trezz."

Spidy's eyes widen at the late development, but at the same time maintains his composure.

"Perhaps you should take your meds bats, have you forgotten we're favored to win this easily; don't you worry about a thing." Spiderman implies patting tall dark and broody over his shoulder.

If only the wall crawler could know the full truth, it's not that simple. Returning back to the temple the two call it a night. Entering into the room Kal-El is already asleep, moving around slowly as well quietly; something he is widely accustomed to doing.

The night comes and ends just as quickly with the continuation of the tournament. Captain America runs around dodging the bullets of Marchicko. Much of the audience show their distaste for the match-up.

"You Better stay Perfect Mr America, one mess up and I'll blow your head open!"

Flipping off to the side he throws out his shield disarming his opponent This action buys him a little breathing space, thinking up his next moves. Making a quick decision he charges Marchicko realizing his great vulnerability without his weapon, showing no real threat with hand to hand combat. Just like that he's ko'd with a few strikes to the head, advancing Cap to the next round.

"Winner by knockout and therefore will be moving on to round 5; Captain America!"

The crowd gives off mixed opinions not to enthusiastic of the particular match. Sitting back within the waiting room alone, burns him up inside knowing he can't share any information with his teammates! Well not until it's ok with the caped pointy eared detective.

"Hey Spider you doing ok over there? I know the loss of Wolverine must be eating you up inside, but remember we're here for one another."

Ms. Marvel's words don't make anything better, besides what really has him irritated is the fact he has to keep a secret from most everyone. He wonders if this is how the dark knight always operates, keeping information from his teammates.

"I'm actually doing fine, just thinking some things over is all."

He lies figuring this would get her off his back with asking any more questions. The recent death of Logan does sit within his head, but there is something else that captures his main focus. He isn't 100% sure, but something tells him even he wasn't presented with all of what Batman has found out.

"Well I'll be leaving the dome within the next five minutes, as you know Superman and myself don't have to compete again until the 6th round."

Entering into the waiting area Cap takes a seat near where he had been before he was called up. A few matches pass with Ironman being called to the ring along with his opponent. It is quickly decided the match will be decided in the Keltic desert. Emegrotz and Ironman are taken there beginning right away. Several sand storms twirl out in the distance.

"Prepare for battle man of Iron." Emegrotz informs charging up his energy beam.

Taking to the air Ironman barely escapes the energy wave, using his position as an advantage he shoots down at his opponent, who moves around dodging the attack from down below. Both lock in on one another trying to figure the weakness of the other, both would love nothing more than a quick victory.

"Why don't you come down here, so we can finish this."

Tony locks in on the suited objective firing away a series of missiles and energy waves of his own. But this time Emegrotz is unable to dodge taking all of what comes his way. With the clearing of the dust/smoke Ironman is declared the winner being brought back into the dome with his defeated opponent.



Worlds Away




Within the city of New York Felicia hardy enters into a building attending a magic show which has come to town. Taking a seat there is a lot which has happened in the past few month's which she thinks hard on. Just like probably most everyone the thing which bothers her most is the fusion of the two earth's; even the greatest minds of both worlds haven't been able to figure it out just yet. But what amazes her most about this other earth is that of Superman; a definite icon as well as symbol of hope.

"Good, it looks as though the show is about to begin."

The curtain in front of the room slides open with cheers and even whistles from spectators. Standing before the audience is Chelsie lewis who bows down pulling a rabbit out of her hat getting several reactions from the crowd.

"How original, hope that isn't her only trick," Felicia looks away from the stage and onto the many people who sit around. She hasn't spotted him yet, but there is no doubt he's here, "I'll wait it out, he'll show up soon."

For her first act Chielsie calls up a volunteer, having no trouble with various individuals interested. The show drags on for some time, but a certain person gets up from his seat pulling out a cell phone making his way toward the exit. Looking closely she realizes this is indeed her target. Not wanting to look suspicious she decides not to follow him just yet. Waiting a little over a minute she gets up exiting as well not trying to loose his trail. Stepping out of the building she looks around walking over to the nearest alleyway. Stepping in she changes attire taking to the rooftops now as the Blackcat. Locating her target who steps into a vehicle driving off she leaps from building to building keeping pace.

"Hopefully he leads me to their main stronghold."

After traveling up to around three miles the vehicle comes to a stop; changing positions Blackcat swoops down getting closer. She listens in on the conversation seeing as her target diles up someone.

"Whatsup Vince, I just got back from the magic show and am outside the warehouse."

Not saying much more the door to the building opens with them entering. Using a rope hook she pulls herself up on top of the warehouse building walking over to a glass window; bending down she places a small gadget on the window placing an even smaller object within her ear. This helps to enhance the sound below.

"So how'd the showing go, was my little prize in attendance?"

Taking a seat across from Vince he lifts up the cup of coffee set for him taking a drink.

"When you told me she was a hot number, I had no idea she was so jaw dropping. I tell you what, we're goanna have some fun with that little slut once she is brought in by our boys. Hopefully she isn't a struggler, I prefer it when they just lay back and take it. Zatara is all I was able to catch, what is her first name?"

Vince sits up placing his hands with on the table top.

"I'm surprised you haven't heard of her up until today, rumor has it she does work for the justice league. Zatanna is a very beautiful, but is also very dangerous which is why I'll be sending my best guys to obtain her."

Hearing that she is an acquaintance to the JL worries him, but he chooses not to bring it up to Vince. Blackcat thinks back to the magic show remembering the individual they speak of, stopping them from trying to capture her doesn't fall under her interest, if this is one of their main strongholds than what she came for shouldn't be too far. Taking the small piece out of her ear she also removes the small device from the window knowing she will no longer need to use it for the moment, walking over to the west side of the building she peaks within another window smirking at what she sees. Using the claws built within her gloves she cuts into the glass slowly as a way not to draw attention. Setting the glass off to the side she jumps through hopping from wall to wall landing on her feet. Walking over to a cage rubbing a few fingers over the cold bars.

"Don't worry I'll get you guys out of here somehow." She emphasizes looking iinto the eyes of a Gorilla.

Taking one step back, the room lights up with several Men busting through the front entrance.

"Well, I'd say we've gotten lucky boys," A guy whistles, "Looks to me like this pussy cat is in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Exploring her surroundings she counts up to six attackers who surround her. Perhaps she could have checked for surveillance before breaking in, that is the only explanation to why she has been found so quickly. Regardless of that the Gorillas which had been stolen from the downtown zoo are here; somehow she needs to take out this group and contact the police as an anonymous caller. Doing that shouldn't be much a problem.

"I'm curious what brings you to a place like this? You know boys she's a pretty one, maybe we can have a little fun with her before we put her down."

All of them seem to agree in some form or another with several smiles and smirks. Ready to attack she jumps out of the way just as glass from above shatters with someone coming through. The certain person manages to land on their feet, looking over at Blackcat.

"Well you obviously aren't Catwoman, but you aren't working with them either. Black Canary at your service before you ask; I'd like to ask you a few questions after we take out these criminals."

Blackcat just nods watching as Canary runs forward beginning her attack. This has got to be one of the most random occurrences as of late; where in the world did this blond come from?

There is no way they have come here for the same reason. Perhaps she is one of the heroes of this other earth, but that is just a guess as she could also be some type of vigilante. Looking to jump in she stands watching as Canary takes out the final thug, looking back over in her direction.

"Now that they're taken care of, you mind telling me what you're doing in this place? I've seen my share of masked men, and can almost say you don't work for Vince Barne."

Blackcat crosses her arms observing Canary from head to toe. obviously not speaking won't help out the situation. But how does she know of Vince?

"Lets just say I had a hunch that this particular group of men were responsible for the abduction of those animals." She says pointing.

Not being able to say or make another move, the front entrance again opens, this time with four men suited in black, Vince along with an eight foot cyborg.

"So I see you found my little hideout Canary, who's this your newly acquired partner? Too bad you didn't come here with a few more of those league members; the two of you will be a perfect test subject for my most recent project."

Tapping the cyborg Vince sets it to attack mode.

"See you ladies later, that is if you survive of course; lets go boys we have much business ahead of us."

Vince exits along with his henchmen leaving the cyborg who wastes no time attacking. Grabbing Canary by the throat, it leaps up throwing her into Blackcat watching them tumble. Lighting up within it's eyes, both look at one another jumping out of the way dodging it's laser beams. Dashing forward at super speed it catches Blackcat out of the air by her ankle throwing her into and shattering a nearby table.

"X79 will destroy all in it's path!" The cyborg yells out, shooting it's beams at Canary who eludes them.

Blackcat quickly gets back up, just as the machine aims the palm of its metallic hands at them both. Locking in on the two it blasts out heaps of flames but fails to hit either of the two seeing as they run in opposite directions. X79 continues firing off uncontrollably quickly feeling almost the entire room in flames. Just as it jumps up over toward Blackcat it turns into a rabbit just as the flames convert to waves of water soaking both Canary and Blackcat. The water clears out of the room fast leaving everything left behind drenched. Both look down at what was a cyborg is now is a pink bunny.

"What in the hell." Black Canary lets out unsure what just happened.

Blackcat is equally confused but the sight of the little pink rabbit does bring a smile to her face.

"Looks like I got here just in time; yrd ffo won."

With that Blackcat and Canary are completely dry. Looking up she isn't surprised to see Zatanna hover down beside them both.

"How did you know where to find me? Isn't your show still in session?" Black Canary asks.

"Why don't the two of you follow me ; it won't be long till the police arrive, us being here will only get in their way." Zatanna suggests.

Both follow her out of the only exit entering into the main room which is empty. Vince and his men are most likely far away from here now. Traveling down a few blocks the three settle in up on the rooftops gazing down on the lights of the city.

"Light me up." Canary holds out a cigarette.

"erif no." Zatanna says.

Black Canary walks over to the ledge smoking taking away some of the stress on the day.

"I really don't know either of you, but what brought you to the warehouse? I also find it funny that Vince and his group of guys have it out for you. Your name is Zatanna isn't it, pretty girl like yourself better stay on guard."

Zatanna looks at her in disbelief, why would they want her she isn't personally involved with the particular group.

"The man you followed out of my show near the end was someone of interest, he's got a criminal record. Whatever the case the animals will be returned to their home."

What in the world, how did she know she was at the magic show! Maybe it's better she doesn't ask. Stepping over next to Black Canary, Blackcat looks down stepping up on the ledge of the building.

"You two enjoy the rest of your night."

Diving off the building top Blackcat leaps down onto another building.

"Hey wait!" Zatanna yells out running forward but is grabbed by Canary.

"Let her go, I know we both have questions but something tells me this isn't the last time we've seen her."

Worlds Away

The final match in the round takes place between Batman and Mosko in that of the candy factory. Mosko stands over seven feet tall grabbing Batman by his neck throwing him into a pile of jaw-breakers. The dark knight doesn't stay down long, getting up he throws two explosive batarangs at Mosko who dodges them. The two projectiles blow open a massive gummy bear.

"You're goanna have to do better than that if you expect to beat me."

Stepping forward Mosko throws two sharp projectiles at Batman who catches one out of mid air. Tossing the projectile off to the side, he picks up a large candy cane running at his opponent wacking him across the head watching as the object breaks in half with his opponent falling to the ground KO'd. Both are brought back to the dome.

"Winner and therfore will be advancing to round 5.. Batman!"

The audiences show several opinions, being obvious from the start of the event he isn't a fan favorite. Stepping out of the ring he does what every victor of each match does, making his way to the waiting area but realizes that was the final match of the day; he can travel to the nearest exit. Doing so through a back door, he is a bit surprised as a certain person lands in front of him from out of the sky.

"You're out quick, whats the rush? You're such a mystery, thats what I like about you," she places her hands on his chest rubbing a finger over the bat emblem, "While you guys have been battling all day Superman and I have been trying to search for any clues that could lead us to the one's responsible for the missile strike."

Looking up Miss Marvel removes her hands from the caped crusader just as the man of steel swoops down next to them both.

"So how'd we do, will everyone be continuing to the next round?"

Now isn't this interesting, out of everyone from their group they've chose him to try and speak with. After the years they have worked with one another you'd think Superman would know when not to approach him with questions.

"The others will be out shortly; we need to stay focused and prepare for whatever may be ahead of us."

Moving forward Batman walks past both Ms. Marvel and Superman not saying another word. Looking at each other both get the clue he doesn't want to talk for whatever reason.

"Should I follow him?

"No just let him go, he'll be fine it's probably been a long day." Supes replies.

Another fighter with much on his mind, the current Mortal Kombat champion; the pressure to retain his title seems almost unreachable. But thinking back on what he has done in his past, nothing is impossible.

"So these meta's continue to impress, but they have no idea what we have in-stored for them." Shang Tsung says evilly within a back room.

To Be Continue

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CHP 18: Redemption or not?





The school bell rings with all students being dismissed exiting out of Rockherds high. Among them is Kimberly making her way through the crowds of students. Stopping by her locker she is greeted by a few of her friends exchanging a couple words. Laughing she walks out of the building. Outside in front of the premises meeting up with a few friends side by side they walk in the direction of home. In the group is Kimberly, Jay, Samantha and Dara.

"So how did you all do on you physics exam," Keeping pace with the group Jay places a binder of notes into his bag, "As you all know I was exempt from it due to passed scores."

Whether he took the test or not, it wouldn't have mattered seeing as it is his strongest subject. Aside from being on honor roll he's one of the more popular students in the school. All three girls glare back at him giving the cue they don't want to talk about it. From there the three talk amongst themselves with Jay basically just tagging along. Traveling down several blocks Samantha and Dara say their goodbye's to both Jay and Kimberly, taking a different turn to get home. Traveling up another block Jay walks up with Kimberly to her front door.

"Guess I'll see you tomorrow Kim, remember to call me later." Jay reaches out hugging her.

Beginning to walk the other way he is grabbed by his wrist. Looking her in the eyes he is a bit confused on what she's doing.

"Why don't you come in for a minute, I can get you something to drink?" Kimberly asks.

"That's really kind of you but I've got some things I need to take care of."

"My parents won't be home till another Five hours."

Freezing in place his spine seems to go cold, he isn't sure if it is because of her seductive tone, or her beauty. Any guy at Rockherds high would give anything to be with her; it's no secret she is one of the most attractive women in the school.

"I guess I can make time." He replies with a grin.

Unlocking the front door he enters after her watching Kimberly toss her bag off to the side he does the same. Closing the door behind him She walks forward wrapping her arms around his neck bringing her lips to his. The two join in a passionate kiss; wrapping her legs around his waist he carries her over to the couch setting her down. Still with locked lips she allows him to enter his tongue. After a few moments she pushes him up.

"Lets go to my room, you never know when someone unexpected might walk in."

Smiling both head for the stairs making their way up to her room. Once there she locks the door pushing him onto her bed. She kicks off her boots lifting up her shirt revealing her bra. Her skirt soon follows now standing only in her bra and panties. Sitting up jay kicks off his shoes removing his shirt as well. Kim steps up onto the bed getting on top of Jay continuing what they had started.



Worlds away



The tournament now sits at the beginning of round 5 with only six fighters remaining in each of the four brackets; excluding that of the four on a bye to round 6. Soon the tournament will end with the final two contestants in round 9; but just like in the past there is more to the MK tourney than most have a clue on. Just to think this event started off with 400 fighters and is now down to the final 28! But none should let it get to their head, this is around when opponents are toughest. Entering into the ring is Reptile along with Wonder Woman.

"Is there a particular place you'd like to battle; there are plenty of fighting areas which no one has traveled to yet."

Catching the glimpse of one another both look back at the announcer.

"There is no point in leaving the dome, besides all that will do is delay my vic.." Stopping in mid sentence Wonder Woman does not want to show disrespect to her opponent, "We'll fight here right in front of the crowd."

Standing off to the side the cold blooded individual has nothing to say confirming the decision. Stepping out the ring the announcer looks on watching the match begin. Taking a few steps back Reptile fades out of sight using camouflage!

"Oh don't tell me you thought I was going to make it easy on you wonder lady; I've seen your strength. This will help even the playing field."

Though she cannot see him that doesn't mean she is totally defenseless. She has to give it to him, obviously he's studied her and most likely several other participants who remain. Closing her eyes she tries to block out all sound bringing any and all focus in on his presence. It's been some time since she has had to fight without sight, but it really is no problem. Some may believe Reptile to be simple minded but that is far from the truth, picking his spot he dashes forward to attack but is grabbed by his neck.

"How did you?" Is all that comes out of his mouth being slammed into the tile turf.

With no signs of movement Diana is declared the winner. Waving to the crowds she makes her way back to the waiting area. It doesn't surprise her that only one has fallen out of their group, but soon that will change as things are nearing the end. With the passing of another match Spiderman is called to the ring along with Sonya. It is decided they will battle in the Lizards den. Visible on screen to the audience is Sonya who pulls out her hand gun which has a built in flashlight turning it on. Moving with much precision she stays weary of her surroundings. Hopefully there aren't very many habitat interruption if any. With much caution she moves down the hall way looking in all directions. Jumping up a bit startled by a few lizards who pass by her feet; but then off to her left side she is kicked down to the ground.

"Well looks like I found you sooner than I thought," Reaching out Spidy helps Sonya to her feet, flipping back in the other direction putting space between them, "I'm just goanna let you know now, I can dodge bullets easily."

Who is this person, why in the world would he help her up when they're fighting against each other? Not only that he's making friendly conversation as if this were some sparring session? But hey she kinda likes this, it brings out more of her competitive side. It's true she spoke with him back in the waiting area a day or two ago; she just didn't expect this friendly behavior.

"Alright than spider, lets see if you can back up your words."

Trying to catch him off guard she instantly begins firing off, but with much flexibility the wall crawler does what he does best avoiding the bullets with ease. Setting the weapon down she runs at him throwing a round house kick which is blocked and grabbed. Swinging her around he throws her into a nearby rocky wall. Standing quickly she stretches out her back feeling slight pain. Standing in place the web slinger does nothing, probably waiting for her to continue her attack. It's obvious he has all the confidence in the world; but no one is invincible. Reaching down she pulls a pocket knife out of her boot running at him swinging the blade around trying to connect with his flesh.

"Wow you're definitely a lot more agile than I thought watching you!" She says having a hard time trying to lay a hand on him.

Flipping back he kicks the blade out of her possession, but just as he attempts his next move his eyes widen behind his mask seeing as a gigantic Equana approaches looking over his shoulder! Sprinting forward he wraps one arm around Sonya, webbing and pulling them up to higher grounds on a platform 40ft above the main area. Once there she kicks off him throwing a grenade in his vicinity which he jumps out of the way of. Webbing her feet to the ground he runs over back handing her across the face koing her! Before Sonya's body is able to hit the ground he catches and lifts her up. Both are brought back to the dome where the paramedics take Sonya out of his arms.

"Winner and will be advancing to round 6 Spiderman!"

The audiences cheer, but being in this position before he waves only a little causally walking back to the waiting area. But on his way there he runs into Ironman in the hallway.

"That was a good fight you just went through, it'll be interesting to see what's in stored for us in the next round. We're coming down to the last fighters. I still can't believe we have no information on the one's responsible for the firing of the nukes; some detective that Batman is right hahaha."

Standing in place Spidy crosses his arms, Ironman nor anyone in their group except he and the dark knight have any clue of what's going on. Not only do they know who is responsible for the missile launches, but they have also been lured into this event. The capped crusader is definitely keeping information even from him, it was clear in his voice; which is why what he does know should stay between them. Trust seems to be an issue with the tall dark loner.

"Don't worry about it Tony, we'll have this thing figured out hopefully sooner than later."

Continuing his way back to the waiting area Ironman walks in the opposite direction. The tournament continues on with Pelq and Subzero being called to the ring. When in the ring both decide just to fight inside the dome. The grand master can't help but look past this opponent, if he is right and is victories he'll be in for a tough road moving forward.

"I've seen some of your past battles, very impressive. But destiny is why I will continue on to win this tournament." Pelq says staring down the Lin Kuei member.

Taking a few steps back the grand master decides not to attack just observing his opponent. The word destiny is what gets him thinking, there is many ways one can think about it. To him there is no such thing as destiny; he truly believes each individual creates his or her own destiny by the things they do in life which lead them down a certain path.

"Maybe you feel that is meant to happen, but I'll show you why destiny is a myth and nothing more. You've done well to make it this far, but this is where your road to the final ends."

Pulling out his two sided blade the words of Subzero mean nothing to him, in fact he expected he'd say something of that nature. But words said by either of them won't change or alter the outcome of this match. Spinning the bladed staff he runs at Subzero ready to attack. Swinging the blade Subzero flips out of the way avoiding the sharp weapon! Working fast Subzero creates an ice blade using his abilities. Pelq stands off to the side impressed with his handy work.

"Very nice ice man, you've earned style points for that."

Continuing their weapons collide together creating a loud sound as well as force. Subzero slides back slashing at his chest area. Pelq moves forward kicking him in the face forcing him off balance, and leg trips him before he can regain balance. While down Pelq takes advantage of the moment trying to stab at what appears to be a defenseless opponent. But Subz rolls out of the way getting back on his feet. Swinging yet again he catches Subzero across the arm drawing blood. Within a back room Prince Goro watches anxiously, surprised by some of the contestants who still remain. One of the doors in a corner of the room opens with Shang Tsung entering.

"I'm sure by now you have been given the news you will not be taking part in the tournament," Walking over he has a seat at a close by table, "I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, Pythena has a place for you within her future plans."

Goro cracks his knuckles smiling impressed with the combo Subzero puts on Pelq which ends with an uppercut. With no movement from the fighter Subzero is declared the winner. Turning his attention to the sorcerer, he is a bit un happy with the circumstance.

"I hope this woman knows what she's doing, one mistake could come back to bite us. So based on the brackets who does she have projected as the final two?"

"Well based on her prediction, with both the man of steel and the flash in bracket 1, Superman will emerge victorious. The winner of bracket 1 will face the winner of bracket 2 in the semi final round; in which he'll most likely face Ms Marvel or Wonder Woman. It doesn't matter which of them battles against him, they'll be defeated. Bracket 4 has no real fire power, so for the final it will most likely be Superman from bracket 1 vs Green Lantern from 3."

Turning away from Shang Tsung Goro thinks about it for a few moments. It may be early to crown the champion, but she might be right; seeing the abilities of these particular individuals is really quite amazing. Everyone likes an underdog, but this isn't some adventure film it's life. This tournament was supposed to be mortal based, but because of the appearance of this Pythena person things are working a bit different this year.



Worlds away



Squeezing at a rubber duck she closes her eyes relaxed by the heat given off by the bath water. Waving her arms she twirls the bubbles taking a deep breath. Being a super hero has never been easy but this week has been chaotic with the amount of crime globally. Pushing herself up she steps out of the tub wrapping a towel around her body. Draining the water she exits the bathroom walking out to the living room laying out on the couch turning on the T.V.

"Just in Helen Fey has turned up and is ok, she was merely keeping things close and personal. Judging by some of the information she has collected, it might be enough to put one of the biggest crime lord's away!"

Sitting up the breaking news is probably the best news she has heard all week. For a second she was thinking the worst; good thing she'll be ok. Getting up off the couch Kara Zor-El dries off completely getting dressed. Putting on a jacket, hat and scarf she heads out the door. Taking a bus she makes her way to down town metropolis. With the holiday season drawing near it's the perfect time to begin her shopping. Stepping off the bus she blends right in with everyone else. Walking down the sidewalk she looks through various glass windows coming to a stop glimpsing over a dress which appeals to her. Not wasting time she steps into the store. Going through the clothing section she spends over an hour in the store. When finally exiting with two bags of stuff she sets her eyes on the Metropolis mall! Taking another step her eyes roll feeling her butt being grasped.

"Hey sweet stuff you is fine as hell, so what's your number?"

Putting on a forged smile she turns to the two men trying to keep from doing something she'll regret.

"Oh hey gentlemen how's it going, I'm sorry to say but I'm with someone." She says trying to sound cheerful.

Reaching out one of them pulls at her wrist; but with her strength she easily pulls away. The other of them runs up behind her wrapping his arms around her trying to apply pressure. Elbowing him in the stomach he grabs the area falling to the ground coughing up blood. Kara's eyes widen; she had an idea she put a little bit too much strength into that. Seeing what his friend goes through the other guy backs off.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, you have a nice day now." Kara says, walking away as quickly as she can not trying to create a scene.

Just outside the city; Samantha enters into the home of Dara.

"Good evening miss Louis, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing quite fine Sam, Dara should be up in her room; don't stay up to late now, but hey who listens to me just have a good time."

Both smile at one another before Samantha skips up the stairway. It's a little past Nine O'Clock PM, but the night is young. Entering into the room Dara sits up on her bed grinning over at her long time friend. Setting her stuff down she makes herself comfortable feeling at home.

"I'm glad you were able to make it over here tonight, we're goanna have some fun. I tried to text Lisa but she hasn't replied to any of my messages."

Talking amongst each other the two laugh, bringing up past memories. In the middle of a conversation both are startled as the front door busts open. Standing in the door way is the mother of Dara looking completely distressed!

"I'm sorry to tell you this girls," Pausing a tear roles down her cheek, "But Kimberly is dead."

Just like that everything goes completely silent with only the T.V. from downstairs being heard. The hearts of both girls drop feeling as if they've been stabbed in the heart several times over! Hearing the words of the investigation from the television downstairs all but confirms this. At that of the Morgue two detectives enter into the room where the body lays covered by a sheet. Lifting the sheet one of them looks away covering his mouth.

"Any idea on what the murder weapon is?" One of them asks.

Everywhere from her neck down has been sliced up. Judging by this brutality one must assume the person who committed this crime knew her personally and hated her more than anything.

"We have not been able to identify the murder weapon; it's strange but judging by the wounds several items were used. But it gets even weirder, looking over her stomach wound it would seem the murder weapon grew in size as it was pushed deeper into her body changing shape. Don't ask how I know this or what weapon was used; we're looking at an almost impossible crime."

The news stuns both detectives leaving them speechless. Slightly disturbed by the deceased body one of the detectives re covers up the body.

"So is there any other important information we should know? After we head out of here we're going to speak with the girl's parents."

"It hasn't been publicly revealed but we believe she was raped before she was murdered."

Hearing this only disgusts the detectives further, but doing this job they must be prepared and ready for anything. Honestly they've seen it all, but it never seems to get any easier the more cases they encounter.



Worlds Away



Stepping out of the waiting area to get a little fresh air Captain America takes a walk down one of the long hallways. He comes across some of the souvenir shops, but decides now wouldn't be the appropriate time to take a look. Passing them by he continues down further but comes to a stop re directing his path walking over to the side of the capped crusader.

"Please tell me you have something; I just got an update from Ms Marvel, she nor Superman have any new information on the missile launch. I'm starting to wonder why we're even here."

Walking in silence for a few seconds Cap feels as though he is being ignored, but at the same time is not surprised.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much, things will fall into place just wait and see."

Walking at the same pace both come to a stop hearing the voice of the announcer through one of the intercoms. He calls for both Batman and Scorpion to report to the ring! This is it the time has finally arrived; the rematch between he and the man who almost took his life days ago. But there are no guarantees, he could very well loose this match; his main goal will be to try and stay alive. Somehow he must power through and be victorious, to stop the plans of Pythena if anything else. Departing from Cap he does just that with Scorpion already awaiting him.

"I know you two as well as everyone else are probably tired of hearing me say this, but where would you like to battle?"

"The Dragons reservoir will do just fine." Scorpion answers quickly.

Whatever the reason may be for this shouldn't matter, after what happened nights ago the ninja spectre should not feel threatened by the dark knight one bit. Hearing no response from Batman the announcer exits out of the ring.

"Prepare yourself mortal, you may have survived our first encounter but not even you can be that lucky to repeat."

Standing in place both are zapped being teleported to the destination. But unlike most matches which take place outside the dome both are in sight eliminating the step to seek out the other. Throwing out his rope spear he barely misses Bats who uses his grapple gun to pull himself up on the statue of a dragon. Gliding down he kicks at Scorpion putting him on his back flipping off to the side pulling out a batarang.

"I should inform you things don't always turn out the same way twice; especially with myself."

Not paying much attention to his words Scorpion flips up teleporting behind Batman wrapping an arm around his neck applying as much pressure as he can. Dropping the batarang he tries to escape out of the neck lock. At his finger tips he pulls a small gadget out spraying something in the eyes of Scorpion who immediately lets him go.

Lasting over forty minutes the match comes to an end with Batman the victor. For the first time in quite a while he receives cheers from the audiences. It has been a long time since he's been in a fight like this; it brings back past memories.

To Be Continue

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CHP 19: Caught in the act




Being punched from all directions at what seems like light speed , Luke sagel falls

defeated seemingly lifeless by the way his body hits the tiled ring floor. Flash speeds around covering almost all square inches of the ring in just mere seconds. Being applauded is nothing new to him, in fact it is beginning to feel natural with the amount of wins and in the fashion he's made his way to victory each time. Zooming out of sight he is in the waiting area at the blink of an eye standing next to Wonder Woman. This win by far is the best, Being in the final four within his bracket is something that doesn't surprise him. But now that it has finally come oh how good it feels.

"Well it looks like all of us have made it this far except for the guy with the claws; sorry but his name leaves me at the moment. But with things closing in, it looks like some of our group will be fighting in round six. Hopefully I get lucky and face Batman or that Subzero guy; it should be me against Superman for the final in bracket 1."

Listening to Flash she steps forward pushing off the wall which she leaned up against. Thinking about what he just said makes her laugh; mainly toward the confidence in his voice when mentioning if he were to battle the Dark Knight. Sure anyone would rather take on Batman than the man of steel, but it sort of came out as disrespectful through his tone. But than she must remember this is Wally; the thing that bothers her most is Kal! After what he and Bruce did the other morning, it's strange that he shows no signs of regret. Oh how interesting it would be if Lois knew her man was sneaking around with other women. This type of behavior could be expected from Bruce with his playboy status, but with Supes it is almost unbelievable.

"Ah hey Diana did you even hear a word I said? Is everything ok?"

Flash is a great teammate but sometimes she prefers if he could just zip it sometimes, just like now. She leads them both to the closes exit where others also exit out. When out both try their best to locate the rest of their group. The part about Superboy was something she never believed was truly him; the reason she agreed to travel here was because of the supposed individuals responsible for the nuclear attacks back in their world targeting world leaders. These beings cannot go unpunished for such assaults. The first to come into sight is Cap, walking over to the two.

"Well at least I've found you two, I'm starting to wonder if the others already traveled back to the temple."

Before he is able to say another word someone pulls at his lower gear. Turning around he looks down to see a young boy holding two cups of smoothies. Handing one to Wonder Woman, the other is given to Cap. Flash looks down at the boy narrowing his eyes while crossing his arms. What is this all about, what about him? He's like the fan favorite/peoples champ.

"My mom.. ah made th.. that for you hope you enjoy." The boy says grinning.

Wonder Woman thanks the boy rubbing a hand through his golden toned hair, while Captain America takes a sip smiling giving the hint it's pretty good.

"Hey what about me kid, everyone loves the Flash." Wally says in a somewhat kid like tone.

"You all have a nice day now.. I've got to be going."

Both Cap and Diana laugh at the expression on Flash's face seeing as the boy runs off completely ignoring him. Bringing the glass to her lips she drinks as well; Flash just stands in place thinking about how random that was. Gee why couldn't he be appreciated more like that. When out of sight the boy comes across a woman who wears a trench coat and brown hoody to match it.

"You've done an excellent job young one."

Handing him twenty coins he smiles sprinting off through the crowd in high spirit. Removing the hoody Pythena giggles evilly. Oh how she can't wait to see how this plays out; she's been keeping a close eye on the entire group but found something to work off of with these two. At full speed he runs into an individual who walks by falling over and loosing a few coins. Picking them up he glances up at the 6ft+ figure! Getting to his feet he just runs off; under the cowl Bruce raises an eyebrow.

"Kids." Is all that comes out of his mouth.

Continuing forward Batman looks for everyone except Supes and Ms Marvel who're probably back at the temple. Getting this far was an accomplishment, but he'll need to be point on with a little luck to continue this streak of his. Being the only one to know what is really behind this tournament doesn't bother him at all, plus if the remainder of the group did know some of them may become antcy. Looking straight, Wonder Woman along with Flash and Cap come his way.

"Honestly Bats I'm surprised you're still in this thing; I had you making it to round 3 at best." Flash articulates.

Just as he does most times he shows no emotion to the comment staying professional. In some ways he himself is a bit surprised he is still around; especially after what happened to Wolverine. Swinging down next to the group Spidy takes the two empty cups out of the hands of Diana and Captain America dumping them into a nearby trash.

"Well congrats to us all for making it this far; if somehow Superman is defeated I see a fellow avenger taking this." Spidy says confident smiling beneath his mask.

Flash is the first to look over at him almost grinning. This guy isn't being serious is he; sounds to him like it's a challenge. Does he really think any of the avenger members could defeat himself, Superman or Wonder Woman? Wow that's the first thing that's been worth laughing about since they got here.

"Really web man, there is no chance on god's green earth someone from your group is taking this. Your little avengers have nothing over the Justice league, not speed, strength, power or even brains."

"Oh yeah we'll see about that."

Stepping forward the capped crusader gets in the way of them both. This is not some competition they're all here as a team.

"Enough, there will be no more talk of this. For the rest of the time we're here there will be no mention of either team, We are all a team am I understood."

Both look at each other and then back at Batman nodding. Regardless of what he says in the back of their minds it's totally on. The others may not know it, but in the minds of these two it is a two way race/challenge between the AV and JL. Agreeing to return to the temple it is decided they'll meet back up with GL and the others there. They're all adults and should be able to find their way around.

Worlds away

A bus comes to a stop in a city just outside of New Jersey. Several people exit off the bus, seeing as the stop is in front of the mall coupled in with it being around the holiday season it comes as no surprise. But one out of the many walks in a separate direction down the side walk. The air around is cool and thick with snow coming down at a slow but steady pace. He disappears into the crowd blending in with the many who walk around. Walking down a few blocks he enters into a building pulling out a ticket.

"I'm here to see the show of Sandra Bridey." The individual hands his ticket to a guy who stands behind a glass window.

The gentleman who stands behind the glass rips part of the ticket in half handing the other part back to the customer.

"You enjoy the show, Sandra is the best! I heard she may be giving autographs after the show, so if you stick around you might just get lucky."

Continuing down the long hall he makes a right entering into the theater like surrounding. There must be at least 10,000 in the audiences; searching around it takes him some time to find his seat. Sitting he places the ticket in his lower jacket pocket. Most of the crowd cheer hearing her hit a high note sounding so smooth and beautiful; it's almost un human! It's no wonder she's one of the most popular singers globally. She's Beautiful, intelligent, and has a voice which can wow anyone. Sitting back he takes off his hat scratching his Burgundy hair grinning. Some miles away within another city three 20ft machines March around destroying anything in their path.

"This is the police how can we help you?"

"Their are some damn humongous machines destroying everything! Send the swat, Army and whoever else you can!" A person replies on the other line standing at a pay phone.

He jumps out of the way just in time as the area is blown up by a laser beam. Lifting a van the machine throws it into a nearby drug store killing one instantly snapping his neck. A few others surrounding the area are injured. With the many screams of civilians running in the opposite direction of the attackers. To the relief of the people one of them is knocked over. A familiar icon stands over it pounding away.

"Holy crap it's the Hulk!" A guy stops running pulling out his cell phone starting to record, "I'm so posting this on youtube!"

Some continue to run while others stick around excited to see the incredible Hulk in action! Loading up it's beam the Hulk is blasted and tossed into a pickup truck. Standing the Hulk rips the door from the vehicle flinging it at the robot like a Frisbee. Another of them blasts it out of existence before it can reach it's teammate. Maybe it would have been a good idea had he traveled with some backup, three against one is not what he had in mind.

"Wow this is so awesome, I've never seen him in person before!" Another individual holds her hand over her heart trying to slow her heart rate.

Being grabbed by his throat the Hulk is slammed into the cement street causing all of the surrounding area to shake. While on the ground one of them places it's robotic foot onto his chest keeping him down while they all load up their laser beams! At this time a few others begin vacating the area, if the Hulk is in fact taken out they will most certainly be next. With incredible speed one of them looses it's head which explodes on impact from something which zooms out of the air colliding with it. Flying forward she punches the other two away from him sending one of them into a building.

"Oh my heavens, Power Girl and Hulk teaming up; talk about wicked!" Another person begins recording from his cell phone.

Trying to shoot her out of the air neither of them have success due to her super speed dodging them easily without really any effort at all. She sorta laughs punching one of the blasts out of sight.

"Come on is that the best you Cyborgs got?" Power Girl taunts zooming over and ripping an arm off one of them.

Throwing it off to the side she again zooms in but this time into the chest plate of the robot ripping it's chest plate open tearing out it's circuits, watching the machine tumble to the ground powerless. Jumping back on his feet Hulk wraps his arms around the leg of the other robot which attempts to attack Power Girl keeping it from moving. Seeing through it's chest with her splendid sight she uses her heat vision melting through destroying it's power source. Lifting it up Hulk throws it off to the side turning his attention to the final one as well as Power Girl. Pulling itself out of the brick wall it locks in on them both. Running Forward Hulk charges and knocks over the robot while Power Girl flies over landing on top of it punching through it's chest pulling the power source out.

"Well that was easier than I thought, what a bummer I barely even got warmed up." Power Girl says almost disappointed.

The surrounding civilians who still remain cheer happy with the ending results; it's no doubt this will make the evening news. Using her JL device Power Girl teleports one of the robots to the watch tower where it can be examined, and most importantly figure out the source where they came from. Flying into the air Power Girl taps Hulk on the shoulder.

"Nice fighting by your side green man, you have a swell rest of your day." Power Girl tells flying off out of sight.

To be honest she will most likely be late for her meeting, darn just when this day was going so good. It isn't long before the Police vehicles and ambulances arrive, but by than the Hulk has also made himself scarce from the area. With the passing of another hour the show of Sandra Bridey comes to an end with all involved thanking the audiences for coming. Waving to the crowd she exits through a back door to the dressing room. Sitting at her desk she looks into her mirror smiling at her accomplishments.

"Great Job Sandra, the way you're moving you'll be an even bigger star than Cherry Rox. Your fanbase is fast growing and you're pulling in numbers off the charts."

Smiling she stands turning to her agent bringing his face to hers. Pressing her lips up against his they join in a hot passionate kiss. Moving his hand down her dress he grabs her butt, and it is at this time she breaks the kiss.

"We shouldn't be doing this here, maybe some time later."

"I take it your boyfriend doesn't know about us yet."

"Yes and I intend for it to stay that way, besides Trevor is an actor and kisses other women more than I can count."

Moving up behind her he rubs up against her. Feeling this sends shockwave's throughout her body. The whole situation with him and her boyfriend is so confusing; it must be possible to be in love with two separate people and she is living proof of it.

"You and I do a lot more than that."

Both smile at this; turning back to him she gives him another kiss. Walking over to a back area she undresses getting into something more casual. But when exiting the building she will need to disguise herself, to try and get away from the paparazzi. Saying goodbye she exits out of the room wearing dark shades, a jacket, and hat. Outside the back of the building a limo awaits her. When asked where she'd like to go she replies with "Home please and thank you." So the driver does just that. But watching from afar is a certain person who attended the show.




Worlds Away




The day has come and gone with the moon shining bright over the mountain tops. Most everyone sleeps getting ready for tomorrow, but there are those who have not yet called it a night. Out of his uniform Kal-El dresses in a brown hat, matching jacket, pair of blue jeans, and his glasses to go along with it.

"I'm going out for awhile, I'll be taking a key so the door will be locked. Don't wait up, I'm goanna see if I can find out anything."

With that Kal exits out of the room, closing and locking the door behind him. Walking over in nothing but his boxer briefs, Bruce turns off the lights. Picking up one of his three utility belts he brought on the trip to this world. Opening up a certain pouch a familiar green light flashes back at him; but he closes it just as quickly. The utility belt is dropped down next to the others. Getting under the sheets he plays out different scenarios in his mind which could occur and their outcomes. Inside the Castle belonging to Shao Kahn the matches for round 6 have been set and finalized.

"Is there anything that surprises you as far as who still remain?" Walking up behind Pythena he looks over her shoulder at the bracket Shang Tsung created, "I'd say you've been point on so far."

"Besides three of the remaining fighters no, but they will all fall here in the next two rounds. I can't wait to see the Kryptonian dead below my feet."

It has become obvious to both Kahn and Shang Tsung Superman is the one she wants to defeat most. Why that may be is unknown, but maybe it's his strength, or perhaps his status being the most iconic hero to the many from his world; a true peoples champion. Whatever it may be, both men have grown tired of her nagging about this individual. It'll be nice when this is all over and they can enjoy being conquers of this world.

Within the temple where the JL and AV members stay Diana lies awake unable to sleep. It has nothing to do with what's on her mind, but rather what she's feeling throughout her body. She has no idea why, but it bothers her that she's in heat! Why is this happening to her; maybe it was something she ate hours ago. Looking over Carol still lays asleep, but over in the other bed she can hear movement.

"Hey Bucky are you awake?" She whispers trying not to wake Carol.

Moving over on his side he looks over across the room directly at her.

"Yeah I'm up, honestly I'm having a hard time sleeping."

"Stay where you are I'm coming over."

Her saying that doesn't make him feel uncomfortable, in fact at this particular moment there is nothing he'd want more. Slowly lifting the sheets from herself she walks over getting into the bed next to Bucky. She may not know it but he's been up for the past forty minutes unable to fall asleep for the same reason as her.

"Are you excited for tomorrow, I just can't wait for this all to be over so we can return home. It seems like we've just been wasting our time here."

"As much as I'd like to go home we've made it this far, so I'd like to see this thing through."

Moving over close to him she gets under the covers laying back a bit. Moving even closer to him she rubs a foot over his getting an instant reaction from him. Gulping he tries to hold it in but his erection grows. Moving his hand over he moves it over the smooth surface of her legs. Just as she has wore every night since they've been here is a T-shirt and panties. Smiling seductively she rubs a hand over the surface of the area.

"Di..Diana I thought we were goanna hold off on any of this." He whispers.

Sitting up she moves over getting on top of him resting her hands on his chest.

"I know but things change, neither of us should have to wait."

Moving her lower body up against his she can feel just how much he wants her. Thinking about it causes her to blush. Grinning she lifts up her shirt revealing her breasts which shine from the moons light which comes through the window. He can't believe this is actually happening, the speed in which his heart races only excites him further. She helps him remove his shirt throwing it off the bed unto the ground. Lowering her chest onto his she wraps her arms around his neck bringing his lower lip into her mouth sucking it. Neither of the two feel regret, which is odd considering the other day they agreed not to do anything else envolving each other on this mission. Releasing his lower lip she licks him over his lips.

"Have you uhm..done this with ah uhm.. Superman or Batman?" He asks sounding interested.

Stopping what she's doing she almost laughs but stops herself not trying to awake a certain someone over in the other bed.

"Maybe in their wildest fantasy's." She replies bringing her lips to his.

Both join in a passionate kiss, twirling their tongue in the others mouth. Speeding up the pace Bucky brings his arms up rubbing his hands over her bare back. Moving one hand down into her panties he grasps her butt. Breaking the kiss she smiles kissing and sucking at his ear.

"You are one dirty man Mr. Barnes." She whispers into his ear.

Bringing her lips back to his she deepens the kiss further speeding the pace of her lower body. Moaning through his mouth she feels tons of pleasure throughout her body just as he. But it is as if the life is sucked out of them both as the light to the room turns on! Diana jumps off Bucky but reveals her nakedness in the process!

"What in the hell are you two doing? Are you seriously kidding me, we're here on an important mission and you two are over here having Sex! Oh my goodness you two are unbelievable; wait till the others find out about this!"

Diana jumps up out of the bed basically nude standing up to Carol.

"I'll have your head if anyone finds out about this, their focus should be on the mission and nothing more!" Diana yells raising her voice.

"Is that a threat Princess, you might want to watch your tone!"

Sitting up in the bed Bucky shakes his head not believing this just happened.

"Could you both please just lower your voices so we can talk this over like normal people? Carol it isn't what it looked like we were ju.."

"Bucky please spare me, so maybe you didn't have sex; but you were obviously in the process of four play." She says sounding smart.

Stepping up Diana slaps her across the face sending her to the ground. Turning away from Carol she picks up her shirt putting it back on. Getting up Carol rubs her jaw walking toward the door.

"I wonder who I should tell first; hhmm I think Superman.. or maybe your buddy Batman would be a good idea. Or possibly I'll just keep this to myself. Good night!" She yells out slamming the door.

Diana tries to go after her but is grabbed by Bucky.

"Let her go she needs to cool off; you kinda went over board by hitting her. Please Diana just forget about it."

Sitting her down on the bed she takes a few deep breathes.

"I'm sorry Bucky but she reacted like a bitch, but than I guess I did as well. Hopefully she doesn't say a word, I don't want this to ruin my professional and social relationships with my friends."

Bucky sits by her side wrapping an arm around her. Walking out in the hall Carol is furious, she tries to remember which room Green Lantern and Wolverine chose; with the absence of Logan she'd be able to spend the rest of the night their. Taking a wild guess she knocks at one standing in nothing but a T-shirt. Inside the room someone gets up out of bed putting on a shirt and shorts walking toward the door.

"What happened you lost your ke.." Bruce stops

Looking her in the eyes Bruce scratches his head; looking back at him is Carol completely confused. Neither of them says a word; placing his hand on the door he attempts to close it but she puts her hand in the way.

"Ah may I ask who you are? If I can recall these rooms were reserved for the group I traveled over here with."

"I'm sorry there must be some kind of mistake, so if you could leave now I'd like to get my sleep."

Attempting to close the door again, she holds it open. Now he is becoming agitated, they may be teammates for this mission but that doesn't mean he would like to share his identity.

"You know you look very familiar to me; what's his name Brand.. no that's not it," She takes a few moments looking down at the ground, "Yes of course Bruce Wayne the billionaire playboy. He's one of the richest well to do people back where I come from. Never met him but I've seen him on T.V."

"That's nice to hear, but honestly I don't care."

Again he tries to close the door, but has no success.

"Dammit Carol am I goanna have to call security!"

Instantly his eyes widen, darn he just made a big mistake! Moving closer to him a grin appears on her face.

"Tell me, how exactly do you know my name?"

Stepping off to the side a bit he invites her in to the room; walking past him she enters with him closing the door and turning on a light. Seeing the batsuit laying in the corner her heart races; this man must be the Dark Knight. Turning to him he can see the disbelief in her eyes, but then out of nowhere she blushes.

"Ok are you going to tell me what you want, we should all be getting our sleep saving our energy for the tournament tomorrow."

"Wow seriously I had no idea you were so hot under the cowl. Who would hide a face like this."

Reaching out she rubs a hand over the side of his face.

Removing her hand he takes a seat at the end of his bed.

"Now is not the time to flirt, what's going on?" He says now speaking in his Batman tone.

Hearing this all but confirms and satisfies her claim. Who would have thought a rich stud/pretty boy would be Batman.

"I know this may sound crazy but I'm going to need to stay the night in here with you. Please I'll explain everything later I promise."

Turning from him she walks over to the other bed. What is this; incredibly random would be a great word to describe what is happening right now.

"Wait hold on there, that is where Superman sleeps. I'll tell you what I'll sleep on the ground and you can have this bed."

Turning to him she walks over sitting by his side.

"Now that wouldn't be fair, I'm kinda invading your space," Taking her eyes off him she rubs her hand over the sheets looking over the bed, "These things are king size and should be able to fit us both."

Attempting to speak she puts a finger to his lips.

"I didn't say it was up for debate, that's how we're going to do it. The left side of the bed is yours and the right is mine; one thing that I need to make clear is there will be no touching. If you do I will break every bone in your body." She says removing her finger from his lips.

Nodding he stands removing his shirt and shorts and as a reaction Carol whistles winking at him. Walking over she turns the light off. Bruce gets back into the bed making sure to stay out on the far left. Moments later she gets into the bed next to him taking a deep breath. It may be dark but the moon does provide some light.

"So you wanna tell me what's going on?"

"Tomorrow just get your sleep." She replies rolling over on her side facing the opposite direction of him.

Laying on his back he shakes his head a bit annoyed. His first mistake was going out to answer the door without checking who was on the other side; but honestly he thought it was Kal-El returning early. But that's still no excuse he never makes mistakes like this. And 2nd he let her figure out who he was not staying on guard. Laying their tightening his fist he promises himself this will never happen again.




Worlds away



Inside a bar the music booms with dancing and all sorts of different entertainment taking place throughout the building. Three individuals exit out of the place to take a smoke break. When out in the alleyway two of them throw another of them into a barrel of trash.

"I thought we made it clear we wouldn't be dealing to children!" One of them yells kicking at him pulling out a pocket knife.

He orders the other guy to pick him up as it continues to rain hard. Holding tight the other guy stabs him to death as he cries out for mercy through it all bleeding from his nose, chest, eyes and mouth.

"Now dispose of this garbage so NCIS, the police or whoever else can't find it."

Before either of them can make a move lighting strikes revealing the shadow of something slouched down on the building top. Turning both men pull out their hand guns aiming up in the area; but whatever it was disappeared.

"Guess it was just nothing." one of them says.

Turning back over to the body one of them is whacked across the head with a certain object falling to the ground.

"So the Devil finally shows it's face!" The other guys says firing of.

Using his acrobatic ability Daredevil dodges the bullets bringing himself closer to the attacker. Whacking him across the head a few times with his clubs he knocks the individual out. Tying up he and his accomplice DD gets ready to depart. After doing so the police are contacted with Daredevil returning to the roof tops. The night is young and there is still much work to do. Entering into her five million dollar home Sandra Bridey gets out of her clothes and into the shower. Spending some time in there she cleans up getting out and drying off. When done in the bathroom she gets into her expensive leather robe. Standing on the 7th floor of her home she looks out the window down onto the magnificent/breath taking city. But looking down across the street standing on the sidewalk looking up at her is a man who was at her show! His red Burgundy hair is hard to forget. At this point she becomes a bit scared, screaming as a door to the room she stands in opens.

"It's alright babe it's just me."

Taking one second to look at Trevor she looks back down across the street and the man is gone! How could that be, no one could be humanly that fast! Walking up behind her Trevor places his hands on her shoulder in which she jumps at the contact!

"Wow babe what's going on, talk to me." He asks now becoming worried.

"I think someone is stalking me; I saw him in the show and after the show and just now across the street!"

Trevor walks past her looking out the window but sees no one. Maybe she's just had a long day.

"Are you sure you aren't being paranoid, I don't see anyone out their." He tells.

"Baby please listen to me I'm not crazy he was there," Emotion now builds up within her tears coming to her eyes, "I think someone is out to get me."

Embracing her she cries into his chest. He holds her up close and tight never wanting to let go; he'll never let anything happen to his soul mate.

"I'll tell you what I'm goanna move in with you and hire some security how does that sound?"

Looking up with tears still in her eyes she doesn't know if she's loved him more than this moment ever. She brings him in for a kiss smiling.

"I'd love that sweetie."



Worlds away



Waking up in the night Bruce's eyes broaden feeling Carol's body up against his with one of his legs trapped between both hers with her head resting on his bare chest. To top it off one of her hands rest on his lower stomach! Talk about awkward; what was it she said? Oh yeah there will be no touching, and if he touches her she would break every bone in his body. I'm sure she didn't do this purposely but it's still awkward. Shifting his body a little bit he looks over in the other bed to see Kal fast asleep; it's no secret he'll have questions about this in the morning. Fully laying back down it only makes things worse with her moving over further onto him. Closing his eyes he just tries to fall back asleep even though he can feel her breath over his lower lip and chin. Eventually he does fall back asleep. With the passing of hours the sun rises awakening both Supes and Carol. She realizes almost instantly she is basically on top of the Dark Knight. Seeing that he is asleep she runs a finger over a few of his scars fascinated by them, having no idea Kal-El watches from the other bed.

"Obviously I'm out of the loop what happened with you two last night?" Supes asks with a bit of laughter in his voice.

Startled by hearing his voice she moves away from Bruce waking him by her movement. Rubbing his eyes he sits up looking over to see Clark is up as well.

"So are either of you going to tell me what happened?" Supes asks.

Glimpsing over at the Kryptonian he looks back at Carol.

"What happened to no touc.."

"Don't worry Superman your friend here was a real gentleman, if you want to know anything just ask me," Moving over she kisses Bruce on the lips getting out of the bed, "I'm goanna go take a shower, I'll speak with you both afterward."

Walking over to the door she winks back at Bruce who frowns, what in the heck is she doing; is this some kind of game. Once she exits the room it is Kal this time who frowns.

"You know that is a teammate and you shouldn't have been doing that, but please do enlighten me; maybe the circumstance will change my opinion of this."

Falling back onto his pillow he roles his eyes; sleeping on the floor is what he should have done in the first place! Now this has backfired on him, whatever the case he needs Ms Marvel to explain to he and Superman why she needed to spend the night in this room. But what really bothers him is she's acting like he and she did something they didn't actually do. He'll explain his side of the story to Kal; but whatever she has to say is what's going to be most important.

To Be Continue

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 This was an awsome chapter, it's great to see Daredevil has finally
made his first appearence!

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 20: Inside team battles



Waking up from what was a long night of patrol he sits up stretching out what feels like a back which has been through a meat grinder. It makes even trying to get out of bed a tough task. Maybe he should give it a break tonight, but that is out of the question; it's nice to think that maybe criminals would take a break from crime. But he knows all to well that isn't going to happen, it is not known to him why he continues to fight a battle which will probably never be won; but that is a choice he made a long time ago. Grunting he forces himself out of bed making his way over into the bathroom where he showers getting ready for the day ahead of him. Drying off Matt Murdock steps into his work uniform making sure his tie is straight. Running his hand over braille he is able to pick out the shades he'll wear for the day, exiting from his home carrying his cane close to him. The slight wind which blows over his face is relaxing, calming his nerves from all that is on his mind. Sniffing the air confirms he's close; the sweetness of Dale's Donuts cannot be mistaken for any place else. Waiting for all vehicles to pass, he crosses the street entering into the bakery which smells of rich Carmel combined with the freshness of glazed donuts! Enough to make anyone's mouth water. Taking a seat over in one of the booths, he sits back resting his hands with on the table's surface.

"I'll be over with you in a moment sir." A waitress tells.

Removing his hands from the table he nods as a response. This place just opened two month's ago but he's grown attached to it in that short time. Not only do they serve the best desserts but they've got some of the most kind people working here. Walking up to his left the waitress places a cup of Italian roast Coffee in front of him. The employees have become familiar with some if not all of what he enjoys.

"Would you like anything else?"

Taking a sip he sets the cup down feeling better already, this brand seems to always energize him almost instantly.

"No thanks that will be it for now, I'm actually meeting someone today." Matt replies.

Patting him over the shoulder she walks off heading into a back room. Hopefully his client didn't get lost trying to find this place; it probably would have been easier had he caught a flight and went to them. Moving a hand up to his face he squeezes at his jaw, which took a little punishment when chasing the car robbers last night.

"Excuse me are you Matt Murdock?" A female voice asks.

"I'm glad you finally found me, have a seat and you can start giving me the details." He replies looking in her direction.

Shaking hands she walks over taking a seat across from him setting her purse on the floor. Honestly this is the first time she's been in hell's kitchen, but it does have some similarities to other places she has visited including her home town

"Before we get started are you miss Leslie?"

Throwing her hair back she ties it into a pony tail.

"Actually I'm some what a colleague to her, she's emotionally going through a lot right now which is why I have traveled here in her place. By the way I'm Helena Bertinelli; I've done some research on you and figured you are the best guy for the job."

Listening in he makes sure to catch all of what she says. With the information being given to him, it becomes quite clear as to what type of case he will be dealing with. According to what Helena says Tina Leslie was raped by Jierk Thomas a multi millionaire. But Jierk argues saying it was consensual, saying the bruises she sustained was due to rough sex not him trying to force himself onto her. Boy he's heard that one before, but the public status of Jierk will make it hard to win this case; let alone who knows who he may pay off!

"Why did you come to me with this, seriously I don't see us winning this one. The only one who will suffer in all this is Tina; she'll have to relive every single brutal detail. I'd love to help, but you should have went to someone of higher status."

Trying to see through his shades she looks him in the eyes not believing what he just said, but than again he is probably right. As far as the public is concerned Jierk is a gentle well to do kind of guy who puts together charities monthly. Things will probably not go in their favor, but that doesn't mean they can't try.

"Regardless if she wins the case or not we need you, you're the best she can afford." Helena says reaching over placing her hands over Matt's.

Sliding over she moves next to his side bringing his hands to her face. Before making the trip here she was informed he was in fact blind, unable to see a thing. Observing the reaction on his face she blushes a bit.

"Have you ever been told you're beautiful?"

The two of them laugh together as a reaction. Finishing up his Coffee he leaves a tip with Helena helping him up both exiting out of the bakery together. She has no idea of his sonar like vision created by sound, and he does a great job performing as if he were completely blind. Truth be told if it weren't for the amount of security Jierk possess; she would have paid him a more personal visit. Or should she say Huntress would have given him face to face time. She would easily be taken out if she tried to battle him on her own.

Being brought into an interrogation room is Jay Hawkner, hands shaking and feet trembling. It wasn't long ago he was with Kimberly before she was brutally murdered. Truthfully it hasn't sunk in just yet, the thought is unreal; the question which comes back to him is why her? She had so many dreams and potential, and most importantly he loved her. Burying his face into his hands he sheds a few more tears still remembering her scent, touch and lips. The the door to the room opens with two detectives entering one having a seat across from Jay, while the other closes the door standing off to the side.

"I know this must be a hard time for you Mr. Hawkner, your parents are in the waiting area just to let you know. But we really need any information you may have. According to a few sources you were the last person seen with her."

Thinking back he figures they must have spoke with Dara and or Samantha, the four of them walked part of the way home together. Seriously the entire situation sucks, their is so much speculation going on, with even some fingers being pointed in his direction! But he himself knows he didn't do a thing to harm her.

"Yeah I walked her home, and that was it; we hugged and went our separate ways," The agitation can easily be depicted in his voice as if it were a painting of a lost soul with everything against it, "Why do I get the feeling you guys are assuming I had something to do with this."

Rolling his eyes Jay rests his head on the table's surface looking away from both detectives. Why does he have to be here, if anything he's a victim as well; after a tragedy like this who could blame him for being at lost for words.

"I'm just assuming your cooperation with miss Kim's death, now if you really want to help her we need for you to start remembering. Was there anything that seemed off when you left campus? Did you feel you were being watched?"

Sitting back he tries to refresh his memory but can't pick out anything that seemed off, being under distress only makes it that much harder.

"No I.I..I really can't remember I'll need more time to think," His tone now a little panicky, "I just want to go home now please."

"Are you sure you don't want to tell us more; because I think you didn't just give her a hug goodbye but you forced yourself onto her and raped her and probably killed her after she threatened to tell. We're going to need a sample of your DNA kid."

Hearing this his eyes widen, at this point he better come completely clean or they may not take him serious. Sitting up he clears his throat.

"Ok so I didn't go straight home, so we had sex in her room but that doesn't mean I killed her. I promise I won't withhold any more information, Kim and I were in love."

"That's good to hear, so I'm going to ask you again did you see or feel something wasn't right yesterday. Was Kimberly at all acting off?"

This time he puts a lot of thought into it, removing a tear from his eye. Come to think of it there was an individual unknown to the area who he'd never seen standing a few yards off campus.

"It just came back to me, but there was a man who I'd never seen in the area. He didn't look intimidating, but he did look in our direction once."

"What did he look like, anything will help like how tall, the color of his eyes or hair?"

Just as he is about to reply the two detectives are called out of the interrogation room.

"You can try and get whatever information you want from this kid, but he is not our killer. Whoever did this is a professional, some of our people are even saying it's not human. We need to keep the details of her death quite, we don't want a huge global reaction."




Worlds Away




Stepping out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and another in her hair she almost screams seeing the capped Crusader standing off to the side of the wall with crossed arms.

"Can't this wait, I'm not even dressed?" She says turning away from him.

Walking out he grabs her by the wrist tightening his grip.

"Let me be clear if any other of your buddies find out about my secret, it's going to be your head! And keep it away from Shield; yeah I know all about that."

Pulling her arm away from him she looks at him in total disbelief! How in the world does he know of Shield. It makes her wonder if he already knew her identity before they even met; the more she learns about him the more interesting he becomes. A true case of a mystery man, who's to say he hasn't deduced the entire Avenger's team! Turning back to him she smiles causing him to frown.

"So you think this is some kind of game I.."

"It has nothing to do with that, and don't worry your secret is safe with me."

"Aside from that what was with the kiss? It made absolutely no sense, and has only got Superman thinking; and more importantly why did you need to spend the night?"

Turning and walking opposite from him she looks over her shoulder.

"I promise as soon as we get to the Dome I will answer your questions." She says walking down the hall entering back into her room.

Tightening his fist he wants to yell out, it feels as though this woman has her fingers wrapped around him playing him as if he were her puppet. He eases up feeling a familiar grip over his shoulder.

"You know Bruce I think she has a thing for you."

Quickly removing the Krytonian's hand he stands up straight facing his colleague. The two of them have been through a lot together as far as battles are concerned, surviving some of the most difficult tasks overcoming the impossible.

"Actually I saw her more as your type, say if things don't work out with Lois maybe you can hit her up."

It is now Superman who frowns, Batman realizing the joke should have been avoided just walks past the man of steel. Following him both men enter into the elevator not saying a word to the other. Hearing the conversation between Batman and Ms Marvel he is able to conclude his earlier analysis was wrong of what may have happened between them last night. While getting dressed into her uniform Carol doesn't say a word to either Bucky or Diana. Inside of the tournament Dome Flash has already arrived chatting with the champion himself.

"So how much time do you put into your workouts each day, you're pretty built with some of the best definition I've seen?" Flash asks.

The two are the only participants who have arrived walking the halls.

"Well as far as physical workouts I put in anywhere from 7 to 12 hours, leaving me some time for my other sets of conditioning. It's not all about the body, but the spirit and mind must be prepared as well."

Wally really does take his words to heart, after all he's the champ until defeated. But what he likes about him most speaking with him, even with all the super powered fighters in the tournament he welcomes the challenge with open arms and tremendous confidence! But I guess that's what it takes to be champ, you have to feel nothing can stand in your way or you will be beaten, broken and defeated.

"That is so awesome, do you think there is a chance I could ever meet this Raiden guy. The way you speak of him interests me." Flash asks.

"There is a possibility but it is probably slim at best. Things are at peace for the most part, he doesn't show his face around much unless there is trouble."

Nodding Flash understands, guys with the high status and priorities like himself probably wouldn't be around the public much. But just the sound of it makes him excited; Raiden the Thunder God! Hanging around, the two continue to talk with eventually everyone else showing up including the viewers/bidders. The good thing for those who remain there will be no long agonizing/nerve racking wait, seeing as there aren't very many of them left. Sitting at a table Flash continues talking with Liu about his past tournament experiences. Being pulled off to the side by Supes Ms Marvel isn't the slightest surprised one bit. Not saying a word he waits for Batman to make his way over.

"So you wanna tell us what's up?" Superman finally asks.

Looking away from him it gets no better seeing as the dark knight gives her the bat glare.

"Ok Bucky and I got in a fight, it was over nothing really. In fact he and I are on good terms now."

Without a word the two stand just staring her down before looking at each other and then back at her. You know there has to be more to it than that, for whatever reason she isn't telling them the whole truth. Neither of the two were born last night and can tell when they've been lied to.

"Really that's the best yo.."

Batman is cut off by Superman stepping forward.

"Thanks for clearing that up for us, now we can focus our attention on the task at hand."

Saying nothing more Krypton's last son walks off leaving the two. He can't believe it why is he letting her get off so easy? But than again perhaps it is for the best they just put it to rest.

"Whenever or if you ever want to talk you know where to find me." Bats says leaving her as well.

The two fighters called to the ring first are Liu Kang and his opponent Seph the jugglar. It is getting so close, with a win here either fighter can put himself in great position to reach his ultimate goal to win the tourney. You can almost reach out and touch it , fan favorites or not both came here for one thing and one thing only; to become or remain the Mortal Kombat champion.

"So where would the two of you like to decide this?" The announcer asks as he has done so many times before.

Both participants agree to just battle it out right in the ring in front of all the spectators. Stepping out of the ring the announcer signals for the match to begin. Neither fighter tries a direct approach just circling the other looking for an opening.

"It is a pleasure to be in the same ring as you Liu Kang, I've heard so much about you from very far away. Too bad we had to meet under these circumstances; let the best man win." He says out of respect for the champ.

Smiling Liu shakes his head thanking him, but now isn't the time to make friends; only one of them will be advancing to the final round of the bracket. Running forward it is Seph who begins his attack on MK's finest. Blocking the punch Liu is able to react fast enough to back flip out of the way of a round house kick landing on his feet. Moving forward he throws out a strike which is grabbed having himself thrown to the ground by Seph. Flipping up Liu uppercuts Seph who lands on his feet.

"Very impressive Shalion warrior, can you tell me one thing? Myth has it back where I come from you were trained by the great Raiden! Is there any truth to that?"

Out to the west a slight wind closes in blowing Liu's hair out in that direction, the fresh air is definitely relaxing calming his nerves and spirit. Thinking past this fighter is something he can't do, but it's tough seeing as if he does win this match his most likely opponent to face in the bracket final will be non other than Spiderman! An individual who has taken out both Sonya and Kung Lao!

"Yes it is true, he has taught me a lot of what I know."

Not delaying both move on the attack giving the other the best of what they've got not holding back. Taking a knee to the stomach and a knife hand to the throat Seph falls to the ground out cold!

"Winner of this match and therefore will be advancing to the final in bracket in bracket 4 Liu Kang!" The announcer says.

The Shalion fighter is applauded by many, it sure does feel good to have made it this far. If Johnny Cage is to win his match against the wall Crawler than it will be Liu vs Johnny. For now he can just sit back and see how things turn out with all of the other matches. Stepping out of the ring it is Batman and Subzero who're called to the ring. The match up brings mixed feelings amongst the crowd. When in the ring it is the Lin Kuei's best who suggests the polar express which the dark knight agrees to. Without a word the two are transported to the destination. Looking across the way both are able to see the other. One thing is for sure the temperature is bitter, both being able to see his breath from the below zero atmosphere.

"I hope you are able to adjust to different temperatures Batman, or this might be your last fight ever."

Staying on guard Batman is able to jump out of the way of the ice blast throwing a batarang in the direction of where Subzero stands having it frozen and shattered. Running out he engages the Lin Kuei member in close combat slicing at his arm with the blades on his gauntlets. Subzero steps back putting pressure on the damaged area.

"Good one, guess I under estimated your speed; you can be assured it won't happen again."

Loading up another ice blast Subzero shoots it off at Batman who blocks it with his cape, kicking at the ice fighter having his legged grabbed and thrown down into the snow. Flipping up Batman punches Subzero into a large pile of snow throwing an explosive batarang in the area watching as Subzero is tossed the other direction into a pit with Polar Bears. Not wasting anytime he jumps down into the pit as well resuming the battle. Jumping up Subzero whacks him across the face knocking him off balance. Sitting within a back room Shao Kahn watches anxiously impressed with this Batman. He's already known what Subzero is capable of, but the fact this unknown fighter is keeping pace with him is incredible.

"This Batman is one we should keep our eye on."

All who are present within the room are he and Shang Tsung, remembering back Pythena did mention she knew nothing of this individual. But with the amount of strength she possess it's no wonder she looks past him and fighters like Liu Kang. But this guy should be taken note of, after all he defeated the ninja spectre Scorpion in a slugfest.

"He may be an impressive fighter, but he will pose no threat to us. Pythena has made it clear she could instantly destroy the earth realm heroes; and this guy is on the same level as them all as far as strength is concerned." Shang Tsung replies.

Oh the waiting is becoming problematic; he can hardly wait to see Liu Kang dead at his feet lifeless/brutally destroyed!

"Remember to keep your guard up, who's to say this woman doesn't turn on us once this is all over. I'm not saying she will, but lets be real she came out of basically nowhere bringing us into her plans." Shao Kahn tells.

Nodding both look over at the door with Pythena entering closing the door behind her having a seat over on the sofa.

"I hope our little love birds had a splendid time last night, both their drinks were spiked by a special potion which comes from my world." She snickers laying back.

Both men look at her having no clue what she speaks of just turning their attention back to the monitor where Subzero faces off against the Dark Knight. Looking up she runs a finger through her hair remembering she did not inform either of them what she did to Wonder Woman and Captain America. Anything that can tear their group apart with in is a good thing. Up on screen the two fighters come extremely close to the bear cubs provoking the adult bears! Subzero is smashed into a wall by one of them while another of them bull rushes knocking Batman into the 29 below water! Quickly getting out he leaps over grabbing Subzero grappling them out of the pin. Back on the top surface, the Lin Kuei fighter shows know movement. Bending down Bats puts a gloved finger to his neck, realizing he's knocked out. Moments later he is brought back to the dome.

"Winner of this match and will be advancing to the final in bracket 1 Batman!"

Exiting out of the ring there is a sigh of relief, he has taken a step closer to stop Pythena's plans dead in it's tracks. But there will have to be a few more things which need to happen for that to be a reality. The next two to be called to the ring are Spiderman and Johnny Cage.

"Good match Bats you did well, wish me luck." Spiderman says passing the capped crusader in the hall.

Patting him over the shoulder he nods as a way of replying. Approaching the ring sight Spidy watches the paramedics cart off Subzero who still lies unconscious. Continuing forward past them he flips into the ring in front of the announcer.

"We'll do this right here in the ring, those outside interferences are ridiculous." Spidy tells with much energy.

Hearing this causes the announcer to smile, boy have they seen a lot of matches decided by elements within the fighting area's outside this dome. Johnny is a little bit late arriving to the ring but does eventually show, agreeing to the terms of Spiderman. The match begins as soon as the announcer exits out of the ring.

"Just think about it this way Cage, even though you're going to loose this match; you will still be starring in one of the hottest films set to release next winter." Spiderman says trying to start conversation.

"Wait who told you about that? We'll see just who's going to win this match."

Taking a few steps back Spidy stretches his legs out looking up at Johnny Cage who raises an eyebrow. Is this some way of showing disrespect? The time for anything like stretching should have been done back in the waiting area.

"To answer your question I got the information from your friend Sonya, she's actually pretty easy to talk with. So have you two ever conside.."

Spidy is cut off with Johnny shooting one of his energy balls at him dodging it with his great flexibility.

"Hey what was that all about, I wasn't even done talking." Spiderman complains.

"You do realize this is a match don't you? Which means we're supposed to be fighting." Johnny says.

Thinking about it, maybe he was a bit to talkative; jumping up he webs Johnny's feet to the ground running over and punching him across the face watching him fall to the ground unconscious. Performing a back flip Spidy bows to the cheering crowd. Both Shang Tsung and Kahn can't believe their eyes; one of earth realm's best fighters was defeated by just one punch! Pythena notices their facial expressions just smiling. Now they can see why she has no fear of mere mortals.

"Winner of this match and will be advancing to the final in bracket 4 Spiderman!" The announcer says.

Worlds Away

Inside a space Shuttle Dr. Doom works alongside Electro looking over a set of directions trying to put together the ray gun which will be installed into the android. In a room neighboring to them is Rhino and Dock Ock who work on the Android's programming system, after all they don't won't it to be completely brainless if it is to be effective.

"Stand back Rhino that is expensive equipment, in which we cannot afford to have get destroyed. Why don't you go see if Doom has something for you to do." Otto suggests.

Stepping away from the area Rhino walks over to the door which automatically opens scanning out his presence. Standing off to the side he can see both Electro and Doom are very busy and trying to get their attention at this time would be a bad idea. So he does what he has done for most of the day, just watch and learn.

"What is the point of us creating this thing, we should be able to take out the X-men and Avengers without this thing if we're to get more recruits. I'm getting tired of trying to figure this thing out." Electro says becoming annoyed.

Paying close attention to detail Doom just ignores Electro continuing on moving all the small parts into one area, while holding the instructions in his other hand. Even the slightest mistake could prove big in the final results so everything must be perfect. It becomes so intense he can feel the sweat run down the side of his face.

"Patience Electro, everything will turn out our way. In time we will obtain more followers, but for now I need you to stay focused on this."

Shaking his head he understands focusing back in on the several parts which lay out across the table. Maybe when they get further in there will be something Rhino will be able to help them with.




Worlds away




Sitting in silence listening to Flash and Spiderman talk Diana's eyes open to hear her name being called to the ring. But hearing the name Ms Marvel causes her heart rate to pick up! Talk about bad timing, this is the worst time the two of them could have been fighting!

"Oh this should be good, but Ms Marvel is totally goanna own. Yeah Wondie may be pretty and all but this is not her fight to win." Spiderman says.

Reaching over Flash pinches the wall crawler on his shoulder.

"What are you blind, Ms Marvel is the one who is outclassed. I'll be surprised if she even lasts three minutes. On another note they're both pretty, that is something we agree on."

Walking past them Wonder Woman smiles, they're still going at it who's got the better team. But she won't spoil it for them, in fact a little competition between friends can be healthy. Walking through the hall she holds her head down taking deep breaths.

"Diana is everything ok."

Looking up she is surprised to see Green Lantern who looks concerned for her.

"Everything is fine Hal, it was just a long night is all." She replies continuing to the ring.

Already awaiting her is the announcer alongside Ms Marvel, talk about awkward she never even got the chance to apologize for last night. Guess it will have to wait till later, now is definitely not the time to do so.

To Be Continue

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CHP 21: Best of the best


Among the spectators this is one of the most anticipated matches that they've waited to see happen, there was no argument these are the two most dominant female contestants which were in this tournament. Aside from Krypton's last son, it wouldn't surprise some if either of these two were to win it all. Standing in place the two just stare the other down, the events which occurred last night have a lot to do with their loss for words. In fact neither has said a word to the other after the heated encounter, resolving the issue is going to be a top priority; being at odds will only destroy their focus.

"I don't know about you but I'm still sticking with the Flash; I put down $7,000 on the speedster. I'm wondering if anyone will even be able to touch him who still remains."

"Maybe so, but I'm standing by Superman and nothing will change my mind. If there is someone who can keep up with that Flash it's him." Another of them says.

Things are now beginning to get very exciting with things coming down close to the end/the final fighters. At this point the best of the best are all that remain, and soon the champion of mortal kombat will be crowned. Asking both fighters where they'd like to battle, neither replies still just focused in on the other. The intensity between them both builds, just as it does amongst the audiences with some chanting Ms Marvel and others Wonder Woman!

"We'll battle at the pigeons nest." Ms Marvel finally speaks.

Turning to Wonder Woman the announcer checks with her to see if it is ok. It takes her a few moments but she agrees to the terms with the announcer stepping out of the ring. Just as all matches which take place outside the dome they're transported to the battle location. Appearing high up in the sky it is a good thing Ms Marvel is able to fly, or she might have been defeated instantly from falling Sixty ft down. Hovering downward she eventually makes it to the ground. But the funny thing is this fortress or whatever it is floats in mid air, miles from the rest of the land below.

"What a strange place, but I like it," She is able to see several birds pass by through the clouds, "Hhhm I guess I better hurry and find her so we can get this started."

Taking flight she believes doing this will speed the process as she will be able to gaze down on the entire area. The breeze does feel good, she moves over just in time to dodge a cluster of cardinals who pass by. Keeping her eyes down on the fortress below she is knocked out of the sky and into a massive bird feeder, smashing part of it open. Shaking herself off she looks up to see Wonder Woman who floats looking down on her.

"So are we going to skip the warm up and get right to it? I personally like the warm up." Wonder Woman says smiling while cracking her knuckles.

Getting up off the ground Ms Marvel fly's up at full speed beginning her attack. Throwing out a punch it is grabbed with her arm being twisted behind her, Wonder Woman bringing her lips close to her left ear.

"You don't really think you have the battle experience to compete with an amazon of my status do you?"

Yelling out she breaks the arm lock turning and throwing another punch at the princess of Themyscira, who blocks it countering and kicking Ms Marvel all the way back down to the ground; the impact causes the area to fall through a bit.

"Oh haha oh what's going on Spider..boy do I hear crickets. Your little Ms. Marvel can't even touch Wonder Woman." Flash says pumped, feeling very satisfied so far.

Spiderman does not reply just watching with clinched fists up at the T.V. screen. What the heck is happening, Ms Marvel needs to get it together or he'll never hear the end of this! Feeling a hand patting him over the shoulder only agitates him further!

"Hey cheer up pal, there's always a winner and looser; unfortunately for you this was over before it even began."

Keeping his eyes on the screen he tries his best to try and ignore him, after all Batman is right; they're here as one team and one team only. Getting back into the air she continues her attack against Wonder Woman. This time she connects with Diana's chin using the palm of her gloved hand. Quickly grabbing her by the head she knees her in the face, elbowing her down to the turf below. Ms Marvel doesn't wait around flying down to stay on schedule. Flipping out of the way Wonder woman leaps up wrapping her legs around Ms Marvel's neck tossing her down.

"Not bad, at first I thought this might be a walk in the park." Diana informs.

Getting up Ms Marvel fixes her hair just looking at her opponent.

"Thanks, but the soft talk can wait for later."

Both run forward continuing throwing different strikes at one another, some of which are blocked. Pulling out her lasso she throws it out having it wrap around Ms Marvel's ankles tightening it. Trying to fly up she is pulled back down punched across the face into a tree. Disturbing the peace, causes some birds to fly down and start pecking at her. Pushing past them she zooms over at Wonder Woman who grabs her by her hair smashing Ms Marvel's face into a stone.

"Oh hera that can't be good," Diana's eyes widen stepping away from Ms Marvel tapping her on the shoulder, "Have you ever seen anything like it?"

Rubbing her eyes she looks up mouth opening surprised at what stands before them at close to forty five ft tall! Yes it is none other than a massive pigeon! Moving forward it knocks both of them over using it's belly Flying off past them both.

"Now that was interesting, I'd hate to be dinner to that thing." Ms Marvel says.

Looking over her shoulder Ms Marvel moves out of the way of a punch delivered by Wonder woman which shatters a rock. Re positioning she kicks at Wonder Woman having it grabbed twisted and herself being thrown to the ground. Getting up Wonder Woman's fist catches Ms Marvel across the face, her hands dropping down to her sides with Wonder Woman connecting with a few right and left hooks. Spinning around she ends it with a round house kick watching Ms Marvel fall to the ground out cold! Being brought back to the dome the audiences are piercing! But some disappointed; behind Superman, Ms Marvel was the 2nd most betted on fighter!

"Winner and will be advancing to the final in bracket 2, Wonder Woman!"

For the most part she is applauded, even by those who may have betted against her. Sitting within the waiting room Spiderman does nothing but shake his head with Flash getting up from the table standing behind him.

"If that is not a butt woopen I don't know what is." Flash says.

Before either of them are able to say anything else Ironman walks over placing a hand on both individuals.

"I hope you both are ready, stay focused any of us could be in this next match with the amount of participants we're down to. By the way good when over Johnny Parker."

Walking off Tony doesn't say another word leaving the two in silence. Flash can see that Spidy doesn't want to talk so he just keeps his mouth shut; besides they should be thinking about their upcoming matches. Lifting up Ms Marvel; Wonder Woman exits out of the ring taking to the air waving to the cheering fans. Once out of sight and in the hallway she looks down to see another of her teammates landing in front of him.

"I'll be back soon, I'm going to take her back to the temple. If anyone asks you can just let them know."

Turning away from him she looks for the closes exit but is grabbed by her wrist before she is able to progress on.

"Diana can you tell me what it is Ms Marvel and Captain America were arguing about? She hasn't given the details to Superman or myself." Batman asks.

Looking back over at him she opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. She stands in place thinking back, realizing what this has to do with! So I guess she didn't tell anyone about her and Bucky; in fact she created a cover story for why..wait that brings up where did Ms Marvel spend the rest of the night? Feeling her heart drop once again Wonder Woman takes a deep breath.

"How would you know of that Bruce?" She asks very curious.

Studying her face he can see there is much more to the question than presents itself; her facial gives it away easily. Now it is him who thinks, realizing it comes back to what she saw some mornings ago.

"It's nothing you haven't figured out already, and yes she did spend the night in my room. But you need not worry, she and Superman took the two beds while I slept on the ground."

Now the pressure is back on her, what were the two arguing about? More like what lie will she have to come up with? Whatever it may be she better come up with it quick and it better be good, because this man here is one of the best at knowing when something is true or not. Throwing her head back she puts on a smirk winking at him. Raising an eyebrow behind the cowl he wonders what this means?

"I'll tell you later, I really should be getting her back to the temple."

Whistling she steps away from him causally walking off but stops in place smiling at the sound of his voice. Somehow she knew she wouldn't be getting off that easy. Looking back at him he approaches coming up behind her.

"Seriously when you get the chance I'd like to have a word with you alone."

Shaking her head she gives him the thumbs up leaving exiting the building.




Worlds Away



Sitting in class TJ Howard can't help but keep looking up at the clock wondering when class will get out. It has been a long day and sadly his attention span has degraded immensely. Tapping his pencil over the desks surface he scratches at his head not really paying any attention to what comes out of his teacher's mouth. Taking a few last notes the class is dismissed from class.

"You all have a great day now and don't forget to get your packets signed."

Once outside he sets down his skateboard, setting one foot on the board and uses the other to pick up speed. Soon after he steps a board cruising down the stairs; but just as he has done a few times before he runs into a school official! Trying to hold back a grin he gets up brushing himself off.

"Well if it isn't Mr. Howard; hand over the board son. You were warned last time if this happened again it would be confiscated again. But this time your mother will have to come pick it up for you."

"What are you kidding me?"

"I kid you not," The board is taken from him, "You're a good kid and I respect that, but you need to be a little more controlling when on this thing. Have a great rest of your day."

Shaking his head he watches the adult take part of his property back into the school. Just when he was finally feeling this crappy day was finally going to change for the better. Just as he turns he bumps into another student causing their books and a few papers to fall.

"Oh I'm so sorry Liz, I didn't know you were right behind me," Bending down he helps pick up her stuff, "So are you doing anything this weekend?"

Taking the stuff from his hands she smiles looking him in the eyes.

"Are you asking me to the dance?" Her smile grows.

"Well yeah sure..I mean I'm not doing anything so if you'd lik.."

He does not finish as she runs up to him wrapping her arms around him for a hug. Well I guess her answer is a yes! Great finally something is going his way, for a moment there he believed things would continue to go down hill.

"I guess I'll see you later than." She says breaking the hug.

Seeing as she walks off he looks around for another friend of his Tiaha, most the time the two of them walk home together given they live on the same street. Waiting near the front of the school she finally appears walking over to his side.

"Sorry it took me so long, but if you're ready we can go now."

Both step off school property heading home. Not even walking a block, a van pulls up next to them honking. Both stop in their tracks watching the driver pull down his window.

"Excuse me young lady are you Tiaha Daye?"

Shaking her head she informs him that it's indeed her.

"I'm glad I found you, your father instructed me to come pick you up. I'm a distant relative, and he says it would be great for you to meet some of your other aunts and uncles."

She doesn't speak just surprised with how random this is. Her father nor mother told her anything of this. Shrugging her shoulders she says goodbye to TJ stepping into the vehicle.

"Now you stay out of trouble young gun." The driver says to TJ.

Starting up the vehicle the two head up the street taking a left. Once again he is alone, but that is ok; because he's got a date for the biggest dance of the year. Well the first thing he's going to do when he gets home is start planning for what he'll wear and ask his mother to retrieve his skateboard from the school.

Within an apartment in the city of Gotham, there are two new individuals to the residence setting their things down closing the door behind them.

"Say Ivy how long will we be staying here? You have to believe the bird alerted Batman that we've escaped."

Sitting over on the edge of a bed Ivy sniffs at one of her flowers happy to find this rare brand which doesn't grow around in this city at all. Being out of Arkham and free sure does feel good, but they will have to keep a very low profile for now if it is going to stay that way.

"Don't you worry about Batman, my plants will have him for supper if he comes anywhere near us. As I said before if we lay low it shouldn't be a problem."

"I sure hope you're right red, he just seems to always find a way of figuring out everything."

Setting the plant down Ivy gets up onto the bed laying out on her back loving the softness of the pillows. Back in Arkham they had the worst scratchy material for everything involving furniture. Within another part of the city the one known as Deadpool still lurks around, for there is still one more object which needs to be collected. Wearing a long brown jacket over his ninja attire and matching hat he walks the foggy streets of Gotham with both hands in the pockets located on the coat. The weather doesn't bother him to much as it may some others, but he'd rather it be warm; but really who doesn't like it that way. Passing an alleyway he witnesses a man run right by a woman pulling her purse away from her fingers running in his direction.

"Wow what the hell," The man stops in front of Deadpool who blocks his path, "I'd say Halloween has past buddy, now if you'd excuse me."

Knowing guys like this he won't return the stolen property if asked; stepping up he karate chops him across the neck koing him. Falling over the man drops the purse, in which Deadpool picks up handing to the woman who approaches.

"Oh thank yo..well you're a weird one," She takes her purse from him looking over his attire, "Thanks again." Is all she can say walking past him.

Continuing he doesn't think much of her reaction knowing he has a lot to do; and the sooner he gets it done the quicker he can get out of this corrupt city. It seems every five minutes something bad happens in this place. Before entering into his short term residence he looks around before entering.

"Good to see you made it back in one piece," The last member of his group sits over in a chair reading a newspaper, "I tell you what this town is crazy, you've got to watch your back every second of the day."

Seriously Deadpool couldn't agree more, but he doesn't mind the dangers which come through his life. It actually serves as an energizer for a guy such as himself.



Worlds away



With the passing of another match the most anticipated fight has finally come! Yes it is the fastest man alive against the man of steel! Being called to the ring Flash is the one to zoom in while Superman just fly's in. Both wave at the audiences who cheer their loudest they ever have since this event began! Things are even being thrown from the stands!

"Sounds like they really like us Supes, lets give them a show. I'll try not to take you out to quickly so they'll enjoy it just that more."

"You got that right, but I wouldn't declare yourself victor so quick. I'm going to give you my best and I expect the same from you." Superman replies.

Just as the announcer is about to ask where they'd like to duke it out, Flash picks up speed running around not being able to be seen by the naked eye because of his acceleration. This action gets the crowd even more hyped. Completing a few circles around the ring he comes to a stop in front of the announcer.

"We'll decide this at the grassy meadow." Flash says.

Looking over at Superman the announcer can see he nods agreeing to the suggestion. Stepping out of the ring even the announcer is excited for this match up. The two power houses are sent to the destination with everything becoming quite because of the intensity.

"You know both of them very well, so who do you think has the edge?" Spiderman asks.

Scratching at his chin he gives the question some thought, these may be the most lethal members of the Justice League. The two of them have similarities but than they also have their own strengths which the other may lack in.

"Good question you got me there, I guess we'll just have to watch and see. But what I can say is this will make for a good show." Green Lantern replies.

Arriving to the battle ground both can see the other because of the wide open grass land with not a tree in sight. Superman floats above glancing down on Flash enjoying the moment he zooms down out of the air punching at flash who is knocked 100 yards the other way. Just as Superman fully sets his boots down to the ground Flash is back over to him in less than a second landing over 98 hits in just four seconds! Zooming at light speeds around Superman he takes away his air ending it with a powerful uppercut which sends the man of steel over 100 +ft up into the air! The audiences are on their feet, flabbergasted by what they're seeing!

"Wow what power and strength, these guys are in an entire different league than the rest of us." Spidy says being just as surprised as everyone else.

He'd never seen either of the two in action not holding back, so this really is a treat. He can hardly believe the speed of them both, he'd never seen anything quite at this level.

"Unexpected isn't it, but once you've worked with them as long as I you grow accustomed to it."

Turning to look over the back of his shoulder he can see Wonder Woman standing behind him. After dropping Ms Marvel back at the temple she has returned.

"Yeah I guess you are right, now I can see why back on earth; I mean your earth..I mean our earth since they are combined, why these two are so idolized."

Him trying to explain himself makes her chuckle, he's got an easy personality that almost anyone can open up to him because of it. Watching together the fight rages on with 10 minutes turning to over an hour. Back in the meadows Supes charges back down punching into the ground causing much of the surrounding area to tremble but has no luck knocking Flash off balance. Dashing over the speedster Elbows, kneeing, and landing twenty eight punches in 2 seconds knocking Supes over. Standing on one knee Kal shoots out laser beams from his eyes but does not connect; Flash dodging each of his attempts.

"Come on Supes you're going to have to do better than that."

Speeding over to punch him yet again Superman manages to grab both his wrists smashing his face into his. Falling off balance Flash is unable to do a thing as Superman grabs him by the neck punching him half a mile in the other direction. Tumbling and spinning falling to the ground. While down he takes one moment to sniff the grass grinning and getting up. At top speed he is back to Superman in no time knife handing him across the neck and using the palm of his hand connecting with Superman's chin. The man of steel falls again, but gets back up. Many sitting within the dome have their fingers crossed, some wondering if this match will ever end. The uniform on both fighters has been damaged, and both possess bruises of their own. Jumping forward Supes wraps his arms around Flash flying them both high into the air.

"Wow what a battle, and we're going to defeat these two how?" Shang Tsung asks now beginning to question Pythena.

She just grins savoring the moment, hopefully now they've finally got a look at what true power really is. Zooming back down out of the air he smashes them both into the turf below creating a huge explosion on impact. Diana puts a hand to her heart, what in the world are the two of them doing; it's just a tournament. Feeling a hand rest on her shoulder she jumps a bit.

"It's all about ego now, neither of them will quit until the other is unable to continue. Just relax it should be over soon."

Turning she looks Batman in the eyes/lenses knowing he is exactly right. But for what? To try and prove who is the best/true peoples champion? Men, they're so darn stubborn sometimes; but hey she and all women can't live without them vise versa. As soon as the smoke clears some hearts drop while others stand cheering! Superman stands while Flash lies unconscious! It is then that the two of them are brought back to the dome to a roaring crowd!

"Winner and will be advancing to the next round..Superman!" The announcer tells.

Coming from out of nowhere is Spiderman along with GL. Spidy steps next to Supes lifting his arm over his shoulder helping him out of the ring while Green Lantern picks up Flash. The audiences still cheer as they exit out of sight.



Worlds Away



Sitting within his room TJ finishes up his homework putting everything away into his bag. Looking up at the clock it reads 10:45 PM. Turning on the T.V. he sits back on his bed relaxing, not being very tired he decides a little T.V. could help.

"Breaking news a student known as Tiaha Daye, never made it home; she was last seen leaving school, and if anyone has any information on her whereabouts whatsoever please call this number."

Tj's heart jumps; that man she had entered into the vehicle with, who was he? Obviously not who he said he was, and how did he know her name? Wait a minute maybe he should just calm down a bit, after all she hasn't been gone 24 hours yet; so he'll just wait till morning. But than again every second counts in these situations. Getting up out of bed he Turns off his TV getting into his shoes and a jacket. Making sure his parents are asleep he slips out the front door quietly. Walking across the street and two houses over he rings the door bell. Standing for a few moments it is in fact a police officer who opens the door.

"How can we help you kid?"

"Let's just say I was the last one who was with Tiaha, and I think I know who may have her."

The boy is immediately invited in being escorted to the living room where the parents of Tiaha and another police officer sit.

"Hello Mr. and misses Daye, I've got some info that you might all want to hear."

Taking a seat across from them he starts from when school got out up to the point where this man drove up next to them claiming he was a family member of hers. It is at this point where the mother begins sobbing, confirming they never told anyone to pick her up. This also scares TJ inside, just the thought of what his friend could be going through! His hands begin to tremble, but he isn't sure why.

"Can you tell us what this guy looked like, and what he was wearing?" One of the police asks pulling out a notepad.

TJ gives the question some thought before answering thinking hard.

"Yes I remember he was wearing shades and had orangish, redish or burgundy colored hair. His clothing was causal, and for the most part he seemed like a pretty cool guy."

TJ sits around continuing to answer as many questions as he can, whatever will help bring his friend back home to her parents alive is all he wants.

To Be Continue

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Justice Heroes Elite

CHP 22: Shady alliance

Within the audiences and even in the waiting area the viewers can't believe what they're seeing! The defeat of Ironman to Captain America has to be the biggest upset of the event yet! Cap may have been aided by the missile launchers which were present at the battleground; but he did deliver the final blow. The victory does produce cheers, but at the same time many are stunned.

"Talk about surprising, I totally didn't see that one coming. Tony might not sleep for days." Spidy says.

Today many who were involved with betting lost some money, but there are still those who have put down on the winning fighters. It is now down to the final 8; but who will take it all is still up for grabs. It's funny, but due to Cap's win over Ironman he'll be fighting against Wonder Woman for the bracket final. From the moment they got here he never would have expected he'd make it this far; but now that the moment has arrived he will enjoy every moment of it. Flash has regained consciousness and is able to walk on his own. It doesn't take long before all participants exit out of the dome.




Worlds Away

Zelsztech is an up and coming company increasing in size, revenue and popularity rivaling even the most successful businesses globally. Currently it is the fastest growing amongst all it's competitors, and could even top Stark industries at this rate! The main building to it stands tall in the city of Chicago; The man responsible for it all leans up against a wall looking out a window down onto the city. Things sure couldn't be going better for him, and if anything stands in the way of his success they will be taken out!

"I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you Klint, but miss Frost has arrived and is ready to speak with you."

Still looking through the window it snows at a steady pace, with a slight wind moving to the north.

"Send her in."

Exiting out of the room his assistant does just that walking down the hall. Right now his main focus is to gather more clients as well as business partners; in doing so it will help to put his company within the elite. He comes out of his train of thought hearing the door open. Looking over he feels his heart jump, but he has no idea why; wow is she beautiful! Looking Her in the eyes his mouth drops, seeing this she blushes looking away. Why is she doing this? Men look at her like that daily, she should be use to it by now.

"I guess I'll leave the two of you."

The assistant exits closing the door walking down the hall to finish up some paper work he neglected to complete hours ago. Straightening his posture he fixes his tie clearing his throat. Both try and speak, but at the same time causing her to laugh. Now it is both of them who feel like children again, butterflies and all.

"Thank you for coming here Emma, and I'm sure you hear this all the time but you're gorgeous."

"Why thank you mister gersayer, to what do I owe the honor," Walking over she takes a seat over on the expensive leather sofa placing one leg over the other, "So what exactly is it you want to discuss with me?"

Smiling he walks over to a tiny refrigerator pouring them both a glass of Champagne Walking over having a seat next to Emma handing her a glass. Taking a sip she sets it off to the side giving him eye contact.

"Actually I brought you here because I'd like to talk about the X-men. I've got a proposition for you."

Repositioning she moves over closer to him.

"I'm listening." She replies grinning.

Worlds Away

Hours pass brining the passing of the day and rising of the night. There have been some surprises up to this point who may have won a match or two, but for the most part things have turned out the way most people would have thought. Sitting within the room neither Bruce or Kal say a word to the other, it might be due to the reality they will be fighting against one another tomorrow. Having enough of it all Bruce sits up from the bed walking over pulling a pair of black dress pants over his boxers and white dress shirt containing a collar to go with it. Supes just sits off to the side confused on what exactly it is his friend is doing. Opening up a pair of the new black socks he had bought from the gift shop he puts them on as well.

"May I ask what you're doing?"

Getting no reply from him Kal is not surprised, but it is intriguing; what exactly is he up to getting all dressed up. Bending over Bruce pulls a black tie out from his bag putting it on as well.

"You remember the entertainment area Pythena mentioned which would be available to all spectators don't you? Well that's where I'm going, I need some time to think."

Putting a black dress jacket over the shirt he says goodbye to supes exiting out. Thinking about it almost confuses him, why would Batman go out to dance and party? Back in their world it would make sense seeing as he has to appear in public to avoid suspicion. But this flat out just doesn't add up, but than there's really no reason to question him. Entering into the elevator he is taken to the first floor. Remembering back on the night he was attacked by Scorpion, it becomes crystal clear where the place is located. Stepping out of the elevator he exits the temple continuing down the path.

Shalion Temple

Entering into the kitchen area Liu pours himself a glass of orange juice; it feels good to have made it this far, but for some reason it isn't enough. Until he gets to the final round, between he and whoever it may be he'll never be satisfied. Thinking about it puts even more pressure on him seeing as his next match is against Spiderman! Watching this certain individual over time he's completely dangerous and could take him out with one hit if he's not careful.

"Liu how are you doing?"

The voice brings him back to reality taking a drink of his juice and setting it down on the countertop. Looking over he can't believe the princess herself stands before him. What is she doing here at the temple?

"You look surprised to see me, I heard you're doing well in the tournament. But I also heard Shang Tsung is one of hosts, which is why I am here. Liu you need to be careful; we both know what that man is capable of."

Walking over the champion of MK doesn't speak just staring down princess Kitana. It has been quite some time since he saw her last, but it is a definite treat she has stopped by regardless of the circumstance or why; she's here and that's all that matters.

"So how were you able to get in here; lets face it the security around here has upgraded with the tournament in session?" Liu asks.

Other than that he wonders why she has come here at this time of night, during the morning or day would have been more appropriate. But she is a friend and has fought by his side in the past, so making an exception is no problem.

"I was escorted by Kung Lao, he seems to be taking his elimination from the tournament well."

"Yeah he is, but whenever someone is eliminated from this event it's never easy; Kung Lao is simply just good at not showing it. You don't have to worry I'll stay alert, Shang Tsung can be a tricky one."

Speaking with one another they take this opportunity to catch up, it has been some time since they saw each other last. Some distance away Bruce enters into what they call the outside entertainment center. Looking around he walks over taking a look in the massive pool where several individuals have fun splashing water and some playing water polo in another area of the large body of water. Glancing over he spots the bar area making his way over having a seat on one of the stools.

"What can I get for you sir?" The bar tender asks.

"I'll take something you have any sprite?"

"Yes we indeed do."

Pulling out a plastic cup he fills it with ice also pouring some of what is in the can of sprite into the cup. Handing the cup to Bruce he slides the can forward as well. Lifting it up he takes a sip setting his hands on the smooth polished surface. Sitting back this is actually relaxing, if he had spent another minute in that room he could have potentially went nuts. One thing that is most likely felt between he and his teammates is for the conclusion of the tournament. Good thing he left Gotham in good hands, but he expects crime rate has gone up; especially if his foes have any idea the bat is nowhere in sight.

"Excuse me sir, may I have this dance?" Someone asks tapping him over his left shoulder.

Spinning around in his chair he faces the person his eyes extending a bit; He's already noticed her beauty, but this is different. There really are no words which can explain what stands in front of him for this moment. She wears a dark purple dress, high heels and long gloves which match.

"Oh I'm sorry, guess I froze a bit; how did you know I was here? Were you stalking me?" Bruce asks smiling.

Putting out a gloved hand she takes his helping him out of his seat. Leading them both to the dance floor it's hard to hear over the music and laughter of the many around.

"Carol you should I say." He is unable to finish seeing as she puts a finger to his lips.

"Sssh Bruce, just dance."

Scratching his head he does as he is told, but feels weird her calling him by his name. Traveling over to this world he had no intentions of sharing his identity with anyone who didn't already know who he was. Placing one hand on his waste she rests the other on his shoulder, while he does the same.

"Really though how'd you know I was here?"

The thing he really wants to ask is why she got all dressed up for apparently him, is she trying to send a message? Not only that but she smells almost as good as she looks; some type of raspberry possibly.

"Later rich boy, lets just enjoy the moment."

Why is it always later with this woman, it's becoming a bit old; but it's nothing of importance just a bit irritating. The two of them move at a slow pace along with everyone on the floor due to the music which plays. The defeat to Wonder Woman earlier doesn't bother her much, sure she loves the competition; but what is important is they find the maniacs responsible for the air strike. Whoever was targeting the world leaders has some real nerve; oh how good she'll feel once they're brought in. Moving her head forward she rests her head on his other shoulder.

"Seeing you on T.V. back in our world as a billionaire bachelor playboy; I assumed you were another Tony Stark."

They both laugh together at her remark. Thinking back Bruce remembers watching a press conference of Tony around the time the two earths combined; he was speaking about a budget involving a new weapon which would be distributed to the army. Moving her head from his shoulder she looks him in the eyes.

"But you are nothing like him are you; stop me if I'm wrong but that side of you is merely a mask isn't it? This is the real you."

"Well aren't you the detective, but I'd rather not talk about it; bad memories."

Hearing that gets her attention; what exactly is the story behind this man. He's a hard one to figure out. With the passing of another ten minutes the two lock arm to arm walking over to a table. Bruce pulls out a chair for Carol who thanks him having a seat. Walking over to the bar area he retrieves his ice cup of sprite bringing it over to the table. Starting up another conversation the two exchange laughs speaking of past experiences outside of the hero life. Walking over they're interrupted with someone tapping Bruce over the shoulder.

"I'm sorry sir but someone told me to give this to you."

Taking the envelope from the man he opens it eyes narrowing not believing what he reads. Ms Marvel can see something is wrong just by observing his face. Getting up from the table he brushes himself off.

"Well it looks like I must be going. Sorry about this inconvenience Carol, but something important has come up."

Looking up she doesn't quite understand what is going on, neither of them are from this world so who could have sent him a letter? It must be someone from their group, or possibly a fighter he had defeated in an earlier round in the tournament. But how would they know he is Batman? Talk about confusing; for some reason she knows if she asks what this is about she will be given a false answer. But what the heck it's worth a try.

"May I ask what this is about?"

"Until I know more it needs to stay confidential."

Know more; confidential? What the hell is going on, is there something she is missing! Stepping away he heads for the exit but she jumps up grabbing him by his wrist.

"Please let me come with you, who knows what you might be up against?" She asks, but almost demands at the same time.

"You don't have to worry I'm in no danger and it is nothing you need to worry about. I'll go alone, but before I take care of this I need to return to the shrine; so I'll walk you back."

Wanting to say something she just doesn't. You wouldn't define him as an alpha male, he doesn't push others around to get his own way. But he is good at using other tactics to get others to see things his way or agree. Exiting out together she is disappointed it ended so fast, she was looking forward to find out more about him. But I guess she can't complain, it was certainty better than nothing. Walking back to the shrine the conversation is limited but the two do speak. Making their way into the elevator they're taken up to their floor with everything silent exiting out.

"Well I had a good time even though it may not have lasted long." She says.

"Yes I did as well." He forces himself to say.

He doesn't like showing too much affection, mainly because of what happened to him years ago on that dreadful night. He was forced to become a man at such a young age; the night was the birth of the mission/crusade boiling from a promise he made to the two people he loved most. There is no turning back, the dark knight was born that night; whether he knew it at the time or not. His destiny was chosen for him; one in which he vowed what happened to him would never happen to others.

"So do I get a goodnight kiss?" Flickering her eyelashes a bit, as a way of teasing.

"Goodnight Carol, and thanks for the company."

Walking past her he enters into his room shutting the door. Smiling she walks down the hall to her room entering as well. Walking forward taking off an ear ring she opens her eyes to both Diana and Bucky who both look at her like they've seen a ghost.

"So who did you doll yourself up for? Must have been someone special." Bucky asks accidentally whistling.

Putting a hand to his mouth both women look at him frowning. Boy did he just make a mistake, but it's something that will probably be forgotten in the next few minutes.

"Are you going to answer him?" Diana asks really wanting to know.

Looking at the both her smile widens as she looks away blushing but both notice this becoming even more interested. Having a seat over next to the dresser she lets out a small laugh.

"Please could you two stop looking at me like that, it's nothing."

Undressing he gets into the bat suit, but Kal is nowhere to be seen; he probably went out for whatever reason. Putting on the utility belt he exits back out of the room fully suited up entering into the elevator but notices one of the doors down the hall is cracked open. It's probably nothing, most likely the guys trying to let a little air flow into the room. Getting down to the main floor the letter is inserted into one of his pouches located on the utility belt; stepping out of the shrine heading down his set path.

Shao Kahn's Castle

Roaming the halls a group of the security squad meet up in one of the seventeen dungeons in the massive building. It won't be long before they're back on the clock, each individual is awarded a thirty minute break for every five hours.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm becoming fed up with this crap; working for the three of them is a nightmare."

Most around agree with what he says, for the most part they're treated well, but the food is crap and the working conditions suck. None of them fully know what's going on, but rumors have been spreading around about the take over of earth realm.

"I'd just like to know who here would screw Pythena?"

Everyone looks over at this particular person wondering if he is being serious or joking around. Why would he even ask something like that, especially at a time like now.

"I'm being serious, aside from her being a total bitch she does have a sexy body, nice ass and pretty face."

The question does get a lot of them thinking with some agreeing with the individual while others decide not to comment. Some find it to be disturbing he even asked; if Pythena ever found out about this conversation they'd all be dead meat. Within one of the main dining areas Goro sits reading while Baraka carves away at a rock. Lowering the book Goro takes a look over at the Tarkada.

"What exactly is it you're creating, isn't there something more constructive and or relevant you could be doing?"

"You're one to talk, I could say the same for you." Baraka replies.

The prince just ignores him continuing to read; trying to question him is pointless. Tarkada's are stubborn viscous beings who aren't much for listening. But one thing is certain, they do make great soldiers.

Arriving to the hospital after a good distance of walking, Batman can remember this place as if it were yesterday. This is where he was brought when he was almost killed by Scorpion the ninja spectre. Pulling the envelope from out of his utility belt he refreshes his mind with which hall and room he is looking for.

"Do you need help finding anything?" A nurse asks walking up to him, looking a bit nervous.

This is probably due to the bat suit, but coming here as Wayne could have been risky if this is some sort of setup.

"No I'll be just fine, I'm here to see someone; but I'd appreciate if you'd take me to them."

Giving her the room number she nods asking him to follow her. Looking around he can see several patients, some of which are in pain and others who aren't as much. Taking a few turns traveling down a few halls they come to the specific room. Opening the door a smile instantly forms on his face, this must be the work of God. So many questions surround this! How did they get here; let alone survive what everyone thought they didn't! A plan begins to brew in his mind.

Flying high above Superman looks down on the beautiful land below feeling good about how things have turned out so far.

"Help someone..please!"

Listening in Superman can tell the voice comes from the north about 10 miles away from his current position. Zooming in the direction increasing his speed he arrives in less than three seconds. Below is a large group of screaming people who look down in a large watery ditch where a girl has fallen in with a group of Crocodiles!

"Try not to move too much, someone went to go get a rope and then we'll get you out of there." One of the adults yells down to her trying to get her to remain calm.

But she is much to scared to do so screaming out alerting the Crocs which swim at her. Seeing enough of it all Superman zooms down grabbing hold of the child pulling her out of harms way. Landing in front of the crowd of people with the girl in his arms everyone cheers! Some even recognize him from the tournament chanting his name.

"You all have a nice night now." Superman says setting the girl down, flying off waving to them all.

Everyone around continues to cheer watching him disappear into the night sky.

Lin Kuei temple

Within the dojo area several of the members continue to train, which include some sparring, lifting weights, working on execution of moves, or just studying up on their techniques. But what happens next catches them all off guard as a window crashes through with a huge bat figure gliding down into the middle of the room!

"I need to speak with Subzero!"

The Lin Kuei members stop what they're doing turning their attention to this particular individual. This bat person has some nerve breaking into their home making demands! Looking around Batman can see this is going to be a little bit harder than he originally thought.

"Well if that's the way it's going to be, than so be it." Batman says readying himself.

This really gets all clan members present in the room pumped. Taking a quick count there is close to 10; good thing it isn't earlier in the day or there would have been a lot more. Running forward three of them come at him from different angles. Knowing he'll need to take some of them out quick he leaps up performing a quick takedown/KO on two of them, knife handing the other finishing him off with an uppercut. The others come in to attack him as well but are all defeated, which brings up several claps with Subzero revealing himself from a dark corner.

"Impressive Batman, so defeating me at the tournament wasn't enough; you came here to kill me. Let me tell you something, never try and assassinate an assassin at his home turf."

Subzero steps into his fighting stance getting ready to battle against the Dark Knight yet again. But this time it will be him who is victorious.

"You've got it all wrong, I've come here for your help." Batman explains.

Subzero does nothing but laugh, which doesn't surprise the capped crusader at all. If he were in Subzero's shoes he wouldn't believe it either.

"Tell me do you remember an assassin by the name of Elisa who was sent here to kill you?" Batman asks.

It is now that Subzero stops laughing becoming serious. How would Batman know of that, unless he is apart of her group. But the other night when Batman was spying on Pythena and her crew he picked up this bit of information as well as much more.

"You aren't the only one; Pythena had sent an assassin to get rid of myself as well. But like you I survived; I'll give you the details on how I collected this information if you're willing to listen."

Subzero nods informing him to continue. How could it be, that beautiful host wanting him dead; he's never seen her before in his life.

"But there is more, she's not exactly working alone. Shang Tsung a long with a man by the name of Shao Kahn are her partners."

"What did you say Shao Kahn! He and Shang Tsung haven't been on good terms since their last encounter?" Subzero asks.

Batman assures him that it is in fact Shao Kahn, somehow he and Shang Tsung must have looked past their differences.

"So why have you come to me for help; and how do you even know you can trust me?" Subz asks.

"I don't, but I'm following my gut feeling. What I am about to tell you needs to stay between us."

Subzero listens in paying close attention even being wide eyed on some of the information which is given to him. Pythena can't be serious! So this whole tournament was just a setup to get what they want, to be able to take over earth realm and the world of where this Batman comes from. Hearing about this B plan also has Subzero stunned, both men have no idea how to counter something they won't be able to see coming. And for now it is best they stay on the down low and not confront Pythena.

"I have a huge favor to ask. I need to know if you can keep someone here for awhile, if it does come down to this backup plan it would be nice to have someone under cover." Batman asks.

The grand master puts some thought into this; it's hard to say yes seeing as he really doesn't know this guy. But they're obviously on the same side.

"I think I might be able to make it work, but this person will have to stay in one of the outer cottages. I don't want the rest of the Lin Kuei asking too many questions."

Batman understands shaking his head satisfied with the reply by Subzero. Walking up to the Dark Knight the grand master shakes hands with his newly acquired ally. What Pythena has planned doesn't sound good at all. It is around this time that the rest of the Lin Kuei members who were taken out awaken. Subzero gives them the cue to stand down informing them it was all a misunderstanding. Looking up another individual comes jumping through the already broken glass window landing in front of Subzero and Batman.

"Ok Bats you've got some explaining to do; what is going on here?"

"I'm not surprised you're here, I had an idea you were on my trail again." Batman replies.

Shaking his head that is not what Spiderman wanted, he hates when his question is answered with something completely off topic. So it was Spiderman who had the door cracked open back at the shrine; that is how he knew to follow him. Just as Spidy is about to speak, an alarm to the building goes off informing there are intruders who have broke in down on the main floor!

To Be Continue
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CHP 23: Upset specials



With the sound of the alarms the grand master Subzero steps into action informing all Lin Kuei members in the room to follow him to the area of the breach. Looking at one another both Spidy as well as the capped crusader look at the other unsure if they should follow or not; after all this could be enemies to the Lin Kuei which has nothing to do with either of them. Right now would not be an ideal time for them to be making more enemies; but shrugging his shoulders the wall crawler follows.

"Come on bats.. before we miss all the action." Spiderman says.

Following the avenger Batman goes through his normal progressions making sure he will be ready for whatever it is they may face down there. Traveling down the many stairs it feels like deja vu; how many times has he been in situations like this? It's become so natural it's life, always heading toward the action and not running in the opposite direction. Entering into the main room it is nothing but chaos! Some of the Lin Kuei members are even being thrown around stomped and beaten! But the heart rate of both Batman and Subzero rise but for different reasons. Standing before them; the obvious leaders of the group are none other than Elisa and Adalzm! The two assassins which were sent to kill them both for dissimilar reasons!

"What in the freakin world! It's the Batman!" Adalzm yells out astonished; what business does the dark knight have being here.

With one arm wrapped in a cast from her first encounter with Subzero Elisa looks around and is startled a bit seeing another individual that Pythena had given them a picture of.

"It's not just the bat Adalzm, it looks like that spiderboy is here as well. What the hell could this mean." She says growing a bit worried.

What would the people they were sent to hunt and kill be doing in the same vicinity; mainly referring to Batman and Spiderman being here in the Lin Kuei temple! They're in no way associated with Subzero whatsoever, this does not make sense!

"Ah yeah hey Blondie, the name's Spiderman not Spiderboy. I hate when people get it wrong; I mean really do I look like a boy to you?" He asks straightening up.

It is at this moment Elisa calls off her men telling them to stand down; right now there is too many questions which need answering. Is it possible that they're on to Pythena and were having a meeting on how they were going to stop her? Anything is a possibility, but the Spider and Bat being here is a bad sign no matter what. Clearing his throat it is Adalzm who steps forward cracking his knuckles.

"Alrighty than, before we kill you all I want some answers ice boy! What are the rodent and creepy crawler doing here in the temple?"

Pulling out two batarangs Batman is stopped from attempting any further action with Spidy reaching over lowering his hands. Taking a few steps forward he has an idea which they may believe, and if not..oh well at least he tried.

"We actually came here with a proposition for Subz until you and your group rudely interrupted us. We were so impressed with his fighting skills we offered him a spot in our group. And yeah that's pretty much when you guys showed up."

Almost instantly both Elisa and Adalzm laugh which pretty much gives the hint of what they think.

"So that's your story; is that really what you're rolling with?" Elisa asks smirking.

"Yeah sure why not, it's the truth after all." Spidy replies laughing a bit, but more in an innocent kind of way.

What a strange individual, and contains so much confidence it's unlike anyone they've encountered before. Both the Dark Knight along with Subzero keep their guard up unsure what will happen next.

"Change of plans boys; masks now!" Not even a second passes as Elisa throws down smoke bombs.

The move is a success knocking out all lin Kuei members in the area, Spiderman, Subzero and Batman. Waiting over a minute the smoke does eventually clear with everyone removing their gas masks.

"Very clever Elisa I have to give it to yah. Now that they're out cold lets kill them all." Lifting his ax his blood is pumped ready to brutalize his victims beyond recognition.

"Uhm excuse me, what part of change of plans did you not understand."

Turning and looking back at her with confused eyes he has no idea what is going through her mind. The two of them are obviously not on the same page; she can't seriously be suggesting they leave them alive is she? Even the minions which have come to tag along are confused, wasn't that the purpose of them coming here was to take out Subzero. Not just that but now as a bonus they can finish off both Spiderman and Batman!

"Let's go, leave them. I'll explain on the way back; it's best to keep them alive for now, they'll only be out for about ten minutes so we really should get going."

Hearing her words many of them try and argue back but have no luck in changing her mind. Pythena left her in charge so whatever she says goes. Marching them all out through the front entrance the door is closed with them all exiting off the premises casually.

"My reason for keeping them alive is simply this; by day if they were not to return to their friends, they'd start investigating which could lead to Pythena. But as far as we know, we're just a bunch of assassins and I'm sure those simpletons have no clue who we work for. Keeping them alive for now will keep us from potentially being sought out."

Nodding Adalzm is satisfied now knowing exactly what her thought process is. Good thing she's the one in command, she's the brains of this operation. Continuing forward they enter into the forest area traveling down the same path which had got them here. With the passing of time the first to awake is Spiderman rubbing his head with blurry vision but seems to clear up after some time; trying to stand he feels light headed taking a seat. The type of gas or smoke they used must have been a different compound unlike anything he's encountered before; usually he's barely effected by this sort of stuff. Sitting around in silence it isn't long before everyone around him begins waking.

"Man what happened?" A Lin Kuei member asks shaking his head blurry vision and all.

It takes some time before anyone is really up and about; it is not quite known exactly what their attackers used but whatever it was packed a punch. The good news is the eldest member of the Lin Kuei was not present during this attack. This must never happen again, Subzero doesn't take failure lightly and the fact he and his clan were defeated at their home turf makes it that much worse. While most of the Lin Kuei begin cleaning the trashed area Subzero calls over both Batman and Spiderman.

"There is no time to waste, I'm going to gather up my best fighters along with the two of you; together we're going to strike back! If Pythena thinks she can just send her people marching through my front door to kill me and think I will do nothing she's got another thing coming!"

Moving forward Batman places a hand over his shoulder shaking his head.

"I know how you're feeling, but we can't attack. Pythena as well as Kahn and Shang Tsung have no idea we've figured out their plan; right now we've got the element of surprise. The cards are in our favor, if we were to attack now and fail what than?"

The question stuns both Spidy and the grandmaster unsure how to respond. But standing around and doing nothing after being attacked shows weakness; but than again sometimes patience can be the most powerful weapon of all. Walking over to the side of Subzero Spiderman places a hand over his shoulder.

"Sorry bats but I'm goanna have to agree with Subz, if we sit around doing nothing we're like sitting ducks. Who's to say she won't try and assassinate us all one by one?"

"Trust me Spiderman, your life in no way is endangered; however for some of us it's.." Batman realizes what he is about to say stopping.

It's at this point Spidy becomes confused, and Subzero realizes Spiderman may not know the whole truth of what's going on. Pythena has a bigger plan for those with meta human strength and abilities while the rest of them at human level are expendable.

"Ah ok, I think it's time you come clean Batman; what information are you leaving out from us?" Spidy asks with crossed arms.

"Who said anything about him, I've told him everything. For reasons I cannot explain right now, is why it's best you don't know. Trust me on this one; you will thank me later." Batman replies.

So he finally has confirmed what he already knew; what is so important that the Dark Knight could be hiding. For now he'll just have to go with the flow, but keeping this many secrets from teammates is just ridiculous. I mean come on he barely even met this Subzero guy and he has been given all the info while who knows if he has even been given half!

"Alright now that we all have a clear understanding he and I will be leaving, as tough as it may be for your clan I advise you don't go after them." Batman tells.

Just as he is about to make his way for the exit he is grabbed by the grandmaster.

"Just one question, why did they leave us alive?" Subzero asks.

Pausing for a few moments he turns to Subzero.

"I'm afraid that is one question I don't have the answer to. We'll keep in contact, but for now he and I need to be going."

Without another word both Batman and Spiderman exit out of the fortress of the Lin Kuei taking to a dirt road. It is true they've attained a new ally, but who's knows just how much help they will need in the near future.




Worlds away



Just as it has been for the past few nights the city of Gotham has had much going on from robbers to gang activity increasing. Grappling from one building to another Robin has received a distress call from the bat beeper which is connected to the police notifications/alarms. Gliding down he smashes the glass entering into a building which stocks expensive art and other things of that nature.

"Party is over gentlemen and ladies, put back whatever you have taken or are attempting to take off with. I really don't want to get my hands dirty."

Gliding down from where he stands Robin now positions himself right in front of the criminals. Making sure to take count and see where everyone stands enables him to plan his next five moves incase any of them attack. He may not be on par with Batman, but he is learning from the best. But something that catches his attention is a masked man dressed in yellow and red; but he's never seen such a fellow here in Gotham.

"Get lost capped man, we have some things to take and you won't get in the way." One of them pulls out a gun aiming it at Robin.

The masked man in red and yellow lowers the individual's weapon cracking his knuckles.

"Don't bother I'll take care of this guy myself; legend has it this city is haunted by a giant bat, but I can see you obviously aren't it. Sorry to say boy, but you've come to the wrong place at the wrong time."

Robin's eyes widen to see the masked individual loading a large amount of energy in the area of his hands. Without warning it come so fast the blast knocking him in the other direction into a large amount of boxes.

"Hurry up and get that stuff loaded into the helicopter so we can get out of here. I'll finish off this little twerp."

Walking over the masked man stands ten feet away from the boy wonder aiming at him once again.

"Any last words before I put you out of your misery boy?"

"Nah not really, lets see if that blast of your's is faster than me."

Just as Robin is about to make his move to get out of the way he is pulled out of harms way by someone else watching as the blast destroys the boxes and everything in them. He is let go once the certain person grapples them to higher grounds.

"What in the world..Nightwing what are you doing here?"

"Good to see you as well bro, so who is this guy?" Nightwing asks.

Hearing the two of them he shoots yet another blast up at them Robin jumping to the left and Nightwing to the right both avoiding the attack.

"Well since the two of you ask, the name is Shocker and I'll be your first class ticket to hell!"

Aiming he shoots at Nightwing who shows off his impressive acrobatic ability dodging the attempts easily. Taking advantage Robin pulls out two electric birdarangs throwing them out at Shocker who is blind sided being electrified falling to the ground. Both Nightwing and Robin jump back down to the main floor where Shocker lays. Quickly jumping up he smiles blasting off at them both who again dodge.

"Shocker come on, lets get out of here we've got everything." One of the men yells.

"Go on ahead I'll catch up." Shocker replies.

Blasting out over at Nightwing Shocker this time connects sending him a few feet in the other direction. Turning Shocker solutes Robin.

"See you later, whatever you name is."

Robin clinches his fist watching as Shocker runs off to the nearest exit where a helicopter awaits outside already air bourne. Throwing down a latter Shocker grabs hold as the fly off out into the night. Climbing up he enters into the vehicle.

"We did great Shocker, Professor Jonathan Crane will be pleased."

All Shocker can do is grin, thank goodness the police were a no show or things could have got ugly and fast. Back inside the building Robin helps Nightwing to his feet.

"Why didn't you go after them?" Nightwing asks.

"I had to make sure you were ok first."

Smiling Nightwing playfully punches Robin over his arm.

"So what are you doing in Gotham anyway?"

"Lets get out of here, than we can talk." Nightwing replies.

Exiting out of the warehouse both make their way to the building tops. Traveling some distance getting to the center of the city they come to a stop standing on one of Gotham's many sky scrappers.

"So Dick what brings you here? I'm not complaining in any way; in fact it's good to see you." Robin says.

"Well word of Bruce being out of the city on a mission found it's way to me; I thought I'd swing by and see if you were handling things."

Hmm interesting, wonder who he got the information from; the circle is small who knows about that.

"So where'd you get that information; I mean it hasn't been broadcasted or anything?"

"Wow Tim you're full of questions tonight, but that's ok; anyway it was Barb who informed me. Any how that guy we ran into back there is not from around here. I say ten to one he is from the earth which joined with ours. Talk about chaotic, hopefully things will return to normal soon, if ever." Nightwing says.

Robin couldn't agree more, that Shocker person definitely isn't from around here. Maybe if everyone just waits it out the worlds will defuse; but a problem which could come up is that many have mingled and live in cities which were not apart of their original world. Looking down both take this moment to enjoy the view of the city, trying to savor the moment. Hearing the sound of a whip both turn getting into fighting stances but relax seeing who stands behind them.

"Meow you boys seem uptight tonight, what happened; did you fail a mission."

Just staring her down neither of them reply.

"That's what I thought, where is the bat? I have a little inconvenience that is a strong point of his; I'd like his assist." Catwoman informs.

Selina is a hard one to figure out sometimes, you never know when she might be asking for real help, or using you to gain something for herself.

"He's patrolling!"

Both Nightwing and Robin yell out at the same time causing Catwoman to raise an eye brow beneath her mask. Something is definitely going on, the two of them are acting strange.

"Oh yeah where at? Come to think of it, I haven't seen or heard of any heroics he's done for the past few nights." Catwoman says now crossing her arms frowning at the two.

A guilty smile forms on the face of Nightwing but Robin steps forward trying to keep things professional.

"He's out tracking down the Ridler, he's keeping this one close to the chest so we're out of the loop." Robin says.

"Last I checked the Ridler was still in Arkham." Catwoman replies.

Now it is Nightwing who steps up next to Robin.

"Yeah he was but he just escaped a few days ago; and yeah since than Batman has been on his trail."

Smiling Robin shakes his head informing that what Nightwing said is true. Moving forward she walks past them both rolling her eyes, do they believe she was born last night. Something about the way they speak just doesn't seem right. Walking over to the building's ledge she prepares to jump but is grabbed by her wrist.

"Hey why don't you inform Robin and I what's going on, we might be able to help." Nightwing suggests.

Pulling his hand from her she snarls a bit causing Robin to giggle a bit standing off to the side. Nightwing looks over at his best pal with narrowed eyes.

"No thanks bird boy, I'll handle this myself. But if and when you see Batman, tell him I said hello."

Leaping off the building she uses her whip to make it over to another close by. Both Robin and Nightwing watch her disappear into the night.

"So what do you think will happen when she finds out Ridler is still in Arkham?" Robin asks.

The question brings a smile to the face of Nightwing.

"Hopefully Bruce will be back before that time. I'm returning to Bludhaven in the morning, so if you'd like we can patrol together for the rest of the night."

"Sounds good to me bro, hopefully we have better success than earlier." Robin says.

Checking the police radio through his ear piece Nightwing points them in the direction where they will begin. Taking the lead Tim follows Dick as they jump from building to building.



Worlds away



The night comes and goes bringing up the next round of the tournament. The first two who are called to the ring are Green Lantern and Baraka. As much as he disagrees with how Batman does things the wall crawler has kept his mouth shut. When asked where he had been last night he replied with saying he was out jogging.

"I hope you're all ready because from here on out, any fighter who wins will be advancing to the semi final round!"

The audiences roar as a reaction, things are really getting down to the wire. Being asked where they'd like to battle, it is Green Lantern who suggests to remain here in the ring. Baraka agrees with the announcer stepping out. Baraka releases the blades from his arms yelling out pumped and ready to begin.

"I'm goanna put you down just like what I did to your friend with the claws."

Green Lantern narrows his eyes not sure exactly what he is talking about, but giving it some thought he realizes what the Tarkada refers to.

"Wolverine was a good man, but truly I didn't know him very well. But trust me you don't want to make this match personal." GL tells.

"I'm sensing fear within you Green Lantern, it is the first sign of defeat."

Hal decides not to reply to that just focusing. Creating a hand using the ring he reaches out slapping Baraka across the face with much in the audience laughing. the blow knocks Baraka over. Flying up into the air close to twenty ft Green Lantern creates a missile launcher shooting down at Baraka who dodges the missiles. Creating a baseball bat GL whacks Baraka across the head, but before he is able to fall the bat turns into a hand. Lifting Baraka forty ft up Green Lantern slams him into the tiled turf below koing him!

"Winner of Bracket 3 and will be advancing to the semi finals..Green Lantern!" Many cheer not surprised by.

Sitting in the audience side by side is Wally West and Carol Danvers but out of uniform. Both clap for the victory of Green Lantern.

"Any idea where Tony might be?" Wally asks.

Carol shrugs her shoulders, his guess is as good as hers.

"So beautiful who do you think will win now that I'm out of it?" Wally asks bringing his face close to hers.

Smiling she pushes him back a bit.

"Well Superman is the obvious choice, but hey maybe we'll see another upset."

The next two fighters to be called to the ring are Wonder Woman and Captain America. When in the ring it is decided by them both they will take their fight to the wild safari. Being transported there both can see the other standing in swamp water.

"Well Captain you've come far but I'm afraid you've reached a dead end."

Before either of them is able to do a thing a massive snake of 110 ft long busts out of the water taking a bite into Diana who slaps it in the other direction some yd's away holding the area of the bite.

"Are you ok?" Captain America asks.

"It's nothing, merely a flesh wound I'll live." Wonder Woman replies grinning.

That's one thing she wishes she had, the tough skin of a Kryptonian. Running forward Cap goes for a direct approach but is grabbed by Diana being thrown into a tree. Getting up he throws his shield over at her but she catches it throwing the shield back at him which knocks the breath out of him seeing as it hits him in the stomach. Just as she attempts to walk forward she feels light headed putting a hand to her head.

"Diana are you sure you're ok?" Cap asks holding his stomach.

Looking over at him her eyes begin to burn like crazy and eyes watering! How in the hell could a snake bite have such an affect on her so quickly! Taking another step she now begins to tremble falling to her knees.

"Diana!" Cap yells out running over to her side.

Placing a hand over her shoulder he moves strands of hair from her face.

"Tell me what's going on, what are you feeling?" Cap asks.

About to reply she coughs up blood causing Captain America's eyes to widen. Wow what a chain of events, but what happens next sends a chill up his spine as she falls forward with her face in the dirty water seemingly lifeless. Lifting her up in his strong arms he can see that she has passed out. What kind of snake was that? Putting a finger to her neck he feels for a pulse and can see the poison is working fast and she won't survive if she doesn't receive medical attention. Still holding her he walks over retrieving his shield and it is at this time the two of them are brought back to a silent dome.

"Winner and will be advancing to the semi finals Captain America."

The paramedics are quick to get into the ring taking Wonder Woman out on a stretcher. Captain America returns to the waiting area while Batman along with Superman make their way over to where they take Wonder Woman. The next two who are called to the ring are Liu Kang and Spiderman. Flipping into the ring Spiderman begins stretching.

"After what just happened to Wondie I think we we'll just battle here in the ring." Spiderman says.

The announcer looks over at Liu Kang who stretches his arms.

"I agree with Spiderman the dome will do just fine."

Confirming the battleground the announcer steps out of the ring standing off to the side. Starting quickly Liu Kang shoots off a fire blast which Spidy easily dodges webbing at Liu Kang's arm who rips it off.

"Well aren't you a strong one, not just anyone can pull off my web so easily."

Running forward Liu begins his attack on the wall crawler throwing several punches and kicks having no success on any of them connecting with the super human agility of Spiderman who dodges the blows. Tripping Liu he grabs him by the neck throwing him to the ground. The MK champ doesn't stay down getting up continuing to try and attack. Placing his hands on Liu's shoulders Spidy jumps over him kicking him in the back still managing to land on his feet. The crowd cheers at the great execution in move of Spiderman.

"So I're toying with me." Liu says turning to Spidy.

"Perhaps so, but what would be the fun in me taking you out quickly. These people should get their money's worth; after all you are the champ until beaten."

Just as Spidy runs forward to attack he is Surprised and knocked back by a fire blast of Liu Kang.

"I'd take me a little bit more serious, if you aren't careful I might steal one." Liu says with a wide smile.

"Keep dreaming." Spidy says getting up grinning underneath his mask.

It's funny but both fighters feel the same thing, the growth in respect for the other builds but it is not known why. Back within a room Wonder Woman has been connected to air supply and is also being drained of the venom.

"So how does it look doc, will she make it?" Superman asks with much concern.

"She's a very strong woman, and had it been anyone else the bite would have been close to an instant kill. She should make a full recovery, but she will need to rest."

"When Will she regain consciousness." Batman asks walking up next to the two.

All three look over at the princess who still lays with her eyes shut looking at peace.

"Well it just depends, it could be anytime."

Superman thanks the doctor who exits out of the room leaving Superman and Batman who walk over standing on different sides of the bed. This tournament thus far has been full of surprises, much of which have been completely unpredictable. Moving a hand through her hair Supes feels powerless not being able to do a thing for her.

"Hey Bruce you watch over her, I'll be back in a bit."

Batman watches as his best friend exits out of the room. Pulling a chair up he has a seat next to the bed grabbing hold of Diana's hand grasping it. Leaning forward he whispers something into her ear, even though she wouldn't be able to hear. Sitting their for over ten minutes his eyes open to hear his name being called; letting go of her hand he takes a stand.

"Rest easy now princess."

Walking over he exits out of the room. On his way to the ring he walks past Spiderman who holds his head.

"What happened?" Batman asks.

"I guess I underestimated him, he got me with a few quick moves at the end there." Spidy replies

Hearing this completely surprises the dark knight, Spiderman has been defeated by Liu Kang! What in the world, with his enhanced strength and agility you would have thought it would have been a walk in the park. Inside a back room Pythena punches smashing a table in half!

"How in the hell did that happen! I knew the cockiness of Spiderman would catch up to him, but not to a mere mortal! Your Liu Kang is nothing, that was completely lucky! Spiderman on any other day one shots him!" Pythena yells out turning to both Kahn and Shang Tsung.

Both men can see she is heated and replying or saying I told you so won't help the situation. But she is most definitely right, 99.9% Spidy should win but that .1% came into play today. Perhaps it was luck, or maybe even destiny. Whatever it may be, Liu will be continuing on.

"So where would the two of you like to fight?" The announcer asks.

Neither fighter answers grinning at the other, it is now Superman vs Batman! One that should make for an interesting showdown indeed.

"I'd like to suggest the gloomy forest." Batman says.

Supes is surprised that bats would choose somewhere outside the ring after all the matches they've seen which have been determined by outside interferences. But maybe he is actually trying to win; the thought is funny to think about. Both men know Bruce has no chance of winning, it would be 1,000 to 1. It would be like trying to find a baby mouse in the bat cave.

"I guess I'll agree to that." Superman informs.

The two of them are transported to the area of the battleground. Looking around Batman is nowhere in sight. It is hard to see with all the surrounding trees but the moon does provide some light. The wind blows Superman's cape back and forth. Closing his eyes the Kryptonian focuses in listening finally picking up the heart beat of Batman. Flying at top speed appearing in front of a surprised Batman who stands in a tree! Reaching out he grabs him by the neck flying him up and throwing him into the grass below.

"So tell me Batman do you want me to get this over with quickly, or make a show of it." Superman asks hovering above.

Spitting at the turf Bats pulls out a few explosive batarangs throwing them all up at Superman which all hit him in the chest exploding; but to no surprise it has no affect on him.

"Really Batman, your toys are nothing to me."

Flying down in front of Batman he kicks him 40 ft into the air going the other direction; but before he is able to reach the tree Supes zooms over appearing behind him elbowing him into the ground. Getting up again Batman shakes himself off, pulling out two smoke bombs but they're knocked out of his hands before he is able to use them. Being grabbed by his bat ears Superman tosses him over into a tree face first! Falling to the ground Batman now bleeds from his nose.

"Had enough Batman, I can end this when ever you want." Superman says.

Getting up once again Batman runs over punching at Superman who grabs it back handing him across the face sending him fifteen ft in the other direction. Batman lands on his back but this time doesn't get up, just repositioning digging into his utility belt.

"Are you seriously trying to win Bats, you and I both know their is nothing in that utility belt of your's that can take me down."

Walking forward slowly Superman approaches the dark knight. Opening up a certain pouch a familiar green light stares back at Batman. Pulling the object out he places it on a finger.

"Kryptonite!" Superman says fear creeping within him.

Getting up Batman wipes the blood from his mouth, approaching Supes who steps back in the other direction.

"You know what they say, if you can't win..cheat." Batman says running forward.

The first punch which is thrown by Batman is blocked, but he knees Kal in the stomach smashing the palm of his hand into his face. Within the back room Pythena screams out in a language which neither Kahn or Shang Tsung can understand. Turning to them her face is red from frustration and anger.

"Where in the f**** world did he get kryptonite! Who is this man!" Pythena yells looking back up at the screen.

Her plan seems to be crumbling beneath her feet; who is this Batman guy? There is no way she is going to sit here and Watch Spiderman and Superman loose back to back to mere mortals!

"I'm guessing you didn't do your homework on this one." Shang Tsung emphasizes.

Looking back on screen she watches seeing as Krypton's last son is uppercuted into the air. Pulling out his grapple gun he shoots up having the wiring wrap around Superman's neck pulling him down kneeing him in the face. Even with the kryptonite in his possession Superman is still able to fight back landing a few blows on Bruce cracking and bruising a few ribs. Moving forward with a combination of kicks and punches Batman finishes it with a left hook knocking Superman down. Standing over Superman, Kal shows no signs of movement becoming clear to Batman he is in fact knocked out.

"What in the name.." Spiderman is unable to find words to finish his sentence.

Both fighters are brought back to a silent dome, many had their money riding on Superman. Sitting with his mouth open Wally can't believe what he's seeing.

"Wow talk about hot, what a turn on." Carol says flashing her eye brows looking down into the ring where Batman stands over Superman.

"As hard as it may seem, winner and will be advancing to the semi final Batman!" The announcer tells.

The dome is silent for some moments but after some time many begin cheering even those who had their money on Superman. You have to give it to this individual, he has done the impossible and taken down what many believed was unbeatable! Standing from their seats in the back room is Kahn and Shang Tsung.

"I guess we'll leave you Pythena, I'm sure you need time to think."

Looking over at them both with a face of cherry red they exit as quickly as they can. But truth be told even they can't believe Superman was defeated by the capped crusader.

To Be Continue

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CHP 24: Backup plan?


Entering into a dark cave with lit candles around a table is Nitara the vampire. Awaiting her is a being from her world who traveled alongside her to earth realm for the tournament, but did not take part. Things did not turn out the way either of them would have thought, but the unexpected should come as no surprise when speaking of the Mortal Kombat tournament. If there is one thing about it which is consistent; that would be you never know what the outcome could be. It's been that way from when the tournament began centuries ago.

"So any luck finding our targets Nitara? The sooner we do this the quicker we can return to our world."

Having a seat across from her, Nitara takes a drink of blood from the wine glass. Not only does it relax her, but it brings almost instant energy.

"I'm glad that you ask, but I've only been able to locate one of them. Their rare blood types will be able to resurrect princess Dieya Acacia, the most powerful female vampire in the history of us all. Just think of it Rosea, with her at our side our people can rule all of earthrealm and outworld."

The two sit at the table discussing their future plans and hopes of what things could be, but they're very far away from accomplishing any of them. It may take some time but it will be worth it; but the task won't be easy, especially with Shao Kahn in the way. Taking a sip of blood from her glass Rosea takes a look over at Nitara who sort of just looks into the flames light.

"Oh yeah you never told me who eliminated you from the tournament."

Looking away from the flame the two catch glimpses, but Nitara looks away just as quick. Sitting back a grin forms on her face but she isn't quite sure why. Rosea notices this becoming more interested, it must have been an embarrassing defeat. Or perhaps it is something else, maybe she found something to her liking.

"He goes by Batman, but he isn't my type. Honestly he's too much of a do gooder; I didn't see but I was told he saved me from being terminated by the dead spirits which lurked around in our battleground. Not to mention he is human."

Setting her elbows on the table's Surface Rosea again looks Nitara in the eyes.

"Just point me in his direction and I'll turn him! You never know, he could make a great mate for you."

Rolling her eyes Nitara stands from her chair walking over to a sink.

"Did you not hear a word I said, that man is not for me. Let's stay on topic, we're getting off track."

Picking up a folder off the countertop Nitara walks back over to the table having a seat across from her colleague. Pushing it across the table, Rosea grabs hold of it opening it but is confused.

"Who the hell is this? I've never seen her before, but I can tell she is obviously another vampire; but I'm not sure what this has to do with anything?"

Nitara laughs at the expression on her friend's face who frowns as a reaction.

"Actually she's a Succubus, and is from a world far from here; but she says she'll offer us assistance in the next year if we are unable to resurrect Dieya on our own."

Ok now this is strange, who exactly is this person? And if she's from another dimension how did Nitara get in contact with her? Knowing Nitara all too well it's best she doesn't ask very many questions. So doing what she does in most cases like this she puts on a smile and just nods.

Tournament dome

With the defeat of Superman, now only four contestants remain! The champion of Mortal Kombat stands among the four superstars, each having a different path to reach this point. But the question everyone is asking themselves, is will it be Liu Kang, Green Lantern, Batman or Captain America? The obvious choice amongst the spectators is Green Lantern, but after what just happened the past few matches you can't be to sure. Stepping out of the ring Batman places the Kryptonite ring back into his utility belt. Walking up to his side is both GL and Spidy.

"Good win Batman, but was the Kryptonite really necessary?" Green Lantern asks.

"You know I do things for a reason GL, there was more to that match than any of you could know."

Spidy just tags along just listening to the two.

"So what is this Kryptonite stuff?" Spiderman asks.

Both look over at the wall crawler replying with "Don't worry about it.", which makes Spidy giggle somewhat leaving both GL and Bat's feeling a bit awkward at them speaking the same words at the same time. Entering into the hallway Captain America approaches the three.

"Good news guys Wonder Woman has awoke and the doc says she will be free to leave in the next hour. Until than I'm going to stay with her."

All of them are happy to hear the news continuing forward but are stopped by Cap.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot, but she asked to see you." Captain America says pointing at Batman.

"Tell her you couldn't find me..I mean, I've got a lot to do but I'll speak to her later."

Shrugging his shoulders while nodding Cap doesn't think much of it just continuing forward back to the medical area. The three do the same exiting out of the nearest exit and that is when it hits him. Is it possible Diana heard what he whispered in her ear? That is the main reason he declined to speak with her at the moment, hopefully it will pass and she'll forget. Somehow he knew that would come back to bite him in the butt. Looking up the three can see Superman who floats above hovering down in front of them. Wow is he fast, just a moment ago he was down and out inside the ring and still managed to beat them outside.

"Once we get back to the shrine you and I need to talk; there is a lot you need to know." Batman says directly to Superman.

"Good and I'm hoping you have an explanation for what you did back there. Anyway I spoke with Carol and Wally in the stands, they said they'll meet us back at the Shrine." Supes tells.

Besides Alfred if there is someone he can trust, it is this man; and Superman deserves to know all of what's going on. After what just happened he's goanna have to; but it must stay between them and Spiderman. Enjoying the nice breeze the group continues on their path.

Worlds away

Hours pass bringing up the beauty of the full moon with not a cloud in sight. Fully suited up Daredevil kneels down at the top of a building looking down on his city; he has got himself a lead on the several robberies which have ranged from stolen material arts equipment to antiques. Watching a blue van drive off he makes sure to follow it keeping pace jumping from building using his staff's grapple hook. What feels like a cat and mouse chase the vehicle leads him to a business building on the west side of town.

"Perfect, hopefully this is the place." Daredevil says to himself.

A man steps out of the vehicle with a dragon statue made of ivory entering into the building! Using his grapple hook Daredevil pulls himself over to the building being very careful not to make very many sounds. Looking through a window on the 2nd floor he observes as the guy he followed here enters into the room bowing down to a woman.

"I've done as you asked my lady, the piece of work is unharmed and in perfect condition."

Taking the object from him she sets it on a table nearby.

"You've done well Trevor. We must continue to collect as many items as we can; the police may be on to us but there is no turning back now."

Listening, this is about enough information to confirm these people are indeed the one's who he believed they were. Smashing through the glass he enters landing in front of the two.

"Sorry to say but I'll be closing down your business indefinite."

Both the woman and Trevor look over at Daredevil unsure what to say; it's obvious neither have seen or probably even heard of him before.

"I've got him my lady."

Running over Trevor punches at Daredevil who grabs it twisting his arm kneeing him in the stomach back handing him across the face and round house kicking him to the ground knocking him out cold. Turning his attention over to the woman she stands back a bit smiling.

"Impressive, I've seen my share of masked men; it's funny how many of you are material artists."

"Really I'd rather not hurt you, please just tell me where you're holding everything."

Moving around she circles him just observing his attire, this is an interesting one for sure; definitely different to the individuals she is use to fighting against.

"If you're able to defeat me maybe I'll consider it."

Jumping forward a bit she knife hands him across the neck smashing both her palms into his chest sending him in the other direction a couple ft into a table. Pulling out both his clubs they're kicked out of his hands with her grabbing him by the head smashing her knee into his face elbowing him to the ground. The move draws blood from his nose.

"Nice meeting you masked man, but I've got places to be; oh and if you were wondering this is in no way one of our hideouts. I knew someone like Trevor wouldn't be able to cover up his tracks."

"Who are you?" Daredevil asks spitting blood.

He gets back on his feet standing before her.

"Another time whoever you are?"

Turning from him she walks for the exit but is grabbed by her arm and as a reaction throws out another strike but this time it is grabbed, but she knees him down in his area causing him to let go grunting. Punching at him again he dodges her fist flipping back to create some separation. Moving forward the two engage in combat matching the other blow for blow. But with a side kick to the rib and a left hook Daredevil falls again. While down she places a boot on his back applying pressure to keep him down.

"I guess you should know who you're dealing with..I'm Lady Shiva. You're lucky, I could have killed you; but we'll save that for another time. I'm curious what is it you go by?"

Looking over both can see that Trevor begins to awake after being KO'd. Applying more pressure she demands him to answer her!

"Dare..Daredevil." He finally says.

Smirking she removes her foot from his back.

"Well than Daredevil, I'm sure we will meet again; until than bye bye." She says blowing him a kiss throwing down a smoke bomb.

With the clearing of the smoke both Shiva and Trevor are gone along with the dragon statue. Great after all his work he's done finding the one's behind this they get away that easily! But than again it's rarely ever that easy, he'll just have to get back on their trail. Walking over picking up his clubs he exits out of the way he came through. Using his athletic ability Daredevil leaps from building to building returning home. Entering into the back room where he keeps all of his equipment he takes off his mask setting it down just as his phone rings. Walking over he picks it up answering.

"Hello you're calling the residence of Matt Murdock how can I help you?"

"Hey how's it going Matt, it's me Helena?"

Oh wow it's her! The woman he's had his mind on almost all day. After their walk in the park the other day which lasted for over three hours, talk about a quick connection. Some people just seem to have that type of affect on you.

"Hey is everything ok Matt?"

Alright he needs to pull himself together, yes she is completely gorgeous and sexy but she's probably already taken and most importantly she's come to him to help out a friend of hers. So basically she's just another client.

"Oh yeah I'm perfectly fine, Just wondering why you're calling at this hour is all. Is everything alright with Tina Leslie?"

"Yeah she's perfectly fine, but that's not why I'm calling. How should I say this, I mean would you like," Helena stops in mid sentence trying to come up with the best words, "It may be unprofessional but I'd like to see you again; I don't know maybe a cup of coffee?"

Wow could she be feeling the same way as him, this is crazy! Standing there he is stunned not sure what to say a shiver creeping up his spine.

"Oh I'm sorry, forget we had this conversation." She says breaking the silence.

Just as she is about to hang up she hears his voice.

"I'd love that Helena, I guess you beat me to it. I'd like to get to know you some more."

Feeling all fluffy inside she can't stop herself from grinning, what a relief, for a moment there she believed she had made a huge mistake.

"Good, how does Dale's Donut shop sound; around 9:am tomorrow?"

"Perfect, I'll be there." Matt replies.

Both say their goodnights hanging up. It's been a while since he's felt this good; taking off his patrol uniform he steps into the shower. Back in her hotel room Helena lays out over the bed turning on the T.V.

"Incoming news it has just been confirmed that the body found this morning is in fact that of Tiaha Daye."

Just wanting to relax she turns off the T.V. laying back on the soft pillows closing her eyes. A smile creeps up on her face with the thought of Matt re emerging.

Worlds away

Walking down the hall from her room Wonder Woman has finally found a little extra time to try and speak with him. Knocking on the door of Superman and Batman she calls out for them both but gets no answer.

"They went out, but I'm not sure where."

Looking across the hall stands Green Lantern.

"How'd you know they were going out, did they say what time they'd be back?" Wonder Woman asks.

"I didn't speak with either of them, but Spiderman informed me he was going with the two of them to take care of something. Please don't ask me what, I have no clue."

With those last words Hal enters back into the room leaving it unlocked for Spiderman incase he forgot to take his key. What she has to say can wait, turning she walks back toward her room. Far away walking in the area of the forest is Superman, Batman and Spiderman who have just left that of the hospital heading for the Lin Kuei temple. Both Supes and Spidy can't believe who they just saw alive! But with Batman sharing every single detail with them involving Pythena, they realize it is best to stick to his plan. Arriving in front of the temple it is Batman who steps ahead of them both knocking at the door. It isn't long before someone opens.

"Oh it's you guys, who's the man in the red cape?" The door man asks.

"He's a friend, if you could we'd like to speak with Subzero." Batman informs.

Opening the door fully the Lin Kuei member invites them all in. Entering both Spidy and Bats are surprised to see that the entire space has been cleaned looking as if the battle the other night never took place. The eldest member sits over in a chair looking over the three wondering what this is all about. Before long Subzero himself enters coming from a back room being notified by a colleague of them being here.

"I had no idea I'd be seeing the two of you so soon again," Looking over Subzero notices Superman, "So I'm guessing he's in the loop as well."

Nodding the Dark Knight confirms that the grandmaster is spot on. But from here on out no one else will be included, this circle needs to stay as small as possible until things are figured out. The more people know, the greater the chances of Pythena finding out they've figured her out. He originally had no intentions of including Spiderman or Superman, but things have played out in a certain way where that would only complicate things if he tried to hide things from them.

"I guess I'll go with the obvious. What brings you here at this point in time?" Subzero asks.

"We're ready to bring W.."

Batman puts a hand to the area of Spiderman's mouth.

"Remember what we discussed Spiderman, we can't say his name out loud. You never know if Pythena could have us bugged."

The words of Batman make Spidy laugh.

"Well if we were bugged, I guess that would defeat the purpose of your plan. After all she'd know we've collected all info on her plan."

Moving toward the web slinger he gives him the bat glare, but Spidy doesn't stand down. Stepping between them Supes uses his hands to separate them.

"As they both were trying to say we're ready to move our undercover person to one of your outer cottages." Superman tells.

Standing in place Subzero listens to the instructions on how exactly they will do this. The individual cannot be seen with any of them so they must be careful with how they do this. Receiving all the information they map it out on how exactly it can be done to perfection. After doing so the three heroes exit from the Lin Kuei temple.

"I sure hope this all works out and doesn't come back to bite us." Spidy says.

"Really I don't see any reason to worry, everything will turn out just fine. It's good to know who was behind the missile launch and the fake impersonation of Conner." Supes tells.

Walking through the forest the three stay on guard looking around at the many trees, you never know when an assassin of some sort could be following. The likelihood of that is slim, but better safe than sorry.

Shalion Temple

Sitting within the dojo Liu Kang meditates over by a fire place; now more than ever he must have his mind body and spirit at peek condition. Tomorrow he will be facing his toughest task yet, but if he is somehow able to pull through he will find himself in the final match against either Captain America or Batman. But the one known as Green Lantern is his only focus for now. Opening his eyes he sits up walking over to a window looking out at the moon.

"You've done well Liu Kang, and I want you to know win or loose tomorrow I'm proud of you."

Re positioning he is not the slightest bit surprised to see Raiden standing through the doorway. It is true he has done a good job, but the battle is far from over and it is always about finishing. But there is a chance for victory, watching some of this particular individual's previous matches it's obvious his power comes from that ring he wears. Maybe if he is able to disarm him of it he could win.

"Thanks Raiden, it means a lot."

Before he leaves Liu bows down to the thunder god. It isn't much longer before he exits the dojo as well to get some shut eye. The next day brings up the continuation of the tournament. The audiences are excited as usual hearing the announcer call both Captain America and Batman to the ring gets them even more excited. Sitting within the stands out of uniform as a group is Diana, Wally, Kal-El, Carol, Tony Stark, and Peter Parker. They all can't help but feel excited for their friends; reaching over Diana taps both Peter and Supes on the arm.

"So how exactly were you both eliminated?" She asks.

"Too make a long story short we just got beat." Peter replies.

Not liking his reply or tone she reaches over playfully pinching him.

"Ouch what was that for? Ok we'll tell you about it later." Peter says as a reaction.

The first to enter into the ring is Cap, stretching out a bit awaiting his opponent. With a grin on his face Wally moves over having a seat next to Peter.

"Now isn't that something, two Justice league members in the final match." Wally tells.

Looking up at him Parker isn't quite sure what he's talking about; but after a few moments it finally comes to him.

"You're dreaming pal, Cap is going to win this match; do you want to put money on it."

"I'm telling you Spider, the final match will be Batman vs Green Lantern. GL will win undoubtedly, but two JL members in the final and no Avengers! I'd say that will prove just how dominant my team is to yours."

Hearing them go back and forth causes the rest of the group to just smile, none of them have any intentions of breaking it up. It is best to just let the two of them enjoy themselves; but their argument does raise a singular question in the minds of them all. Who will be declared the winner, the fighter of the shadows or the one who represents the American way? Guess they'll just have to sit and find out. The audiences grow louder as Batman appears from the hall area walking the tiled turf entering into the ring.

"So where would the two of you like to decide this?"

Both agree to stay here in the ring, which gives the announcer the cue to get out. Captain America may not be the most powerful of the heroes but he is a threat through the eyes of Pythena; a problem which needs to be taken care of.

"Not that it will happen; but say Green Lantern was to loose. What than?"

Looking over at Shang Tsung Pythena takes it as a legit question seeing as there were three incredibly fluke matches which occurred the other day.

"That would land us on the backup plan. Trust me when I tell you boys it will work for sure; it may take a little more time but we'll be world conquerors."

The three watch from a back room as the match begins, Cap throwing his shield forward which connects with the chin of Batman knocking him over onto the ground. Running over he kicks at him while down but bats grabs him by an ankle throwing him back in the other direction. Getting up Batman throws down a few smoke bombs leaping up coming down on Cap striking at him with a combination of punches. Just as Bats tries to deliver a snap kick he moves out of the way running over to retrieve his shield.

"Nice moves Batman, you're a lot quicker than you look when watching. But I guess that is probably how it is with everyone."

Discontinuing any conversation, Cap runs over swinging his shield hitting his target across the stomach; Batman holds in all pain not trying to show any weakness. Throwing his fist forward he cuts into the arm of Captain America drawing blood from the blades on his gauntlets. Throwing out a knife hand Cap has it blocked and countered with Batman kneeing him in the stomach jumping up and kicking him to the ground.

"Come on Bucky, hang in there; you can do it." Diana whispers.

No one can hear her because of the piercing crowd except for Superman with his increased/advanced hearing ability. Hhm if anything he would have thought she would have been mutual; sure she and Cap have become really good pals. But something tells him it might be a little more than that. The crowd begins to really get into it some cheering for Captain America and others Batman. Throwing out his shield again Batman this time dodges pulling out two batarangs.

"That's a nice little security blanket you've got there, but I hope that's not all you rely on." Batman says.

Flipping up into the air bats dodges the shield which comes back around into the hands of Captain America landing on his feet. Throwing forward both explosive batarangs one is blocked by the shield while the other causes some damage to Cap's upper right arm. Running forward Captain America punches at the Dark Knight but has it blocked. Using his right leg Batman kicks the shield out of Cap's left arm.

"Clever one aren't you Batman; Wonder Woman told me you were a good fighter and tactician. I guess she was right about you."

Throwing a few strikes to Batman's lower chest he uppercuts him. But as the Dark Knight comes down he smashes his fist into the side of Cap's face not stopping adding to it with several strikes of kicks and punches. Through it all Captain America's arms drop down to his sides As Batman finishes it with an uppercut. Falling to the ground back first Captain America has been KO'd! Wally smiles uncontrollably how good does this feel!

"Winner and will be fighting for the championship of the Mortal Kombat tournament..Batman!" The announcer tells.

The audiences applaud him growing to like this individual, two very impressive wins in a row. Stepping out of the ring entering into the hall area he does not return to the waiting area but rather just stands waiting for the next match. From this spot he has a clear view of the ring if that is where they choose to battle.

"Seriously though, you guys have worked alongside him for who knows how long; how is he able to accomplish these amazing feats? I mean lets be real he's one hundred percent human; how in the world is he in the final, while the rest of us are sitting up here?" Carol turns looking over at both Diana and Kal.

With crossed arms Wally just shakes his head knowing if he had faced him just how quickly he could have defeated Batman. There is no amount of prep in his mind that would tip the scale in Batman's favor; truth be told if Superman weren't playing around with him he could have won easily. All you have to do is speed blitz the guy and there is nothing he can do about it; on another note Flash has no weakness such as Kryptonite so a fight against Batman would be a piece of cake. But he has to give the guy props, he made it to the final regardless of how he may have got there. Down below Cap has awoke and is helped out of the ring.

"It's hard to put a finger on it, but that's just the way he is. Batman always seems to find a way to get the job done." Supes replies.

The group becomes silent as GL and Liu Kang are called to the ring, both walk side by side entering to a cheering crowd. When being asked where they'd like to battle like the two before them they choose to stay here in the ring. Both fighters shake hands before backing off from the other creating space. The match officially begins with the announcer stepping out.

"Good luck to you my friend, and let the best man win." Liu tells.

Smiling GL gives him the thumbs up, both get caught up in the moment realizing just how far they've come. Creating a fist Green Lantern punches Liu in the other direction. But the Shalion fighter is able to land on his feet holding the area in which he was hit. Running forward he jumps out of the way of a missile which is shot from the ring. Performing a bicycle Kick Liu knocks GL onto the ground. Getting up he tries to create a sword but nothing happens. He then tries to create a hammer but that also doesn't work. Moments later the green energy around him disappears!

"Damn this isn't good." He says to himself.

Remembering back the last time he charged the ring fully was close to a week ago after a battle back in the city of Minnesota on a mission with Martian man hunter! Talk about bad luck, this is about one of the worst times it could give out. Good thing he knows a thing or two about hand to hand combat. Not worrying about it the match must go on running forward he engages in close combat with Liu throwing out a few strikes.

"Wait what the heck is going on?" Wally asks confused.

"It looks as though GL's ring might have given out on him." Supes replies.

Shooting Hal back in the other direction with a fire blast; Running over he continues his assault at full speed landing many blows onto the body of GL. Jumping up performing a flying kick to the head of Hal he is knocked over and out cold! Liu receives instant cheers but many are stunned, wow what a chain of events leading up to this point.

"Winner and Will be fighting against Batman for the championship..Liu Kang!"

Standing within the back room Pythena can't believe her eyes, two nobodies are going to duke it out in the final are you serious! Both Kahn and Shang Tsung smile at the expression on her face, talk about completely priceless.

"So I guess now you should tell us about that backup plan of yours." Shang Tsung says grinning.

Look at the two of them, they must be enjoying this moment; all along they've been telling her Liu is a threat. But she still sees it as luck, had Green Lantern's ring not went out like that so quickly in the match Liu would have got stomped! And this man in the bat suit is just as fortunate, neither of them are worthy of her time; having the strength of an Amazon she could crush them in mere seconds! Lowering his shades even Tony Stark can't believe what he just witnessed.

"So it's goanna be Batman vs Liu Kang for the final. Wow talk about randomly under whelming." Peter says.

Standing from his seat Kal/Clark pats Peter over the shoulder.

"I'm going to disagree with you, give the two of them credit they've done a magnificent job to get this far. Not to mention they're both very talented material artists, it should be fun to watch." Supes tells.

Exiting out of the ring Liu enters into the hallway area but someone steps within his path. Seeing the Dark Knight standing before him sends chills through his back knowing that this is in fact it; the winner between them both will be the Mortal Kombat champ.

"Good win Liu Kang I look forward to battling against you tomorrow." Batman tells.

"Same here Batman, but I'm not going to lie to you but you very well may be my toughest opponent yet. Yeah sure some of the others had super abilities, but because of that it clouded their focus; but you're like me, a focused disciplined mortal material artist. I've watched you this whole time leading up to this point, the most impressive thing about you is not your physical ability; but your mind."

Letting his words sink in Batman is astounded, how was this individual able to know all of those characteristics considering the amount of time they've spent together, which really wasn't much. It's no wonder he came in to this event as the previous champ, discipline, focus and dedication are what describe him best.

"I'm in for one hell of a fight." Batman says putting his hand out.

Both men smile shaking the other's hand. Moving up next to Pythena Shao Kahn rests a hand on her shoulder.

"The tournament is called Mortal Kombat after all, two mortals battling it out in the end just seems how would you say..ideal."

To Be Continue

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Wow! Youwere right, it's long! I only read part 1 so far...eyes hurt :P Caught one monior mistake which mad eme laugh because (not the greatest speller & type myself but) "Two men exit a licker store" ha ha ha is that where people get licked? :) :P Its liquor. Other than that part one is prety darn good. I shall try to read the others when I can but good work!

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@tomdickharry1984 said:

Wow! Youwere right, it's long! I only read part 1 so far...eyes hurt :P Caught one monior mistake which mad eme laugh because (not the greatest speller & type myself but) "Two men exit a licker store" ha ha ha is that where people get licked? :) :P Its liquor. Other than that part one is prety darn good. I shall try to read the others when I can but good work!

haha yeah, just wait till you get further gets a lot better story wise and the writing in general. My skills have improved from that point, up to where I am now; anyway thanks for the review:)