Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 3: Spider-Man (PART VI)

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Grinding her teeth in pain, Gertrude Yorkes staggers up the open stairwell of her school. Leaning on the wall, Gertrude struggles up the stairs leaving a crimson streak of red blood along the wall from her shot arm. Hearing gunshots and shouting outside, Gertrude stops for a moment and peeks out the window. Her eyes open wide in shock at the sight of a man in black clothes, a black leather coat zooming past the school on his black motorcycle while simultaneously shooting at Hammerhead's goons on the school's lawn.

“Punisher?” she mumbles to herself but suddenly hears a gunshot downstairs. Motioning to the banister, Gert looks over the railing and sees four men with guns in their hand racing up the stairs.

“Ah crap.” She grumbles, clutching her bleeding arm and hurrying up the stairs.

Meanwhile outside.

Running across the lawn, 7 Italian goons with semi-automatics, shoot at the man wearing a black mask with reflective red lenses over his eyes while riding his black motorcycle down the block before turning around and roaring back down the street with his black leather coat whipping in the wind as he holds out his gun, shooting at Hammerheads men.

“SHOOT THE PUNISHER!” one of them shouts.

“THAT AIN’T THE PUNISHER!” Hammerhead shouts.

“THAN WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY!” one of the goons shouts before running for cover as bullets whiz past him.

Ducking behind a mailbox as bullets shoot into it, Hammerhead rolls out from behind the mailbox, “PUNISHER IS DEAD, AND I DON’T KNOW WHO THIS GUY IS BUT THAT AIN’T PUNISHER!” he shouts, shooting at the ridding vigilante zooming by on his bike but Hammerhead closes one eye, aiming at his fast-moving target and shoots the supposed Punisher’s front tire.

Watching Punisher lose control of his motorcycle, Hammerhead stands up watching Punisher bike slide down onto its side and skid down the street before crashing into the back of a parked mini-van as Punisher rolls off onto his back.

“FINISH OFF DAT MOOK NOW!” Hammerhead shouts to his men who immediately begin running across the lawn towards the street with guns in hand.

On his back and already hearing the loud blaring sirens of police cars coming from various directions, Punisher turns over and grabs his sawed-off shotgun, which looks like a long pipe off the side of his damaged motorcycle, removes another piece from his utility belt, attaches it and raises up his new long nose rifle, aiming it at the men!

Shooting down two men already, Punisher gets up on his feet and begins shooting at the men, forcing them to find cover.

Standing at the footsteps of the school Hammerhead grinds his teeth in anger, watching Punisher pin down his men behind parked cars before raising his gun towards him from 40 yards away and shoots at him! Ducking down behind the mailbox again, Hammerhead peaks out behind the mailbox but jolts back as the dirt kicks up from a gunshot next to his foot!

“Ah HECK NO!” Hammerhead shouts, pulling out his cellphone.

In the middle of the street, Punisher continues his assault, shooting at Hammerhead’s men behind the cars, pinning them down with rapid-fire as he pulls a black knapsack off the wrecked motorcycle while hearing police sirens in the far distance. Peering up the block going North, Punisher sees along the tree-lined streets the blinking red and blue lights of the rushing police cars. Three minutes he had he estimated.

Rattling off two more shots at Hammerheads men, Punisher takes off sprinting down the street, running towards the school as Hammerheads men stand up from over their bullet-ridden parked cars, shooting at Punisher racing down the street. Gritting his teeth, Punisher bolts across the street and dives over a car but not before getting shot twice in his side. Lands on the pavement, Punisher spots Hammerheads gunmen and shoots both in the legs before gunning them down while the rest of the men behind them dive over the parked cars to the street.

Groaning in pain, Punisher looks at the bullets lodged in his silver Kevlar armor under his black shirt and lets out a sigh of relief. Hearing the police sirens draw nearer, Punisher gets onto his feet and sprints down the side walk towards the school's path leading to the steps, but suddenly spots 3 black SUV's speeding towards down the avenue with one of the jumping the curb and roaring down the side-walk towards him.

Kneeling down, Punisher quickly goes through his knapsack as gunshots rip into the cement on his left side. Pulling out a small black cannon from his small knapsack, Punisher holds up the mini-cannon to the speeding SUV and pulls back on the trigger, causing a plume of white smoke to gush out the back of the cannon as a rocket streaks out, zips down the street and explodes under the SUV, sending it airborne over Punisher’s head as he rolls underneath the flaming vehicle before springing onto his feet as the SUV crashes behind him while he shoots the driver of the second SUV behind the windshield as it crashes into parked cars before him.

In front of the school but crouched behind a mailbox, Hammerhead stands up in shock at the sight of one SUV upside down and in flames, another crashed into a parked cars before seeing the man dressed as Punisher with a black mask over his face, stand up as the SUV behind him explodes in a fiery flame. Hammerhead grits his teeth as his eyes dilate with fear before pulling out his Tommy-machine gun and opens fire on him, “WHY WON”T YOU JUST DIE!!!” he shouts, shooting at the Punisher who dives behind the flaming SUV but then sees Hammerheads men running down the side-walk towards him.



Pulling out his gun and switching off the safety, Captain Stacy looks at his partner driving the squad car barreling down the avenue at high speed into nothing short of a warzone. Seeing the flaming SUV on the school lawn, another SUV crashed into parked cars with two more cars abandoned in the street, Stacy grabs his partner's arm.

“Don’t slow down Dillan.” Stacy orders as his partner Officer Dillan slams down on the pedal, speeding them up.

Captain Stacy leans forward on the dashboard the pedal, speeding them up.

Captain Stacy leans forward on the dashboard; his blue eyes open wide in astonishment as he sees the man dressed as Punisher shooting at Hammerheads goons on the side-walk!

"Is that… PUNISHER!?!" Captain Stacy yells in disbelief as they rapidly approach the school.

“And Hammerheads gang?!" Officer Dillan says in shock as he starts to slow down at the sight of the gangsters in the street shooting at Punisher who sprints across the lawn, trying to make it behind the school.

"Don’t slow down! HIT'EM!” yells Stacy as his partner looks at him in surprise to which Stacy points emphatically with angered eyes, “HIT THEM NOW!” he hollers before being sucked into his seat as Officer Dillan slams on the gas pedal, speeding them like a blur past the SUV’s on the street, jump the curb and get the attention of Hammerheads men as they drive up the lawn, watching them turn to shoot but run into the school as one gangster is hit by their car and rolls off the windshield into the air.

“They’re going inside the school!” Dillan shouts, spotting Hammerhead running into the school with his men behind him. Stacy hits the dashboard, “STOP STOP!”

Feeling the car skid to a halt, Captain Stacy grabs Dillan and pulls him down as Hammerheads goons stand by the doors of the school and shoot out the glass windows that shatter on them. Leaning back in his seat, Captain Stacy blinding shoots at the men who fall back into the school as but Dillan pushes Stacy, “GO GO GO!!” he shouts as Punisher runs across the lawn, unleashing a hail of bullets into the side of their car as the tires pop, making the car lean.

“MOVE MOVE MOVE!” Stacy shouts, pushing his door open and pulls Dillan out as he shoots at Punisher through the shattered window.

“I’m calling backup!” Stacy shouts as Dillan stands up behind the car, shooting at Punisher who runs behind a pillar as bullets rip into the bricks.

“I got’em pinned down!” shouts Dillan, shooting at Punishers while Stacy ducks behind the door as glass rains down on him from all the exchange while pulling out his Walkie-Talkie, "THIS IS CAPTAIN STACY, I WANT TAC-TEAM BACK UP HERE RIGHT NOW! WE HAVE MULTIPLE HOSTILES IN THE AREA AND CHILDREN IN THE SCHOOL I REPEAT…”

“AH!” shouts Dillan, twirling to the ground beside Captain Stacy, clutching his bloody shoulder.

“DILLAN!” Captain Stacy shouts, seeing his partner writhing in pain from his bloody shoulder but Captain Stacy suddenly hears glass smash out from the one of the first floor windows and sees two gunmen leap out the window and rush towards them with guns in their hands, aimed right him..

Suddenly Captain Stacy can’t believe his eyes as the gangsters are suddenly hoisted off their feet, straight up in the air and left dangling at the head of the flagpole. No sooner does he see this, does he see the red and blue costumed vigilante Spider-man drop down before Captain Stacy while pulling the webbing in his hands and sticking it to the ground.

Turning around, Spider-Man looks at Captain Stacy knelt protectively over his partner, aiming his gun right at Spider-Man’s head, “DON’T MOVE!” he shouts.

“Hammerhead and Punisher are IN THE SCHOOL!” Spider-man exclaims, "I'M GONNA STOP'EM!”


“DID YOU HEAR A WORD I SAID!?” Spidey shouts.

Suddenly Spiderman and Captain Stacy turn around, hearing another black van jump the curb as they see 10 men in black rushing out the van and headed towards the school with automatic weapons in hand.

“Oh this is like the worst video game ever!” Spidey grumbles.

Captain Stacy gulps as the gangsters start to rush for them but suddenly the NYPD Police Cars arrive screeching to a halt in front of the school to Captain Stacy’s relief. Throwing their doors opening NYPDs finest open fire at the thugs but Captain Stacy turns back to Spider-Man who's disappeared and only sees the flapping doors of the school.

Taking off his black tie, Stacy leans over to his partner and presses his tie to his bloodied wound and puts his partners hand over his gunshot wound, “Keep pressure on it, I’m going after him.”

“Get one in for me boss.” Dillan weakly smirks as to which Stacy nods, “I will.” He replies, rushing into the school.

Marvel - The Beginning:

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Spider-Man - Arc III

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“Guh!!!” gasps Gertrude, pushing past the heavy gymnasium doors and runs into the middle of the indoor basketball court, trying to get to the other side of the school by way of the gym. Her mouth was dry, her heart was pounding, fear made the back of her hair stand as she tiredly gets to the end of the basketball court, collapsing under the basketball hoop.

Panting and sweating, Gert leans against the pole, seeing the blue doors that lead to the other side of the school, “I can’t die, not like this, I can’t die. C’mon Gert move your…”


Gertrudes brown eyes open wide with fear as turns around, seeing a muscled Italian gangster holding the door to the basketball court open behind her with a walkie talkie to his mouth, as two other gangsters sprint past him with guns in hand!

“NO!” Gertrude shouts, rushing to the blue doors but quickly skids to a stop as Hammerhead smashes through the door headfirst and immediately sees her, “YOU GET AN ‘A’ FOR GETTING’ ON MY FREAKIN NERVES KID!” he shouts, raising up his tommy-machine gun to her!

“AAAAAAAAH!” Gertrude shrieks, diving behind the escalating benches on the side of the court as bullet holes rip through the wooden benches, “COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVAH YA ARE!!” he shouts over the sound of his gunfire, rattling his bullets into the seats while Gertrude sprints along the wall behind the seats as wood splinters up behind her with bullets ripping into the wall!

"AAAAAAAHHH!!!" she screams diving out the escalating seats slides across the slick floor and into shower room hitting the tile wall, “GAAAH!” she winces, clutching her bloodied arm.

Sliding out the magazine from his tommy gun, Hammerhead looks at the three men behind him, “Any y’all mooks got a big knife?” he asks.

One of the men smiles, pulling out a big knife and tosses it to him. Hammerhead catches it by its handle and looks at its shiny blade and points at one of the three men, “You be sure they’re ain’t no other exit from deez’ showers. And you two mooks be sure that imposter-punisher don’t get in my way.” He says, turning away from them and entering the showers, “No more interruptions." he growls, twirling the blade in hand.



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Racing to the back of the large white tiled shower room, Gert looks around frantically as she knows there is another exit but after all those times skipping gym class she didn’t know this area at all.

Hastily walking past the toilets and turning left, she runs down another 10 feet but only sees a janitors closet.

"@&!%$ NOOOOOOO!!!" she yells in frustration.


Gert gasps, turning around at the sound of the echoing voice. Feeling corned as she hears Hammerhead’s voice and footsteps echoing off the walls, Gertrude hops up and down anxiously as her eyes well up with tears, not knowing where to go.


With his blade in hand, Hammerhead slowly stalks down the white-tiled corridor of the shower room, seeing drops of red blood lead a trail, “AND THIS BLOOD I SEE? Awww, did I wound da-lil gurly girl? Ha!!"


Gert clutches her shoulder and looks around as she panics but sees acro>

Gert clutches her shoulder and looks around as she panics but sees across from her, a door half-open with lockers leading down a long narrow hallway!

"YES!!" she shouts, running from the janitor's closet and past the showers just as Hammerhead emerges from around the corner.

“THERE YOU GO!” he bellows shooting into the tiled wall, just missing Gertrude as she bolts out the showers to the hallway.

Sprinting into the hallways as fast as she can, Gertrude looks behind her and sees Hammerhead smash through the wall with his head lowered like a bull but skidding to a stop amongst the broken tile and aims his gun at her, shooting at her, “STOP RIGHT THERE GURLY!”


Bursting through the hallway doors, Gert makes a sharp left as bullets rip through the doors she went through as she tiredly races down the stairs towards.


Gertrude looks up, seeing another one of Hammerhead’s men lean over the railing with his gun aimed at her.

“NO!” Gert shouts but trips on the stairs, tumbling down as gunshots shoot into the wall over her.

Rolling down the steps, Gertrude rolls off the last step and onto her back, grinding her teeth in excruciating pain as she holds her arm. Hearing the steps quickly moving down the stairs, Getrude hobbles onto her feet, but grinds her teeth in pain as she leans on her ankle.

Hobbling down the hallway towards the lunchroom, out of breath, feeling weak, her pale cheeks are flush red as sweat drips down her face as she runs towards the lunchroom, ready to collapse.

"HEEEEEELP!!!" Gertrude shrieks as she gets closer to the lunchroom. "SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!" she shrieks, ready to push through the lunchroom doors but behind her, Gertrude sees one of Hammerheads henchmen kick down the door as she looks at the gun aimed at her head.

, "AAAAAAAAH!!!!" screams Gert as she backs away but suddenly bursting through Lunchroom doors, Punisher lunges and tackles the man from the waist, slamming him up against the lock doors, punching him across the face, kneeing him the gut and grabbing him by the air before careening his face straight into the floor repeatedly!

"STAY DOWN!” Punisher yells, driving his face once more into white floor!


Punisher looks up blocks a black boot careening to his face and punches the assailant in the crouch, watching him keel over in pain as he flips him over while on his knees but is quickly taken off-guard by Hammerhead who smashes his head into his chest, launching Punisher through the lunchroom doors!!

Gertrude motions to run but Hammerhead quickly grabs Gert by a fistful of her black and purple hair, “GEEEEET OVER HERE!!!” he roars, feeling her grab him by his wrist as he firmly drags her into the lunchroom.

"AAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" yell all the kids in the lunchroom as they hid underneath the tables with faculty standing in front of them protectively.

Snarling at the Punisher staggering to get up, Hammerhead swiftly shoots Punisher in the leg and pushes Gert off to the side, smacking her across the face as she falls to the floor and points at her, “STAY THERE!” he shouts before turning his attention to Punisher on the floor, clutching his leg.

“NOW WHO THE HECK ARE YOOZ?!!” Hammerhead shouts, leaning down towards the vigilante, “YOU ACT like Punisher, you got his CLOTHES, bike, even da-same kinda guns but you ain’t him so I…” Hammerhead kicks him in the chest, “WANNA…” he shouts kicking him in the face, “…KNOW WHO …” he shouts stomping on his knee as he cries out in pain, “…YOOOZ…” Hammerhead swings his Tommy-gun and points at his head, “…BE!!!!” he shouts.

Out of breath and in pain Punisher rolls onto his back and weakly raises up his fist, extending his middle finger.

“Heh!” Hammerhead smirks, “Got spunk. I like ‘dat.” He says, but viciously kicks him across the face and turns to Gert, “YOU…” and turns back to Punisher, “And you…two numb-nut ding-dongs dat dink ya can get over on me, WELL LEMME TELL YOU NO ONE DOES! EVERYTHING IS OPEN FA’ ME TA’SEE!!” Hammerhead shouts, kneeling down to Punisher and pulls off his mask.

Hammerheads eyes open wide as he stands up before bursting into laughter, “OH OH dis is just rich!” he shouts, looking at the African American man gritting his bloodied teeth at him.

“I GOTZ a freakin’ black dude tryin’ ta’ be da punisher!" Hammerhead scoffs, "And I’m here thinkin’ dat’ dis mooks body in the River wasn’t his! PHEW! That’s a load off.” sighs Hammerhead, but points his gun at his head, “SO whatcha got ta’say lil Punisah-lite, before I say night night?”

“It’s Americop!”

“OH Americap yooz be? PAH-DON me! I didn’t realize I offended such up uppah class tah-doo citizen.”

“I…” Americop groans, wincing in pain, “…am Punisher…I-I…will be anything…that the cops…ca-can’t….be ah-and if the-that mah-means workin’ outside the law…ta-take you down…I’m gonna do it.”

“Well he’s a new flash…” Hammerhead says as the ‘klik-klack’ of his gun echoes, “…ain’t nobody takin’ me down. Punisha couldn’t do it, cops can’t do it, some man in a red suit can’t do it and you gonna find out, the best way…I’m gonna shoot this vital lesson RIGHT in ya head!”

Suddenly two webs shot down on to Hammerheads gun and his head lifting him off the ground and yanking him straight up, slamming him into the ceiling!!

Everyone looks up to see Hammerhead’s body-shaped hole in the ceiling as Spidey drops down to the floor with Hammerhead falling straight into the floor with a thud beside him.

"That's it, i'm NOT asking you homecoming domehead." Spidey quips.

Spider-Man suddenly feels the ‘sense’ in the back of his head cause him to turn around to the lunchroom doors as Hammerhead's last two henchmen burst through the doors.

Flash stands up, "TAKE’EM OUT SPIDEY!!!!" he yells as Harry tries to pull him down.

Spidey quickly shoots two webs into Hammerhead goons as Hammerhead himself stands up and rushes to Spidey with the knife in hand. Springing to his defense, Americop grabs Hammerhead and slams him into the wall, struggling with the knife over their heads as Americop drops his gun to the floor in front of Gert.

Spidey turns to Gert and points the far end of the lunchroom,” RUN!” he shouts as leaps at the henchmen, kicking them both in the face before dropping to the floor, swiping his leg under theirs and webbing them both to the floor.

Hearing crashing behind him, Spidey turns to see Americop flip Hammerhead over onto the table while breaking his arm and winds back Hammerheads knife over his head, poised to ram it into his chest but Spidey quickly shoots two webs to the floor near Americop, pulls himself in and kicks Americop with both feet, watching him smack into the far wall.

“JUST STOP STOP STOP IT!!” Spidey yells, as Americop pulls out a small gun and shoots at him but Spidey quickly side-steps the bullet, “JEEZ!” he shouts in pain, shooting out thick webbing onto Americop, sticking him to the wall. “YOU’RE ALL FREAKIN’ KILL HAPPY!"

Americop looks at him with hateful narrowed eyes, "You’re going to regret this." he says simply.

“No I’m gonna regret having to get stitches!” Spidey retorts, looking at his shoulder, seeing the bullet grazed him.


Spidey turns around at the sound of the ‘klik klack' of a gun, thinking it be Captain Stacy but is shocked to see Gert aiming Americops gun at Hammerhead face.

"DON'T!" Spidey yells.

With tears rolling down her cheeks while her bloodied arm remains still, Gert sweated pale face remains full of anguish and grief as she keeps the trembling gun aimed at Hammerhead, “I’M GONNA KILL YOU!”

“DON’T DO IT!” Spidey yells.

“WHY!” Gertrude shouts, glaring at Spider before turning back to Hammerhead, "WHY SHOULDN'T I! HE DESERVES IT!"

Spidey firms his face, "Look....if you do this. There's no going back. There's no turning aside from EXACTLY what you said you KNOW your family wanted you to be."

Gert turns to him, "WHAT IF THIS IS WHAT I AM!!"

Spidey points to her, "If THIS is what you are, HERE'S A PREVIEW OF WHAT YOU'll BE! RAMBO-TINA! SHE PUTS ON MAKEUP BEFORE EACH KILL!" he says pointing to Americop struggling to cut through the webbing with a small knife from his sleeve.

Gert looks at him and then at Spidey, "I don't care!" Spidey nods, "Yes you do! Yes you do care! There are something’s we are just not meant to do! It's NOT our call who lives or who dies! It's our call to do what's right! You have a responsibility on your hands..."

"WHAT RESPONSIBILITY!" she yells as she wipes tears from her eyes as the gun trembles in her hands.

Spidey points to her, "...Because you came from a no-good family, because you know WHY 'tablehead' here wants you dead, because you know the dirt this gangland can carry...ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE BETTER THAN ALL OF IT! TO FIGHT IT! RUNAWAY FROM IT! ITS YOUR JOB TO RISE OVER THIS AND BE SOMETHING BETTER EVEN IF IT HITS TOO CLOSE TO HOME!"

"IT’S TOO HARD" she cries.

"DONT GIVE ME THAT!" Spider-man spits, "DON'T GERTRUDE! I WAS THE ONE THAT HAD TO FACE THE ONE PERSON WHO STOLE EVERYTHING FROM ME! EVERYTHING!! BUT I DIDN'T PULL THE TRIGGER! I DIDN'T DO IT! Because the minute that bullet leaves the chamber, you don't shoot the enemy, you shoot yourself. You'll shatter your life into a thousand pieces and no one is worth that! Nobody! A thousand pieces is what you'll fall into and that can't be put together you want that? Over him?" Spidey asks.

Gert looks at Spidey standing before her and then looks at the weapon in her hand.

Spidey extends his opens his hand, "Just give it to me, please, i'm begging you."

Gert clenches her jaw and closes her eyes as tears roll down her cheeks, and hands over the gun.

"I promise you....this is the better way." Spidey says. Gert looks up at him and thrusts herself into his arms and hugs him as she cries and sobs.

"Echem." goes Captain Stacy. Spidey and Gert turn to him, shocked he's been standing there the whole time.

"May I intrude?" he says calmly. Gert straightens up and wipes her tears.

Spidey turns around and hands him the gun, "You can take that." he says.

Capt. Stacy frowns his face as he looks at Hammerhead knocked out on the ground with two of his henchmen knocked out too, "Where's Punisher?" he says.

“He’s not Punisher.” Spidey says, seeing Americop is gone, having cut through his webbing, "He said he was Americop or whatever he was.”

Capt. Stacy firms his face, "Yeah well that mystery man managed to kill more men today than Hammerhead, not to mention the one by the gym and the showers. How did he not see you?"

Spidey looks at him, "He's got turrets in his trigger finger along with more than half the guys in here, so, I went through the vents Die Hard-style, you know with the pina colada song and all that.”

Capt Stacy nods, "Well...fine job." he says, looking to Gertrude, "And for you...young lady...I think we need to take you downtown, we need to talk, about your family that is."

Gert looks at Spidey and he nods, "It's the right thing to do."

Gertrude sighs and nods at Stacy who gently pushes her along out the lunchroom with other officers running inside. Capt Stacy turns around and already sees Spider-Man swinging out the lunchroom and leap to the open glass window to outside.

All the students in the lunchroom get up from the floor and race with MJ in front of them all as Spidey remains perched on the open the window, looks back at Gwen and waves, leaps out the window, swinging away.

Standing there in shock as MJ and the rest of the students rush to the window, Harry Osborn stands in shock and looks at Gwen remain motionless, “HE JUST WAVED AT YOU OH MY GAWD!” he shouts, “Gwen…”

Gwen’s green eyes rollin the back of her head as she faints on the floor beside him.

“Girls.” mumbles Harry, shaking his head.

To be continued with epilogue