Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc IV: The Sparks Between Us - Part 4: When Sparks Fly

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Standing at the end of the hallway, Gwen sits on the warm radiator positioned in front of the tall windowpane overlooking the Upper West Side, "Ya, I'm so excited for tonight, Peter said he'd save a dance for me Anya." she says on her phone.

"No...i'm still...ya know...going with Harry." Gwen replies somberly.

"What'dya mean ‘rebound date’? Yea yeah we can talk later. Its fine. See ya later." she says, ending the call.

Looking at her phone, Gwen tilts her head at an unanswered message from Peter, "Hmmm...."


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Hanging upside down on an overhead street light pole, a blue Honda Civic creeks while it sways a few inches over a suspended over a side-walk. Two men, wrapped in whisper thin white webbing, remain stuck up against the window of a Duane Reade Pharmacy, mumbling loudly in protest at the man who ruined their day. was a stretch.

For weeks it was a matter of debate if Spider-Man was a small man with gifted abilities, which was accepted by many Or worse yet, the growing theory on Tik Tock and most High School Locker Rooms, that Spider-Man was a teen. It was a conspiracy debate that divided most households and chatrooms over the internet, and even more on dying the forum known as….Instagram.

Regardless, it mattered little to him. Spider-Man could care less. All that matter were the little things.

Like the knot in his neck.

Stretching his arms out as if he just woke from a slumber, Spidey groans in discomfort on the sidewalk as passerby snap pictures of him.

“Hey just so you know, NO ONE mounts a curb successfully, IN A HONDA!” Spider-Man complains, tilting his face to the two men plastered in webbing to the window of the Duane Reade, “And do you know how hard it is catching a car in mid-air going at FIFTY miles an hour?! Like seriously, my guy, its a workout!” he complains further, stretching his limber arms over his shoulder.

Turning around, Spider-Man peers up the avenue and spots the bright red and white lights of ambulances speeding towards his position with Police car's veering out from behind them and barreling down the road.

“And that’s my cue!” Spider-Man says, with a finger gun gesture.


Spidey looks to the man wrapped up tightly in webbing and suspended over the street, "Hold ya breath, oh wait ya did. Is that why you’re so heavy? Oh wait, no that's ya motha! HA HA!" he mocks.

Hearing his ringtone play through the bluetooth earbud concealed under his mask, Spider-Man spins on his heel, giving everyone a mock salute before springing a clear 30 feet into the air.

Grabbing onto the front face of a building, Spider-Man runs up the side of a building, leaving the amazed crowd below. Recognizing the specialized ringtone, something he had to do since he couldn’t check his phone while in mid-swing (bad idea as he and a firm brick wall found out) Spidey taps the earbud to pick up the call.

“GWEN!” Peter exclaims, “How’s it hangin’.”


Gwen looks at her phone oddly, mouthing the words his just said, ‘Hows it hang…’

Ignoring it, Gwen returns her focus to the call, “Its...hangs well?!” she awkwardly replies, “So uh, you ready for the dance tonight?..... Ya me too! But ya, so uh... guess where I am?....No...No....Oh I wish there, but actually I'm at the hospital with my Father to see that guy that got electrocuted....Hmmmhmm...Ya, after you mentioned him when we were texting, i figured to do a good deed." she says, hoping it impresses him.

“Oh you wanna visit too?...Sure I’ll text you the address…” Gwen says, “...he’s such super creep too. Like, I coulda swore he was lighting up like a lightbulb. Hello? Peter..."

Captain Stacy
Captain Stacy

Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy
Max Dillon
Max Dillon

Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man

ARC IV - The Sparks Between Us

PART 4 - When The Sparks Fly

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Meanwhile inside Max Dillons' Room.


Capt Stacy frowns his face, "In my rookie year, I took him down my first time on the beat, in the Bronx. He was knocking over grocery stores." he says.

"Ya! I ain't proud of what I'd done. But try spendin' ya time doing a 'reformed' way of life and try and get hired for a job! Nobody wants a guy with a record!" snaps Dillon.

Capt Stacy firms his face, "So you steal other people's identities? We found 10 that you used!" he says.

Dillon sits up in the bed, straining the restraints, "They were all dead people, none of the them innocent. Look, I’m not apologizing for what I did! I did what I could to make a decent living! I was a respectable citizen and look what happens when you try to do things the right way! You work and work and work and then get kicked in the teeth!"

Cap Stacy shakes his head, "You got it all wrong Dillon." Max looks right back at him, "Kinda hard for you to preach that to me when I'm where I am and you are where you are. One day, you'll understand when the tables are turned." he says.

Capt Stacy narrows his eyes, "Is that a threat Max?"

Doc Connors clears his throat, "EH’HEM, well.." as he nods with tongue in cheek as the awkward moment sets in, "Well, I could try and treat him and..."


Doctor Connors nods, "Oh Rachel with be fine...with a blond streak in her hair, but fine nonetheless. We just need time Max. We will cure you, but we are trying to..."

"BUT HE WON'T LET YOU!" snaps Dillon as he points to Capt. Stacy. Doc Connors shakes his head, "That's not true..."

"YES IT IS!!!" yells Dillon. Stacy points to him, "Max, listen to me with both ears. You needing treatment for whatever it is you have, has nothing to do with us, and your delay in the doctors finding a cure for you has nothing to do with us period! I am an officer, you unfortunately are still breaking the law, and there is a cause and effect that happens because of that. You know that."

Dillon grimaces as the lights start to flicker in the room, "I heard what you said, but I still am cuffed to this bed and still WITHOUT A CURE. WHICH IS WHAT I WANT! GIVE IT TO ME! NOW!" he yells as the light over his head blows out and Max Dillon’s melts the rubber gloves covering his feet and hands while frying off the leather restraints!

Doctor Conner's and Capt Stacy cover their faces as the other two officers draw their weapons, "GET DOWN!" yells the officers, but Max extends his arms out and blasts the two men out through the wall.

Gwen looks with wide eyes as the officers land right next to her, turns and looks over her shoulder and sees Max Dillon floating over the bed with crackling electricity around him "I WANT A CURE DOC! OR PEOPLE START GETTING HURT!" he yells, pulling off his face-mask, allowing his glowing white face to illuminate brightly like a light bulb with sparks coming from his head.

Capt Stacy grabs Connors and pulls him behind him, "Max! CALM DOWN! YOUR GETTING WORSE!"

Dillon points to him, "YOU THINK THIS IS SOMETHING TO BE CALM ABOUT! MAYBE YOU NEED TO SEE WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE COMPLETELY HELPLESS AS YOUR WORLD COMES APART!" he yells as he looks at Gwen through the large hole in the wall.

Gwen, who is still on the phone, raises it to her head in shock as Max Dillion narrows his eyes at her.

"Uh...Peter, I gotta go and die now." she says in a shock at seeing Dillon start to raise his crackling hand out towards her.

Capt Stacy firms his face, "GWEN RUN!" he yells as he motions for his gun.

Gwen drops her phone and starts to sprint down the hallway, but in seconds, Capt Stacy and Connor's are blasted through the door right into the hallway in front of Gwen and lands into a metal cart full of medicines, causing Gwen to skid to a stop and fall on the floor as Connor's covers himself as debris falls atop him.

"DAD!" she shrieks as her father moans on the floor, holding his chest.

"JEEEEEZZZ!" he groans in pain, staggering to his feet.

"ON THE FLOOR!" yell the other officers.

Max narrows his eyes and shoots bright lightning from his hand that shoots through all the fifty police officers at once, sending them into violent convulsions before they all drop to the floor with smoke rising from their backs.

Turning away from them, Max watches the nurses and doctors start running away down the hallway and calling security as Max floats over to Capt Stacy, "YOU SHOULD HAVE LET ME GET A CURE! YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE GOT ME PISSED OFF! NOW YOU GET TO SEE THE SPARKS FLY!"

Capt. Stacy staggers to his feet and pulls his daughter behind him as Max floats before them.

"NO ONE did anything MAX! WE came here peaceable; WE came here to help you! NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING! I'm sorry this happened to you but you need to calm down before this gets any worse!" yells Capt. Stacy.

Max looks at his scarred hand as bolts of electricity zip across his fingers and along his arms. Closing his eyes as he makes a fist, Max shakes his head, "You're sorry? You think you can say SORRY and this won't get any worse? NO THIS IS WORSE AS IT GETS!" He hollers, glaring at Captain Stacy as he extends his open palm towards him, "And you say you're sorry? you're not...not yet!" he snarls as a crackling spark gathers at the center of his glowing palm.

"Don't Max!" warns Capt Stacy.

"DON'T WHAT!" Max shouts as a burst of electricity gathers around his body and curls the floor panels under his feet!

"GWEN CLOSE YOUR EYES!" yells Capt Stacy and quickly pulls out his gun and rattles off one shot directly to Max head! However, the speeding bullet abruptly stops in midair as a crackling electrical force field erects in front of Max face, stopping the bullet inches from his eye.

Capt. Stacy and Gwen look in shock as Max, who is covering his face with his forearms, slowly lowers his arm, expecting the shot and pleasantly sees the bronze bullet floating in place, held by several glowing lines of electricity.

"Oooo my..." Max sinisterly grins, his pale eyes captivated by still spinning bullet that floats in place, " that's new." he snickers while glaring at Captain Stacy as the bullet slowly turns from facing Max to Captain Stacy and Gwen all with a simple gesture of Max hand, "Now how about..."


"...we try that again one more time shall we?" Max snarls, ready thrust his finger forward to shoot the bullet.

At that moment, shattering glass causes Captain Stacy, Gwen and Max Dillon to turn around as Spidey crashes though the hallway window with shards flying around him before he bashes both of his feet firmly into into Max's face, rocketing him down the hallway as Spider-Man lands on the floor and watches Max slam into the closed elevator door.

"KNOCK KNOCK! My FOOTS the joke!" Spider-Man quips but looks at Capt Stacy crouched with his Gwen in his arms stands there in shock, "Stay here I got this!"

Suddenly Gwen points behind him, "WATCH OUT!" she yells.

Spidey feels his senses go berserk and instinctively leaps up and sticks to the ceiling as a cart full of medical supplies zips underneath him and straight out the window with a bolt of electricity trailing behind it.

"I hope your insurance covers all that." Spidey quips.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!" Max shouts, staggering onto his feet.

"You don't know me?" Spidey asks, dropping down onto the floor ease, "I am the Outstanding Spider-Man and you don't know me me?! Now that is just shocking I tell you, SHOCKING!" he exclaims as Max Dillon balls his crackling fists in annoyance.

"You TALK too much!"

"Anyone ever tell you light up a room no matter where you go?" Spidey says before looking over his shoulder at Capt Stacy and Gwen and has a sudden sinking feeling. For the first time, he feels worried seeing Gwen there and a sudden feeling of over-protectiveness comes over him as he looks back towards Max who points at him, "Now guys, make a break for it the minute you can."

"NO THEY WON'T!" yells Max as the hallway lights flicker as he points at them, "THEY GOTTA PAY!"

"Wha-wha wait a minute Sparkie!!" Spidey says, "You're in a POSH Hospital which means ObamaCare pays for your all Medical Supplies, not them, 'cept that cart you threw out the window, that'll be our lil secret. Sorry I know this is all like, a lot to absorb, that Obamacare website sucks."

"SHUT UP!" yells Max , " AND STOP GETTING IN MY WAAAAAAAAY!" he hollers as with a sweeping gesture of his whole arm, causing a huge yellow bolt of electricity to curl out from his forearm, slams against the ceiling and careen towards them!

"WHOA!" Spidey shouts while grabbing Gwen and Capt Stacy and diving into Max patient room as the bolt cuts clean through the ceiling like a blade while cutting through the hallway floor, leaving one clean gaping gap, exposing the office below.

Landing on his back with Gwen and Captain Stacy in Max patient room, Spidey sits up and throws his hands up in frustration as Gwen and Captain Stacy crawl behind the bed, SERIOUSLY WHAT IS UP WITH THESE OVERLY SENSITIVE BAD GUYS HAVING AWESOME POWERS! DID THE UNIVERSE LIKE TOTALLY SCREW ME OVER?!?! That's it! I WANT TELEPATHY DANGIT!"

Immediately Max explodes through the wall, floating off the floor in a sphere of crackling electricity and points to Spider-Man, "THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" he yells as his eyes glow bright white.

"My favorite TV show is on winter break, I have no money to download music, No good movies to watch in theaters and YOU HAVE ELECTRICAL POWERS AND DON’T WORK FOR CON-EDISON, SO besides boredom which clearly i'm suffering from, a human-lightning-bug, whose BUTT does indeed GLOW is SOOOO freakin' awesome i can't even begin too..."

"WILL YOU STOP MAKING FUN OF MEE!!" yells Max, about to shoot something from his hands but Spidey quickly shoots thick globs of webbing into Max hands.

"OH MY GAWD THIS IS DISGUSTING!" Max shouts but suddenly notices Spider-man already sticking his hand to the ceiling while swinging his knee square into his face with such force, Max is lauched out the room and slams onto the hallway wall before dropping on this stomach in pain.

Crawling through the massive hole, Spidey sticks to the wall and looks down at Max Dillon on the floor, shaking his head in a daze.

"Now listen you lil-Pikachu reject! I have the proportionate strength and speed of a spider! Which means i can take just as much as you DISH OUT Sparks! SO unless you wanna charge a battery or my Iphone for free or lite up a Christmas tree in February, weird but okay, then carry on your merry sparkie, but if you start deep frying innocent people, then I gotta pull the proverbial plug on your lightning butt."

Max grits his teeth and thrusts hands over the tear in the floor, causing immense amount of yellow electricity from the entire hospital, directly into his body.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!” Max shouts as electricity crackles around his entire body, "Did you just call me….LIGHTNING BUTT!?!?!"

Spider-Man holds up a fist and raises one finger, “Ok look i called you sparks, Sparkie. Pikachu-reject and yes Lightning butt.” he says, holding up four fingers, “You can make the fifth one?! Or if you’re really pissed off cause of the last one, then then let me call you ELECTRODE before we're done here cause that's like, two reject pokemon-rejects that if you align yourself now, totally forecasts this whole career path to get wrecked."

"THE ONLY THING THAT'S GONNA GET WRECKED...." he shouts, forming a glowing energy ball in his cupped hands, “...IS YOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!" yells Max as he unexpectedly throws the electrical energy ball into the room with Gwen and Captain Stacy!

“NOO!” Spidey shouts, diving into the room.

Rolling on the floor, Spider-man shooting a thin line of webbing at Gwen and Captain Stacy backs before diving back out window and forcibly pulling them with all his might. Gwen and her Father look at each other in shock as their both yanked off their feet, pulled out the window as a massive explosion destroys through the whole Hospitals 15th floor!

Gwen covers her face, screaming as the heat of the flames warms her entire body as crackling fiery electricity bursts through the windows!

“AAAAAAAAAAH!!!” Gwen screams at top to her lungs as the howling cold wind hits their faces as the plummet to the street!

“HOLD ON!” Spidey shouts, pulling the weblines once more.

Swiftly Captain Stacy and Gwen fly back into Spider-Man’s arm, Gwen hugging him almost as tight as Captain Stacy does, allowing him shoot out a webline at two over head streetlights swiftly approaching.

“HANG ON TO YOUR BUTTS!” Spider-Man shouts while gracefully swinging them through the air with ease before landing in the middle of the street below!

His feet planted on the ground, Spider-Man looks at both Gwen Stacy and Captain Stacy huddled onto him so tight, he could’ve sworn they were part of his suit/

“ALL off the spidey-express!” Spidey quips just as a deafening explosion erupts overhead.

Shaking him back to his senses, Captain Stacy opens his eyes, half-dizzy and with the overwhelming urge to vomit, releases Spider-Man.

Gazing at him for a moment, Captain Stacy steps away from Spider-Man but his attention is grabbed by the billowing black smoke rising out the hospital floor he was just in moments before.


Hearing his daughter's voice, Captain Stacy looks back at Spider-Man easing his daughter's clenched grip off of his arm, “Its okay, you CAN let me go.” he says reassuringly.

Letting him go, Gwen raises her eyes to Spider-Man. It was him. The geniune article before her who just saved her life and her Father.

Overwhelmed with emotion as tear rush to the brim of her eyes, Gwen can’t help herself and throws herself into his arms, "OH THANK YOU SPIDER-MAN!" she says happily

Torn, Captain Stacy looks up to the 15th floor as black smoke bellows out the window, unsure what he has time for; call in the explosion or reach his gun and take out the mask vigilante. .

Capt Stacy looks at Spider-man in bafflement, he needed a question answered first - the man or teen - a matter of hot debate, just saved his life. He could at least try to see if he was good...even though his gut said otherwise.

"How did you know we were there?" Capt. Stacy asks, slowly resting his hand over his gun.

His keen vision immediately locks onto the trajectory Captain Stacy hand raises towards and quickly pulls away from Gwen.

Spidey shrugs,, "Uh.” he stammers, “Were uh., yeah, Tingling?!" he awkwardly replies.

Capt Stacy raises his blond eyebrow. It didn’t add up to him. Was he working with Dillon? Were they two freaks in a pod? Was he following him? Was he partnered with Daredevil? WHO WAS this guy?

Seeing Captain Stacy sort of frozen in thought, Spidey sticks his thumb over his shoulder, “So I’m gonna go. Cause, ya, that's all i got."

Suddenly another explosion erupts, making Gwen grab her father’s hand as he tries to pull his gun.


Captain Stacy’s eyes snap to his daughter, glaring at him with disapproval dilating the irises in her green eyes. That look. Same look her mother used to give him, especially when he accepted his assignment as Patrolman, before her passing.

Closing his eyes, Captain Stacy lets out a grunt as if he was in pain and uses his other hand to pull out his phone as he lifts his head to the billowing smoke coming out the hospital.

"This is Captain Stacy..." but Capt Stacy pauses as he and Gwen see Spidey is gone.

Capt Stacy looks at Gwen as he calls in his Police Unit, "Now that should take him to the dance." he says, as Gwen points to the distance, spotting swinging away over the traffic.

Capt Stacy rubs his head, ‘He sounded familiar though.’ he thinks but quickly sees amongst other patients and staff members running out the building, Doctor Connors in his scorched lab coat.

Capt. Stacy looks up at the burning room he thought he was in and then at Doc Connors very oddly who looks at him and gulps.

to be continued...

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