Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 3 Prologue

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Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man

ARC III - Spider-Man

Prologue - The Interview

Norman Osborn - CEO of OZcorp
Norman Osborn - CEO of OZcorp

Norah Winters - Frontline Reporter
Norah Winters - Frontline Reporter


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Under dim lights, sitting down in the green overstuffed chair, Norman Osborn, lifts his arms as a television producer with over sized headphones hanging from around his neck, wraps a wire around Norman’s waist. Standing away from him, the Producer and affixes a small microphone onto the lapel of his black suit before giving him a thumbs up.

“Thank you.” Norman says, watching the Producer step back, revealing the three cameramen aiming their studio video cameras at him as bright lights dim to a soft illumination on his face.

Squinting from the raising lights, Norman catches sight of a the Producer now holding up five fingers,quickly step back. Scampering across the room, a young blond makes her way to the empty seat next to Norman, sipping the last of her coffee while keeping one eye on the Producer, standing in the shadows next to the camera, lowering one finger at a time.

Slowly theme music starts to play.

The cameras begin to swiveling in the direction of the blonde haired woman crossing her legs in her light pink business suit.

Seeing the Producer finally point at her, the young lady turns to the camera with a smile as a lit red light above it turns on.

“Good Evening." she greets, "This is Frontline and I am Norah Winters. Tonight, we are having an exclusive interview with the Multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Wall Street Business Mogul and Science Extraordinaire, Norman Osborn.” She smiles, looking over to Norman who sits properly in his chair across from her with a smile.

“Thank you for coming on ‘Frontline’; it is a true honor Mr. Osborn.”

“Please…” Norman Osborn says with an extended hand, “…call me Norman. Mr. Osborn was my father.”

“Okay than, Norman. I apologize.” Ms Winter retorts.

“Don’t apologize, I never do.” He grins.

Shaking her head and slightly blushing as she lowers her face to her notes, Norah Winter’s brushes aside her blond hair, scanning her blue note cards in hand before raising her eyes back to Norman Osborn.

“So let me ask you Norman..." Norah begins, "...Who IS, the great Norman Osborn?”

“A Scientist, in short.” he replies.

“That was quick.” Norah smiles, “Almost a reactionary answer…”

“Well that is what I am in my soul.” Norman explains, “I firmly believe that in our souls, We Are - Who We Chose To Be. For some, they feel that they are born to be die as something specific. Thus for me, that is as a Scientist.”

“Well with such a belief, that would in fact explain your recent high levels of success throughout the past few months.” Norah responds, “May I review them for a moment?”

“Please do.”

“In 1992 you started Oscorp, that's with an 'S', Oscorp Industrial Labs with Doctor Curt Connors, Octavian Octavius, interesting name, and a Richard Parker, who passed away that year.”

“He was an irreplaceable loss.” Norman adds.

“After that..." Norah reads, "...for the next twenty years Oscorp ascended as a first Capital Science-based Company known for making breakthroughs as often as Stark Industries, your competition no?”

“I like to think we are all contemporaries trying to find the best ways to improve the world.” he grins.

Norah Winters smiles from ear-to-ear at his response, “Well said.” She replies, “Now, regarding your company, Oscorp, still, with an 'S', it went through what some would say was an irrecoverable shake up. Can you enlighten us on that?”

Norman inches forward to the edge of his seat, eager to get to the point of the whole stupid interview.

“Of course..." Norman smiles, " see, Oscorp was started as you said by Mr Parker, myself and Curt Conners. Otto Octavius was always more of a silent partner, he hated the ‘business end’ and worked more on the science, but anyway, naturally, we’re scientists and I was tasked to form the Board of Directors so that our science would take precedence but also keep the business aspect running smoothing by men who knew that area better than us.”

“So what happened?”

“I was swindled.” Norman says, looking into Norah Winter’s eyes as she nods with understanding.

“I worked with Businessmen who had no regard for anything but power.” Norman says, leaning back, “And I had no idea they were involved with criminal activiti…”

“Even though you knew these men..." Norah Winters interrupts, " worked with them and even visited their families.”

“Norah…” Osborn sighs, rubbing his forehead stressfully“…sometimes, it’s sad, but you just don’t know when some people are wearing a mask." he states, raising his eyes to her, "I believe in people. I'm hard on people sure, but that's because I invest in them. I want them to be the BEST version of themselves not for me, but for humanity."

"Excuse me?"

Norman shakes his head and points to the far, "Life is not a chemical equation, or a science, it is bigger than that. We all have a role to play and they squandered theirs to better, even if it was in a small way, to help mankind grow. To push. To be better as a whole. They hid from me, whatever their nefarious schemes were. I wish with all my soul that these men didn’t use any funds to ruin lives and I have to live with that."

"It seems..." Norah retorts, "...that many see it just as another way the one percent..."

"No no no..." Norman interrupts, "...we're all equal." he bluntly states, "No matter where you're from, what color your skin is, how smart you are - we're human. They hurt people, and its wrong. I'm wealthy by side-effect."

"I'm sure many would contest that." Norah states.

"Let them!" Norman states, "But Truth, is in the facts. And look at my facts. You have in your cards." he says, pointing to her cue cards in hand.

"I work for science to help people." Norman continues, "Sure, I am wealthy, but i'm not better than anyone. Consequences will make sure of that. That's why my, uh, former colleagues that were involved in criminal activities came to consequence with untimely deaths. But honestly, there was no way to know that these men were so, evil inside.” *

{*See How Norman had the entire board murdered by Cletus Kassidy Here}

“So now how did this affect you? Did you try to bury these activities, as some claimed?”

“No.” Norman says flatly, “I was the one that, informed the F.B.I and cooperated with them for full undisclosed transparency to solve this mess and end the corruption that I am ashamed happened on my watch. I’m an honest man, whose soul is for science, not…crime.”

“Many thought this would bankrupt the company.”

“It nearly did.” Osborn replies, “However, thanks to generous supporters and true believers, and, my son’s loving encouragement, not to mention a government contract, we have only and legally, buried Oscorp Labs, with an 'S', and emerged from the ashes as OZCORP, with a 'Z'.”

“How is OZCORP different than Oscorp Labs.”

“Easy, I am running OZCORP and making it a family company.” Osborn replies, “I know you hear that a lot but we are. We have a lab center dedicated to investigating practical ways for science to improve the daily lives of the everyday man."

"Excuse me Mister Osborn, but you realize..." Norah says, leaning back in her seat, "...every company says that until the lawsuits start."

Norman leans back in his seat, "True. But we have a state-of-the-art-laboratory dedicated to a solar power system that is jacked into New York’s infrastructure as a backup generator for the city to prevent blackouts from every happening again...for free."

Norah leans forward, thumbing through her cards quickly, "Wait a minute, did you say..."

"Its a Fifteen million dollar a year expense..." Norman states, "...that neither Rand Industries, Stark Technology or Roxxon would even think of, but we're doing it." he boldly states, "Our top scientist and my friend Curt Connors, are leading divisions to investigate concept theories and make them reality."

"How much do you expect to gain from this Quarters earnings then?" Norah inquires, seeking for the greedy tag line.

Norman smirks, "None." he answer simply, "This is not a 'money scheme' this is an Education Initiative that a Top Scientist is leading with his staff and 3 select students from Public Schools."

Norah's eyes open wide as quarters.

"That's right." Norman grins, "One student, will graduate High School, having been employed by us and will leave with a Full Scholarship to Columbia University and a guaranteed job upon Graduation if he or she keeps his grades up."

"Mister Osborn..." Norah huffs, "...that is, utter remarkable."

"Thank you but I disagree..." Norman replies, "This is what we ought to do. Those with much, like myself, should give back and I am. I will be personally overseeing the distribution of science supplies to New York Public Schools, STATE WIDE, for free. We are a company that wants to be in the future, clear through 2099 and make New York, the best city in the world and everyone in it better.”

“Wow Mister Osborn, you have a very ambitious goal ahead of you.”

“Ambition, science, and the improvement of man…” Osborn says, “…is what propels humanity to the next level and opens us all to a tomorrow that we never thought possible, and puts it in arms reach. I intend to do that.”

“And we intend to be there with you.” smiles Norah Winters as Norman slicks back his reddish hair and sits back in his seat as she turns back to the camera with a smile.

“Well that’s all the time we have, we thank Mister Os…sorry, Norman.” Norah smiles as he nods at her, “We thank Norman for joining us here on “Frontline Today”, and all our viewers. Next week, we will be interviewing Police Chief, Captain George Stacy of New York’s Finest. Hope to see you than and Til next time everyone, buh bye.”

to be continued here