Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAPTER 2 - Part 3

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"WHOA!" yells Victor, "Come on that's..."

"A tad harsh Stein." Mister Dean exclaims, "Killing Nico solves nothing."

Raising his eyebrow at him, Mister Stein looks at Karolina Dean’s father, "Oh is it? She cheated..."

"I DIDN'T!" Nico pleads.

"She collaborated with Wilder who betrayed us..."

"THATS A LIE!" Nico yells.

"...and she did so knowing that if she succeeded, my son would die and who knows about the rest of you!" Stein accuses, his voice both sharp and menacing, but carrying weight.


Mister Stein looks at the Minoru's as he snaps his finger.

Suddenly two ninjas in red burst through the door with long swords.

Everyone stares in shock.

As Nico heart sticks and clutches on to her mom, "MOM!" she cries.


"YOU CAN'T ACT WITHOUT CONSENT FROM US!" yells Mister Minoru who stands in front of his daughter.

Mister Stein looks at him, "ITS TRIALS!!" he shouts glaring Mrs Minoru who holds her daughter tight, "We both know how this goes!" he declares, "Typically the loser should LOSE gracefully but in case they don't we have assurances, this is it!" he snaps.

Mister Stein looks at her, "Let your daughter go and face the consequences of her, rather weak, plotting face what she deserves with dignity." he orders.

Minoru looks at Nico, gulping at her petrified of what she will do.

Letting out a sigh, Ms Minoru shifts her eyes to Mister Stein, "I wont just let you kill my daughter."

Stein smiles, hoping - no, yearning for that answer to be said so could have the excuse to wipe out the family.

Suddenly a thunderous explosion rocks the entire home. Everyone is thrown to the floor as the room is rocked by an explosion incinerates the entire ceiling!!! Gusts of wind fills the penthouse room, causing everyone to cover their faces as debris flies about. However, Mister Dean entire body glows like a light-bulb and erect a shield as Mrs Minoru, Staff of One phases out her chest, and projects a shield as well.

The ninja's start to run into the smoke but a blue beam suddenly pierces through the smoke and cuts through ninjas' torso, instantly exploding them into clouds of ash!

"WHOEVER ATTACKS US IS A DEAD MAN!" Mister Dean shouts, holding up his hands that glow brightly from the center of his palms.

As the smoke starts to clear, five red lasers cut through the smoke as Alex Wilder in his jeans and bloodied shirt emerges. Holding up a huge chrome rifle with a glowing blue light emitting from within the barrel, Alex remains still as four robots emerge on his left and right with lasers on their shoulders and glowing hands.

Marching into the room at all four corners, the robots stands still with laser dots pointed at each of the parents in the room.

"Now that' we're ALL together..." says Alex, narrowing his eyes at everyone in the room, "...which one of you killed my dad?"

Marvel - The Beginning:

The Outstanding Runaways



The KLIK KLAK of Alex Wilder rifle fills the room and snaps everyone's eyes to his attention. His face was resolute, sweated with glimmers of fear trembling his hands. The chrome rifle he holds, which looked like something out of a science fiction movie, hummed with energy as blue light glowed at the mouth of the barrel, eager to launch out.

"This is a Calibrated Assault Tee Ex NINETY SHIELD ASSAULT rifle..." Alex states, aiming right at Mister Dean, still behind his raised energy shield, " father developed it to cut through your energy shield Dean, so unless you give up the MURDERER who MURDERED my father, I'm GONNA START PICKING PEOPLE AT RANDOM!"

"IT WAS HER!" yells Mister Stein, pointing at a stunned Nico Minoru.

Alex Wilder eyes immediately fill with pain as he looks at Nico, trembling in place and speechless. Sure they weren't best friends, but he had been kind to her and his Father as well. His emotions wash over him, grappling with the idea that, perhaps, Nico killed his Father.

"You?" he mumbles sheepishly, hesitant to even shift his weapon in her direction.

Victor, Karolina and Molly yell out at once, "NO!!! IT WASN'T!" the shout to her defense.

Alex cuts them at look, questioning if they were covering each other until, Mister Stein glares at them, "SHUT UP!" and points at Nico, "SHE DID IT! KILL'ER NOW WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!" he insists.

Alex lets out a annoyed sigh. His Father always said Stein was an opportunist, and it made sense. For all the blame Mr. Stein was pushing onto Nico, it only makes Alex even more sure that Stein, while he probably didn't kill his Father, was covering for his son, Chase.

"What about Chase?!" Alex accuses, "For a big mouth you're real quiet!"

Chase motions to reply, Mister Stein smacks him across the face and then glares at Alex, "MY son?! He didn't kill your father, he's too soft. The only reason my son won trials was because of my firm handed guidance. He's a shiftless dreamer, he doesn't have the elements needed to be a man of action! Let alone lead the Families without my assistance! THAT ALONE makes him the last person to kill your father! So pull him off your radar Wilder!" he bluntly states,

Chase looks at his Father blunt remark and lowers his gaze to the floor, stunned.

"Geez..." Karolina sighs, "Savage." she mumbles.

Mister Stein then points to Nico, "And pay attention to the snake in the grass hiding in plain sight."

Mrs Minoru stands in front of her Nico, "THAT IS NOT TRUE!!" she hollers.

Victor, Karolina and Molly go to stand up but their parents hold them back, "Don't interfere!" they say.

"YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" Karolina protests, glaring at her Father in complete disgust, "SHE DIDN'T DO IT!"

Alex looks at them all, trying to settling on his decision on who to aim his weapon at, but then Victor stands up. Immediately, Victor holds his hands up as two of the four robots from the opposite end of the room, both hold up their mechanical weapons at him

"BRO!" Victor exclaims, trembling with nerves as Alex glares at him suspiciously, "We just heard that at the end of Trials, someone was gonna be sacrificed because NICO told us...Chase was the one who killed your dad, straight up honest bro."

Chase angrily raises onto his feet, "LIIAAAR!" he snarls.

"YOUR A LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FRICKIN' FIRE!" Molly shouts, but her parents look at her.

"Molly HUSH!"

Molly smacks their hands away, "STOP IT?! You were gonna kill us if we didn't pass trials!" she exclaims, "NO, YOU STOP IT!"

"Baby there is no way you were gonna be sacrificed so you're fine!" Mrs Hayes retorts.


Suddenly a blaster shot goes off. Everyone looks to Alex Wilder, aiming the rifle at the ceiling as debris falls beside him, "ENOUGH!" he shouts, leveling the rifle back at the group.

Alex immediately aims his weapon at Chase but Mr Stein steps in front of him. Cocking his weapon, Alex shakes his head, "Get out the way Stein, its obvious, Chase did it, now move aside and don't be stupid." he warns.

Mister Stein narrows his eyes at him, "Boy, you marched in the Estate of the Most POWERFUL Cabal on the West Coast - THAT'S stupid!" he spits, "For someone with the intellect your Father bragged you had, YOU are the stupid one walking in here hoping to take action on someone's hapless admittance." he snaps.

Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Chase quickly reaches into his Father's pocket and pulls out small pearl handed pistol and aims it at his Father's head.

All the blood drain's out of Mr Stein's face, "BOY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"

"YEAH CHASE!" Alex shouts, aiming his rifle at Chase, "What ARE you doing!"

Chase, his red with grief, is soaked with tears cascading down his cheeks "TOO SOFT!" he yells, repeating his father words, "A SHIFTLESS DREAMER!" he screams.

Mister Stein holds his hands up, "Boy calm dow..."

"SHUT UP!" shouts Chase, bashing his father across the face with the gun, making him stumble to his knees and grabbing the coffee table.

Stunned, Alex, and everyone else, remain still as they watch Chase unravel in pure rage.

"I DON'T HAVE THE ELEMENTS TO BE A MAN OF ACTION!?!" Chase shouts, cocking gun and jamming it against his fathers' temple while glancing over Alex, "I KILLED YOUR DAD, ALEX! OKAY? HAPPY NOW?!" he hollers, then glares back at his Father, "I DID IT TO WIN TRIALS! BUT YOU STILL THINK I'M WEAK! YOU WON'T LET ME DO ANYTHING WITHOUT YOU!" he snarls, glaring at everyone else, as tears roll down his cheek, "YOU ALL SUCK!!!"

Nico covers her mouth, seeing Chase is about to break. Holding out her hands to him, Nico inches closer, "Chase..."

"NO! NO NO!" yells Chase , shooting into the rug and making Nico jolt back into her mothers arms, "AND YOU TURNED AGAINST ME!" he shouts.



Chase's looks back at his Father, blood covering one side of his face, holding out his hand, "Give me the gun boy! You haven't thought this through!"

"YEAH CHASE!!!" yells Alex, pointing his rifle at Chase, "DROP THE GUN!!"


Alex firms his face, inching closer to Chase with his rifle at him as the robots all turn and face him, "THIS IS OVER CHASE!"

Staring like a mad man over his Father, Chase shakes his head, slicking his blond hair back, "NO ITS NOT!" he snarls, looking at Alex over his shoulder, "NOT til I have WHAT I WANT!" he shouts.

Alex shakes his head, "The only thing you're gonna is your stupid face blasted off clean your shoulders for killing my dad."

Chase smirks looks over his shoulder, "You do think i'm stupid don't you? You and my dad. Time to prove you all wrong."

Alex feels a slight pit of nerves open in his stomach, "What are you talking about?"

Turning around, Chase keeps the gun aimed at his Father's head but points at Alex, "I was supposed to face off against YOU in Trials! WE ALL KNEW IT!" he snarls, "And I studied you! I planned for you! For the SMARTEST GENIUS HERE, I HAD PLANS FOR YOU!" "

Alex smirks, "Do you even know how to spell 'plan'?" he snaps back, "You can't outsmart the sixth smartest person on the planet."

"Perhaps..." Chase replies, "...but what about your robots?" he asks, "Operation DAYLIGHT!"

To everyone's surprise, Alex Wilder watches as all the robots suddenly turn on their heels and aim their weapons at him!

"WHAT!" Alex shouts in surprise as four red laser dots shine on his head, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!, AIM AT CHASE!!" he orders the bots.

Chase glares at his father, "Shiftless dreamer HUH!!" he scoffs before looking to Alex, "You're a genius, but I'm a Mechanic! And I figured in Trials you'd use your Father's secret Research Development Equipment against me somehow!" he snarls, "SO I put 'Bypass Relays' into ALL his equipment so when activated, it'd scrub all alternations made from that point..." he says, walking up to Alex who nervously watches the other robots, " factory settings with one change!" he says, patting one robots massive chrome arm, "Its original owner, is me."

Chase father moves towards his son, "That's by BOY! You've DONE! Now we can..."

Immediately Chase turns around and shoots his father leg! Everyone jolts back as Mister Stein clutches his bleeding leg, howling in pain, "THERE IS NO 'WE' ANYMORE!" he shouts, glaring at everyone, "Its time to let all things die here."

"CHASE!" Mr Dean shouts, glaring at him, "You have obviously been underestimated greatly. Let's deescalate this and talk this out! You have a future leading the Pride." "

Chase narrows his eyes at Dean, "I do have a future leading the Pride!" he agrees, "But its time for a change Dean! Minorus, Hayes, Deans', my frickin' father...ALL YOU DO IS MANIPULATE FOR YOUR OWN GAINS! Heck, one of us was even gonna be sacrificed tonight after trials! THAT'S REAL MESSED UP!"

Mister Hayes, Molly's father, slowly stands up as one of the robots aim its weapon on him, "We can change that!"

Chase throws his head back, in manic laughter, "Oh man, there is a WHOLE LOT to change..." he says, but then aims his gun at him, "STARTING WITH ME!" he declares, "AS OF RIGHT NOW!, I AM THE LEADER OF THE PRIDE I AM!"

Mister Dean takes step but one of the robots shines its red laser to his head, "Fine, that can work... "

"AND ALL OF YOU!" Chase shouts, looking to Victor, Molly and Karolina, "ARE GONNA FALL IN LINE WITH ME!" he says. Then he looks to Alex, "I'll even GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO PROVE YOUR LOYALTY TO ME..." he says before glaring at Nico, "...BUT YOU DIE!"

Nico's eyes open wide.

Victor stands up, garnering a harsh glares from Chase, "WHAT VICTOR!"

"Dude, I-I get you want change..." Victor says, holding his hands up, "...but this, you can't..."

"I CAN'T WHAT!" Chase shouts.


Chase eye twitches as her statement rings in his ears, "Crazy? YOU THINK I'M CRAZY!"

Chase looks at them all as the wind blows his blond hair about as a maddening look appears on his face, "YOU-YOUR ALL AGAINST ME..." he says, running his hand through his hair, "YOU ALL...YOU ALL WANT TO BE IN CONTROL! "

Mister Dean looks at him angrily, "No one wants to follow a stupid BOY who doesn't even have a plan!" he seethes.

Chase points his gun at his head!

"DAD!" Karolina shrieks, but Mister Dean keeps her at bay.

"You think I'm stupid too huh?" Chase growls, "You think I'm that stupid? You think I didn't know my father made deal with you to double cross Ms Minoru? Well guess what. I can make deals too! I made one with some rogue friends of yours, IN Madripoor!!"

Reeling in blinding pain on the floor, Mister Stein's eyes open wide as if a ton of bricks fell on him at once, "NO!" he gasps.

Chase smirks evilly, "Lot of GUNS FOR HIRE live there apparently. Especially HAND deserters." he says, shifting his gaze to Mister Dean, "Most of them go under a new Mafia there, they take money and respect anyone who pays, GUESS WHO PAID!!"

Mister Dean shakes his head, "You're making a mistake kid!"

"NO YOUR MISTAKE WAS UNDERESTIMATING ME!" Chase shouts, "YOUR mistake was not killing the people who do your dirty work." he spits, "YOUR MISTAKE WAS PISSING ME OFF."

Mister Stein looks at him in shock and awe, "YOU FOOL! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!!


Mister Dean looks at him, "YOU COLOSSAL IDIOT! THE MADRIPOOR MOBS WE HIRE ! HAND deserters?! They never DESERT! They're lying to you! They've been wanting to use us for our connections for decades you and just gave them THE BACK DOOR IN!" he yells.


Chase turns around stunned that his father is limping towards, "I WON'T LET YOU RUIN WHAT WE TOOK DECADES TO BUILD!!"

Suddenly a bright spotlight shines downward from a helicopter that is heard from over head!

Looking up, Chase smiles at the helicopter but his father grabs him by the throat and stares into his son's eyes, "CALL THEM OFF! CALL THEM OFF BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!" he demands.

Chase looks into his Father's eyes, filled with fear and disappointment, "Its my time now! And its time to let all things die!" he exclaims, looking over to the robot, "KILL THEM ALL!" he orders.

Hearing that, Karolina's Father, Mister Dean, stands up, charging his power as all the robots plant their feet firmly with their shoulder cannons and arm blasters brightening, "EVERYONE OUT!" he orders as white light emits off his body!

Acting quickly, Victor leaps in the air and thrusts his hands through the robots heads as electricity crackles around his body! In the same moment, Karolina runs and Molly pushes off her parents as they spring into action.

"RUN MOLLY RUN!" Karolina shouts, holding out her hand and blasting a hole through a wall into the night forest.

Seeing Molly and Karolina run for it, Mrs Minoru pulls Nico behind a couch as furious fight erupts within the room. Grabbing her daughter Nico by both sides of her cheek, she looks into her eyes, "GET OUT OF HERE!"

Nico shakes her head, "I WON'T..."

Smacking her across the cheek, rendering Nico silent, Mrs Minoru narrows her eyes, "We survive by living! Now RUN!" she shouts, rising her to feet. Immediately a long Red Metal Staff phases out Mrs Minrou's chest as she looks up the helicopter hovering above the penthouse with men preparing to leap out, "We got this!"

Seeing all this unfold, Chase looks to his father holding on him and unloads the entire clip into him! Gunning him down, Chase callously looks his father's stunned expression as he falls onto his knees. Holding onto his lapel still, Chase puts the gun to his father's temple, "ITS MY TIME!" he shouts, shooting him in the head.

Turning around, Chase sees Nico across the room read to run and aims his gun, "FINALLY!" she shouts.


Nico sees Chase aim at her but then her Father leaps in the way! Immediately the gun shot follows his head snapping back and him falling over!

"NOOOOOOOO!!" Nico shrieks.

Mrs Minoru looks at her husband, stunned at him on the floor but then pushes her daugther away, "NICO I SAID GET OUT OF HERE!" she yells as she pushes her off away as Karolina and Molly grab hold of her.

"NOOOOO!!" yells Chase. Tossing the empty gun aside, Chase fits on his metal glove once more and extends his hand to blast Nico, "YOU HAVE TO DIE!" he shouts.

Out of nowhere, Alex tackles Chase to the floor and punches him across the face, "FOR MY FATHER!" he shouts, winding his fist back.

However one of the robot grabs Alex by his backpack, holds him up and puts its charging hand cannon level with his face. Alex screams as the heat warms his entire body!

Suddenly Karolina squeezes her eyes shut momentarily and opens them back, shooting a bright white energy beam from her eyes, cutting the robots arm off, dropping Alex to the floor next to Mister Stein's dead body, "EVERYONE OUT!" she cries out as the Robot turns around to shoot at her.

"YOU HEARD HER!" yells Victor, grabbing Alex by his backpack and before leaping with all his might across the room, smashing out the window and into the night forest.

Chase rubs his eyes as he cannot see, "I WILL HUNT YOU ALL DOWN! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU!!!" he yells.

Mister Dean, blinded by his own daughters light, reaches out for his wife, "We gotta go!" he says but as he tries to open his eyes, sees Mrs Minoru staring at him, "No just you." she says as her staff of one comes out her chest and fire and ice spew out from her staff and engulf them both as the ground freezes!

Chase sees The Hayes trying to escape but suddenly the other part of the wall explodes as hordes of HAND ninja's pile in with exposed swords.

Chase points at the rest of the parents, "KILL THEM!" he shouts, before looking to the massive hole in the wall that leads to the forest, "And then get after the rest!

to be Part 4

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@silverspidey: I loved this issue. Definitely did not expect to see Chase turn into the villain here and I am eager to see where things go - who will be on the team and will Chase be their main antagoinist actually.

Please, do write the next issue soon!

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@tdk_1997 - i'm glad you enjoyed the read, and thank you for the feedback on the previous parts as well!

Chase will be, one, of the main antagonists in this story i'm building. After this issue, things just climb in intensity. I hope to have the next 2 issues out tomorrow.