Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man ARC IV - The Sparks Between Us: PART 5 'SHOCKED'

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"HE CAME OUT OF NO WHERE! IT WAS SO AWESOME…scary, BUT AWESOME!" Gwen exclaims to her small circle of friends, thoroughly captivated with her Spider-man 'encounter'.

Hopping up in down in excitement in her pink dress, Gwen continues, holding up her hands in vivid recollection of how Spider-Man swung them from a building to the street in safety after Max Dillon tried to killed them only hours ago.

Standing before her, kept in avid attention, Harry Osborn, Sally Avril, Anya Corazon, Liz Allen, Eddie Brock, Hubie and Flash Thompson stare at her in utter disbelief until she finishes.

Then, a pause as Gwen waits for the enthusiastic response to her story.

"Ya right!" Flash scoffs.

Gwen's face falls "Wha, WHAT!" exclaims Gwen, "I'm TELLING YOU! I WAS THERE! HE IS REAL! THERE IS AN ELECTRICAL MAN!"

Eddie nods, "Ya, we already got the Avengers out there, but do we really need an electrical man too? What else is next? Plumber man? Nice Gwen. Nice." he says sarcastically as the popular crowd leaves and dances on the dance floor.

Gwen folds her arms as Harry is all that is left from the crowd, "Wow babe, that is was some story." he says.

Harry's words fall flat to her. Gwen frowns and brushes his hand off her shoulder, "Will you stop calling me babe!" she says frustratingly. She had only accepted his invite to the dance, not to be mate for life. He was taking this 'date' thing way too far for her comfort.

Harry shrugs, "Whoa, whoa, why so tense?" he asks.

Gwen growls before pointing her finger in his face, "Why are you speaking like an idiot! We're here 'together' because you asked me but we're not 'together-together'. ALRIGHT!"

Harry rolls his eyes, "It’s the whole fung schway, zen, easy going thing. You gotta learn how to ease up babe."

Gwen narrows her eyes, "If you call me babe, ONE...MORE TIME..."

"GWEN!" calls Peter from a distance.

Gwen turns around an almost in an immediate change of mood at the sight of Peter waving at her.

"PETER OVER HERE!" she smiles, the light of happiness aglow at his very presence draws immediate concern for Harry. However, Harry's watches as Gwen's face almost turns to stone and the joy drain away from her face as Maryjane Watson walks through the lobby doors behind Peter and kisses him on the cheek.

Everyone in the gym stop as if a bomb went off. A sea of eyes and open mouths staring at Peter Parker, locked in arms with a gleeful and drop dead gorgeous Maryjane Watson.

Flash eyes open wide in pure shock as Eddie, Peter's step-brother, drops his cup of punch to the floor, "What!"

Flash gulps, "Okay, maybe there is an electrical man if this just happened, but this is ten times more shocking."

Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson
Eddie Brock-Parker
Eddie Brock-Parker
Sally Avril
Sally Avril

Mary Jane Watson
Mary Jane Watson
Peter Parker - Step Brother to Eddie Brock Parker
Peter Parker - Step Brother to Eddie Brock Parker

Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man

ARC IV - The Sparks Between Us

PART 5 - Shocked

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Peter's School
Peter's School

School Dance
School Dance


Walking across the floor, half the crowd on the dance floor looks at how Maryjane’s fine red hair flows behind her almost like a cape her against her jet black form-fitted dress and delicate pearl necklace gracing her neck. With the echoing 'klick klack' of MJ's black patent heels sounding almost as her entrance music, MJ smiles gingerly and whispers into Peter's ear.

Despite the energetic music spinning from the DJ, no one moves. Almost hypnotized at the sight of MJ clutching onto Peter’s arm, MJ happily winks one lightly powdered dark green eye at Sally avril, almost feels the surge to vomit. Maryjane's shadow-eye done perfect, makes her striking emerald green eyes seem like two gems that pierces the soul and asks for more.

Struck in shock, Gwen starts to immediately tug and pull at her peach satin dress and stand awkwardly in her white ballerina like shoes. All of a sudden, Gwen feels self-conscious. Like a foreign agent in a body, Gwen beings feeling out of place and far from suitable as she sees MJ clutch Peter’s arm, as he wears a baggy tuxedo.

Quickly Gwen grabs a hold of Harry but he nearly shrugs her off as he reaches out to Maryjane Watson, "Whoa! VAH VAV VOOM!" exclaims Harry as he looks at Maryjane up and down, “You look GOOD! Why’d you bring the homeless guy…I mean HI peter.”

“Ha. Ha.” Peter replies, rolling his eyes.

"I think he looks smashing." MJ compliments, smiling at Peter who blushes instantly every shade of red.

“Yeah if you’re colorblind and cross-eyed! Look at him, he looks like a rented a tux from a dead man two sizes bigger than him.”

“Well not everyone can have custom made clothes from their FATHER harry.” MJ wittily retorts, watching Harry’s cheeks blush as Peter tries to hide his smile.

Changing gears, Peter smiles and hugs Gwen, "Hey Gwen, you look great too." he says, looking at her dress, “Nice white shoes.”

Gwen gives a half smile, "Tha-thanks. You guys look nice too." she says but glances to MJ whispering something into Peter’s ear, causing to him smile.

Harry looks at them both and looks at Gwen then at MJ, "Ya, MJ may win Prom King AND Queen. She looks good enough to take Peter’s crown."

"HEY!" says Peter.

Harry shrugs, "I'm just saying!" he says.

As Harry points out who is in the crowd and who’s is dating who, Gwen starts to feel awkward as she shifts her weight from left to right. Peter, notices her awkwardness and how she looks at the floor, fidgeting her feet. However, Anya Corazon runs up to them both, in her red and blue dress, and taps Gwen’s shoulder as she introduces her date to her.

“I want you to meet my friend, his name is Miguel O’Hara, he’s from the Bronx!” Anya she exclaims.

As everyone continues to mingle and dance, Peter starts doing the ‘robot’ to the ‘Electronica’ music being played. MJ stops dancing as soon as the music stops and turns to Peter, "Hey you mind if I go say to some friends.”


“Don’t worry I’m not ditching you, I just wanna go say hey.” MJ says, watching Peter nod before kissing him on his cheek, “Be back Tiger.”

"Don't go too far." she winks to him.

Peter smiles and watches her go as he blushes to the point of being just plain red. Harry puts his hand on his shoulder, "DUDE! Like that is 10 on the Babe-O-Meter!" Peter nods.

"I know! She's so cool though! Like in her head, she's a really good person at heart!" Harry rolls his eyes, "Forget that, she's the best looking girl here! Period! Man like, she looks better than even my date!"

Peter shake his head but notices that, despite the music, from behind Harry, Gwen overheard exactly what Harry said, turns away and hurries out the Gymnasium.

Peter looks at Harry, "You shouldn't have said that! She heard you!" he says.

“So what? It’s the truth!” Harry says defensively, “Not my fault my date stepped out of a Super Mario Game with something from Princess Peaches’ closet!”

Peter furrows his brow and shakes his head, “Now that, is when I say you sound like your dad!” He snaps, brushing past him and pushing his way through the thick crowd as Harry looks at him.

“Well at least I have one!” Harry mumbles but turns away, disappearing into the crowd.


Prom Night continued perfectly. Everyone alive with fun and joy. Dancing, laughing with an even amount of wallflowers and one or two people crying in the corner.

Standing by the food and punch, MJ converses with one of the teachers along with Peter. Watching them from afar, Gwen stands by a gym exit door.

She didn't hear the music nor the laughter. All she could see, was Maryjane Watson and Peter Parker, standing perfectly together as if they looked like a married couple. A perfect married...

"Hey Gwen..."

Jolted out with one of the teachers spots Gwen who's eyes well up with tears.

"...are you okay?" asks the Mr. Klein.

Shaking her head, Gwen covers her mouth and runs past him, storming out the hallway doors.

Seeing all this, Peter nudges, MJ who having seen it as well, nods at him. However, after a moment, seeing Peter run for her, MJ gulps and politely excuses herself from the teacher and hastily makes her way through the crowd, her path to the door is suddenly halted as she feels a firm hand grab her wrist.

Looking behind at her arm to the firm hand holding her, she looks up and see Eddie Brock holding her by the wrist, "Hey Red, wanna dance?" he asks.

His eyes were tinge red. His question seemed slurred and his face seemed, creepy. He had been drinking. Not drunk, but she could tell he was nearly there.

Give a smirk, MJ looks at Eddie pleasantly and shakes her head, "You’re here with Sally Eddie, enjoy!" she says, prying his hand off her small wrist and walks away.

However, as she disappears into the ground, Eddie lunges through the ground, grabbing MJ firmly by her forearm this time and yanks her back, "Come on!" he insists.

Pulling back and leaning back, MJ’s green eyes glare at him, "WHAT is the matter with you Eddie! I'm going out with your brother! Do you know what that means?"

“Yeah I do!” Eddie blurts out and leans close to her, "It means that he gets ALL the good stuff!”

MJ clenches her jaw, his breath was full of cheap vodka.

“An I don't get it!” Eddie says, “Why don't you like me! I’m the one that worked hard ya know! And its baby Peter this! Baby peter that! But he got a parents killed ya know! I saw it. He made himself stay in that house and my father ran in there. {{See Issue 1}} Everything Peter touches get tainted and dies ya know. Now me on the other hand…”

“LOOK EDDIE!” MJ growls, "You’re a great guy in your book, but Peter, is the nice guy my book and he’s the one I want. You have to deal with it. Its my CHOICE! Not yours! Now let go of my arm." she says but Eddie doesn't.

"No I want you to dance with me!" he says more insistent, pulling her into the dance floor.


But Eddie stops, turns around and pulls MJ into his arms, trying to kiss her but she knees him in the crotch and firmly slaps him across the face, making everyone stop and look in shock.

“OOOOOOOOOooooooo!” everyone gorans.

“Eddie, get it through your head, I. DON’T. LIKE. YOU!!” MJ snaps.

"What happened, you’ll put out for Peter but not for me? Is that how it is?" Eddie snaps in a bitter tone.

MJ looks at Eddie as everyone hushes in shock at his statement. At that moment, Eddie almost sees in Maryjane’s green eyes a fire explode in her corneas as pulls her hair back, takes off her pearl necklace and clenches jaw and takes off her earrings, “Say that, one.more.time.”


No Caption Provided

Bursting through the GYM doors and into dimly lit hallway, Peter looks down the vacant hallway until he spots Gwen running.

"Gwen wait up!" Peter shouts, racing after her down the hallway as she starts to pull off her costume jewelry, leaving it on the floor as she runs.

Catching up to her, Peter skids beside Gwen and gets in her path


"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Gwen tearfully shouts in his face, brushing past him.

Watching her go, Peter extends his arm out but hesitates. He could web her to him, that would be wrong, he had to do this the hard way, he thought.

"GWEN STOP!" Peter shouts, using his superior speed to run faster to him and steps in front of her but is shocked as he cheeks are red and her eyes are pink with mascara running down her cheeks.

"I CAN'T DO THIS!" Gwen screams, throwing her cellphone into the metal locker.

Peter looks at her in shock, seeing her in clear pain and anguish, Peter clenches his jaw, "What happened! Who did it! WHO HURT YOU! I swear to gawd if they…"

"YOU DID!!!" Gwen shouts at the top of her lungs.

Peter eyes open wide at shock as Gwen looks at him with tears cascading down onto her apple-red cheeks.

“I-I…” Peter gasps, shaking his head, "I don' I miss something?" he asks.

Gwen closes her eyes and covers her face before letting out a frustrated groan, “UHHGGGG PETER JUST…” she open she eyes and looks at Peter but collections her emotions, trying not to cry and simply folds her arms, "Just leave me alone!" she says, turning her face away from him, trying not to sniffle.

Peter steps closer to her, "Gwen, we’ve been friends like, like since the first grade when you put sand in my underwear and I put jello in your shirt...we are here for each other. So come on, what happened? What’d I do??!"

Gwen, bites her lip awkwardly, looking around but than her blue eyes lock in with Peter's eyes and there is nothing but silence between them as the muffled DJ music echoes down the dark hallway. Peter starts to feel awkward but sees Gwen step forward, closer to him and gently places her hands on his shoulders, “I-…”

Suddenly hearing the doors open, both Gwen and Peter jolt, seeing a crowd of people pumping their fists in the air repeatedly and chant, "FIGHT! FIGHT FIGHT! GO MJ! GO!" yells one of kids as he falls out of the gym area and pushes his way back in to the GYM.

“oh CRAP!” Peter exclaims, his eyes open wide as he disengages from Gwen and sees the kid go back inside, about to leave Gwen but he turns around as she just stands there, not moving.

Torn, Peter is unsure what to do, but gulps and extends his hand to her, "Come on!" he says.

Gwen just looks at his hand as if it was a strange and foreign object, even wincing. Closing her eyes, Gwen shakes her head, "Na-no.” she mumbles.

Peter looks at her confused, "WHAT!"

Now Gwen blue eyes narrow and she firms her face, angrier, "I SAID NO PETER! I'M DONE! YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE! HER OR ME!"

Peter looks at her in shock and holds his head with both hand, "WHAT THE….YOU OR WHO?!?!!" he asks confused, but Gwen says nothing as her face starts to loose resolve in the face of firm ultimatum and she just shrugs before waving at him, "Just go…”


“I SAID GO!” she snaps, pushing him away.

Peter looks at her, her eyes full of hurt as she backs away from him, “Go…save her.” She says but turning away and running down the hallway.


No Caption Provided

"I'll KICK YOUR SCRAWNY LIL AAHHH!!!" yells Sally as Maryjane elbows her in the face!

Watching Sally get caught by a several onlookers, Maryjane wipes her very majestic red hair away from her face and rolls her tongue in her mouth, turning her ardor onto Eddie Brock, "YOU WANT ME!? FINE!" she snaps, pointing her finger at him, "NOW YOU GOT ME!? WHAT YOU GONNA DO WITH ME HUH?"

"YOUR CRAZY!" Eddie shouts, trying to back away from her but the encircling crowd pushes him to Maryjane.

Maryjane waves her finger, "Oh no-no-no-NO!" she shouts, "You don’t get to run, NOT AFTER WHAT YOU PULLED! I'm not your GIRL! You don’t FORCE yourself on me! And I'm not for you to PICK AT, I'm not some piece of MEAT you can just hit and hit and hit!" she snarls, "I’M HERE BY CHOICE!" she exclaims, stamping her foot to make the point, "WITH WHO I WANT! WHEN I WANT!" she yells as her hair starts to slowly rise.

Amongst the thick crowd, having artfully used his spider skills to get in-between everyone's legs, Peter pops up behind Maryjane, much to everyone’s surprise as if on some sort of cue. But much to Peter’s surprise, he sees four students holding Sally Avril back from grabbing hold of MJ, "I'LL SCRATCH THAT GIRLS EYES OUT YOU LIL WHORE!" yells Sally.

Peter turns to his attention to MJ and steps between her and Eddie "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!! SERIOUSLY!" he shouts, looking at both of them.

MJ’s eyes remain fixed at Eddie, "NO ONE tell me what to do! NO ONE! I do what I want! WHEN I WANT! I’m not easy! I’m not ANYTHING in your sick lil book! I’m me! And there’s only one of me! So when if I wanna…wanna…” MJ looks around and sees Peter, grabs Peter by both sides of his face and lays a huge kiss on Peter, making his eyes dilate but is pushed back as MJ turns around as Peter falls on his back in shock.


In the crowd, Harry rubs his head, watching all this, "Can she ‘choose’ to do that to me?"


Peter sits on his butt with red lipstick on his mouth, stunned.

"SERIOUSLY DID I MISS SOMETHING?" Peter shouts, looking up at MJ and Eddie.

“FORGET THE BOTH OF YOU!” Eddie shouts, storming away while pushing his way through the crowd to the hallway doors.

Seeing the path clear, Peter, still on his butt on the floor, sees Gwen Stacy by the door, covering her mouth as her burst into tears, devastated. However, Peter arches his eyebrows as he sees all of Gwen’s blond hair start to rise from static cling. Looking beside him, Peter sees MJ’s, and then everyone’s hair start to crackle.

Looking at his jacket sleeve, Peter sees the fibers start to stand on end before feeling his spider-sense pound in the back of his head.

“Oh no.” Peter gasps.

Suddenly the lights shut off, leaving everyone in dense darkness!

“AAHH!!!" yells everyone.

"RALPH RAAAAAALPH!" yells a voice.


"PETER!! PETER!” yells Maryjane, "PETER GRAB MY HAND!"

"Who cut out the lights!" yells a voice.




Suddenly a heavy bass-tone vibration trembles the floor under everyone’s feet, making all the spreads away from a figure standing in the middle of the crowd as bright blue light illuminates from off his body, glowing in the dark gymnasium like a glow-stick in the night.

The mysterious hum sound throbs along the floor, pulsating in waves as man in a green outfit with scars on his pale face stands before them. His pale eyes glow brightly as sparks and crackles ‘pop’ around him and the lightning bolt tear on his green shirt at the center of his chest.

“Oh gawd.” Peter gasps, fear gripping his chest as tight as MJ's hand grabbing his arm from behind.

“Who the heck is that?” MJ whispers in Peter’s ear.

The figure lifts his head to the group of students surrounding him, "I used to be a man named Max Dillon.” He says.

Peter narrows his eyes. He could tell Max grew stronger all in a day and this was going to be bad.

“…Today, some punk in a spider costume gave me an idea for a new name. So to his credit, the name is not electrode, but ELECTRO!” he snaps, with a crackling grin as the floor thuds from his power, “An I want you all to remember it. So you can blame that spider-punk for the bodies that'll hit the floor tonight, that is you all give up the girl named Gwen Stacy, otherwise, people will start gettin' lit up like Christmas lights in December!" he growls, “Now now kiddies…!”

Immediately, the crowd of kids part the path to exactly where Gwen Stacy stands in her pink dress.

Looking over his shoulder Electro’s glowing face plasters a bright crackling toothy smiles as blue sparks ‘snap’ and ‘pop’ around him, "Ooooh there you go.”

“Oh gawd…” Gwen gasps, paralyzed with fear as Electro turns to face her, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!" she screams.

Electro's glowing pale eyes narrow at her, "It’s not about what I want, IT’S WHAT'S FAAAAIR!!” he roars.

Everyone screams as a jolt of power trembles the floor with sparks bursting from Electro’s body! Slowly turning around, a snarl comes across Electro's face while he points at Gwen, with all the the wood floor planking on the floor curling up around him.

"Hi their barbie." Electro grins.

In the the thick of the ground, MJ slowly backs away and whispers “We gotta get out of here.” she whispers to Peter but suddenly sees he’s gone and looks around frantically in the crowd, “Peter?! PETER!”

“SHUT UP!” Electro roars to Maryjane, covering her mouth as he glares at her, but turns back to Gwen and points at her.

Curls of blue electricity bends and stretches off Electro's fingertip, “You know your FATHER tried to arrest me. The doctors TOLD ME to stay come. But I knew. I KNEW THEY WOULDN'T GIVE ME A CURE! THEY WOULDN'T GIVE ME A CHANCE! THEY CALLED ME THE BAD GUY! And you want to know what I want? FINE! I'LL SHOW THEM EXACTLY HOW BAD I CAN GET AND MAKE THEM GIVE ME A CURE!!!!!" he yells as more and more electricity crackles around him.


No Caption Provided

Racing down the hallway, Peter looks up and down the hallway seeing its empty and rushes to his locker, breaks off the lock with his barehand and opens it. Panic, sweat and fear grip his face as he stares at his ‘red’ backpack. Pulling it out, Peter races into the bathroom across the hall, kicking off his shoes.


Electro stands before Gwen and smiles at her as he extends his cracking hand to her, "But since they won't do that, since they refuse cure me, since they conspire against me…I plan on killing them all…starting with your father…”

“NO please…don’t…” Gwen cries, “We can…”

“Oh don’t worry barbie…I won’t TOUCH him, its not fair…” Electro snickers, “…but killing the man's daughter, who GOT me in the position with a box of stupid decorations in the wrong place that knocked my life into his hell....will kill your father and THAT right there…sounds pretty fair to me.”

Tears start streaking down Gwen’s cheeks as she uncontrollably starts to tremble as Electro crouches low to the wood floor, causing the paneling to curls in towards his yellow stained feet and tattered green clothes as he forms a crackling energy ball in outstretched hands, “Now stand real still barbie, or you’ll miss all those pretty lil sparks in-between us!"

To be continued…