Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 2: Heroes (PART IX)

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Robbie opens his eyes in astonishment as Cletus stands in front of the smashed window, staring Brashear sprawled out on wooden pallets with blood puddling beneath him. Mockingly saluting Adam, Cletus grins, "See ya in the next..."

Suddenly Cletus kicked in the chest and sent rolling back on the floor!

Clutching his chest, Cletus scrambles on to his feet and aims his gun at the sight of the figure who attacked him. Soaking wet in a red hoodie and blue jeans, his faced covered by the shadow his hood, Cletus bares his teeth, "YOU!"

Pulling down his good, Peter reveals his wet hair and soaked face and glares at Cletus right in the eyes, "Yeah, me!"

Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man:

Arc 2: Heroes

Part IX - The Killing Hour

Quickly Cletus pulls forward his gun and rattles off a shot. However, Cletus barely gets off the shot before Peter not only dodges the gun-fire but shoots out an odd white blob over the gun barrel, sealing it closed!

Baffled, Cletus looks at the hardened white substance on his gun barrel in disbelief. Looking up at Peter, Cletus face reddens, "NOT FAIR!" he shouts.

"IT WAS FAIR WHEN IT WAS MY UNCLE!" Peter shouts, before pointing at him, "AND YOUR GONNA PAY FOR IT!"

Immediately Robbie limps forward in shock, “Pe-peter?” he says in disbelief.

Cletus turns to Robbie, mindblown, "YOU KNOW HIM!"

Robbie shakes his head, “I-I…”

Looking back to Peter, Cletus squints his eyes, almost now recalling his face, "'re Eddie's BROTHER!" he exclaims in sudden realization.

Peter lets out a steady breath, "Unfortunately." he replies.

Getting on his feet, Cletus storms over to Robbie and grabs by the arm pulls him in front like a shield and shoves Robbie's gun to his temple!


"SHUT UP!" Cletus barks while glaring at Peter and backing for the elevator.

"HEY!" yells Peter, “LET’EM GO!”

“WHAT IS THIS?! HERO TRY-OUTS!” Cletus chuckles, but from the corner of his eye, Cletus sees shadows of men running through the corridors to him, "Watcha gonna do kid? Try an save us all?"

"I'm not saving anyone." Peter snaps, then points at him, "I'm just gonna KILL you.”

“Wow!” Cletus smirks.

"WHY ARE YOU SMILING!" Robbie shouts.

Cletus looks at Peter, his eyes tearing up, "That's the most honest thing i heard all night..." he says, glancing at the men running down the corridors while pulling down their glowing masks as they draw closer, but turns back to Peter with an evil grin, “...but i'm afraid you're gonna have to work for it!” he shouts, pushing Robbie forward into Peter and shooting him multiple times in the back!

"NO!!!!" yells Peter, catching in his arms as his body goes limp. Staggering back, Peter looks at Robbie's eyes open wide and stare at him in shock as the fall to the floor. Seeing dozens of hordes of Mister Negative’s men race inside after him, Cletus turns around and starts shooting, taking out one of the men in the chest.

Everything descends into chaos.

Cletus is kicked back to the window, cracking the glass pane. Like a cornered animal, Cletus grabs his attacker and shoots him up close before turning him around and using him as a human shield, shooting at everyone he see's, "HAPPY FOURTH OF JULLAAAAY!!!" he shouts.

Watching everyone throw their guns aside, Cletus see everyone pull out knives.

A twisted smile comes across his face, "Heh..." Cletus smirks, pulling out a knife in return, "...gotta love the old ways." he grins.

Watching at least eight members of the negative gang reveal themselves, Cletus nimbly tosses his knife back and forth between his hands while bobbing up and down, “YOU KNOW I WAS IN THE BLACK-OPS RIGHT!” he shouts, watching all the men poise themselves, ready to attack him, “YOU THINK YOU BUNCH OF DRESSED UP DELIVERY-MEN CAN TAKE ME ON?! BRING IT!”

Cletus lets the first man lunge at him. Seemingly defenseless, Cletus artfully blocks the attackers kick and all at once, stabs him in the leg, arm, then swipes his arm in the air slicing the man's neck open before spinning around and jamming his knife squarely into another man's chest as the first man drops to the ground.

"AMATEURS!" Cletus yells, propping the man up like a human shield. Cletus keeps his murderous green eyes on the other gang members, anxiously waiting their turn.

“Weak, ALL OF YOU WEAK!!’ Cletus shouts, pulling out the blade from the man's chest and throwing him to the floor.

"C'MON!" Cletus yells as another runs at him. Cletus cleanly dodges a slash to his face, a snip of his red hair getting cut as he grabs the attackers wrist. All at once Cletus flips him over, breaks his arm and shoves his own knife into his chest spins him around and kicking him away. Then another one jumps on Cletus back and wraps a chain on his throat.

"YOU DIE!" shouts the attacker.

Gagging, Cletus skillfully slides his blade behind the chain around his throat and cuts the man's hand, making him release his grip. Gasping for air, Cletus pushes him off, drops down and stabs him multiple times, “You can't kill me” Cletus exclaims as another gangbanger runs at him.

Cletus stands up, "I'M AM DEATH!"

Watching Cletus savagely defend himself from Mister Negatives gang bangers each taking turns at killing him, Peter turns his attention back to Robbie. His face was pale, his lips blue, and blood was covering his hands. Robbie looks at Peter but his eyes grow still and his body goes limp in his arms. Grinding his teeth in anger and sorrow, again, someone dies in his arms in one night.

All at once, Peter grinds his teeth as a subtle sensation seizes his entire skull as if caught in an iron grip. His vision tints red. Adrenalin courses through his body. An indescribable urge forces Peter' s attention to focus forward and he lifts his eyes to what is half of the men encircling Cletus, motioning to him!

Peter starts to panic. His breathing quickens. A sudden and overwhelming horde of knowledge that he achieved over the summer rushes forefront of his mind. How to use his webbing, how strong he was, where he could stick, how fast he was…it all came in a sudden and dizzying moment as his muscles tense while his eyes dilate, making it easier to see in the darkness.

“AAAAAAAAH!!!” yells a man running at him from the right.

Instinct takes over. Peter springs in the air and over his attacker, grabs him by the shoulders and drops back to the floor, ramming his face into the cement floor!

Turning over onto his back, Peter starts hyperventilating in panic. What did he do? He couldn't think. He could only, feel. And the feeling of danger at the base of his skull was becoming so overwhelming Peter could only surrender himself to instinct and, act.

The gang members pause momentarily, looking at Peter seem quite confused and startled as their friend lay on the floor, knocked out cold.


Everyone rushes at him at once.

Moving with the proportionate speed of a spider, Peter's fluidly ducks under a blade slashing over his head but then front flips. Hitting the bottom of his foot over a man's, Peter lands on his feet as the man face smacks into the pavement, but at seeing more men coming at him, Peter drops to his back on the floor. Wasting no time Peter shoots a web-line to a wall across the room and pulls himself!

Launched across the room, Peter streaks through the air and lands feet first on the wall and then lunges for the floor, narrowly missing a gunshot. Rolling over, Peter springs off the floor again and swings his leg, kicking a man across the jaw with the gun, knocking it away. Dropping back to the floor, Peter swiftly swipes his leg across, kicking three men off their feet.

"GET THE KID!" yells a voice.

Hearing this and 'feeling' everyone coming at him, Peter instinctively springs off all fours, back-flips and punches two men in the face on his left and right before landing on his feet again. Turning around, Peter ducks low and lets another gangbanger fall onto his back before throwing him into a wall. However, once the man smacks into the wall and drops to the floor, he sees a gun inches from his reach. Groaning in pain, the man reaches out for it but Peter throws himself onto his back and grabs his hand.

"Oh no you don't!" Peter exclaims, pulling him back.

"GRAB'EM!" yells a voice.

Peter than feels the weight of two men jump onto his back!

"GET'EM OFF ME!" yells the gang man straining to reach the gun.

With the two men on his back, Peter suddenly feels like a football player in the beginnings of a tackle. With the two men trying to pull Peter off their man, Peter tightens his grip on the man reaching for the gun, as he's pulled with enough force that he and the man he holds are brought up onto their feet.

"DRAG'EM!" the men yell.

Peter holds on the man reaching for the gun as if his life depended on it.

Getting dragged back, Peter gets angry as he watches all the gang members take notice, giving time for Cletus to escape towards the dock.

"NOO!" Peter yells, planting his feet in determination! Suddenly, the men can't pull Peter any further and the man in Peter's grip, starts to scream.


Unable to be moved, Peter plants his feet and shouts, "GET..." he yells, summoning all his might "...OFF!" he yells, twisting his torso.

All the men on Peter's back yell at once. Swung off their feet and around like dolls, they all spin in a 180 turn, barely holding onto Peter! Twisting again, Peter tries to shake them off by they still hold on. Taking a breath to twist again, Peter thinks to shake harder but sees too late that the entire Negative Gang are converging on him.

"OH sugar." Peter mumbles.

Peter throws one leg out and kicks a man back but another gang member slides on the floor and kicks Peter in the back of the leg, making him drop to his knee. Groaning in pain, Peter struggles to get back up, but two men grab Peter's right arm while two more grab Peter's left arm.

"PUULLLL!" they yell in unison.

"RRAAAH!!!" yells Peter , straining as four men on both sides of him try to loosen his grip on the one man. Adrenalin courses through Peter's veins as he manages to raise his leg and plant it.

"DON'T LET'EM GET UP!!" yells another.

Two more men rush at Peter and grab his leg while another throws himself across his calf.




Peter's face reddens like a tomato as now ten men are pulling at him from all sides! Peter starts to panic as he feels his whole body strain as finally, one man jams his thumb in Peter's eye.

"AAAAH!" Peter shouts, releasing the man in his grip to grab the finger in his eye.

Dropping onto his stomach and coughing, the gunman immediately crawls on his belly to the gun.


Grabbing the gun, the man turns around to shoot but is stunned at the sight of two beefy men holding Peter by his neck, two more holding back his left arm as webs spew on the floor. Two more holding his right arm, two more holding his torso and two more holding down his legs!

"my gawd..." The gunman winces before determinedly aiming his pistol at Peter's face.

Peter's eyes immediately lock onto a gang member aiming the pistol at his head, unable to move.

“Oh crap.” Pete mumbles, closing his eyes, bracing for the shot but suddenly…


Peter opens his eyes in shock to the see the gunman choking as glowing golden webbing is wrapped around his neck and pulling him up to the ceiling. Everyone eyes open wide as the man is then suddenly yanked up into the rafters while an older woman in a black trench drops down to the floor. Brushing aside her white dreadlocks, she pushes up her black sunglasses onto her face as the man she hangs from the rafters kicks his legs in the air behind her.

“Release the boy!” she snaps authoritatively.

“WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!!” someone shouts.

The older woman slowly takes off her dark circular sunglasses and tucks them away in her pocket, "Madame Web.” she answers.

"Now..." growls Madame Web while thrusting forward her wrist, “...GET...” she roars as thousands of golden threads of webbing spiral out her wrist and stick on to each of their chest or back at once, "...OFF THE BOY!" she roars, causing all the webbing to lift the men off of Peter, suspending them all in the air!

to be continued...