Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man - PROLOGUE III (FINALE)

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Last Time On Marvel Beginnings: The Amazing Spider-Man Prologue Part 1 & 2

Richard Parker has been confronted by the shadowy cabal, The Pride, to join their ranks after buying out his Laboratory Company. His co-founders, Norman Osborn and Dr. Connors have agreed, leaving Richard Parker as their only obstacle. Refusing to join the cabal, group leader Mr. Stein orders Ms Minoru to deal with it - and threw him out a window. Before meeting his maker however, Richard Parker was saved by heroine, Madame Web, who is quite frustrated that he didn't take her warning to leave town beforehand. Now, Madame Web and Richard Parker must race to his own in Williamsburg Brooklyn to save his family from being Slaughtered by the murderous sociopath Mrs Minoru. Its New Years, January 2003 at Twelve Twenty in the morning...

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JANUARY 1, 2003

12:23 A.M.

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Streaking through the stormy night sky, Richard Parker holds onto Madame Web as they zoom through the rain over the dark borough of Brooklyn as lights line the various streets and avenues.

“ARE WE CLOSE?” Madame Web asks.

“YES!” Richard shouts, rubbing his wet glasses as the streak through the rain. However at that moment, through his blurry glasses Richard sees in the distance a soft glowing flame in the incoming neighborhood.

“Oh no…” he gasps.

“I SEE IT!” Madame Web shouts, “HANG ON!” .

Within moments, Madame Web and Richard Parker swoop down out the dark night and and land in the middle of the street in a suburban neighborhood.

Shock washes over Richard Parker, drowning him as he looses his breath.

"My gawd..." Madame Web gawks, covering her mouth in both disgust and horror.

The tree lined street with pretty homes, white picket fences and tall street lamps, resembled a war zone. Two overturned NYPD Police Cars randomly in the street, set a flame. A fire truck rammed into face of a home set ablaze with scores of fireman laid about in the middle of the street, dead. Yet still, what sent the true shiver up Madame Web's spine was the sight of all the homes she could see up the avenue had their doors open, and their residents, slain in the middle of the street.

“oh my gawd…” gasps again Richard, dropping to his knees and covering his mouth, "Who..what..."

"T-The Pride..." Madame Web stutters, shaking herself out her initial shock, "...they survive by no one living being able to identify them, but I would have never imagined this." she admits.

All of a sudden, Richard feels his sense of shock fade and now notices the overpowering sensation of heat warming him from one of the houses - his home, the entire front covered in flames.

Immediately he gets onto his feet, “Oh no, MAAARRAAY!!!” he shouts at the top of his lungs.

Seeing him about to run towards the house, Madame Web grabs him by the arm, scanning their surroundings to see where the threat lay. She could feel eyes on them, someone was watching, but she couldn't sense where, no way to pin-point it, but then Richard pulls at her.

"LET GO!" Richard shouts, pointing to the house, "MY FAMILY!"

"Richard wa..." Madame Web cuts her words at suddenly seeing a car vaulted up into the night sky, clearing the trees and now falling towards them.

Marvel - The Beginning:

The Amazing Spider-Man


"MOVE!" Madame Web shouts, grabbing hold of Richard and lunging forward over with all her might! Having cleared the length of a bus down the street, Madame Web rolls with Richard Parker over the ground as the car slams down behind them. Rolling over Richard and onto her knees, Madame Web raises her gloved hands into fists, ready to face the enemy.

Immediately Madame Web spots Minoru walking down the path of Richard Parkers home. The fire casts a sinister glow on Mrs. Minoru's form fitting red glittery dress. Her fine black hair cut short and slicked back exposes Mrs. Minoru hardened face. As she comes into the middle of the wet street holding her long golden Staff with a large metal hallow circle that glows brightly, Mrs. Minoru narrows her mascara heavy eyes them.

Madame Web protectively crouched in front of Richard Parker in the middle of the street, readies herself.

"And here I thought I finally had a night to myself!!" Ms Minoru declares, thrusting out her Staff.

Instinctively Madame Web grabs Richard Parker and springs off the ground and into the trees overhead as the street the explodes beneath them.

She wasn't trying. Mrs. Minoru remains still, watching Madame Web nimbly rush through the trees before dropping down closer to Parker's home.

"Wow, look at you go!" exclaims Mrs. Minoru as the fire of the burning house reflects against her sequence dress, “And here I thought that after killing every last one of your Spider-Clan that you'd have curled up into a depression somewhere..." spreading out her arms as if waiting for a hug, Minoru grins, "...but alas, here you are - suicide-ing yourself by my hands. I'm honored.”

Madame Web looks to Richard standing her, “Wait til I get her busy then get your family!" she instructs, returning her attention to Mrs. Minoru, "BUT I’LL TAKE CARE OF HER!”

Rolling her tongue in her mouth in annoyance, Mrs. Minoru marches toward Madame Web with murder in her eyes, “OH LIKE %^& YOU WILL!” she shouts, zooming at her at super-speed.

Immediately Madame Web spin kicks Richard away before holding up her fists, forming golden webbing that hardens into a shield as Minoru slams into her. Shattering through the web-shield, Minoru tackles Madame Web to the wet grass lawn. Rolling ontop of her, Minoru grabs Madame Web by the hair and throws her off the lawn, clear across the street and straight into the Fire Truck lodged in the face of another home.

Dropping to the lawn, Madame Web groans in pain, thankful she has augmented durability.

"MAYBE YOUR TRAUMA LEFT YOU STUPID!" Minoru yells, marching off the lawn and now across the street with deadly determination, "BUT I WIELD THE STAFF OF ONE!" she exclaims, "THIS FIGHT IS OVER! Any last words."

Madame Web gets on her feet, wipes the sliver of blood from her mouth and blood streaking down the side of her temple. Her eyes narrows behind her domino mask.

"Yeah, shut up." Madame Web spits, holding up her fists as threads of golden webbing quickly crawl and cover them, "You talk too much."

Snarling at her, Minoru bolts for her as fast as she did prior. Prepared, Madame Web quickly and agilely ducks below Minoru, shocked she missed her but is shot in the face by Madame Web's webbing. Passed over her, Madame Web springs on her feet and pulls Minoru' by the with all her might, throwing her into another house and then looks to Richard Parker, GO NOW!" she shouts.

Soaking wet, Richard runs through the fiery front door of his house that resembles the gateway to Hell.

As soon as he enters, heat greets Richards and smoke invades his nose. The intense heat of the fire starts to dry his hands and face within seconds. The crackling walls lit by fire fill his ears. The ceiling covered by ominous thick black smoke over his head had found its way and covered any sight up the staircase leading to the bedroom. They had minutes at best.

“MAAHREEE! EDEEE!” Richard roars, staggering about the house as white smoke obscures his vision. His voice fully of worry as he is on the verge of tears, "PETEER!" he calls out.

“DAAAAAAAAD!” shouts a desperate voice.

Richard snaps his attention to the left, the Living room. He rushes blindingly through the smoke, relying on all his knowledge of his home and furniture placement to the voice origin.


"DAD OVER HERE!" Eddie exclaims, weaker than at first.

Rushing to the back end living room that leads to a hallway that conjoins the kitchen and back door, Richard stops, stunned.

The rug he and his wife bought all those years ago, curling brown at the edges by bright embers with his 5 year old blond haired son Eddie, tied up next to his unconscious mom and his 2 year old brother Peter, drenched in sweated and hog-tied with a napkin shoved into his mouth and tears rolling down his red flush cheeks. They were left to die horribly.

Richard snaps himself out of it and scans the smokey room quickly. Leaning over, Richard grabs the warm floor television and overturns it. The kids had wondered by he bought the ancient TV unit and now the reasons was apparent. Eddie blue eyes open wide at seeing the carved in hole at the units underside that his father sticks his hand in.

Out comes a blade.

Sticking his hand in again, out comes a gun in Richards hand.

Richard stands, cocking the gun with a loud metal clink. Popping up the blade in hand, he cuts the duct-tape off Eddie's wrist and ankles.

Next his wife in a thick blanket, Richard shakes her as she's unconscious, "MARY!" he shouts.

As if shocked by a defibrillator, Mary's brown eyes snap open and settling on her husband, "oh thank god!" she sighs in relief as he cuts her free.

“TAKE EDDIE AND GO!” Mary insists as Richard reaches over and cuts Peter free.

“I AM NOT LEAVING YOU ALL!” Richard protests as he motions to his wife than feels the a warm hand cup the side of his face.

Richard pauses for a moment as his wife slides herself close to him, almost too close for him to move and her face turns grief-stricken , "I said go!" she insists, glancing downward.

He didn't notice prior, but her the yellow and pink crochet blanket that was on the couch, was wrapped around her, soaked in blood. Richard stomach flips. He could see through the crochet strands, the handle of one of their kitchen knifes, deep into her side.

"I tried to fight her."

“No.” Richard sighs, closing her eyes as tears immediately leak through before, looking at his wife who regretfully shrugs as tears run down her tears, Looking at her once more, Richard now sees she wasn't unconscious from the smoke, it was blood loss and her extremely pale face verified it.

“Rich…the kids…” she huffs, losing her strength, "...Eddie..." she insists, pulling his gun out the back of his pants, "...than Peter."

Shaking his head, Richard tearfully grabs Eddie and lifts him up and takes the gun handed to him by his wife, “C’mon!” he shouts.

“NO WAIT, MOOOOOOOOOOM!" screams Eddie.

In moment, Richard rushes through the smoky house and out the fiery door frame. Cool fresh air meets them as smoke lifts off their clothes. Rain batters them as the storm rolls over with thunderous notice. Richard nestled Eddie down behind a white fence and lined grassy hedges that are taller than him. Seeing a garbage can nearby, he reaches over, grabs the top and holds it over Eddie's head. However Eddie's eyes open wide in horror at the sight of their neighbors slain on the driveway over the fence.

"Dad, dad..." he panics.


Richard holds Eddie's smoke marked faced turns it to him, wiping a tear away with his thumb, "Don't look. Just stay here. Watch the door." he says, handing him the garbage top.

Grabbing hold of his father trench lapel as if it was the only thing from him falling back into fear, Eddie shakes his head, "N-no stay here Dad! NO!"

“NO DAD! NO!!” he screams but Richard pulls his son’s grip off his pants and turns to him, “I HAVE TO GET PETER OUT! STAY HERE! I’LL BE RIGHT BACK I PROMISE!” he says, running back to the fiery house in the rain.

Coming to the entrance, Richard doubles back as the flames burst out the entrance momentarily. Richard hesitates. The heat doubled. Where white smoke obscured his vision like white smoke on a road, now black smoke completely filled his line of sight. Covered in wet clothes, Richard pulls of his red ties, covers his mouth with it and leaps into plume of black smoke, disappearing like a phantom.

Coughing and hacking from the smoke filling his lungs, Richard stumbles through hallway, hoping he can still go the way he went prior. Cracking wood fills his hears. It was coming from over his head. Looking up at a red glow. It was the hallway ceiling, Richard blindly dives to his left into the living room as the ceiling collapses into the hallway with burning wood Peters smoldering bed!

Scrambling onto his hands and feet, Richard crawls through the living room filled with heavy thick black smoke, only on his hands and feet does he have a clear sight to his Mary and Peter both unconscious on the rug.

“NO!” Richard shouts, hastily crawling to them and immediately starts one handed CPR on Peter!

Breathing into his small mouth, repeatedly, Richard yells at Peter, "WAKE UP!" he shouts.

He was a scientist, he knew CPR. He knew the science of smoke inhalation. It was in his sons lungs, he had to help him breathe, but at the quickly glance at his wife’s pale and lifeless face; all fear grips him. Gritting his teeth, Richard shakes his head as tears pour out his eyes, “PETER!" he cries out, pressing his chest one last time.


Richard's eyes snap to Peter gasping and coughing.

Rolling him onto his side, Richard pats his back, "I got you, I got you." he says, before grabbing him into a tight hug.

Stroking Peters brown wild hair as he cries in his arms Richard looks around, “Its okay son…" he says, glancing at his wife on the floor who smiles at him weakly before her eyes simply close.

Richard closes his eyes, turning away from her. He couldn't fall apart now. Not now. Peter was crying in his arms and alive. They had to get out, alive.

Yet, walls of fire had quickly build themselves up like fortress walls. Surrounded at all sides, Richard gulps. The way he came was sealed by red flames. The hallway in the back, covered also by flames and more fire was inching closer to them at all sides. The heat, almost unbearable. Unable to breathe much, Richard looks to Peter, overwhelmed by terror, clinging to him like a koala to a tree. Seeing the wall behind them the only item not touched by the flames, Richard grabs his wife's lifeless arm and pulls. Dragging Mary's lifeless body into his arm, he hugs her and Peter as he leans against the wall, watching the flames draw closer.


“Its okay Petie boy.” Richard whispers to Peter. Closing his eyes, Richard pulls out the gun and rests it out of Peter's sight, "Don't worry, the fire won't get us." he sighs.

Suddenly, Richard hears the living room window smash as Madame Web falls through fiery debris of the window, rolls and slams up against a fiery wall. Right behind her, Mrs Minoru leaps through the flaming hole. Her face riddled with cuts and blood coming from her gritted teeth, Minoru suddenly sees Richard and grins.

"Looking grim is it?" She chides before twirling her staff in hand and pointing the circular bulb right at him, "Lemme help."

"RAH!" Madame Web shouts, kicking the Staff upwards as a blast shoots through the ceiling while punching across the face, staggering back.

Getting on her feet, Madame Web looks at Richard and sees Mary is dead, "Hang tight i'll get you out've here."

Spitting out a mouthful of blood Minoru glares at Madame Web, standing in front of Richards and his son, "The Master Weaver is DEAD. The Pride has obliterated the Spider-Clan. You have NO successor, because I killed your daughter! Now look at me Madame Web..." she snarls, "...this is a purge and this family is connected to you which means they die, you got nothing left. So how about just getting out of my way!!" she shouts.

Madame Web thrusts her hand to the side. Golden web strands spiral out her bloodied wrists and form a golden sword out of thick strands of webbing, “I'll get out your way..." she says, swirling her sword around before squatting low and holding the blade forward, "...and send you straight to your grave!"

Minoru eye twitches swinging her staff in the circle, "HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" she shouts, bringing it down her staff on Madame Web like a hammer. Madame swings her sword up, deflecting the staff with a clang before spinning about like a ballerina, kicking Minoru clean across waist, throwing her towards a flamming wall.

Sent spinning Minoru gets her footing but is stabbled clean through her shoulder, “hooAAAH!!!” screams.

Grinding her teeth, Madame Web, "FOR MY DAUGHTER!" she shouts, flinging Minoru off her sword and clear across the burning room, crashing through a crumbling wall!

Twirling the sword in one hand, Madame Web rips off her torn sleeve, exposing the golden lines running up her arms and along her veins, "And this...” she says, marching to her.

On all fours atop charred wood, Minoru gasps hot air in pain, stunned at the Madame Web injured her. Then she hears debris under Madame Web’s feet as she rushes for her, mostly likely for the killing blow.

“...IS FOR ME!” Madame Web shouts.

Seeing the broken flooring at her hands, Mrs Minoru quickly punches her fist into the floor. rips out a sparking power cord and slams it right into Madame Webs eyes as her sword stabs through her gut!

“EEEEAYAAAAAAA!!!” shrieks Madame Web, clutching her burned eyes as Mrs Minoru kicks his her away, leaving the sword inside her with its golden edge portruding out her back.

Gasping as blood rushes her mouth, Minrou grips her Staff tight in her hand, summoning power as she grabs the sword by the hand and rips it out, screaming at the top of her lungs.

“AAAAAAAAAAH!!” screams Madame Web, writhing about on the floor in agony while Mrs. Minoru staggers onto her feet and raises her staff over Madame Web’s head, “JUST SO YOU KNOW ONCE YOUR DEAD, I’M GONNA FIND YOUR DAUGHTER, OR SON OR WHOEVER YOU FIND DEAR. I’M GONNA TURN THEM AGAINST YOUR SPIDER CLAN AND SEND THEM STRAIGHT TO SPIDER-ISLAND…BUT TILL THAT DAY COMES…’

Richard narrows his eyes…



'click click'

Mrs Minoru eyes shift to see Richard, pulling the trigger on the gun repeatedly but than looks at in shock, "Oh you got to be kidding me."

A scowl comes across Minoru's face, "You lil..."

Suddenly Richard's lunges at her but she quickly swings her Staff up, bashing him across the face, sending him away headfirst! The movement sends Minoru doubling over in excruciating pain from her stab wound.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Richard yells, scrambling onto his feet.

Clutching her bloody wound with one hand, Minoru angrily and swings her staff up, bashing Richards under his chin, dazing him before before twirling her Staff of One and stabbing Richards straight through the chest, watching him gasps in pain as she presses it through, clear out his back!

“Out of your LEAGUE!” Mrs Minoru spits, glaring into his stunned eyes before yanking out Staff!


Minrou turns to see Madame Web on the floor, her eyes cauterized shut, somehow having grabbed Richard gun, and bump the bottom of the magazine clip inside, "NOOO!!" she shouts again.

Two shots ring out, and run straight through Minoru, sending her staggering back and gasping. Her eyes burned, but Madame Web grins at hearing Minoru gasping in shock. She could've blocked the shots, but she was distracted and now mortally wounded.

Staggering back, Minoru gags, bleeding through too many holes as power leaves her limbs. Staggering onto her feet, Madame Web holds up a tight fists as webbing covers her fists and forms into a pointed web-dagger before she lunges at her!

“NOOOOOO!!’ Minoru screams, hugging her Staff of One and instantly disappears in a a white cloud of smoke, teleporting out of the flaming Living room.

Her fist outstretched, Madame Web feels the tip of the dagger, broken, she stabbed Minoru, but not enough to kill her before she left.

Standing in the middle of the fiery room, embers fall from the ceiling like rain.

Dropping to her knees, Madame Web lets out a groan, clutching her burned, scarred eyes.


Hearing the voice Madame Web, in the darkness of no vision, suddenly begins to 'see'.

In the blackness of her blindness, comes a yellow spark. The spark, forms into the familiar shape of a human heart, slowly pumping. Turning her face to the right, a golden frame draws in the darkness as if by a golden pencil against black paper. The fading heartbeat now framed by the golden outline of a human body with a wirey golden outline of hand, reaching for her.

Turning his direction, Madame Web reaches out to the lit glowing yellow veins of her hands, and feels the warm solid touch of a hand.

Coughing up blood, Richard Parker holds Madame Web's hand tight as she crawls over to him, propped up against a piece of furniture.

Seeing only the golden outline of a slowly dying heart, Madame Web shakes her head as bloody tears run down her cheeks. Weakly Richard Parker, holding the crumbled red tie in his hand, tabs her cheeks.

“Pah…please…” he begs, “…Peter…” he says, placing her hand on his boy.

Her attention shifts. A small boy's glowing hand in the darkness of her blindness. The arm, drawing out this whole body, curled up to a blue outline of a dead body.

Turning to Richard, Madame Web feels her stomach bottom out at the sight of the his glowing gold heart, cooling to a soft blue color.

"N-no…” Madame Web stutters, suddenly feels the pounding head in the back of her head and dense of sheer dread almost overwhelm her.

“Sis…” Richard struggles, “…Queensss….” He gasps in a continuing, long last breath.

Madame Web bits her lip, watching the glowing yellow heartbeat of his body - turn solid blue. Shaking her head, Madame Web grips his body pulling it close into a hug before giving a soft tender kiss onto his lips.

Suddenly Madame Web feels as if all time has slowed to a crawl. Behind her, the ceiling and floor erupting into bright light. Heat following. The floor bending down the lifting upwards from a logical point far below, the Boiler. Turning around in slowed motion, Madame Web focuses to the beating yellow heart that is Peter Parkers strong heartbeat.


Behind the bushes in the rain, Eddie looks at his burning house in the rain as smoke bellows out the top and bottom floors.

“Dad…” Eddie calls, dropping the garbage top and runs to the front of the house, seeing the entire front blocked off by debris,

“DAAAAAAAAAAAAD!” he screams but stunned at the sudden flash within the fiery house and thunderous boom. What feels like a gust of huricane wind, Eddie is thrown back off his feet as Madame Web in her torn black suit and a red tie wrapped her around her eyes, smashes through the front of the house with 2 year old Peter Parker in hand, skids across the slick lawn, grabs Eddie and forms a golden web sphere around them as the entire house explodes with raging fire.

Feeling as if hours had past, Eddie, on his back on the wet grass looks up at the short haired red headed woman known as Madame Web with a red tie wrapped around her eyes. He recognized it instantly, it was his Father tie. The one brought last Christmas. The one he picked with his mother - now dirtied and blood stained around her eyes.

"Dad..." he whimpers.

Sitting up, Eddie sees the house behind her, rendered down to charred walls and stilts with smoke rising into the starry night. Looking at his brother by his side unconscious, Eddie turns back to the house and squints his eyes as tears run down his cheek,

“DAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!” he screams so loudly it sends chill of Madame Web’s spine.

Madame Web stands up, hearing police sirens in the distance.

She starts to walk away, to walk away from the crime scene, from the scores of dead neighbors, from Eddie screaming. H


His voice cuts through her worse than Minoru's Staff did. Madame Web walks away from them but stops, letting out a deep breath. A flash of Richard's face appearing the darkness of her blindness. Turning back to them, Madame Web rushes over to the golden outline of that is Eddie, screaming at the top of his lungs and grabs him firmly. Awash with grief, he beats his clenches fingers on her until she finally manages to place her finger right on his forehead, rendering him absolutely still.

“Forget..." she hushes, "...forget...." she repeats.

ASTORIA QUEENS - 2 hours later...2:31 a.m.

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No Caption Provided

“Hurry up MAY!” Ben scolds, putting on his wool coat as his wife puts on her coat, “Did the police say anything?!”

“Only that the house was burned and they needed us!” She says, opening the door to outside.

However, Ben and May, jolt back, startled at the sight of Madame Web standing at their doorstep.

“oh my gawd.” May Parker stutters.

Covering her mouth, May Parker can hardly believe her eyes at the sight of Madame Web, her eyes wrapped by a half burnt red eye, bleeding on her side with smoke and charcoal decorating her face. Her hair wild, Madame Web steps aside, revealing Eddie and Peter Parker, laid down asleep on the stairs.

“BOYS!” May cries, bursting into tears as she grabs hold of them, hugging them both.

However , May looks at them both, smelling of fire, their faces marked with black smoke and their clothes still warmed and singed.

Letting out a tired sigh, Madame Web steps over the boys, holding herself up by the railing as she proceeds down the stoop, but then feels someone grab her arm.

“WHAT HAPPENED!" Ben shouts, "WHAT….”

Madame Web pulls her arm back and shoves Ben back. He looks at her, shocked at her strength as she continues, “I kept my promise…” she mumbles angrily, her voice on the edge of tears, “...I told him to be careful, he didn’t listen.”

May stands up, gulping as she stands over boys unsure what questions to ask first.

“Your…nephews…are fine.” Madame Web sighs, reaching the sidewalk, “They won’t remember, they can't remember. Not this night. Not what happened.”

“What hap…”

A rage boils up in her and she turns to their door, “SHUT UP!” Madame Web shouts, he voice echoing. Ben sees her hand shaking as bloody tears come from behind the red tie. Her legs wobbly. Barely able to stand on her own.

“Just…raise them right. Make sure they’re…” She mumbles, mustering her strength to stand steadily, "...they're like their father. He was good man. He..he was..." but her voice cracks and Madame Web covers her mouth, silencing herself from breaking into a cry.

Ben and May glance at the each other, communicating words only married couples can. May takes the kids, Ben rushes down the stairs into cold night street, watching Madame Web limp away in the lonely night, “Your hurt.”

“More than you know…” she replies, staggering about like a drunk from her injuries.

Ben grabs her arm but she shoves him again, Ben staggers back, this time expecting it as she presses on, "You loved'em, didn't you?"

She stops. Madame Web lips press tight at the question unsure how to answer. "Go Home Ben Parker.” she answers, her voice cracking, "Raise, our..." Madame Web pause, clearing her throat, "Raise our loved ones kids." she pleads.

Ben arches his aged brow, "You can't just disappear into the night with no explanation."

Madame Web drops to pavement on her hands and knees, running out the strength. Madame Web shakes her head, "Richards stubbornness is clearly hereditary."

"It is." Richard says, "Including keeping secrets. And Richard's sister, my wife, deserves to know what happened." he says.

Madame Web staggers back on her feet, swiveling around on her heel faster than she thought and points at Ben, “That Knowledge..." she sighs, " a lot of responsibility holds a lot of power." she states, resting her hand on his shoulder, she points at him, "With great power, comes GREAT responsibility…and the knowledge of this night…is only my responsibility, not yours” She says, leaving Ben in shock as she floats off the ground.

Watching her disappear into the night sky, Ben turns away, jogging back to the house while Uatu the Watcher stands in the street, watching Ben Parker close his door, with great interest.

End of Prologue.

Coming Soon, Marvel Beginnings: The Amazing Spider-Man


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Good set up. You’ve set a different landscape for the webslinger and should keep it interesting.

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Thank you! I wanted to really revamp that background just enough without disrespecting it but keeping it fresh.

Good set up. You’ve set a different landscape for the webslinger and should keep it interesting.

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Wonderful series so far! Looking forward to more.

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@silverspidey: A truly wonderful set-up for the wall crawler! It's nice to have a fresh take on the character.