Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc IV: The Sparks Between Us (FINALE) Part 7: Fizzled Out

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ARC IV - The Sparks Between Us - FINALE


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Electro looks at the red headed thin framed student named Maryjane standing before him in astonishment. Her roar caused the floor crack open all around her and all the glass in the gym to shatter. Yet, what was more unnerving for Electro was the sight of her vibrant red auburn hair lifting up strand by strand beside her face.

MJ tightens her small fists angrily and narrows her now glowing emerald green eyes at the one person who gave his most so far, Spider-man, lying unconscious at Electro’s feet.

"I'm done seeing abusers like you abuse the helpless.” Maryjane snarls, her voice choking with anger as she points to herself with her thumb, “And I'm FAR from helpless." she growls as her eyes beam bright emerald green.

Insulted, Electro’s once perturbed face forms a smug smirk before hunching over and curling his green gloved crackling hands, "Sure about THAT!!" yells Electro, thrusting out his hand.

Immediately a bright bolt of blue lightning streaks out Electro’s palm.

Bracing herself, Maryjane holds a breath as her body glows blue from the coming lightning bolt, “RAAAAAH!” she yells, outstretching her left hand.

Electro’s smug face melts to fear at the sight of his bright lightning bolt slamming into Maryjane's translucent shield. The bright bolt of lightning trembles against what looks like a bubble around Maryjane before fizzling out to a smoldering blue spark and blue smoke.

Electro suddenly feels an pit open in his stomach. Her put solid dose of volts into that and it did nothing. Maryjane, simply runs a finger up her thin spaghetti strap dress, placing it back on her shoulder.

“That's the best you got?” she smirks, arching her eyebrow, “Or is someone experiencing performance anxiety?” she asks.

Infuriated Electro holds out both palms, “DIE YOU LIL BRAAAAAAAAT!” he shouts as hundreds of crooked bright blue bolts explode out his hands.

Seeing hundreds of bright crooked lightning bolts racing at her, Maryjane draws a breath again, crosses her forearms over the other in front of her face as the bolts slam into the shield with a thud.

Peering ahead, Electro sees Maryjane successfully holding off his attack.

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Growling in irritation, Electro takes a step forward, pumping more power into attack as his blue bolts turn bright yellow, “YOU’RE GONNA ROAST!” he yells.

Squinting from all the bright light, Maryjane’s eyes flash red, “YOU FIRST!” She shouts, throwing her whole body forward as if throwing off her chest.

Immediately Electro feels his entire body get hit as he’s swept off his feet and send careening backwards like a fly being slammed onto a windshield!

“AAAAAAH!” Electro screams in pain, but peeking over his shoulder, Electro’s eyes open wide, “Ff...”

Smashing straight a cement wall, Maryjane sends Electro through the Gym far wall with billowing smoke gushing from the hole. Raining debris in rock piles and wood fall onto Electro as weak sparks of electricity crackle over the chunks of rocks burying Electro.

Exhausted, Maryjane drops to the wood floor, coughing as blood drips from her nose.

“Pick…on-som-someone…ya own size.” She sighs.

Lifting up her green eyes that flicker with light, Maryjane peers through strands of her hair at Spider-Man still unconscious, laying still.

Immediately Maryjane thrusts out her hand and jerks her arm back, letting out an unexpected gasp from the effort before passing out on the wood floor in complete exhaustion.

Suddenly the bells go off and the sprinklers turn on!

Feeling multiple taps on his head and hearing the ringing in his ears, Spidey eyes slowly flutter open as he sees almost a singly teardrop like jewel fall on this face.

Then another and another until Spidey becomes fully alert as he recognizes all the water coming down is from the sprinkler system. Trying to remember what happened, having passed out, Spidey stumbles to his feet but sees Maryjane in her black dress on the floor with her arms and legs spread out as if she fell in place.

Confused, Spider-Man clutches his side in pain as he motions to MJ but then hears rumbling across the gymnasium. Lifting his eyes to the far walls, Spider-Man sees Electro yell in pain as he pushes off a slab of cement off his body.

Bleeding from the sides of his mouth, covered in dust, his green containment suit now tattered and half-torn, Electro stands up, his shoulders and rising and falls from his deep breaths.

Spider-Man could see the massive bruises and cuts riddling his body. Spider-man could only feel the saying become reality 'did i miss something?’ he thought to himself.

“Jeez what the heck did I miss.” Spidey mumbles as Electro staggers out the crumbling wall but falls onto his hands after a mere two steps, clutching his side where a piece of iron rebar protrudes from his side.

“I-I…aARRGGG…” Dillon groans in pain, clutching his broken left arm that hangs limp from his body but lifts up his defeated eyes at the sight of the tattered Spider-Man standing over a passed out Maryjane as the raining sprinkling waters soak them all.

"Yooouuu..." he growls.

Feeling the heat of anger boil in stomach and rise up to his head, Electro musters strength to stand up on his two feet and extends his one good arm at Spider-man while staggering towards him like a drunk man, “I’M GONNA FRY DA BOTHA Ah YAAAAAAA!”

Spider-man’s eyes open wide as his ‘spider-sense’ tingle in the back of his head.

Suddenly everything slows down as Spidey sees Electro standing afar but soaking wet from the sprinklers incessant deluge while he stands in a puddle of water. Seeing himself soaked and MJ soaked in the growing water, Spider-Man extends both hands towards him "DOOOOOON’T! he yells, “YOU'LL KILL YOURSELF!”

Electro stops, for some reason curious as Spidey points up to the sprinklers raining on them, “ALL THIS WATER WILL SHORT YOU OUT!" he yells as water pours over his face.

Hearing the Police sirens in the far distance outside, Electro looks at the sprinklers and closes his eyes as a smirk comes across his face before a hearty chuckle emits from him.

Spider-man gulps, seeing the half-broken man chuckling before erupting into a full-blown laugh of hysteria, nearly out of breath before he doubles over, shaking his head and looks up at him.

“Oh boy he-he-he…” he repeats in his laughter, “…is worried about the sprinklers…as if I EVEN CAAAAAAARE!” he roars, his switch to pure anger palpable as is his wide-eyed stern faced expression.

Spider-Man clenches his jaw, knowing this won’t end well as Electro’s eyes remain lit with pure hate as water drips over his scarred face.


Spider-Man sigh is audible, “Well no, I guess not, but I care WHAT HAPPENS TO ME!” he shouts.

Dillion smirks at his response, it was honest and appropriately selfish even if he doesn’t realize it.

“I can’t let you do this. I can’t let you kill yourself, or me , OR HER!” Spidey says, pointing to MJ who slowly rouses awake, now soaking wet as she looks up at Electro.

“Just…” Spider-man continues as Maryjane weakly stands up beside him, “…turn yourself in!”

“Pfft!” Electro spits.

“ITS OVER MAN!” Spidey shouts tiredly, “Gwen is GONE! The students are GONE! You’re at a CHECKMATE you can’t go any-“

"Do you know where I'm from Spider-Man!?" Electro asks abruptly.

Maryjane looks at Spider-man for a reaction and can see his eyebrow lift underneath his now soaked mask, "Not Best Buy I guess.” he answers.

Seeing the red and blue lights flashing into the gym through the shattered windows, Electro firms his face at the sight of them before looking back at Spider-Man, "I’m from Jersey, broke down family beaten every day by my pa!” he says, his sorrow-filled voice causing Spider-man to gulp.

“He was an electrical engineer.” Electro continues, “Ya, my ma was killed because HE couldn't keep his money out his stupid bets! We were a family for a hot second before I was on my own, but I learned an important lesson, FAMILY OR NO FAMILY...ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!!" he yells.

"The worlds ALWAYS been against me!” Electro shouts, “I MADE something of myself. I had a life. and yeah. Maybe I stole a couple dead mens identities, but wouldn't you do what you could just to get a meal!? A MEAL!”

“What you did was a choices have consequences.” Spider-Man retorts.

“I was tryin’ to make a better life for myself!” Electro shouts, “Til some HOT SHOT COP DECIDES TO ARREST ME BACK THAN AND HOLD MY LIFE UNDER WATER!”!!! I tried to do things right, but no one would have it that way. So fine! FINE! Now I have power, now I can’t be pushed, but as soon as I flex my measly muscle I gotta get hit WITH A WALL AGAIN!” he yells, glaring at MJ.

“But it’s okay!” Electro growls, his voice menacing and unnerving, “Because I can see energy Spider-Man. I know that girl is right outside this building an I’m gonna get’er. I ain’ no genius, but I’m willin’ ta think that I got enough juice left to make this water a ‘no-factor’. So I’m gonna go now, and you can’t stop me, ya know why? Cuz only the strong survive Spider-punk and trust me...I'll make sure I do and the rest of you won't!"

Spidey takes a deep breath, "Don’t do this…”

"You don’t get to ask! I’m OWED this!!" shouts Electro as he thrust his hand up over his head as the sprinklers still rain down on them all, “LETS LIGHT IT UP!!!”

Quickly Spider-Man grabs Maryjane, throws her out a shattered window and shoots a web that forms a spider-web beneath her as it lands softly in the bushes just as Spidey turns around to see Electro’s entire body beam blue light like a blown transformer!


Outside the School

No Caption Provided

Crouched behind a car, Captain Stacy slowly peaks up from behind the hood of a vehicle. Holding up his hands, Captain Stacy looks at everyone behind hm, thankful that he ordered all the EMT, Paramedics and Police Officers to fall back from the school.



Captain Stacy jumps away from his car as Electro drops out the sky and caves in to roof of a car.

On his backside, Captain Stacy holds out his gun he pulled out on reflect, staring at the batt twitching and scalded body of Max Dillon.

Captain Stacy’s eyes open wide in shock as all the Officers rally behind him, guns drawn at the sight of Max Dillion groaning with smoke rising off his body as he coughs out smoke.

Swallowing down his fear, Captain Stacy gets onto his feet and carefully peaks at him, keeping his gun trained to Max Dillon’s head. Seeing Dillon’s eyes roll up in his head, but still breathing, Stacy holsters his gun.

Capt. Stacy firms his face as he sighs, "Alright boys...he's all fizzled out." he says as other officers take him off cracked windshield, "Call OzCorp, get'em to help us out with this."


INSIDE the gym

Sprawled out on the wet gym floor with debris and glass on him, Spider-Man remains still on a large black scaled portion of the floor that Electro ‘popped’ from.

The persistent ringing in his ears only adds to his painful migraine. His body limp, his energy gone Peter could barely move.

Staring up at the shattered glass roof Electro shattered through, Spidey struggles to lift his hand to his face and touches his face. Running his hand along his mask, quickly he can feel his mask is well torn in half.

Letting out a tired off, Peter pulls off his mask, getting in the way of his sight but as he tries to sit up, immediately stops as a sharp pain radiates up and down the left side of his torso.

No Caption Provided

“GAW...” Peter groans, swallowing the curses before letting out a series of shallowed breaths, “Oh gawd…” he sighs again, struggling not to exhale too deep. He broke a rib, he can feel it, only something like that could hurt so much.

“Your hurt.” says a voice.

Peter’s eyes dart left in shock.

Looking behind him, under the basketball hoop and up along the wall, Peter trembles at the sight of an older woman with white dreadlocks, sticking to the wall like a menacing gargoyle.

Wearing crimson trench-coat, large red tinted sunglasses over her eyes, the older women stands up on the wall, her feet flush.

Narrowing his eyes at her, Peter’s mind frantically tries to remember where he saw her last, but he remembers all too quickly – the night Uncle Ben died…


Flashback –

Racing up the stairs to the rooftop, Peter pushes the heavy metal rooftop door open to the raining night sky with dozens of helicopters hovering about with spotlights on him. Covering his eyes and pulling his hood over his face, Peter starts to back away as there is no sign of Cletus.

“WHERE ARE YOU!” Peter shouts, only to be viciously bashed across the face with a gun, sending him to the gravelly floor.

“RIGHT HERE YOU LIL PUNK!” Cletus Kassidy shouts, kicking Peter in the ribs, “YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME HUH?” but as Cletus pulls back his foot to kick Peter again, Cletus feels Peter’s firm grip on his ankle as he looks him at him angriliy.

“YES!” Peter shouts, and with a swift twist, breaks Cletus ankle!

“AAAAAAAH!!!” Cletus hollers in agonizing but points his gun at Peter who agilely kicks it out his hands.

Hopping onto his feet, Peter grabs Cletus and throws him across the roof, watching him slide on the gravel in a cloud of dust.

Seeing the gun in the moonlight beside him, Peter grabs the gun and immediately starts marching over to Cletus who scrambles on his belly across the gravel to the rooftop edge.


Cletus turns around to see Peter with the gun in his hand, pointing it at him!

Cletus smiles a bloody smile before spitting out a mouthful of blood as his curly red hair rustles in the gusty wind, “YOU’RE GONNA SHOOT ME IN FRONT OF THESE COPS!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?

Peter narrows his eyes at Cletus smug smile as he rips open his chest, “HIT ME WITH ALL YOU GOT! CAUSE WHEN YOU MISS, I’M KILL YOU, YOU’RE BROTHER AND ANYONE ELSE YOU KNOW YOU LIL PUNK!!”

Peter grits his teeth angrily as Cletus curly red hair blows in the gusty humid wind as rain falls on them, “YOU THINK I DON’T REMEMBER YOU HUH? I KNOW YOU’RE BROTHER!” Cletus shouts and points at him, “AND LIKE THAT OLD GEEZER THAT I SHOT!!”

"SHUT UP!!” Peter shouts.


“AAAAAAAAAH!!” Peter yells as he walks straight up to Cletus and puts the gun to his head.

However at that moment, Peter and Cletus both feel the entire rooftop tremble and turn around to the sight of a section of the rooftop swelling like a bubble before exploding with gangbangers flying through the air over their head with Madame Web leaping straight into the night sky! Kicking various gang members while in the air, Madame Web lands with a thud before Peter Parker and looks at the gun in his hand.

“Don’t do it!” Madame Web shouts.

Peter looks over his shoulder at her, “WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Madame Web says, “It’s over!”


Peter watches the agile older woman leap off the wall with ease, flip over the basketball hoop and over him and stick a landing in front of him amidst the broken up wood floor.

Slowly standing up, the aged woman turns around on her heels and faces him, her black sunglasses shinning in the moonlight.

His hair covered in soot, his face blackened a cuts on his arm, Peter narrows his eyes suspiciously, “I-I..i’ve seen you before.” She mumbles.

“You did well tonight.” The woman says with a smile, her shadow growing long along the floor in the moonlight.

“What do you want from me? Who are you?” Peter asks tiredly, the pain on his sides wearing out the last bit of his energy.

The older woman brushes aside her thick white dreadlock away from her face and carefully tucks it behind her ear as she smiles and kneels to Peter, now eye-level with him.

Even from behind the crimson glasses, Peter could feel her gaze on him, and he stiffened. Slowly the shadows of the clouds in the night recede and the pale moonlight shines over them both.

“Madame Web.” She responds as she takes off her glasses, revealing her cloudy blue blind eyes, “As for what I want?” she smiles, “ that all depends upon what you decide next.”

Peter gulps as the older woman smiles at him and suddenly shoots golden webbing at him.



Amidst the bushes, peaking over through the blown out window, with black smoke marks on her face and strands of webbing sticking around her waist Maryjane Watson remains on her knees, as her green eyes open wide in shock at the sight of the strange woman wrapping the maskless Spider-man up in golden webbing before suddenly disappearing out of thin air.

"oh my gawd."


...until the Epilogue.

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