Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAP 3: NO NEED FOR CLOAKS & DAGGERS - PART 2

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Nico Minoru - The Leader
Nico Minoru - The Leader
Karolina Dean - The Loud Mouth
Karolina Dean - The Loud Mouth
Molly Hayes - The Kid
Molly Hayes - The Kid
Victor Mancha - The Calm One
Victor Mancha - The Calm One
Alex Wilder - The Genius
Alex Wilder - The Genius
THE HAND | NINJAS AKA Murder-y Evil Pajama Men
THE HAND | NINJAS AKA Murder-y Evil Pajama Men

The criminal organization known as ‘The Pride’, had conducted an annual event known as Trials.

The goal, have one child from each major family within the Cabal, compete in a ‘game’.

The prize would be awarded to the family of the winning child, that family would Preside over the Pride for the next 100 years.

However, one child, Alex Wilder ran away.

Nico and Chase participated against each other in Trials.

After Alex Father, Mister Wilder, tried to sabotage Nico and Chase in Trails, Chase killed him.

Returning home, Chase had a mental break.

Alex Arrives seeking to avenge his father’s death, but Chase turned the tied and killed his Father, and all of the other Pride Members leaving the children to flee for their lives in the middle of the night.

As a precaution, Chase used money from the Pride’s account to buy a services from Madripoor, a rogue group of HAND ninja’s to track down the rest of the kids and kill them

Now, Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes and Victor Mancha are on the run for their lives.

Alex convinced them to return to his deceased Father’s corporate building to ‘retrieve’ something that will inevitably save their lives from Chase and his hired ninjas.

Nico, as penance for doing nothing as she witnessed Alex father be killed, has decided to stay back and fend off whatever Ninja’s should could to give Alex time to release who they came for….




Wilder Enterprise Building
Wilder Enterprise Building


Super Secret Scary Totally Uncool Evil Laboratory
Super Secret Scary Totally Uncool Evil Laboratory

“If we die here, and we wind up in hell, i’m murdering you in hell. Fair warning” Karolina states as Molly and Victor both hold on to her.

Alex holding up his phone in the dark with his flashlight on, searches a section of a wall, running his hand over the surface, “You know I thought getting to know you would make me like you, that didn’t happen.” he finishes.

Having found the plastic cover, Alex opens it and flips the switch. Immediately a few dim overhead lights cut on. Illuminating through the metal grating, lights cut on over Alex, Victor, Karolina and Molly while various computer servers embedded in a far wall come to life.

Victor folds his arms, “Shut the f-...”


Victor’s entire body winces. Turning around, he looks at Molly standing behind her, grinning widely.

Shaking her head, Karolina turns back to Alex, speaking in a near growl, “Alright, so, we’re in your dads super-secret totally uncool evil science lab, Nico is upstairs probably getting shish-kabob'd’ and this is all to do what again?”

Alex draws a breath and marches over to one of the computers in silence. Pulling up a chair, he cracks his fingers and starts typing ‘code’ into the computer system.

“You guys know about Captain America right?” asks Alex, occasionally glancing at two large vats that are attached to large pipes coming from the ceiling.

Victor nods, “Yeah, he’s your ultimate fanboy crush.”

Rolling his eyes at his answer, Alex continues working, “ASIDE from that, Captain America, well, the ones that made Captain America, you know never could replicate the processes, not legally. So ‘They’, hired my father to do a uh, ‘Cloak n Dagger’ project as he called it.” he explains.

“And who’s ‘they’?” Victor asks.

“The ones DJ Kaled talks about?”

Alex, as does Karolina and Victor, turn to Molly who shrugs at them with open eyes, “WHAT?”

Alex simply pushes his glasses up before, before hitting a key on the keyboard. Immediately, everyone hears the light switches cut on. Drawing their attention to the center of the room, Karolina unexpectedly lets out a gasp at seeing a teenage caucasian female with blond hair wearing a white body suit floating in a pink liquid container.

“You gotta be kidding me.” Karolina mumbles.

Alex shakes his head, “I found out just before ‘trials’ that my Dad had kids, runaway kids, orphans kidnapped to ‘work’ as researchers for him, but he was experimenting on them.”

Victor folds his arms and covers his mouth in half surprise, “Dude, that's next level evil.”

“And evil people want weapons at all costs.” Alex sighs, hitting another command on the keyboard. In the other Vat, a teenage african american man, floats in pink liquid wearing a black bodysuit with a long cloak attached to his body.

“I thought my Dad was blackmailed!” Alex explains, “So I hacked his computer. deleted half his files, saved all the important stuff onto one document in micro sized font so we could enlarge it and show it to, I dunno the authorities to get him ‘out from under’.” He explains, “But then I learned. It was all him. The whole time. He took my document and locked it in a safe in his office.”

Victor immediately looks at Alex as if a light bulb shone over his head, “Wait a minute, you mean…”

“Yeah…” Alex smirks, “...its the same Document that Nico and Chase were supposed to steal from my dad’s office for ‘Trials’.” {see Chptr 1, Part 1,2}

Victor rubs his eyes, “This is messed up, like really messed up.”

“To make it worse...” Alex continues, “Mister Stein had a woman working in my Dad’s company undercover. So she told Stein what she knew, Stein told the Pride - and they wanted me. So I bolted. But Stein knew my dad had the document locked away, so he convinced the Pride to improvise.”

“Trials.” Karolina interrupts, rubbing her temples, “They moved up Trials, to get that document because your father must’ve refused to give it up because it exposed him.” she exclaims.

“No.” Alex retorts, “The document exposed the two hundred and twelve kids that died from my Father’s twisted research, worked.” Alex answers.

Victor and Karolina’s eyes open wide like quarters, “What?”

“Dad stabilized super soldier serum in two living people…” Alex continues, “...but he didn’t know they had latent mutegen DNA, so that made them better weapons than Captain America.

Karolina shakes her head, dumbfounded, “That, that’s…”

“Worth Billions.” Alex says, “The worth of their blood alone is why Chase wants this place. And he’s is going to come here, while we’re running ALL over Los Angeles, but not now, that won’t happen.”

Karolina spins Alex in his chair and halts it to a stop by stomping her foot square between his legs. Alex narrows his eyes and Karolina leans towards him like a cat arching her back at a mouse, “We’re already BEING hunted by Chase! And now you bring us here, to the ONE PLACE we can’t escape just to PISS OFF the person who killed our parents for WHAT!”

“PAYBACK!!” Alex yells, shoving Karolina back, “I know it must be hard for both of your infinitesimally small brains to keep up with me cause I’m a genuis, so listen carefully…” Alex growls pointing at both of them.

“We…” Alex states, “...will aren''t going to even REMOTELY survive this night if we are running all over East LA like a bunch of idiots.” he bluntly states, “We need a plan. A plan, that helps us survive, and that means weapons. Yes, we're saving two people right now, but unless you didn’t hear me clearly I said who these people were...” he says, hitting another key, “...weapons.”

Immediately everyone hears a gush sound. Victor, Karolina and Molly’s eyes open wide as the two vat cylinders lift at once. White smoke rises out of one while black smoke lifts out the other. Galls of water splash onto the floor and spill into the gratings.

Pushing his chair back, Alex turns to Victor, Karolina and Molly, “Weapons that’ll kill Chase and hopefully, save Nico if we aren’t too late.”


Alex looks over to Molly standing behind him, "That's really cold."

Alex lets out a sigh, nodding his head before looking back at the keyboard, "Yeah, but its the smartest move we have right now."

Karolina shakes her head, “Listen Alex…” she says, “...Nico is as good as dead upstairs, which means she died for this stupid idea of yours, so you better be right.”

Alex nods, “I know…” he replies, watching a bright light slowly throb from the young girl ahead of them, “...I know.”

To be continued..