Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 2: Heroes (PART VIII)

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It almost felt like a movie. The siren blaring. Blue and Red lights coloring his vision. The Squad Cars tires screaming in his ears from the sharp turns. His partner half-out the window yelling something equivalent to 'he doesn't have a shot' as if he was a 'crack-shot'.

It was like a movie, except it wasn't. Its was a high-speed chase resulting from a homicide of some guy name Ben Parker.

African American Police Officer Adam Brashear hated driving, let alone at high speed. He always felt he could keep track of whoever it was he was supposed to follow, but the bright shining Police Spotlight from the Helicopter overhead made it easy. Glancing over to his partner pulling himself back in the window to his seat, Adams' partner picks up the radio receiver, “Car 31 to Dispatch, we are in pursuit of the yellow nova going south on...”

“Hey, hey check it !” Brashear yells as motorcycles with glowing red and white tires whiz past the police car in a blur one after the other.

“That’s the Negative Gang.” Brashear announces, slamming his foot down on the gas pedal.

Within minutes, the sharply dressed motorcycle gang whiz by and open fire on the police cars ahead of Adams. Each bike surgically firing on the police and crashing them off the road or killing the drivers to make space for themselves on the road.

"Hey hey partner beg off, let Central deal with this." his partner says to Adam

“ARE YOU CRAZY!” shouts Brashear’s partner, looking far ahead of them at the other police cars following the yellow chevy nova, “IF those guys are the negative gang…” he says, watching the police cars shooting at the various motorcyclists who return fire at them, “…and they’re taking out police that means…”

“That means a gang war is starting up and they want no interference!” Brashear finishes, stepping harder on the pedal.


Suddenly, Brashear and his partner watch in sheer astonishment at the sight of someone swings in front of their car while shooting out what only could be described as string from his hands. The string zips out and adheres to overhead lampposts, allowing the figure to swing forward in pursuit of the yellow Chevy Nova.

Brashear’s eyes open wide, “OH MY…”


“GAAAAAAAWD!” Robbie shouts, as suddenly someone crashes through Cletus passenger window, kicking him in the face as glass flies around in the car.

Peter, full of rage and anger, punches Robbie. away from the steering wheel amidst the flurry of glass, punches the third man in the back seat but Cletus grabs Peter from behind, and forces himself and Peter into the back seat, scuffling as Cletus tries to shoot him in the face!

In his rage, Peter drives the back of his head into Cletus nose, making him howl in pain. Agilely, Peter, still masked, sticks to the ceiling over Robbie making him crouch low in the driver seat. Before Cletus can reach him, Peter webs Robbie's foot the gas pedal, making the engine roar and pick up speed.

"ITS IS OVER!" Peter yells, grabs the steering wheel and deliberately veering the car to left. The car jumps the curb, smashes through a closed wooden gate, zooms into a dark warehouse and crashes straight into a concrete wall, throwing Peter through the windshield and onto the hood of the crumpled car.




Hitting the breaks on the police car, Officer Adam Brashear, pulls the car over to the side of the road at his partner's insistence.

Adam throws the door open and steps out, watching the Negative Gang on their motorcycles skid to a stop, throw their bikes to the side and make a run for a warehouse.

Officer Adam Brashear pulls out his gun and leans back into the car, looking at his Partner already giving him the look of disapproval, “Call a Medic Team. Keep the street clear, I'll be back!” he says running down the street.

Adam's partner throws his door and gets out the car, watching his rather football player sized partner run down the black, "ARE YOU CRAZY!"


Shaking his head, Adam's throws his hands up, "Misty? MISTY KNIGHT!? SHE CAN'T RESURRECT YOU!"

Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man:

Arc 2: Heroes

Part VIII - 2 am aka The Hour of Carnage




Inside the warehouse….

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As soon as Robbie had smashed through their getaway car through the entrance and crashed into the concrete wall, Cletus was on the move. It was his intent to put two bullets into the back of the of whoever or whatever came at them through the car, but with Negative Gang members creeping about, Cletus could afford the sound of his gun alerting everyone to where he was. So leaving the 'hero' sprawled out face down on the hood of the totaled stolen car, Cletus moved.

Kicking open the door leading to the second floor, dust from the floor clouds Cletus Kassidy field of vision. Holding out his gun, Cletus green eyes follow the laser emitting from his pistol cutting through the darkness.

"We're clear." Cletus mumbles, dropping Robbie. to the floor as he looks around. The smell of dust and old paint was overwhelming, making Cletus muffled a cough into his torn sleeve. Spitting out more blood, Cletus green eyes rove about, observing the grey paint, dusty floors and grimy windows to his left - it was all an empty space with dusty wooden pallets and, to Cletus delight, another set of stairs leading up.

"Cletus...what are we gonna do?" Robbie huffs, "My leg man, I-I can barely walk."

Hearing Robbie Reyes complaint annoyed Cletus, he didn't need this. Looking at Robbie clutching his bleeding leg and whining about his pain instantly, Cletus a source expression washes over his face and Robbie sees Cletus staring at him with a silent murderous threat. However, Robbie suddenly becomes thankful that something catches Cletus attention, prompting him to rush over to the windows. Rubbing off the grime with his sleeve, Cletus carefully peeks outside. The stormy weather and increasing rain limited his visibility, that is, until the lightning flashes and reveal the numerous gang members from Mister Negative's gang stalking the perimeter of the structure in the rain.

"Wonderful." Cletus mumbles, bolting away from the window.

Cletus mumbles several curses under his breath, before standing over Robbie on the floor, clutching his leg and pulls out a gun and cocks it, "So, question. You wanna whine or survive?" he asks.



Dressed in black suits, white shirts, and black ties, four Chinese men from Mister Negative’s gang standing inside the warehouse with the gaping hole left by Cletus getaway car behind them.

Dripping wet, the gang members remain silent while walking silently together as a unit. Having fully searched the outside in the rain, the Negative Gang had successfully left a man at each escape point. Thus, the leader of the four man group at seeing yellow getaway car Cletus rammed into the wall, holds up his gloved fist then, raises two fingers. Immediately the three men behind him pull out his mini machine gun from under their jackets, cocking them in ready.

The leader of the small gang troop then points one at the car.

Quickly they all move, silent and deadly. Reaching the car, the Negative gang surround it, aiming their guns into the car. Seeing smashed glass on the seats and floor, blood smeared on the steering wheel and the hood of the engine, crumbled up and into the wall, was promising - but no one was there.


Turning around the Leader sees one of his Lieutenants on one knee beside a bloody footprint and pointing to a set of wooden stairs leading to a second floor.

Narrowing his eyes, the leader pulls out a long curved blade and runs past him as they all follow suit.

Running up the steps, the leader barges through the door of the abandoned warehouse and immediately upon stepping inside, his eyes find Robbie on the floor clutching his bloodied leg. Robbie's eyes open wide in shock, and his hands raised.

“I GIVE UP!” he shouts, but the men smile at his statement.

Each of them pulls forward from behind their heads, a white mask that glows in the dark over their faces. Their haunting expressionless mask makes Robbie gulp in horror as they point their guns at him.

“NO!” Robbie begs but suddenly Cletus drops down from the ceiling, grabs the man’s hand holding the curled blade and impales him on it. Startling everyone, Cletus quickly kicks back another man to right. Pushing away from the man he impaled away, Cletus pulls out his gun, shoots him once in the chest, and shoots another in the head. Taken off guard Cletus is then kicked in the knee, making him kneel before getting kicked in the head and sent onto his side.

However, Cletus powers through the pain, rolls onto his back and shooting his attacker, "YOU CAN"T TAKE MEEEAAAH!!" he shouts, gunning him down.

Watching him drop, Cletus sees another man and shoots at him, but he dives into the stairway, getting away. Sitting up, Cletus already knows the one that got away will bring more. Four members of the Negative gang was just a search team, but not 'The Team'. Getting on his feet, Cletus looks at Robbie, curled up on the floor trembling.

"See!" exclaims Cletus, "Survived, isn't that better than whining?" he asks, grabbing one of the machine guns from the dead gang members hand.

Robbie looks at Cletus, stunned the by the question, "NO!" he shouts.

“Hmf.” Cletus smirks, “No wonder you're a loser.” he says, taking another machine gun.

Robbie staggers onto his feet, wincing in pain, "Cletus, this was supposed to be a 'smash and grab job' and now pissed you pissed off the Chinese Mafia and we're on the..."

"WE!" corrects Cletus, raising the newly acquired machine gun in Robbie's face, "WE pissed off the Chinese Mafia, we'll get out it, so don't let your panties get all in a bunch or you and me are gonna have..."

Suddenly rapid-fire gunshots shatter through the windows from outside, lining the wall to them.

"GO GO GO GO!" Cletus yells, both of them running to the stairwell leading upstairs.

Racing up the stairs, as bullets rip into the wall, Cletus scales the stairs two at a time as Robbie struggles behind him.

Reaching the third floor, Cletus sees a dusty skylight above bringing moonlight that illuminates the whole floor. Hearing the other men shouting in their native Chinese language from the second floor, Cletus reaches in and grabs Robbie by the collar, throws him to the floor behind him and yells down the stairwell.

"ATTENTION WANNA BE GANGBANGERS" he shouts, aiming the machine down the stairs, "HAPPY CARNAGE DAAAAAY!!" he shouts spraying bullets down as cries, wails, and curses echo up the stairs.

Halting his gunfire, Cletus jumping away from the stairwell and kicking the door close.

Bullets shred through the door with yelling and screaming coming from the other side.


Cletus turns around to Robbie hobbling and pointing at a window that wraps the south side of the property, "A DOCK!"

Robbie hobbles over to a door and swings it open, revealing a long hallway to the other side that leads to docking space.

"FINALLY!” Cletus shouts, scrambling on to his feet.

Running away from the door, Cletus pulls out a small pistol, drops the machine gun that's out of ammo and shoves the pistol into Robbie's hand, "Now I don't have to kill ya!” he smirks, patting Robbie on the cheek before marching ahead.

Moving through the long hallways to the other side, Cletus and Robbie emerge to a storage section of the warehouse. It was also three flights up and filled dusty construction equipment. They couldn't stay here. There weren't enough places for hiding and Cletus could hear the angry Chinese voices echoing behind them drawing closer.

“Hey Clet…”

Cletus looks over to Robbie, pointing to a door that obviously was an old freight elevator, most likely leading to the dock.

“Get in.” Cletus insists as they both hastily make their way.

Lifting up the outer door to the freight elevator, Robbie is startled as is Cletus to find themselves both on the wrong end of a gun barrel pointed right in their faces.

“Don't. Talk.”

Cletus and Robbie. look at the African American Officer in front of them, pointing his weapon at them, “Drop the gun, get in the elevator." he whispers.

Cletus narrows his green eyes at sight of the Officer’s silver name tag attached to his blue shirt, “Brashear”. He was at least 250 lbs and six feet tall and then some. Cletus didn't have to look for his name since the man's chest was level with his face. He was head and shoulders taller than him, and too heavy to tackle. He wasn’t a dirty cop. Cletus could tell. Somehow the hulking Officer managed to sneak in and get to this spot unseen just to get to Cletus, to arrest him.

"Well well well its NYPD Blue..." Cletus smirks, "...any quieter and I'd think you're Daredevil." he grins.

Officer Brashear’s chiseled face tightens at Cletu's menacing face. His devilish red curly hair didn't help either.

Robbie tosses the weapon aside and holds his hands up, "Get me to a hospital please." he begs.

"I will son." Adam says, but keep his eye on Cletus menacing expression, "Now you." he orders.

"Mama said not to get into elevators with strangers," Cletus smirks, taking one long step backward.

Robbie eye's open wide, 'What are you doing, it's over!"

Officer Brashear hesitantly takes a step forward, exiting the elevator, "Listen to him, he's right. Chinese Mafia is all over the place, I can get you out but we have to leave now!"

"Look at you playing the hero." Cletus snickers, "All you need is a cape and you'd be marvelous. Hey! Marvelous? Kinda has a ring to it." he grins, taking another step back.

Hearing the distance voices of the mob coming closer Adam starts to lose his patience, "The only ringing your gonna hear is in your ears after I break your jaw!" he threatens.

"Hey, don't you know the rule of heroics..." Cletus smirks, waging his finger, "...don't threaten the bad guy, just do watcha gonna do." he goads.

Officer Brashaer, about to reply, gets momentarily distracted and glances over at the sound of the voices of Chinese men nearing them. Instantly, Cletus takes advantage of the moment and swiftly kicks Adam in the groin, twice!

"SEE!" Cletus shouts, watching Adam keel over while wrestling away the gun from his grip,, "Just DO!" Cletus continues.

Mercilessly, Cletus hits Adam over the head while jamming in his finger in Adam's eye, making him dazed before forcibly pushing him back towards the window.

"It was nice while it lasted my BLUE MARVEL..." Cletus shouts, "...BUT YOU HAD NO CHANCE..." he shouts, smashing him through the pane glass window, "...AGAINST MAXIMUM CARNAGE!" he shouts.

Robbie opens his eyes in astonishment as Cletus stands in front of the smashed window, staring Brashear sprawled out on wooden pallets with blood puddling beneath him. Mockingly saluting Adam, Cletus grins, "See ya in the next..."

Suddenly Cletus kicked in the chest and sent skidding back on the floor!

Clutching his chest, Cletus scrambles on to his feet and aims his gun at the sight of the figure who attacked him. Soaking wet in a red hoodie and blue jeans, his faced covered by the shadow his hood, Cletus hesitates and bares his teeth, recognizing the attacker.


Pulling down his good, Peter reveals his wet hair and bruised face and glares at Cletus right in the eyes, "Yeah, me!"

to be continued here...

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8 in Roman numerals is VIII

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Thanks, I knew something was off lol

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@silverspidey: It happens. I really have to take the time to read this epic of yours one day. I started reading a couple of times, and was liking it, but I just haven't made time to read the whole thing yet.

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@ficopedia: let me know how you like it. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. This spider-man story is a special one for me.