Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAP 3: NO NEED FOR CLOAKS & DAGGERS - PART 4

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Previous Issue

Nico Minoru - The Leader
Nico Minoru - The Leader
Karolina Dean - The Loud Mouth
Karolina Dean - The Loud Mouth
Molly Hayes - The Kid
Molly Hayes - The Kid
Victor Mancha - The Calm One
Victor Mancha - The Calm One
Alex Wilder - The Genius
Alex Wilder - The Genius
THE HAND | NINJAS AKA Murder-y Evil Pajama Men
THE HAND | NINJAS AKA Murder-y Evil Pajama Men
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Agent Nick Fury (Yes, AGENT!)
Agent Nick Fury (Yes, AGENT!)

Previous Issue

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Nick Fury hated being woken up in the midnight hours. It always sparked a headache he would be unable to shake for hours. After some time, the headache blurs his vision in his one eye, turns his stomach into a vortex of discomfort and thus began the cycle of a migraine. Fury hated his migraines more than his second ex-wife - a manipulative serial killer - but she was a beautiful piece of work, unlike the current piece of work that is the reason for his forming headache - Abigail Brand.

Abigail Brand, Director of the Sentient World Observation and Response Department, SWORD for short, was a green hair colored five foot six tall migraine Nick Fury seemed fated to encounter time and time again til death. Regardless, of the fact that he was a high ranking SHIELD agent and the agency he was affiliated with operated in different circles than Abigail's, there she was, waking him up in the midnight hours just annoy him.

Tonight, was no exception. Woken up at 1:45 am with a developing migraine sure to rise on his horizon like the coming sun, Nick Fury had slid into his armored street-legal HumVee, sped off in the dead of night down the winding hills of Falling Springs California towards Los Angeles in post-haste, ready to shoot the problem Abigail brought to his attention. He hated this. He ran his own operations without any team or petty side-kick fated to die. He was a lone wolf. He hated interference or anything resembling someone else's hands meddling in his work, but due to the 'sensitivities of the situation' as his superiors called it, he had to work with Abigail, and thus he had to work with this situation.

There, Nick resigned himself to the reminders, the things that mattered that helped him keep his focus in times like these.

His Cigar.

And his HumVee.

He loved that HumVee.

Reaching into his inner jacket pocket, Nick pulls out a short stubbed cigar that he bits down on moist cigar in a steady pleasure while pressing his boot more on the gas pedal. Hearing his HumVee roar like the anger within him at being woken up at one in the morning, he wasn't gonna let that go, Fury begins to focus his thoughts on the tasks at hand.

Speeding on the 110 Freeway at night to Los Angeles, Nick Fury glances down at the dark dashboard and taps the screen.

"Hey, 'EDITH' knock off..." Fury growls, poking at the touchscreen, "...wake up and get me information on my C.I."

Within moments the soft blue light in the middle of the dashboard screen turns red and scans Nick Fury's face with soft lasers.

Recognized. Agent Fury. I am your Fundamental Information Data Zip.

I am your Processing Query....

Agent Fury, which of your Criminal Informant File would you like me to review today? Shall I review:

1. Carla Sofen aka Hot Girl

2. John Sublime aka Gross Guy

3. Chas -

"Yeah him. Chase." Nick Fury interrupts, "Twelve Hour Summary Now." he orders, "Why on gods good green earth is Abigail Brand waking me up about him."

~As you Know Agent Fury, SHIELD has designated the cabal 'The Pride', as a threat to national security, yet, due to the Exterrestial Presence of the Majesdanian Family under the name of Dean - Abigail is running point with your opera....~

"Please shut up..." Nick growls, "...and just update me on Chase freaking Stein or i'm ripping you out the dashboard and going back to a Rolodex."

~Processing query...Report. Chase Stein, son of deceased Victor Stein Political Strategist, Mechanical Engineer - leader of the former Pride...~

Stunned, Nick does a double-take at the screen, "WAIT, what do you mean formerly Pride and deceased..."

~Approximately four hours ago, I accessed multiple police reports and corroborated 911 calls for an assessment. It appears an assassination of all Pride Leadership occurred four hours ago, including the Deans who are linked to the Majesdanian Royal Family line - hence an indication was sent to SWORD. Further SHIELD Analysis of 'Nick Fury' Criminal Informant, Chase Stein's cellphone and text message records, indicate he had a possible mental breakdown, Logging into residual recordings from his tapped phone strongly suggest that he led the homicide. He is a Chief Suspect and orders are for him to be brought in for Questioning.~

Fury tightens his grip around the steering wheel, smoldering angry with the news before letting out a steady composed breath, "Where is he now? I mean RIGHT now!"

~Tracking indicates Chase Stein is currently in Los Angeles, Wilder Enterprises.

"What on Earth is he doing there?!"

~Local Reports multiple fatalities due to 'ninjas' and several children fleeing on the scene within the Wilder Building and connected to nearby Hotel. Also flagged by Director, the Wilder Building seems to be housing a 'Weapon' called 'Cloak and Dagger'. You ordered to eliminate your C.I. and capture the 'Cloak and Dagger'. Does this answer your query?~

Seeing the illuminated Los Angeles Skyline in the dead of night, Nick Fury lets out a deep breath, "Not even close..."

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PART 4 - The Tipping Point

Kicking open a door to a marble laid hallway, Nico sprints like an athlete.

Sprinting past multiple paintings down a hallway, Nico takes notice she must be in a lobby of some sort as dozens of doors lined the hallway as well. A Hotel of some sort, but it didn’t matter. Nico needed to get to an open space to call for the Police to arrive. Her mother had taught her - if she couldn’t win a fight, keep running til she could find a place to win. And at hearing the many fleet-footed steps of ninja’s coming behind her, Nico could only think of cops happy trigger fingers being her only solution, hopefully.

Seeing guests coming out of their rooms, Nico starts waving at them, “GET INSIDE OUT THE WAY!” she shouts, blowing past them as guests press themselves up against walls.

“OH MY GAWD!” shouts a lady.

“VAGRANTS!” They shout, but Nico hears them screams come to a sudden silence.

Nico didn’t need to look back, she knew they were killed by her pursuers, but she couldn’t stop. Reaching the hallway that opens up to a luxurious waiting area and main lobby, Nico sees the eyes over every guest and late night front desk worker draw to her. The side of her face covered in dried blood, partially visible bruises in more places than she could feel immediately calls a ‘gasp’ from everyone in the room.

Aron appears high over the fight next to Uatu, watching Nico.

"Does that mortal comprehend what she is wielding?! The Forces she is tapping into?" he ponders.

Uatu shakes his head, “Not in the slightest.”

Ready to call out for someone to dial 911, Nico suddenly notices a shiny glint at the corner of her eye.


Quickly Nico ducks to the floor as a Ninja swings his sword over Nico and cuts into marble wall over her! Shocked, Nico looks up at the Ninja glaring at her as bits of her hair fall between them before viciously kicking Nico in the torso, throwing her across the floor on her back.

The few guests waiting, stand up and run for the door while one the Front Desk Hotel clerk picks up the phone while another guest points his cellphone, “SOMEONE CALL THE PO…”

Quickly a Ninja slides across the floor and thrusts his hand out, mortally injuring the Front Desk working who staggers back, clutching his now bloody throat with ninja star in it. Quickly the other ninja’s rush in behind the one, noticing the rest of the staff and sparse guests in the lobby.

Jumping onto her feet, Nico raises up her staff, “NO!” she shouts, causing her Staff of One to bursts into flames into her arm.

Twirling it hand, Nico holds it out to them, “I AM THE ONE YOU WANT!” she shouts.

Aron folds his arms and rests his chin in his hand, “She is only able to control the device under emotional duress? Disappointing.”

“Adolescent Earthlings are emotionally unstable. They all cannot be Eternals.” Uatu chides.

Watching the smoke raises off its the Staff of One that doesn’t seem to burn Nico’s hand, the lead ninja glances over at the dying clerk held by two of his co-workers cowering behind a chair with a desk.

Nodding at the workers, three ninjas quickly rush at them while the Ninja’ bolts straight for her! Nico points for the door.

Heaving her Staff over her head, Nico bares her teeth at the Ninja’s coming at her, “NO!!!” she shouts, slamming her Staff to the ground.

Instantly the marble floor trembles and waves roll out from around Nico waves on the surface of a pond, throwing all the Ninja’s back with fiery erupting out the floor and engulfing some in flames! Twirling her staff in hand, Nico’s eyes gloss over black as she grits her teeth and looks to the innocent bystanders, “GET OUT OF HERE!” she bellows.

Turning her attention back to one of the ninja’s having hopped on his feet, he promptly hurls his sword right at Nico like a spear.

Rushing into the main area of the hotel, Chase, still in his tattered clothing walks to the main floor of the hotel and watches Nico drop to the floor missing the sword hurled at her.


Immediately all the ninja's surrounding Nico stop and turn to Chase holding up his hand, sporting a silver metal glove with a glowing pale blue light at the back of his hand. Pressing a button on the glove, metal plates begin sliding out upwards along his arm, across his shoulders before soon, covering his whole body.

Feeling a rage boiling inside her, Nico's jaw tightens as bright crooked lines to form alongside her cheek, "Chase, don't make me kill you.” she snarls.

"Funny..." Chase smirks, "...that's exactly what your mom said before I dusted her!"

His hurtful words make Nico clenches her jaw and instinctively raise her staff over her head before slamming back down into the marble floor causing the entire floor to tremble with cracks splintering out in every direction. Suddenly sprouting short flaming wings from her back, Nico eyes' turn red and meet with Chase, who gulps.

"Well bring it on." Nico shouts.

Suddenly a massive explosion erupts out the floor behind Chase, throwing him to the ground and Nico onto her back.

Rising out the massive crater in the marble hotel floor, a glowing sphere emerges with the young Tandy aka Dagger, decked in a form-fitting white bodysuit. Her eyes filled with light, her expression serious, Tandy's arms and legs remained suspended in the center of the sphere like a trinket frozen in the center of a crystal ball. Behind her, Victor Mancha, Karolina Dean, Alex Wilder, and Molly Hayes remain behind her with Ty aka Cloak standing by her side.

On the floor, Nico lifts her hand over her eyes from the immense glow of the sphere but struck with shock at the sight of them, "Okay...didn't see that coming."

Pushing herself between them, Molly points at Nico on the floor, surrounded by ninja's in red garbs, "THAT'S OUR FRIEND!" she exclaims and then points at the ninja's, "AND THOSE ARE THE EVIL MURDERY PAJAMA MEN!?"

Alex could feel it. The whole room was at their attention but it was about to descend into chaos if they didn't act quickly. Relieved to see Nico alive, Alex looks to both Ty and Tandy, "Look, we got you out, so like seriously, pay back the favor and help us get her outta here."

Ty looks at them all and nods, "I think so."

Karolina balls up her fists and summons bands of rainbow light around her wrists, "Uh, you nearly choked him and me, there's no 'i think so'. We're doin' this!"

"And quick" Tandy says, "Because there's a lot of them."

"On three..." Alex mumbles.

"THREE!" Victor shouts.

Decked in his armor but on his back, Chase stares up at the sphere of light over suddenly bursts with everyone dropping to the floor, "KILL'AAAAM AAALLL!" he shouts in fear.

As if on cue, all the Ninja's spring up onto their feet as the group lands in the middle of the massive lobby area of the hotel. Seeing the ninjas converge on them, Chase eyes open wide a sudden white light flickers before a massive white light beam bursts out! Before his eyes, Chase watches as six ninja's are engulfed in the beam of white light and disintegrate as the energy beam cuts a path through the marble floor, shatters through the window and explodes in the middle of the street.

Staring in awe, Chase looks back to seeing Tandy, panting as she holds both her hands together, palms facing forward. A glowing crescent moon tattoo throbs over her as everyone stands behind her, equally baffled.

Standing up, Nico looks at her, shock, "Holy SHAAAAA!" she screams.

Everyone turns to see Nico', her eyes wide open as she gasps for air as Chase stands behind her, with a sword in her back and protruding out her chest!

"NICOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" yells Victor.

Chase shakes his head as he looks at Victor, "OH SHUT UP! YOU never liked her any way I was the one that dated her!" he says, yanking out the sword as Nico drops to the floor, "And she was a piece of work!"

Everyone stands still, stunned as Chase looks at Nico bleeding out on the floor, stunned, "SO..." he says before raising his eyes to the group, "...honestly I chased you half-way cross Los Angeles just to do that." he states and points to Alex, "But Victor, Molly, Karolina, you can join me and i won't do one thing to you, just give up Alex and his fathers two lab rat experiments and this is all over."

Molly, her eyes filled with tears, steps forward ahead of everyone. She looks around, observing her ninja's poised on their left and on their right. Then, she settles her focus to Chase lifting up the metal faceplate with a grin across his face.

"SCREW YOU!" Molly shouts before driving both of her fist in the ground.

Chase is suddenly stunned as the entire floor quakes as if jolted by an earthquake, making him topple back.


Immediately Ty jumps off the ground and floats off the ground, "GET NICO!!" he shouts.

No sooner do the words escape his mouth does Alex Wilder watch as Ty's cape expands ten times its size as black tendrils shoot out from the darkness and grab ninja's at random, "WE'LL KEEP THEM BUSY!"

"EVERYONE COVER VIC!" Alex shouts to Victor as Tandy slides between them and swipes her arm across the air as a dozen hard light white shoot out and stab into oncoming ninjas before the get to Molly.

"GO NOW!" Tandy shouts.

Sprinting past them the fallen ninjas, Victor sprints for Nico with no second thought. Seeing her bleeding on the floor Victor races for her as a Ninja after ninja leaps but is met with a glittery blast of rainbow energy exploding off their chest. Glancing behind him, Karolina skids to a stop as bright energy beams burst from her hands.

"C'MON! YOU AIN'T GOT NO POWERS!!" Chase shouts, raising up his hands engulfed in the armor of his fistiguns.

Running for him, Victor grinds his teeth in anger as his eyes, "BUT SHE DOES!" he shouts, pointing over his shoulder before dropping to the ground, revealing Molly leaping at him through the air with eyes lit bright violet.

Quickly Chase covers ducks behind his armored forearms as Molly him with all her might. Effortlessly, Molly sends Chase straight off his feet and back twenty feet, crashing through a brick wall and skidding onto the pavement outside.

On his back, Chase groans in pain. Lookin at his armored forearms, Chase sees his armored plating falling off with bruises now decorating his arms like leopard spots. Sitting up in discomfort, Chase slowly stands onto his feet watching the fight erupt inside the lobby of the luxury hotel. Ready to get back into the fray, Chase motions forward but halts at hearing the distant distinct cry of coming Polic Sirens.

Looking down the avenue, Chase clenches his jaw, spotting the distant red and blue lights, "Wonderful."


Victor holds Nico gasping for air as her eyes remain fixed to the ceiling, "OH crap crap crap..." Victor panics, "GUYS WE NEED TO GET HER OUTTA HERE NOW!" he cries, placing his hand over the wound not knowing what to do.

Looking to the lobby, Victor could see they were in a catastrophe.

Karolina and Tandy standing back to back, blasting away Ninjas while Molly hurls furniture like toys at them, with Alex being protected by Ty who swallows up the ninja's into the black void of his cape.

"Screw it..." mumble Victor as looks at Nico, "I'll get you to a hospital," he says.

Nico shakes her head, "And bleed all over the freggin avenue?" she seethes, "No...jeezz..." she winces, barely able to stand the pain, "...s-save yourse-self."

Victor firms his face, "Its my fault, I should have helped you and stayed behind." Nico flickers her eyes open, "Don't sweat it. We do what we gotta do. No changing that."

Skidding over to their side, Molly looks down at Nico, "We're gonna get you out. I promise. You like freggin saved me and everyone. We can't..." but overcome with tears Molly bursts into tears as she looks up at Victor, "We gotta do something!" she says as she sees they are all surrounded by the Hand ninjas.

Suddenly police sirens are heard outside as flashing blue and red light are seen, "THIS IS THE POLICE....WE HAVE A REPORT OF TERRORISTS INSIDE THE BUILDING! THIS IS A WARNING...SEND OUT THE HOSTAGES AND COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" yell the police on the loudspeaker.

Victor sits up straight and looks outside, "We got PO PO!

Alex races over to Victor and looks at Nico. Immediately Alex could see it. Nico was fading. Blood spilled out in her back. her face pale and clasping her hands together shivering as if it was the middle of January in the Arctic. She wasn't going to survive a car ride much less any of them running her to the hospital.


Snapping himself out of his thoughts and looks to Victor, glaring at him, "What do we we do!" he repeats.

Victor watches as almost a light illuminates in the back of Alex eyes as he looks to Nico. He had an idea.

"MOLLY!" Alex shouts to her, watching her punch back a ninja that flies across the room.



Molly shakes her head, "YOU GOT IT!" she shouts and promptly punches the floor with every ounce of strength in her. The awe-inspiring feat of strength shakes the massive marble floor loose from the ground! All the ninja's start to stagger about as Karolina floats off the ground, watching the marble floor roll all the ninja's back like a wave of water that reverberates them to the towards the opposite side of the room.


Karolina drops to the ground and looks at him, "EXCUSE ME!"

Alex points at Tandy, "You were tapped out of powers but just being around her, powered you up. She hits you with a blast, absorbs it and flies Nico to a hospital while Dagger and the rest of us buy you time so Nico has a chance!"

"WHO MADE YOU LEADER!" Karolina shouts.


Karolina points to the police outside, "We got cops outside, killers inside and you think we can just slip away! We have to stop now and turn ourselves over to the..."

"NO NO NO..." Alex interrupts, "...WE DO THAT AND NICO DIES! I am NOT about to have the one person who kept us alive ALL NIGHT DIE HERE! OUR PARENTS DIED, MY FATHER DIED! NO ONE ELSE! YOU HEAR ME! NO ONE ELSE!"

Everyone remains quiet, seeing the conviction in Alex face seems to be the greatest superpower as everyone is rendered silent.

"CLOAK GRAB NICO AND FOLLOW ME!" Alex yells, "TANDY, KAR, MOLLY take to the street, make a distraction, don't get caught! The ninja's will come outside, let the cop shoot'em! TAKE THE FIGHT OUTSIDE!" he yells.

"TANDY!" yells Karolina "HURRY UP YOU HEARD THE GEEK! LETS GO!" she says.

Tandy looks at her and thrusts her hand towards her and envelops Karolina a ray of light, "Its not Tandy now, lets keep Dagger." she says as suddenly everything starts to turn white!

"LETS MOVE!!' yells Alex but suddenly, as if all the seconds seemed to slow down, Alex sees from the corner of his eye he sees a ninja leap ahead of the rest and on to the wall and lunge right at him.

Suddenly Alex feels himself get pulled back!

OUTSIDE Wilder Enterprises Building

No Caption Provided

Coming to a screeching halt, police cars line the street as they block any traffic from coming in the general area. With policeman and policewoman outside their car, with guns drawn as they stand behind their armored doors, one officer stand in front of them all with a loudspeaker, trying to establish communication.

"Do you have any demands!" says the Police officer as he lowers his loudspeaker. The officer squints his eyes as he sees some movement inside. Suddenly a bright white light illuminates through the glass so brightly that nothing can be seen.

Suddenly as fast as it came, the bright light quickly dissipates.

Seeing the reflection of the bright flash, the officer looks back as the rest of the officers stare in confusion and than cover their ears from the deafening crash of crushing glass and high pitch noise.

In shock, they see the man in a torn red garb slams on to the police car windshield behind him.

Running towards him the officer goes towards the man and sees he's dressed up as a ninja as the rest off officers look from their places. The officer touches the man neck to feel a pulse but suddenly the ninja springs to life and grabs the officers hand, "NEVER SURRENDER!" yells the ninja as he pulls the officer on to of him and takes out the officer gun out of his holster, about to shoot him!

"GET OUT OF HERE!" yells Karolina as she smashes out the glass building entrance, in a blur zooms overhead, knocks the officer away and she slams on top the Ninja so hard the entire police car jolts back on top of another police car! With police officers shifting focus, towards her, the ninja points the gun at her but Karolina immediately turns her skin and hair into a fluorescent, shimmering, rainbow-colored light as the bullets go through her...without harming her.

"Bad idea." she says as he blasts the ninja with such a burst of energy that he turns into dust and burst a massive hole through BOTH police cars that are stacked on each other.

The other officers, stare in astonishment as they push off their hats and drop their hands in surprise. Having their attention and seeing everyone staring at her in amazement, Karolina stands up on the stacked police cars and points at them but they all draw their guns, "DON'T MOVE! DON'T MOVE YOU FREAK!" yells one of the cops.

Karolina firms her face, "I'm trying to freakin' save your effin' life here! EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE! GO!!!"

"PUT THE FREGGIN RAINBOWS DOWN LADY!" yells one of the cops.

Karolina turns towards the cop in sheer disbelief, "ARE YOU FREGGIN INSANE!"

Suddenly everything violently shakes as a fireball explosion rips through the face of the building with all the glass shattering, Alex running out the building and into the street with Cloak next to him and Victor holding Nico with a horde of ninjas' running after them!

"MOLLY!!!!! KAROLINA!!!!" yells Alex as he sees the explosion.

Outside already, Chase in his metal armor lunges over thirty feet towards them but Molly jumps over Victor and Cloak, punching Chase back and sending him crashing through a police car and into the face of another building across the street!

Karolina thrusts her hands out "GUYS HIT THE FLOOR!" she yells as she sees more ninjas are trying to surround them, but as Dagger, Cloak who holds Nico and Alex his the floor, a powerful rainbow wave shoots out from Karolina waist and thrust all the ninjas back as Dagger leaps in the air in a beam of light and shoots out light daggers out, hitting the fallen ninjas!

Landing back on the floor, Dagger and Karolina stands side by side as they look at Alex and Victor, both looking at Nico's continuing growing paler as Alex tries to stop the bleeding.

"GO!" Karolina exclaims, "We'll hold them off!" shes as a police car explodes and gets rocketed up into the air. Bathed in fiery red light, everyone watches the police car crash back to the ground in flames as Ninja's race to them from across the street while police officers open fire on them.

Alex gulps. His plan was falling apart at the seams and they didn't even get to the street yet. They were surrounded, their friend was dying and he had to figure something out.

Then Alex sees. In his metal armor, Chase swinging Molly off of him and into a police car. Smacking any Police officers in his way and marches to them with determination while Karolina and Dagger open long range attacks to keep the ninja's back.

Opening his metal fisti-gun palm, Chase grins as a pulse of energy charges in the center of hi spalm, "TIME TO DIE!"

Immediately Victor jumps in front of Alex, "STAY BEHIND ME THEN RUN!" he shouts just as Molly comes from no where, punching Chase across the face!

Sent staggering, Alex angrily charges up his mech-suit, and swings his arm, bashing Molly across the face in the pavement! "WILL YOU DIE ALREADY!" he hollers, before grabbing her by the leg and hurling her straight into the flames of the exploded police car!

Victor's eye dilate and shift red.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" yells Victor as he scrambles to his feet bolts towards him. As he runs, Chase sees Victor rushing towards him as a police officer, on the ground between them, holds up his hand in fear.

Chase grins, "How'd that comic say it? ah, KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!" he shouts before unleashing a powerful blue laser cannon at Victor.

Holding up his hands, Victor stops in his tracks as he's caught right in the blue energy blast of Chase's attack. The police officer screams, disintegrated in minutes by the intense heated blast. Chase's mech suit whines as he increases the intensity of the blast as Victor completely disappears in the light as if he's disintegrated.

"VIICCCTTOOORR!!!" yells Alex and Molly at once.

Suddenly Chase suit cuts off, burned out by the energy he used.

However.... Chase starstruck surprise, there he see's Victor standing in the middle of the scorched street with smoke rising from his naked torso and burned off shirt, stunned as well.

From far behind, Alex stands up.

Everyone knew Victor has no powers. It was a fact. He was smart. Maybe not as smart as Alex but he was close. He was neither mutant, alien, magician...anything. Just a rich teen - as they all were, from criminal parents.

However, standing in the middle of burned out street, Victor begins to hyperventilate. His hands were shaking. Sweat pouring from his forehead. He wanted to panic. He wanted to scream. Every bit of him wanted to run and cry somehow, somewhere but he couldn't. His friends were dying. His parents were dead. Everything was just too much. Too much and...

Suddenly Victor's eyes shift red and throb.

His skin pales and before Victor's very eyes, his arms turn an odd gun metal gray and a sharp pain in his back as he looks up skyward and yells, "WHAT HAPPENING TO MEE!!!!!" he screams.


Thinking he is about to die, Alex starts to run towards him but Cloak grabs him by one hands as he holds Nico with the other, "YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING!" he yells. Alex firms his face as he points towards three cops hiding behind a burning car, "GET OUT OF HERE!" he yells, but one of the cops pulls a gun on him and Cloak, "STOP TERRORIST!" he says.

As he points the gun right at Alex head, Alex only is able to utter, "WAIT..." but suddenly the officers two swords sink into them! Alex eyes open wide but he turns around sees the ninjas coming towards them as Dagger and Karolina do their best to deal with the others!

Seeing them race towards him, Alex looks over his shoulder, "CLOAK DO SOMETHING!" he yells.

As the ninjas lunge at him, a large black shadow erupts out the ground and pulls the ninjas down the floor and absorbs them into the ground!!!

Alex looks in shock as he turns around and sees Cloak with his hand out, "Good enough?"

"GO!!!" yells Karolina from as she launches off a car and blasts ninjas before they reach Alex. Covering his face as smoke bursts from the ground. Karolina and Dagger look at Alex, "We got this GO!" they say as they turn and see the fewer ninjas running towards them.


Alex, seeing Victor shakes his head and then, everyone freezes. As if a pause button was pushed on life and then, the voice speaks.

"You can save Nico's life."

Startled, Alex jumps back and turn around! His eyes open wide as seeing two short, bald white people who seemed to be dressed between the Greek and Roman time periods.

"Okay..." Alex gulps, "...I must've died. Please tell me I died."

At that moment, Aron the Watcher appears, "YOU CANNOT INTERFERE!" he yells to Uatu.

Uatu points to Nico, "She is not just the nexus of powers, she IS a Nexus Being. She possesses the ability to channel the power of the universe. If she dies...the universe could fall into darkness." he says.

"WHOA uh what are you talking about!" Alex says.

Aron ignores Alex and looks at Uatu, "I cannot permit this."

Uatu smiles, "Precisely, you just watch." he says as he turns to Alex, "Alexander Wilder the third...." he says.

Alex eyes open wide as he looks at him, Uatu continues, "...Nico Minoru's life must be saved, its not a question of will power. She is holding on to life now but within the remaining 3 minutes of her life...there is a chance to stop its extinguishment. We have reached 'The Tipping Point."

"I'll do it!" Alex says.

Uatu looks at him, "I must caution you, while this is done often by other species and other alien races, none of them are Nexus Beings. If her life is to be saved, if her life is to remain will be at great cost...are YOU willing to take that burden?"


Suddenly, a deep vibrating "zoob' like noise emanates making all the ninjas stop fighting as a blue light suddenly emits from up ahead with all the lights in the area flickering and every metal object in the area start to lean in towards the source of the noise.

With half his mask blown off, Chase eyes open wide in shock as he sees Victor standing in front of him with one massive grey gunmetal colored cannons on his left hand, a long grey claw as a hand, red eyes and two long black metal feathered wings from his back and small metal pieces of debris floating around him.

His eyes open wide and fear officially coursing through his veins, the image of the worst nightmare finally realized makes Chase paralyzed with fear as he can only yell out, "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU MANCHA!"

Victor just stares at him with red eyes and utters the words, "Ultron One Point Online. Battle-mode Initiated. Multiple Targets....acquired." he says, raising his cannon to Chase with a crackled energy beam warming inside the barrel.

Molly wipes her eyes and stands on her feet as the red light cuts a silhouette around her, "Oh...crappers."

To Be Continued...Here