Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 2: Heroes (PART VII)

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Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man


Part VII - "1 AM"

If anger was a shot of adrenaline to the heart, than Peter for the first time had it, and overdosed.



Sprinting down an alleyway at high speed, Peter runs faster than he has ever run before. His feet beat the pavement so fast and so quickly, his shoelaces become undone and tear off instead of him tripping.

Racing down the dark alleyway, Peter feels his senses heighten. Pulling at his hoodie, Peter effortlessly rips it off, exposing his red t-shirt. With fire in his eyes, anger pounding in his heart like a war drum, Peter feels almost an animal, instinct taking over, he had no thought - just action.

Thrusting his left arm upwards, Peter blindly shoots a web-line out his wrist. Feeling it go taut, Peter just pulls on the web line as if life depended on it. Immediately Peter feels the web bend like a bungee cord before recoiling and yanking him off the ground. Flung straight up and over one side of the building, Peter clears the one side of the building in a single bound.

Clearing over the rooftop and arching over to the other side, the cool breeze flaps Peters clothes in the wind as it howls in his ears. Peter lets go of his web line, feeling gravity pull at him to the ground.

Instinct again kicks in. Peter, thrusts both hands and shoots a webline to a rooftop and pulling himself towards it. Letting go of the webbing, Peter drops onto his hands, rolling over, gets onto his feet, and lunges forward into a dead sprint across the rooftop.

Peter's legs didn't hurt. He felt no tiredness in his lungs. Just strength and boundless...rage.

Reaching the rooftop edge, Peter eyes lock onto his next target and lunges off the roof with dust trailing his sneakers.

Holding out his hands, Peter body collides into a tall metal flag pole. Smacking his palms onto the cold metal pole, Peter sticks to the metal surface as his feet dangle momentarily. However, Peter grinds his teeth, lifts up how body-weight and plants the sole of his feet on the pole and starts climbing.

Reaching the top, Peter squats on top of its bulbous top of the Flagpole that sites on top of a building, garnering a perfect birds eyes view at the view.

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Achieving the perfect view of Lower Manhattan across six avenues, Peter could see all the activating running North and South for an easy six miles.

It doesn’t take long for Peter’s keen eyesight to pick up on the abnormality in New York evening traffic. Peter’s blue eyes immediately lock onto flashing red and blue police lights in the distance of the night.

Multiple police cars weaving between traffic, blazing down an Avenue Peter cannot make out. However, a Police Helicopter flies in from the West, and that made it easy. Coming from the water, Peter counts the avenues it crosses, his New York knowledge paying off when it he needs it, Peter waits for the helicopter to slows its speed and shine it spotlight over a speeding vintage yellow Chevy Nova.

The same yellow car Peter polished on countless summers with Uncle Ben.

The same Chevy Nova he yelled at his Uncle earlier that day in.

The same Chevy Nova his uncle was murdered in front of.

The same Chevy Nova his Uncle’s murderer’s are racing down 9th Avenue with.

Peter feels a hot swell of anger course through his clenched fist. He had to move. Standing up in perfect balance on the flagpole, Peter tears off a sleeve and pushes thumb through the fabric, twice.

Two holes in the fabric strip, Peter wraps it around his eyes as he takes one last look at the car, making sure he had a sense of its speed and its location into the night, “There you go...” he mumble, then swan dives towards the street.



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Speeding down 9th avenue, A.D. palms drip sweat as he clutches the steering wheel. His foot pressing down on the gas, A.D. can’t help but shake his head, “WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!” he shouts.

Leaning out the passenger window, Cletus Kassidy fiery red hair flies wildly about in wind as he shoots at the pursuing police cars loudly pursuing them.

“DON’T STOP!” yell Cletus.

Crawling back through the window to his seat, Cletus opens his passenger side door.

A.D. looks at him in pure shock, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING?!”

Cletus green eyes glare at him, “YOU DO WHAT YOU DO ROBBIE REYES...” he yells.

Leaning out the car, Cletus hangs on to the door frame, suspending himself in a deathly maneuver over the speeding pavement.

A.D watches Cletus at him in pure shock, “STOP CALLING ME THAT!” A.D. shouts back.

Hearing the swift moving ground under his ear, Cletus focuses one the pursuing police car's drawing close, one in particular.

“AND I'LL DO WHAT DO!” Cletus shouts, outstretching his arm. Cocking the gun and closing one eye Cletus smirks, “MAKE CARNAGE!” he shouts, pulling the trigger.

Immediately Cletus watches his bullseye shot explode the pursuing police car's right tire. Gushes of black smoke lift and pieces of rubber flying about. The Police car leans to the right, swerves uncontrollably to the right and crashes straight into a parked car headfirst, flipping over and rolling!

Leaning back into his seat, Cletus closes the door and smacks the dashboard in excitement, “WHOOOA!” he howls, “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN ‘BOUT BOY! WOOO!”

A.D. looks at Cletus, not sure to be disgusted and frightened.

Cletus pulls out a handful of bullets and starts reloading his pistol, “THIS IS IT BOYS! GOOD OL’ COPS AND ROBBERS! THIS IS THE RUSH MAN!! YOU FEEL IT REYES!” he shouts.

A.D. angrily shoves him, “STOP CALLING ME REYES!”

Suddenly Cletus aggressively leans over, grabbing the wheel with one hand, stomping his foot on to A.D’s and shoving the gun in A.D.’s face, “YOUR NAME IS REYES! YOU HAVE A BROTHER AND MOTHER BACK IN LOS ANGELES!!” he shouts.

A.D. eyes open wide but he shoves Cletus back, grabbing a hold of the wheel as they swerve, “SO WHAT!”

Cletus narrows his eyes, “Meaning, you rat me out, You try to ditch me, you can’t hide behind some stupid name you made up ROBBIE REYES!” he exclaims, “I’ll gun you down and send you to the devil myself!”

“THATS YOUR ANSWER HUH?!” Robbie exclaims, glancing at the side-view mirror at the Police Helicopter flying behind them in hot pursuit, “JUST SHOOT YOUR PROBLEMS! LIKE THAT OL’ MAN!” he shouts, “YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO SHOOT’EM!” .

“I didn’t have to!!” agrees Cletus, then leans closer to Robbie with a sinister grin, “But BOY did it feel good!!” he exclaims before leaning back out the window and shooting out the window at the helicopter.

“THIS ISN’T GOING TO WORK!” Robbie shouts, making a sharp turn down West 27th Street, heading towards 10th Avenue.

“WE can’t do this! Hot Pursuits in Manhattan are crazy! We aren’t going to make it!” Robbie says.

Climbing back in the car, Cletus sticks the end of his gun barrel right over to Robbie’s heart! Robbie's eyes open wider than quarters, staring at Cletus who has the most coldest, callous expression he's ever seen.

“Let's set some priorities for you” Cletus growls, pointing ahead of at numerous motorcycles screeching ahead of them onto the avenue.

“THE NEGATIVE GANG KILL CREW!” Cletus shouts, “Not the cops, not the FBI, NONE OF THEM MATTER!" he shouts, "JUST THEM! SO either you stop FREAKING OUT or i kill you and BURN YOU IN THIS CAR!”

Robbie trembles in place, struggling drive with Cletus pressing the gun onto his chest, “FINE FINE! JUST SHOOT THEM OR SOMETHING!”!

A wide grin comes across Cletus face, “BEST THING YOU SAID ALL NIGHT!” he exclaims


Speeding past two overturned police cars, the African American Sergeant Adam Brashear, looks at his partner sat beside him as he picks up the radio receiver, “Car 31 to dispatch we are in the vicinity of the suspected vehicle but we do not have a visual.”

“Hey hey check it out we got problems!” Brashear says, slowing down the car as motorcycles with glowing red and white tires zoom by in a blur.

“That’s the Negative Gang.” Brashear shouts, turning on the police siren and speeds after them as he sees the yellow Chevy Nova with the shining Police Spotlight from the Helicopter overhead, race through the next intersection with all the motorcycles shooting at the Police Cars pursing the Chevy Nova.

“WAIT!” shouts Brashear’s partner as he speeds the police car onto the avenue.

“ARE YOU CRAZY!” shouts Brashear’s partner, looking far ahead of them at the other police cars following the yellow chevy nova, “IF those guys are the negative gang…” he says, watching the police cars shooting at the various motorcyclists who return fire at them, “…and they’re taking out police that means…”

“That means a gang war is starting up and they want no interference!” Brashear finishes, stepping harder on the pedal.


Suddenly, Brashear and his partner watch in sheer astonishment at the sight of a red blur swings out from the street between their car and the one in front before shooting strings to a lamp post and zipping forward!

Adam and his partner leans forward over the dashboard, “What the…” he gasps.

Leaning out the window, Brashear partner peeks over the traffic, watching the mysterious finger swiftly swing over cars, shooting out string from his hand to the lampposts towards the yellow Chevy nova speeding ahead.

Leaning back into his seat, the officer looks at his partner Brashear’s eyes open wide, “Sarge you’re not gonna believe this…”


"I DON'T GET IT” Robbie shouts, looking out the window as the Negative Gang, which spread out and came behind them, keeps in hot pursuit of them while sidling alongside the police cars behind them.

Cletus watches as the negative gang bikers start shooting at the Police Car's, making them screech to halt.


Cletus reloads his gun, “NO, they’re saving us for themselves!” he says, about to lean out the window.

However, at that moment, Robbie is startled at the sight of a red blur zip across the his side view mirror. He could’ve sworn it went to the right side of the car. Glancing over at Cletus, Cletus cuts Robbie a dirty look, “What NOW!!” he shouts.

Before Robbie can answer, Cletus watches his eyes open in shock.

“WATCH OUT!!” Robbie shouts.

Cletus barely turns around to see as something smashes through the window like a cannon ball with glass flying everywhere.

to be continued...

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