Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAPTER 1 - Part 3

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"Like I'm crazy."

Chase clears his throat, “You’re talking about Running Away Nico!" he says.

“Yes…” Nico reasons, “...with twenty thousand in my bank account, the best education, and powers! People have made it on less, LOOK at the Kardashians”

Chase puts his hand on Nico's shoulders, "What your saying is crazy Nico!”

Nico's eyes well up with tears as she shakes her head, "But you just said you wish..."

"That i could be away from here!” Chase corrects, “As in, not in this closet!" he finishes in a firm voice, "I’m not about to leave the Pride or My dad!” he snaps.



Nico stiffens at Chase’s sharp rebuke. "Our parents aren’t the best, but we can be better than them!” he says.

Nico steps closer to him, “You ever pull down the window in your Father’s Bentley Chase?” she asks, “See all those kids out there you try not to look at, their parents - yeah some are crappy, but i see what love looks like, and this isn’t it.”

Chase shakes his head and charges the last bit of battery he has for his fisti-cuff and turns to the door. Nico steps back, catching the sob in her throat and wipes her eyes.

“Look Nico, The Pride, is a group of crummy old people, I hate my father so much, especially for making me lose my mother but Trials, it makes STRONGER people.” he says, “And stronger people, can make the world what they want, they don't have to runaway be heroes. I’m not running away, its a dumb idea.”

Nico hugs Chase from behind, putting her forehead to his back, "I don't wanna lose you. Your all I got." she says.

Chase turns around and kisses Nico passionately and hugs her.

"I don't wanna lose you either.” Chase says, “Thats why we gotta stick to the plan." he says. Turning to opening the door, Chase looks at her intently, "We gotta get outta here, remember the paper we have is to prove we completed this Trial. We get back to the Penthouse and set up our story.”

Nico huffs, "Unless Mister Wilder tells the Pride that he saw us working together. Which is against the rules and then we're deader than dead, we have to neutralize him, not kill him.”

Chase firms his face and looks down to the door, " I can shoot him my 'forget' dart."

Nico's eyes open wide, "YOU STILL HAVE THAT!" she says.

Chase nods, "Ya, my father may have destroyed the batch me and Alex made but I kept a few. That's why my high school teacher forgot to give me detention." he says with a smirk.

"Your horrible." Nico says.

Chase shrugs, "If we hit Mister Wilder with this you'll be saying i'm a stinkin saint and we'll home free." he says, turning the doorknob as the door swings open that swings open.

"CHASE!" Nico shrieks, pulling him back inside of the closet as the door and gets smashed off its hinges by a falling copier machine!

Nico and Chase eyes open wide in shock.

Copiers, computers, plants, chairs, desks and other various items rain down past the closet door entry. Nico and Chase peak out the door and look down to see a straight 200 foot drop to the window!

“Out of all the girls..." Chase groans, “ girl can bend reality."

Nico arches her eyebrow at him, “It's this, or shame you on Instagram.”

Suddenly splinters shoot off the edge of the door as Chase falls back into the closetStartled, Chase pushes Nico back but loses his footing, falls out of the closet and plummets.

“CHAAAASE!” Nico however she quickly falls back into the closet as gunshots riddle to the door.

Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways



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Running across the deserted city street, a young African American teenager, in a green hoodie, white shirt underneath and blue jeans with a backpack in hand, sprints across to the large black glass building.

Racing up the high ascending short stairs leading up to the skyscraper's glass entrance, the young man with sweat dripping down his forehead pushes up his foggy glasses as reaches the glass entrance doors and kneels down to the key card slot.

Looking around carefully, seeing no one in the streets and no security by the door, he slides in his keycard to the slot by the door and immediately hears the door unlock.

"Okay dad...time to pay up." he mumbled, yanking the glass door open and running inside.

Sprinting across the massive first floor of the luxurious building, the boy fleeting shadow traces along as he runs across the marble floor. Knowing security might arrive at any time, he runs towards the elevator doors.

Sliding off his backpack, he reaches inside and pulls out a black pocket knife. Switching out the blade, the boy looks at a digital code shimmering on the blade before jamming it into the keyhole under the elevator button.

Twisting it as hard as it can go, the boy hears the locks and bolts sparking behind the panel. Suddenly, the massive marble tiles behind him retract, sliding one after the other beneath itself. A blinding bright blue light reflects off his glasses as he raises his hand over his eyes.

Seeing stairs fold out and descend underneath the floor, the boy smiles, "Ah I see, so this is where the black guy dies! In his father super creepy science lab, wonderful." he mumbles, hurrying down into the hidden laboratory.




Scrambling onto all fours, Nico crawls the edge of the closet and peers downward. Immediately she spots Chase flat on his back on the pillar and Mister Wilder climbing up the filing cabinets on the wall.


Flat on his back, Chase groans in pain. However its Wilder’s loud voice that keeps him from succumbing to a concussion. His heart was pounding in his ears. Chase looks up at Nico, far above him, gesturing two fingers at him and moving her fingers about in ‘sign’ language’ - a language her mother insisted she learn.

Chase narrows his eyes, ignoring Wilder and trying to decipher Nico’s sign language, “One...” he mumbled, “...coming behi…”

Then it registers. Chase springs onto his feet and leaps off the pillar.

Desperately grabbing onto one of large open filing cabinet drawers, Chase turns around and shoots out a crisp bright blue energy beam that explodes through the chest of the gunman trying to kill him.

Watching the man fall, Chase blue eyes suddenly settle on Mister Wider in his rumpled suit, standing on another pillar far below. Holding up his shiny gold gun aimed right for him, Wilder pushes up his fogged glasses.

“BOY…” Wilder shouts to Chase as his men scale the sides of the cabinets, “...YOUR JUST A FRICKIN’ ANNOYING AS YOUR FATHER!” he shouts, “GIVE ME THAT DOCUMENTS, AND I’LL ET YOU RUN OUTTA HERE.”


Overhearing all this from the closet far up above, Nico frowns, confused.

“If we’re going to get shot I need to know what we have.” Nico mumbles to herself, pulling out the document she stole. Flattening out the sheet, Nico’s eyes skim the document and her mind runs through what she knows.

They were in Trials and she was supposed to do a simple ‘catch and retrieve’ sort of thing. That made sense. At the end of Trials, the crowned winner - would be the ‘Chief Family’ within The Pride for the next generation - that made sense. However, Nico and Chase both lied to their parents and planned to work together to ‘change things’ that was done this too, made sense.

However, Nico eyes come to a dead stop over the document. Everything she knew and planned made sense, but the document didn’t - absolutely made no sense to her, but it made exact sense as to why Wilder wanted it so badly.


“You think i’m gonna just runaway? If you want that document!” shouts Chase, leaping off to the pillars, “THEN COME GET IT!” he shouts, shooting out a bright blue super-charged ion beam that ricochets off the metal cabinets and rips through two men cleanly.

Dropping down flat on the pillar, Mr Wilder hugs the concrete mass as the super hot beam shoots over him, hits the metal cabinet and sears through two of his gun men.

Feeling the beam dissipate, Wilder pushes up his glasses and raises his gun, “Oh i’m so killing you.”



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Standing in the dimly lit laboratory with only a blue light shining over head, the african american teen stands before an unconscious blond haired teenage girl. Laid flat dressed in a white bodysuit and floating inside a tube of pink liquid. The boy reaches into his laptop and plugs it into a large machine that is behind the woman in the large tube.

Beside her, another african american boy, trapped inside an almost large sealed vat, filled with black liquid. Both teens seemed asleep, at peace even. However his eyes settle to his laptop as his screen turns black and green lettered computer codes appearing.

“Interesting.” he mumbles, keying in some commands.

Within moments he hears over the speakers in the Laboratory, “GOOD EVENING ALEX WILDER."

“Its not a good evening.” Wilder mumbles, keying more codes to the mainframe of the building that now starts to narrow down Alex location on his laptop.

Having pinpointed his location, Alex sees the area he is in and types in, "SHUTDOWN".

Suddenly Alex looks behind him and sees a large shiny black box, at least 20 feet big, raise out the wall and lift large black panels off the top and expose another boy who is wrapped in a black cloth floating in blue liquid.

"Okay." Alex mumbles, simply staring at the screen, “Didn’t think it’d be that easy.”

Suddenly Alex notice out the corner of his eye a short man with a big hea0, eyes devoid of irises and dressed what could only be described on Greek or Roman throw-back robes, sitting on the counter.

"WHAT FREGGIN HECK..." yells Alex, pulling out a stun-gun from his backpack, “BACK UP DUDE! OR WHATEVER SHORT PERSON YOU ARE! DUDE YOUR HEAD! IS THAT AN ALLERGY” He screams.

Uatu puts his hand up, "Calm yourself human. Finish your duty. You have a lot to do."

Alex looks at him, "OH my gawd were those brownies laced? This can’t be real!"

"I’m your helper for today." Uatu says and raises his finger that starts to glow bright at the tip.

“Oh gawd…” Alex gulps, “...what are you gonna do with that?”


Back in the closet, stuffing the document into the back of her pants, Nico breathes in and out rapidly, readying herself and closes her eyes. Twiddling her fingers, Nico concentrates, “okay, come out, come out come out…” she mumbled.

Within seconds, a warm glow comes from her chest. Opening her eyes, Nico sees the Staff of One emerges from her chest and float before her.

Grabbing hold of it, Nico takes a deep breath, “You better work.” she says.


Far below on the pillow, Chase crouches back down to the column, curling into a ball as chunks of debris shoot off the edge from all the gunfire. Then he feels something grab his leg. Turning around, Chase flips himself onto his back and kicks the gunman in the face, “LET GO!”

Throwing him back, Chase sees more men reaching him. He was trapped, there was no way out and he could see as if time came to a slow halt, everyone aim their guns at him.

Seeing no choice, Chase slides off the pillar and drops like a stone!

Plummeting through the air at high speed, Chase sees he’s seconds from smashing through the window that rapidly approaches.

However, Chase feels and sees the entire gravity shift within the Office. The floor now tilting up towards him, Chase grunts in pain as his back hits the floor. Sent rolling, Chase, feeling the floor lift to its proper level, rolls onto his stomach and slams his fisti-cuff that sprouts sharp claws, into the carpet.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Chase sees he’s not even six feet away from the shattered floor to ceiling window. Looking across the office, Chase opens his eyes in astonishment at the sight of Nico floating in the air with her Staff of One in hand and all the gunmen spinning around her like moons around a planet!

"What the..." Chase mumble to himself as the gravity returns to normal as the entire office floor tilts back to regular level.

On his stomach, Chase rises to his feet, watching Nico land on her feet and thrust her arms out, hurtling all the men in every direction!

"YEAH! PAYBACK BABY!" Chase cheers but suddenly hears the 'click' of gun. Chase eyes open wide in shock as he turns around to see one of Wilder's men standing in front of the door, pointing his gun at him with a clear shot at Chase head!

Chase narrows his eyes and glances at his fisti-cuff just as its power battery light flickers off.

"Dangit!" Chase grumbles as he looks up at the man smiling evilly at him with his gun raised, "Night night punk!"

With two loud bangs startle Chase flinches, knowing he’s dead, having no time to dodge.

However Chase feels only the impact of dirt hit his face and head.

Confused, figuring he probably is just feeling the dirt getting shoveled on the last feeling part of his body at his funeral, hesitantly peaks his eyes open, but sees dirt sprinkled all over him. Touching his head, Chase pulls his hand back, seeing fresh soil on his head as a pink flower drops to the floor. Confused, Chase looks up Nico standing between him and the man with her Staff of One glowing in her hands, having turned their guns into flowers.

Chase looks at Nico in astonishment.

"So you like to shoot kids huh?" Nico snaps, her eyes frosting over white, "So SHOCKING!!." she shouts, thrusting forward her Staff.

Instantly a bolt of lightning from outside strikes through the ceiling, connects to her Staff and streaks out through all men, cut through their torsos, out their back and into everyone else!

“GEEZUS” Chase shouts, dropping to the floor at Nico’s feet as his hair stands on end.

Gritting her teeth, Nico screams at the top of her lungs as the entire office floor quakes with her power before ceasing her attack as a thunder roars outside. Chase eyes open wide in pure horrifying shock. Crackling blue dust and ash fill the entire office space with dozens of empty shoes and gun belts smoldering on the carpet.

Twirling her staff in her hand Nico slowly stalks to Mister Wilder covered in his mens ashes. Holding out her crackling Staff to him, Nico, glares at Mister Wilder on his back, trembling in horror as her eyes shift red.

"Rise." she growls.

At her command, Wilder is helplessly launched off the floor, and hits the ceiling flat against his back, his limbs forcibly stretched out.

Holding his neck, "I...I...can't breathe!" Wilder chokes.

“WHAT DOES THIS MEAN...” Nico growls, holding up the crumbled paper in his fist, “...WHO ARE THE GIBBORIM!” she shouts.


Looking over her shoulder, Nico sees CHase rise to his feet, “CHASE, THE LOSER OF TRIALS GET SACRIFICED, DID YOU KNOW THAT?!”

Chase eyes open wide, stunned, “N-NO”

Nico turns right back to Wilder, “But you did! OH YOU KNEW! YOU ALL KNOW!” she shouts, clenching her jaw.

Clenching her jaw, Wilder squeals as whatever force Nico is wielding, chokes him more.

“So this is whats gonna happen…” Nico says to Wilder, “...i’m gonna let you go and you’re gonna spill all you know or so help me, i’m gonna show you what evils mother taught me I can do with a paperclip!” she says, dropping her Staff to her side.

Immediately Mister Wilder drops from the ceiling to the floor with at thud, gasping for air. Coughing repeatedly, Wilder rubbing his throat. Immediately, Nico squats to the floor, glaring into his eyes, “TALK!” she yells.

Rubbing his neck, Mister Wilder takes a deep breath, “The Gibborim, is what the Pride worships.” he gasps, still trying to catch his breath, “The Pride sacrifices to them every one hundred years, a new generation. That’s what trials is about.”

“WHAT!” Chase shouts.

“LET’EM TALK!” Nico shouts to him and turns back to Wilder, “KEEP TALKING!”

Wilder sighs, holding his throat, “Whoever wins, the loser dies and so do the rest of kids.”

Nico eyes open wide and the staff drops out her hand.

“Alex found out and ran away…” Wilder admits, “...and found my project to counter your parents. Project DarkLight.”

“Wah-what’s that?” Chase asks.

Wilder remains silent but feels the searing heat from Nico’s Staff of One. Looking at the red hot metal close to his face and Nico holding it to him, she narrows her eyes, “Answer the question.”

Wilder sighs, “Two kids, special to under all of you and them. A Cloak and Dagger team if you will.”

To be continued….

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@silverspidey: Very interesting ending I must say. I am looking forward to how exactly everything is tied up so neatly between Runaways, Spidey and now Cloak and Dagger.

One small complaint though, imo this issue the action was prolonged for far too long I think. At one point all of the action between Nico and Chase with the gunmen becomes repetitive, so for future reference - either change the scenery or just make it shorter. That's my take at least.