Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAPTER 2 - Part 2

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Marvel - The Beginning:

The Outstanding Runaways



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In the room only filled by its furniture and pictures, Chase and Nico suddenly appear out of thin air. In the 'Red Room' in a cloud of black smoke, Chase holds on to Nico while she holds out her Staff of One over her head, glowing brightly like a light stick.

Suddenly the Staff of One phases out of her hands, floats before her and slowly phases into her chest.

Chase, covered stoot, crawls on the rug and sits on the couch, rubbing his forehead, thankful to just be alive. Looking at his metal glove, his reserve battery is drained, Chase lets out a sigh.

Chase slowly looks up at Nico, staring at him in pure astonishment.

"How…” Nico gawks, “ could you do that?”

"I DOESN’T MATTER NICO!" Chase shouts angrily, startling her, "HE got in our way Nico! He knew the price, he paid the price!” he says adamantly.

Nico looks at him, completely shocked, "Do you even hear yourself? YOU KILLED ALEX WILDERS FATHER!!'

Chase glares at her, pointing at the window, "You wanna cry for him? He got in our way!”


“He was NEVER gonna let us go!” Chase retorts, “He would keep getting in the Prides way and he had to be eliminated!”

Nico looks at the floor as tears come down her face, "Chase, you sound just like your father.”

Chase anger boils. His vision blurs and all at once, Chase grabs Nico and forcefully grabs her by the hair, pulls Nico’s left arm behind her back!

Her eyes filled with fear and shock as Chase face turns red with anger, "Don't say that. DON’T YOU EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!”

"Chase you're hurting me!"


Nico squeals in pain from her arm but manages to look at Chase, her face firming, “I won’t let you beat me around like your father BEATS YOU!” !” she shouts.

Her words cut Chase to the heart, Nico sees it. However, Nico then feels her stomach bottom out as what looks like a small explosion erupt in his eyes.

Instantly Chase let’s her go and punches Nico straight across the face, sending her spiralling to the floor. Stunned, that her BOYFRIEND hit her, Nico is startled at the sound of glass breaking.

Turning onto her back, Nico’s eyes open wide as Chase grabs a shard of glass from the decorative vase he broke, and glares at her.

"DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT AGAIN TO ME AGAIN NICO! DO YOU HEAR ME” He shouts, cornering Nico by the fireplace, “I STOOD UP FOR YOU! I PROTECTED YOU! AND NOW YOU'RE AGAINST ME LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!" he screams, grabbing Nico by throat and pressing the glass shard against her cheek, "FINE, BUT YOUR GONNA GIVE ME THE PAPER YOU TOOK! I WON’T LET YOU RUIN THINGS FOR ME NOW!” "

Seeing Nico hand balled up, Chases its on top of her and tries to pry her hand open, “OPEN YOUR HAND NICO OR SO HELP ME!”

"STOP IT CHASE YOUR HURTING ME!" she screams as he forcefully flips her onto her back, pulls on her left arm behind her back and tries prying open her right hand, "SOMEONE HELP!!!" yells Nico.

"GET OFF HER!" yells Nico's mother.

Before he can react, Chase is launched off his feet and hurtled across the room like a rag doll, crashing over a table and to the floor.

Coughing and getting her breath, Nico sees Chase Father in a blue suit, white shirt and gold tie, march into the room with Nico's mother in a black dress rushing to her. Beside her, Nico’s father in a black suit, Karolina with her parents who are dressed in white, Molly Hayes with her parents in all black, and Victor Mancha with just his mother who is in a red dress.

All of them come in the room, but Chase Father marches over to Chase who springs up from the floor and runs for Minoru and Nico.

However Mr. Stein grabs his son lifting him clear off his feet and swinging him around like a mad-dog, "STOP IT AND GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!" he yells.

Chase, red faced with anger, shoves his Father, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” he yells in a blind rage.

Instantly, Mr Stein grabs Chase by his shirt and tie and punches him clear across his face, leveling him. Everyone stares in shock as Chase drops to the carpet like a bag of dirt, groaning.

Standing over his son, Mr Stein glares at Chase, brought out of his rage, trembling and clutching his bloodied mouth and nose.

“Boy…” Mr Stein snarls, “...did you just shove me?”

Quickly Chase wipes the blood from his mouth as he looks up at his father and nods, "Y-yes sir. Suh-sorry sir." he says nervously.

Mr Stein takes a deep breath, composing himself. Chase attempts to get up, but his father shoves back down with his foot, keeping his hard sole dress shoe at the center of Chase chest.

“I didn’t tell you to get up.” Mr. Stein says, lifting his eyes to Ms Minoru with Nico sobbing in her arms.

Mister Dean comes to the middle of the room. His jet black hair turns bright fluorescent with shimmering white light. His skin turns transparent with rainbow-colored light reflecting off his skin and his eyes turn bright yellow, "I want explanation immediately!!" he yells causing the room to vibrate.


Everyone looks at Nico at once.

Nico's Father turns to her, "IS IT TRUE!"

Nico looks at him horrified, shaking her face vehemently "HE’S LYING!!!" she shouts, then looking to her mother, “I SWEAR HE’S LYING!” she screams.

“HERE!” Chase holds up the paper, Nico had first stolen, that Chase wrestled out her hand, “I HAVE IT!” he says, handing it to his Father, "You told us to steal a document, for our Trial’s mission. When we got there, Wilder was all too ready for us. He had the whole building set up like some...death trap and SHE COLLABORATED WITH HIM! SHE GOT HELP FROM ALEX WILDER ON THE OUTSIDE!" he yells pointing to Nico, "SHE EVEN SHOT ME!" he says, pointing to his flesh wound.

Nico bursts out from her mother hold, glaring at Chase, "YOU SON OF A…”

Molly covers her mouth, "OH THATS A BAD WORD!"

"SHUT UP!" yells Mister Stein.


"ENOUGH!" yells Mister Dean, seeing this is about to go badly quickly.

Dean turns to Chase, "Injuries prove nothing."

Chase looks at him and firms his face as his Father watches, "Really? Fine. Then tell us who's getting sacrificed tonight? Me or Nico.”

Everyone's eyes open wide.

Dean looks at Nico with a raised eyebrow, "How did you...

Victor, Molly and Karolina eyes open wide, "WHAT!!!" they all yell.

Victor turns to his Mom, "YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS!" he yells in protest.

Molly's father looks at him, "ITS TRADITION GROW UP!" he says.

Karolina shakes her head, in disbelief, seeing the parents all collectively quiet in confirmation, "ITS TRADITION TO DO SOMETHING THIS PSYCHO!”

Victor looks at his mom and points at Karolina, "EXACTLY WHAT SHE SAID!" he yells.

Molly scratches her head, "What's a sacrifice?"

"QUIET. ALL OF YOU!!" yells Mister Dean, as his daughter looks at him heartbroken but he ignores them, looking at Chase, "That, is NOT your concern." he says.

Karolina raises her eyebrow, "Are you freakin’ kidding me?! YES IT'S OUR CONCERN!!" she says but her father ignores her.

Chase looks at Nico with his cold eyes, "Wilder told us both…” he lies, “...but because Nico and Wilder teamed up on me, the only way I could escape was to shoot him and Nico tried to stop me and teleported us BOTH here.”

"LIAAAAAAR!!" Nico shouts.

"SHUT UP!!" yells Mister Dean.

Chase continues, "Mister Wilder planned for Alex to runaway so everyone would be distracted while Nico and him teamed up to win trails so the Minoru’s would be the leader of the Pride and Wilder could be Minoru’s right hand man and me and Dad!!” he lies.

Nico face drains with color, astonished at the web of lies spewing out his mouth, " LIAAAR!" she yells.

Victor looks at Karolina with a raised eyebrow, "That’s unbelievable." he mumbles.

Chase looks at Victor with placid hatred, "I don't know why your mouth is even open Mancha! Unless you’ve been talking to Alex while he’s on the outside!”

"Leave him out of this!" exclaims Mrs Mancha pulling her son back before he can say anything.

Mrs Minoru cuts a look to Chase father, knowing the deal they made is becoming more compromised and that he would take this opportunity to undue her in a heartbeat, "Mister Stein..."

Chase father holds his hand out, "Don't Mister Stein me!"

Nico shakes her head, "I’ll TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED!!" she shouts, getting everyone’s attention.


In the dark office room, Nico is knelt on the floor in shock having heard what she just heard. Chase firms his face as Mister Wilder is at the door.

"I'm sorry for you both. I really am. This is why Alex left I suppose. I...I was so consumed with rage I assumed you all knew and came to kill me so I tried to strike first. For that I am sorry, but I must find my son before they do. You can go back and tell the Pride whatever you want...but I have to find my son. My wife is already looking for him and I haven't heard from her and I'm worried sick they already got to her too." he says about to leave the door.

Down the hallway, Alex Wilder comes out the staircase and sees his Father standing by an office door down the hall.

About to go to him, Alex takes one step forward but hears the deafening sharp sound of a gunshot.

Startled, Alex looks in shock as his father drop to his knees and fall out the door, dead on the floor with blood leaking out on the floor.

Trembling, Alex stares at his dead father as tears roll down his eyes. Covering his mouth, trying to not yell, he sees the door open to where his father was and immediately runs back into the stairwell.

Inside the office.

Chase stands over Mister Wilder dead body, tossing the gun to the side.



Mister Dean folds his arms, rubbing his temple his skin turns translucent with rainbow colors reflecting off his skin, "This, is very distressing… "

Mister Minoru steps between them both “Distressing? IT'S THE TRUTH!” she roars.

"I'm afraid Mister Dean does not believe our daughter is speaking the truth." Ms Minoru underscores.

Mister Dean cuts her a narrowed eye look, “DEFINE TRUTH!” he exclaims, “Because i'll tell you the truth we're chasing." he says, "Who won Trials?" he asks, "Because all we have Chase with the document and your daughter crying foul! In the end of it, if half of what Chase says is true, You know what has to be done.” he spits.

Mr. Stein pulls out a pearl handled revolver, cocking, "Kill the girl." he says coldly, narrowing his eyes at Nico who gulps and takes a step back.

To be continued…

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@silverspidey: Good issue, good issue, indeed. Things got heated up quite quickly and they will become even more heated with the next issue. Greatest achievement of this issue is having so many characters, giving them their own voices and not making the reader confused on who's doing the talking.

There are a few typos but nothing major.