Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 2: Heroes (PART II)

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Earlier this Morning...inside a black limousine driving on the Highway

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Decked in his black suit, white shirt and green tie, Norman Osborn stares closes the Daily Bugle Newspaper with the title 'WHO IS THE UNDERGROUNDS ‘BIG MAN’?'. His green eyes dart over to see his son, Harry Osborn, playing on his iPhone with his white headphones in his ears.

Leaning over, Osborn grabs Harry’s phone out his hands and yanks the headphones out his ears.

“DAD I WAS PLAYING THAT!” Harry exclaims, as his father merciless rolls down the window and flings it out the window.

“Do you know what you’re problem is?” Osborn asks his son, who looks at him with a distraught face.

Osborn sits back in his seat, looking at his son sitting across him, “You’re spoiled.”

“What’d you mean by…”

“What DO you mean by that’…is how you say it!” Osborn corrects, watching his son lower his head.

“Yes Sir. Sorry sir.”

“How did you spend an entire summer in Europe and still come back without a single atom of culture?!” Osborn scoffs, shaking his head, “You need to shape up Harry. I mean it. Things are changing in the company for the better, and that means our lives will change for the better." he says,

Norman reaches into his briefcase and tosses Harry a science book.

Osborn points at Harry, “Last year your Grades were ‘C’s and C-minus…" he recalls, "...this year, FIND a smart kid, GET tutored and by the end of the month,if I don' see your report card BLEEDING ‘A’s, I'm shipping you off to a Boarding School in England faster than your flight can take off.”


“Don’t ‘BUT Dad' me! Those heart strings were cut a long time ago” Osborn retorts, “I’m not the villain here Harry." He accuses, "Look at your friend, the Parker kid! He's BROKE and still manages to impress me with his MIND! You want me to let you alone? You want my respect? You want to impress me?" he asks, leaning towards him while emphatically pointing at Harry, "Then be your own Hero! Step up and save yourself. BETTER, yourself.”

“I'm trying but its hard, Dad!”

Osborn, nearly grinding his teeth at the sound of those words, rubs the bridge of his nose "Hard?" Norman scoffs, "Son, you have no idea what ‘hard’ is.” he replies, sending chills up Harry spine as the limo comes to a stop.

Seeing they are in front of the Public School, Osborn opens the door for Harry, "Now get out, and remember what I said! Be your own hero."

The Outstanding Spider-Man


Part II - "The Afternoon…"

12:30PM…P.S. 33 Queens Lincoln High School

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The sound of the ringing lunch bells echoes down the blue locker colored lined, glossy white floor hallway. Seemingly hundreds of kids spill out the teachers doors into one large mass of bodies. Moving to and fro with voices filling the air, Peter Parker pushes his way through various students and makes his way to his locker.

Rotating and twirling about the lock, Peter’s mind races with various thoughts.

Why was the entire football team pissed with him? What was going on with his brother Eddie? He was a jerk, but why did it all of a sudden seemed increased two-fold today?

Rummaging through this locker, Peter feels the pat on his back.

“Hey brotha!”

With a smile plastered across his face, Peter turns around to see a very tanned Harry standing behind him with his sunglasses on and with his arms open.


“HAAAARY!” Peter exclaims joyously, both of them hugging each other briefly, “DUDE! HOW WAS EUROPE! Did you see the leaning Tower of Pisa! Eiffel Tower! OOO OOOO did you go over Sweden and get chocolate…”

“Dude! Dude! You shoulda been there…” Harry says, trying to take off his glasses in a suave way, “…girls, girls GUURLS. It was awesome, I-I couldn’t keep’em off me.” he lies.

“No way!” Peter exclaims.

“Yeah it was like, they have this unexplained HUNGER for Americans." Harry brags, polishing his sunglasses on Peter's shirt, "And you know, I’m as like, American as it gets.” Harry smirks, mockingly brushing off his shoulder.

“Well excuse me LADIES MAN!”

“yeah bro, it was sweet." Harry says, looking around the school as if he's very disinterested, "But that was it, besides doing business as usual with my Dad.” Harry recollects with a roll of the eyes, “I swear my Dad had like pre-meeting for every meeting he went to. It was such a drag.”

“I bet.” Peter retorts, closing his locker, "‘C’mon I’m gonna get lunch in the cafeteria.”

“School Lunch?! Seriously” Harry exclaims, stopping Peter in his tracks as he waves his hand and shakes his head, “Dude, I’m not eating dog food today. C’mon lets go to the deli.”

“Dude. I’m broke.”

“An I’m rich.” Harry replies, “I’ll put it on YOUR tab.” He smirks.

“So this is now…”

“Eight hundred and four dollars and twenty-three cents, that you now owe me.” Harry finishes.

“I don’t know if I’m more disturbed by you very accurate recording keeping of my 'tab' or the mystery lunch they serve in the cafeteria.” Peter says.

“I don’t want food on mystery Friday!” Harry says, looking over to Peter who shrugs at the thought.

“Good point.”

"Besides..." Harry grins, "...we can work off your debt if you tutor me for my science classes?" he grins.

Peter face falls flat and he folds his arms, "OH NOW I SEE." he exclaims, "You want a Human Rosetta Stone for SCIENCE kinda' Tutor?! Uh-huh, dude i'm out."

"DUDE DUDE NO!" Harry exclaims, grabbing him by the arm desperately, "I CANNOT fail! Not this year, NOT any other year, I-uh...wanna join a science team." he exclaims.

Peter looks at Harry for a moment and puts his hand on top of his dark red wavy hair, "I'll only ask you because you're my friend, you do drugs in Europe?" asks Peter.

"NO!" Harry protests, brushing aside Peter's hand off his head, "I just...wanna try out the science gig like my Dad."

Peter face almost turns sour, "Jeez dude you dad is like..." Peter pauses, trying to measure his words, "...and you're like..."

"I GET IT!" Harry interrupts, "NOT like him in Science."

Peter nods, still not satisfied with the answer, "Not like ANYONE in science." he corrects.

"Yeah but you AND Gwen STACY of all people got accepted into the Internship program at my dad's job and i didn't." Harry says.

"So she is IN for real!" Peter asks, completely missing Harry's point.

"THE POINT IS ME!." Harry shouts, cupping his hands together and practically begging, "So, will you tutor me!? I know i can get away with a lows in Math and History but not Science! My grades gotta be High! Like, Higher than Snoop Dog on a Saturday Afternoon!"

"FINE!" Peter groans, "Jeez i'm tutoring so many freakin' people and doin' so much workI should have a business called 'Tutor for Hire'."

"Hero for Hire would be better!" Harry states.

"That's so stupid its not even funny." Peter huffs.

“Alright so! ANYWAY! Now that that's done..." Harry sighs, "How was your summer? Last I saw, you got like, bit up by insects at my dads job and you into the internship. All well and good, but I need to know if you got laid.”


“That’s a no?" Harry winks with a nod, "Okay, so summer sucked for you."

“Dude! Like seriously you’re one big WALKING Hormone!” Peter quips as they both step outside the school under the white overcast sky, “Last thing I wanna talk about is like, my personal life….”

“Oh don’t get all ABC Family on me!” Harry scoffs, “I just wanna know, that while I was away in Europe, knee-deep in girls, that you were busy too!" he says, looking at Peter up and down.

Harry frowns, now noticing Peter' actually has, a 'physique', "Hey, you look like you’ve been working out!”

Peter smirks and shakes his head as he stuffs his hands in his pockets, “Just a lil…”



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Peter’s brown hair whips in the wind as he sprints down a lonely alleyway.

Leaping over garbage cans in a single bound with ease, Peter’s white Converse barely touches the ground as he sprints down alleyway faster than he’s ever run in his life.

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Glancing behind him, excitement courses through Peter's veins and pound in his as he sees how much ground he's covered.

His heart pounding in his chest, excitement in every breath he draws, Peter glances down at his thighs swelling with power.

Then he does it. As soon as the thought comes to Peter's mind, he pushes off his left foot and launches up 2 stories in the air!

Peter's heart drops like a stone as windows blur past him and he ascends quicker than he anticipated.

The building's wall comes at him faster than he thought, but Peter instinctively kicks off the coming brick wall with one foot with just enough power to send him across to opposite alley building to left.

Again the wall comes fast but Peter lands on the wall with one foot and springs off again towards the other wall across the alley. Again and again, Peter bounces back and forth across the width of the alleyway, scaling upwards further and further.

Feeling like a grasshopper, Peter takes one a final leap and pushes with all his might. Streaking upwards, Peter launches up from the ninth floor window and clears the rooftop ledge with all his might and grabs onto the ledge with his palm, sticking to it like glue!

Hanging off the ledge of the 9 story residential building, Peter looks down at the empty alleyway beneath him. Terrified, excited and not wanting to die from a fall, Peter can't help to grin and starts to laugh with excitement as he climbs over the ledge and falls onto gravel filled rooftop.

"OH MY GAWD!" Peter exclaims, looking down at this dirtied sneakers, "THIS IS SO AWESOME! WHOO HOO!" he celebrates throwing his fist up.

Immediately, Peter feels a tickle run down his arm along with a 'thwip' sound.

Bringing his arm down, Peter looks at his forearm, confused. He didn't understand. Something, came out, or ran down his arm? He wasn't sure.

Flexing his wrist, suddenly a thin translucent sticky web like shoots out and sticks to his pants.

Peter's eyes open wide, "WHAT!" he shouts.

Bringing his wrist close to his face, Peter examines the small, pin-head size hole at the base of his wrist, "Is that..." he mumbles, flexing his wrist.

Immediately a spray glob of webbing splatters on his face, making Peter fall back, "OH MOTHER..."

Out of flashback.


Peter turns to Harry and smiles, "Yeah my summer was cool, but I didn’t do much, you know with the internship and everything getting pushed i took it easy."

“Ah man right.” Harry nods but sees they’re approaching the Deli, “Hold on, let me go grab us our lunch, and you can tell me all the deets, even if they are lame.” He says, taking off into the Deli.

Waiting on the corner of the avenue, Peter’s mind starts to wander as he thinks about the summer he had. Looking at the top of the triangular School roof, Peter arches his eyebrow, wondering how fast he could actually scale the building if he tried or if he needed webbing.

At that, what more could he do with his webbing. He had so much to read.

Peter wished he could tell Harry everything. In reality, he had no time this past summer to do anything except test out his powers. Every.Single.Day.

He accomplished everything on his Summer Bucket-List. Since the spider bite, Peter was able to match Spider abilities to his powers.

Spiders can stick to almost any surface. Peter tested it with shoes on, shoes off. He could walk up walls, climb on almost any surface. 'Unsticking'...required practice - as his room wallpaper found out, and his cracked phone screen.

Spiders could run quite fast for their size. Peter, tried running after a city bus and found he could sprint faster than a car at 20 mph. His Converse didn't fair well but his Nike's did - which were his 'go-to' pair from now on.

Spiders had webs, and he was able to make a web line and make a spider-web - which took practice, a lot of it. Flexing his wrists, crooking his fingers a certain way, all made the difference.

But what Peter wanted to do, which was the most dangerous - he blamed on his Uncle Ben.

During Uncle Ben's 'Vintage Movie Night', he watched Tarzan. The sight of seeing Tarzan swing on vines, immediately made Peter obsessed with doing the same. It was possible, somehow, it was possible. He could swing on his webs like vines, he thought. The problem was finding a private location in New York City, to do it.

Suddenly a piercing headache seizes Peter’s head! As if nails scratching on a chalkboard filled his ears, the searing pain tints Peter's line of vision a reddish color. The blinding pain makings Peter clutch his head, but then feels the sudden urge to turn around!

Peter’s eyes open wide in shock as, much to his surprise; Peter sees a huge fist coming straight at him! Feeling his muscles tense, Peter can almost feel time almost slow down to a near halt! Adrenalin kicks into his veins in overdrive. He could feel the possibility of leaping onto the ceiling, back-fliping away or trying any number any Bruce Lee karate move he's memorized over the past year.

Then a thought skitters across his mind.

“WHOOOOOOA!!!!” shout all the students at once.

His eyes closed, his fist outstretched, Peter stands there frozen slowly unwilling to open his eyes as he feels his body just took over and reacted.

Peter barely could comprehend what he just done. All he remembered, was that he had a thought, ONE thought - and then his mind shut off a second.

Now, Peter reluctantly opens his eyes. All at once, Peter wanted to die.

His eyes open wide in pure shock at the sight of his arm fully extended and his hand balled up into a tight fist with Flash Thompson, flat on his back with a blood coming out his nose.

Frozen in place, Flash looks at Peter, stunned. He looks at Peter who is in just as much shock as he is. Flash Thompson blinks. His face drained in pure, outright, unadulterated shock as blood pours out his nose.

“You hit me…" Flash mumbles, then looks around at the forming crowd, "PUNIE PARKER HIT ME...." he shouts, clutching his nose, "...and it hurt.” He mumbles, staring at Peter’s fist that felt like a football helmet to his face.

Peter, now realizing his 'skittering thought' of defending himself materialized into an amazing super fast reaction, looks at his fist stained with a trickle of Flash's blood.


Peter snaps a look to a smiling at Harry with their food in hand, falling to the floor and his mouth wide open and gaping with astonishment, “THA-THA...,THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!!”

“PUNIE PARKER JUST HIT ME! YOU HIT ME!” Flash shouts again, as a large purplish bruise forms around his nose, "HOW DID YOU DO THAT! YOU DIDN'T EVEN SEE ME!" he shouts.

Peter, his fist still clenched, looks at his balled fist as if it was a strange new object. He had strength too? How much? All that time spent on spider-webs, his senses…power never came to mind, he thought! He hit someone Flash Thompson, he hit FLASH, the quarterback who outweighs him by a good hundred pounds and sent him right on his butt!!!

Harry rushes to Peter's side, looking at Flash still on his butt, quite stunned, "Dude, for the record, he'll kill you but you're totally my hero." he mumbles, patting him on the back.

Peter pays Harry no mind as his eyes open wider and wider with excitement at the realization of what he just did. A nervous yet joyous smile comes across his face as Peter looks at Flash staring at him.

He could do this, for a living…years of being beaten up and now he finally could…

“PETER! BENJAMIN! PARKER!” yells a familiar voice.

Closing his eyes in almost sheer terror, Peter’s face turns redder than an apple. Biting his lip in sheer agony at seeing what is behind him, Peter slowly turns around to see his Uncle Ben standing in his painting clothes on the curb with his arms folded. Kicking the yellow Chevy Nova door closed, Peter watches Uncle Ben take in a deep breath and let out snort.

Peter gulps as Uncle Ben’s aged face simply remains firm as he clenches his jaw with disapproval.



Meanwhile....Behind the bleachers

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No Caption Provided

Next to the right of the school, Eddie watches from a great distance as his brother Peter walks past the entrance gate of the Football field and track.

Unseen, Eddie sees Peter lower his head and step into Uncle Ben’s classic yellow Chevy Nova. He knew that face Uncle Ben had. He saw it enough, Peter was definitely in trouble.

As Eddie runs his hand through is blond hair and watches them drive off while the cheerleaders rush over to Flash Thompson, Eddie hears a very familiar voice.

“People watchin is my favorite thing too.”

Eddie, jolts and turns around to see a tall and lanky curly red headed man wearing a black hoodie, dark jeans and dirty white sneakers, standing in the shadows of the bleachers. Leaning on one of the poles, he pulls down the hoodie, exposing his face.

“Cla-Cletus!” stutters Eddie, completely taken aback by shock at his presence, “What the heck are you doing here!?” Eddie asks, his green eyes looking around carefully to be sure no one sees them.

“Lookin’ for you!” Cletus spits, "We gotta job, tonight."

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