Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 2: Heroes (PART I)

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Prologue Here


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Sitting in white bland hallway and on a long dark wood bench next to the door marked 'Principal Office' on the glass, the two blond cheerleaders decked in their white and green outfits, Gwen Stacy and Sally Avril sitting next to Hispanic Liz Allen, who is ironically on her blackberry and using twitter

“AY QUE PIQUE!” Liz exclaims loudly in her native Spanish language. Flicking aside her brown hair, Liz Allen’s brown eyes remain locked to her blackberry, texting with her thumbs, seeming at a billion miles per hour as he swings her legs.

Next to her, the blond Sally Avril sits next the fat line-backer Hubie keeps his gaze at the white floor. Round like a circle, the over-sized teen wearing his grey t-shirt, grey sweats and white and green Football jacket with the letter ‘J’ stitched to it, keep his gaze at the floor while sitting beside second string quarterback Flash Thompson who keeps his head leaned back to the wall while staring aimlessly at the ceiling.

Sitting in silence with concerned faces, the only noise that could be heard was the firm rapid snap typing of Liz fingers punching into her keypad.

Seated across from them behind her short wood desk, the older secretary Ms. Blankenship, with her large bi-focal glasses lowered, stares at the lot of kids seated across form her. Devoured in complete annoyance, Ms. Blankenship aged cataract ridden eyes glare at them from behind the desk as she stares at Liz Allen typing on her iPhone, rather enthusiastically.

"OH COME ON!!! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" shouts Sally Avril.

"I know there killing him!" says Liz Allen agrees, typing on her phone, “I’m tweeting this now. The Injustice of the Century!””

Seated at the end of the bench, Flash Thompson leans forward and cuts her Liz look, "Absolutely! We should do a like a petition or something. ”

Liz Allen, still engrossed in her phone, glances up quickly at the clock and sees it 8:15, "What time is it in Spain? It should be the same right!? Totally, imma hashtag this.”

Gwen Stacy looks at Liz Allen with an arched eyebrow "I don’t think hash-tagging or calling this an injustice is gonna help, especially if Eddie actually did what they said he did!" she says.

Sally Avril stands up from her seat and stares Gwen, “SO WHAT if he cheated and made his DORKY brother to his work! IT’S A FREAKIN’ BLESSING! ITS BUILDS HIS WORK ETHIC FOR WHEN WE GRADUATE AND PETER IS A NOBODY!!”

Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man:


Part 1 - CLASS ACT

"SSSHHH!!" goes the secretary.

Startled, Sally snaps a look to the secretary sitting at the desk across the room, pressing her finger against her lip.

Sally rolls her eyes and turns back to her friends, "Anyways, Football and Cheering should be a class! It takes discipline! That should get him consideration as it is." she says very boisterously.

Liz Allen, back on her phone, nods in agreement, "If you have to prepare for should be a class."

Pinching her nose, Gwen looks at the floor, feeling as if she wanted to melt away into a storage drain, "Why do I feel you all will be in a future MTV reality show one day." she mumbles.

Suddenly everyone turns around and sees Eddie Brock, sporting his blue Football jacket, fling the Principals door open and hastily walk out with a red face.

Everyone gets up from the wood bench.

"SO! What happened?!” asks Sally, stepping in his way.

"Yeah what’s the verdict?!" asks Flash.

Eddie takes in a deep breath through his nose and places his hands on his hip. Eddie runs his hand through his blond hair and looks at Gwen, Sally, Flash, Liz, and Hubie who has now fallen asleep on the bench. Seeing Gwen before him, Eddie just looks at the floor as his face turns even redder with embarrassment and suddenly feels as if he cannot stands in front of them.

"I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT!" he shouts, brushing past them all.

Seeing him storm into the hallway, Sally bolts away from the bench after him, “OH GAWD NO! EPIC MELTDOWN TIME!” she says, running down the hallway "EDDIE!!!" she shouts as Liz follows after him too, but stops, grabs her cellphone on the bench and runs after him, "WAIT!" she yells.

Turning to Gwen, Flash lets out a deep sigh as he and Gwen silently exchange shrugs with Flash stating exactly what Gwen thinks, "This isn't good!" he says, motioning to the hallway but looks to Gwen, “You comin’?”

“No you go ahead.” Gwen says, nodding to the secretary, “I’ll catch up later.”

“Alright.” He retorts, running after the rest of the group.

Seeing the Principal comes out his office, Gwen Stacy standing there in front of his door watches Principal Welch stop dead in his tracks and look at Hubie fast asleep on the bench beside his door. With a stern face and narrowed brown eyes, the Principal glares at him, "MR. HUBERT LOCKEY! THIS ISN'T A NAPPING HALL!" he says in deep voice.

Startled, Hubie suddenly jumps up from the bench onto his feet and runs across into the wall and knocks himself out!

Watching drop to the floor, Gwen erupts in laughter as the Principal rolls his eyes and turns to the secretary, "Call the nurse and tell them that Mr. Lockey has knocked himself out.....again." he says tiredly before turning back to his office.

"PRINCIPAL WELCH!” Gwen calls, immediately getting his attention as he turns to him at the door, “Umm….what’s going to happen with Eddie?"

Mr. Welch looks at the time, "See that clock?" he says.

Gwen turns and nods and turns back to Mr. Welch pointing at it, "He's got from now til next month this time to take the tests he cheated on over again if he wants to even think about graduating with his class. If he doesn't, he'll be graduating with you, but regardless, he done with football." he says.

Gwen looks at him in shock, "But that's not for another two years?! Isn't that harsh?" she exclaims.

Mr. Welch nods, "I should bounce him out the school but out of respect for his Aunt and Uncle I wont’…but he has time to turn this around, which I don’t care about because the DAY AFTER TOMORROW I'll be in Hawaii, basking in the sun hopefully with a native girl named Ki-Ki and...Oh uh…yeah uh, eermm..yes , so keep it up!" he says awkwardly before going back into his office leaving Gwen looking at him oddly as he closes his door.

"WAIT!" she exclaims. Mr. Welch opens the door again with annoyance all of his face, “YES MS. STACY!”

“I uh…” Gwen says awkwardly, “Need to talk to you about something important." she says walking into his office.




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Among the busy hallway filled with kids, Eddie, in front of his black locker, angrily yanks out his book-bag , throws it to the floor, pulls down the football posters on the locker door, crumbles it into a ball and throws it to the floor behind him.

"Eddie!" calls a voice.

Eddie turns around and sees Flash, Hubie the linebacker, Pookie the 2nd Linebacker, Sally Field and Liz Allen behind him, "Dude!”

Eddie’s blue eyes, lit with anger, points at them, "THEY THINK THEY CAN BENCH ME! I”ll SHOW THEM! I'm gonna pass those STUPID tests and SHOVE IT IN THEIR FACE! I AM! I am!"

"Make your brother pass you!" says Liz.

Flash shoves her back, “That’s what GOT him in the problem in the first place genius!”

"He could if, and let take a shot in the dark, you apologized or even thought about just ASKING him for help!"

Turning around, Eddie looks at Gwen leaning against the locker with her arms folded, her black frame glasses over her blue eyes while sporting an arched blond eyebrow and, to EVERYONE ELSE'S SURPRISE, a Gwen Stacy OUT of her cheer-leading clothes.

Liz and Sally look at Gwen in pure shock wearing her blue cargo pants and a black tee shirt that says, "Beatles" and white Converse sneakers.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" screams Sally, making everyone in the hallway freeze in place as if someone died in the hallway.

Everyone turns to Sally screaming at a high pitched voice, causing Gwen to bury her face in her hands with embarrassment.

"GWEN…” Sally pants, “IS


Removing her hands from her face, Gwen, her face red with embarrassment can see all the students in the hallway staring at her in wide eye shock as if they saw a ghost.

Trying to ignore them, Gwen returns her attention back to Sally standing before her, who still remains frozen with her mouth open, her fingers crushing a Pepsi can with soda dripping to the floor while Liz Allen, slowly and awkwardly raises her phone to Gwen and snaps a picture with a blinding flash.

"OH this is gonna be savage..."

"WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?" Gwen shouts as all the students continue about their business.

Flash looks at Gwen in shock and steps in front of Sally, "Wait a minute? What’s up with YOU?! You’re not in uniform? Did you get stain? OH wait YOU STAINED IT RIGHT? THAT’S WHY you’re not in uniform.” He smiles.

Looking up at Flash with annoyed narrowed eyes, Gwen clenches her jaw cocks her head to the side, "NO STUPID!” she retorts before turning her attention back to Eddie, "And did you apologize to Peter or not?" she asks boldly.

Eddie, not having apologized and having a very deep sense of pride now that his friends are awaiting his response says, "For what? Roughing him up a bit? Making him do my work? He’s MY SLAVE Gwen! And even i do ya know, feel a bit guilty over having roughed him up SO much without doing some work myself cause I AM a hard worker , punk still gotta know whose top dog you know." he says arrogantly.

"DAT'S RIGHT DOG! RUUF RUUF" barks Pookie, high fiving Eddie, as does Flash and Hubie.

Gwen rolls her eyes in irritation and disgust, "UGH! THIS is why I quit the Cheerleading squad!”

Like a record scratching to a halt in a club, Liz and Sally turn to Gwen with tilted heads!

"YOU WHAT!!!” they all shout.

"I quit a half hour ago!" Gwen repeats.


Gwen watches Sally stand with her mouth open as her eyes glaze over. All at once, Sally’s head suddenly cocks back, making her whole body leans backward before she drops to the floor like a sack of potatoes, sprawled out on the white linoleum.

"OH MY GAWD SHE'S DEAD!" Liz exclaims, snapping pictures of Sally on the phone.

"LOOK! Sally's floor meat! NICE!!" Flash exclaims, high-five-ing Hubie.

Gwen covers her face, "I can't believe how STUPID YOU ALL ARE!."

Eddie looks down the hall, "ONE OF YOU DWEEBS CALL THE NURSE!!"

Liz kneels down over Sally, "SHE'S TOO YOUNG TO DIE! SOMEBODY CALL 3.1.1." she yells.

Suddenly, Gwen sees a leg step between her and Hubie and looks to see the redheaded beauty Maryjane pushes them all side and she squeezes past them.

"MOVE IT!" she snaps, quickly kneeling down to Sally as she waves something under Sally's nose, "Come on you Paris Hilton wannabe." MJ says.

"You’re a doctor! COOL!" says Flash.

MJ glances up at him, "I assist the nurse in first aid you moron." she snaps.

Hubie laughs, "She called you a Morman."

Gwen pinches her nose and lets out a deep groan.

Suddenly Sally starts shaking her head from the smelling sauce.

Liz puts her hand over her chest, "Oh thank heavens she's not dead."

Maryjane looks at her, "You’re kidding me right?"

MJ nudges Gwen with a look of skepticism, “THESE are your friends?”

"I know they're a real class act." Gwen mumbles sarcastically.

Coming back to consciousness, Sally's eyes lock onto Maryjane holding up three fingers, "Tell me what your name is?" she asks.

Then Sally’s blue eyes suddenly zip to Gwen and narrow as almost a small explosion goes off in her irises, "My name is when-I-get-rid-of –this-headache-I'm-gonna-break-your-face-in-you-traitorous-judas-priest-son-of-a….."

“OKAY!” Maryjane interrupts, sticking a granola bar in Sally’s mouth, “I think the missing Kardashian will be fine!” MJ says, slowly rising up on her feet.

Gwen looks at Sally as she spits out the Granola bar, “OH SHOVE IT RED!” she snaps to MJ, " THIS IS SQUAD BUSINESS!” she says.

“Whatever!” Maryjane scoffs, hastily getting away from but as Gwen watches her leave, she is taken aback by shock as Sally grabs her by the shirt and pulls her close, "YOU DO UNDERSTAND THAT WE COULD LOSE OUR BEST QUARTERBACK..."

"ECHEM!" coughs Flash.

“NOT YOU FLASH!" Sally barks and glares back at Gwen, "...AND UPON THAT NEWS YOU LIL’TRATIOR DITCH US THE MINUTE THINGS LOOK BAD, FOR WHAT?!" Sally looks at Gwen's Tee shirt, "FOR....THE BEATLES! WHAT DO THEY HAVE THAT WE DON’T!" she yells, looking around at the rest of the students, “SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING!”

“They would but you’re louder than five exploding suns!” Gwen retorts, and quickly regrets her snarky remark as Sally glares at her with eyes of death and pulls back her fist


Eddie quickly grabs her arm and pulls Sally back, "Relax Punchy." he says.

Gwen clenches her jaw and points her finger right in Sally’s face, "Sally we've been friends since kindergarten. You shouldn't feel so..."

"Betrayed? Blindsided, Shafted. " Liz says while texting everything they are saying to Twitter.

“YES EXACTLY!” Sally agrees, then glares at Gwen with narrowed, “BETRAYED! THAT WHAT THIS IS! AND FROM NOW ON! YOU ARE.DEAD TO ME GWENDOLYN STACY! But ALL OF THIS...ALL OF IT had a starting point" she shouts, shrugging off Eddie as she catches sight of Peter Parker walking down the hall “YOU!" she points.

Frozen in place as if a spotlight shines on him, Peter Parker sees Sally practically growling at him with Flash, Liz, Hubie, Pookie and his brother Eddie behind her, all glaring at him as well.

Dropping his skittles, Peter gulps, “Oh this SO isn’t good.” he mumbled to himself, catching sight of Gwen Stacy, standing behind them.

Marching to him, Sally holds out her finger, "THIS! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!’ she shouts.

“RUN!” Gwen shouts.

Peter bolts away like a lion being run down by lions, or namely, Pookie, Liz, Flash, Hubie and Sally.

Racing down the hallway and weaving through the kids filling the halls, Peter looks behind him seeing Hubie, Flash, Pookie pushing and shoving kids out the way as Liz keeps up behind them, video recording it all on her phone as Sally blazes after Peter.


His heart in his throat, Peter runs down the hallway, skipping past students and turns the corner of the hall and bolts into the bathroom.

Like a mob, turning the corner with Pookie, Hubie and Flash immediately burst into the bathroom.

Seeing the large bathroom filled, Flash steps front of Pookie and Hubie and wipes the sweat off his face.

“GET OUT OR DIE!” Flash bellows, causing all the kids to scramble out the bathroom like a herd of Zebra!

As the bathroom empties out, Hubie, Pookie and Flash are suddenly at a loss as as they look around, seeing no sign of Peter. Pookie, walks down to the stalls, kicking in each stall door. “CAN’T HIDE PARKER!” he shouts, getting to the last closed stall door. Looking over at Flash and Hubie with a smirk, Pookie steps back and then forcibly kicks the stall-door wide open. However to their surprise, all they see is the toilet seat.

Flash stares at the dirty toilet and then smashes his fist in his other palm, “I’m gonna POUND Punie Parker when I find’em!” he says punching the stall door as he strolls out the bathroom with Hubie and Pookie following behind.

As soon as they leave the bathroom, Peter sticking flush to the ceiling, drops down 15 feet to the floor in a squat and lets out a deep sigh of relief.

“Note to self…” Peter mumbles, peeling off a wet clump of toilet paper off his shirt, “…the ceiling is just as dirty as the floor.” He sighs.


Outside the boy’s bathroom, Flash steps in between Gwen and Sally arguing and watches Gwen pushing Eddie, “TELL THEM TO LEAVE YOUR BROTHER ALONE!”

Eddie rolls his eyes at Gwen as Sally steps in her face, “WHY SHOULD HE! This is PARKERS MORNING routine! HE AIN’T NO HERO HE SOLD OUT HIS BROTHER AND HE DESERVES WHAT’S COMING!”

Gwen shakes her head in shock and confusion, “WHAT?! HE DID YOU EDDIE FAVOR AND GOT ABUSED BY HIS OWN BROTHER INTO…”

“HEY HEY HEY”! Flash shouts, shutting them all up, “LOOK! Its’ only 9:45 okay! It’s like the FIRST day BACK at school Okay! I think we all need to just COOL OUT HERE and before we get ALL bent out of shape with this whole pass your classes thing and ‘I wanna not be on the squad any more, ‘ I think we should all just go out." he says pulling out a pink paper.

Gwen, Sally and Liz peek over Eddie's shoulder as he looks at the paper.

"A wrestling match?" says Liz.

Flash nods, "YEAH! Hubie's dad is an usher and can get us all tickets!”

Eddie looks at the paper, "I...I don't know..."

"OH come on! What’d you gonna do tonight? Hang out with your Uncle and Aunt while they get on your case and talk about how how they take care of Peter like the baby he is!" says Flash.

Gwen folds her arms, "You guys are jerks! I can’t believe this! You know better Eddie."

Eddie rolls his eyes and takes the paper out of Flash’s hands, "Get me out of here before Gwen tries to hold an Ethic's meeting!" he says.

Liz Allen jumps up and down in excitement, "YAY YAY we're going to a Wrestling Match! A bunch of sweaty guys in a ring! OHMIGAWD!"

Gwen rolls her eyes, "Forget this I’m out.” She says, walking away.


“THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!” Gwen hollers back.

As Peter sneaks out the Bathroom behind them, Eddie walks next to Flash while reading the advertisement for the wrestling match, “Dude this is like really deep in the city.

“Yeah I got A.D. to take us. He got his father's car."

Sally looks at him, "A.D.?"

Flash nods, "Ya, Andrew Duncan.! He's gonna be our new field goal kicker in the new season! His dad is rich and he got him a Escalade!! He can fit us all in."

Liz frowns her face, "Flash I don't know, isn’t that guy bad news or something like that?"

Flash waves her off, "NO! He was acquitted from all that drug stuff."

“But Flash…”

“Relax Liz…” Eddie says, “Everything will be fine! What’s the worst that can happen?”

to be continued... here

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@silverspidey: First thing's first, love the fact that you are giving so much spotlight to Peter's supporting characters and you are building such a rich world. Second of all, I love the fact that you are taking your time to tell the story and even when it's mainly talking you engage the reader. I must say, you are doing a fine job with this cast.

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@tdk_1997 - Thanks so much! I really love the Spider-Man mythos and character set he has and I want to do it justice. I've been trying to refine my 'writing style' and I feel it comes through best with this story so far.

You're just about all caught up too! Starting with this chapter, I am editing into the bottom of each story, the link for the next post so no one has to go on a 'search' to find them.

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@silverspidey: Yes, from what work of yours I have read I must say this stands out the most imo. Most depth, most character work, good dialogue and an engaging story.

I am doing some catch up these days and tomorrow before work I will finaly catch up completely with your stuff.