Marvel - The Beginning: Uncanny X-Men #0

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The wind blows through the streets of Cairo carrying with it brutal and unrelenting heat. This is known all to well for the man known as Charles Xavier as he battles the wind and heat to make it back to comfort. A vicious battle against the very forces of nature, but Charles comes out victorious managing to make it into a small home on the outskirts of the city. The pounding pain in his head certainly did not help as he falls onto the floor. Pushing himself onto his feet, he finds himself not alone as a woman was shaking in the corner visibly afraid.

"I mean you no harm," Charles tries to get out, but only manages stuttered coughing from his mouth being too dry to speak. The woman flinches from the man's coughs, but realizes he means no harm as Charles puts his hands up in surrender. Quickly fetching water, she hands him canteen which Charles begins to drink. The water was bitter as it mixed with the sand and dirt in Charles mouth, but in that moment all he could be was grateful. The woman remained quiet, observing Charles's actions and keeping herself still a good distance from him. "Thank you,"

"Who are you?" The woman finally speaks with a deeper voice that doesn't suit her body type. Charles props himself up on a nearby wall and audibly sighs.

"If only that were a simple question..." Charles mutters to himself beginning to think back to the events that led him to come to Cairo, the reason for this dangerous journey that nearly cost him his life.


Mere days earlier Charles sits backstage awaiting the chance he'd been hoping for since he was just a child, the chance to be on TV. However, he never quite imagined it'd be like what it was. "And joining me today, we have biology-expert Professor Charles Xavier." Charles steps out being greeted by the newscaster as he sits down. "So Professor, you are perhaps one of the largest voices in a most recent crisis that has launched you into fame. How does that feel?"

"I'm not sure what crisis you're referring to Mr. Fargo," Charles knew exactly what they were talking about, but refused to acknowledge it as a crisis. The newscaster was obviously off-put by the question, but quickly regained his composure.

"The mutant crisis Professor," The man said it so calmly that it made Charles's hands clench as he tried to contain his emotions for the purpose of the interview.

"It has been quite a humbling experience to get to be a figure head in the discovery and examination of the mutant genome. There are many smarter than I, but it's been a dream working around so many accomplished scientists." Charles focused on the positives of the position that he had been able to put himself in over the past five years. The newscaster looks pleased as he shifts in his chair.

"With so many rumors of mutants across the globe, has it been a challenge for you and other scientists to shift through what's real and not?" The newscaster asks with Charles knowing full well he couldn't reveal the way he actually found mutants. He couldn't very well explain that he was in fact a mutant with the power of telepathy that grants him one of the strongest minds on the planet.

"While I can't speak for the other scientists, I would say it's been largely luck." Charles wasn't as confident with that and the newscaster took note of this. This back and forth continued for another thirty minutes of interview time and as it finished, Charles was relieved leaving the building at his first chance. After having exited the building, he soon saw someone he'd never guess he would see again, Moira Mactaggert. "Moira!"

"Charles?" Moira turns in excitement to see Charles. The two embrace more comfortable with each other than both thought would be possible after the years of being apart. After what seemed like a very short hour, the conversation came to an end and Charles began to realize the time.

"It has been great catching up with you Moira, but sadly I have to catch a flight to Cairo. Please feel free to call me at some point." Charles hands her a card with his phone number attached before running off leaving Moira a bit bewildered by the fast exit.

As the flight drew closer to the Cairo airspace, he reminds himself why he was there. Rumors of a white-haired little girl with the wind at her fingertips had made his way to one of Charles's comrades. Knowing the dangers if this girl is allowed to be taken, he booked a flight immediately and wiped the mind of his colleague. However, as they drew closer Charles began to feel a striking pain in his head. It was like a siren blaring from inside his skull and the closer they got to landing, the more pain he could feel. At the time, he wasn't sure what was happening, but he'd soon find one of the most powerful and despicable evils. As the plan landed, Charles could now tell that the origin of his pain was a form of psionic energy that had been blanketed across Cairo. Knowing this, he managed to block out most of the pain, but it still felt like a knife drawing closer to his brain by the second. Charles contemplates getting the first flight out, but is determined to find the little girl.

"Charles... Chaaarles..." It was like a taunt that was heard by Charles deep in his mind. He knew that something sinister had found him and that somehow it knew about him. Charles didn't dare respond turning into a market center heavily populated by the rich and richer. "You can't run from me..." Charles's pain had suddenly intensified triple-fold as he could feel the intense psychic attack from this mysterious enemy. Charles sat down and delved into his own mind.

"This is my domain, you have no hold here!" Charles declared as he finds himself inside his mind fortress with outer walls being destroyed one-by-one.

"There is no mind safe from that which you cannot escape," The voice spoke again drawing closer with each wall that came crashing down. Charles could then make out the terrifying creature looking something straight out of a nightmare. "For I am the eternal Shadow King!"

Charles quickly armed himself with armor created by his mind jumping down from the fortress to confront this sinister threat. Holding out a sword and shield, Charles couldn't help but be fearful of what he was about to have to face. The being busted through another wall finally being just across from Charles. Charles charged at the Shadow King swinging his sword, but not fast enough as the Shadow King lands a punch throwing Charles into the air.

"That may be so, but you have never faced off against me." Charles suddenly stopped himself mid-air and flew at Shadow King slicing across his chest causing it to let out an otherworldly screech. The Shadow King then suddenly grabbed Charles.

"I may not be able to beat you Charles Xavier, but I don't need to. Now awaken and die!" Shadow King laughed as suddenly Charles begin to feel his consciousness return to him slowly and suddenly he was in the middle of the desert.


"Incredible," The woman was only able to say that at Charles's sincere story of how he happened upon her little house.

Charles chuckles, "Incredible... perhaps as a story. However, to live it was quite... Uncanny. I'd wish it upon no one."

"What are you going to do?" She asks Charles innocently as he just smiles.

"Perhaps what I've been unknowingly walking towards my whole life. Gather and teach other mutants how to use their powers for more than their own desires." Charles nods his head with that as he could just feel that it was right, the path he was now going to take. Later in his life, he perhaps would come to regret this decision, but for now Charles was determined.

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@gokaidoctor: First of all, welcome on board, mate! Glad that you will be with us enriching our alternate take on the Marvel Universe, while handling such a rich and beloved franchise!

The issue serves its purpose as an expositional prelude which gives some basic ideas what the book will be about. Your Charles Xavier voice is nice and strong and you make a strong point his future as a leading character. However, there is a slight problem at least imo - the pacing and the exposition is a bit chaotic. It moves too quickly and you try to narate more while you "run away" from having characters actually talk to each other. Other than that, you got me on board and I am sure that this is something that you will fix and with each issue the story will become better and better.

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@tdk_1997: I 100% agree that I moved too fast. Re-reading it, I can definitely see the flaws you mentioned and I'll be trying to correct that for future installments. Thanks for the criticism!

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@gokaidoctor: No worries, mate. I know that you will work on it and improve!

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I like it, I agree with TDK on that the pacing seems a tad rushed but besides that I quite liked it. I like how you’re focusing on Charles Xavier as that period of the character’s life has always interested me, and I’m glad you’re focusing on characters that are less obvious such as the Shadow King.

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You got Shadow King in your story. I’m vested. Period.