Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 2: Heroes (PROLOGUE)

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Standing on the white dusted ground of the moon’s surface, Uatu, the Watcher, looks down at the spinning blue planet Earth as the Sun’s yellow light starts to shine on him. Extending his short arms forward, Uatu swipes his hands in the air, causing a golden scroll to unravel before him. Looking at the blank scroll, Uatu lets out a deep breath as black curved ink begins to fold on the golden scroll.

Universal Entry Date, 12,6071. Location, Moon. Title, Collected Noteworthy Observances of Earth and Humankind.

It is interesting to note, that within this small blue planet, nothing seems to change. Humans, a very predictable and seemingly baseline species, have once again surprised me. Peak humans, mutatated humans and now genetically enhanced are sprouting like the foliage on the planet’s surface. Some have the intellect to become leaders for a better tomorrow, others done fashions of Iron, wield weapons as shields and have become called even the Asguardians, a very ill-mannered species, to aid them in their quest for purpose. They have become known as Heroes, and from where I stand, I see many rise and fall, but for the first time in many Lightyears, I believe I have found a new hero in the making.

He is young and shy, filled with pain that is tempered by his resilient spirit. I believe he will become the needed beacon of hope for this planet; for there is an unseen evil rising in it and I feel it will impact the universe as a whole. However as I am forced to watch once more as evil grow and possibly take its course, I feel, without any evidence before me, that evil will not run rampant. That by all rational and logical causes, this young human boy of which I find most intriguing, will embodies the nature of what these humans believe in, or dare I say what I myself have come to believe. Whichever way one may call it, I will indeed continue watching this shy yet eager young human boy in hope that he will become what these humans and myself seem to call the best of any species of it’s kind…a hero.


The Outstanding Spider-Man




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Standing on the rooftop ledge of a 12 story brick residential building, Peter Parker drops his black knapsack on the graveled rooftop beside him. Dressed in his green hoodie, white t-shirt and blue jeans, he stares at the Birds-eye view of Queens. Taking a deep breath of cool air that fills his lungs. A smile comes across his face as the subtle autumn breeze gusts around him.

Dear Journal,

Aunt May said that i should start keeping a journal because with Eddie pushing me around, this is a good way to, 'express' myself. And with school starting today, I can't feel that for once, I actually do have that ‘Summertime Sadness’. The summer I had…was amazing, no OUTSTANDING. Don’t get me wrong, I was so looking forward to my PAID internship and hanging out with Harry but, with Oscorp changing to OZCORP over the summer and pushing our internships to start the new School year, Harry being jetted to Europe by his Dad and Eddie out of my face with his part-time job, i had nothin but TIME on my hands.

Ruffling his thick brown hair, Peter excitedly looks down at his wrists, observing the small white blotch in the middle of his wrist before balling a tight fist. Still marveled at his new found strength.

I know Aunt May, Uncle Ben and my jerk Brother Eddie don’t get it, but I’ve been having a blast going to the library every day and 'experimenting' with theories. It’s hard for Uncle Ben to believe it but I’ve really been interested in animals and insects, like spiders and the 'what if’s'. Like, what if spiders were ‘LIFE-SIZED’, how would they be?

Leaping off the edge of the building rooftop, Peter plummets between two buildings and into an alleyway, swiftly dropping past windows and fire escapeslike a stone.

I told Uncle Ben that it’s important for me to know these things for the internship deals with biology. He did like one thing I had found out though. I thought it was pretty cool; if a spider was the size of man, his SINGLE thread of sticky webbing could be SIX times stronger than steel!

Quickly thrusting out his arms over his head, Peter feels a thin translucent line of webbing escape from his wrist. Shooting out his wrist with a tickle, the thread ascents straight up alongside the building to the rooftop ledge and sticks to the bricks at first contact!

Now Uncle Ben for the first time actually asked me question that I could answer. He asked, If the webbing was as strong as steel, would it be flexible like bungee rope or stiff as metal, I think he was humoring me.

Feeling the web-line stretch and suddenly go taut, Peter grabs hold tightly and pulls on the web-line with all his might. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Peter's mouth gaps open wide in shock as he bounces straight up the side of the building, propelling fast back to the roof at great speed.

I told him I think it would be theoretically flexible. And that’s when Uncle Ben said he’ll stick to Football, cause stuff that is ‘theory’ you’ll never get a chance to prove…..

Streaking up past the ledge and high into the open air, Peter feels his heart pound in his chest and his stomach flutter with excitement at site of the gravely rooftop below and all the other surrounding buildings in the area, covered in morning sunlight. Then, he plummets.

…of course I didn’t say anything, I was just happy that Uncle Ben ACTUALLY took interest in something I liked, but…I did test his theory lots of times over the summer and found out in some science books….

Plummeting back down behind the building and between two building walls, Peter starts to panic as he swings his arms and kicks his legs in the air, dropping at great speed. Instinctively, as Peter sees the alleyway floor rapidly approaching as windows blur past him, he shoots out a giant spider-web that attaches itself between the walls of the two adjacent buildings before landing right in the middle of the web.

...that there are two types of webbing, one is stiff and strong, the other, is thinner, stickier and is used to trap prey and make spider-webs, making it flexible and completely safe.

Rolling over on his stomach from the giant spider-web, Peter looks down at the alleyway, seeing he’s 4 stories away from the alley floor. Rolling onto his back, Peter looks up at the blue sky filled with passing white clouds. With a smile forming on his face, Peter covers his face and erupts into laughter.

I’ll leave those little details for me. All in all, it was an outstanding summer, but I can’t wait for the new school year, because this year, things are gonna be different.

to be continued...

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@silverspidey: An intriguing prologue which excellently get's you ready for the upcoming arc.