Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAPTER 2 - Part 1

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The Steins - they got bank. I mean like, way the most think. Like old money from someone's grandfather who killed some guy who had a gold mine from the 1700s, kinda old money.

The Minoru's - they have considerably more money cuz like, they killed off every member of the Yakuza and took it all over. Like ALL, globally. They have more money than the rest of all the other Pride members, but won't share a dime. That’s why the Steins and the Minorus are in a competition with each other - like all the freaking time.

Than the Mancha's. Super weird family. I mean, yeah, all well connected in the government, got political hook-ups left and right. They crooked like a bent wire.

Oh, and the Deans. They straight up hunty. Royal Blood through and through. Only thing is, wait for it, they straight up Alien. Like not immigrant alien, like ‘my family is on a planet the Death Star Destroyed In OUTER SPACE’, kinda Alient.

The Hayes Family - oh man, they are like, underground mutants that are like, the worst kind you can meet. They recruit bad mutants to be terrorize, then recruit good mutants to beat the bad ones - all to forward their own agenda. Crazy. Straight up.

Then my family - Wilders. Mafia connected. Drugs. Kidnapping. Hits. Experiments. You name it, my family orchestrates, hires, and provides the service. We walk around like we’re clean you know, but we got more blood on our hands than the government, and i’m tired of it. Just absolutely tired of it.





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"Hey Mol."

Standing at the top of a marble staircase, a young blond girl stares at young brunette about the age of ten years old sitting at the base of the marble stairs.

The blond, wearing white True Religion jeans, a black lace Gucci shirt and a Supreme denim jacket in crimson red with metal bracelets on her arms, keeps her eyes on her phone.

"Alex alex what did you do." she mumbles, reading the expose Alex had posted onto his Facebook Page.

Having read enough, the teen switches the phone to the selfie camera.

She plumps her lips, smooching at herself seductively while ruffling her blond hair. Then, satisfied, snaps a picture of herself before, again returning her attention to then ten year old brunette wearing a simple white dress, paying her no mind at all.

"Molly frickin Hayes!" she says sarcastically, “Is your mutant power to be absolutely frickin’ annoying? Or is that just all you?!” she says, but the young girl ignores her.

Rolling her blue eyes, the teenager frowns her face, shoves her phone in her pocket and marches towards her adamantly before shoving her with her hand, "Molly Frickin’ Hayes I’m talking to you!" she says.

Jolting upwards, Molly Hayes, looks up at the young teenager with a frown face.

"YOU MADE ME DIE LINA!" yells Molly, her pink headphones falling out her ear as she holds up her Nintendo Switch.

"Stop calling me Lina!” Karolina shouts, stamping her foot in protest, “I hate it when you all call me that! Its Karolina ok! You CAN spell that right?!” she exclaims.

Molly rolls her eyes, "Errrgg AH!!" she shouts, throwing her Nintendo Switch against the marble floor, shattering it.

Karolina looks at the cracked device laying in shards on the floor, then at Molly folding her arms and pouting her lip.

“Hey Mol, a two year old called, it wants its tantrums back." quips Karolina, her left eyebrow arched in judgement.

Molly frowns her face, "STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!" she yells.

Karolina rolls her eyes, and holds her hand out to Molly, “You know what, stay salty.” she says, whipping out her gold plated cell phone, “Its frickin’ midnight and I don’t need my vibes all thrown off.”

Seeing the time is 1:24am, Karolina sighs, “And Chase and Nico should be back from their lil treasure hunt soon so I can go back to bed."

Molly stands up in her white dress, "Its called Trials Karolina! And its important!"

Karolina raises her eyebrow, “So how about you and lil miss Nico, take this ‘so important’ night thats keeping me up, and shove it right up your collective butts and let me go back to sleep." she says.

Molly tilts her head and smirks, “Someone sounds Jelleeee.” she teases.

“I’m not jealous." Karolina replies, “Its just stupid. The Trials, Chase, Nico you, its all stupid! Just stupid! Who cares who leads the Pride.” she scoffs.

Trying to hide her little smirk, Molly sits back down, "I guess so.” she sighs, “Besides, Nico thinks your too stupid to run it anyway."

Karolina eyes immediately snap away from her phone and she looks at Molly, her face turning beet red, "Did she say that? Like seriously, did those words come out mouth?” she asks, staring at Molly for answer but the little girl says nothing, simply smiling at her.

Karolina slams her phone to the wood floor and glares at Molly, “LOOK you lil troll, did that LIL GOTH BRAT SAY I WAS...."

“POR FAVOR!” shouts someone in Spanish.

Karolina and Molly turn around and see Victor Mancha strolling out from a door at the base wall by the stairs. Wearing black jeans and a white open button shirt with his black and white Adidas Sambas, Victor holds his headphones up for them to see.

"I spent two hundred dollars on noise cancelling headphones…” he exclaims, “...but between your Dank face and voice, I’ll have to be dead like your love life to stop hearing you.”

Karolina narrows her blue eyes at him, “Mancha, I will straight up noise cancel your life away if you get me lit right now, I swear. My vibes - gotta stay zen bro. ” she threatens.

Victor rolls his eyes, “La neta? En serio? You be Zen?! You more anal then my Aubela making me cleaning the kitchen with a toothbrush.” He says.

“Facts.” Karolina grins, “Now, be useful and check your phone? Has Alex posted anything?”

Victor smirks at her question, “Uh Wilder? Alex Wilder.” he repeats, “Kari, not everyone posts something every frickin’ fifteen minutes like you do.” he says, “Besides, why so interested in Alex social life all of a sudden? Or the expose he just sent us?”

“Its because she likes him.” Molly cheekily adds.

Karolina shakes her head, "Oh shut up Molly.” she huffs, “Alex Ra-…” However Karolina pauses, looking around suspiciously before finishing her sentence, “Alex Ran away, and whatever he typed up about our family, got his father straight up disappeared! Our families have been in a meeting all night! Somethin' is about to go down, hard."

Shrugging his shoulders, Victor shakes his head, “My parents say its not true and that Alex didn’t ‘run away’, he just…”

“Oh he ran.” Molly interrupts, garnering a sharp look from both Victor and Karolina.

“Oh and how would you know?” Karolina huffs.

Molly confidently crosses her arms across her chest, finally happy to have information no one else has, “I saw him sneak out. He made me promise not to tell anyone, and I didn’t. And I did.”

“Until just now.” Karolina retorts.

Molly’s face drains with color, “Oh dangit.”

“See this is why we don’t tell you stuff.” Victor says.

Molly waves her hands, “Oh frack!” she panics.

Karolina ignores Molly’s panic and turns to Victor, “See, he ran. So if that's true, you know the rest of what he said is true - like, we are Foreigners.”

“Aliens…” Victor corrects in a flat tone, "...and yes, that's true, but the rest, come on. We know our families are shady but not THAT shady!"

Karolina shakes her head, “Alex ‘ran away’ and if he did..."

"...then it would’ve been for a real, real good reason..." Victor interrupts "...cause he doesn’t do anything unless its good for him." he shrugs.

Karolina looks back at her phone, "Aside from that whole statement being insecurity and ‘shade’...” she says, “...i get it, but he was gonna win Trials, he WANTED TO, so for him to run…”

Victor puts his hand up, "Uh i don’t think he would’ve won Trials like that."

“He would’ve won.” Karolina repeats, doubling down on her claim, "Like look at the frickin’ stars NASA…” she says to Victor’s displeasure, “...every test you, Nico and Chase took twice to qualify, Alex slayed once.”

“S is that why he took you’re S.A.T’s for you?” Victor quips with a smug face.

Molly face turns blank with confusion, “Alex, sat for you?” she asks.

“OH SHUT UP MOLLY!” Karolina snaps before immediately glaring at Victor, "Excuse me? Wanna run that by me one more time ‘soon-to-be-missing teen?"

Victor frowns his face, "Karolina, even the dead know that your smart, but not that smart to get the grade you got. That’s just ‘Facts’” he declares, “Alex is the only one that competed with me in a math competition and lost to me by a few points, decimals even." he says, “You only know how to add up followers on instagram.”

Karolina turns away from him, "AND YOUR DEAD BODY." she shouts, “ITS ABOUT TO GET LIT!” she says.

Suddenly the entire room thuds and Karolina’s hair turns bright with rainbow light glow from the strains of her hair.

"ENOUGH!" says a deep voice.

Victor, Karolina and Molly all turn towards the stairwell and see Mister Dean in a black suit, white shirt and black tie, "Molly Hayes...did you stomp your feet again and vibrate the whole Penthouse, AGAIN!” He exclaims.

Karolina immediately cuts Molly a narrowed eyed look.

Taking a deep breath. Molly throws her head back and groans, “Yes sir. Sorry sir.” she says sheepishly.

Her fathers scowl said it all, but he added no more words as he looks upon the rest of the teens, “All of you, get yourselves together and come downstairs, we are going to the 'Red Room', its almost time." he says walking away.

to be continued with Part 1 - No Hassle Night

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@silverspidey: A good expositional issue. I am liking the character of Molly so far a lot and I am definitely vested into what's coming next.

Oh, and another good point, I definitely didn't expect 'The Red Room' to make an appearance.