Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 3: Spider-Man (PART III)

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Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson
Gertrude Yorkes
Gertrude Yorkes
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Harry Osborn
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Sally Avril
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Gwen Stacy
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Peter Parker

Marvel - The Beginning:

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Spider-Man - Arc III

Part III - Domehead

Chris Bachalo
Chris Bachalo

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English Class


No Caption Provided

Standing in front of the class, Maryjane holds her notebook open as she starts to feel out of place with everyone staring at her. "Burning butterfly." she says as she takes a breath.

At that moment, the classroom door opens and Peter races inside, out of breath, hair windblown, clothes disheveled and late...very late.

"Glad you are able to join us Mr. Parker." says the Mrs. Rally. Peter looks at her, awkward, "Sorry." he says sheepishly as he, with his head down, quickly makes his way, past Flash who tries to trip him but does not succeed, Hubie who is trying not to fall asleep, the kid that smells like onions, the really smart kids that doesn't know English much, Gwen who winks at him, Liz who rolls his eyes at him and Sally Avril who says, in the most loud and boisterous voice, "OH MY GAWD! I HAVE TO SIT NEXT TO THE GEEK!" he snaps.

"MRS AVRIL!" says the teacher in protest.

Sally immediately gets out of her chair and points at Gwen, "YOU AND YOU! UP!" she shouts to Gwen and Liz Allen.

“SWITCH!” Sally yells.


Liz and Gwen quickly switch seats, allowing Sally to sit with Liz next to her and Gwen behind her.


Sally rolls her eyes, "Yea, yea, yea, I know. I'm rude! But I will not sit next to the socially retarded! It’s than like, EBOLA or whatever that acne disease is." she snaps.

Everyone sighs at once in the class, covering their their face and slumping in their chairs out of embarrassment as Sally pulls out a nail file, filling her nails. MJ just shakes her head, “The Definition for Epic Fail is your face I know it is!” she mumbles under her breath.

The teacher just shakes her head, "Continue Ms. Watson."

Peter, sits in his chair, relieved to not be the focus of attention as he gets out his Poetry Textbook and his notebook. Gwen rolls her eyes as Avril sits down in her seat and looks at Pete, sitting to his left and mouths the words, "JERK" to him with a giggle, to which he smiles.

However, nods to his book bag as she notices his books falling out the unzipped bag. Peter looks down and opens his bag and sees his red cloth mask fall out on the floor in plain sight!

He looks up in fear, but no one notices as they are paying attention to Maryjane. With a sigh, he quickly puts it in his bag and looks up to MJ, with anxiety fading away.

"Burning Butterfly. Oh burning butterfly. Why did you streak away in the moonlight? Was it the words that was said? Or times I made you feel dead. You are so beautiful burning butterfly. Why is it you fly away into the night? I cry seeing you fly so far away, knowing you are all that I had left at my window bay. A piece of me goes with you, even though I know you don't want it to. Remember please I will miss you beautiful butterfly. Please miss me too with a strong yearning even though I made your heart go into churning. Oh beautiful butterfly, I'll look for you in the morning even though you hate me because I was the cause of your burning."

"STUPID!" Flash pretend coughs.


"Sorry!" he says sheepishly.

Maryjane steps away from the teacher’s desk and walks to her seat, to Peter's right, sitting down as she quickly closes her notebook and stares at her desk in a sort of trance. Now seated beside each other, Gwen and Peter both glance at each other before looking back to MJ quickly wick a tear away from the corner of her eye.

The teacher stands up, "Mrs. Watson...I dare say that was the most honest piece of poetry I've heard in months. I...dare I say you might have a career in writing someday. Very well done. Okay, who's next? Mr. Parker?"

Eddie looks up in complete shock.

The teacher stares at him, "Yes you, i'm NOT talking about your better half." she says to Eddie.

Eddie, gets up from his seat, and takes out a rumbled piece of paper and unfolds it in his hands as he looks out the class and sees Sally Avril smile and silently clap her hands and mouth the words, “YAY!”

Standing before the class, Eddie unfolds the piece of paper and takes in a deep breath as he reads,

Shattered Shards. Shards on my floor I step on, seeing my life in pieces. Reflecting on my face they do as I try to understand why. All I can do is look these shards and wonder why life dealt me these cards. Frustrated and ticked I am at what I see but can't help but look at the reflections of these. Memories of a life once was these shards are. Forever gone, like that of a dear one in a yellow car. A shot made these shards. One that I can never fix. Shards here I try to nix, but can't decide to attempt to fix. Be it they lay, I though I was clever and left them all together. Until I realized it wasn't the shards that was so hard to see. Because the shards that I could clearly see, wasn't sharded memories, it was a shattered me.

Eddie walks back to his seat and throws his crumpled paper on to his teachers desk and sits with folded arms.

In the back of the classroom, as the teacher praises Eddie.

Gwen looks at Peter as does MJ, as his face turns flush red and eyes full of tears before he lowers his head to his desk.

MJ puts her hand on his shoulder, "You okay?" she whispers, but Peter remains quiet.

"Do you have anything to share, Mr. Parker. This time I mean Peter." she says. Peter shakes his head as he keeps his face down. The teacher frowns her face, "I can't believe I'm about to say this but please next time, be like your brother and be timely with your work. It would be nice if you could communicate your feelings into poetry."

As she continues to lecture the class on the ethics of doing homework, Gwen gently taps Peter on the shoulder, "What's wrong?" she whispers, “You had something, you helped me with mine.”

Pete shakes his head, but she discreetly insists, as does MJ, since they both sit on his left and right. He finally nods, takes out a piece of paper and scribbles on it, tears it in half and writes again the same thing, handing both MJ and Gwen a note. MJ and Gwen eye's both look up at Pete, with as sense of guilt and sorrow as they both rub his back gently.

MJ's eyes open wide as the bell rings and everyone starts to stand up from class for lunch. "Hang in there tiger." MJ says, dropping her paper on the floor that read.

"Thats was my poem."

Later…End of the School Day 3:35pm

No Caption Provided

Harry sits outside the school, leaning on the large concrete banisters as all the students exit the school. Harry quickly pulls off his sunglasses as Gertrude comes out and waves at him, "So where’s your boyfriend?" she asks.

Harry coughs, "My....WHAT!" .

"Relax!” Gert laughs, “Where’s your friend, the one you wanted to introduce me too?"

“He’s coming.” Harry replies, looking at his watch, “So uh, what took you?”

“Oh, I was in the principal’s office, I was just telling him that I’m here temporary. For now." she shrugs.

Harry nods and lowers his head, wishing she would be here longer, but quickly sees Peter and Gwen coming out the doors amidst the other Students.

"Oh, well uh here they are." he says.

Peter walks with Gwen up to Gert.

“Oh so blonds are your type.” Gert smirks to Peter while pointing to Gwen.

Peter’s eyes open wide as Gwen blushes but Harry slides between them both, "OH Pete? PETE! HA! He has no girlfriend."

Gert looks at Harry’s smug face with a raised eyebrow, "So you’re not alone after all?" she quips.

Harry’s face flat-lines as Gwen smiles at her quick wittedness, "I think I like her." he says.

“Usually most people like or hate me within the first 30 seconds.” Gert smiles, extending her hand to Gwen who laughs.

“Well as you’ve all been acquainted…” Harry says, trying to hide his embarrassment, "…this is the lovely Gertrude Yorkes...."

"Just Gert." she corrects.

"Right.” Harry nods, “Gert, this is Peter. Best friend a man could have."

Peter rolls his eyes, "Dude, don't intro me like I’m a dog or something."

Gwen laughs and pats Peter on the shoulder, “Well its nice meeting you Gert, but I gotta go. You ready Pete?” she asks, looking to him to follow as she walks down the stairs.

“Ready for?” Peter asks.

“Labs. Internship, remember?” Gwen asks, but then sees Peter eye’s open wide in surprise. “Oh pete don’t tell me you forgot!”

"WE START TODAY?!" Peter exclaims, having completely forgotten that his science internship at OZCORP starts today.

Gwen sighs and shakes her head, "Peter Parker, we're due at OZCorp Labs by four o clock. We got an hour and a half. So please, don't be late, okay?"

Gert elbows Harry as she leans in his ear, “How long has your friend been clueless to that she likes him? Like REALLY likes him.”

Harry covers his face as he turns red with laughter.

Peter nods at Gwen, “I won’t!” he says, just as MJ gracefully puts her hand on his shoulder from behind and whispers in his ear "Hang in there Tiger."

Gwen cheeks blush as Peter, at the top of the stairs, smiles at MJ looking into his eyes and nodding at him before quickly making her way down the stairs.

“Oh this just got complicated.” Gert mumbles excitedly, “LOVE a good triangle!” she says, glancing over to Gwen at the sidewalk, seeing her face turn near pale before she quickly runs into the crowd of school kids making their way down the block.

“SO dude!” Harry says to Peter who turns to him, “You are going to the lab?" he asks.

Peter nods, "Yeah, if I don’t go it’ll fudge up that scholarship I got, but I will help you with the tests you have, promise!"

“Yeah because you ducked out on my this WHOLE weekend! Where were you anyway?” Harry asks.

“I was uh…” Peter gulps, “…like, hung..up with…”

“Gawd if it’s more of that library stuff than forget it.” Harry says.

YES!” Peter exclaims, “That’s EXACTLY what it was!”

“Well as NICE as all this is!” Gert says, interrupting them both, “I gotta go.”

“yeah me to I gotta get to OZLabs.” Peter says.

"Is it a glass building?" asks Gert. Harry raises his eyebrow. Gert frowns, "I have a thing for glass buildings. Wherever I go, I take pictures of them.”

“Its is glass.” Harry responds, “Pretty cool too.”

“Okay. So, Harriet....

Peter giggles, "Harriet?" he says.

"SHUT UP!" Harry snaps to Peter before turning back to Gert who waves her phone at him, “Call me.” She smiles, before racing down the stairs.

“I WILL!!" Harry says, to which Peter continues giggling and turns to Harry, "You let her call you Harriet!"


"I will-I will!" says Peter, his face red as he can’t stop laughing, “Just as soon as you tell me how you let her called you Harriet because i think Helen is so much more...”


“Okay-okay I’m done now.” Peter smiles, but Harry grabs Peter’s arm and points to the street.

“Dude check it!” He says pointing to Gert approaching a black limo where a tall muscled man, waits in front.

"Dude that is so not a butler." Peter says, “Is she rich?”

“I dunno.” Harry responds, "But I do know a bodyguard when I see one, and that is a bodyguard for sure. My pops hires them all the time." he says, both watching the limo drive off.

Harry looks at his watch, "It's almost 3. Wanna grab a bite?"

Peter looks at his watch and then at his book-bag, "Um rain-check!" he says, sprinting down the stairs.

"AND I WAS GONNA PAY YOU LOSER!" Harry yells as Peter waves goodbye.


Riding in the back of the long black limo, Gert eats a Twinkie, "Let's stop by Ozcorp Labs Jeeves." she says.

The black partition comes down with the driver, having stopped at a red light looks at her, "I was instructed..."

"DUDE LIKE SERIOUSLY! PASSING THROUGH! NOT A VACATION!" she protests as she holds up her camera, "You know the drill! Glass building and me equals endless blogging on my Run Away from Urban Page dot com site!"

The partition goes up and they make the left on the Nico Street instead of the right on Lace street.


Later...Three blocks away from OZCORP Annex Laboratory

No Caption Provided

Peter buttons his shirt as he walks out of an alleyway cautiously making sure no one has seen him as he zip up his bookbag. Three blocks away from the massive glass building he sees the words "OZCORP LABS" inscribed from afar on the concrete steps that lead to the glass building.

However, before he can get there, still some blocks away, Peter sees a long limo stop in front of the building and Gertrude step out the limo to the sidewalk. Flashes come from Gert’s camera as she takes photos of the building, but the bodyguard goes to grab her. Peter laughs as he watches Gert kick him in the shins and take pictures of him rubbing his knee on the ground then turns back to take more photos of the glass OZCORP building.

However, a pain in the back of his head starts to develop. Peter groans as he has the impulse to turn around and sees three black SUV's roars down the street, past him towards Gert!

One of the SUV's stop at the start of the street, blocking off traffic with men, sporting rifles and masks on the faces exit the car.

The second skids to a stop in front of the limo to prevent it from leaving, while the third stops behind the limo to stop it from backing up!

Peter firms his face, "Oh crap” he mumbles.

"GET OUT OF HERE KID!" yells one of the men who step out the first SUV, shooting at the ground near his feet!

Peter bolts away, running down the block. The man turns around towards the building, no one seeing Peter dive into an alleyway.

Opening his backpack, Peter looks over his shoulder, seeing no one there and pulls out his red mask.

In front of OZCORP Annex Laboratory

Gert stands frozen as she watches a man, decked in a black trench coat, white shirt and red tie, exit his SUV. His glossy black hair that was slicked back on his square head was flat and shiny. The men next to him all wore black suits with wide white stripes white shirts, and black ties, except him, he was the leader with the red tie.

"Well isn't it da youngest Yorkes brat!" the man with the flathead says, standing before her.

Gert clenches her jaw, "And isn't it the baby that got dropped on the head." she spits.

The man smiles as he looks to the men beside him and quickly backslaps the girl, sending her straight to the pavement!”

“BACK OFF!!” yells the bodyguard.

With a ‘klik klack’, Gertrude hears the deafening, shot of the rifle go off as pain streaks across her bruised cheek. Turning around, Gertrudes eyes well up with tears and open wide at the sight of the bodyguard, on his back on the ground with blood oozing out his shot chest and mouth.

“TONY!” Gertrude shouts, but is swiftly grabbed by the hair by one of the other gang members.

“GET OFF OF ME!” she shouts, grabbing the man’s muscled wrists as he keeps a firm grip on her hair, pulling her up onto her feet. Struggling in vain to free herself, Gertrude watches as the Gangmember smiles mockingly, encircling her.

Held by one of the mobsters, Gertrude watches, the man with the flattop head, look directly into her eyes, which make her freeze with fear.

“Now I’m not in the habit of killin' kids.” He says, but points his gun at her face, “But i'll take pleasure in killin' a smart mouth mafiaosa kid ta send message to ya old man, who just so happens to workin’ for my competition!"

"My parents are NOT in the mob!” Gert replies.

The man smiles and looks up at his men surrounding them, “You hears this brat? Gotta love kid that ain’t gonna snitch!” he says, raising the gun to her head and turns to her, “Ya right! They ain’t in the mob! They ain’t in none of dis.’ In fact, all’ah dis, ain't happenin'. Ya dreamin’ right now. An I’m gonna wake ya up! HOLD STILL!" he says, pressing the gun against her forehead.

“NO PLEASE!” she cries.

At that moment, the mobster suddenly notices a thin translucent string drop down past his face and attach to the top of his black gun barrel, sticking firmly with clear strands and be suddenly pulled out of his hand! Turning around and looking up to where his gun on the string is lifted up to, he spot the gun getting lifted up to a man dressed up in a red and blue costume with a red mask over his face, perched perfectly balanced atop the light pole while looking down at him and his men all surrounding Gert.

“Well this brings a WHOLE new definition to FREEZE TAG!”

“What in saint marie’s church are yoooz?! shouts the mobster.

Thrown onto her back, tears pour down Gertrude’s cheeks as she looks up in to the figure perched on top of the high street pole light as sunlight cuts a silhouette around him and his shadow on her, “Its him.” She mumbles.

"YO FLATTOP!!" says the mysterious figure from atop the pole, “I think seven men against a girl is totally right if she was like, green and on steroids but she isn’t so…I’m calling this fight over.”

The mobster points upward towards him as his men all point their rifles up at him in unison.

"Before you die…” The mobster says, “…whatever you are, you should know MY name is Hammerhead! And yooz are interferin’ wit BUSINESS!”

Covering the area of his mask where his mouth is, the figure laughs, "OH MY GOODNESS! What kinda English is that!? Nineteen Thirties Vocab for dummies or are we going Full Blown Rocky! Hey hey, real quick. Can you say Adrian for me, like the Rockey movie."


“AND THAT HEAD!" he exclaims further, "Oh man, before we do this, I need you to have a serious street name. Let' see, shiney top, NO, that's not..oh wait, no...DOME HEAD!" he exclaims at the snap of his finger, "YEAH. Domehead sticks!” he replies, much to Hammerheads dislike, “Okay, we're good. DOME-HEAD, you’re business license for scaring the crap outta teenage girls just got REVOKED! So move along before i call you hardheaded! Haha you see what I did there. Your head and, you know, its hard.”

A sinister scowl comes across Hammerhead face. Looking down at the sidewalk and glancing back up at the man in his red and blue costume with narrowed eyes, he points at him, “Alright dead man, if dat’s the way yooz wanna play it…” he says, pulling out his second hand gun from inside his jacket, as the other 7 men cock their guns, all pointed at him.

"YOOZ gunna wanna tell me your name? Cuz I like ta put ur freakin' name on the freakin headstone so I know what ta piss on when I gets dem blues ya know!” Hammerhead shouts.

The figure, looks at Gert with tears in her eyes and leans down confidently, “You wanna know my name?” he huffs, standing tall on the light pole, “Why, I’m you’re friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." he proudly declares.

Hammerhead smirks, "SMOKE HIM!" he shouts as Spider-man leaps off the pole, diving at them!

to be continued..............