Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 3: Spider-Man (PART IV)

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Thrown onto her back, tears pour down Gertrude’s cheeks as she looks up in to the figure perched on top of the high street pole light as sunlight cuts a silhouette around him and his shadow on her, “Its him.” She mumbles.

"YO FLATTOP!!" says the mysterious figure from atop the pole, “I think seven men against a girl is totally right if she was like, green and on steroids but she isn’t so…I’m calling this fight over.”

The mobster points upward towards him as his men all point their rifles up at him in unison.

"Before you die…” The mobster says, “…whatever you are, you should know MY name is Hammerhead! And yooz are interferin’ wit BUSINESS!”

Covering the area of his mask where his mouth is, the figure laughs, "OH MY GOODNESS! What kinda English is that!? Nineteen Thirties Vocab for dummies or are we going Full Blown Rocky! Hey hey, real quick. Can you say Adrian for me, like the Rockey movie."


“AND THAT HEAD!" he exclaims further, "Oh man, before we do this, I need you to have a serious street name. Let' see, shiney top, NO, that's not..oh wait, no...DOME HEAD!" he exclaims at the snap of his finger, "YEAH. Domehead sticks!” he replies, much to Hammerheads dislike, “Okay, we're good. DOME-HEAD, you’re business license for scaring the crap outta teenage girls just got REVOKED! So move along before i call you hardheaded! Haha you see what I did there. Your head and, you know, its hard.”

A sinister scowl comes across Hammerhead face. Looking down at the sidewalk and glancing back up at the man in his red and blue costume with narrowed eyes, he points at him, “Alright dead man, if dat’s the way yooz wanna play it…” he says, pulling out his second hand gun from inside his jacket, as the other 7 men cock their guns, all pointed at him.

"YOOZ gunna wanna tell me your name? Cuz I like ta put ur freakin' name on the freakin headstone so I know what ta piss on when I gets dem blues ya know!” Hammerhead shouts.

The figure, looks at Gert with tears in her eyes and leans down confidently, “You wanna know my name?” he huffs, standing tall on the light pole, “Why, I’m you’re friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." he proudly declares.

Hammerhead smirks, "SMOKE HIM!" he shouts as Spider-man leaps off the pole, diving at them!

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Flash Thompson
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Gertrude Yorkes
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Marvel - The Beginning:

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Spider-Man - Arc III

Part IV - Gangsters, Vigilantes & Heroes....

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Feeling as if everything around him slowed down to a crawl, Spidey's irises dilate at the sight of the bullets rotating through the air, whizzing straight at him. Feeling his entire body start to tingle while adrenaline surges through his veins, Spider-Man looks over to Gertrude Yorkes on the grass staring at him in amazement at he moves.

Seemingly in the blink of an eye, Spider-man springs off the the light pole, somersaults over Hammerhead and his entire gang shooting at him before landing behind Gertrude Yorkes, putting a firm 20 feet between him and the shooters. Already behind everyone faster than they can turn around, Spider-Man thrusts his hands out, shooting out globs of webbing to their hands, a fun ability he learned how to do over the past summer, and clogs up the front of their pistols with thick white webbing.

“OH HECK NOW HE”S SPRAYIN’ US WIT WEIRD STUFF BOSS!!” a henchman yells to Hammerhead.

“SHUT UP’N SHOOT’EM!!” shouts another.

“AW MAN DIS’ STUFF iN MY MOUTH!” gags one more.

Feeling something grab her from behind, Gertrude looks up to see Spider-Man's web-line attached to her back, "HOLD ON!" he yells, yanking her clear off the grass, through the air and straight into the seat of a park-bench as he flips over to her, racing towards the gang.

“WHAT THE HECK IS DIS NASTY STUFF!!” shouts one of the gangbangers, struggling to peel off the sticky white ooze off the barrel of his pistol just before Spidey jumps and slams both feet into his chest! The henchman coughs as he feels as if his entire chest caved in as he's rocketed back into the side of their parked black SUV with a loud thud.

Before anyone can react Spider-man drops to the pavement on his hands and extends both legs in the air, kicking two of the gangsters in the face with enough strength to launch them clear off their feet and crashing down the windshields of the SUVs!

Twirling on his hands and shoulders like a break-dancer, Spidey’s swipes his legs into the gang members surrounding him, kicking them off their feet! As they go down, Spidey leaps into the air as if gravity was optional, and shoots thick lines of webbing that spews out his wrists. Landing on his feet, Spidey quickly wraps them up in a tight in a white cocoon before feeling the tingling sensation in the back of his head cause him!

Effortlessly Spider-Man back-flips and fans out his limbs in the air just as Hammerhead sprints under him with his head lowered like a charging bull.

Landing behind him, Spidey, quickly shoots a web line to Hammerheads back, pulling him back with all his might!

“AH-DEY LEY TORO!!!" Spidey shouts, yanking on the web line with such strength that Hammerhead is pulled straight off his feet and swung around by Spider-Man in one large circle before getting slammed headfirst into parked SUV’s front grill! Watching his legs and arms drop to the floor, knocked out, Spidey turns to check on Gertrude who points at him fearfully and screams!

“BEHIND YOU!!” Gertrude shrieks.

Spider-man suddenly feels the subtle tingling sensation in the back of his head surge in a momentary headache, causing him to instinctively drop down to the cement ground as a gangbanger shoots over Spidey’s head with a rifle, just missing him!

“HEY!” shouts Spider-Man, shooting a web line to the man’s face and pulls it so hard the henchman slams into the pavement face first, unconcious!

“THAT COULD HAVE BEEN MY HEAD!” Spidey shouts, before picking up the rifle and snapping it in half over his knee.


Spidey turns around to see Hammerhead’s in his rumpled suit with bruises on his face, staggering out from behind the 2nd black SUV that is across the street with a long, retro-styled machine gun in his hands.

“HEY HARD HEAD!!!” shouts Spider-Man, as he quickly shoots out a web-line to an iron manhole cover underneath him and pulls it up as a shield, “HEY! THE NINETEEN THIRTIES CALLED!" he shouts, while crouching behind the man-hole cover as a shield as its pelted with a flurry of the bullets deflecting off, "THEY WANT THEIR MUG GANGSTERS BACK!” he shouts as Hammerhead yells at the top of his lungs while still shooting at him.

“YOU DINK YOU CAN MESS WIT-ME SPIDER-PUNK!?I OWN DEEZ STREETS!” Hammerhead shouts over the loud machine gun while walking closer to him and shooting into the man-hole cover Spidey holds up.

“TECHNICALLY NEW YORK CITY TAXPAYERS DO!” Spidey shouts back but then suddenly hears the ‘click-click’ of the machine gun empty out.

Raising his head over the man-hole cover, ready to fling it like a frisby, Spidey looks over the man-hole cover just as Hammerhead rams his rock hard head right into the man-hole cover!

"Ah fudge." Spidey grumbles as he's launched back off his feet, sent clear across the side walk and sent crashing into the park bench that Gertrude dives away from!

“AAAW- HAW....” Spider-man groans, feeling the pain streak across his chest as the man-hole falls next to him “…HOW HARD IS YOUR FREAKIN’ HEAD!?” he shouts, rubbing his chest, “GAWD who was your mother, THORS HAMMER OR A HONDA BUMPER!”

Still on his back, Spider-Man suddenly sees Hammerhead appear over him as his red tie flies in the wind while pointing the barrel end of his machine gun to his face. Tapping on his metal head, Hammerhead smirks, “Let’s hear ya joke now funny-boy!”

Glancing to the side, Spidey watches to of Hammerhead’s cronies holding their sides as they limp towards him with guns in their hand. “Okay, i'd say something but…” Spidey groans, “…the image of your mom actually being Thor's hammer or a Honda, and giving birth two you, literally is a two-second obsession I just can't shake right now!”

“You’re dead freak!” Hammerhead snaps, pressing the gun barrel into Spidey’s face, about to pull back on the trigger.

However, Hammerhead can’t believe his eyes at Spider-man’s flexibility as he swings his leg up, kicking the machine gun out his hand with a fully extended leg, causing the shot to hit a tree. All at once, Spidey leaps off his hands and into the air, spin-kicks both of Hammerhead's cronies in the face with his right and left leg, lands back on the ground and shoots a thick white glob of webbing to Hammerhead, causing his hand and gun to stick onto his chest as if confined by a strap-jacket.

"OH MAN! THIS AIN’T SANITARY!!” Hammerhead shouts as Spider-man jumps right on top of his shoulders!


“GET OFF ME PIN HEAD!" he yells, staggering around under Spidey’s weight.

"I bet your wife says that ALL the time huh? Troubles at home? Is that why you 'act out like this? Is this a cry for help? They have pills." quips Spidey

“WILL YOU SHUT UP!” Hammerhead yells, now enraged, and rips through the webbing that glues his hands and gun to his chest and reaches out to grab at Spidey, who quickly back-flips off his shoulders, grabs Hammerhead by the sides of his head and, in a feat of true strength, flips Hammerheads entire body upside down, crashing him face first into the cement!

“WOO HOO!!!” Spider-man shouts, throwing his fist up in the air as Hammerhead curls up on the ground, dazed.

“SPIDEY ONE! ‘HONDA'S KID’, ZERO! ” shouts Spidey, holding his curled fingers like a zero.

Coughing and spitting out blood on the pavement, Hammerhead grinds his bloodied teeth as he looks up at Spidey, “You’re so dead…I-I mean deader than dead! I’m gonna pump you so full of holes YOU’LL LOOK LIKE MASHED-UP MEAT WHEN I’M DONE WIT YOOZ!!!!!’

“Just so you know, I am not one of those ‘shoot-at –you’ heroes.” Spidey retorts, “I mean I REALLY hate getting shot at cause like, well, it took me FOR-EEVVV-ER to make this costume ‘just right’ and if you fill it with holes, well first I’ll be hurt so, “OUCH” and then I’ll have to remake my costume again and this is the only one I got so far. But I’m working on others, “What’d you think of me in black? Too slimming? Too bad boy? How’d my butt look? Better than you face? Maybe.”

$%&* YOU!” shouts Hammerhead.

“Oh is da lil-widdle-mobster’ all uh ‘gah-goo’ mad about his smashed face? Ya wanna widdle kiss ta’make it all bettah my lil mook?" Spidey says in a baby voice, pinching Hammerheads bruised cheeks.


“And when you say your mother's grave, are talking about a Honda dealership or I guess, where Thor's Hammer retires? So a thrift store?”


“GET OVAH…MMMM…MMM…” mumbles Hammerhead as Spider-man webs his mouth shut.

“SSHHHH! It was rhetorical.” Spidey shushes, shooting a massive spider-web over his whole body, “Lets leave the sweet nothings for next time dome head. DOME HEAD! YES!! That’s your name, almost forgot that.” he says, turning way to see Gertrude running down the street with another two other gangsters swiftly running after her with two more running towards him. However, Spidey can hear the police sirens a few blocks away closing in to his location.

“Alright, lets wrap this up!” Spiderman’ groans, shooting a web-line to a light pole before swinging through the air with ease over the mobsters about to grab Gert., “ HEY MOPEY AND DOPEY…” Spider-man shouts, dropping to the ground in front Gertrude Yorkes, standing between her and the muscled bruised gangsters who pull out large knives, “…she’s what you call ‘jailbait’ but I’m sure you two low-life’s can buy the lady blowup doll that will fill all your desires.”

“KILL’EM!!” they shout at once.

Spidey pushes Gert back, swings underneath both gangsters arms as they slash at him, shoots web-lines to both of their backs from behind and pulls away from Gertrude with such strength that Spidey drops to the ground as they rocket over his head, streaks the over side-walk and smashes into a parked cars rear windshield, shattering it!!

“OH CRAP!” Spidey winces, awkwardly scratching the back of his head, “Uh….SORRY!” he shouts apologetically, and cups his red gloved hands around his mouth, “I’M STILL GAUGING MY STRENGTH BUT I’LL GET IT RIGHT NEXT TIME FELLAS! PROMISE!!” he shouts, holding a thumbs up while posing heroically.

Suddenly hearing police sirens and the screech of tires filling the air, police officers race out their cars, holding out their guns "FRRRREEEEEZZZEEE!!!" they yell, but see all the men sprawled out on the ground and on the cars.

Captain Stacy races out the squad car, spotting Spider-Man swinging away with a girl holding onto his back as he leaps off his webs, and sticks to the side of a luxury residential building three blocks away and crawls up to the roof!

"HOLD'EM THESE GUYS HERE AND CALL ME SOME BACK UP NOW!!" shouts Captain Stacy to his partners as he races down the street to the building.


Crawling over the rooftop edge, Spidey places Gertrude onto the gravelly rooftop but she hops up and down excitedly, "OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWWWDDD!" she screams to Spidey , "YOU WERE SO AWESOME!! you were so like Bruce Lee but then, you just went HAM on them and…and…THAT WAS SO EPICALLY WICKED!!!" she yells.

Embarrassed, Spidey just rubs the back of his head, "Umm...thanks?" he says.

Gert hops up and down with a wide smile on her face, "You may like not know this but I'm like your totally biggest fan!” she exclaims, holding on to his wrist. “AAAAND you like totally saved my life, TWICE!”


“LIKE HELLOooo! Earth to Spider-Man! Last week!" she says.

Spidey looks at her for a moment and then snaps his fingers having remembered what even she is speaking of, "YOU WERE IN A SHOOTOUT THAT TACO PLACE ON FOURTEENTH STREET!"

Gert folds her arms, "Yep! That's me!" she says proudly, to which Spidey folds his arms.

"Hey, I don't mind savin' people, but like, you mind telling me why you’re getting shot at two times within a week? You ticked off an Italian Dungeons and Dragons fan-club or something?" he asks.

Gert shakes her head, "N-no. It, it was just like bad timing." she says awkwardly.

Spidey places his hands on his sides, tilted his head as his large white eyes remained fixed to her "I'm sorry but I'm SOOO not buying that."

"What do you mean?" Gert shrugs, her tone and attitude change almost instantly Spidey notices.

Spidey puts up a finger, "Shot at once fine, but shot at twice okay...i'll give you that leeway, but..." Gert puts her hands on her hip, "But what!" she snaps acidly.

“BUT you totally got shot at just twice by GANGSTERS of all people!” Spider-man states firmly,

“I mean I’m a little knew at this, but I think you have to be a totally special class citizen for that kind of attention!"

Gert frowns her face, "And what are you trying to say? That I'm like them!? Cause I'm not! I'm not like them! I'LL NEVER BE!" she yells defensively.

Spidey shakes his head, "I'm not trying to say..."


Spidey extends his hands, "I'm not...”

"THAT’S ENOUGH! YOU CAN GO!” Gertrude shouts, turning her back to him, “YOU DID YOUR WHOLE SUPER HERO THING SO CONGRATS! GIVE YOURSELF A GOLD MEDAL HOT SHOT, now leave me alone.” she snaps, storming off to the opposite part of the roof.

“UGH!!” Spidey groans, turning away as he hops to the edge of the roof, ready to swing away. However, as the distance sound of traffic and police sirens fill his ears, Spidey looks up to the pink, blue and orange color filled sun-set sky and hears Gertrude sniffle.

Using his keen vision, Spidey looks down the three blocks where he was only moments ago, spotting the police tapping off the area with yellow ‘caution’ tape as the Coroner arrives in his white truck while the police place a blanket over Gertrude’s bodyguard shot-riddled body sprawled out in the street.

With a sigh, Spidey turns back around to sees Gert standing at the opposite edge of the rooftop with her arms folded, staring into the distance over the sea of six floor buildings that stretch out to the far distant sigh of Manhattan as a large yellow sun slowly disappears behind the skyline.

Peter looks at the gravelly rooftop floor, remembering how his Uncle Ben used to talk to Eddie when he was upset. Kicking a pebble over with his red Adidas shoe, Spidey walks back over to Gert, who refuses to look at him and keeps her glare to the view of residential homes in the Queens area.

Seeing her face so stern as her purple hair flies in the wind, Spidey sighs, "Sorry, I didn't mean to insinuate that you were like a vicious killer or..."

"Cause I'm not!" exclaims Gert, "I'm not even like that! My family is! They are! I didn't ask to be born into that crap you know! If they wanna take over the world and blow it all up to heck that is there business NOT MINE!" she snaps angrily.

Spidey looks at her, speechless, "Um...okay. So...your family is.."

Gert frowns her face as she looks to the pebbled rooftop, "We are...I mean, my dad, is like involved in a gang called 'The Pride'." she says. Spidey looks at her with a tilted head, evidently confused. Gert sees this and huffs, "You'll never hear of them. They are mainly a 'West Coast' thing. And he owes them money and he came from California to here…see my mom, left. She’s in Chicago because when all this gang stuff happened Dad took me along thinking he could capitalize on all this, but she stay in Chicago, I went with Dad because he…needs me, but I didn’t think it was…gonna be like, THIS you know? I knew it could be bad but...jeez what's the point." she sighs, slumping to the gravel floor.

Spidey bends down to her, "What do you mean? What's the point?" he asks.

Gert looks away from him as her eyes start to glisten with tears, "You see that man out there on the floor? His name is Jonathan Fortunato. He is like what, 30 years old and I killed him."

Spidey looks at her, "You didn't do ANYTHING! I saw it! I can prov..."

Gert cuts him off, "I KILLED HIM! I did! just being part of my family, I killed him. I don't want this life, but I'm forced to have it! I have to....accept it but I know it’s so wrong." she replies despondently. "Hammerhead, just was trying to...cut out the competition. You should've let him kill me."

"WHAT!" Spidey retorts in shock.

Gert wipes her teary eyes, "You should have! Than my parents would have lost me and would have got back together and left his life and Jonathan would have still been ali..."

Spidey covers her mouth, "You can't blame yourself for what happened! You can't allow yourself to heap on your shoulders the fact that your parents are the ones that CAUSED all of this by THEIR activities! NOT YOU!" he says but Gert moves his hands from her mouth. "You don't get it! Have you ever had someone lay their life on the line for you!" she says.

Spidey huffs and sits down in front of her, "Where you want to start? When my Un...relative...died, because some random...rand...uh…Sorry, it's still kinda hard to talk about it." he says taking a pause. Gert watches Spidey rub his eyes through his red mask, hearing him sniffle as he draws a deep breath.

"I, uh...know more than what you’re speaking about. I lost my relative while they waited for me, not like this though, from running an errand. That relative raised me to be...normal, peaceful and just good and the world thanks him but a violent murder."

Gert looks at him, "So what did you do? You killed the murderer right?!"

"NO!" he says.

Gert looks at him upset, "WHY NOT! WHY NOT DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID TO YOU! YOU’RE OWED THAT MUCH!" she shouts.

Spidey folds his arms, "Because, in the end, when I held the gun to the murderers face....I saw myself like, become if I did what he would have done, and I didn't want that. Listen, if not to a relative or a friend, than to yourself, you must PROVE to be the better person when it's hardest! That's what makes us better! It's not the costume, it's not the's the fact of doing right even when it's easy to do wrong! I had that choice, it's hard but it's better! You know that...if not deep inside yourself...if no one else knows it, or sees it, that you are a good person. Honestly, truthfully and most importantly, genuinely. SO WHAT if your parents are maniacs and bent on destroying the world or making Mars a big pollen ball to make us get allergies and suffer...."

Gert points at him, "That'd suck."

Spidey nods, "Ya it would, but the point is, you...Have...A...Choice. We all do. With great power, comes great responsibility. We all must shoulder it. You, in this case, don't want to be what your family don’t!" he says.

Gert nods, "I know. I miss my home. I miss my mom.”

Spidey puts his hands up, "Instead of saying you miss her, go to her. Make that your goal. Distance yourself from all this craziness. Runaway if you have to, but do something but don't give the excuse that your parents made you a bad guy, cause it won't be no one’s fault when you pull the trigger...only yours." he says, rising to his feet.

Gert looks at him, "Your right." she agrees.

Spidey nods, "Than do something about it. We all have choices.”

“Gangster, mobster or vigilante as my dad would say are the choices in this world.” Gurt


“Well you see which I chose and so far…”.

"FREEEEZZZEE!" yells Captain Stacy as he finally kicks down the door to the roof top with his gun out.

Gert looks up and sees Spidey is gone!

She scrambles to her feet runs over the rooftop with Captain Stacy, both of them watching Spiderman swinging on his webs along the avenue. Captain Stacy firms his face, "BLAST! Missed him again!" he complains.

Gert looks at him, "What are you upset! He saved me!" she says.

Captain Stacy nods, "Than why does he wear a mask? If he wants to help, let him join the police." he says. Gert looks up at him and then at the Spidey in the fading distance, "Because he does stuff you guys can't do, or would try." she says as Captain Stacy looks at her as she stares out in the distance and smiles..



No Caption Provided

Next day, as the children race towards the doors of the school, Harry waits outside the doors of the school as a cool breeze goes by. As her hair flies in the wind, Harry notices Gwen walking up the stairs to the schools entrance. His face lights up, "HEY GWEN!" he says excitedly.

Gwen smiles casually, "Hey, have you seen Peter?" she asks rather urgently.

Harry shrugs, "Nah not really Why?" he asks.

Gwen frowns, wondering as to where he could be, "We were supposed to do something together yesterday and he wasn't there."

Harry notices the change in her tone and even how she isn't paying attention to him as he speaks to her but rather looks down the street in eager search for him.

"Gwen?" Harry asks.

She pays no mind.

"Gwen?" Harry asks yet again.

She pays no mind.

"PETER!" he says.

Gwen looks at him excitedly, "WHERE!" she says excitedly as she looks out to the street again searching for him. Harry shakes his head and looks at her in surprise. "Where is he!" she asks again in eagerness. Harry starts to huff in laughter, "All over your face." he says as he folds his arms.

Gwen stops looking and turns red with embarrassment and rolls her tongue in her cheek, "HARRY OSB..."

Harry puts his hands up, "Don't be sayin' my name like ya my mother! So admit it! You so like him it's not even funny! Look at you! It's like when Brad Pitt first met Angelina!" he says.

Gwen folds her arms defensively, "I-I don't like Peter! I don't! We're just friends!" he says.

Harry raises his eyebrow, "I bet that's what Brad Pitt told Jennifer Aniston too." he says.

Gwen looks at him with a firm face, "YES! I MEAN NO!!! YOU...OOOOOoooo..." she groans with a deep chest vibrating groan, "Harry I'm so going to kill you! I hate it when people try and say when I'm something I'm not!" Harry looks at her with a raised eyebrow, "So you don't like him? Not at all?" he asks, trying to get to this point the whole time.

Gwen contemplates, seeing he wants her to say yes, but shakes her head, "NO!"

Right after she finishes, Harry says, "Than go out with me to the School Dance." he says.

Taken off guard, Gwen's face blushes even more red, "W-what?" she asks.

Harry shows her a flyer as if he needs proof, "I got this flyer from inside, the school dance is like in 2 weeks. Or did you forget?"

Caught off-guard and feeling even more awkward the more she looks at the flyer, Gwen shakes her head, "I..uh...I didn't forget I...I just..."

"Wanted to ask Peter?" Harry interjects, folding his arms.

"Is...well why do you wanna go with me so bad?!" Gwen asks trying to deflect the pressure, "Why me?"

Harry shrugs, "Cause your like cool and easy to talk with and well...I thought Peter liked you but the School Dance is coming and he didn't...."

"His Uncle just died Harry! You know that's like his father dying." she says in his defense.

Harry nods, "Ya, but still, its not your father that died.” He says rather coldly, “NOT SAYING that you seeing it didn't affect you but still, you can go. Can't you?"

Gwen looks at Harry, not sure if he set this conversation up and not sure if he wanted to really go with her but Gwen can't get the words out of her mouth as she looks him, feeling forced into this and feeling a cold streak up her spine at the disregard to Peter’s feelings.

"Hey Gwen." says a voice.

Gwen turns around and sees Peter behind her with Maryjane, "PETER!" she says hugging him, "I WAS SO WORRIED!" she says as Peter looks at her with wide eyes, wondering what the fuss is. MJ looks at them and shrugs, "Oookay. Missed the memo on that." she says as he waves to Harry.

Harry extends his hand to her shoulder, "Hey!" he says, lightly patting her on the shoulder.

"Uhgg!" Maryjane groans, clutching her shoulder in discomfort.

Peter, Gwen and Harry watch MJ wince momentarily but stands up straight as she rubs her shoulder, “Oh nothing.”

"That’s not nothing.” Peter says. MJ looks at Peter, Gwen and Harry standing there, waiting for answer.

Suddenly everyone on the steps of the school immediately turn their focus to the street ear-piercing screech of tires in front of the school. Everyone catches sight of a blue car skid to a stop in front of the school grounds with smoke rising from the tires. Hopping out the car, Gertrude Yorkes runs out of a blue SUV and up along the steps to the school as five black SUV crash into the back of the SUV Gertrude ran out of and stop in the street with one driving up onto to the lawn!

“HAAARRRY!!!” Gertrude shouts.

“GURT! WHAT HAPPENED!!” Harry shouts

Peter’s eyes open wide in shock as Gert runs into Harry’s arms as Gwen, MJ, and Peter, along with all the students out the side the school, watch Gangsters pour out from the black SUV with semi-automatics and rifles in their hands as Hammerhead, wearing a thick white foam neck-brace and a Band-Aid over a reddened broken nose, stands on the sidewalk, and points his machine gun at Gertrude and narrows his eyes!


to be continued....

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