Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc IV: The Sparks Between Us - Part 2. Sparks

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Walking along 5th Avenue in Manhattan under the clear blue sky, a little girl walks with her mother down the sunny street as people come and go on with their life with cabs honking and their horns filling their air. As the little girl walks with her mother, looking up at her as se remains on the telephone.

"Mommy! Is Spider-man real?!" she asks excitedly.

Her mother nods dismissively, "yes Kate yes." She says as she talks on her cell phone, completely minding her child.

"MOMMY where does Spider-man live!" Asks the little girl, repeatedly tugging on her mother’s hand.

The mother, rather irritated, shakes her head, "How many times have I told you! That 'man' is just an actor on TV Kate, TV! Now i'm on the phone right now ." she says.[/u]

"WATCH OUT!" yells lil Kate as her mother notices from her peripheral vision, Spider-Man crashing out of a storefront window with glass shards whizzing past her before smashing into a parked car’s driver-side window so hard, the car forcibly rolls out the parking spot and onto in the middle of the street!

In her mothers arms, little Kate's eyes open wide with excitement as a smiles plasters on her face at the sight of Spider-man sprawled out on top of the car!


Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy
Mary Jane
Mary Jane
Aunt May
Aunt May
Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson
Eddie Brock - Parker (Yes in this story - he's Peter's Brother)
Eddie Brock - Parker (Yes in this story - he's Peter's Brother)
Mister Negative
Mister Negative
Max Dillon
Max Dillon
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Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man

Arc IV - The Sparks Between Us

Part II - Sparks

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Groaning in pain, Peter Parker holds his head in pain as everything seems to spin like water into a drain as he looks up at the sunny sky. Grinding his teeth, Peter slowly sits up to see people scattering as screams fill the air. As cool wind hitting his face under the mask started to rouse him back to his sense, he could feel his neck was sore. If he wasn't bleeding he was bruised for sure.

Slowly slumping down from the car now leaning on its side, Spider-Man carefully pulls the car back down onto its four wheels.

As soon as Spider-Man lets go of the car, his ‘Spider-Sense’ instantly spring him to backflip through the air and land on the 1st window of a building behind him. Looking down at Mister Negative standing in the middle of the street, Spidey’s eyes open wide at the sight of the hurtling black hard-light energy knives coming at him from Mister Negative. Springing off the building, Spidey lands on the bulbous head of a high street-light where another one of Mister Negative's thugs are hanging upside down and wrapped in webbing earlier. Spidey watches Mister Negative's white eyes narrow as three dark figures burst out the convenience store and stand behind him.

“Before we start this...” Spider-Man says seeing the monstrous shadowy figures tower over Mister Negative, who stands there smugly with folded arms, "...ARE YOU A SITH LORD...cuz fighting one is on my bucket list."

Mister Negative smiles evilly, "It’s been a while since I’ve been able to ‘stretch’ my powers like this. Let me introduce you to my 'Inner Demons'."

Hearing the thunderous roars of the figures behind him as they open their glowing white eyes, Spider-Man gulps as he starts to feel his stomach bottom out with fear.

"Oh man he's so a sith lord." Spidey mumbles excitedly, "HEY HEY! ARE YOU A SITH!

Mister Negative narrows his eyes, "I am not some stupid comic book. I am more. I'll show you." he says, raising his hands as the ghostly figures step in front of him, "Allow me to introduce you to my deepest, most sadistic and frankly worst parts of my personality." he grins, "They’re DYING to meet the ‘Spider-Man’ in person and as they say, welcome you to the big leagues!" he smiles as the hulking figures morph into long slithering snake-like dragons with claw-arms and black smoke billowing out there snouts and wide mouths while glowing red eyes narrow at him.


Mister Negative points his finger to Spidey, "RIP’EM APART!”

In a flash, the first of the 'Inner Demon' stretches off the street and 20 feet air in a single-bound to the overhead street light.

"WHOA!" yells Spidey springing off the pole as it explodes behind him but in a split second the second Inner Demon quickly grabs Spider-Man firmly by his leg in mid-air and whips him down to the cement, cracking it on impact!

“AAAHH HAAWW!” Spidey groans as Mister Negative watches Spider-man get flung across the street, smashing into a parked car that jumps the curb and collides into the store.

“BRING HIM! TO.MY.FEET!!!” Mister Negative shouts.

Unable to feel his face, his hands…only pain, Spider-Man coughs out blood to the ground before feeling something grab his leg, yank him off the ground. Swung through the air like a rag-doll Spider-Man is helpless smashed back to the pavement, landing squarely before Mister Negatives shiny black shoe.

"Okay…" Spidey groans, as a third Inner Demon slithers to him quickly, "...I'm officially outta star wars puns. You got any?"

"I hate puns." Mister Negative grins while forming a dark hard light blade in hand, "I'd rather get to the point with matters."

Spidey's 'senses' kick into overdrive as it forces an instinctive dive into a nearby car with Spidey crashing through the parked cars driver-side window with the blackened knife lodging into the ground where he stood.

Shuddering from pain, Spider-man takes a moment to recover as he, admits to himself, hides in the car for a breather.

"THAT AS GOOD AND DIABOLICALLY SCARY AND COOL AT THE SAME TIME YOU KNOW THAT! I HATE YOU CAUSE I'M ENVIOUS!" Spidey yells from the car window, but ducks back inside as a black hard-light knife cuts through the window and stabs into the car seat headrest!

Mister Negative points at him, "I'm gonna RIP YOUR LUNGS OUT!"

Tilting his head at the statement, Spidey points at him, "You were an odd kid growing up weren't you!" he says, ducking back down a hard-light knife is thrown over his head and snaps into the door.

"My cue." Spidey mumbles as he jumps up, crashing through cars sun-roof, shoots two webs to the ground, pulling himself to the 2nd the 'Inner Demon' to kick him in the face! Yet to Spidey surprise, he goes right through him! Spidey lands on his feet and turns around as he sees a huge hole in the inner demon's torso close and his eyes go through from the front of his head to the back of his head with the dragon face.

"THATS IT!" Spider-man yells, "I want an Avenger or a JEDI or something to even this crap up! Cause like, seriously cheating here!" protests Spidey.

Mister Negative smiles as he steps forward with the other 'Inner Demons' coming towards him, "Time to end this." says Mister Negative.

Suddenly the sound of police sirens is heard in the area. Mister Negative firms his face as he turns around in the direction that they are coming in. Mister Negative smiles, "Today you were saved rookie....."

"ROOKIE!!!" yells Spidey, insulted.

Mister Negative continues, "Remember, these are my streets. And we will finish this conversation on another day and I think it will be our last conversation." he says as Mister Negative's second and third 'Inner Demons' suddenly vanish out thin air while the first one leaps on to the light pole and grabs hold of the other henchman and they disappear too.

"Can we Facetime instead of all this in person stuff!" Spidey retorts back which Mister Negative hurls a blackened hardlight knife to Spidey! Spider-man, in astounding flexibility, bends backward so far that his head is inches from hitting the ground as the knife skims over him and stabs into a car headlight.

While looking upside down, Spidey sits up to see Mister Negative is gone with no trace in sight while police cars screech to a halt around the corner with a loud siren and roaring engine coming from the opposite street.

Before Capt. Stacy can get out the car, Spidey shoots a web to a building, launches himself into the air, lands on the brick face of the building and climbs upward, getting away with Capt Stacy looking at the destroyed grocery store and Spidey disappearing from sight.

“Great….” He mumbles. the newly built OZCORP ANNEX CENTER

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Trying to discreetly close the door behind him, Peter silently sighs in relief as he sees Gwen Stacy in her white lab coat cleaning off a metal counter with microscopes, specimen containers and a sink at the other end of the counter.

As soon as the door lock clicks in place however, Gwen quickly turns around as she sees Peter standing 30 feet from behind her at the door awkwardly as if he stole something.

She must have Super-Powers Peter thought.

Gwen gulps as she sees Peter and gives an equally awkward wave hello but says nothing in return, just a blank empty blue eyed stare.

Peter looks around for a moment at the lab. No one there. Just One Huge Laboratory.

The facility was large inside with temperature-controlled frosted glass that divided three huge rooms from the next. Within each room, a specific assignment that was outlined on the glass doors.

One room was for Biological Experiments.

Second for Environmental and the Third was R&D aka Research and Development - concept ideas where you could experiment with the two other departments with less focused ideas that would come up within your sleep.

Peter smiled having been put in this department as versed to the others since he could basically get college credit and experiment with cool stuff that could blow up.

"Hello Mister Parker." says a voice.

Peter turns around and sees Doctor Conner's whose name is advertised on his white lab coat, come out his private office. Peter immediately notices his lost left arm but tries not to stare at it, even though he realizes he never saw a man with a lost left arm before.

Dr. Conner's extends his right hand, "Excuse the right arm." he says.

Peter nods, "Oh...please, no difference to me." he says, privately thinking if he offended him. Dr. Conners suddenly winces as he hold his right arm, "GOSH!" he says.

Peter looks at him with wide eyes, "Oh my goodness are you okay!" he says worriedly.

Dr. Conners looks at Peter, "You broke my arm!" stunned, "OH MY GOD broke my only good arm!" he says.

Peter breaks into a cold sweat and begins to freak out, "OH MY GAWD I MEAN LIKE $%^&* NO..."

Dr. Conners face suddenly turns from grief to a smile as he stands erect, "Oh that was priceless." he says.

Peter, looks at Conners, with a half worried look and half-mad look, "What?!" he says.

Dr. Conners smiles, "I'm a practical joker. You'll get used to it. I broke Gwen in yesterday." he says.

Gwen looks over, "Ya, he had a fake arm in his left sleeve and I pulled it out."

Conners nods, "She fainted."

Gwen points a screwdriver at him, "I'm still gonna get you back." she quips.

Peter shakes his head, "Okay well at least I didn't get that."

Conner places his right hand on Peter's shoulder, "I had to come up with something new. Anyway, welcome to OzLabs, I'm sure you are aware that you'll be doing various assignments and the like, but now, as R&D, we are going to be dealing with an experimental drug called Gobulin D. We are still awaiting for it’s arrival actually, but we should have had it today. So since we don't have it now, I'd rather you and Gwen actually just clean up the place a bit, organize everything, get acclimated with the place so tomorrow we can get started smoothly. If I tell you too many instructions today without seeing the equipment or what we are working with, it won't make any sense. So just acclimated with the lab and if you have any questions come ask me. You are required to be here a minimum of 3 hours, but hey, if you're here an hour and a half....I'll say I thought it was three hours, it's no big deal." he smiles with an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Peter smiles excited, "Okay awesome!"

“Great.” Dr. Conners nods and turns to stand beside him, looking at the lab, "I know this place is big, so don’t let it intimidate you, does it?."

Peter shakes his head, "Oh no no its just that, well, you talk-a-mile a minute and you’re a prankster, and a cool scientist...can I be like you when I grow up?"

Gwen rolls her eyes as she continues to wash the specimen dishes in the metal sink.

Dr. Conners lets out a hardy laugh as he pats Peter on his back, "Only if you keep the one arm I lost, than ya. OH, that's my private phone ringing in the office, I should be Mister Osborn about Gobulin D! I'll talk to you later or tomorrow!" he says before rushing into his office.

As Peter watches the door close, he scratches his head and turns back to see Gwen, her back turned to him as she vigorously scrubs a microscope lens amongst soapy water.

Trying to keep her eyes fixed on the sudsy water, glistening microscope lens, ANYTHING that is not Peter, Gwen sighs as seemingly black and white 5x10 photos of her earlier reaction to Peter being asked out to the Prom by Maryjane, flashes before her very eyes it seems.

Slowly, Peter motions over to Gwen and carefully leans on the metal counter, seeing Gwen seemed all but engrossed in her intense scrubbing as suds seems to overflow in the sink, " time NO see huh!" he says awkwardly.

“Yeah.” Gwen says with a half smile before shutting off the facet and drying her hands. Peter looks at her, focused as she does her best to make no eye-contact with him as she grabs a dish towel and immediately begins wiping down the metal countertop, "’cuse me Pete…”

“Gwen…” Peter says, leaning off the counter as Gwen sweeps by him, cleaning the counter, “Are you…are we, okay?” he asks.

Gwen pauses at the question, not daring to turn around as she can feel Peter’s eyes on her.

Letting out a sigh, Gwen stands erect, rumpling the dishrag in her hand as she looks down to her feet.

"Did you say yes to Maryjane?" asks in a barely audible voice.


Turning around abruptly, Gwen stares right into Peter's brown eyes and repeats herself in a more stern tone, “DID YOU say ‘Yes’ to Maryjane? Yes or No?” she demands.

Peter gulps, taken aback by her sharp tone and even sterner demeanor. How the heck could he reply to that.

Again Peter gulps, taken aback by her sharp tone and even sterner demeanor.

How the heck could he reply to that?! Her face is stern, her whole body tense but her face, her eyes and crack in her voiced betrayed her as the smell of Germicide filled their nose. Her jaw tightened, her forehead is starting to sweat and her cheeks red and flush. She was angry and nervous all at once awaiting his prolonged response.


"Cause if you did..." Gwen interrupts, "'s fine with me! IT really is!" she says in an aggressive manner before plastering a grin across her face, tightening the screw in the canister base, "Just fine!" she repeats.

Peter, now scared, starts to feel the hit from Mister Negatives goon throb on the back of his neck the more as he stares at Gwen.

"O-okay! I...really don't...what happened again?" Peter asks, quite confused by everything as he rubs the back of his neck.

Gwen looks at Peter with her blue eyes so intensely Peter starts to feel as if she pierced his soul and started to shrivel is liver!

"Don't give me that!" Peter blurts to Gwen’s wide eyed surprise.

"What?" she retorts, but Peter points at her face.

"That!" he says as if something is on her face, “That…"THAT LOOK! YA! The death look!"

Gwen shrugs and shakes her head, "There is no death look." she says.

"Oh there’s a death look!" Peter exclaims, "It’s like a ‘I’m-gonna-cut-you-up-and-feed-you-to-the-dogs, kinda-look!"

Gwen gives a half smile at the entertaining thought but quickly dismisses ever hurting Maryjane, "I have no idea what you’re talking about!"

Peter folds his arms at her response, "Am I missing something?! Did something happen, like while I was like on mars or something, did I do something that you are mad at me about?! Did I do something that like, offended you or..."

"Peter Parker...." says Gwen while grabbing both his shoulder and looking into his deep brown eyes, "You are the smartest boy I know in our whole school." she says with a smile, "BUT if you can't figure this out..." she says in a sharp tone and now serious demeanor.

"...than I'm not %^&*!@ telling you anything." Gwen finishes before letting him go and storming away.

Peter looks at Gwen walk across the Lab, hop onto a cushiony stool and log into a computer.

“I shoulda let Mister Negative kill me.” Peter mumbles to himself.


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!" Peter exclaims, leaning against the refrigerator.

Aunt May aged fingers manipulates the wooden spoon in her hand as she pushes the red, green and yellow sliced bell peppers in the oily sauce in the pan. With her silver hair pulled into a ponytail and a scarf over her head, Aunt May smiles while giving a subtle shrug.

"Girls can be sometimes needlessly complicated Peter." Aunt May replies.

"THANK YOU!" Peter shouts.


“Oh gawd there’s always a ‘but’!” Peter sighs, burying his face into his hand.

Aunt May lowers the fire on the pan, watching the sauce come to a simmer, "But don't you think you've been a little, mysterious yourself with Gwen?” she asks, glancing at Peter from the corner of her eye to see him look at her with an arched eyebrow.

“Think about it." Aunt May continues, "How did you get that bruise on your neck?" she asks, pulling raw chicken out the freezer.

Gulping, Peter looks at her oddly as he hands her the Butter and Mrs. Dash seasoning, "What Bruise? OH you mean THIS bruise! Oh yeah uh…i-I uh…got a bruise again was when one of the linebackers IN EDDIES FOOTBALL TEAM THROUGH ME INTO A HEADLOCK!" he says, hoping the excuse is sufficient as he hands her a tub of butter from the fridge.

From across the kitchen, Eddie looks at Peter with a narrowed eyed glare, "Remind me to give the guys a compliment later for taking initiative!"

"EDDIE!" rebukes Aunt May.

“GOSH sorry sorry!” Eddie repeats, burying his head back into his books at the dinner table.

Aunt May looks at Peter with a raised eyebrow as all the aged wrinkles on her forehead lift up, "No butter Peter, heavens you maybe be smart but can't cook." she quips.

Peter frowns as he puts the butter back in the refrigerator, "Great on the self-esteem Aunt May. And again, what do you mean?" he quips back.

Letting out a sigh as Aunt May takes the Mrs. Dash and seasons the chicken breast, "You and Gwen have always had this...spark." she says before nodding her head in self agreement over her statement.

Peter looks at Aunt May with the most confused look, "You just spoke Russian to me." he says.

Eddie, still sitting on at the table looking at his homework, glances up to Peter, "What Aunt May is trying to say doofus..."

"Eddie, i'll handle it!" snaps Aunt May.

"I'm just saying..." Eddie continues, "…is that Doofus and the blondie Gwen have been friends since like what...eight, Nine years old? She was the only Cheerleader that would talk to you. The ONLY one! She would even come here in secret and beg me not to tell the other girls that she invited you to a party. She likes you bro, like, a lot, and now...YOUR GOING OUT WITH MARYJANE!" he says angrily.

Peter smiles cheekily, "And does that bother you?"

Eddie narrows his eyes as he breaks the pencil in his hands.

"EDDIE!" says Aunt May, "What is there to be SO upset about?" but before she can finish, Peter looks at Aunt May.

"Cause I'm going out with the HOTTEST girl in the universe!" Peter exclaims proudly, dusting off his shoulders.

Aunt May looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Yep!” Peter nods, "It's true, polled by the Secret School Instagram account."

Eddie nods, "It's true we took a tally. Sally Avril took third and Gwen took fourth. Second was that foreign exchange student from Latavaria or whatever it's called now. Stupid dictator governments always get the hot chicks."

"Yeah, cause their crazy!" Peter chides.

"She’s like obsessed with torture.” Eddie says.

Peter nods agrees, "She said she loves hearing people shriek. One Hundred Percent. Weird.”

“I wonder how weird she get under the…

“Gawd Eddie so help me!” Aunt May says, raising the wood spoon behind his head to hit him.

“okay okay okay back to Geometry! Sheesh!" Eddie says.

Aunt May shakes her head and looks at Peter, "Out of all that Eddie said, he is right on ONE thing..."


"THAT YOU'VE BEEN FRIENDS..." Aunt May exclaims over Eddie's voice, "...with Gwendolyn Adams Stacy for such a long time that even though you may like this Maryjane Watson now, who I’m sure is a doll, is no Gwen Stacy. And that is very hard to find. Its almost like what your Uncle and I had Peter.”


“Its hard to describe…” Aunt May says, lifting her eyes up to the ceiling, trying to find the right words, “…it’s like…like, sparks. Yes. Its like Sparks between you and its hard to ..."


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

"… find someone that you have that with." Gwen sighs while staring a picture of her, Harry and Peter in her phone.

"I mean, we have had it for years, as friends, but he hasn't noticed me at all as something MORE than that. And now…." Gwen sighs, lifting her eye to the banner while standing on a tall latter, trying to finish tying the banner up, “…now I don’t know if we can have, WHAT WE had before.”

"Can you hand me those Anya?" she says, pointing to a box of ribbons. At the bottom of the latter, Anya Corazon, an auburn-haired Hispanic girl in her white red striped top and black jeans hands some ribbons to Gwen as she reaches down, "Tie the banner harder to the pole." Anya says.

Gwen nods, "I am."

Anya frowns her face, "Its' gonna fall.'

"Are you even listening to me!' sighs Anya, rolling her eyes,

"Yes." Gwen retorts sadly, trying to fix the banner, "Like, I know Peter is like, this...great guy at heart. He outclasses his brother 100 Eddie's to none, but still, he is a man and all men are dense. Tell them to get Tomato Sauce, they get tomato paste. Tell them to get me a gift, they buy you a hammer. Ask for a romantic vacation, they take you to a Basketball Game. I'm sick of trying to send him hints!" she exclaims to Anya before looking down at her from the ladder as she stands beside a box of Christmas styled lights they had in storage, now being used as 'romantic lighting' for the dance to glitter along the ceiling.

"I can't wait til they fix this electricity," Anya says, trying to change the subject.

Gwen rolls her eyes, "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING!".


"Excuse me Ms Corazon and Ms Stacy." says a voice.

Anya Corazon and Gwen Stacy look over and see the Principal standing with three electrical workers at the gym entrance.

"Are you going to be much longer?" the Principal asks.

Anya shakes her head, "Well, no not really. We just have to throw the streamers along the basketball hoops, the banner is up and I just needs ribbons on that and just pull the balloons out of the storage to set underneath the seats to we can have them on hand." she says as Gwen comes down off the latter.

The Principal nods to the other electrical workers and they start to get their tools ready for work, "I'm going to let Mr. Max Dillion here, Mario and uh...Rob here get to work while you are here. With what you said, all that is left is the DJ and we can't have that come in until Mr. Dillon does his magic here so, try to be done in ten minutes so Max can have time to do what he needs to." he says as he leaves.

As they try to hurry, Anya and Gwen nod as Max waves while his men setup all their equipment, "Nice job with the place. Looks real...Prom-ish." he says, to which Anya smiles, "Did it my...OUCH!" she shouts, rubbing her rib from Gwen elbowing

“I-I mean WE did it." Anya says, glaring at Gwen who grins at Max.

“Great job.” Max smiles.

However, turning his attention to the control panel with the dried paint on it, Max notices it start to spark again.

“Hmmm… girls, is that thing still on? Did anyone shut the power to his control panel down?" he asks. Anya shrugs as she goes through the box of decorations, but Gwen nods, "It's still on, the lights shorted out earlier but the Janitor didn't want to touch it." she says.

As Gwen climbs up the ladder with box of streamers as Anya watches Max tinkering carefully with the control panel, "The Janitor said something about his mother getting struck by lightning, then his brother getting struck by lightning all because of his bluetooth headset, then his father got electrocuted by his own cellphone and his cousin got struck by lightning cause they say their nephew is a freak of ya he left it alone…the janitor didn’t touch it." she says, reaching the top of the ladder.

“Understandable.” Max nods before taking a step back from the control panel and rubbing his hands together, “Maybe I can get a lil help with this, can one of you guys shut the main power line to this gymnasium? The Switch Box is in your lunchroom, its marked accordingly.

“We’ll help you after we finish with these decorations,” Gwen says from atop the ladder.

Letting out a groan, Anya whips out her cellphone, "I CAN HELP RIGHT NOW!” she says, scampering out the gym!

“ANYA YOU OWE ME!” Gwen shouts.

"Hey Max, open the panel at least so we can get a looksie at how bad the stinkin thing is." says Dillon’s co-worker as he throws him a plastic screwdriver.

The second electrician pulls Max arm back, "I don't use those plastic screwdrivers and I think its’ best we just wait for the girly to go shut off the power Dillion.

“I got this!” Dillion says, pulling his hand back as he looks at his co-workers, “I just want these girls out of here. The ‘Shut Off’ box is up there.” Dillon says, pointing over their heads to an electrical box behind the Basketball Ball Scoreboard, where another box of decorations are placed.

“I figure since we get paid by the hour, the longer the fix, the long the pay.” He says, pulling out a metal screwdriver, “So let’s mess with this for a minute and get us a two day paid project instead of a simple fix for the night, shall we?” he says with a devilish smile.

“I dunno Max.”

“oh be quiet Mario.” Max whispers, “Just go up there and get that other box shut off so I don’t electrocute myself to the next life alright?”

"Alright but wait for me to shut it off first before you do somethin’." Marior says, "Unlike Mr. Careless and Uninformed here aka Smashin' Pumpkins Fanatic, I went through the building schematic and saw that most of the wiring in this joint ain't been updated since Dinosaurs stomped around in Reeboks. Most of the whole building's electricity is hardlined right into the street so if we screw this up we’ll shut down the entire block, not the building Max.”

"Yeah, yeah." Max says dismissively, “Do what you gotta do, Bob, just one of you guys stand in front of me so this blondie girl don’t see me tinkerin' with this thing.” He says, pulling out the metal screwdriver.

Up high on the ladder and completely unaware of what they are up to, Gwen climbs down from the ladder. Having finished tying and trimming the banner Gwen notices the electrician, Mario, climbing up another Ladder to the Basketball Scoreboard and opening a control panel.

Off the ladder, Gwen sees the other worker blocking her view Max, as soon as she puts her foot to the wood gymnasium floor.

"hey were guys able to cut the power?" Gwen asks curiously.

"Oh we got girlie you just go run along." The large electrician says as Max works behind.

About to say something, Gwen looks up to see Mario shutting off lights in the Gym via the control behind the scoreboard just as another box of decorations rocks and back and forth on the window ledge from ladder.

"WATCH THE BOX!" shouts Gwen, pointing upward.

Up on the ladders, Mario suddenly notices the box of decorations he thought was secure, fall off the ledge of the window and tumble down to Max and his other co-worker.

“HEADS UP!” Mario shouts as the box of streamers, glitter, glue and a pair of chrome scissors come falling out the box to the floor.

Unable to move fast enough and already wires deep in crossing with his metal screwdriver lodged into the wires, Max raises looks up and raises one hand over his face as a flurry of glitter and streamers fall on him while, as if in slow motion he sees a pair of chrome scissors fall out past the pink and purple streamers and fall blade-first into the electrical box, cutting through one fried wire as Max closes his in fear!


Immediately, explosive fiery sparks spew out the electrical box as a high pitch tone echoes through the gym from the lights as Max screams at the top of his lungs.

“EEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Max screams as his body seems to immediately illuminate like an incandescent lightbulb in the dark!

“MAAAAAAAAAAXX!” Mario screams from high above, watching helplessly as Max Dillon shakes and thrashes about in a rainstorm of fiery sparks shooting out all over him while smoke rises from his body!

"GET HIM OUT OF THERE!" yells Gwen, running to him but Max other co-worker grabs hold of her, pulling her away from Max as his body glows bright and brighter as all the lights in the gym flicker on and off.

Power lines under the gym floor burn until they glow red hot with crackling electricity running up the wires to the control panel and right into Max Dillon before a loud and hair-raising 'pop' explodes from the control panel. Hurled back, Max is thrown straight across the Gym 100 feet and sent skidding along on the wood floor with a black streak of grease lining his path on the wood before he coming to a very smokey stop as the lights suddenly cut off.

In the dark, Mario, Gwen and the other co-worker standstill in complete shock, seeing Max Dillon’s body lying there in the dark, burnt to a crisp with smoke rising from him.

With only the crimson red sunset peeking through the large glass windows of the gym on to the charred body, Gwen and the two electrical workers stand there, looking at the black charred body in complete bafflement.

"Ma-max?" Mario calls out.

Gwen turns to his co-workers, "Call 911." She mumbles

"I don't think 911 let alone The Lord can help him now." One of them says.

Gwen covers her mouth as tears rush into her eyes, "Oh gawd." She gasps, turning away from him.


"He's alive!?"

Suddenly Gwen and the two electrical all open their eyes wide as the look at Max Dillon now black crispy finger, twitch.

"CALL AN AMBULANCE!" yells Gwen shouts.

to be continued here....