Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc IV: The Sparks Between Us - Part 6: Terror of Electro

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Standing in the center of dark gymnasium like a lit candle, everyone remains motionless as they see Electro glaring at Gwen Stacy standing up against the wall. Her face pale and paralyzed with fear, Gwen watches in horror as Electro slowly walks towards her like something out of a nightmare.

Electro's lit bright white eyes glare at Gwen as if the petrified kids around him were nonexistent. Glancing over his shoulders, Electro looks at the surrounding bodies, only able to see the outlining shape of their body outlines and pumping red heartbeats.

Closing his eyes and trying to concentrate, Electro tightens his fist and grinds his glowing teeth before looking back at Gwen Stacy standing up against the wall in her pink dress, looking at him with terrified blue eyes. It was pleasant. He could feel her fear from over 10 feet away. With blue sparks of crackling electricity snapping off of Electro’s body, Gwen presses herself back into the wall as Electro stands several feet in front of her, silent, motionless and eerie.

"Tha-tha-this…is unfair.” Gwen mumbles.

Electro narrows his eyes at Gwen’s statement, “Unfair?” he mumbles in confusion, “HOW IS THIS UNFAIR FOR YOU!!!” he roars.

Gwen gulps, feeling a wave of heat reverberate from his glowing body.

“Be-becaw-cause…” Gwen swallows her tears back, struggling not to scream, “… you’re going to be nothing but a murderer in the end!” She boldly states, staring into Electro’s white eyes that dim and reveal his pale blue irises.

“For whatever the reason, no matter the reason, you’re about to kill a kid!” Gwen boldly exclaims, “I’m just a kid, and you killing me, makes you nothing but a stupid cowardly murderer, but if you stop here, you can still be who you REALLY are, Max Dillon! You can be better than this!" Gwen says, in a tone not too dissimilar of her father, but it's what she was aiming for.

However, the silence between Gwen and Electro after her statement sits between them like a carcass on the floor. Standing there, Electro mulls over Gwen’s words and lowers his face to the floor, “I see…you think things can go back to the way they were." he mumbles.

Gwen gulps, hoping that what she says has some impact.

However, a sudden nauseating feeling overwhelms Gwen as she begins to feel her knees wobble. Unable to keep herself standing, Gwen’s knees buckle and she drops to the floor, struggling to hold herself up by her hands. Gwen clenches her teeth as a stinging static sensation feeling crawls all over her skin. She wanted to throw-up. She needed air. She had to get on her feet.

Trying to get her bearings, Gwen looks up but only sees bright sparkling lights swarming around her, interfering with her line of sight. Everything was spinning and twirling all at once with a tingly sensation buzzing over her skin and in her her ears.

“Oh gawd…” Gwen cries, covering her ears with her hand, "What...what is happening to me!" she screams, unable to even tell if she is standing on the floor or on the ceiling or floating somewhere in between the bright electric lights pulsating around her.

“You’re feeling how I feel.” Electro replies, narrowingly his eyes as glowing sparks rise through the floor and slowly float around him. Tiling his head, Electro angrily clenches his jaw, “But if you just stay still, I can’t make it all go away…” he says, lifting his finger to her.


Popping out a vent high over the basketball court, Spider-Man sticks his head out to get a peak of the situation, but then feels his stomach bottom out, “Oh gawd…” he gasps.

From up high, Spider-Man watches in horror as Gwen Stacy, floats off floor in a sphere of thousands of small sparks floating around her and Electro inches from her.


Tears run down her glowing eyes. Unsure if she’s trembling from the surge of electricity in her arms or if it was the electricity stiffening her limbs, Gwen starts to cry.

“Sshh sshh girl…” hushes Electro, his face inches from Gwen’s as her hair starts to float beside her from the static cling, “...we ain’t get to the terrible part yet.” he grins, holding out scarred glowing finger snapping with electricity to Gwen’s face.

Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy

MaryJane 'MJ' Watson
MaryJane 'MJ' Watson
Sally Avril
Sally Avril
Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson


Spider-Man - The Web Head - Spidey
Spider-Man - The Web Head - Spidey


ARC IV - The Sparks Between Us

PART 3 – The Terror of Electro

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Bashing both his red feet into the side of Electro’s face, Spider-man sends Electro streaking across the Gym, away from Gwen and into a wall 30 ft away. Flipping into the air, Spider-Man lands on the wood gym floor and catches Gwen in his arms.

Suddenly the overhead lights in the gym cut back on with everyone seeing Spider-Man standing before him with Gwen in his arms.

“OH MY GAWD!” yells a student, pointing at Spider-man.

Spidey pulls Gwen close to him and leans into her ear, "Gwen! Gwen!" he whispers but pulls back as a curl of bright electricity bursts from her hair and suddenly breaks into convulsions in his arms.


"ON IT!" shouts Flash Thompson who runs for the Gym exit door as Eddie runs to Spidey for Gwen.



Everyone turns around at the sight of the bright a flash of light burst of the door handle with Flash flying back onto a table as the doorknob crackles electricity

"FLASH!" yells Eddie.

Suddenly Spidey's 'senses' goes berserk. Before he can move, a bright bolt of lightning zips past Spidey bursts off Eddies’ chest, rocketing him away.

“NOOO!” Spidey shouts but before he can realize it, Electro appears in front of Spidey in a burst of light, and grabs him by both sides of his head!

“YOU REALLY NEED TO LIGHTEN UP!!” Electro shouts, pumping hundreds of volts of electricity from the top of Spidey’s head down to the sole of his feet

“AAAAAAHH!!" yells Spidey as a burst of electricity pops between them. Sent flying back with Gwen in his arms, Spider-man hits the floor on his back and skids to a top with smoke rising off his chest.

“OH gaaaaawd!” Spidey groans in pain, hitting the floor repeatedly with his feet as the pain slowly subsides.

“Woooooo BOY!!” echoes Electro.

Standing afar, Electro, decked in a green bodysuit, points at Spidey on the floor with an evil grin, "You’re still ALIVE?!” he scoffs, observing his crackling palms, “I wonder if anyone would last as long?” he grins before turning his attention to all the students and teachers behind.

Then, Electro’s eyes glow bright, "VOLUNTEERS?!" the hollars as power shoots down from his body and thuds the wooden gym floor, trembling the wood under everyone’s feet.

Immediately the students stampede for the doors, piling out the gym in a flurry of screams and cries..

Electro narrows his eyes, watching the doors flapping shut as he’s not left alone in the gym. Tables turned over, balloons on the basketball court floor along with Eddie Brock Parker on the floor and Flash Thompson sprawled out on the floor.

“Now that we’re alone…” Electro snarls, twirling on his heels to Gwen convulsing on the wood floor, having a seizure.

“A seizure huh?” Electro snickers, stalking towards her, “Girlie, when I'm done with you, your Fathah’s gonna wish all you had was a SEIZURE!"

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" yells Spidey skidding in-between Electro's skinny legs, jumps in the air and slams both feet in the back of Electro head with all his might. Immediately Electro’s thrown off his feet and sent clear across the gym, crashing face-first into a wall.

“You are not killing her!!” Spidey hollars.

Dust and bits of dry wall in his mouth, Electro plants his hands against the wall and pulls his dusty bloodied face out the hole in the wall. Dozens of small cuts on his face, Electro spits out a mouthful of blood and glares at Spidey across the room from over his shoulder, “Who died and made you Pope?!” he growls, turning around to face his enemy.

Silence settles between Spider-Man and Electro in the dark gymnasium as Eddie Brock Parker desperately hobbles between them like tumbleweed between two gunfighters in the old west.

Spidey shakes his head at the sight of Eddie pushing past the doors, "Great. So much for heroism running the family." he grumbles.

Spidey looks to Gwen over his shoulder him, still passed out, and then returns his attention to Electro ahead of him, "Look lightning-butt! I know you’re pissed, but you’re NOT killing that girl because of your....issues!"

“Issues. ISSUES?” Electro repeats, his eyes twitching at the sound of the word, “ Issues don’t even BEGIN to cover it!” Electro yells.

Looking at his scarred hands, Electro face wrenches in pain, “MY LIFE WAS RIPPED OUT MY HANDS, AND ALL CAPTAIN ‘ALL AMERICA’ GEORGE STACY WANTS TO DO IS ARREST ME! HE DOESN’T CARE IF I GET GET A CURE OR HAVE A LIFE! And that’s just fine…” he growls, pointing at Spider-Man, “Cause I’ll make sure his lil girl doesn't have one either!" he snarls.

"KILLING MY FRIE...I MEAN THAT GIRL CHANGES NOTHING!” Spider-Man shouts, “ALL YOU DO BY KILLING HER OFF, validates to EVERYONE that You’re more twisted than Lady Gaga in a meat suit!" snaps Spidey.

Closing his eyes, Electro clenches his jaw and tightens his fists as swirls of electricity course over his body! Spider-man feels his ‘spidey senses’ tingle.

Suddenly all the lights cut out in the gym.

Spider-Man begins to feeling sudden sense of dread as Electro opens his glowing white eyes as bright electricity shoots out the floor and into his hands, “You really are pissing me off…”

Spider-man takes a step back, “Was it the Lady Gaga comment, so sorry, from now one, i’ll only call you Pikachu.”

Meanwhile in the lobby…

Running down the hallway, Eddie turns around and sees a bright lights cut off! Hearing an echoing and clearly painful yell echo down the hallway, Eddie turns away and tiredly leans against the lockers.

"What's happening!" asks a voice.

Scared, Eddie jolts around and sees Maryjane, Harry and Sally Avril pop their heads out the Janitor’s Utility Closet.

“What the…what are you doing here?”! Eddie asks, "WE GOTTA BOOK IT!" he snaps as he is about to run but MJ pushes him back.


Eddie clenches his jaw, "You bet! Flash is in there too and he's my friend but there's nothing we can do!"


“YES I CAN!” Eddie interjects, “And if you want some of what she got, go ahead PLEASE and be a hero, indulge yourself! I'm sure the Avengers could use a Captain America Girl or whatever you’ll call yourself, but I just got lit up like a freakin’ Christmas Tree! SO NO THANK YOU TO FIGHTING THAT HUMAN ELECTRICAL SOCKET!" he snaps.

MJ firms her face, "We have to help Gwen!" she pleads to them.

Harry turns her around, "Look MJ, baby, I know you like her but seriously! Even Peter is gone and he’s not going after Gwen! We gotta go!" he says.

MJ pulls her arm away, disgusted, "ARE YOU ALL SERIOUS?! OUR FRIEND IS IN THERE AND..."

Eddie points with his thumb behind him, "WHOA WHOA! CORRECTION! YOUR FRIEND! NOT MINE!" he snaps.

Sally Avril pulls MJ, "I'll help!" she says.

MJ looks at her in surprise. Harry holds his head, "Are you kidding me! You'll both be…”


Everyone turns around to see Spidey crash through the wall down the hallway as dust and debris pour out the hole he fell through. Groaning in pain, Spidey remains flat on his stomach with sparks crackling on his back.

Everyone freezes, hoping not to be seen. MJ’s green eyes remain fixed on Spider-man’s deep groans while he pushes himself off the floor and staggers to his feet.

Forming webs over his fists, Spider-man lets out a deep sigh then yells, "THAT THE BEST YOU GOT PIKACHU!" he shouts, diving back inside.

MJ turns to them, "I'm going!" she snaps.

Eddie nods, "Best of wishes!" he says, turning away from her as he runs down the hallway with Harry. Sally looks at MJ and who nods at her, "Okay lets do this."

MJ nods, "In a sec we can go inside." She says as they both run up to the hole in the wall.

“Okay I think…

“This is for making Eddie LIKE YOU!”

MJ looks over her shoulder in shock as Sally grabs her by the hair and throws her inside the GYM, "BEST OF WISHES!" she snaps.


With bolts streaking past him as he leaps through the air, Spidey jumps from the ceiling to the wall, back on to the floor while hurling chairs and tables at Electro. However, Electro continues making sweeping gestures in the air with his hands, sending massive bolts of electricity that burst the chair into saw dust and split the tables in two! Tearing wide gaping holes on all sides of the gym with his attacks, Electro yells in anger, unable to hit the angile Spider-Man who zips along the walls, the floor, narrowly missing everyone shot.

“Come on spidey, how do you wear out a living energy source!” Spider-Man thinks to himself.

Suddenly Spider-Man’s ‘spider-sense’ screams as Electro raises his fists over his head, “ENOUGH OF THIS!” she shouts before dropping to his knees and slamming his fists against the floor.

Instantly electricity erupts off Electro’s body, burns the wood floor around him in a circle, splinters wood panels further with lightning bolts streaking over the floor curling up the wood and directly to Spidey.

“Why do ALL the bad guys get crazy cool powers, CAN SOMEONE ANSWER ME THAT!” Spidey shouts, backflipping quickly along the floor before pushing off his hands with all his might and sticking to the basketball hoop!

No sooner does he land on the backboard of the basketball hoop, Spidey sees Electro thrust his hand, “DIE!!!”

Spidey springs off the basketball hoop as bolt of lightning explodes into sparks below his feet. Sticking to the high glass ceiling, Spider-man obeys his spider-sense again and immediately rolls to his right as a bolt of lightning shatters through the glass ceiling beside him, melting it! Upside down, Spider-Man feels the air on his body raise as he peers down at Electro, panting with his raised finger lifted with smoke rising off the tip of his finger.

“Geezus he’s getting better.” Spider-Man mumbles, feeling worried.

A smirk crawls at the corner of Electro mouth, “FEELING TIRED YET?” he smirks.

"ONLY OF YOUR FACE!” Spidey shouts back, ready to dive off the ceiling, but then catches sight of the overhead fire alarm water sprinkler system.

An idea flashes in his mind. "Water...water!" Spidey says out loud but suddenly his spidey senses goes beserk.


"YEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!" Spidey hollers at the top of his lungs as Electro explodes off the ground, zips through the air at Spidey


Hiding under a table, Maryjane covers his eyes as a bright flash erupts with Spider-Man screaming at the top of his lungs! The flash gone, Maryjane looks again and sees Spider-man drops straight down the basketball three-point free throw line with smoke rising off his entire body.

“Oh no.” Maryjane gasps.


Maryjane turns around and sees Flash Thompson under the table, pointing to Gwen sprawled out in the middle of the gym floor.


Twitching on the floor, Spider-Man clenches his teeth in pain as he curls up into the fetal position, shivering as residual lines of electricity crackle over his body.

Strutting over to him, Electro finally stands over Spider-man, and snarls.

“Make a joke piss-ant…” Electro growls, looking right into Spidey’s brown eyes under the half-torn mask, “… c’mon, MAKE ONE!” he shouts, raising his crackling hands.


The sharp cry gives Electro pause and turns around. Immediately he sees a horrified Maryjane standing in the middle of the gym floor with Flash Thompson holding Gwen over his shoulder.

Electro grinds his teeth, “Oh...the B-Team huh?” he says, outstretching his open palm to her as it crackles electricity.

Quickly Spidey swipes his leg into Electro’s ankles, knocking him off his feet before rising up and spraying Electro with webbing, plastering him to the floor but turns to Maryjane, "RRUUUAAAAAN!!” he hollars.

Maryjane pauses for a moment, locking eyes with the familiar brown eyed masked Spider-Man she looks at as part of a red and blue burnt mask remains on his face with a jagged tear across the face.

Then Mary Janes points as her face goes pale, “WAAATCH OUT!”

Suddenly bathed in a bright blue glow, Spider-Man looks to the floor in horror as bright light bleeds through the cocoon of webbing Electro is wrapped in.

Spider-man gulps, “Oh s…”

Immediately a blue shockwave erupts off of Electro’s body, splitting the webbing and throwing Spider-man off his feet. A thunderous explosion rocks the gym before slowly ebbing away, leaving nothing but black smoke, a bright glowing Electro in the center of the dark gym

“YOOOOOOOU...” Electro hollers, standing erect as Spider-Man’s webs rain down around him and wither in the air, “....aaare so annoying.” he growls.

Electro his body glowing in the dark like a torch in a cave, clenches a fist that glows bright blue, "I’m gonna kill you.” he grumbles, “You hear me. I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill you dead!.”

Groaning in pain, Spider-Man pushes himself up with his hands but quickly collapses onto his chest again, groaning.

“Oh gawwd…” sighs Spidey, coughing out a puff of smoke , “…Pikachu, you got some bite.”

“SHUT UUUUUUUUUP!” Electro shouts, thrusting a bolt of lightning from his hand, but to his amazement, Spidey quickly back-flips over Electro while shooting a glob of web onto Electro’s eyes and reaches out for the ‘Fire-Alarm’ pulley on the wall across the Court.

Holding out his hand for it, Spider-man’s ‘Spidey sense’ goes berseerk as he sees sparks shoot out the ‘Fire-Alarm’ pulley.

“oh crap.”

In a curl of white raw electricity, Electro’s ghostly form explodes out the fire-alarm blasts Spidey right in the face, sending him to the floor in the fetal position.

"YYEEEEEEAAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWW!!" yells Spidey reeling in pain as smoke lifts off his body!

Reforming before Spider-Man shivering on the floor, Electro points at him, "I’m tired of toying WITH YOU!" he yells, shooting waves of electricity through Spider-Man’s screaming body.

Holding up his hands as bright sparks of electricity snap and hiss between his fingers, a twisted grin forms on Electro’s face, “Any last words bug?!”

"LET HIM GO!" yells a voice.

Electro immediately turns around to the voice. Scanning the dark gym, Electro’s eyes zip by then goes back to the unbelievable sight. Electro’s brow furrows before an eyebrow cocks up at the sight of Maryjane standing far behind him, decked in her black dress as she pulls her red hair in a ponytail, as if ready to fight.

“What are you in Glee Club?” Electros scoffs, waving her off before turning back to Spider-Man at his feet, “Get outta here before I change my mind.”

Maryjane stamps her foot at his reply, garnering a side eye glare from Electro, “HEY, FREAK!” she shouts, demanding his attention.

Electro smirks at Maryjane’s quite determined death wish. Granting her momentary attention, Electro stands up and rests his hands on his side. Maryjane, some 100 feet away from stands there, alone, her eyes zeroed in on him as if a fire exploded in her eyes, "I SAID LET HIM GO!" she yells.

Electro throws his head back in laughter, "OH BOY I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! You All got some bravado! BUT YOU oh I know you’re like what? Sixteen…” he says, licking his teeth as he looks MJ up and down, but holds up his finger, “One sec.”

Quickly turning around, Electro drops to one knee, pressing his palm against Spider-Man’s back, shocking Spider-Man into a loud yell at the top of his lungs as his hands go straight up in the air before he collapses, unconscious.

An audible gasps escapes Maryjane, garnering Electro’s attention, hoping to see a reaction. Maryjane closes her eyes, as if to summon something, lifts up her hands - palms facing forward, and lets out with an eerie yet glass shattering voice.....


The humorous demeanor in Electro eyes evaporates. A hard swallow heard, Electro clenches his jaw as he stares at Maryjane in pure unadulterated astonishment. A sensational cool wind flows directly off Maryjane's body. Standing before him with her fists clenched, MJ slowly opens her now amazing glowing green eyes. Letting out a breath, the wood floor splinters around her spectacularly while her red hair glows bright red.

“How ‘bout you pick on someone your own size.” Maryjane snarls with narrowed glowing green eyes.

To be continued in the next and final entry.....'Fizzled Out'