Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 2: Heroes (PART VI)

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Standing behind his large desk in the dimly lit office, Norman Osborn, decked in his well fitted black suit, white shirt, and dark green tie, stares directly at the scientists Otto Octavius and Curt Conners, “I called you both up here because you’re in some ways, the building blocks of OZCORP.”

Curt and Otto smile momentarily as Norman leans forward on the desk, “But it has come to my, rather recent attention…” he says clearing his throat while turning to the immense 10 foot by 20 foot window holding a magnificent view of Uptown New York’s city lights, “…that we’re having a workflow issue.” he finishes.

“Norman, we’re all producing good work.” Curt says.

“True." Norman acknowledges, "...but that work needs make OZCORP shine, not just our scientists.” Osborn says, looking at him over his shoulder, “What I’m saying Curt is that there will be no more private research. Everything from now that is made under the OZCORP roof is OWNED by OZCORP. Name and brand.”

Curt Conner stands up in full indignation as Norman turns his back to him, “That means that we can’t publish our research! Follow our own leads, or even make a simple essay…”

“…without OZCORP approval or my name on it, I know.” Norman coldly finishes, "It means exactly that."

“That means all my years of research, now yours!” Connors shouts, “Norman WE founded this company TOGETHER and we had an idea of how we were going to run things …”

“In OsCorp!” Norman interrupts, but he points his finger to his dark wood desk, “But this is OZCORP. With me as the SOLE head of this company. I drew blood for this company and i'm going to insure my time and investment, ALL of ours, are pulling in another direction that I can assure success. In short, we need revenue.”

“But you secured that with the Government Contract for Globulin D which is in the millions.” Curt reasons.

“But we’re not in the Billions Curt!” Norman snaps, turning to him, “I WENT to get us a contract, but I went them…” Norman says pointing his finger to the window and slowly starts tapping his finger on the desk, “…BEGGING OZCORP to do their work. And for that to happen, we need a tighter ship.”

“Norman, you’re going to turn this place in a machine, that’s now how a lab works.” Curt says.

“Noted, but in the future, I’ll ask you when I need an opinion.” Norman retorts sharply, much to Curt’s surprise, “Curt, we may have gone to Medical School together, went into business together and you may be content working at half speed to look at details…” he says, pointing to his missing arm, “…but I need to work with both hands to ensure this company becomes Legendary, not just functionary.”

Otto Octavius, quiet in his seat, folds his arms and smiles and looks at Norman, admiring his drive, “What do you want from us?”

“Good question.” Norman says, watching Curt sheepishly sit back down in his seat, “I want a Research and Development department designed for counter-biological warfare…”

“Norman…” Curt exclaims, but upon hearing his desk phone ring, Norman holds his finger up to Connors and picks up the phone.



Racing down the stairs with their extra man and A.D. behind him, Cletus Kassidy, out of breath, holds his cellphone to his face as he tries not to fall down the stairs, “YOU TOLD ME we were hitting TOMBSTONES establishment and now I find we just hit LIN’S after you made me take a briefcase of cash to settle a near gang war! NOW HAD ME HIT MISTER NEGATIVES STUFF AND NOW HE THINKS ITS ME WORKING ON MY OWN!! I NEED YOU TO GET US OUT OF HERE!”


Looking at Connors and Otto, Norman holds out his finger to him, “Who is this?” he smirks


“NORMAN!” Cletus shouts, hitting his phone against the wall before putting back to his face, ”DON’T…don’t do this! Not after all the BONES I buried on YOUR orders Osborn. You don’t want me pointing the way to them because you decided to throw a tantrum on me one night.”


With the phone to his ear, Osborn casually pours a glass of scotch into a glass, “Oh good evening Lilly, yes…oh yes…don’t apologize, it fine. WHY are you still working on your last da…no last hour in our annex office? OH I see, you’re such a workaholic, yes I am killing the Anti-Venom project, it served its purpose but ultimately, it just isn’t worth the hassle to keep around. We’re streamlining now.” Osborn says with a thumbs up to Otto and Curt.


Cletus narrows his eyes and grips his phone tight, “You don’t want to do this to me Osborn.”


“….i don’t care if they threaten us!” Norman scoffs, offering a glass of scotch to Otto and Curt who both politely refuse. Sitting in his chair, Osborn leans and swivels in his chair the see the view of Manhattan, “Lilly you’re a sweetheart but you worry too much. If they try to sell the Anti-Venom formula or even threaten us with it, we have enough documentation to bury them in court for a thousand years proving that while in Oscorp, THEY made that formula without Oscorp approval. It’ll be carnage darling especially when they see me now as head of OZCORP, doing all I can to DESTROY the formula.”


Cletus grinds his teeth as A.D. looks up the stairs and pulls out his gun, “I think they’re coming man!”

Cletus tightens his grip on the phone, “NORMAN YOU SON OVA…”


Norman swivels back around to Curt and Otto and leans towards the phone, “But Lilly, seriously, its Midnight and you should be running the streets with your friends. The last thing you should be doing is working on your last day but, while I’ve got you, let me tell how much I’ve appreciated all your hard work over the years and how I wish you the very best of things, wherever you may wind up, just as long as it isn’t the East River.” Norman laughs, “…That’d be shame…yeah, Aha yes okay…very well, goodbye hun.” He says, hanging up the phone.


A.D and the other man watch Cletus smash the phone to the floor and stomp it to pieces as he looks at them in the dimly lit stairwell, “We’re on our own.” He grumbles, rubbing his chin, “And we need to get out of here, you got a ride A.D?”

“For them to trace to my home? No I don’t!” A.D. says.

“okay look…” Cletus huffs, “…Negative’s guys are lookin’ for us, but people are leaving and there’s only one way out, so, we’ll mingle in the crowd, separately make it to the street and there is BOUND to be someone outside waitin’ for someone else, and when we see’em, we jack’em.”

Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man


Part VI - "Midnight…"


Meanwhile…………9th ave

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As everyone pours out the main entrance from the Wrestling Match, crowds of people pile into the long alleyway and make their way to the street.

In the thick of the crowd, rubbing shoulders with the crowds, Flash holds up a big orange foam finger as Hubie on his right and Pookie on his left walk with him while Sally and Liz talk inch forward in the slow-moving crowd, talking about the sensational match.

“Oh-my-gawd THAT WAS AMAZING!” Flash exclaims, “Did you SEE that guy! The HUMAN SPIDER! He...He just flipped Crusher and then, and he shot that stuff onto his head and BOOM!!" he exclaims, mimicking the action.

"I KNOW DUDE!!” Hubie agrees, “HE WAS 10 FEET IN THE AIR WHEN HE FLIPPED! THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!" he yells as they all wait in the crowd to leave.

Pookie, walking with the girls as everyone slowly makes their way up the cramped alleyway, sees Liz on her cell phone, "I'm so putting the picture of that guy on my Twitter page!" she exclaims.

"HEY!” Sally shouts, “Where's A.D.?" she asks, trying to pick him out in the thick crowd, “Actually where the heck were you Eddie?”

"I've been here the WHOLE TIME!" lies Eddie, "Thanks for noticing!"

Flash shakes his head, "He was here! I saw him, he went for the bathroom but then..." he says, looking to Eddie, " lost in the crowd!"

"Exactly!" Eddie exclaims, holding his fist, "BROS BEFORE HOES!"

"OH SHOVE IT!" Liz shouts.

Fist bumping Flash, Eddie continues following behind Flash and Pookie. However, Eddie continues to wipe the sweat off his forehead. He wanted to vomit. His hands wouldn't stop shaking and he had to put them in his pocket. He had long ditch his hoodie, blood was on it. Looking around nervously, Eddie couldn't help but the think of what happened to A.D. - he was their ride. What would he say if he saw him? Could he see him? He couldn't do that. He ditched them in the middle of a robbery AND stole some of the money at that.

No, he had to go. It was already a bad idea that he stayed around, knowing that Cletus and A.D. might be looking for him, but then again, he needed an alibi as with Cletus, nothing with him ever went well.

“I was with you, behind you.” Eddie says again to Flash, "Didn't you hear me yell about the uh, Human Spider?"

"All the screaming I didn't even." Flash says, "But dude, it was awesome right, HOO RAH!!" he exclaims.

Sally tilts her head, “But I don’t remem..” Sally shoves a man who bumps into her, “…BACK OFF YA CREEP!” she shouts as they all proceed up the alleyway to the street.

Feeling as if he dodged a bullet, Eddie lets out a sigh as he smiles at Flash and Punkie and Hubie, who all start shouting in a chant, “SPIDER-MAN! SPIDER-MAN! SPIDERMAN!” as they all continue towards the street.


Meanwhile…Inside the Theatre....


Out of his fighting clothes, Peter in his regular jeans, tee-shirt and blue hoodie, smiles with pride as he stands in front of a dirty elevator with the portly, cigar-smoking manager.

"Ya really put on show stoppah kid." The manager grunts as the doors to the elevator open, "You a mutie or somethin'?"

Peter arches his eyebrow, "No, but you shouldn't call them that??"

"Oh wow!" snorts the portly manager, "A philosopha AND a fighta!"

Shaking his head, Peter pays him no mind, simply looking at his dirted hands with pride, "Call me what you want! I'm just happy I won! It was…such a rush!" Peter exclaims, stepping inside the elevator.

As the elevator door closes and rises up, Peter watches the man reach into his pocket and pull out a thick roll of hundred dollar bills.

Peter's eyes almost glisten as green as the money that is under the lamp as the man counts. With each pull of the hundred dollar bills, Peter pictures what he can do. He remembers seeing the 'Notice' on the envelope that came in the mail that Aunt May and Uncle Ben tried to hide from him. He remembers eavesdropping on how they were short on money. Peter remembers it all the more he stares at the money being counted in the managers' hands.

"1,000 dollars." Peter mumbles, counting the money as the man was counting it.

As the elevator door opens to the dingy 3rd floor the manager steps out and walks over to the Main Office, but before entering, seeing Peter behind him about to come in, rethinks that maybe having all the open money around and the kid in there isn’t a good idea.

Swiftly pulling out a hundred dollar bill and one fifty-dollar bill, The Manager holds it out to him, "Heh's ya cut." the man says.

Peter looks at the manager and smiles jokingly, “AH Funny! I’ll wait here for the rest of the one thousand dollars." he says.

The manager pulls out the cigar and pulls down his thick black glasses, looking at Peter as if he never saw him before, "Uh, the deal was yooz pin da man on da’ mat in five minutes... ya did it in three!" he says, holding up three swollen fingers, "So...i give one fifty! Ya gotta problem wit dat? Take it up wit ya congressman!" he snaps.

Peter's eyes open wide in disbelief, "The flyer NEVER said that!” he exclaims as a fact that shouldn't be denied.

The man leans forward, "Well I don’t know what copy you got, but MINE says THREE! NOT FIVE!"

“NO!” Peter shouts adamantly, “YOU’RE LYING! YOU OWE ME ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!”

The man folds his arms, "I don’t know what ta’ tell ya! You ain’t read da' Ad in the flyah right! Maybe you need some dorky glasses I dunno, but it ain’t my fault you can't read or tell time. Maybe ya noodle’s all broken up there." he laughs.

The sound of the man's gargle-y smoke ridden laugh makes Peter crush the money in his hand as he feels his anger rise, getting the better of him. The idea of surprising a happy Aunt and Uncle shatter into a million pieces, making Peter take a step forward, "Please.." Peter says, "..I...I need that money! I..."

The man, looking at Peter's disposition, quickly steps back and lifts his shirt, exposing a brown gun handle in his pants, “HEY HEY CALM IT DOWN PUNK BEFORE I DECIDE TA’ GET ROUGH!” he yells, pointing to the elevator door, "I ain't havin' some mutie kid lose it on me before I head up to Canada for good ol' fashion cage fights."

Peter lowers head to the floor, clenching his fist.

"Hey...what happened kid!" asks the man, "Don't tell me the man that pinned Crusher gonna cry in the hallway!" he mocks before shoving Peter, "C’mon move it! You ain’t nobody!" he mocks but Peter keeps his head down and turns away, pressing the elevator button as the Manager goes into the manager's office.

"Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!" Peter mumbles to himself as he just looks at the crumbled one hundred and fifty dollars he has. "Who am I to think I should be given the right end of a square deal." he mumbles.

“AAAAAAH!!!!!" yells a voice.

Peter turns around to see the manager stumble back out the door and fall onto his backside, staring into the office in shock, “OH MY GAWD MY MONEY!” he yells and then turns to Peter who steps into the elevator, “I GOT ROBBED AN-AN my man is all beat up in there! You saw it! YOU SAW IT! You can be my eyewitness so I can git’ my money back! You gotta call the cops fa me! HEY KID! KID!” He shouts as Peter pushes the ‘close’ button from inside the elevator.

“I’m sorry…” Peter shrugs, as the man looks at him with wide eyes, “…I ain’t nobody…remember!” he says, staring at the man the same way he looked at him a few moments ago as the elevator doors close between them.



Uncle Ben's eyebrows incline downward with his narrowing eyes as he looks at Gwen Stacy standing before him, still digesting everything Gwen just told him.

“What do you mean you saw Eddie taking a gun?” Ben asks, hoping he misheard.

“I-I…” Gwen says, suddenly unsure for a moment but nods her head, “I saw him take a gun from someone down that alley! Some, red-headed dude.”

‘Wait…” Ben says, feeling the stress build into a slow-growing migraine and rubs his forehead before looking at Gwen, “…first of all, Eddie should be at WORK! How did you all come together?”

"Andrew Duncan drove us.” Gwen answers.

Then, Gwen steps back, watching for the first time as long as she can remember, the famed Uncle Ben, get mad. Clenching his jaw, Ben mumbles a steady stream of curses as he turns aside staring into the distance before slamming his callous hand on the car, “ANDREW DUNCAN!” Uncle Ben exclaims, then looks to Gwen to be sure, “You, with your own two eyes, saw Eddie with that kid!”

Gwen draws a breath, unsure how to break it to him.

“Wah-well he drove us here..." Gwen says, watching Ben's face turn red as a tomato, "...bu I cut out because…it just wasn’t right. But then Eddie disappeared with A.D. and some other of them had like, bright red hair I think, but I don't know. I have a bad feeling about this. So that’s why I CALLED Peter! I called him to tell you! Maybe his phone died."

Uncle Ben looks at Gwen and looks at his watch, "Well, it's possible Peter's phone charges for crap. I got'em a refurbished one, but still, he’s never this late coming home and its past midnight."

Gwen eyes snap open wide, "Oh ^&! i forgot to feed the dog."

Ben looks at her, "You shouldn't be out here this late young lady." he says. '

Gwen rolls her eyes, "My parents don't care." she says somberly.

Uncle Ben looks at her, "Your father cares about you a great deal." he says.

Gwen looks up at him, "If he did, he wouldn't have divorced my... oh I'm sorry." she says shaking her head, “I-I didn’t mean to say…”

“Its alright kiddo.” Uncle Ben says, “it ain’t easy.”

Gwen smirks with a soft laugh "Peter's right." she mumbles.

Uncle Ben raises his eyebrow at her statement.

"You do invoke a strange sense of honesty out of people." Gwen smirks.

With a bellowing laugh, Uncle Ben opens the car door, "Well you just earned yourself a free ride and...maybe...ah, if these boys get back here quick, a midnight run to Baskin Robbins."

Gwen nods happily, "DEAL!"

"UNCLE BEN!" calls a voice.

Immediately Gwen and Uncle Ben turn around to see Peter, sprinting running across the wide street of 9th avenue as a crowd of people pouring out from the wrestling match. Ben's face goes from relief to pure confusion as he sees Peter's face bruised but with a smile, and clutching fifty dollars in his fists.

"Uncle Ben what are you doing here?!" Peter says.

“PETER!” Uncle Ben shouts, “I SHOULD BE asking you that!”

Peter gulps not realizing the predicament he put himself in by not getting sneaking into the house on his own. Now thinking about it, he could have scaled the house to his window with no one the wiser.

“What are you doing here...this late?" he asks firmly, 'And where did you get fifty dollars."

Clearing his throat, having prepared a quite remarkable speech to go along with the One Hundred and Fifty dollars, Peter suddenly feels that 'danger' feeling in the back of his head.

Everything almost freezes. Like slow motion. Peter sees Gwen slowly turn her head and her face goes from calm and interested, to a slow shock and horrified expression. Peter looks up at Uncle Ben and sees his face look concerned as the feeling of danger feeling tinging up and down Peter's spine, gets ever greater and greater.


Gwen, Peter and Uncle Ben both turn around to see two men in black hoodies, running for the lives across the street and head right for them with curly fiery red hair already reaching them!


Seeing the Sudden danger, Uncle Ben grabs Peter and Gwen, pushes them away and reaches into the back of the car, pulling out a worn wood bat!

Turning from the car, Ben hurls the baseball bat at Cletus! Stumbling aside with Gwen in his arm, Peter watches as Cletus quickly dodge the bat and pulls out his gun, charging his Uncle!

Immediately, Uncle Ben feels the latent army training he received from decades ago kick to the forefront of his mind as adrenalin courses through his body.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Ben shouts, grabbing Cletus gunhand and aiming it to the floor before punches Cletus clean across the jaw. However, Cletus's head leans back, but Ben can't wrestle the gun out his tight grip.

Leaning his head back to Ben, Cletus simply grins a wretched bloody smile, "OH so we gotta hero huh!" he says, spitting out a mouthful of blood, "Fine, lets dance HERO!" he shouts, pushing Ben back with all his might onto the hood of the car, rolling on top of it.

Seeing the red-headed robber on his uncle, Peter springs to action, "NO!" Peter shouts.

Ignoring his other instincts, Peter springs onto his feet to his Uncle aid but is swiftly met with his Uncle's bat straight across the face! Stunned, Peter's head cocks back and drops to the pavement, dazed as blood fills his mouth!

"PETAAAAR!" Gwen shrieks in horror as she looks to up to A.D., panting in shock as he holds the bloodied bat in hand, but stares Gwen in shock.

“A.D. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Gwen shouts to him, but her blue eyes open wide in horror as her heart stops as A.D. drops the bat, pulls a gun and holds it to her, "DON'T MOVE!"

Suddenly a gunshot rings out, startling Gwen who looks over to Uncle Ben and the robber. Holding the gun inches from his face, Cletus bares his teeth struggling with Uncle Ben to point the gun at his face. Looking at the smoking hole in the car's yellow hood, Ben looks at Cletus' crazed expression.

"You know what happens to heroes old man!" Cletus growls, using all his might to inch the gun between his and Uncle Ben's grip, towards his face,


Suddenly, Gwen catches sight of A.D. drop to the floor as Peter swipes his leg under A.D.’s knees, knocking off his feet and to the ground! Quickly Gwen gets up and kicks A.D. across the face as Peter goes to his Uncle but stops as three sudden gunshots ring out!

Staggering away from Uncle Ben leaning back on the yellow car, gasping in shock, Cletus Kassidy holds his smoking gun at Uncle Ben, "HEROES DIE OLD MAN!" he shouts.

Peter eyes open wide in horror. Seeing Peter's attention turn to him, Cletus grabs Uncle Ben by the scruff of his shirt, pulls him off the car and throws Uncle Ben’s lifeless body to the pavement before shooting him once more in the gut and points the gun at Peter, "HELP HIM OR DIE KID!"

"NO!" Gwen shouts, grabbing Peter and pulling him away from the car, clutching his arm.

Keeping his gun aimed at Peter, Cletus glares at A.D, "GAAAT UP!" he shouts.

“UNCLE BAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!!” Peter shouts. His scream filling the street and stopping everyone in earshot. Dropping to his knees screaming, Peter crawls over to his Uncle as A.D. runs past him while the other man hot wires Uncle Ben car, roaring it to life.

“DUDE!” A.D. shouts to Cletus, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"

“GET...” Cletus shouts while pointing his gun right at A.D., "...IN THE CAR ROBBIE!" he shouts.

Holding his hands up, Robbie nods, pulling the other man out the driver seat, "I'm driving!" he insists.

Cletus, returning his aim to Peter and Gwen, rushes into the front passenger seat, but still keeps his gun aimed at them.

Getting into the drivers side, A.D. shakes his head, "We're so going to hell for this I know it." he mumbles under his breath, that is until the back window suddenly shatters!

Startled, Cletus looks around the street, trying to see where the shot came from. But then, between the passing car, Cletus narrows his eyes and spots three of men dressed in black suits from Mister Negative’s gang, sprinting across the street with guns pointed in their direction.

"GO GO GO GO” Cletus yells, as A.D. leans out the back window, shooting at them.

Pulling Peter down to Uncle Ben's body, Gwen throws herself on top of Peter, as the gunfire zips over their heads.

Peter tearful eyes simply stare at his Uncle Ben's lifeless stare and paling face while Cletus shoots at the gang in the street. Within seconds, the sound of gunshots are drowned out by the sound of burning tires screaming against the pavement as Uncle Ben's yellow Chevy Nova, takes off.



From all corners of the street, the exiting crowds from the Wrestling match remain knelt down behind parked cars as one of the Chinese gang runs into the middle of the street, pointing into the direction that Cletus drove. Then, the roar of multiple motorcycles fills the air as they speed down the avenue.

Seeing them all give chase, Gwen sits up cautiously, "I think they're gone." she says, as Peter crawls to his Uncle Ben sprawled out in the middle of the street in a growing puddle of crimson red blood. His torso, crimson red with multiple gunshots, Peter's face turns ghost white, unable to believe his own eyes, but only able to remember their last conversation.



Peter looks to the floor-mat and fumbles with his fingers, "What are you trying to say? That i'm responsible to everyone!" he asks in a solemn tone, feeling a sudden weight on his shoulders.

Uncle Ben gulps, having had felt he just stepped on the hidden grenade, sort of speak, and didn't realize it, "I'm trying to say..."

"That I'm going to be like her?" Peter asks depressingly as he tightens his hand in frustration.


His pale face and cloudy unresponsive eyes only make Peter shake Uncle Ben more as the crowd gathers around him, “S-somebody...” he mumbles, “WILL SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!” he screams, cradling his Uncle’s head and rocking him back and forth in his arms.

Looking at his Uncle, Peter pauses, seeing Uncle Ben’s face shift over to Peter with a weak smile coming across his face. His eyes full of tears, Peter watches in shock as Uncle’s Bens bloodied hand reaches up to his face. Looking at his Uncle briefly smiling at him, Peter’s smiles a tearful smile, feeling his Uncle Ben squeeze his hand in one moment but feels his grip go weak as Uncle Ben's eyes flutter and roll into the back of his head just as his hand drops to the pavement.

Peter bursts into tears, shaking his Uncle repeatedly, “Uncle Ben wake up! Stay with me Uncle Ben! You hear me! STAY WITH ME!! STAY WITH ME!" he screams, "STAAAY!!!" he shouts, feeling his Uncle's entire body go limp.

Collapsing onto his body, Peter's bone-chilling scream at the top of his lungs echoes through the street makes everyone back away as he clutches his Uncle's body as everything seems to slow down to halt and all sound simply mutes.

Covering her mouth, Gwen's hands tremble violently, barely able to dial her phone as she watches Peter sob on his Uncle.

Gwen motions over to Peter but she is suddenly pushed aside by Eddie barrels past her and stands over Peter, cradling Uncle Ben in his arms.

Eddie's face turns red with grief and anger. Dropping down to his knees, Eddie grabs his blond hair as tears well up in his green eyes and cascades down his cheeks. Like hot oil, Eddie’s face reddens with hot anger as he races over and pulls Peter away from Uncle Ben and shakes him around, making the growing crowd of bystanders shout at him.

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" Eddie shouts. .

“oh no.” Gwen gasps, standing before Peter as the crowd around them cover their mouths in shock, “LET’EM GO EDDIE!” she shouts, racing to his defense.

Seeing her, Eddie full of rage, backhands Gwen across the face and sends her down to the pavement as he turns back to Peter, and punches him in the face "WHAT DID YOU DO?! WHAT DID YOU DO PETER?!?!!” he hollers into Peter’s expressionless face.

Smacking Peter across the face again, Eddie bursts into tears as he lifts Peter off his feet, “YOU DID IT AGAIN! YOU MADE US LOSE OUR PARENTS THE FIRST TIME! THEY DIED BECAUSE OF YOU! AND NOW YOU DID IT AGAIN! I HATE YOU PETER! I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!!" he hollers while winding his balled up fist back to drive to Peter’s face but is grabbed by multiple people, pulling them apart.

Paralyzed with fear, flooded with confusion, Peter hears the yelling voice and the screaming tearful hot breathy words of his brother all fall to a dull muffle. Unsure if Flash or Gwen are in the crowd, Peter feels many hands grab hold of him, pulling him away from Eddie as red and blue flashing lights slowly drench the area.

Falling onto his knees, Peter, in complete shock, hears nothing. His mouth dry, hands trembling and stained with Uncle Ben’s dried blood, Peter stares at the pavement, only noticing the blur of walking legs passing in front of him for what seems for hours.

Lines of yellow caution tape stretched across the street as the crowd clears.

A man comes with a white blanket, covering Uncle Ben as more and more Police Officers stand in front of Eddie screaming and pointing over at his Uncle's body in street and Peter in shock.

Gwen Stacy rushes to Peter’s side and looks right into his eyes. As still as a statue, Peter watches Gwen say something but does not hear her voice. The sound of the gunshot that killed his uncle moments ago plays over in his head like a broken record as Peter feels a piece of him has been cut out. Something in his heart, as if carved out by a knife, Peter trembles as he clutches his chest, feeling heartbreaking pain. Gwen throws herself onto Peter, hugging him tightly but she quickly turns aside from him, pointing at Eddie as several Police Officers struggle to hold him back and restrain him. Gwen looks at Peter waving her hand in front of his face and sees he does not even blink and simply hugs him tighter than before.

Hearing someone call her, Peter remains motionless as a Police Car pulls up to the gristly scene with a tall blond headed Police Officer stepping out and holding his arms open. Gwen bolts for him, leaping into his arms, crying profusely.

Unable to comprehend all the commotion around him, Peter closes his eyes as tears roll down his cheeks. Trapped in the light of red and blue flashing lights from the surrounding Police cars around him, Peter remains frozen until he hears 'red-headed' trickle into his hear.

Slowly, turning his head, Peter looks over and sees the open door of a police car behind a line of caution tape. It was faint, but he could hear it as if all sound was ‘muted’ around him so he could hear exactly what the Police Car radio crackling voice says:


Narrowing eyes, Peter clenches his jaw and looks at his bloodied hands and balls a fist.

Face first onto the hood of a police car, several officers stand behind Eddie as Gwen, with a bruised cheek looks at her father, Captain Stacy, holding a pair of handcuffs at Eddie, “ LOOK SON, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR BROTHER!” Stacy shouts, “TOO many witnesses say they KNOW he didn’t do it. Now GWEN says she can I.D. one of the perps as Andrew Duncan AND she says YOU KNOW HIM! SO ARE YOU GONNA CALM DOWN OR NOT!"


Captain Stacy turns around the ground surrounding the Police Cars watching the entire scene unfold, “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME! OVER A HUNDRED EYEWITNESS HERE CAN’T I.D. ONE GANGBANGER!!" he shouts.

“WELL THEN ASK MY BROTHER!” Eddie shouts .

Captain Stacy cuts Eddie an annoyed look but as he turns to Peter, only to find a bloodied shirt on the ground and Peter, gone.

to be continued....

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Nice work, I don't read fan fics and haven't read this because it's quite long but I can see you've put a lot of effort into this.

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@subline - thanks so much for the read. I'm really trying to throw my effort into this character's story. I want bring out the best of the mythos.