Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc V: Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (PART 3)

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Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man

ARC V: Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

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Pt. 3 aka My LATE Afternoon (The Tragedy of Adrian Toomes)

Adrian Toomes
Adrian Toomes

Norman Osborn - CEO of OZCorp
Norman Osborn - CEO of OZCorp

While the story of Part 2 was the Afternoon of the busy Spider-man....this is what has happened between the hours of 6pm and 7pm aka the Late Afternoon. Ozcorp Ozcorp

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Inside the 60th floor of Ozcorp, the massive white tiled office floor is filled with, dozens of square desks, each lined up behind another work station.

The afternoon sun shines through the large tinted glass windows, casting long shadows from the desks onto the office floor. Sitting at these various workstations, 30 to 50 scientists work on various concepts with computers attached to their white lacquered work stations.

Hearing loud ‘DING-DING’, all the scientist dressed in white coats let out a collective sigh as the end of the work day has finally come. As they slowly gather their equipment and documents while other scientists leave their glass tubes or containers filled with colorful liquids on their desks, ready to be worked on the next day, a sudden exclaim fills the air.

"YES!" yells a voice!

Everyone turns to the see the source of the abrupt outburst. Almost all at once, all the scientists lock onto the far corner of the room where an older bald man in a white lab coat, stands up with his hands raised in the air, smiling wildly at his paperwork.

“It's ready! It's FINALLY ready!" he shouts out loud before looking at everyone happily.

However their collective deadpan stare causes the older scientist’s smile to disappear as he quickly lowers his hands to his side, and waves at them awkwardly, “Pardon me.” He mumbles, before quickly turning to his messy workstation and scrambles to get his paperwork, pushing it all into a pile and gathering it all in his arms.

Watching with great curiosity, man of the fellow scientists lean back in their seats to see what the all excitement is all about as the older scientists gleefully gathers all his paperwork into a large messy bundle in his arms and marches to the glass doors in haste. The collective identical arched eyebrows from fellow scientists form on their faces as the older scientist hastily speed walks towards the glass door, as papers fly out his arms and float to the white tiled floor, trailing behind him.

“What is that ol’ buzzard Toomes up to again?” mumbles one Scientists as he leans back in his chair.

Another scientist stands up by his desk, watching Toomes through the glass door hastily make his way down the immense hallway as the setting sun shines on him through the windows lined on his left.

“Who knows.” The other scientist replies.

“Toomes has been working late this entire week." Says one of the female scientists while she takes off her glasses.

The scientist in his chair, still watching Toomes simply shakes his head in confusion, "Well knowing that ol buzzard he’s still ‘stuck’ on that silly Raptor Project?"

The other scientist nods, "Still?! Wasn’t he told it was a dead end and that he should just give it up.”

“You ever see that old troglodyte give up something he is ‘passionate’ about?” one of the scientist says, “Remember that whole, ‘Vultures are the garbage cleaners of the Earth, we need aerial garbage men!’ He worked on it for weeks. Mister Osborn nearly ate him alive.”

“Yeah he did.” comments the female scientist, “Whatever he is working on, it must be big. From what I’ve seen, like he never goes home. When I came here at 8 in the morning he’s BEEN here." she says, "And last time he nearly killed himself trying to impress Mr. Osborn before he walked in the building."

The other scientist shakes his head, "Not to mention he smashed into his Maybach. I think that was the Rapter project too.”

“It was.”

“Well Toomes better watch himself, if he doesn't, that old buzzards gonna windup thrown out on his keister!" he says, "In the meantime...its six o'clock, I've done my overtime. I'm going home."

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Inside a large white room with large glass doors behind them, Adrian Toomes backs into the door, pushing his way through as his hands are full with papers and looks at two scientists whose backs are to him as the observe a black shiny body suit held up on a stand.

Dropping his paperwork onto a glass table, the two scientists turn around to see Mr. Toomes eyes open up wide in sheer astonishment at the sight of the body suit.

"You did it. You really did it.” Adrian gasps, walking up the black body suit, “It's beautiful! Otto it's absolutely beautiful!" Adrian Toomes exclaims he runs his hands on the rigid chest protector of the suit, looking over its glossy black finish and red markings around the neck portion of the suit.

"It better be beautiful. I'm pulling overtime on this." Otto grunts, watching Adrian run his hands on the suit as he stares at it, almost transfixed by it.

As Otto Octavius nods at other scientist, he leaves the room leaving Otto and Toomes alone with the suit.

"Well Adrian, I would like to mention that we did in fact test it and amazingly your suggestions and new calculations worked." Otto says.

Mr. Toomes looks at Otto with a raised eyebrow and disconcerting look, "What do you mean, amazingly? Did you expect any less?" he asks sharply.

"Let's be frank Adrian, everyone in OZCORP works and experiments by trial and error…” Otto comments as he turns his attention back to the suit, “…but it just appears that at times, you seem to thrive on the more ERROR instead of Trial aspect of thing."

Toomes turns back to his body suit, "Well its no matter. The end result is at the end of the day, my calculations got us here. It was my hard work. You and Smythe just did the assembly. You have your accomplishments with your multi-arm project and soon that whole secondary sun theory."

Otto puts his finger up, "Correction. It's not a theory, it's reality Toomes. Otto-Sun, is a reality."

“Fine than.” Adrian concedes, “You’re secondary sun will provide aid in lands where crops require more natural sun and do not get it. I will have provided a suit for flight after being told it was an old mans dream. We are both successful, and I deserve mine just as much as you deserve yours. This is my life's work right here, and it will not be disregarded or laughed at anymo-"

"TOOOOOOMES!" yells a voice.

Otto Octavius and Aidren Toomes immediately turn on their heels as the bellowing voice of Norman Osborn echoes through the room and seemingly through their bodies as he stands at the entrance of the office, holding the glass door open with his green eyes locked on to them like a lion staring at a zebra.

"Aidren Toomes…” Osborn growls, stepping into the office as the glass door closes behind him, “What on god's green earth ARE YOU DOING!"

Otto Octavius gulps as he ever so slightly steps away from Toomes as Osborn slowly stalks to them like a hungry lion.

His eyes fixed, his nose flared out, his shoulders slouched back as if he were to lunged at him through the air, Osborn's eyes blaze at Toomes who seems to almost shrink in fear as he stands before him, inches from his face.

Otto Octavius raises his finger up, “Mister…”


"Yes Sir!" Otto exclaims, practically running out the large white room.

Hearing the door close behind them, Norman glares into Toomes fear-filled eyes.

"Toomes, what are you doing?" Osborn asks before taking in a deep breath while pointing to the suit, “With that! We talked about this didn’t we? We discussed it. The Raptor Project is DEAD and we agreed, did we not?"

"Yes but..."

"THAN imagine my surprise when I find out that you told the creation department to manufacture the harness again? Remember the last time we did this?” Norman snarls, “It was as a beta project, and remember how THAT ended?” he asks.

Toomes gulps, opening his mouth to speak but Norman holds up finger, halting whatever words Toomes has to go no further than his throat.

“You were hurt, four staff members and worse, my seven hundred thousand dollar Maybach was totaled!” Norman recalls, “After that, instead of picking your bones apart and selling your blood to pay for the broken HEADLIGHT, we agreed, move on from the project and never try it again. We’d move on to better things, like you perfecting the Gobulin D extract. So, after six months, did I find any reports on that?”

"Well I..

"NO!” Osborn bellows as Toomes jolts, “NOTHING! NADA! ZILTCH! All I have on my desk, is a bill for a TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR SUIT! ONE SUIT.... that may not even WORK!" he hollars, smacking a test tube off the desk.

Norman jabs his finger into Toomes chest, "IT’S A MERCEDES MAYBACH KILLER! THAT’S ALL!" he shouts, “So tell me Toomes, what am I supposed to do now! Put yourself in my shoes, I’m you, you’re me? WHAT do you 'think' are the next words out my mouth?”

Feeling as if he had been trembling forever, Toomes wipes the beading sweat on his forehead before rubbing his hands that had gone cold and balmy. All the joy he felt only a moment as sucked out his body and replaced with sheer dread and along with how to exactly explain this project was a success.

"ANSWER ME!" yells Osborn. His voice reverating off the walls.

"'s a success!" Toomes stutters, feeling as if that is not even nearly enough to defend himself from Norman’s glare.

Toomes gulps and looks up at Osborn drawing in another breath, about start again on a tirade of fury but Toomes puts his hands up, "The key component is Gobulin D! I used it!"

Osborn's drawn breath is cut short. His eyes suddenly narrows at his comment, considering the statement.

Toomes gulps, backing away from him as he stands behind the suit, placing his hands on the cool metal shoulders of the suit, "See, see the suit uses bio-electromagnetic pulses from the earth! I-I...didn't do that last time Mr. Osborn. An-and the harness, it was in fact to heavy, the calculations were too...exact! But you see, when you told me to try to use the Gobulin D, it got me thinking. What if we could use Gobulin D like a mild aspirin, but for suit!”

Norman, his curiosity mildly peaked, crosses his arms, “Go on.” he growls.

Toomes nods and sighs as he starts pacing around the suit, “See an aspirin can stop a heart attack, why not use Gobulin D to strengthen the User’s heart to be able to keep up with the stress that the suit will exact on the body?" he explains, “Globulin D has a far more extensive use than just what the other scientists are using it for. When tapped right, it can be the next Super Soldier Serum.”

It was for that moment, Toomes could see Osborn's reaction calm from the murderous-like rage he was in seemed have as he tilts his head, "And?" he asks in a more formal way.

With a smile, Toomes immediately takes off his white jacket and jumps into his body suit, "And it’s true, it can be one. That’s why this suit works! The Gobulin D, when taken in small doses of no more than three milligrams, was able to strengthen the heart of all the mice we injected it with. They had no side-effects like the hosts in everyone else’s results who has been using its more than 4 grams. Really 3 grams, 2 is ideal. It really is. So than..."

Osborn sighs, lowering his head into his hand, "Oh gawd you moved onto human trials didn’t you?"

"Mr. Osborn." says Toomes nervously, "I just used it on myself, no one else was hurt and I was confident of the results. It was worth it. I know it's a liability..."

Norman looks up at him with a stern glare, "Oh do you now?" Osborn snaps, “You know how far LEGAL will crawl up my butt if anything…”

“Nothing will happened to me Mister Osborn I can assure you.” Toomes says as he puts on the suit, "You must believe me, this works! I used nano-technology as a stabilizer." he says while pressing on a small button located the suits back wrist.

Hearing a hissing sound come from the suit, Norman backs up as he watches the suit seemingly adhere onto Toomes body as he clenches his teeth momentarily and groan.

“It stings just a little bit, but that’s because the suit is naturally larger then my frame and then compresses to my exact size. That’s the nano-tech. It seals up the suit without a seam or zipper seen, making it watertight.”

Norman nods, watching Toomes slowly step off the pedestal.

Toomes continues, "As you can see, the nano tech os perfect since it in itself is lightweight, and it is more durable under a kevlar-bi weave suit – the suit is no more than 10 pounds! Now the heart is stabilized by the Gobulin D as I said, Now remember when we had trouble and argued about the durability factor of the wearer? Well the Gobulin D kicks into strengthen the heart, because this bi-weave suit graphs to wearers nerves. Now I know it sounds risky, but when that's done with the Globulin D, the suit augments the User and augments his strength to that of 5 men.”

Norman eyes open wide in shock.

“And that’s if he’s not in prime condition.” Toomes smiles, “Imagine if he is a body builder or a Navy Seal? His strength could be much more, but I my poor frame, I could just lift a small car, or fall off a building without much injury since the suit responds the wear. Now the Gobulin D, only using 4 grams now, was able to make sure that any damage inflicted on the wearer because of the nerves being grafted onto the suit, will heal any damage done in less than 5 minutes since the injury is minor after he takes off the suit. So all he needs is rest. It's amazing!" he says.

Osborn puts his hands in his pockets, "Where did you get the nano tech?"

Toomes gulps, "I...uh... well. We didnt have the tech. So I had to buy some from the outside, and go combine it with some of the junk in the concept and research development team and then got left over nano tech." he says nervously.

Osborn nods as he looks to the ground.

Toomes looks at him, almost stunned that he is not yelling but wondering what else Osborn will say.

"Fly it." Osborn says as he looks up at him.


"I want to see you fly it Mr. Toomes. I would like to see if I should fire you or reconsider if this reasonably sound logic of yours has come through in the way you hoped."

Toomes eyes light up, "YES SIR!" he says.

Osborn stands back watching Toomes black form fitting suit start to illuminate red light around his collar. The collar around Mr. Toomes stretches out his arms and two metallic wings extend out from his arms before steam gushes from under his pointed claw food as he starts lifting off the ground.

Standing back, Osborn's eyes open in astonishment, "Oh my word." he gasps, watching Aidran Toomes hoving off the floor before flapping his massive wings. Osborn covers his face a gust of wind blows from right under Toomes wing flap. Toomes lifts up to the stop of the ceiling but inverts his body and grabs on to the ceiling with his clawlike feet, hanging upside down like a bat.

"OKAY MISTER TOOMES!" yells Osborn, waving him down, "I think we need to talk." he says.

Adrian lets go of the ceiling and rapidly drops down to the floor but all in one instance spreads out his winds and instantly stops his fast descent before gently touches to the floor gracefully with one foot, "Impressive isn't it?" he says with a smile.

Osborn folds his arms and looks at him with wide eyes, "Mister Toomes, this is amazing. Completely outstanding. This is better than anything our teams could have hoped for." he says. "How do you deactivate the suit?" Osborn asks.

Toomes points with his black coated hand, revealing the red lit button, "Red for deactivate, green for activate."

Osborn covers his mouth, "Guesstimate, how high of an altitude for flight?"

Nodding his head left to right, estimating the calculation, “Umm…” Toomes mumbles before looking at Norman with surety, “An average plan can fly 8 miles off the ground. I'd assume this, on a guesstimate that is, 5 miles high in good weather, 3 in bad. It's extremely maneuverable too. You can clock out at 150 miles per hour in a descent easily. Which is why you need the exposure to Gobulin D." he says, “It enhances your reaction speed so you don’t, let's say whip around a building and crash into an oncoming wall. It’ll increase the synapse and neuron activity to react ten times faster.”

Osborn nods, "I see. I see." he says, strolling around Toomes while observing the long black metal wings tipped with grey as are spiral on the floor. "Linked metal. Is this vibranium?”

“Only the wings, its very costly.”

“I know.” Osborn grunts as Toomes gulps at his tone.

Standing in front of him, Osborn nods, “This is amazing. Utterly amazing Toomes. I apologize Mister Toomes, I do indeed. This suit, cost us Two Hundred and Fifty Million, but with its capabilities it can easily go for 500 million after some additional hardware.

Toomes extends his hand, "Well, Sir, this actually could be used wonderfully for those in the the Air-Force and such." he says as suddenly a mini-cannon unfolds along the wing, “I installed it, these are just prototypes, nothing advanced, but I figured you would think of a military aspect.”

Osborn shakes his head, "You may be a genius after all Adrian. Send me all your data on this. Send me everything. I want this slated for reproduction at once. And send me THIS suit to my office so I can have R&D look it over so we can get a GT, RT and SLR model type in concept design by tomorrow. Good work Adrian. Good work!" he says as he walks away.

For a moment, Toomes could hear nothing but, "Send me." and "everything." from Osborn.

It wasn't much said, but it was too much to ask. Toomes saw Osborn walking out the test room and saw with him Osborn, something else go with him. Something that Toomes had been trying to silently attain. An unsaid character of recognition that had been trampled on since the forefather of the company had been long gone on their yachts, million dollar homes and latex twenty something wives.

He was missing respect. That word suddenly became fixed in his head as he firmed his jaw and he tried to get out the words to say something related to it before it was too late. Toomes, almost in a forecast of what would happen knew that once the ball would be rolling on this project for production, too many things would be moving too fast at any given time to get a word in edgewise. This was the time he had and Toomes felting slipping out between his fingers and there would be none other time than the present to say what he needed to say.

"W-wait!" Toomes calls nervously.

Osborn turns around, “Yes Adrian.”

Toomes extends his feather arms out to him, "Umm...Mr. Osborn. This is my work. I've been working on it for quite sometime." he says.

“Say no more.” Osborn says with a raised hand, “You will get full recognition on this. We'll call it the...the..."The Aidren." or "Adrien Bird" or something like that. Don't worry, you'll get compensated.”

Toomes smiles, "That nice, but you see, I was see...t-this is my work. I've worked on these notes, these calculations and the parts. They are essentially....made...custom. I made them from scraps of nano tech and other stuff that I brought and..."

"And like I said..." says Osborn sternly, "You will be compensated. Or is that not suitable?" he asks in a firmer tone.

Feeling the fringe of defeat brushing on his face, Toomes sighs as he nods, "Yes sir, that’ll be fine."

"Good.” Norman grunts, “Now remember, get me all your work." Osborn orders as he walks away.

Each step made with Osborn's nine hundred dollar shoes echoes across the room as Toomes feels each step seemingly walk all over him again and again. He wanted more for more self-will all his life. He let people take advantage of him constantly and now, with everything at his fingertips, it was slipping away.

Lowering his gaze to the floor, Adrien’s eyes catch at the black leg of his suit and the faded grey words etched on the calf-portion of his leg.

FLASHBACK - some time ago.

"Are you sure Toomes? I mean...come on?" says the Creative Engineer.

Toomes shakes his head, "You have to inscribe it. You have to. I know it's not important but it still means something." he says.

The Creative Engineer shakes his head, "What do you want put? I'd assume Raptor Project." he says with a groan of annoyance.

Toomes shakes his head, "No. Actually..."


"For Alice." Toome mumbles, reading off etching on the suits lower calf.

Closing his eyes, mustering up the little boldness he can find within himself, Adrien opens his eyes with more determination as Osborn his already halfway past the glass-door.

"This is MY project!” Adrien exclaims with the equal firmness to that of Norman Osborn, causing him to freezes as he was just about to leave.

Osborn’s head slowly turns like a demon as his eyes that were fixed on the hallway now glare at Toomes. Osborn sighs, letting go of the door as he steps back inside, "Okay, now what is the problem Toomes? You got your recognition, your suit is a success and your going to get well-deserved kickback. You won. You beat all odds. Best you learn while you have that suit on Toomes not to fly too close to the sun or that suit won’t even be able to cushion the fall you’ll have.”

"Mr. Osborn." Toomes says sternly, "With all due respect, you just said a few moments ago, 'Remember, get me all YOUR work.'You’re right, it is My work. Work I've slaved over. Parts I custom built. Yes, I made them here, but they are essentially MINE as it was I who made all these parts work together when they weren't made to do the functions they are doing."

Osborn clenches his jaw and folds his arms, "And WHO funded it?"

"I DID!"

Osborn's eyes narrow as Toomes points to the suit wears, "You said before I failed to do my other work, but I did my other work. I showed you how to use Gobulin D. I did give you reports on Globulin D but you refused to consider anything unless the dosage is above 30 grams!" he exclaims.

Toomes continues, "At that amouht, it’ll drive ANYONE to madness within seconds! All my experiments have not done any of that! I have not pushed the insanity marker. I've stayed inside of it and found greatness. I risked MY life to make this work, years my life. So this is MY work, not yours, not Gobulin D, or Otto's second sun or even your new apprentice Alistair Smythe and his robots or anything else can do what I did and in the end, it was me the paid for it." Toome says in such a way that his passion and anger perfectly blended together in a way that even surprised himself how much he has held in over the years.

Osborn starts to slink his shoulders back like he did in the beginning when he walks in. His shoulders slouched back like the lions of the savannah before they leap on their prey and their eyes full of bloodlust.

"So what are trying to say Mr. Toomes?"

Adrian Toomes firms his jaw as the fear in his stomach nearly makes him sick, "I’m saying I don’t want just a ‘say’ in what we call this or a some kickback for our inventions. I want you to buy this suit as my own project. Then, once the Military sees what this can do, as they will, make a Toomes Osborn contract for making more wearable tech for the government. I want to be a partner. I’ve worked in this company since you and Richard Parker found it. I was your fifth scientist…”


“Sure whatever, but I was there.” Toomes says, “IN the beginning. When you started this place in some dingy building when it was nothing. And in all those years, I have ASKED for nothing whether in the height of our successes or in the depths of our failures. Now I want something more than just a pat on the back. I want to be involved in projects, projects that the wearer will have to use Gobulin D and my life's work will be recognized as it should be. You truthfully have no hold on this project since you denied it anyway in the first place! Thi is fair and..."

Osborn waves his hand "You’re out of your mind Toomes!”

"WHAT!" Toomes shouts to his surprise.

Osborn grinds his teeth while pointing at him, "This is where your dreamer ideals get the better of you Aidren. Ever since Alice died..."

Toomes turns around, "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BRING THAT UP!" he yells.

Osborn looks at him in shock, "OH I HAVE EVERY RIGHT! YOUR GRIEF IS YOUR MOTIVE TO WORK AND IT ALL GETS PRODUCED HERE! This Raptor Project, wasn't just your life work Adrien, it was the last thing that you started working on when your wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.”


“And Now that she’s dead, you have this- this compulsion to prove that your work, when she was dying, was worth it. She died TOOMES! SHES DEAD! You let your grieving emotions throw you into your work when you couldn’t let go, now you can't let go, there is NO separation anymore! THIS IS MY COMPANY…"


Osborn points at him, "I am going to take it BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER YOURS! I am your END ALL and BE ALL here Toomes. And first of all, I DO OWN that suit and I OWN YOU! Don't you get it Toomes that when I said that the Raptor Project was dead that I had a copy of everything you did before I pulled the funding? Don't you get how this works?!"

Aidren's eyes open wide.

Osborn shakes his head, "The mere innocence of that look makes me sick so wipe it off your face! You think this company is here for the dreams and aspirations of tired old men from the Golden Age? WAKE UP TOOMES! This is a company! It's name is OZCorp. And we are here to make cutting edge new concepts for easy living across the board and SO WE CAN MAKE MONEY! LOTS OF IT! That piece of hardware you’re wearing, will make me tons of it."


"OH SAVE IT!" Norman bitterly chides, waving his hands dismissively "This isn't kindergarten so stop crying! 'Oh teacher save us, save us from the reality of life. OH save us Teacher from the ones that make a stinkin blob on a white sheet and throw it away while I come along and make a stinkin Picasso out of it! Save us from ourselves and those who don't understand teacher, oh save us, please save us!" Osborn mocks.

Toomes shakes his head, "You...You..."

Osborn cuts him off, "You had no control of the beta harness the first time you made it, and by right of contract, the supply of Gobulin D that was EVEN DISCUSSED to be used in conjunction with the suit WAS the binding agreement that made everything mine because, not in Toomes world of morality, but the real world of LEGALISTIC PROCEDURE, without Gobulin D, there was no flight, no harness and no future consideration. There was no Raptor Project. So therefore, with a big dun...dee...dun dun DUNN....I OWN IT!" Osborn says.

Toomes shakes his head, "You told me that wasn't the case. You told me..."

"It's called lying Adrian!" Norman bluntly corrects, "Its done all the time. You didn't know that? IT WORKED because YOU worked. You think I was able to build a multi-billion dollar company that rivals that of Stark Industries simply by being honest to every sap that comes in here? You think I could afford losses everyday on different half baked concepts that are not refined enough for reproduction and still stay in business? Come on old man? GET WITH IT! This is business, NOT a TOY FACTORY!" snaps Osborn.

Adrian points to him, "I want my work! It's all..."

Osborn puts his hand up, "An I want Stark Industries bankrupt but we al lcan't get what we want!" he bites back, "You owe me remember that. The first time you made the harness, not even this suit, came out to 200,000 thousand dollars that you were NEVER CHARGED! Every scientist here gets a bill, but I cover it, if it sells, they get a cut, but they work for me!"


Osborn jabs his finger into Toomes chest, "ITS A BUSINESS TOOMES! I cover losses, I BUILD THE FUTURE! WITHOUT ME DRILLING YOU ALL TO WORK THERE WOULD BE NO A MEDICAL INDUSTRY LEFT! I’D BE IN THE STONE AGE WITH EGYPTIANS SMEARING YOUR ORANGE CRAP ON YOUR WOUND! I AM NECESSARY! I push the bounds of man. I push for better work. I push even in if that means that I sell your work without your consideration."

"What do you mean sell!" yells Toomes. "You sold my designs? YOU SOLD IT!"

Osborn starts to laugh as he slicks back his red wavy hair, "You see Toomes I am so good to you and you don't even know it. You think anyone wants an old man's dreamer project that resulted into a damaged car of his boss? No one else would buy such a half-baked idea or a harness induced flight. But I still needed a profit.”

"WHO DID YOU SELL IT TOO!" yells Toomes.

"I sold better in the blackmarket! It more than covered my losses last Quarter, including a new car thank you very much. Sacrifices were made by us all, and we must deal with it Toomes, so deal with it and play ball. This isn't a movie, this isn't a book, this isn't your golden age of life ideals. This is real life. Plain, modern and new. You’re an old buzzard that has been a dreamer. You've used up your time with dead weight. You've cost me money and I don't care how much you've known my father its time to stick a fork in that suit, we’re done.” he says, "Take it off..YOUR FIRED!!"

Toomes shakes his head, "I...I can't let you do this to me. I can't. My mother..." he says as he tears form in his eyes.

“Oh this is funny. NOW you’re scared.” Osborn chuckles, "YOUR 65 YEARS OLD TOOMES! YOUR MOMMY SHOULD BE LONG PAST DEAD BY NOW BUT BECAUSE OF ME SHE'S BEEN DOING FINE! You think that you using Gobulin D was just for this?" he says.

Toomes looks at him confused.

Osborn buttons his black suit jacket and adjusts his green tie, "Gobulin D, is an experiment drug like you know, you know its effects. What you don't know is that your mother has been getting Gobulin D for the past 3 years now. She's been getting it beta since it's beginning. I contacted your medical provider and have been having you under OUR Insurance and she's been getting regular doses of it for years now."

"YOU %^&*!#@ WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" yells Toomes.

"SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!" snaps Osborn.

Toomes looks at Osborn shell shocked.

Osborn firms his face, "If she stops taking Gobulin D, her sanity, her longevity, which has all been a test to see how well it already is in its smallest dosage, has a side-effect for people at her age.....rapid and extensive degeneration. We called it R.E.D. She's a R.E.D. risked person. We've perfected it since then and she is the only case but she is still the only case. So she needs the Goblin can I give that to her if your gonna give me problems Toomes? Answer that? How?"


"Yeah 87 years old! OH NOW YOU WORRY ABOUT HER AFTER YOU PULL THIS STUNT? Fine. Keep the suit! I won't be responsible for her croaking on you. You will. You think I want to be responsible for some old puckered out woman. I don't have to do it that way Toomes. I can also sue you you know." he says.

Toomes looks at him in disbelief.

“Yeah you heard me right.” Osborn nods, "I'll sue you til you go cross-eyed! Til your bank account starts to have seizures! Til the mere mention of your name in a bank will make the Tellers slump over like a drugged up mutie in the street. I'll sue you til your savings is drained, til your furniture is taken, til the moths eat away the clothes on your back! You have what I want and its mine, that suit. It was mine when you dreamed of it, it was mine when you tried to make it, it was mine before you were born Toomes and I intend to have it....even it costs you everything you've got and your buzzard mother’s life too! So what's it gonna be? Huh? You think you wanna start a street-fight with me?"

Toomes looks at Osborn with pure disgust, "You’re the devil."

"And you look like a vulture.” Osborn spits.

"I'LL KILL YOU FOR THIS!" yells Toomes.

Osborn takes out a pen and pushes down on the top and a small red light comes on the pen, "That's all I needed to hear." he says.

Toomes looks at him, "WHAT DID YOU DO!"

Osborn shakes his head, "Tis sad when an employee threatens a life of an Employer."


Osborn throws the red lit pen on the floor, "Security will be here in less than 5 minutes. Take off the suit so when they take you away it won't be impounded." he says.

Suddenly men start pouring in through the glass doors, all wearing black suits with ear pieces and holding out small guns in the hand with a blue electric crackle buzzing on the tips, "ARE YOU OKAY MISTER OSBORN!"

Norman walks over towards them and points to Toomes, "I’m fine. We got another disgruntled employee, but he’s wearing OZCORP tech. Peel it off for them Toomes, or they peel it off for you."

Toomes looks to the floor his eyes welling up with tears as he looks at the inscription on his leg, "For Alice".


Toomes closes his eyes, grinding his teeth as he feels something in his mind just click. The anger swells, the sorrow burns his eyes, the frustration sears in his mind and seems to come together in one place in his mind as Toomes slowly looks up at Norman with irritated red tearful eyes.

“Don’t call me Buzzard!”

Norman rolls his eyes and points at him, “Guys, shoot this ol’ buzzard but don’t kill’em, I wanna string’em up in court just for the heck of it.”

Toomes grinds his teeth and clenches his jaw.


No Caption Provided

"SOMEBODY HELP MAAAAAAAAY!!!!!" yells Norman Osborn as gusty winds whip around him as he struggles to hang onto the cold pole of the flag pole extending from off his building.

His feet dangling, his hands numb, fear grips his chest as he looks downward from his dizzying heights to the street 60 flights below.

“Oh gawd…” Norman gawks, looking up to the sky before he houts, "SOMEONE HEEEEELP!”

Suddenly Adrian Toomes smashes against the side the building, the claws in his digging into the concrete of the building, perching himself next to the wall as he glares at Norman looking at him with petrified eyes.

"I’m gonn watch you die Norman.” Toomes snaps, “I ‘m gonna watch you drop, DROP to the ground and everyone slip and slide in your blood for what you did to me!!!”

"OH SAVE IT YOU OLD BIRD!" Norman shouts back.


Adrian Toomes growls and looks up over his shoulder at two of men in black suits leaning over the side of the rooftop with smoking guns pointed at him.

Narrowing his eyes with an evil smirk coming across his face, Adrian Toomes shakes his head, “Don’t go anywhere, Ozzzzborn!” He snaps, as he spreads out his black metal wings and in one strong flap, streaks up the side of the building, breaking off part of the rooftop edging.

The two men back away from the edge of the rooftop, watching the massive bird man’s spread open wings as he flies in the sun with a deafening ‘hawk-cry’.

Aiming their guns at him, Toomes zooms down around towards the men, who shoot at him but Toomes drops down on one man, crushing him onto the concrete terrace,with his black metal wings draped over. Looking into the man’s petrified eyes through his broken glasses, Toomes smiles a devilish grin before grabbing hold of his face with his clawed hand, “Did you know all bird of prey start with the face!!”

The second security guards eyes open wide in horror as blood splatters all over him.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd…” he stammers, crawling on his back as Vulture looks at him with blood splattered all over him and parts of his face.

Toomes slowly stands up, holding the bursted head of the security guard and throws his body to the side as blood drips from his hand.

“OH GAWD PLEASE PLEASE!” the security pleads, watching Toomes stalk to him with one heavy step followed by another until his shadow covers him.

Standing right over him, Toomes glares at the security officer.

“Vultures can be hunters too you know!” Toomes grins.


The security guards looks in shock as Spider-Man slams both feet into the side of Adrian Toomes face, rocketing him away from the and off the side building.

Landing on his feet, Spidey looks at the officer traumatized as he stares at him and notices four more inside the officer, sprawled out on the floor.

Spider-man point to the officer, "CALL AN AMBULANCE FOR THOSE MEN...NOW!!!" he yells.

Snapping out of his shock, the officer nods and runs back inside to call points to the roofs crumbling edge, "Mister Osborn is over the side."

Spidey runs over to the edge and looks over the side of the building, immediately spotting Norman Osborn holding on the flagpole for dear life, "Oh you've got to be kidding me." he says.


Spider-man turns around, spotting high overhead someone floating over him in the air.

"Interfere? The only thing I’m interfering with is the resurgence of geriatric villain club." Spidey shouts, “You get any free lunches with that suit?”


Spidey shakes his head, "I'm not sure what happened, but when I see an old man and a power executive on a flag pole...AND some bodies, it kinda screams overdone. Not mention the BODIES IN THERE, did I mention that?!"


Spidey shakes his head, "Why is it that I always find the ones with a loose bolt."

Spidey waves his hands, " got atleast 10 bodies in that room here, and a man out here, don't preach to me about who is a monster and who isn't? From where I'm standing, you so got no freedom of speech."


"DID YOU MAKE VELCRO?" yells Spidey.

"NO!" yells Vulture.

"NEVER HEARD A'YA!" says Spidey.

Vulture floats up high, "FINE! I'll come and introduce myself to AND OSBORN!!!!!" spits Toomes as he zooms towards him.

Spidey shakes his head, "I really need to work on my people skills."

To be continued…