Marvel Vertigo: Iron Man

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(Wrong title in the O.P.)  
Marvel: Genesis: Iron Man
Part One: Becoming Iron Man:

Tony Stark exited the house of his politician friend, drunk, clutching onto his associate James Rhodes.

“Ya know what?” He says, slurring his words, “I think I had one too many shots.

“More like ten too many.” Mumbled Rhodes.



“And another thing! I--hang on a sec.” Stark bent over and threw up. “As I was saying! The world needs more heroes! We lost them all after World War II. GOD I have such a migraine I can’t even remember their names.”


“RHODY!” I’m talking! I think the world needs more heroes…I’m going to fix that!” Stark fumbled for his phone, and decided to let Rhodes dial the number for his secretary, Pepper Potts.

“Pepper! Yes, I want to be a super hero! Order some stuff and gadgets so I can be one. NO I’m not joking! I may be drunk, but guess what, I DON’T CARE!” He hung up the phone and looked at Rhodes empathetically. “Women.”

Three Months later:

It was a good life.

Stark was a national celebrity! He had built armor years ahead of it’s time. The press even named him ’Iron Man.’

He had built MANY Iron Man suits. Though it was times like today that made protecting innocents hard. A man named “The Deflector” had built a belt for his home country in Asia that gave him a “force field armor” and “energy blasts.”

“Don’t worry, Iron Man,” He said. “I a few months we’ll have caught up with your tech!” He blasted him. Iron Man fell to the ground.

“You won’t have a few months.” He said. “Suit. Chest blast.”

In response, Tony chest plate blasted a magnificent blast of energy, striking the Deflector.

Got to get the belt.

Though Iron Man. He’s got nothing without his belt.

Iron Man’s thought was disrupted by a blast of energy. He opened his palm and shot a repulsor ray.

“Suit. Activate missile.” A pocket opened up on Tony’s forearm. “Aim for the belt.”

The deflector screamed in pain as his force field was disrupted. He fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Nobody can copy the Iron Man suit” Said Tony.

It was a good life.

Unknown part of Asia:

A man is forging armor, in his house with a ring. Three men go in to visit him.

“You promised us armor!” Says one.

“And you rushed me. I could only make a prototype.”

“We gave you the ring for it!

“And if you speak to me again, you will die by the very same ring. By the way, this armor is not for you, I need to collect my second ring.”

“You can’t jus--”

“THE MANDARIN ALWAYS HAS HIS WAY!” He points his ring at the men and they turn to ash with a blast from it.

“I will kill the worthy one. I WILL kill Tony Stark.” He continues making his armor.

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@primepower53: LOL! I love Tony Stark being drunk. However, I haven't decided if I want to make him drunk in my Iron Man: TCC series. Anyways, this chapter is great.