Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAP 3: NO NEED FOR CLOAKS & DAGGERS - PART 3

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Nico Minoru - The Leader
Nico Minoru - The Leader
Karolina Dean - The Loud Mouth
Karolina Dean - The Loud Mouth
Molly Hayes - The Kid
Molly Hayes - The Kid
Victor Mancha - The Calm One
Victor Mancha - The Calm One
Alex Wilder - The Genius
Alex Wilder - The Genius
THE HAND | NINJAS AKA Murder-y Evil Pajama Men
THE HAND | NINJAS AKA Murder-y Evil Pajama Men
Cloak and Dagger
Cloak and Dagger
Aron the Watcher
Aron the Watcher
Uatu the Watcher
Uatu the Watcher

Descending from the twinkling stars amidst the blackness of space, entering through the burning orange atmosphere of Earth and into dark bluish night sky, Uatu the Watcher sees the immense glowing white moon overhead behind the nighttime clouds.

Floating high above in the night sky, Uatu’s eyes glow brightly, peering past the plumes of thick storm clouds and to the from the reflecting veins of lights far below on the jagged pieces of ground. Seeing the numerous thin lines of light that spread across various directions, Uatu streaks down towards the lights at high speed as his white robe flaps in the gusty wind. Breaking through the night-time clouds, Uatu streaks out below and soars invisibly over streets illuminated by street lights.

It was a city like most on Earth, brightly lit, Populus and occupied. However, this one was settled in a vast land of desert amidst a warm climate. Closing his eyes, Uatu draws a breath momentarily before releasing it again.

“Do you sense it?” Uatu asks, opening his eyes again, looking to his left from the corner of his eye.

Floating beside him, dressed similar and quite similar in appearance, Aron the Watcher floats beside him, observing the ‘city’ far below.

“I do.” Aron replies, “It does seem this young species is rendering, dare I say, ambition.” he states.

Uatu nods, “As I once said, Earth has proclivities the greater cosmos has lacked, making this mortal region worth studying and recording for Universal Record.”

Aron raises his brow at the statement, “We must remain Partial Uatu.” he states.

“Hence why I have brought you here. To see the Evidence.” Uatu states, “Unless you have simple explanation for that?” he says, raising his eyes upwards.

Aron raises his eyes upwards, observing the faint red burning bird insignia in space.

“Investigate we will.” Aron says, looking to Uatu, “Or we depart to Six Sixteen as planned.”




PART 3 - Experiments and Rogue Assets

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Slowly walking towards the center of the Lab, Alex Wilder cautiously steps towards the two teens on the metal grate.

He had given them a few minutes. Being in a vat of liquid for who knows how long probably meant that they were nauseous, and after all the vomiting they did, it seemed like it had passed.

Watching him, Victor, Karolina, and Molly remained by the computers, watching intently but also collecting wanted to be closer to the exit, in case this turned into a horror movie.

“Hey…” Alex calls softly to the two teens, “ guys are okay, you’re safe now.” he says to them.

Pointing to himself, Alex starts, "My name is Alex..." he says before pointing to the girl, "You are Tandy..." he smiles, then looks to other male teens, "...and you're Ty. My dad kept you guys locked up in here and used you for experiments, but i'm here to get you out okay? We're here to rescue you."

Alex waits momentarily but sees no reaction from either of them. Both the teens were drenched. The young blond, she was dressed in a white bodysuit with faint grey circles decorating her elbow, knees and one large on her back. Her wet blond hair trembled as much as she did. Whether she was shivering from coldness her fear, Alex couldn't tell as her face remained covered her cornflower yellow hair, that is until she raises her soft grey eyes to him.

Alex blushed immediately. He could feel his turn red and warm as if a light shone on it. She was gorgeous. He hadn’t seen either of them up close like this. He just knew they existed and their overall backstory, but her beauty, he wished was more documented so he could be prepared.

Looking at her hands, the young girl remains quiet. Perplexed, afraid or just unsure, she remains silent and stares at her hands, saying nothing.

"Uh..." Victor starts, "...she okay, I think she's spacing dude."

Alex cuts him a look, "They just got through a traumatic incident, let them process..."

“Where are we…”

The deep voice cut through the air like a knife. Alex's eyes immediately cut to the young man's decked deck in a black bodysuit. However, something was different with him. The young African American, his skin-tight clothing, similar in style to the girls, started to somehow, move. It oozed like liquid off his body before turning almost, gaseous. It covered his entire torso within moments like a cape and Alex couldn’t help to fear a dramatic ‘fear’ within him grow. He was sure it was nerves, but when the young man lifts his eyes and looks at Alex, he could have sworn he peed his pants.

“ALEX GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Karolina shouts.

.Feeling a tight grip on her leg, Karolina startled as she sees a black tendril wrapped around her leg, "What the..."

Lunging forward, the young man thrusts his hands ahead but a piece of the young man’s clothing zips forward wraps around Alex neck! Taken off guard Karolina is yanked off the floor and hung upside down! The dark shadows begin to move and converge on everyone like a plague of biblical proportions as black tendrils swiftly snake out from the shadows on the laboratory floor!

"AAAAAH!!!" Molly screams throwing herself onto a desk to get off the floor as Victor tries to run but is quickly grabbed from his feet.

“WHAT…” the young man yells, planting one foot on the grated floor as Alex is suspended in the air, “...DID…” he shouts, now standing on both feet as Alex kicks his legs in the air, “...YOU DO TO US!!” he shouts in an eerie room-filling voice!

Seeing the girl still staring at her hands that slowly begin to glow, Cloak shoots out multiple tendrils that wrap around her neck and body.

However bright light bursts from within the black tendrils engulfing the girl. Suddenly a thud quakes the floor before the black tendrils expand like stretched plastic with light bursting through in the shape of a sphere. Stretching out her arms, Tandy in the center of the sphere grits her teeth as her entire body glows brightly like a light stick.

Grinding her teeth, dozens of razor-sharp spikes form along her hands, wrist, and arms, "LET ME GOOOOO!!" she shouts, thrusting her hands forward. Instantly all the spikes shoot out into the Cloak, stabbing into the back of his black cloak and slowly sink into him.

Immediately his eyes open wide in excruciating pain!

"AAAAAAHH!!!" roars Cloak dropping everyone as he falls to his knees.


Turning around, everyone sees Molly, her eyes glowing bright violet, holding up a massive 30 foot wide white desk behind them is ripped out the floor with sparking wires attached at the end.

"I HATE ZOMBIES!!”" yells Molly, hurling the desk like a toy at Cloak as Karolina and Victor dive out the way.

Seeing the desk come at him, Cloak quickly stands onto his feet, spreads open his hands and exposes his torso as a black void opens engulfing the desk that shatters into fine bits of dust and disappears within him.

Molly's eyes open wide, "Oh ^&*"

Grinding his teeth, Cloak glares at her, "I'm going to feed on..ACK!"

Jumping onto his back, Alex quickly stabs Cloak in the neck with a needle, plunging a bright white liquid chemical into him. From the injection point, Cloaks veins become visible and glow momentarily before he drops to his knees and passes out.

Standing over him, Alex looks at Karolina, Victor and Molly before tossing aside the needle, "I forgot his finisher to stablize him." he sighs, wiping his forehead.

"Finishers?" Victor repeats, not understanding.

Alex stands up and scratches his head, "They were in a hyperbolic coma for quite some time and they, well Cloak, needed an injection for sanity and Tandy needed one for power, I got her hers when Molly distracted Cloak. I just completely forgot about it til the last minute." he says, reflecting on the past few seconds.

Karolina's eyes twitch with aggravation as her face reddens, "You, forgot?" she says, rolling her tongue in her mouth.

Alex gulps, stepping away from her as Tandy grabs his hands.

"Thank you." says Tandy, standing on her feet and looking to Alex, "Thank you for coming back for me."

Alex shrugs, "Don't worry about it, I promised I'd come back and I did."

"Yeah a Lannister always pays his debts." Karolina chides to Alex narrow-eyed look.

Groaning, Cloak pushes himself up by his hands, rubbing his face.

"HEY HE'S UP!" Victor shouts.

Alex waves his hands, "NO NO NO! He's fine, fine fine!" he says, "I promise, he's fine!" he repeats.

Karolina raises her eyebrows, "He'll be fine after I put my foot up his...."

Cloak interrupts, "I needed to feed." he gasps, before clearing his throat, "I feed on light sources. You had the largest here. I'm sorry. I couldn't control myself." he says.

Victor narrows his eyes, "Feed or not to feed....we DON'T need you here!" snaps.

Alex pushes Victor aside, "Oh yes we do." he says, running over to the desk, "Because Nico is probably dead right now and we have half a dozen if not more Ninja's upstairs, waiting to kill us so these two can be owned by Chase Murdery McMurderstein."


Kicking open a door to a marble laid hallway, Nico sprints like an athlete.

Sprinting past multiple paintings down a hallway, Nico takes notice she must be in a lobby of some sort as dozens of doors lined the hallway as well. A Hotel of some sort, but it didn’t matter. Nico needed to get to an open space to call for the Police to arrive. Her mother had taught her - if she couldn’t win a fight, keep running til she could find a place to win. And at hearing the many fleet-footed steps of ninja’s coming behind her, Nico could only think of cops happy trigger fingers being her only solution, hopefully.

Seeing guests coming out of their rooms, Nico starts waving at them, “GET INSIDE OUT THE WAY!” she shouts, blowing past them as guests press themselves up against walls.

“OH MY GAWD!” shouts a lady.

“VAGRANTS!” They shout, but Nico hears them screams come to a sudden silence.

Nico didn’t need to look back, she knew they were killed by her pursuers, but she couldn’t stop. Reaching the hallway that opens up to a luxurious waiting area and main lobby, Nico sees the eyes over every guest and late night front desk worker draw to her. The side of her face covered in dried blood, partially visible bruises in more places than she could feel immediately calls a ‘gasp’ from everyone in the room.

Aron appears high over the fight next to Uatu, watching Nico.

"Does that mortal comprehend what she is wielding?! The Forces she is tapping into?" he ponders.

Uatu shakes his head, “Not in the slightest.”

Ready to call out for someone to dial 911, Nico suddenly notices a shiny glint at the corner of her eye.


Quickly Nico ducks to the floor as a Ninja swings his sword over Nico and cuts into marble wall over herl! Shocked, Nico looks up at the Ninja glaring at her as bits of her hair fall between them before viciously kicking Nico in the torso, throwing her across the floor on her back.

The few guests waiting, stand up and run for the door while one the Front Desk Hotel clerk picks up the phone while another guest points his cellphone, “SOMEONE CALL THE PO…”

Quickly a Ninja slides across the floor and thrusts his hand out, mortally injuring the Front Desk working who staggers back, clutching his now bloody throat with ninja star in it. Quickly the other ninja’s rush in behind the one, noticing the rest of the staff and sparse guests in the lobby.

Jumping onto her feet, Nico raises up her staff, “NO!” she shouts, causing her Staff of One to bursts into flames into her arm.

Twirling it hand, Nico holds it out to them, “I AM THE ONE YOU WANT!” she shouts.

Aron folds his arms and rests his chin in his hand, “She is only able to control the device under emotional duress? Disappointing.”

“Adolescent Earthlings are emotionally unstable. They all cannot be Eternals.” Uatu chides.

Watching the smoke raises off its the Staff of One that doesn’t seem to burn Nico’s hand, the lead ninja glances over at the dying clerk held by two of his co-workers cowering behind a chair with a desk.

Nodding at the workers, three ninjas quickly rush at them while the Ninja’ bolts straight for her! Nico points for the door.

Heaving her Staff over her head, Nico bares her teeth at the Ninja’s coming at her, “NO!!!” she shouts, slamming her Staff to the ground.

Instantly the marble floor trembles and waves roll out from around Nico waves on the surface of a pond, throwing all the Ninja’s back with fiery erupting out the floor and engulfing some in flames! Twirling her staff in hand, Nico’s eyes gloss over black as she grits her teeth and looks to the innocent bystanders, “GET OUT OF HERE!” she bellows.

Turning her attention back to one of the ninja’s having hopped on his feet, he promptly hurls his sword right at Nico like a spear.

Rushing into the main area of the hotel, Chase, still in his tattered clothing walks to the main floor of the hotel and watches Nico drop to the floor missing the sword hurled at her.


Immediately all the ninja's surrounding Nico stop and turn to Chase holding up his hand, sporting a silver metal glove with a glowing pale blue light at the back of his hand. Pressing a button on the glove, metal plates begin sliding out upwards along his arms, and shoulders before soon, covering his whole body.

Feeling a rage boiling inside her, Nico's jaw tightens as bright crooked lines to form alongside her cheek, "Chase, don't make me kill you.” she snarls.

"Funny..." Chase smirks, "...that's exactly what your mom said before I dusted her!"

His hurtful words make Nico clenches her jaw and instinctively raise her staff over her head before slamming back down into the marble floor causing the entire floor to tremble with cracks splintering out in every direction. Suddenly sprouting short flaming wings from her back, Nico eyes' turn red and meet with Chase, who gulps.

"Well bring it on." Nico shouts.


Running down the avenue, a Hotel Worker staggers to the end one city block and pulls out his cell phone. Out of breath and shaking with fear, he nervously dials his phone, "Hello, Nine One-One...oh my gawd...I have to report an attack..."

Meanwhile...Location Unknown.

No Caption Provided

Buzzing on a night table, a cell phone continues to vibrate from an 'Unknown Caller'. Watching the Caller End, a hand reaches out to the phone.

Five Missed Calls.

Swiping open the phone and accessing the message, multiple messages appear from the sender 'Mother Dearest'.

Letting out a groan, the last sent message marked urgent:

Code Red. Chase Stein, now a Rogue Asset. Crisis in Los Angeles. You are Close, we have multiple trackers. Do not evade this message. You have 5 Hours to Fix this


Letting out a groan, a hand reaches out and clicks on the lamp on his night stand. Leaning on the edge of his bed, planting his feet beside several empty bottles of Whisky, Nick Fury leans forward and runs his hand through his salt and pepper grey hair.

"Jeezz." groans Fury, grabbing his gun off the table and rising to his feet.

Staggering over to his curtains, Fury pulls them open , revealing the view of the Los Angeles Hills and the Hollywood sign in the distance, "Chase, you better not've caused me more trouble then your worth."

to be continued...