Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAP 3: NO NEED FOR CLOAKS & DAGGERS PART 5 - Battlemode

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“You’ve got to be fricking kidding.” grumbles the L.A. Police Officer.

Trembling behind the car door of his police vehicle, Officer Walker keeps his arms extended and his pistol aimed at what was just a teenager moments ago. Officer Walker tightens his grip and shouts once more, “I SAID PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” he shouts.

Standing in the middle of the street, Victor Mancha was clearly not himself and most definitely not concentrating on any of his surroundings. In mind, somewhere, was a whisper that he should be scared, but whatever feeling that was or should have been was silent. He was in the middle of an upgrade, and he had to understand it.

His vision had tinted red momentarily but then stabilized and became as sharp as an Ultra HD Television Screen. Every time he focused on the street, he could hear a low ‘buzz’ like that in a camera. He could see things he never saw before. The individual granules in the pavement, bright yellow notes appear in the scope of his vision, indicating what he was looking at, the composition, the weight, weak points, origin….

It was as if his eyes were replaced with cameras like that of a satellite and a computer.

Then again that wasn’t all that was new.

His hands of flesh and blood were now gunmetal grey and slender. Looking at his right hand, it was now a long slender grey skeletal claw. Flexing, he had more joints in his hand than any man would have. His left hand, was ‘normal’ but he felt power within it. Something was inside, he wasn’t sure what though. Yet, the little notes in his scope of vision indicated a clue, ‘Ionic Cannon...exiting Sleep-Mode.

Closing his eyes, Victor could see a blinking yellow message in the darkness behind his eyelids:

‘Processing Upgrades…’

His eyes closed, everything turned dark and a bright blue outline showed his entire body.

Average size 5’11 - weight now 250 pounds.

His Body Alloy - a Vibranium/Adamantium Mix infused with nanites at 100%

The Skeletal Structure of his Back, kept blinking before a message appeared:

‘Wings Engaging’

Almost all at once, Victor could feel it, like a blade gently being extracted from its leather sheath, compact wings unfold from Victor’s shoulder blades. Each section of it sliding out like thin razor slabs of meta, resembling ‘bat-wings’.

Then, his eyes still closed displayed the message:

“Ultron 1.0 - Online - Threat Progress.”

Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways


PART 5 - Battlemode

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Looking down at his torso, Victor tilts his head at the sight of his torso. His chest was now smooth like that of a Medieval Knight’s Breastplate. Notes appear in the scope of his vision once more saying: Integrity 100%


Something warm was brewing in his hand. Victor could sense it. Looking to his hand, Victor watches his fingers congeal together, his entire palm and wrist form into a liquid type metal and morphs into something...larger.


His hand, now like that of a cylinder starts to swell and ground larger. A dull red light starts to throbs inside. A warm heat snaps to life. What could only be thought of as a ‘barrel’ came to mind but then, the scope of his vision, a message appears: Hand Canon...Charging.


Turning around, Victor narrows his eyes at the Police Officer’s behind him. Immediately two bright yellow target circles appear in the scope of his vision, settling on their weapons. Notes appear by the faces.

Name: Los Angeles Officer John F. Walker.

Stationed: 18th Precinct. Location 100 West 1st Street Room

Los Angeles, CA 90012 -

Longitute - 34.052205

Latitutude -118.245144

Case File: Honorably Discharged from Army - One Purple Heart

Spouse - None

Child - None

Parents Deceased.

Threat Level - - - Low

Name: Chase Stein

Home : Varied

Case File: Son of Victor Stein; Status: Murdered by Chase

Mother: Janet Stein: Status: Murdered by Victor Stein

Siblings: None

Threat Level --- Critical

Victor’s eyes begin to beam from behind the strands of his hair hanging over his eyes. Slowly, Victor starts to turn this torso towards him. His eyes locked onto Chase like a cat fixed onto its prey. His eye red pin-dot irises expand like quarters, glimmering with red light. His right hand like that of a barebone metal skeleton hand, flexed back and forth with the sound of knives sharpening echoing out.

“Threat Assessment Completed…” Victor says, seeing the distance between him and Chase Stein is some 200 feet.

Chase scrambles on to his feet, his face sweated as fear grips his body as he looks at Victor standing in the headlights of the police car's behind him.

Taking one step back, Chase immediately sees his mistake as Victor's red eyes two massive wings raise arc up over his head, poised to flap and close the distance between them.

Then a loud buzz is heard. Emerging from between his shoulder blades, between the pinions of his wings, a bright blue turbine emerges back - charging loud with power. A message appears in Victor’s sight: Hand Cannon - Charged 100%.

“HEY!” Chase shouts to the Ninjas he thankfully paid a great deal of money for, and points at Victor, “TWO MILLION FOR WHOEVER KILLS THAT THING!”

Immediately Victor’s red eyes scan the street. Raising his left hand that’s now a miniature canon, Victor’s sight hold ten flashing target circles over the 10 Ninja’s in his view. All Ten Yellow Target Circles...turn green.

"Threat Assessment, Complete. Kill Mode Initiated." Victor says before pushing off the ground with one flap of his metal wings.

Soaring straight head off the street, a blur fire burst explodes behind Victor as the turbine roars to life from between his back.

Hurdling at Chase like a demon, Chase falls to his back and screams as a Ninja jumps in his path, sword extended to Victor.

~Compensating~ Victor exclaims.

Dropping his feet to the ground, Victor effortlessly swats away the katana in the ninja’s hand and extends his hand-cannon, blasting the ninja’s head clean off his shoulders.

Chase eyes open wide in horror as he watches the ninja drop dead with a smoking headless body.

Looking over his shoulder, Victor’s red eyes look at the ninjas marching towards the street, all converging to him.

“Nine targets. Compensating Threat assessment…” ,Victor repeats, fans out his wings once more, “...complete.” he says before, flapping his wings and soaring straight up into the night sky like a bat!

“KILL HIM!” Chase shouts, blasting his fisti-gun energy beam at Victor.

Streaking through the night sky with unnatural agility and only the blue fiery turbine train to keep track him, everyone on the ground is taken aback as Victor suddenly stops in mid-flight, hovering over the street.

Suddenly Chase's bright blue energy zeroes in on Victor, rapidly closing in. Holding his skeletal hand to his side, Victor promptly levies his hand on the energy beam like an ax, splitting the beam and causing it to explode on both sides of him, remaining unharmed.

Chase's heart sinks as Victor hovers overhead like an angel of death, "You've got to be kidding me right now." he mumbles.

Suddenly red energy beam erupts from Victor, hurdles to the ground and explodes on the street, throwing everyone to the pavement.

“Eight targets. Compensating Threat assessment…” ,Victor repeats

One ninja, closest to Chase scrambles onto his feet but is suddenly crushed as Victor crushes down on top of him, blasting his head off.

“Seven targets. Compensating Threat assessment…” ,Victor repeats

Fluidly Victor lunges off the ninja’s body, grabs another by his face and rams his entire body into a parked car, caving in the entire windshield, deploying the airbags.

“Seven targets. Compensating Threat assessment…” repeats Victor before rocketing back into the sky.

Crawling down on his belly, Officer Walker stays behind his car, bringing his walkie-talkie to his mouth, “THIS IS OFFICER WALKER WE NEED SWAT DOWN HERE NOW!”

Dropping to the ground with a thud, Victor grabs one ninja by his skeletal arm and flings him fifty head over the street before shooting an energy beam that cuts straight through two more ninja’, quaking the entire street into an explosion.

“Seven, Six...Five...targets. Compensating Threat assessment…” Victor repeats

Feeling a ninja jump on his back, Victor effortlessly reaches over, grabs the ninja holds him, flips him over, slams him into the pavement, and punches the cannon onto his face before exploding off his head in a deafening cry.

“Four targets. Compensating Threat assessment…” ,Victor repeats, lunging to another.


Paralyzed with fear in front of the Wilder Inc Building, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Ty and Tandy all simply standstill, in awe.

"Is this seriously happening right now." Karolina mumbles, watching the ninja’s that were once attacking them, now getting decimated with ultimate prejudice in street.

Victor moves over the street like an ice-skater, barely touching the ground as he spins about, his deadly bladed wings cutting in half anyone near him before raising himself up and blow off one head after the other.

Karolina gulps but feels Molly. Looking down at her, Karolina sees Molly’s face twist in pain at the sight of their friend, “What’s...happening Kari…”

Looking at Victor impale another ninja’ on his wings, Karolina shakes her head, feeling a swell of fear in her own chest, “I have no idea…”

However behind them, caught in a momentary time bubble, Uatu the Watcher looks at Alex, "I can only pause time momentarily. Events are speeding and I must release you lest I damage the timeline."

Aron folds his arms and huffs, "You might as well reverse time and stop the Celestials during the Beyonder War!"

Uatu cuts Aron and glare before returning his attention to Alex and poinst at Nico.

Her face was pale as a corpse, blood pooled underneath her.

"You have 30 seconds remaining for the life-force within Nico Minoru to be reignited." Uatu states, "Once she dies, shei is beyond my grasp. I can save her, but you must be willing to bare the cost." he says.

Alex firms his face as he slowly sees Nico's face turning paler and paler.

"What is the price?!" he asks Uatu.

"I cannot tell you. You are a mortal. It is not part of your privilege to know." Uatu says flatly, "You have ten seconds." he says.


"Quite." Uatu answers to Alex even more pensive concern.

"I'm afraid..." Uatu states, "You have five seconds before..."

"DO IT!"

Uatu looks at him, "Your genuine request shall be granted." he says, holding his open palms over Nico, "She shall be restored..." he says as his hands glows brightly.

"This is horrible." Aron mumbles.

"Than just sit there and Watch, silently." Uatu spits as suddnely a bright white light envelopes them.


Skidding his HumVee to a stop behind a line of police cars, Agent Nick Fury half steps out his vehicle, unable to believe his one good eye.

"Oh @#$&!" he groans, "I shoulda had a drink for this."

Standing in the center of the street, Chase thrust his fisti-cuff out shooting out a glowing blue blasts through sky, struggling to heat Victor zipping in the sky and in a tight perimeter around him at high speed.

"COME GET SOME!" shouts Chase , unleashing a concentrated blue beam.

Countering the attack, Victor zips through the sky but that hovers, erects a translucent red shield in front him, and charges at Chase.

Feeling the resistance as Victor pushes back, Chase leans forward but feels his feet sliding back over the ground.

"MORE POWER!" Chase shouts into fisti-cuff as Victor barrels at him.


Chase gasps, immediately disabling his fist-cuff and stares at he long metal skeletal hand that is Victor's lodged straight into his right shoulder.

Looking at Victor, Chase stares in shock at Victor's greyed face and hollow bright red eyes. His face devoid of emotion. His eyes without expression.

"Threat Assessment..." Victor says, forcing through his elongated metal hand through Chase shoulder and out his back.

"AAAAAAAAHH!!!!" Chase screams as Victor lifts him up off the ground and over his head as Chase screams in agony.

Holding him up over his head, Victor raises his hand-cannon up beside his face, aiming it at Chase.

Chase eyes open wide in horror, "I'm SORRY OKAY I'm SORRY I'm SORRY!!" he screams.

However to Chase horror, Victor tilts his head and smirks, "You have threatened the life of the present user and his peripherals Nico Minoru, Alex Wilder and Molly Hayes. Threat is assessed..." he says, "Weighed as a category 4 threat out of 10..." he says as Chase starts screaming at the top of his lungs, "...and will be liquidated." Victor finalizes as he narrows his red eyes as they glow brighter red.

"VIIIIIICTTTOOOOOORR!" yells a familiar voice.

Paused, Victor's brow furrows. Glancing over his shoulder, peering past his raised bladed wings, he sees the source.

In the scope of Victor's vision, a circle appears over a small girl standing in the middle of the street between slain headless ninja's and cowering police officers.

Molly Hayes

Age 10 years old.

Powers: Invulnerability, Limitless Strength.

Notes: None

Threat Assessment: Friend.

Molly holds her hands out, "Stop!" she pleads, "Just stop."

Victor tilts her head at her request, "Ultron Programming 1.0 Online. Battle-Mode Initiated. I am unable to Stop."

"Yes you can." Molly says, "If you just..."

Suddenly Karolina grabs Molly by the shoulder and pulls her back, "ARE YOU CRAZY!"

Molly pushes her off, "HE'S OUR FRIEND! WE CAN STOP HIM!"

Karolina eyes open wide and looks at Victor, than back at Molly, "Victor was a kid, THAT IS A TERMINATOR!"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" Molly yells to Karolina as she pushes her off.

Immediately Victor eyes flicker red. Glancing up Chase who's passed, Victor looks back at Molly shoving Karolina.

In the scope of his vision, a red light highlights around Karolina's entire body.

Threat Assessment: Danger.

Tossing Chase aside like a rag doll into a car, Victor fans out his wings and loud buzzing echos as his turbines charge.

Karolina immediately looks at Victor as a red laser locks onto her chest.

"OH FRACK!" Karolina shouts.

Tandy looks at Molly and then at Karolina, "He thinks you're gonna hurt her!"

"He's just trying to protect me! WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Molly says as she points to Karolina's skin that starts to glow.

"NOT DYING!" Karolina shouts before pushing Molly aside and thrusting her hands forward with a bright energy ball forming in palms.

Suddenly a loud gunshot erupts a bullet ticks the side of Victor's face. Pausing himself from attacking Karolina, much to her relief, Victor turns around. Immediately his vision trajects the bullet source.

In his field of vision, Victor sees a circle appear over the face a Police Officer holding out his gun.

Nick Fury

No records.....

"ALL OF YOU!" yells Agent Fury, holding up a rather large rifle as seven Police Officers rally behind him.

Tandy shakes her head, "No no no they're gonna get themselves killed!"

Molly, Karolina and Molly turn in shock as they see nothing but guns from the police pointing at them!


"LOOK!" Molly yells seeing that the sky is slowly glowing on the horizon, "Your powers Karolina, will be at full strength, you can help me calm Victor down!" Molly says.

"If we don't get first! And we have to take out Victor!" Karolina flatly yells.

"HE'S YOUR FRIEND!" Dagger counters.

"Victor Mancha is THAT THING I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT IS!" Karolina yells.

"LAST WARNING!" he shouts.

Dagger firms her face, "WE SERIOUSLY JUST SAVED YOU FROM NINJAS IN RED PAJAMAS AND YOU WANNA SHOOT US!" she yells in anger as the crescent moon shaped mark on her face glows brightly!

Suddenly Victor sees from the corner of redden eye the police holding their guns up in the direction of Molly. His eye then sees from afar Nico's body floating in the air in front of Uatu the Watcher.

Within seconds, the cops holding their guns quickly become enveloped by nothing but a black shadow, "GET IT OFF US!!" they yell as they all open fire at Cloak who snuck his way between them. Within moments, all the officers are gone as Cloak's cape flows over them, having consumed them whole, steps away from where they were leaving their uniforms on the floor.

On the ground, holding up his gun, hidden behind a car, Nick Fury holds up gun, peaking out from behind the car bumper.

Staggering onto his feet, Cloak holds his head as he yells into the sky, "FEEEEEEEDD FEEEEEEEEEED!!!" he yells.

Dagger turns to him in horror, "Oh gawd TYYYYY!!!" she screams as she runs towards him.

However, Molly quickly pushes Dagger into Karolina with her superior strength, knocking them both out the way as she yells, "WATCH IT!" as Victor flies in between Molly and them with rocket repulsor coming out from his thighs.

Hunched over her like a bird protecting its chick, Victor fans his wings out over Molly and aims his blaster at Cloak.

"New threat assessed!" Victor says in a robotic voice, aiming his hand cannon at Cloak, "Threat to be neutralized in 3...2..."

"NOOOOO!!" yells Dagger who quickly forms ten light daggers in her hand and hurls them at Victor.

Quickly Molly uses her superstrength and shoves Victor out the way with all the blades zipping past between them and sinking into Ty aka Cloak who drops to the ground unconscious!

"MOLLY!" Dagger shouts.

Molly points to her, "STOP FIGHTING!"

Karolina skids a stop beside Dagger, "TELL HIM THAT!" she shouts unleashing an energy beam at Victor who quickly slices his wings down and forward, splitting the blast the explodes on his left and right in the street, quaking the ground.

Karolina looks at him in shock, "Oh this is messed up!"

Fanning out his wings, Victor stands up and aims his cannon at them, "Terminate."

"STOP IT VICTOR!" yells Molly

Immediately Victor halts his attack and looks at Molly.

Molly cups her hands together, "You, you're hurt and you're different and..." she fumbles, struggling to get the right words, "You don't have to do this." she reasons, "We can go home."

"Ultron 1.0 Online, home base searching," Victor replies.

"NO!" Molly shouts, stamping her foot on the ground so hard it quakes.

Victor steps back. His red eyes flickering.

"WE are you're home!" Molly exclaims. Pulling off her pink hat, Molly then points to Karolina, Alex holding Nico up by her shoulders as she limps, "WE are all your home! Just stop, please."

Karolina glances at Dagger who looks at her in equal shock as Victor slowly, sheaths his wings and his red eyes lessen in intensity of color.

Molly smiles, "Yeah that's it. You're safe."

Suddenly a green laser settles on Molly's temple.

Instantly, Victor's wings stretch out, its metal echoing out like a sword drawn!

"MOLLY!" Dagger shouts running over to her but Karolina grabs her back, "GET OUT OF THERE!"

Turning around, Victor turns around, immediately trajecting the laser source to Nick Fury, standing behind his HumVee. In the scope of his vision, immediately a red focuses to the shoulder 'air-to-ground' missile launcher.

"Boom." Nick mumbles, pulling the trigger.

Moving at a tenth of a second, Victor spins around, charges the turbine in his back and shoots his hand-cannon into the oncoming missile before it can get 10 feet near him. A flash followed by a deafening explode erupts. Victor ignites his turbine to stablize himself and keep his ground as police cars are tossed left and right.

Feeling the rumble subside, Victor lifts his head. Raining debris. Ashes. Fire littering the ground.

Victor beaming red eyes cut through the smoke and glare dead at Nick Fury.

"Threat Assessment..." Victor mumbles.


Hearing the cry, Victor glances over his shoulder, but than takes pause and turns around.

30 Feet away, Molly sprawled out on the ground. Her clothes peppered by shrapnel, the side of her head slashed and bleeding as smoldering flames. Glancing up at his wing, Victor's vision positively matches blood splatter on the tip of his wing.

Then, a video replays in the corner of his eye. He fanned out his Vibranium wings to stabilize himself and cut right Molly's temple. His turbine blasted her away. The explosion did the rest.

Cutting off the video, Victor deactivates his hand cannon and looks at Molly clutched by Karolina, Dagger, Alex and Nico.

The guilt and overwhelming sorrow wash over Karolina raises her eyes to Victor, "MURDEEREEEEEEER!" she yells as her body instantly glows translucent with rainbow colors while tears flood out from her eyes and she bolts for Victor!

Victor turns around surprised at her burst of anger, but is quickly slammed head first into the ground and then thrown him into the air as Karolina flies straight after him.

Dagger looks at Molly who lays on the ground in the middle of nothing but melted concrete and rocks. She looked as if she was in the middle of the explosion herself, her clothes still hot.

"MOLLY!!!" she yells,

Molly lays sprawled on the ground as she clothes smoke as the ground crackles and pops underneath her, "I got that crap in my mouth." she groans.

Dagger looks at her astonished but Molly eyes open wide just as they both hear "WATCH OUT!" from Alex as he runs towards them pointing up in the sky, "GET OUT OF THERE!!!" he yells.

Dagger looks up and sees Victor shoot out a blast from his hand/cannon.

Dagger's eyes open wide as the illumination from the blast hurtles towards them as she stands over Molly, "NO YOU DON'T!" she yells but suddenly Nico appears over Dagger with her Staff of One as she teleports Dagger and Molly away from the blast as it hits the ground and explodes!

Alex covers his face as the explosion sends him off his feet into the side of car as Nico teleports next to him with Molly and Dagger beside her "Are you okay?" Nico asks him.

Alex looks at her in shock that she is completely healed, "Am I okay? ARE YOU FREAKIN OKAY! YOU ALMOST FREAKIN DIED ON ME!" he yells as Molly hugs Nico, "YOUR ALIVE!" she yells.


"TY!!" yells Dagger as she sees him stagger to his feet holding his head but gets blasted to the ground as Chase lays sprawled out some feet away, bleeding from his shoulder.

"WHAT SHOULD WE DO!" yells Molly in a panic as she sees more cops from afar blazing towards them with only minutes to spare.

It was in that moment that Alex, especially after having his head slammed against a car, felt a moment of clarity. He didn't know if it was a concussion, but he saw everything that was happening in melo-dramatic effect.

Karolina battling Victor in the sky, Cloak on the ground as Chase was going after him and Nico back up running strong.

From the corner of his eye, Alex saw the sun start to just glow bright enough below the horizon to make the once black sky almost light blue in the far distance.

They did make it to morning...but they weren't done. Alex firms his face as he sees Molly and Dagger are about to run towards Cloak as Nico looks upwards towards Victor. Whether it be the hit on the head or the craving to redeem himself from not truly saving Nico...Alex wasn't sure, he just knew that now, he had to fix this...his way for all of them to make it.

"Nico." Alex says to her,, "Can you take out Karolina!"

"WHAT!" They all say.

Alex looks at Nico, "Molly, can you take another hit without getting hurt?"

"I-I think so..."

Alex points to Chase and Cloak fighting it out, "Before Victor tears Karolina apart and sees Cloak as the next threat, Tandy takes out Cloak, Nico teleport Karolina out of Victor's face and, Molly scream.."


Alex just points at her, "Trust me, just, do it!"

Nico, Dagger and Molly look at him astonished, "This is suicide."

"We...!" Alex yells cutting her off, "...are going to get the @$%^&* out of here and find a way to help Victor, but right now, we need to run because we're hurt and tired and without a plan, Victor will kill us." he yells.

"He's right!" Nico says.

Alex nod at her as she agrees, "Okay, trust me, I'm the smartest guy on the West Coast, this'll work. Go, now."

As if poetry was in motion, Alex sees Tandy run for Cloak. Simultaneously, Nico teleports off the ground and into sky, grabbing Karolina before teleports her to an alleyway out of site as Victor zooms past.

Watching him, Alex sees Victor hover in the sky, confused and now assessing.

"Molly..." Alex cues Molly, seeing Victor now looks down to Tandy pulling Ty.

Immediately Molly screams at the top of lungs. Alex gulps as Victor's bright red eyes could be seen high in the morning sky now look right at him.

"Wonderful." Alex chides as Nico teleports to his side with Karolina.

Victor immediately dives at them at top speed with his glowing red eyes.

"ALEX WE GOTTA GO!" Karolina shouts.

Alex looks to Nico, "Get us out of here!" he shouts as Tandy arrives at their side with clock.

Closing her eyes, Nico holds her Staff of One in hand, concentrating, "ITS A LOT OF PEOPLE OKAY!"


"I need a minute!" Nico shouts as her staff crackles with power.

Shaking his head Alex runs away from the ground, grabs a gun on the ground and shoots a Victor diverting his attention, but the bullets just ricochet off his face as he closes in!

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Alex shouts, pulling out a weapon from his father's lab and aims it at Victor, "Sorry buddy." he mumbles, pulling the trigger just as Victor closes in on him.


Everyone covers their face a bright white blinding flash occurs with a massive explosion erupting from the weapon area, debris flies all over them and around them.

On his back, Alex looks up at the sky, having been caught in part of the blast in a daze as he sees morning light starting to take away the night sky. Suddenly streaking across the sky, Alex gulps as he sees Victor flying away with smoke bellowing from his back.

"AAAAALEX!" shrieks Nico.

Dazed, Alex suddenly sees Nico's face over him as she holds up her Staff of One over her head, "STAY WITH ME!!" Nico says.

Karolina arrives next to him with black smoke marks all over her clothes and a cut on her cheek as she points to the distance, "LET GO! LETS GO!" she yells as police sirens fill their air.

Alex just remains motionless as Dagger drags Cloak and touches Nico's shoulder, '"TELEPORT US OUTTA HERE ANYWHERE!" she yells as Nico thrusts her Staff of One in the air, "EVERYONE HOLD ON!"

"FREEZZZZEE DON'T MOVE!" yell the police.

Nico looks down at Alex who blinks at her as she smiles at him, "You saved us you jerk, don't you dare die on me." she says as all goes white and they vanish before the police officers in a horde of red, pink and green pigeons!

to be continued with Chapter 4








Standing over him in the middle of the street, Agent Nick Fury looks at Chase Stein in a half-puddle of blood. Pulling out out a phone, Nick looks up at the sky, "Get me Abigail Brand. Tell her we have a Code Black and a new threat that just flew out the city."