Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 3: Spider-Man (PART I)

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Aunt May
Aunt May
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Eddie Brock-Parker
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Dr. Karla Sofen
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Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man

ARC III - Spider-Man

Part 1 -Aftermath

Previous Issue Here Forest Hills, Queens

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The still breeze as the sun slowly sets only enhances the humidity in the air as the yellow curtains lie motionless from no breeze still. It feels as if the walls are sweating as does the floor and anything else. Still, with Aunt May staring at the air conditioner with a wonderment of what happened as she twirls the screwdriver in her hand, Peter and Eddie, both wearing black suits, white shirts and loosened black ties, slump in the couch like two sacks of potatoes as the glow from the television reflects off both of them.

Behind the couch, some paces away, "I thought I fixed it." mumbles Aunt May as she leans forward, staring into the vents of the air conditioner while still wearing her black dress. Aunt May gently presses the 'ON' button for the air conditioner, but black smoke gushes out the A/C and all over her face.

"I think we need a new one." Aunt May says with a cough.

Eddie rolls his eyes as he turns the channel on the TV to the news.

Peter just stares at the television, still in a fog of sorts trying to forget the past few days that seemed to all but blur together in his mind. Just as Peter is about to delve in the recesses of his mind to consider all the events he's been through, Eddie turns the channel.

"Finally something to watch, mindless violence." Eddie sighs contently, putting his feet up on the coffee table.

"The Expendables? Really?! Like for the umpteenth-millionth time. NO, I don’t wanna watch this." Peter says, trying not to glance at the sight of Sylvester Stallone riddling his enemies with bullets.

Eddie arches his eyebrow at him oddly, "Since when have you resisted watching an action flick?" he says.

Peter just looks at Eddie, speechless for a second.



Peter looks at the gun in his hand and tosses it off the roof and into the river before dropping onto his knees, covering his face with his hands and bursting into tears.



Peter shakes his head, "Since now!" he says in a firmer voice.

“Well I don’t know about you Mother Teresa.” Eddie retorts to Peter’s displeasure as he turns back to the tv, turning up the volume, “But I wanna watch something that doesn't require much thinking!" he says.

Peter lets out a flustered groans as he folds his arms and gives Eddie and deadpan stare, “Eddie!”

“Fine ya lil princess, I’ll turn it!” Eddie says, tuning to the channel of discontinued TV series, “Ah how 'bout a re-run of Xenia Warrior Princess? C’mon, hot chick in a skimpy ancient styled clothing and she can yell too! Gotta love history."

Aunt May from across the room, just snaps a look of disapproval to the back of Eddie's head, to which he doesn't see, but she says nothing for a moment.

Peter looks at Eddie and smirks and then looks at the TV and hears, "AY YI YI YI YI YI YI!" she screams and hurls her five bladed disc, beheading the greek god and blood squirts around!

Peter shutters, "TURN IT!" he snaps.

"WHAT the HECK is up with you?" Eddie exclaims, looking at Peter fold his arms as he slumps into the couch.

Shoving him, Eddie watches Peter simply glare at him, waiting for his response.

What was there to say, Peter thought. It had only been a week, seven days since there Uncle died right in front him on the humid streets of New York. He couldn’t sleep a full night since that night let alone watch anything violent because that night repeated in his dreams, in his nightmares and plagued him almost all day.

Images of Uncle Ben bleeding out all over him, images of A.D. aka Robbie Reyes killed, images of Cletus Kassidy, the very man Eddie was probably knee deep with, the MAN that threatened to harm Aunt May and was thankfully somehow, shot point-blank in the brain and put into a coma…plagued Peter like a tormented spirit! But what could Peter say? How could he explain it all?

That some strange woman with more powerful powers then him, oh yeah, he has powers of a spider by the way, saved him from outright murdering Cletus Kassidy and somehow knows their biological father? Or that in some twisted way, he feels so sick of looking at Eddie because somewhere, deep in his gut, he knows Eddie is more at fault for just ‘staying out late’ like he told everyone or arguing down Gwen Stacy in front of her father in the Precinct that he never had a gun or knew Cletus intimately despite her zealous claims of truth, there was no proof, nothing to tie Eddie to it. But he knew, he knew his brother and right now, Eddie had the same arrogant smug look on his face like when they were little and he got away with something bad, that smug look is back.

Peter simply turns away from Eddie and lowers his head into his hand as he leans on the armrest.

So no, there was no tolerance for watching violent movies anymore, there was no such thing as the action genre. He saw enough, Peter thought. Enough blood for a lifetime and so help him if it was a Die Hard movie, Star Wars or the ‘effing freakin’ Kung Fu Panda, if it had a fight in it, HE.WAS.NOT.WATCHING-IT!

Breaking himself out his thoughts, Peter simply stands up and frustratingly loosens his black tie and unbuttons his white shirt, “I’m going to bed!”

“Oh well what happened to you pussycat?” Eddie scoffs, “The glorified guru of the martial arts movie trade wants to watch something relaxing. Sure you don't own tampons too?."

"EDDIE!" Aunt May snaps from across the room, her sharp eyes piercing into Eddie as if a sword when straight to his heart, but only making him rolls his eyes and turn back to Peter.

"Sorry." Eddie says casually.

Too tired from the previous days and too irritated to say anything else, Peter just sucks his teeth and starts walking to the stairs but Eddie changes the Channel to the CW 11 news.

However the news blurb causes Eddie to hop to the edge of this seat as a report on Uncle Ben’s Funeral is put on television.

Snapping his fingers Eddie turns to Aunt May and Peter as he goes up the stairs, “HEY HEY!!” he shouts, getting everyone’s attention, “LOOK!”

Eddie sees Peter's face start to frown in disapproval at the sight of such a private and painful occasion, plastered on television for sake of sensationalized ratings.

"Turn it up." says Aunt May in a soft voice.

Eddie and Peter both turn in a sort of shock that she would say so, since she just stopped crying for more than 3 hours before they got to the door.

CW-11 News:

Hello I'm Kaity Tong. Tonight in our six Part Gangland story, death in the streets, we are looking at a horrific homicide of an elderly man 3 nights ago in the streets of Manhattan, because of gangs. It seems four men that robbed an underground wrestling match shot and fatally wounded an elderly man to get his vehicle for escape. Today, the funeral was held in Woodside Funeral Home by the elderly man's family. His name was Ben Parker and is survived by one wife and two grandchildren whom they are raising. However, the more disturbing news is that the shooter, ex-military man Cletus Kasady, who was an apparent’ ‘Gun for Hire’ worked for various Mobs but growing frictions between various gangs have led to a war, leading to Cletus Kassidy being, shot while in police custody by an unknown assailant, causing the Mayor to look into possible corruption within the police force. This has led for man to say, ‘Where is the justice, where are the real heroes, especially for ones like, The Parker Family. I’m Kaity Tong, C.W news, back to you Urich.

shifting back to the news desk a older man in a blue suit at a desk, he holds up a blue paper

"Thank you Kaity. In the Aftermath of such Tragedy, Public outcry has led to the Mayor pushing the Governor to put more Police on the ground. However as an expected gangwar looms over New York City some sources say Silvio Manfredi the notorious mobster from Jersey is responsible while others said underground and the elusive Negative Gang, triad mobsters are to blame for everything in the past weeks. Whoever they are, the Mayor has put a 1 million dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the fabled, 'Big Man' the head of a crime syndicate in New York City and, who is most likely responsible for the death of equally guilty vigilante, The Punis…”

Seeing the The TV turned off, Aunt May and Eddie turn to Peter pointing the remote at the TV, his eyes full of tears as he lowers his hand and drops the remote on the couch.

"WHAT THE HECK MAN!" Eddie protests with raised arms, “THAT WAS IMPORTANT!”

Peter gulps and wipes his tears, "I...I just can't. Its too upsetting."

"You had NO right to do that!" he snaps.

"Eddie." pleads Aunt May.

Peter walks away from the couch and starts climbing the stairs but pauses and turns to them, "I can't hear that Eddie! I can't it's too hard!" he says.

Eddie firms his face, "Don't act like you are the only one around here that lost somebody! We all lost Uncle Ben. It's not right for you to be walking around like some...some wounded animal! We’re all hurt!"

Peter firms his face, "To an extent, I beg to differ on that." he says.

Seeing Eddie about to say something, Aunt May puts her hand on his shoulder, "Calm down Eddie."

Eddie looks at her angrily, "ARE YOU GOING TO DEFEND HIM AGAIN!"

Aunt May firms her face, trying to keep her calm, "Eddie...."

Eddie points to Peter, "WHEN YOU KNOW THAT HE IS THE VERY REASON..."

Aunt May puts her hands on her hip and angrily looks at Eddie with her steely blue eyes, "EDDIE..."





Eddie holds his redden cheek in surprise as Aunt May has he hand in a finality of swing, but keeps her teary eyes fixed on Eddie, "Don't say that. Don't you ever say that again! A bullet killed your Uncle. A bullet from a mad-man! NOT YOUR BROTHER!"

"THEN WHY ISN'T HE HERE!" Eddie shouts venomously, glaring at Peter, "EXPLAIN IT PLEASE OH DEAR BROTHER!” he shouts, pointing at him accusingly, “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE LIBRARY, COMING HOME!” he shouts and turns to Aunt May losing her calm and patience she struggled to keep all day, “WHERE THE HECK WAS HE! HUH? HUH? THE POLICE EVEN SAID THAT GWEN TOLD THEM…”

“THAT YOU KNEW THE KILLER!" Aunt May shouts back, her face red with anger to which Eddie says nothing.

“You know that’s not true.”

“And I know that poor innocent girl that Peter saved, Gwen Stacy, does.not.lie!” she seethes, causing Eddie to take a deep breath and sit on the couch.

“Its not true.”

“And I guess I’ll have to take your word for it.” Aunt May says, folding her arms, “But as much as I try to battle that in my mind, and thinking you would have a slight amount of COMPASSION and just let it go knowing we are all tender, I just can't BELIEVE you are doing this now! You think I didn't have those questions in MY mind at one point Eddie?! But it all ends the same, PETER, YOU and I are NOT at fault for ANYTHING! Peter didn't buy a Glock and kill'em. That ‘if this’ or ‘that’ had happened your Uncle would be here but it doesn’t matter!” Aunt May exclaims.

“Your Uncle is gone, and all we have is his memory in the Aftermath. We hold on to the few positives we have, ONE being that Peter even tried to save him! BUT NO! You have to start digging in the wound!” she snaps, looking down at Eddie who simply lowers his head, “I mean my GAWD! Captain Stacy told me that the CROWD had to PULL YOU OFF YOUR BROTHER!! WHAT THE %^&* IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!” she snaps, but sees Eddie says nothing.

“You listen to me Eddie Brock Parker!” Aunt May growls, pointing her finger at him, “I have raised you, cleaned you butt and wiped your nose and gave you as much as I could give, but if you want to burn the world with this…venomous attitude, be my guess, but not in MY HOUSE!!”

Eddie looks up Aunt May’s stern face, coated with seriousness.

“I will NOT let you throw your Uncle Ben’s death as a game chip in ANY argument! And so help me if you blame that night one more time on your brother as if you had no involvement that we are ALL so lovingly looking over that its maddening….on your Uncle's grave I'll KICK YOU INTO THE EFFING STREETS AND LOCK THE DOOR!" she yells to which Eddie, pointing to the door.

Aunt May folds her arms, trying to collect herself and emotions as she can feel her hands trembling with grief and anger rolling in her stomach.

"I know your hurting. I know you feel that what happened to your mother and father happening all over again, but don’t push away the last of the family you have left, DO YOU understand me!" she says firmly that it seems her face slightly trembles from her own conviction while still demanding a response.

Eddie, folds his arms in a silence as a tear strolls down his face and mumbles, "Yes."

Aunt May sighs, "Good! YOU’RE BOTH BROTHERS FOR HEAVENS SAKES!! GRIEVING AT THAT! Support each other!!" she yells. "NOW APOLOGIZE!" she yells, pointing to where Peter stood but her and Eddie see Peter is gone.

Aunt May's eyes instantly track his path to seeing the backyard door slightly open and close.

Turning to Eddie Aunt May points to the door, "Eddie Brock Parker, make this right."




Peter stands outside staring at the stars in the night sky. As he finally hears the yelling stop, he hears the backyard door slam shut and he turns around but sees no one there.

"Hey you." says a voice.

Peter turns around and first sees two beautiful large green eyes peering at him and then sees Maryjane as a whole, over the other-side of the fence, holding a black garbage bag. "Hey ya back. Visiting a friend?" Peter retorts simply as he kicks a rock into the grass, his view of mild rebellion against the forces of nature.

Maryjane smiles as she drops the garbage into the rusted metal can, "Actually we moved in here today. We sorta had a ‘we gotta move in 30 days or less’, kinda thing, so we’re here now." she says with a roll of the eyes as she wipes her hands on her jeans and awkwardly puts her hands in her pockets.

Peter frowns and looks around confused, "But when..."

Taking a breath, stepping closer MJ nods as she sort of leans on her hip, "You were all, like, sorta getting ready for the funeral stuff. I saw you! But you like had people coming in and out and...I figured you didn't notice me with everyone hugging you were busy, we'll just leave it at that." she says, deciding not to go through the rest.

Peter sighs, looking down at his feet, "Oh ya. I-I did see you but I like, didn't see you." he says.

MJ nods, " you holdin' up? Gwen told me everything. I'm so sorry. Like, I'm really, really sorry." she says somberly. Peter is about to speak but suddenly feels a rush of emotion as his face turns red for a moment but he tightens his jaw and fist, clears his throat as he fights the tears back and nods, “Thanks." he says, wipping his tearful eyes.

MJ leans on the fence, about to say something...

"Peter!" says a voice. MJ and Peter turn around and see Eddie standing at the doorway that leads to the kitchen and lean on the doorpost.

The light from inside cast a dark shadow on Eddie as Peter looks back at him. A sort of evil shadow in a way that even takes MJ aback as she sees Peter still standing in the light that emanates from the house.

"Got a sec?" Eddie asks, in a softer less firm tone.

Peter turns to MJ, as almost to ask for unneeded permission but she smiles and waves, "I'll see ya at school tomorrow." she says, excusing herself as she drops the trash in the garbage can.

Maryjane watches him walk back into the house, as if with each step, she imagines a chip on his shoulder getting larger and larger and larger before he goes inside with Eddie staring at her for a moment and disappearing.

MJ stands there until the light in their kitchen goes out and she hears, " GET IN’ER GURL!"

Maryjane turns to her darkened kitchen and sees the screen door held open by a hand as she sighs and stares back at Peter's screen door, "Hang in their tiger." she mumbles.




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Sunlight filters through the large glass windows of the newly remodeled School Library. Two large floor-to-ceiling windows reaching 20 feet high with a view of the football team practicing outside, provides the background as Peter, Gwen and Harry sit at a table between tall bookshelves as Peter holds his face while staring into his ice with a book next to him entitled, "Insect Biology.”

"So he was like, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blame you. You’re the only family we got and blah, blah blah." Peter says to Gwen and Harry who sit across from him, staring at him in shock.

Gwen, sitting across from him in her blue shirt with the logo, "PITY THE FOOL" folds her arms,

"That was like so not fair." she says.

Harry nods, "Ya man. O.D. in the worst." he groans.

Peter nods, "Ya, like, I know he's going through a lot. I know he's hurting too, but I also know he didn't mean that apology. I know he said it because well Aunt May went like all Apocalyptic on him." he says, “I mean, the last time, the ONLY time I saw her like that, was when Eddie and I accidently drove Uncle Bens car out the drive way into Mrs. Avaya’s rosebush!”

Gwen takes off her glasses and cleans them, "Well maybye he like...maybe he didn't mean it! He is your brother after all." she says with Harry nodding in approval.

Peter shakes his head and leans back in his chair, "Ya, and maybe that day he gave me an atomic wedgie in the hallway didn't happen either?!"

Harry tries to contain his laughter and Gwen nudges him hard.

Harry shakes his head, "Yeah, yeah, so not funny."

Gwen rolls her eyes, "Well, your Aunt gonna kick him out?"

Peter huffs, "No. She's a soft-y at heart. It'd kill’er to do that. Really it would. Even though she babies me, she worries over him more. With Uncle Ben gone too, it's only gonna get harder."

"What'd ya mean?" asks Harry as he takes out his phone for a second to glance, much to Gwen's disapproval.

Peter sighs, "I knew, from last month, we owed money for the house. Uncle Ben..." Peter stops for a moment and clears his throat as he feels a rush of emotions coming on again but starts again, "Uncle Ben...wasn't that good with money. He'd be like, 'When the Indians were here, they didn't pay rent. It's our divine right...' and then basically go on to say that he didn't pay the rent because we'd have no money and that he’d pay them half of the doubled amount next month and we'd still have a balance. But now...we have no Uncle money...and only a headache."

"jeez that is crappy." says Harry.

Peter nods, "Tell me about it. Eddie, was supposed to be working, that was until we found out, he wasn’t.”

“What?” Gwen says.

“He’s been freelancing as a photographer for the Frontline.”

“The frontline?!?!” Harry says, “My dad says that paper is the lil paper that could, and shouldn’t and doesn’t!”

“Yeah!” Peter agrees, “He works on commission. He lied to us for MONTHS saying he was working at some Hardware store in the city and well…it’s just so messed up. The only good thing is that he’s not in trouble for cheating on all his homework and stuff because the principal ALSO lost his mother when he was young and cut Eddie a break and told him he'd graduate with this coming class next month, pass grades or not! I nearly crapped my pants." he says.

Gwen nods, "Like ya! He was like slatted for major left back status." she says.

Peter nods, "So now, I have to go to grief counseling. Principal totally caught me before I could get to the first class today. He told me that I had to like, find ways to find closure. Start helping people and stuff.”

“Like Community service?” Harry asks.

“Yeah but without the Parole.” Peter quips, “I mean, I have an idea of how to do it but i'll figure it out later. I still though have to see this dude in like a few minutes. A shrink. I can't believe that I have to see a stinkin shrink!" he says out loud in frustration, as all the students stare at him.

Peter covers his face out of embarrassment as Harry looks around, "Shrink, as in the guy that sells those iPods that don't work!" he says.

"Ahhh." Everyone says, turning back to their business.

Harry turns to Peter, "Dude you can't say that so loud! It's embarrassing! Even my cousin who has to see one, says it in a whisper!" he says. Gwen looks at her him with folded arms, "I have such the inclination to tell you to go straight to..."

Peter stands up from the chair, "Well guys thanks but I gotta go." he says.

Gwen immediately hops out her chair and hugs Peter, "Look, Harry's here and I'm here. Anytime. Any day. Call me. Text me. I'm here. EVEN my father said he'd make time for you. So we got you covered, okay?" she says and pulls away, "Okay?" she says, looking into his eyes for agreement.

Peter nods with a half-smile, "Thanks Gwen, you’re an ace."

Harry pats Peter on the shoulder, "Don't let that shrink botch ya head up and think you’re a gay...not like...there anything wrong with that...I mean if you we’re friends so…I won’t date you cuz…that’d be weird...but I support you but...if you’re not…don't feel you have to be...but if you are..."

"You can shut up now Harry." Gwen says

"Thank you." Harry sighs.

Peter shakes his head, "I'll see you all later." he says, walking out the library.

Harry looks at Gwen watching Peter walk through the doors and into the school lobby,

"Think he'll be okay?" Gwen shakes her head,

"Not in the least." Harry retorts, picking up his book-bag, “But I'm sure you'll be willing to help him on ANY occasion, ANY time, and ANY day now won't ya." he says with a cheeky smile to which Gwen narrows her eyes at him.

"What do you MEAN BY THAT! I WAS BEING SUPPORTIVE!" she says defensively.

Harry nods, "Ya and I was trying to Tony Stark!" he scoffs, leaving walking away with a wave of the hand.

Gwen blushes in embarrassment, but as Harry leaves, Gwen spots from the corner of her eye Peter’s brother Eddie. Watching him, Gwen notices that he doesn't see her. Quickly she darts into the aisle of the bookcases and peers in between the books, spying on him.

For what reason, she doesn't know, Gwen starts to feel nervous the more she watches him. Maybe it was the thought of a Jock in a library that gets her. Maybe it was listening to what Peter had to say, it just got to her, or maybe, it was that she did see Eddie take a gun from that guy that was his Uncle’s Killer, that Eddie is involved somehow and made her look like a hysterical fool in front of the Chief of Police, her own dad. When she explained the whole thing, her Father forced her to drop the issue because Eddie denied it and since there was no proof, Eddie was innocent - legally that is.

And Sure on one hand, the last thing Peter or his Aunt needs is a member of the family dead and another in prison, but then again…he was involved, Scot-free and more than anything else, THAT unnerved Gwen.

As all these thoughts go through her head, the 'klick, klack, klick, klack' of shoes echoes in the library.

Gwen notices, still from behind the books and out of sight, that it's MJ walking down the open corridor, with a bruise on her arm.

Not minding the bruise, Gwen sees Eddie not only look up once, but look up twice, close his book and turn his full attention to MJ as she walks along.

As MJ walks closer, she sees Eddie clear his throat as MJ passes by him.

"Hey, Maryjane?" he says to her.

Maryjane turns around, "Hey how are you?" she says.

Eddie points out to the bruise on the arm, "Hey what happened?"

Maryjane carefully turns her whole body to the side, concealing her arm entirely but gives Gwen a better view of it.

"I...I-I hit it. On...I-I mean got it caught in between the door at the...uh...I just got it caught between something. No big deal." she says awkwardly.

From afar, Gwen narrows her eyes as she observes the bruise from a distance and thinks how it resembles that of a hand.

Eddie nods, "Oh, well sorry. I get bruises a lot from you know, football. If you rub Tiger Balm on it, it'll ease it up a lot."

MJ nods, "Thanks...never got advice from a jock before." she says with a smile and a thumbs up. As she is about to turn away, Eddie quickly gets up from his chair, but MJ turns back around quickly, catching Eddie in a very awkward stance of a get up-sit down motion as she doesn’t turn her back to him.

Gwen quickly grabs a large book, opens it and runs to a chair and table that is only for two people some feet away, without being noticed. Gwen carefully peaks over the book.

MJ, over-looks Eddie's awkward stance as he tries to sit and says, "Oh and I'm sorry about your Uncle. I meant to tell you but you know I didn't see you guys in class for like 3 days until last night and you were talking and stuff so..yeah…sorry.".

Eddie nods, "Thanks, thanks a lot. Everyone's been real supportive." he says.

MJ nods, "I'm glad. How's Peter?"

Eddie nods, "Shrimp is fine. He'll hit his books and take out his emotions on his study." he says with a slight attitude that not only disturbs MJ but Gwen...who open her mouth in shock but gets control of herself and puts the book over her face but 'Still eavesdrops like a felon' as she recalls her father says at times.

MJ folds her arm, taking attitude to Eddie's attitude and brushes her red hair back as her green eyes fixate on Eddie, "You know, Peter is gonna be really, broken up about this. I heard he witnessed the whole thing. Doesn't he have to go to grief counseling? Don't YOU have to go to counseling too?" she says.

Eddie firms his face, "We BOTH saw what happened. I was suggested to go to counseling but it's not MANDATORY. I can handle my emotions. It’s hard but I know how. Petie on the other hand? Eh. He needs to talk." he says.

Gwen firms her face from behind the book and tightens her grip on the cover.

MJ takes a step forward looks at him oddly, "First, thats not what I was told. I heard he saw everything and that you came a little later and..."

Eddie shakes his head, "Look, Pete was there, I was there but he took off! He left us there to deal with everything. He gets more credit sometimes than he deserves. You don't have to be so..."

"So what?" MJ asks, taking a stance with folded arms.

Eddie folds his arms, "So..."

"Sympathetic?" asks MJ with narrowed eyes.

Eddie shakes his head as he looks around, "YA!" he says looking at her, having come to terms with his feeling. He continues, "I mean, like, ya, we both had to deal with A LOT, but he gets all this attention like he's some kind of wounded heart here and that no one else is suffering. It's not fair. I would expect you to understand."

MJ rolls her tongue in her mouth, "Really? Why me?" she says.

Eddie looks at her, "Because I..." and immediately he catches what he is about to say and tries to rephrase it quickly, "I...just expected you to be...more...reasonable." he says awkwardly.

MJ looks at him up and down as if he was glass, seeing him for who he is and points to him, "You listen to me Eddie Brock Parker! No man is gonna tell me, how they EXPECT me to reason! You tell me, yell at me, heck you can hit me but you will never change what goes on in my head because I am a free thinking agent. I'm a person Eddie! And you should be ashamed at yourself for putting your own brother down for nothing but pity because you feel that, in your head, that you deserve it! I hate that! I hate it more than death itself and I've experienced both! So if you want to shove it down somebodies throat, go grab one of your chicken-head cheerleader-wannabe-Jersey girl-Lindsey Lohan-Amy Winehouse-wannabe-sluts and let them eat it! Not me! I respect your brother who respected me when no one else did, INCLUDING YOURSELF! I'm no idiot! I'm not a piece of meat for you or anyone else and you can drop dead if you think for a moment, for a single moment that i'm gonna give you any more sympathy, an iota, that means tiny by the way, of more sympathy than your brother you jock strap wearing idiot!"

Gwen immediately stands up from the chair, raising her fist over her head, "YOU GO SISTER!" she yells.

Suddenly MJ and Eddie turn back and see Gwen standing there, turn red with embarrassment and runs away from the table, bursting through the doors and into the lobby.

Eddie turns back to MJ who simply turns around and storms off.

"MJ!" he call but she doesn't stop and just walks away. Gritting his teeth, Eddie clenches his fists, “Dangit!” he grumbles.


Peter, having finished his session, stands in front of Karla Sofen's desk wiping his eyes, "I hate crying. I feel like Barbara Walters just interviewed me." he says.

Karla Sofen smiles, "It's fine. Just remember, you’re coming into your own now Peter, and you must acknowledge your feelings, but not let them swallow you up and the best way is to channel that energy into something productive, especially if that is something that will help you chose what kind of person you want to be in life. So whatever you think your abilities are, your talents, use them and I promise you, you’ll be happy. Any come to mind?" he says.

Peter nods and smirks at Dr. Sofen, "I think I have an idea, I really started getting into biology and stuff but I really like, working in the community you know? Helping people.”

She nods approvingly, "Than do it! Pursue anything involved in it especially if it betters the community. "

Peter smiles and bits his lip excitedly, "Okay.”

Karla Sofen, "And remember, don’t just be content to just do it, but be amazing at it."

to be continued here....