Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc IV: The Sparks Between Us - Prologue

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"GET IT RIGHT LIZ!" yells Sally Avril, her boisterous voice echoing across the gymnasium as she throws her pink paintbrush down to the floor in a tantrum.

Frustrated, Sally places her hands on her hips and delivers a concentrated level ten aggravated narrowed eye glare at Liz Allen..

Oblivious, Liz Allen stands on the ladder with two paintbrushes, one red one pink, in one hand, and her cellphone in the other.

Her arms folded in protest, Sally’s face turns red while she taps her foot louder and louder, annoyed Liz is ignoring her.


Her eye locked onto her phone, Liz scrunches her nose at Sally, "Oh no its only been five minutes." she repeats.


Leaning her head back with a groan, Liz rolls her eyes, “Oh that’s arguable that most OVERstated sentence you said.”

Sally narrows her eyes and marches to the ladder, shaking it, “GET DOWN!”

Grabbing the ladder with wide-eyed shock, Liz looks at Sally, “OH MY GOD SAL, YA COULDA KILLED ME!”

“YEAH!” Sally shouts, “And all that would’ve happened is that you’d’ve died and merged with INSTAGRAM!”


Sally snatches the cellphone right out of Liz hands, causing Liz to look up at her with the look of death almost coloring her eyes red, "SAAAALEEEE!”

Sally steps back and holds Liz phone between her index finger and thumb, poised carefully over a bucket of pink paint, "YES LIZ!”

Liz eyes open wider and wider. Fear grips her body. Holding out her hands like a mother reaching out for her newborn infant, Liz begs "Sa-sa Sally now-now, let’s be reasonable…”

“So I’m unreasonable now!?!?” Sally repeats, rolling her tongue in her mouth while lowers the phone closer to the paint bucket, "Me? UNREASONABLE!"

“SALLY!” Liz shrieks, “No no I didn't mean it like that..."

"Because I’ve been REASONABLE for thirty FRICKIN minutes!" Sally retorts, dangling Liz's phone over the paint bucket, “Enduring your sick love affair with Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Tic-Tock instead of getting your help to coordinate the most important even in our teenage lives, OUR PROM! HOW UNREASONABLE!”

Liz face stiffens, “Five hundred thousand followers, i'm so close…” she mutters.

Sally raises her eyebrow, seeing her friend so desperate and lets out a sigh.

"Fine." Sally says, "Its not my fault your weak, but we have only one week left before the Prom and we have to paint a stinkin sign, get the list for Prom King and Prom Queen, even though everyone knows it'll be me, AND be sure we have the streamers in place..." she says, lookin at Liz's phone, "...but this phone is a distraction from the more important things and your CHEATING ON ME WITH IT!!!!"

"No, no, no, no I'm not!" says Liz with her hands outstretched to her phone, "I'm completely focused!" she says reaching out for it.

“Promise?” Sally asks, pulling the phone back.

“YES!” Liz nods, “TOTALLY focused!"

"Okay, Prove it!" Sally threatens, “What’s the color for the prom queen words on the canvas?” she asks, “WITHOUT LOOKING!"

"RED!" Liz blurts.

"PINK!!" Sally shouts back, dropping the phone into the bucket of pink paint.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Liz screams, dropping to her knees while running her hands through her brown hair as her phone sinks into the paint. Its lit screen shuts off and smoke rises from the receiver before its swallowed by the paint with small bubbles coming to the surface.


Sally points at the phone sinking into the paint, “THAT ANTI-PROM DEVICE IS TURNING YOU INTO AN ANTI-PROMITE! I just saved you. I’m a hero so THANK me!”

Liz looks up at “AN ANTI PROMITE?!”

“YES! ANTI-PROMITE!" Sally repeats before pointing to the wall behind her, “NOW PAINT THAT SIGN!!" she orders.

Standing on her feet, Liz grinds her teeth and glares at Sally red-faced with anger, "YOOooooo…” she growls, “…ARE WORSE THAN MARIAH CAREY!!!!"


Liz eyes open wide shoves, “WAH-WAH DID YOU CALL ME!”

Sally shoves her back harder, “I SAID…” Sally pointing at her, “…YOU ARE A KIM. KARDASHIAN. WANNABE!!!”

“You want a sign?!" Liz growls, “I’LL GIVE YOU A HUGE FRICKIN’ FRACKIN’ SIGN” she screams, turning around before punting the paint can like a football star kicking a ball.

Sally’s eyes open wide as the paint can flies across the basketball court floor, splattering over the wood and sign half hanged on the wall.

“WAAAAAAAAAAH!” Sally shrieks, stunned, “THAT WAS ALL THE PINK PAINT WE HAD YOU MORON!” she exclaims.


Sally turns around and opens her eyes wide as Liz already holding a bucket of paint in her hands, ready to throw onto her.

Then, Sally’s face hardens, “BRING IT!”

“OH, IT'S BEEN BROUGHTIN!" Liz shouts back, throwing the paint out the bucket to Sally who dodges the flying liquid paint that splatters onto the light panel on the wall, which begins to spark and crackle.

“Uh-ho.” Sally and Liz say at once as sparks shoot out circuit breaker panel, causing all the lights overhead in the gymnasium to flicker and that shut completely off, "WONDERFUL, now we have to call the creepy electrical fixer guy!"

With only sunlight coming in from the gym glass wall in the far distance, Sally points to Liz, "But mark my words LIZ’re on the bottom of the Cheerleader tournament pyramid for the next 10 games!!"

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Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man

Arc IV - The Sparks Between Us

Prologue - High School Drama

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School Library aka Drama Center
School Library aka Drama Center

In the large library, Harry sits at a desk drawing in his math notebook.

"Hey buddy!" Peter as walks up behind him and sits next to him.

From afar, Maryjane walks into the library and sees Pete talking but she waits not to far away as she bites her lip anxiously to speak with him.

Back at the table, Harry gives Peter an effortless nod and a, "Hey." as he goes back to his drawing. Peter looks at Harry and than at his drawing.

"Okay, not only is Harry not telling me how he was so siked to see Punisher and Spidey in the same day no more than two days ago on our Friday, he just gave me the most lackluster nod that would have convinced anyone else he was on medication, he is also, dare I say...drawing a girl!" says Peter with a laugh.

Harry looks at him with a roll of the eyes, "Oh shut up. It's not just A girl!" he says defensively.

Peter frowns his face as he folds his arms and leans back, "Than who is it? LORDE? Billie Eilish? Marylin Manson!" he quips.

Harry shows him the picture, "NO!!! And for the record, I thought he WAS a girl! THIS! THIS IS GERTRUDE YORKES YOU MORON!" he says.

Peter covers his mouth at the sight of Harry’s drawings, "If she broke up with you because you sketch her, then i support her.."

"SHUT UP!" says Harry.

Peter looks at him, in shock, “Oh geez you’re really all hung up on..."

"Never mind." says Harry.

Peter leans forward, "Wait a minute! No wonder! This explains everything! The M.I.A. weekend, your baggy clothes, the lost face! I thought you taken a laxative again by mistake again!"

"ONE TIME IS NOT A PATTERN!!" yells Harry.

Everyone looks around.

Harry looks at everyone staring at him. Then his face turns sour, "YOU CAN ALL GO TO - "

Suddenly Gwen dumps her bag on the desk, "HEY PETIE....whoa! Who’s the purple hairball monster?"

Harry snatches up the drawing, "ITS GERTRUDE YORKES!!!" defensively yells Harry.

Gwen frowns her face, "Don't tell me you were seriously into that girl? She hardly respected you!" she says.

Harry looks at Gwen and points to his chest, "She reached my soul." he counters.

Gwen face practically flatlines, "If you break out into Shakespeare I’m gonna throw up."

"Well on to other things…” Peter interrupts, “Prom is in a week, anyone planning on going or we skipping.”

“I say we all Netflix and chill.” Harry says.

Peter slams his hand on the table, “DUDE I keep telling you that doesn’t mean WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS!”

“Is he STILL saying that!”

Gwen, Peter, and Harry watch as Maryjane looks at them from a short distance away pointing at Harry seated at table, now looking very embarrassed. However before Maryjane can say more, Flash Thompson cuts her path to Peter’s table, trying to engage her in conversation.

At the table, Gwen looks at Harry, “One, STOP saying that phrase…” she says before turning to Peter, “...and two, I would love to go to Prom, but I don't have a date yet.” she says, and then she blushes and the sudden skittering thought.

“Do you?” Gwen asks Peter. “I-I mean, want a date?”

A nervous tickle gets in Gwen’s throat and she starts clearing her throat. Then feels her face turns red and throbs, “I-I mean like, asked someone…” Gwen sighs, having unexpected difficulty expressing herself and now wishes she rehearsed this, “I MEAN…”

She wanted to die. Gwen could feel her palms getting just as moist as if she was watching a ‘horror’ movie.

“Have you asked someone already, You know?" Gwen asks Peter, now feeling very awkward as Peter looks at her oddly as if he wasn’t sure if he just witnessed Gwen having an ‘episode’ before a stroke.

Shrugging, Peter draws a breath, but than Harry points him, “Dude, you do!”

Gwen closes her eyes. It was official. This was a horror movie and she was the Star.

Peter looks at Harry, completely confused, “Do you know something I don’t?!” he says, raising his eyebrow at Harry, leaving Gwen to feel a flicker of hope


The sudden outburst in the library makes everyone pause. It was as if time stopped around the world to witness what event was unfolding. Everyone remains quiet in rapt attention.

Gwen, Harry and Peter turn around in their seats to see MJ storming away barging out the library doors away from Flash who stands still red-faced embarrassed. Gulping Flash hesitantly glances at the library.

A sea of eyes staring at him. He had to recover from this.

"That was a skit! Like a play!” he yells but sees no one is convinced, “ANYONE SAY ONE WORD AND YOUR SPITTING TEETH BEFORE LUNCH!” he shotus, storming away.

Watching him barge out the library doors, everyone returns to normal.

Harry with a raised eyebrow, "Right so, Peter has a date." she says firmly.

“WITH WHO!” Peter exclaims, thoroughly confused.

Harry smiles, "You should know. Everyone knows."

Stunned, Peter’s shakes his head and grabs his hair, “Are you serious!!”

Gwen folds her arms.

"I am." Harry replies before turning to Gwen, "Hence, don’t wait around for something that isn't happening." he chides.

Gwen firms her face, unsure his meaning, "Is this coming from the guy who drew a purple hair ball of the love of his life, the one in mourning over a lost love or something?"

"Ya, that's why I need help to get over it." Harry reasons.

Gwen firms her face, "You what!?"

Peter still confused, waves his hands as if clearing his personal space from smoke, "OKAY! OBVIOUSLY, my life is spinning out of frickin control... so I'm just gonna skip Gym and figure out what’s going on." he says, slinging his knapsack on his shoulder.

Harry folds his arm at the sight of Gwen reaching to Peter, grabbing hold shirt sleeve desperately.

Peter turns back, quite surprise at her increasing subtle but strong grip.

Gwen releases him, increasingly self-conscious at her own actions.

"I...uh...don't go...Oh man, I mean...ugh...don't go into the gym. Like...there doing electrical repairs up there." she says with a sigh of relief, glad she got her sentence out.

Peter nods, "Oh, what happened up there?"


Gwen cuts Harry disgusted look as he gives a creepy grin.

"No you little idiot." Gwen retorts.

"JEEZ!" Harry jolts, "Why are you giving me the look!"

"You're like a horny dog looking for something to hump!" Gwen snaps.

"I don't sure if i'm offended you said i'm 'like a dog' or that i'm 'looking' for something to hump like i never tried before." Harry says.

Peter covers his face, “INSIDE voice Harry, inside vpice!”

"Fine fine fine!!" Harry exclaims as Gwen turns back to Peter to explain.

"Sally and Liz had an argument but neither of the two are saying who did what, but someone kicked the can of paint into the electrical box and shorted out the electricity. The repairman is taking care of it today and tomorrow and we are ordered to not touch anything up there unless your instructed otherwise by the Principals office."

Harry points to her, "Therefore..."

Peter looks at Gwen with a raised eyebrow as she bites her lip awkwardly.

"Therefore..." Gwen sighs, "...They took prom night designer away from Sally...." she says in a muddle tone, "And gave it to me."

Peter’s eyes open wide, "OH MY…”

"SSHHHHH PETER!" Gwen whispers loudly, looking around the library to see Sally across the room with running mascara down her face and stand up, pointing at them, "DONT THINK YOU DESERVE IT YOU EX-CHEERLEADER! SCAB! SCAAAAAAAB!" yells Sally Avril from across the room before bursting into tears and throwing herself into Eddie's arms.

Peter turns back to Gwen, "Prom-scorned?" to which Gwen nods, "In the worst."

Harry slams his hands on the table, "Which means...someone needs a date... hello me." he says with wide open arms.

Gwen looks at him, "I think using the brain in your pants has made you actually think you'll get a date for the prom."

Harry narrows his eyes and leans forward, "It's funny how a blond..."

Peter steps away from them, "BEFORE THIS GETS BAD and the sparks start flying between all of us ...i'll volunteer Gwen, and get you a date Harry." he says, trying to keep the peace.

Gwen looks at him in shock as does Harry.

"OH REALLY! With who?" Harry asks, "I mean, because seriously Peter, you have the suave skills of a brick and the charm of a crippled lamb!"

"Oh how my self esteem is rising by the minute." Peter says flatly.

"I mean Pete, I'd love to see it happen, but for real, its YOU were talkin about here.” Harry says, “You''re like my best friend. My brother from another mother, but still, when it comes to women, you’re like an infected man in a crowd of healthy people, they quarantine you.”

Peter rolls his eyes, "Just for that, i'll prove to you, your best friend, is on the job and will follow through WITH results!"

Gwen shakes her head, "If you show up with a blow up doll Harry will be satisfied too.”

“OOOo BUURRRRN.” Peter smiles as Harry clenches his jaw.

"Only Simon Buchowski would do that he ruined his rep that and i'm not him!" Harry replies.

Gwen wipes her brow, "Relieving." she says but snaps her fingers, "CRAP! I forgot I got to go to the Principal’s office and find out a list of the decorations that have to be put up and meet the electrician, Max Dillon I think his name is or whatever. I have to see him so I don't get in his way. Ya, I gotta go." she says as she quickly gathers her things in haste, but as soon as Gwen is about to storm off, she takes two steps back, turns around gingerly and leans on the table as she looks at Peter, "Can you, walk me there?" she asks.

Harry just looks at Gwen with a raised eyebrow as does Peter.

A cheeky smirk comes across Harry’s face, "You are so des..."

"SHUT UP HARRY!" Gwen snaps before smiling at Peter, oblivious to everything.

"Why?" Peter asks, very confused by her behavior not mention Harry's.

"Ya, why?" Harry asks, trying to contain the smile going to a full-blown burst of laughter.

Gwen clenches her jaw, cutting Harry a dirty look with a growing irritation that speaks volumes across her face as silence simply settled between them.

"I don't know what's up with you two, but whatever." Peter sighs, "Let's go." he says, holding out his hand forward to the door, “I’ll walk with you.”

Gwen face changes instantly as she happily grabs Peter by the arm and pulls him along, "GREAT! See ya OZ...born." she says, walking beside Peter gingerly.

As they walk down the hallway, Peter notices Gwen holding onto his arm with both hands, leaning closer to him.

"Are you okay?" Peter asks Gwen.

Gwen nods happily, "Just fine." she smiles, "Perfect."

to be

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