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Bursting through the 'EMERGENCY' doors and having removed the black crust that was encasing his body, Nurses rush Max Dillon through the white hallways of the hospital on a stretcher as he scream in pain.

His face beet red and raw with black smoke marks all over his scabby body and hands, Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics try in vain to calm him down as he thrashes about in excruciating agony as some of his clothes remain grafted onto his tomato red skin while stilling clutching the screwdriver in his right hand.

"Can you remove the screwdriver?" asks one of the Doctors to the EMS worker as they race down the hallway.

"I tried but it's fried to his palm!" says the EMS worker, "That's when he woke up!

"HELP ME! THE PAAAAAIN!!" yells Max.

"We're trying to!" says one of the nurses as they kick down the door to the ICU aka Intensive Care Unit and wheel him into a corner of the room.

Surrounded by medical personnel, three male nurses lift Max off the gurney by the bedsheets that he is laying on and put him on another automatic bed. Max eyes open wide as he lets out a deafening scream, "AAAAHHHH!!!!" he screams with all his might as the nurse let's go of Max but sees his hand filled with grease and char!

One of the nurses turns around, "GET DOCTOR MILLER NOW!" he yells.

One of the nurses shrug, "Only the interns are here!"

"WELL GET ONE OF THEM!" yells the nurse as quickly one of the interning Doctors runs over, "What do we got?" he says as the nurses struggle to hold Max down on the bed thrashing about from the pain.

"IT BURNS! IT BUUUUUURRRRNS!" Max shrieks while a nurse quickly examines him.

"He has category four burns covering eighty nine percent of his body, we have clothing material burned into his skin and his hand won't open to remove this screwdriver. His burns are causing him too much pain for us to do any more work, we have to put him under, NOW!" orders the nurse.

Before the doctor can say anything, one of the EMS workers by Max yells out, "HE'S CRASHING!" causing over to see his heart monitor flatline!

The intern doctor, pushes past everyone with paddles from a defibrillator, "CHARGING PADDLES!" he yells, seeing Max bloodshot eyes roll into the back of his head as his back arches with his mouth opening wide as if to yell.

"He's fading I'm gonna bring'em back!" Yells the doctor as everyone let's go of the bed, "CLEAR!" he yells, placing the paddles to Dillons chest, pumping the charge of electricity right into his chest and directly over his heart. Looking up at the heart monitor, the doctor sees his heart monitor beep once before flat-linning again.

"Going again!" the intern Doctor says, rubbing the paddles together.

"COME'ON MAX! STAY WITH US!" yells the doctor as he charges the panels, "CLEAR!"

From a distance one of the senior nurses sees the interning doctor using the defibrillator on Max and yell out "CLEAR" again.

Quickly she jumps over the desk and sprints to his side, grabbing his hands "DON'T USE THAT ON A BURN VICTIM!" Just as he pumps Dillon with a higher voltage of electricity.

Suddenly, massive bright specks of crackling electricity fill the room, causing everyone's chains, hair, and even clothes cling or tingle as blue and yellow sparks snap and pop between them and from the defibrillator!

"What is GOING ON!" the Doctor shouts as the lights, the computers and the cellphones float off the desks as lines of crackling electricity connect them all and fly back and forth around Max as if orbiting around him!

All the nursing staff and Intern doctor drawback in sheer awe as the doctors cellphone shoots out his pocket and floats over Max. Opening their eyes in sheer awe as all the electronic devices conducts blue bolts of electricity around Max while black wires rip out the floor and hit the ceiling, ceiling off Max from the medical staff.

"BACK AWAY FROM HIM!" yell the nurses as wires whip into the ceiling and charge with electricity, resembling electrified prison bars.

The doctor and staff look up in shock as another defibrillator shoots across the room and rams into the wall over Max and shoots electricity into his skull!

Everyone pauses as an eerie silence as they see Max Dillon start to move and curl his whole body like a baby into the fetal position in his bed as electricity pulses all over him!

All of a sudden, Max once brown eyes now open. His dilated white iris tightly contract to pin-hole size as his body becomes unbearably bright and crackles immense amounts of electricity until miniature bolts of lighting around Max body pulse on the walls and floors with a hair-raising, 'SNAP' and 'KRAK' sound!

Max slowly sits up from the bed and looks at his glowing white arms and legs that pulsate with blue electricity. Feeling the tingling pulse of electricity run through his veins, Max starts to hyperventilate.

"Oh my lord, oh-my-lord...." he mumbles repeatedly in an under his breath as he looks at the medical staff, huddled together across the room, looking at him with fear as all the lights explode with sparks shooting out the ceiling!


Captain Stacy - Gwen's Dad
Captain Stacy - Gwen's Dad
Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy
Max Dillon
Max Dillon
Doctor Connors
Doctor Connors


ARC IV - The Sparks Between Us

PART 3 - Electro Begins

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No Caption Provided

Signing in the Hospital black 'SIGN IN LOG' book, Captain Stacy scribbles his name effortlessly on the page, gives a nod to his daughter Gwen, who holds a small bushel of flowers as they proceed inside the hospital elevators behind the security desk.

As nurses and doctors quickly walk to and fro, it almost looks as if Capt. Stacy and Gwen are standing still in comparison to the busyness of the staff. Pressing the elevator button, Capt Stacy remains silent as his aged stress-filled face remains grim. His blue eyes seemed lost in thought and his bushy blond eyebrows raised every few moments at the passing thoughts he evidently was entertaining.

Beside him, Gwen awkwardly glances at her father but quickly turns away, repeating the practice as if she didn't want her father to catch her watching him so closely as she pretends to be so interested in each overpriced pink and orange flower they just purchased. Gwen clears her throat, now ready for what she prepared in her mind to say. They had both been silent since they left the house and said nothing in the car-ride, all twenty-two blocks, with traffic, as they came over to the hospital.

"I uh..." Gwen chokes, just as the 'ding' sound of the hospital elevator is heard, the metal doors part open and a flood of people pour out. With an 'excuse me' and 'pardon me' here, Gwen and Capt Stacy finally get into the brightly lit elevator and stand beside each other once more in awkwardness as the door closes with the same silence between them that grows more and uncomfortable for Gwen.

Capt Stacy glances down at his daughter Gwen before looking straight ahead and letting out a deep sigh.

"I still don't like it." he says simply, in a 'matter of fact' tone.

Gwen closes her eyes at his sentence, "I know but..."

Capt Stacy shakes his head, "I don't know why I let you talk me into this, why did I let you talk me into this?" he asks in a self-reflective tone.

Gwen rolls her eyes, "I hate it when you ask a question that you know. It was the right thing for me to do." she says.

Capt Stacy just watches the red elevator numbers come to a slow halt to the 15th floor.

"Besides…” Gwen continues, “…if you were the one who was in my shoes..."

Capt Stacy cuts her a look and Gwen immediately stops her sentences, "Okay maybe not EXACTLY but still, I saw the whole thing happen dad! Mr. Dillon was just doing this job and the least I could do is bring him some 'get well' flowers."

As soon as the elevator doors open and Capt Stacy steps out the elevator with Gwen but almost stops in shock at watching sees down the hallway.

Gwen’s eyes open wide in shock as she sees down the long blue-tiled floor corridors and white ceilings, a sea of navy blue decked Police Officers standing around talking with one another as doctors and nurses exit the only room on the floor.

Gwen looks up at her father standing in front of her and gestures with his thumb towards the room down the hall, "He has a record Gwen! I know you're like on this whole, 'Peace, Love Forever’ phase and that you want to be more, ‘human friendly’ as you put it, and especially after seeing you drop out the cheerleaders..."

"That was my choice!" she defends."

With a nod of the head and rolling of the eyes, Capt Stacy agrees, "Yes, yes I’m not against that, BUT, this guy is another story. He skipped his parole and was going under an alias for years! I'm surprised we didn't even pick him up earlier than we did since Dillon has been using his real name all this time. Not real bright. Besides, and more importantly, I'm not so comfortable with you even seeing him again after this whole incident. I'm really not." he says.

Gwen nods, "We're all entitled to make mistakes dad. Mr. Dillon deserves at least some flowers for getting injured in our school. Yes, he's not squeaky clean but come on, lighten up just a little. The principal wasn't even concerned about him, he just said that if the lights didn't come back on, he would care equally as much as finding out whether Donald Trumps hair was actually transplanted from inbred Orangutans. Someone has to care about things that are at least for the time being....bigger than that." Gwen reasons.

With groan, Capt Stacy extends his hand forward towards the room as he rolls his eyes, "My own daughter has me wrapped around her finger." he mumbles. Gwen turns around and winks. Before they get into the room, one of the doctors peeks out and mouths the word silently, "Wait." before popping back inside to the room.

As Capt Stacy and Gwen wait, he looks at her, "So you going to that dance thing?" he asks, hoping for a lighter mood with a better subject.

Gwen's face suddenly changes in look, "Um...ya." she says awkwardly, hoping her father asks no more questions. Capt Stacy folds his arms, "So who are you going with?" he asks.

Gwen sighs and closes her eyes as if she got stabbed from behind while trying to keep her footing, "I uh...well...Harry. Harry Osborn." she says in such a way that the tone of her voice goes from awkward to just plain serious by the time she says Harry's full name.

Capt Stacy looks at her oddly, "I thought you said Peter asked you out to that shindig?"

Gwen again looks to the floor, forgetting she white lied that part, "Oh right, ya, he um... he is, i mean, Peter is going with Maryjane." she responds, trying to process those chain of events and suddenly envying Max Dillon being confined to a hospital, wanting to be there than seeing Peter with MJ.

"Did he dump you for another girl?” Captain Stacy asks, his one brimming with displeasure, “I thought he was going with you?" he asks again incensed at the idea of his daughters' feelings being toyed with. Maybe he could arrest the kid - as a lesson of course.

Gwen waves her hands manically, "OH NO NO!" she exclaims, "I wanted Peter to go with her because she would have no date and you know how Peter's brother can be.”

“Eddie is a troubled kid.” her father flatly states.

“But even so…” Gwen continues, “Eddie asked her, as in MJ, and I like ask her…” she awkwardly states, taking a breath before continuing, “…you know, as in MJ didn't have to go with a jerk to the Prom." she says, trying to convince herself that is how it actually happened.

Capt Stacy nods at her and strokes her corn-flower blond hair before gently patting her on the back of her green trench coat, "Well, that was...noble of you." he says, not totally convinced. He was a detective for 10 years. He could smell a lie clearer than freshly brewed coffee.

"You can come in now." announces the doctor.

Gwen, relieved of the interruption, hastily goes into the room with a look of 'thank gawd' that runs through her mind. However, Gwen’s eyes open wide in shock as does Capt Stacy as they see Max Dillon in a full rubber bodysuit with a mask on. However, what is more, disturbing is the fact that bright light comes from the glass showing his eyes as two officers are in his room, standing away from him.

"What are you lookin' at?" Max Dillon says gruffly from his bed, having been strapped to it by his waist.

Gwen can't believe her eyes as she just stares at him as his gravelly gritty voice echoes in her ears, "" she stutters as she stares at Max in the bed.

"What the heck can I do with flowers?" snaps Max Dillon.

Gwen shakes off her initial shock and approaches the bed, "Hi, I'm Gwen, I saw everything that happened at the school. I thought you might...might like these." she says holding out the colored Daisies.

Protectively one of the officers holds out his hand to Gwen, preventing her from getting closer, "Hold on." he says firmly.

Gwen cuts him a look, but then she starts to feel a tingly sensation all over her body.

"Gwen, back away sweetie." says Capt Stacy, gesturing over to her.

Gwen looks at him oddly but suddenly a strand of her blond hair flies in front of her face. Gwen's eyes turn around as she looks at the mirror in the bathroom and sees all her hair lifting straight up in the air with static cling.

Max tries to move his hand but it's strapped to the bed, so he moves his fingers, "Doc said my body is like..."

"Those two balls that have bolts of electricity going in between the two like a string to cans to be a radio. “says a voice

Capt. Stacy and Gwen turn around as Doctor Connors enters in the room. "Doctor Connors?!" Gwen exclaims in pleasant surprise.

Connors waves, "Hey Ms. Stacy, a pleasure to see you, besides my duties at OzLabs I'm a specialist here for unique, shocking in point. No pun intended." he says nodding to Max Dillon.

Capt. Stacy nods out the door to Gwen, "Tall talk." he says.

Gwen frowns her face, but Capt Stacy gives her a look with a raised eyebrow which makes Gwen skip out the room.

As the door closes, Doc Conners, Capt Stacy, two officers look at Max Dillon who is strapped to the bed. Doc Connors pulls out an Ipad as the whisper in a low tone

"I have his chart on here, he is processing electricity from his body and absorbing electrical currents from anything that can generate electricity. Static and Current. He’s a walking hub."

Capt Stacy looks at him confused, "Can we have less doctor talk please."

Doctor Connors gives a half-smile, "Simply put, there are two types of electricity. I’m afraid Mister Dillon here, is conducting and producing both.”

Capt. Stacy arches his eyebrow at the Doctor, still not understanding the problem.

Conners draws a breath and leans against the wall, nodding to Max Dillon, “He's like a battery, but instead of going dead, he’s powering himself. The problem is, a battery or generator does a function to expel all that energy, but he’s not.”

“You mean he won’t?” Captain Stacy asks.

“I mean he can’t.” corrects Doctor Conners, “Its not on purpose.” he clarifies, “His body is literally one day old with these new abilities. So he doesn’t know how to manage it - let alone if we can cure it.”

“Can’t we hook him up to something to drain the energy out of him?” Captain Stacy asks.

Connor smirks, “In a perfect world yes, but Mister Dillon is precarious. We don’t know if it’ll kill him. At that, he’s drawing energy from the ‘air’ subconsciously even when he sleeps. We take him outside, in New York, the city that never sleeps, could draw on every power source out there? I don’t know.”

Captain Stacy folds his arm, “So what do you know?”

Letting out a steady breath through his nostrils, Conners arches his eyebrow, “Three things. One his body can't fully contain the raw energy so unless he finds aw away to expel that energy, when it does come out damage is incalculable and his life would be in jeopardy the moment he taps out of energy."

Capt Stacy looks at Doc Connors, "Are the other two just as equally optimistic?”

Connors lets out a soft chuckle, “The others are. OZCorp has a facility that could be retrofitted to contain him, maybe even redirect the power to the city grid and save everyone money on their Christmas electric bills.”

“And the last?”

“Last is, he’s not mad.” Conners says.

Stacy furrows his brow, “That’s, a thing? He’s not mad. Seriously. When is that a thing?.”

Conners points at Dillon with his thumb, “Mutants, Half of them get abilities because of their fight or flight response. Now Dillon is not a mutant, but the last thing you need is Dillon throwing a temper tantrum; lest the building burn down.”

“Happy or comatose my problem is this…” Stacy retorts, “...Is your battery is technically a fugitive on a misdemeanor and needs to be brought for arraignment." he says.


Capt. Stacy and Connors both glance down the iPad, now with the ‘recording’ app on.

Connor’s arches his eyebrow and looks at Max who’s mask glows, “Did you, turn this one from there? You can do that? That’s amazing."

“So amazing that you’re still gonna let them arraign me!” Dillon snaps, “I’M A SICK MAN!”

Doc Connors sighs, "Calm down please Mr. Dillon." he pleads.

Dillion simply glares at Stacy, “I AM CALM!” he shouts as the all the lights in the room turn on!

to be continued...Jan 30th