Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAPTER 1 - Part 2

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Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways - CHAPTER 1

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Downtown Los Angeles

Wilder Industries - Duel Building Annex

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Holding his head, Chase, slowly opens his eyes to see Nico standing in the middle of the room with bright moon glow on her.

However, as Chase gets his bearings, he rubs his eyes and sees Nico standing in the middle of the room with her staff in her hand, snow on her shoulders, ice on the floor and thick clouds floating on the ceiling as the moons glow from outside filters in through the blown out windows!

Chase staggers to his feet as he sees Nico turn to him with glowing yellow eyes.

Chase gulps, “What the fudge…, was that, Magic?"

Eerily Nico, cranes her neck to Chase, gazing upon him with both eyes glowing yellow, "No.” she replies, “Its the power within, and the power exterior and the power in you.”

Chase scratches the back of his head, “Yeah I totally makes sense.”he winces, feeling as if her answer hurt his brain somehow.

Suddenly, Nico eyes close and she tilts her head, as if listening for something Chase cannot hear. Then, Nico opens her eyes, glaring at the door "More are coming. A lot more." she says eerily.

Chase looks to the metal glove on his hand, and taps the screen on his forearm, “Okay, I’m adjusting my assault settings, I can spare a charge but we need to be quick…”

However Nico puts extends her hand to him, rendering him silent, “Don’t move" she warns.

Chase brow furrows, “Hey, who died and put you in char..."

Suddenly the floor begins to vibrate as if it as an Earthquake, making Chase stagger a bit, struggling to keep his footing, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” he says.

Nico closes her eyes, extends her arms forward and her Staff Floats between her extending her arms. Chase eyes open wide in shock as all the snow on the floor around Nico’s feet, floating up beside her in large heaping chunks. With a twiddle of Nico’s fingers, the floating clumps of snow tremble and reshape into dozens razor sharp bullet-like spikes.

A chill runs down Chase spine, “Mother of freakin’ mercy.” he blurts.

Marvel - The Beginning: The Outstanding Runaways



Nico’s brown eyes snap open and glow bright yellow as if light-bulbs glow behind her irises.

The Office Suite doors are kicked in. Nico's eyes immediately lock into the black tactical boot retreating away from the door as the opens. Quickly a heavily armed security team sent by Mister Wilder rushes over the threshold, assault rifles with flashlights raised, their faces covered in masks.

Immediately Nico flicks her fingers forward, shooting the snow spikes straight into the gun nozzles and into shooters shoulder and legs!

Cries of pain erupt from the men collectively. Some clutching their bleeding shoulders, others their legs while their comrades pull them back behind the door, screaming at each other.

Another man though, dives inside acrobatically. He rolls and comes onto his knees aiming his weapon at Nico but too late finds her Staff of One floats over him with authority, throbbing red and crackling with energy.

The man’s eyes open wide in horror as he’s then bathed in red light, “Mother of…”

A bright red bolt of lightning shoots out and the gunman explodes into a cloud of particles, leaving his boots and gun with smoke rising from it and the smoldering carpet.

Chase eyes open wide before looking at Nico, “WHAT THE HECK HAS YOUR MOTHER BEEN TRAINING YOU TO DO!” he shouts.

“Same as yours.” Nico replies, extending her arm forward as another bolt of lightning strikes the front door, making another gunman stagger back.


Suddenly a deafening explosion erupts. Dropping down behind a desk, Chase leans over the top, and holds his metal glove out and shoots out blast from his fist-cuffs. His energy blast streaks across the dark and explodes off one gunman, launching him off his feet and smashing out a window.

Ducking back behind the desk, gunshots rip into the thick mahogany wood. Hunched over, “OKAY THEIR PISSED!” he calls out.

Chase looks to Nico, thinking she is caught in the crossfire.

However to Chases amazement, Nico arms remain raised with her Staff floating in front of her and numerous bullets remaining in suspended air as if held by invisible strings. Then, fear strikes Chase. Nico face pales as if she was about to faint. Her knees go wobbly. Her breathing fatigued, sweat running down her face, Nico looks ready to pass out, Chase was sure.


Chase turns around and shoots a blast at the man, making the rest scatter for cover, then he rushing for Nico, “NICO I GOT…”

However, Nico sees past Chase, an assailant raise up from the desk aim his gun right for Chase’s back.

Nico’s eyes shift red, “NOOO!!!!” she screams and swings her arm left, punching the air.

Immediately, Chase feels as if a tremendous gravitational pull yank him straight down to the floor. Groaning in pain, Chase can barely register what happened to him before he’s feeling the entire floor slowly lifting, making him slide down the carpet at rapid speed.

Confused, Chase is sent sliding down the carpet as if he was pushed down a hill, towards, the windows?


Chase tries to stand up, but fails. Onto his feet and two rapid steps, Chase falls forward from the floor still leaning up to almost a complete straight drop. Chase is sent tumbling over and over, unable to stop himself. Then he hears it. The crashing and smashing of items on both sides of him. Seeing a fast approaching pillar, Chase grabs for it. The pillar that goes from the floor to the ceiling, Chase is barely able to hold on to, but at looking up, spots a desk falling for him.


Letting go, Chase curls up as the desk smashes into the pillar and breaks in half over him!

Now falling straight down, Chase eyes open wide as he sees chairs and desks, printers, copiers and various office supplies, smashing out the window and falling to the street.

Quickly Chase smacks the back of his metal fisti-cuff and grabs for anything to stop his descent. His glove smashes into the drywall of the office, tearing through as he falls until he stops abruptly, having grabbed a metal pipe.

“Oh geezus…” Chase gasps, hanging off the side of the wall, trying to catch a breather.

However flickers of light catch his attention from above. Chase looks up and sees despite all the logic in the world telling him its not true, that the office, the entire office, is completely turned onto its side. And then, Chase sees it again, the flickers of light.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding.” Chase groans.

Rappelling down the office walls, the security team with assault weapons slug over the shoulders like bags, one hand on the rope another with a pistol, and crawl down the walls like roaches.

Suddenly a closet door swings open, a mop and bucket fall out and drop, and Nico emerges, holding her hand out to him, “CHASE!”

Chase looks at her and wastes no time and grabbing Nico’s hand. Throwing herself back, Nico pulls him into the closet and closes the door shut, hiding from the security team.

Nestled in two corners opposite each other, Chase presses the raised smooth bump on his metal glove which activates very bright miniature flashlight at the center of his gloves metal palm.

“Okay, what the frick did you do Nico?!”

With the light illuminating the dark crawl space, Chase sees he is now laying what seems to be a floor with Nico curled up on top of him. His black vest dusty, his black shirt and tie rumpled as his blond hair is flayed outward, Chase gulps as he sees no way out and even wonders how they got in there.

With a groan, Nico rubs her temples, "I meant through you to the floor but I threw the entire floor a lost control for a sec." she says.

“FOR A SEC?!” Chase repeats, “Nico, you bent freakin’ physics.

“I KNOW!” Nico barks back, “Its not like I planned it!” she says, looking at her Staff of One on the floor, "It does what it wants!” she says, kicking it away from her.

"Your mom said that you mastered your powers! Its freakin’ Trials Nico!!" he retorts.

Nico folds her arms, "And clearly my Mother exaggerated! I do not know how to use my powers fully, especially when I got armed men trying to SHOOT ME!” she shouts.

“Well now we’re here!” Chase says, “Stuck in a closet with armed men from our parents i take it, ex-friend, trying to kill us and you, miss ‘I can’t use my powers’.”

Nico shoves him back to the wall, “I didn’t say I can’t use my powers, I said its hard to control!”

“What the difference!” Chase shouts, "I mean my Dad made me study everyone, even you, because Alex Wilder's father made 'his' kid do it. He said, ‘know everyone, and you’ll know yourself’!”

Nico’s face turns red, “I DO know myself!” he bitterly retorts, “I have to concentrate being between angry and calm all at the same time to summon that thing to..." she says as the pole lifts off the floor and merges into her chest and into her body.

Nico winces as if she swallowed a bitter pill, “I hate it when it does that.” she groans.

"Okay so, while you concentrate on being bi-polar to use your powers…” Chase says, “...we got armed men making down office you somehow tilted, trying to kill us and my gloves battery, is dying." Chase interjects, “Can’t you teleport us out of here or something?!”

"Chase its not that simple!" Nico says defensively, "Every time i'm mad, or sad, or even freakin' happy, my powers go haywire and the staff comes out and makes real whatever is in my head.”

"Is that why that time you saw that movie a while back, wax models of Brad Pitt started appearing all over your house?" Chase asks.

Nico folds her arms and remains silent.

"Or so i heard." Chase says awkwardly, "Okay, okay, well, like didn’t your mom or Dad, i mean your biological dad, ever explain your powers to you? It's Pride rules that they explain it so you don't accidentally kill a member."

Nico rubs her temples, "Yes I've read everything from Quantum Physics to Tachyon energy string theory..." Nico replies, “...It doesn’t change that its hard to do what I do especially with people TRYING TO KILL US!”

Chase runs his hand through his blond hair, “True, but we are not dying a closet we just need a plan.”

“I think I have one.” Nico says.

“Does it involve turning office back onto its right level?” Chase asks.

Nico shakes her head, “When we leave, everything will go back to normal, but I can’t just, ‘undo’ it.”

“Alright alright.” Chase sighs, trying to think of an idea, “So what’s your plan?”

"Dangit my glove is running out of battery faster then I thought." Chase complains, trying to tinker with it. The Powerful metal gloves held nanite tech, enabling him to activate a metal body armor and, once activated, covert his gloves into a weapon; that is if the battery life could last for more than 2 hours. The Fisti-cuffs gave him the only his edge in the Trials to win his place with the Pride...and now it was backfiring at the wrong time.

"Lets runaway together." Nico blurts out.

"WHAT!" Chase exclaims, his train of thought crashing together like a train wreck.

"Or just not go back." Nico suggests, hoping it would sound different but it didn't.

Chase turns away from her in shock and than looks at Nico again, "You mean like run!”

“Yes.” Nico replies, “Like Run run.” she says.

To be continued…..

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@silverspidey: Good development of the story. It is interesting that you chose to slow down with this issue, but I feel like you are about to pick it up with next one.

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@tdk_1997 Thanks for the Read! Yes it goes real off kilter in the next parts. I wanted to make sure I got my character work in lol.