Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc V: Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (PART 1)

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WRITERS NOTE: The entirety of this arc takes place within One Day. Enjoy your ride with Spider-Man.

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Perched on the edge of a building, Spider-Man looks down at the bustling traffic far below. The sounds of honking, construction and jackhammers, flowing traffic and peoples raised voices fill Spidey’s ears as an overall song of New York City itself. However, as Spidey watches the almost soothing sight of the busy traffic, Spidey drifts off into deep thought.

A lot had transpired over the past few months, let alone this week. As Peter Parker, he had his hands full. School was ramping up before Summer started. He was in a wonderful scientific internship with an OZCORP Scholarship for a full-ride through an College of his choosing.

But Spider-Man also had his hands full. As Spider-Man, two times had a villain hit close to home. Both times at his school, the last aimed right at Gwen Stacy. Although he wasn't responsible for it, Spider-Man showing up at their school twice had caused the understandable rumor that Spider-Man was amongst them, perhaps a Student or a Teachers Aide. Regardless, he had to do better in 'separating' Peter Parker and Spider-Man's 'worlds' from colliding. After all, it was his first year and there wasn't a manual on any of this.

"OH MY GOD!" shouts a voice.

Glancing to the right, Spider-man peers down to a woman in the street. Hopping up and down in her black pants and bright pink ‘Z-Mobile’ t-shirt, the woman waves exciting at the sight of him as she holds up her cellphone.

Spider-man's smile visible under his mask, he gingerly waves at her before swan diving off the building. With an outstretched hand, Spider-man shoot out a thin translucent web-line out his wrist to another building, swinging way effortlessly through the air over the traffic.



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Part 1 - My Long Day: The Morning

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Somersaulting through the air at great speed in the morning sunlight, Spider-man outstretches his wrist to the air and shoots two web-lines out his wrist. He feels the thin webbing stick to the top of a skyscraper. Feeling it go taut, Spider-Man pulls on the line and hauls himself upwards with all his might. Skyrocketing himself to the top of the building, Spider-man lets go of his web-line, flips through the air and land on all fours of another building. Sticking onto the glass with his hands and feet.

Perched up high, Spider-Man’s eyes see nothing but the lively city from his wondrous height.

Reaching into the back of his pants, Spidey pulls out a small cellphone and holds out, seeing he has full bars on his signal strength just before he checks his messages.

1 Missed Call/1 New Voicemaill from Gwen S.

Pressing down on the #1 key, Spidey puts the phone to his ear, listening for the message.

New Message, Saturday at Eight-Thirty-Nine A.M.: Hey Peter um…I’m sorry I haven’t…well that we haven’t really…talked much since the dance. I-I just needed a little time but umm…I really would like to see you. I miss…well its been a while (she laughs awkwardly)…but um, hope your okay? Alright, bye. ------- Old Message, from Eddie

“Hey Buttlick, Aunt May wants to know where you are –

Peter hangs up his phone and lets out a sigh, "I gotta call Gwen tonight.” He mumbles, “I've got to speak with her. It's been a week, I know Electro really affected her. And the dance even before things went sideways were getting bad and then, like the one time she calls I don’t pick up!" he thinks.

Suddenly blaring loud sirens cut through the loud car horns and general traffic and grab Spidey’s attention as he looks into the distance with his keen eyesight, spotting the speeding ambulance.

“But the city always demands its attention first huh?” Spidey sighs, following the ambulance with his eyes as it barrels down through traffic towards Bryant Park.

Drawing in a deep breath, Spider-man tucks his phone into the back of his pants, "Okay, showtime." Spidey quips diving off the building.

Plummeting down at top speed, hitting top velocity, Spidey shoots out a web-line as he falls between two buildings, swinging in the direction the ambulance goes.

Bryant Park----- 9:01 am

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Hearing the blaring loud noise of the ambulance, a gathered group of peopled huddled around a woman sprawled out on the floor, turn to the ambulance as it jumps the curb and skids to a stop before the entrance of the park. Throwing the doors open, everyone watches the Paramedics run out the van with their equipment and race over to the woman.

“WHAT HAPPENED!” they shout as the crowd makes way for them.

“Some guy just came up and stabbed her and took her purse!” says one bystander.

Leaning down to the lady, the Paramedics immediately take notice of the pool of blood leaking out underneath her as she remains unconscious.

The 1st Paramedic looks at his Partner, “Gonzalez, get the crash kit.”

“But its too late it won’t work Rick!” He protests.


Suddenly someone stands up and points high, "HOLY CRAP ITS THE SPIDER DUDE!"

Everyone looks up as Spider-man swings off his webbing, flip in the air and lands behind them with a slight thud before rushing over to them.

“Hey what’s going on?!” Spidey asks.

“HOLY CRAP ITS HIM!” Rick exclaims in shock as Gonzalez yanks the Crash Kit out his hands.

“NOTHIN’ YOU CAN DO SPIDER-FREAK!” Gonzalez yells as Rick comes with the Crash Kit. Everyone parts away from him, pulling out their phones and snapping photos of Spider-man as the paramedics look at Spidey with disdain.

Spider-man points at the woman, “Yeah but she’s bleeding out maybe I can…”

“I SAID WE GOT IT!” Gonzalez shouts.

“She’s not gonna make it!” Rick says as Gonzalez gets to work on her.

Rick looks at the woman and then to Spider-Man, “We need your help!”

“NO WE DON’T!” Gonzalez shouts, “GET THESE PEOPLE BACK!” he shouts, pointing at the surrounding people around them. Many of the gathered bystanders looks at the fallen woman and cover their mouths the paramedic holds his hand out to Spider-man.

‘WE don’t need you freak”

“HEY LET THE SPIDER-MAN HELP!” shouts a lady!’

“YEAH!!” the crowd shouts.

At that moment, Spider-man notices the African American woman's face start to turn pale, and kneels down to her while pulling off his red and blue glove, touching her arm.


“She’s cold to the touch.” Spider-man says, “She’s fading and you can’t do anything for her.”

“NO YOU CAN”T!” The Paramedic snaps, “I’M a medical professional, no freak in a mask can replace that!”

Spider-man clenches his jaw and lets out a cool breath before turning to Gonzalez partner Rick, “I’m taking her.”

“Go ahead man, get her out of here.”

Gonzalez look at him in anger, “WHAT!”

However before he can say more, Spider-man kneels down and picks her up, “She's going into shock I’m taking her to the hospital now!" he says.

The Paramedic Gonzalez points at him, "She's not going to make it in the middle of the street! You can’t run there, what you got a car?”"

Spider-man nods at him, "YA! ITS THE LAMBORGHINI ON THE CORNER....WHAT YOU THINK I GOT!!" he shouts, shooting a web-line towards a building up high, but the Paramedic grabs his arm and glares into Spider-man’s white fabric covered eyes, "We don't even know if you know where the hospital is! We are authorized to..."


"GO SPIDEY GO!" yells one of the bystanders as Spider-man swings up into the air with the woman in his arms, leaving the applauding crowd and Paramedic Workers on the ground.

Up high and swinging through the air as fast as he can, Spider-man takes long swings and far leaps through the air, covering three to five blocks at a time, swinging over buildings as fast as he can.

Within seconds, Spidey zooms through the air as fast as possible around a building and before swinging down the avenue.

With the wind howling through his ears, his heart pumping so hard that he hears it in his ears, Spidey keeps glancing at the woman as he holds her as they plummet towards the street.

"JUST HANG ON!" Spidey says to the woman while swinging over a yellow taxi and other traffic cars that stop at the red light with people running out their cars and watching Spider-man swing up the avenue with a limp woman in his arms.

West 54th St Beth Israel

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Inside a pink and blue room of a patient, the man with a neck brace lays in bed while a nurse places his arm and leg, both in casts, in a harnesses. However at that moment, Spider-man crashes through the window with the woman in his arms, lands on the patients lunch cart as the nurse dives out the way, watching Spider-man rolls out the room into the hallway.

“WHAT THE – “shouts the nurse, watching spider-man rocket into the hallway and land on the center administrative pit where all the nurses and Doctors watch him collide into.

“I NEED HELP!” Spider-man shouts.

In the lobby, from behind their desks all the nurses and doctors stop dead in their tracks as Spidey looks at them while holding the bleeding woman.

“NOOWW!!" Spider-man yells at the top of his lungs!

Suddenly everyone rushes over to him, seeing the bleeding woman.

“SOMEONE GET ME A CRASH CART AND THIRTY CCs OF E.P.O! WE GOTTA SHOT WOUND LETS GO PEOPLE LOOK ALIVE!!” The doctor shouts, rushing over to Spider-man with a nurse wheeling over a stretcher.

Placing the woman on the stretcher, Spider-man backs away, allowing the medical personal to surround the woman as a nurse in pink scrubs leaps onto her cart while trying to stop the bleeding as they all push the cart down the hallway to the I.C.U.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Spidey rubs the back of his head, satisfied he at least got the woman here in five minutes, but winces as he suddenly feels a sharp pain on his arm.


Spider-man turns around to see a nurse storm to him and point her finger in his face, "YOU ALMOST GOT ME KILLED CRASHING THROUGH THAT WINDOW! Why didn't you go to the E.R.?" she roars annoyed.

Spidey points to the window, "Next time, say thank you I got her when I did and plus the E.R. was blocked! She would have died if I..."

The nurse rudely puts her hand up in his face and walks away, "All you wreckless costume freaks think you do us all a favor! That's why we have EMS, DOCTORS NURSES AND NOT YOU! The next time you see someone hurt, let the PROFESSIONALS do their job instead of crashing through windows like tarzan you idiot and LEARN TO USE A DOOR!" she yells, storming away.

Taking a deep sigh, Spidey rubs his bleeding arm while watching the nurse storm away.

“Way’to go spider-moron.” Spider-man mumbles to himself, turning towards the shattered window in the patients room.

“Hey hey!”

Spider-man winces at someone else calling him but awkwardly looks over his shoulder, seeing a blond female doctor rush to him with gauze and medical tape in her hands and rubbing alcohol in the pocket of her large white coat, "Wait don’t leave please!" she pleads, “You’re hurt.”

Spidey huffs, “You mean from the tongue lashing or the window?" he asks.

The doctor smirks and kneels down to him, looking at his cut arm, but Spidey takes a step back, “its fine.”

The doctor arches her eyebrow, “If I wanted a sample of your blood to know who you were, I’d have done it already, but I’m just here to treat you.” She says, holding the roll of gauze and medical tape.

Spidey looks at her, “Okay yeah…that i didn’t think of.”

"Your arm could get infected.” The doctor reasons, “Just let a fan citizen patch you up, pretty please?" she asks.

Spidey looks around, seeing the other doctors and nurses smiling at him. Spidey takes in a deep breath and looks up at the ceiling before extending his cut arm, “I have no insurance.”

“And I have five minutes.” The doctor retorts with a smile.

“Why are you helping me?” Spider-man asks, feeling the doctor rub on the stinging alcohol and treating his wound.

“Well not all of us are unhappy with you.” The doctor replies, “Besides, that woman you brought in would’ve probably died in an ambulate truck if it weren’t' for you." she reasons while wrapping his arm.

“I wish I had your expert opinion a minute ago.” Spidey quips.

“I think when you’re out there…” the doctor says, “…we all could afford to take a listen to what you have to say and take an interest in what you do.”

"Aw your making me blush. I bet you say that to all the guys that crash through the windows."

The doctor smirks, "Well we give Captain America a parade when he crashes through the ICU ward." she jokes.

Spidey sucks his teeth, "Uh so not fair! Avengers always get the nice stuff!” he quips as the doctor cuts the hanging piece of medical tape before patting him on his shoulder.

“All done.” She says, “Well, we don’t need Avengers so as long as we got guys AND girls like you watching all our backs out there. Now get back out there and keep savin' those people. We need a guy like you running around doin' what we can't."

Spidey bows to her, "Why my lady, thank you very much and for your generous services…” he says, placing a card on the table, “ is my personal calling card." he says.

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The doctor looks at the table before feeling a gust of wind. Looking back to Spider-man, her eyes open wide as she sees he’s already gone and out the window swinging away. The doctor turns back to the counter and looks at the card he left as everyone gathers around her.

The doctor smiles as the nurses rush to the window, looking out at Spider-Man swinging over the traffic between the buildings.

10:21 A.M.- WEST 98th Street and 2ND ave

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“GIT OUT MY STORE! GIT’ OUT!” yells the scruffy white haired cashier, throwing his music player at Spider-Man who dodges it.

“HEY HEY! I JUST WANT TO BUY AN ARI-“ Spidey ducks as the cashier throws a brick that misses him and crashes into the bags of Doritos in the display case behind him. Spidey stands up and points at him, “SERIOUSLY YOU HAVE A BRICK BEHIND THERE?!”

The cashier pulls out a crow-bar, “GIT OUT MY STOR YOUR FREAK! I NO WANT YOUR BIZNESS! I NO WANT!”

“ONE DOLLAR!” Spider-man shouts, pulling out a dollar billing from the glove inside his sleeve, “ONE DOLLAR FOR AN ARIZONA!”

“GIT OUT MY STORE YOU ARACANID!” he shouts, swinging his crowbar at him.

However Spider-man catches the crowbar and sticks his dollar bill to it, “THANKS GRAMPS!” he shouts. Running out the store.

Everyone on the street corner spreads out in shock as Spider-man races out the store, shoots out a web-line and swings up into the air with the Cashier waving his crowbar with the dollar-bill stuck to it, “I DO NOT WAAANT YOUR MONEY!!!!”



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Landing on the edge of a building, Spiderman catches his breath as he drinks the out his canned Arizona green tea and bites into his seventy five cent lemon cake.

“I have so got to find a way to carry a wallet in this thing.” Spiderman grumbles, placing the tea beside him.

Watching the traffic increases in the streets as people walk with their arms wrapped around their bodies from the stiff breeze under the bright blue sky. Many continue with what they must do on this Saturday morning as Spidey sits on the top of a building that towers over the streets of the West Side. As the sun glistens over the rooftops of Upper West Side of Manhattan, a cold gust of wind blows against him as he sips on a cup of tea he shivers, "I so need to find a better way to make this costume." Spidey says as he looks at the white medical tape on his arm.

Spidey looks around the city and suddenly he feels a tingle in the back of his head. Spidey groans, "What the heck...seriously, it's like I got a beeper in my head to alert me of danger!" he mumbles to himself as the wind blows the tea over the edge.

"AAAHH!!!" yells someone.

Spidey cringes as he looks down at a man on his window cleaning scaffold, looking up on at him, soaked in ice tea.

Spider-Man’s awkward grin is apparent under his mask as he awkwardly waves his hands "OH UH…UH…oh dang I'M SO SORRY!"

The man’s face reddens with anger as he waves his window wiper at him "YOU STINKIN NO GOOD PUNK! I'M GONNA CLIMB UP AND THEIR, AND RIP OF YOR LEGS AND ARM AND BEAT YOUR YOUR SCRAWNY LIL...."

Spidey jumps off the edge of the building and plummets downward, "So gonna hear about that in the paper. Spider-Man attacks with Tea." he thinks.

However, as Spidey plummets down below towards the street and swings around on the light pole, he feels that same tingle in the back of his head. Spidey shakes his head, "Okay...Madame Web said this annoying thing in the back of my head is a ‘Spider-Sense’…” he says, looking around, “…so what am I a sensi…ERAAAAHH!!” he screams.

The sudden sharp pain in the back of Spidey's head causes everything around him to almost slow down to a crawl. Hearing his pounding heartbeat in his ears, Spider-Man's vision tints red and pulsates with the beat of his heart.

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“OH MY GAWWWD!” Spider-man shouts, zooming through the air and landing far below onto of a light post as he watches the crane tears through the building, ripping through the 15th and 14th floors before falling back down to its side.

Instinctively and unconsciously, Spidey shoots up two web-lines overhead and pulls himself upward! Ascending as fast as possible, Spidey watches as the crane's arm spin around and whips into another section of a building, tearing through the brick and metal with ease.

Crawling up the side of an opposite building, Spidey hears all the screaming of people below as the sound of twisted metal fills his ears. Spider-man looks up, seeing in the cranes large control box where the operator would sit. Squinting, Spidey zeroes in a construction worker struggling to hold on to his seat as the crane’s arm swings around uncontrollably.

Closer, straining metal echoes in Spider-man's ears as he sees the Crane arm again, swing itself around, crashing through the bricks and glass of a residential building right over him!

"JEEZUS!" Spider-Man shouts, clinging the trembling building as debris rains past him. Looking up, Spider-Man sees the exposed inner apartments in its wake as residents fall aback and scream for help.

"GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!!" yells one of the construction workers below.

Spidey snaps out of it and shoots out two weblines to the cranes swinging arms swinging away. Using overwhelming force of the crane arm to pull him, Spidey is yanked off the building! Letting go of the webline, Spidey tucks in his arms as he launches upwards through the air like a missile!

Streaking up through the air, Spider-man overshoots the operator’s control box, shoots two web-lines to the top and pulls himself in. Landing on the metal box with a thud, Spider-man crawls on the side of the Control Box, rips door off its hinges and reaches out for the worker, "GIVE ME YOUR HAND!" he shouts, but the worker, having a shattered window on his right side, falls out his seat, through the window to the street.

“NOOOOOO!” screams the worker.

Spider-man immediately dive off the cockpit. Free-falling straight down to the street filled with bystanders and cars that look like ants, Spider-Man locks onto the falling worker, "I GOT YOU!" he shouts, shooting out two webs onto the screaming workers back!

Feeling the webline go taut and seeing the street fastly coming to meet them, Spidey pulls himself in to the worker, collides into his back, and grabs firm hold of him.

"HAAANG OOON!" Spider-Man shouts, shooting another web-line to an adjacent building. The webline attaches and goes taut. The Construction workers' eyes open wide and his face turns green with nausea as they bounce as if on a bungee cord, as Spidey drops the man between the buildings while shooting large spider-web beneath him. Watching him land on it like a soft net, Spidey, bouncing on his webline, hauls himself back up towards the crane.

Suddenly, Spider-man’s ‘spidey-senses’ go berseeerk as the cranes swinging crane-arm swing back down and bashes Spidey across his entire body!

“AAAAAAH!!!” Spidey shouts, sent hurtling through the air and crashing through a residence window, rolling into a living room.

Skidding on the floor with glass beneath him, Spider-man looks up at the various models in the large empty apartment with photographers in front of them, all looking at him as Spidey shakes his head, hops to his feet and runs for the window.

“SORRY TO CRASH AND RUN!” he shouts before diving out the window amd plummeting down through the air to the crane crashing up into the building below him, tearing up through the floors of the building. Landing on the crane arm, Spidey runs down the arm of the crane to the control box, but suddenly spots the crane anchored engine box perched on the building, shifting as the bricks crumble underneath it.

“Oh great.” Spidey mumbles just as part of the edge of the roof crumbles apart with the crane leaning forward and falling towards the street!

Spidey jumps off the crane, land son the building and sees the massive Crane falling between the buildings towards the street, smashing between both buildings across the street.

“Oh my gawd oh my gawd how do it stop this!!!”

Flashback – Last Year Summer…

Sitting a table with Uncle Ben, Peter holds up a book, “See Uncle Ben, I’m reading up on how spider's silk, which ranges from 1.5 gigapascals to 12 gigapascals in the orb-weaver spiders, coulbe be calculated as almost 500 megajoules per cubic metre.”

“Peter speak English please for us Mortals.” smiles Uncle Ben.

Peter rolls his eyes, “A line of webbing from a Spider – or an orb-weaver with the strongest known webbing of any spider could stop a moving train or a plan in flight…”

“Here’s goes nothin’!”

Spider-man looks down at the falling crane and quickly dives off the roof! Streaking down towards the crane.

Seeing people scattering and screaming for their lives as the crane gets closer and closer down to the street, Spidey spots a woman throw herself over her baby carriage as she is blocked between two cabs that skid to a stop as the drivers run out the cars!

Spidey shoots out webs from his right and left hands from the far left, all the way to the far right of the crane. Feeling it get tight in his hand, Spiderman turns around in mid-air, shooting hundreds of webs to the buildings over him on his left and right, grabbing on tight firmly.

Feeling both webs over him go taut in his grip, Spider-man grabs hold tightly of the webs attached to to crane and pulls on tight with all his might! A thunderous ‘THUD” and shaking of metal echoes over the street as Spider-man screams at the top of his lungs.

"UAAAAAAOOHHHOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!" he yells, feeling the dead weight of the crane pull strain on his body with such intensity, his the medical tape busts open on his arm, bleeding once more as his muscle swell!

Grinding his teeth as he remains holding the crane with one arm, while holding onto the webs over him with his other arm, Spidey looks up and sees the thousands of webs attached to the buildings hold but spots bricks pulling off the building and web-lines snapping.

Looking down at the street, Spidey spots the lady over her baby, looking up at him in astonishment, "HEY LADY!” Spidey yells, “THIS THING IS HEAVY AND I'M NOT A YANKEE PITCHER ON STEROIDS SO GET THE ^&*#$% OUT OF THERE! THIS THING IS HEAVY!!!" he yells.

The woman looks up in shock as her eyes open wide at the sight of seeing the street poles smashed to pieces but the crane swaying back and forth as it's held by seemingly millions of Spider-webs! Grabbing her baby quickly she climbs over a taxi cab with the help of a stranger and flees from beneath the crane. "GUH!" groans Spidey as he lets go of the crane with a THUD that makes the entire street tremble and crushes all the cars beneath it as it splits part of the ground open.

People from the left and right buildings and people from the street up the block stop the traffic as they applaud Spider-Man with a thunderous cheer and ear deafening clap of the hands. Almost in a picture perfect moment, as Spidey hangs on with one hand to the dozens of Spider-webs attached to the buildings and his free hand towards the crane below, he takes deep breaths, "T-thank you....I' week." he says out of breath while dozens of bright red and blue cards fall out his pocket and cascade down to the street below like confetti.

"Awww dangit!” Spider-man sighs, watching hall his cards fluter down to the street, “There goes my forty bucks to the street!"

People run into the middle of the street the bright red and blue cards fly down from Spider-Man. As they all gather around to see what they read, the woman with her baby, leans down and picks one up.

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With a quiet hush over the crowd, the woman looks up with a smile while holding her baby, "THANK YOU SPIDER-MAN!!!!!" she screams outward, holding up the red card as everyone only sees the dangling spider-webs flow in the air with Spidey gone!

Half Hour Later....11:30am - 5th Ave West 83rd Street

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"And then the freggin thing fell and I caught know my webs that is! Arnold Schwarzenegger should eat his steroid heart out!" Spidey quips in his seat as he looks out the window while holding his arm and drinking a Red Bull energy drink.

“You sound surprised you caught it.” Says a brunette woman in an oversized coat with big round sunglasses over her eyes while holding a bundle of gauze and medical tape in her arms, “Okay well I think this is all I have.” She says, placing it all in his lap.

“Thanks!” Spider-man says, “And yes, I was surprised, I was ready for my arms to be ripped off and be called, The Amazing Armless-Man.”

The woman lets out a hearty laugh as she sits across from Spider-Man, watching him throw his head back in laughter as well while she sips on a large cup of coffee, "I bet you nearly crapped your pants." she says.

Spidey holds up his fingers as if holding something a tiny between his two fingers, "I peed just a little." he says as the woman erupts in laughter.

Spidey nods, his smile evident through his mask, "I PROMISE JUST A LITTLE!! You try and holdin' on to a freggin crane and not tell me that you won't pee a little at the weight of the thing. It's like it pulls the liquid right out of you!" he says, finishing his Red Bull.

The woman's hearty laugh slowly but surely quiets down to a smile, and then to a more reflective and serious gaze as she looks out to central park and then looks at Spider-Man sit on the edge of the terrace.

"So, you’re sure you don't want anything to eat? I feel bad that you come here week after week and I can't even feed you. You could stand to put on some weight, especially if you’re gonna be lifting cranes as a weekly or daily practice." she says.

Spidey waves his hand, "Nah I'm fine. If I eat too much and swing around, one day someone will find an odd texturous liquid on his car windshield that smells like stomach churned Red bull and something else that I would've had for lunch." he quips while wrapping his arm in gauze and medical tape again.

The woman holds her mouth in laughter, "Good point." she says, but adds," I guess than you'll just come to check on lil o' me huh?" she asks.

Spidey shakes his head, "Not really." he retorts.

The woman lowers her glasses, exposing her deep brown eyes, "Really? Not that I mind your visits, but I would think, since you obviously being a humanitarian towards the greater welfare of all us sarcastic but very helpless New Yorkers that your concern transcends that, in relation to our visits that is, more than jokes on Lady Gaga and the rich and famous that I see each week." she says with a tilted head.

Spidey shakes his head, "Minus-ing out the use of big words, Yes and no. But I do like your company."

The woman shakes her head, "You don't have to worry about me. Honestly, you don't. I haven't tried that....incident again." she says.

Spidey puts his Red bull down, "So you've gotten help?" he asks. She sulks in her chair, "I don't need help. We go through this every week. Each doc is gonna say the same thing. I'm depressed....I've got mommy or daddy issues or I'm like a stinkin pre-madonna or whatever." she says in a dismissive tone. Spidey looks at her, "You tried to kill yourself." he says.

"Allegedly." she says with the point of the finger and wink of the eye.

Spidey folds his arms, "You tried to jump off this very terrace!"

"Again....allegedly and suppose it sounded like a good idea...somewhat." she says with shrug.

"What about the gas in the oven?" Spidey says as he puts his hand on his hips.

The woman sighs, "I was baking a turkey." she defends. Spidey points at her, "IN AUGUST!"

"Okay, okay, okay! I know it, you know it, I'm jacked up. Yes, my husband hits me...a lot." she says taking off the glasses as she exposes her black eye, "But I don't have the luxury of just leaving him! I'm a glamour model! My husband is my agent! Yes it was a mistake but come on! If I leave him, he'll murder my life work. I won't be able to do anything!" she says.

Spidey looks at her, "LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! Not half of a life! Which is what you are doing, no offense meant."

"Non taken." she says.

" But seriously, Julia, your gorgeous, your down to earth, and you love James Bond video games..." he says.

Julia nods, "I told you I met Daniel Craig right?"

Spidey stutters, "We..we...okay tell me that story after I finish this last part. Julia, you have a lifetime ahead of you. Your like what in your twenties? I'm just saying, you always have a choice, you don't HAVE to let someone beat you til you get a black eye to think that he is your only access to the world! You’re an adult. You’re a smart adult. You may not think so, I know it's hard, but you have to leave him. Why you ask? Because, This woman that I am looking at, will fade away and die! You'll be nothing but a husk of make up for cover shots. Your soul with die. Your mind will die and you'll be a punching bag for a some guy for what? Cash? Fame? Access to those things? NOTHING IS WORTH THAT! NOTHING IS!"

Julia stands up, "You don't know what it's like to have everything and feel as if you can lose everything in one shot!" Spidey looks at her, "DANGIT JULIA! I do know! Painfully well! But you see me? I'm NOT going to let a bad rip away of a piece of my heart...dictate what my future away! Let alone, stay in a wounded fetal position and get beat away knowing I can MAKE a way out. In your case, a better future."

Julia wipes her eyes, "So what do you think I should do? Pick up and leave?"

"Yes." he says simply.

Julia laughs as tears flow down her eyes, "It's not that simple." Spidey looks at her, "Than make it simple. This world is full of takers, losers and those who get took. Don't be them, be the one that MAKES what she wants to have happen...happen. Make others conform to you. Make a way out. You have family?"

"Yeah. In Soho." she replies.

"You got money?" he asks.

"Ya. Quite a bit." she says, "But if I go. He'll find me Spidey. He'll so find me." she says as a shiver comes over her. Spidey sighs and writes down a number, "This is my number."

Julia looks at him with wide eyes, "I can google that and find out who you are ya know? It's not good to give me that cause someone else will..."

Spidey raises his hands, "It's a google number. Fed through four different accounts. You won't trace it. No one will. But if you need help, if you think he's coming. Call me. I'll help, but I won't and no one will....if you don't try to help yourself." he says.

Julia sighs as she looks at the number, "He's gone for the weekend on business. Probably with one of his skank hoes." she says. Spidey looks into the apartment, "Than leave him a cold reception with your stuff gone."

Julia smiles, "Sounds good to me." Spidey looks at the phone, "But call your family first, I want to see you get the ball rolling." he says. Julia looks at it, "I'm scared." she says as she looks to the floor reflectively. Spidey puts his hand on her shoulder, "So was Edison before he turned on the light to better things."

Julia laughs, "Sweet talker!" she says but looks at Spidey, "Thanks. Thanks a lot. I really can't....ever say it enough."

Spidey nods, "Ya you can. When you get your new place and make me a Red Bull slash Starbucks drink so I can catch more cranes." he says as he stands up on the terrace edge.

Julia picks up the phone and starts calling her family, "You better visit me." she says.

Spidey shakes his head, "Betty, Betty Brant, if you help costumed guys who swing this much AND give them food, you'll wanna be one I promise you that." he says. Julia smiles, "Ya, spider-girl for sure." she jokes as Spidey leaps off the terrace and swings away.

Swinging down 5th Avenue, Spidey continues his journey as he looks at his watch and sees it's 11:55 am.

"I hope Julia listens to me. She's the coolest model I've met....let alone the only." he thinks as he lands on top of a skyscraper and looks around and sees traffic and the busy people walking to wherever they go, "I just hope I can be a hero one day for more people than just her. I'm not yet a good calibur for only a teenager so I gotta prove my worth. One day I will, know it. I just can't screw up." he thinks as he leaps off the building and plummets down the street below and swings on to a street light.

Everyone points, "ITS SPIDER-MAN!"

Spidey waves, "Aw you know me by name." he says.

"YOU SUCK!" yells a cabbie.

Spidey waves him, "SO DOES YOU FACE!" he snaps but covers his mouth, "oh dangit my inner Eddie is coming out.

Suddenly a car crash is heard in the distance. Spidey looks ahead and sees people pointing and staring as they yell at someone. Spidey tries to see what is all the commotion but can't see since a long bus blocks part of the view. "Well, hold on dear, cause your friendly neighborhood spider-man is here." he mumbles. "That sounds soooo campy." he mumbles as he leaps off the light pole, swings down the block over traffic and lands on a 'DELI' sign and sees people gathered around a man and a young woman that he is slapping around in the street while he fights off other people.

"WHAT IS IT WITH THESE WIFE BEATERS!" he snaps as he launches himself off the sign with a huge lunge as he spins and flips in the air over the traffic again as he webs the man to the ground and lands on the building.

People spread out as Spidey lands on the ground and looks at the man who was hitting the woman, "EXCUSE ME! SIR HITS-A-LOT! NO hitting girls in MY district. Avengers may be gone but I'm sheriff in these parts and I say you hit, my foot goes somewhere north that is really uncomfortable!" he says.

"THE GIRL!" yells a one of the bystanders.

Spidey turns around and sees the young girl running down the block in a full sprint as she drops her purse and turns the corner. Hearing police sirens, Spidey turns around and sees a police car screech to a stop, "HALT SPIDER-MAN!" yells one of the officers as he jumps out the car and points a gun at him.


"TAKE HIM!" yells the man webbed the ground.

One of the bystanders point to the man webbed to the ground, "It was him! Not spidey!"

"DON'T CARE SIR! HE'S THE CRIMINAL!" says the officer. Everyone looks at the officer like he's crazy and start yelling at him.

Spidey shakes his head, "Look at this. Save a Police Chief, a crane and a young woman and still not street cred!"

"HANDS UP!" yells the officer as he clicks his gun and points it right at Spidey's head. Hearing that people slowly stand away from Spidey.

"Okay...we can web fast, stop a crane with unbelievable strength....lets try dodging the bullets this close." he says

Suddenly Spidey bends backward to he side in extreme flexibility as he dodges the bullets and shoots a web up wards towards the building, "MMAATTRRIIIXXX!" yells Spidey as he lands on the building but swings away as the officers continue to shoot!

"GO SPIDEY GO!!" yells one of the people below.

As Spidey swings down the block he remember the girl that ran away and sees her running down an alley. Stopping his swing, he immediately shoots out another web down the alleyway that the girl runs through and goes after her.

Covering her face as she runs, the girl's green hat sways side to side as she stops in her tracks and starts sobbing on the brick wall. Dropping from up high, Spider-man land behind her, "Excuse me Miss are you hurt?" he asks.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yells.

Spidey nods, "Well, I see how that would be convenient but I'm trying to help people and build up street cred so like this is SOO on the Hero 101 list of things to do. So you mind helping me out. You know, help me help you." he says.

"I SAID NO!" yells the girl as she sniffles with her face still turned to the wall.

Spidey folds his arms, "Look, I know you don't like this but...I just need to know if that jerk hurt you."

The girl turns around and faces Spidey, "I SAID NO!!!" she yells.

"Ohhhh.....crap." Spidey says as he takes a step back at being overwhelmed at not just seeing a girl, but seeing Maryjane standing before him with her clothes disheveled and sporting a shiny blackeye and bloodied lip.

“Two Black eyes in one day? Aunt May would have a field day about this.”

to be continued...

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