Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man: Arc 1:Everything is Connected Pt. 4

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As the rest of the class goes to follow Dr. Conner's, Peter stops for a moment to snap a quick photo with his camera but sees one of the younger kids from another school with spiky brown haired kid, sneaking up behind one of the Scientist and looking at a small tube on his desk, ready to snatch it.

“HEY!” Peter calls out, making the Scientist quickly turn around to the kid.

“Don’t TOUCH that!” the Scientist rebukes, “Get back with the group!” he orders.

Frowning, the kid scampers off towards Peter. The kid was younger than Peter. He wore sketchers, bright blue sweatpants, a blue tee-shirt with the number ‘4’ on it and his face with full of curiosity and mischief all at once.

“HEY you almost got me in trouble!” the kid snaps.

Peter rolls his eyes and hastily walks to catch up with the group, “Well you shouldn’tve been trying to steal!”

“I was gonna borrow that for my own experiment!” The kid states, “But thanks to you I can’t. And since you got ME in trouble, I’ll be sure I return the favor!”

Peter looks at the kid with a raised eyebrow. He had to be no more than nine years old.

"Com'on Tiger!”

Peter turns around to see MJ approaching him and tugging on his arm, “Don't let this loser punk you.” She says.

“I’m NOT a loser I’m FANTASTIC!”

Marvel - The Beginning: The Amazing Spider-Man:

Arc 1: Everything is Connected

Part 4

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“Fantastic? How long you've been waiting to use that in a sentence?” Maryjane interrupts, "You're just a jerk."

"I'm lots of things but i'm not a jerk." the boy retorts, "And if we're gonna call people names, call me by mine. Its Franklin. You know how to spell that right?"

"Yes." Maryjane replies, "J.E.R.K." she spells.

The kid folds his arms and arches his eyebrow with a coy demeanor, "Seriously, in every universe, you're a pain."

At that response, Maryjane rolls her eyes and promptly pulls Peter along by the hand.

“Don’t waste your time with this fool." MJ huffs, storming off with Peter to catch up to the rest of the class moving ahead.

“Hey wait up!” Franklin protests, running behind them into through the tall frosted glass doors.

Entering into the next room behind the rest of the class, Maryjane and Peter make their way to the back of the class, specifically Hubie, scratching his butt rather obviously.

All of the faces Doctor Conners standing before them, pointing at a very large room that could truly be called, a wing. Under florescent lights, various scientists in their white lab coats, clear face masks, wear white gloves while working on long glossy white tables. In front of each scientist, is what could be mistaken for a fish tank.

"Remember I said that nature is connected..." Doctor Conners says to the group, "...well here we basically explore those connections…” he reveals; his tone full of excitement, “With Harry's dad help of course..."

Harry can feel his face turn red and throb. He knows he should. The voice in his head that speaks all the good, and the voice that speaks all the bad, BOTH tell him not to look over his shoulder.

Harry gulps and glances over his shoulder, awkwardly.

Harry feels like he could die. Everyone looks at Harry momentarily as Conner's words sink in and Harry can tell, now the truly know how rich this kid is, and how long he has 'lied' by 'dressing down' and all his 'i'm just like you' speeches come to mind. Harry can see it, as if their brains broadcasted tweets on their collective thought.

And a collective folding of their arms and raising of their eyebrow commences

"...but if you notice..." Connders continues, oblivious to the devastating social dilemma before him, "...we are able to specifically look into the realm of Reptiles, Birds and almost every mammal to unlock their hidden potentials….”

Peter with keen interests steps out from the group, observing the various scientists using holographic imagery on their tables to create sample chemical reactions before they use the real chemicals.

Maryjane tugs at Peter as Dr. Conner's points to 8 foot tall panel. Peter looks at it, stunned he didn't noticed it. It looked like a wall filled with cubby drawers for toys, except, inside the drawers, everything moved.

"In this large wall..." Conners points out, "...These plastic little drawers are all see through so we can monitor our bio-engineered Spiders."


Conner's neck snaps to the sound an spots MJ, grabbing on to Peter's arm tightly, "OH GAWD I HATE SPIDERS!”

Conner’s smirks at her momentary outburst as Gwen walks past her and right up o the wall of spiders, tilting her head curiously at the arachnids.

“These arachnids and other animals here, hold secrets." Conners continues, "This is where I work, but with Reptiles. We're trying to see if we can pull DNA extractions and process it in a similar fashion, Stem Cells."

Stuffing his camera in his bag, Peter raises his hand, getting Conner’s attention.

"Uh, how is that? With Stem Cell research usually you have to take it from a developing embryo or the bone marrow or blood in an umbilical cord of a baby." Peter says, "With reptiles...they usually reproduce by eggs…"

"But there are some reptiles that give birth to live young." Gwen Stacy interrupts, looking at Peter with that 'isn't it obvious' look.

Everyone looks at the Cheerleader, Gwen Stacy, staring at Peter with a raised blond eyebrow, waiting for his reply.

However. Peter looks at her, as does everyone, completely blind sided by her 100 percent nerdy, complex and quite profound statement. Gwen Stacy was a cheerleader. A cheerleader, not a science buff, not a study bunny - she was a cheerleader. And now for the first time, the entire class looks at Gwen, feeling and equal amounts of anvils fell out the sky and dropped on them collectively rendering them all, mute.

Seeing Peter is rendered speechless, Gwen shrugs and points at the various tanks containing reptiles and various birds.

“Under defined conditions, embryonic stem cells are capable of propagating themselves indefinitely and the same could be true of Reptile DNA they most have regenerative properties so the location of WHERE to get those cells isn’t exactly a problem because they can produce limitless…”

Peter waves his hands. This was enough. Peter was a lots of things. A secret Kung Fu move enthusiast, an anime nerd, a chemistry nerd, a bit clingy to his Aunt and Uncle kind of nerd. But above it all, he was very SMART nerd. A nerd who loved science and would not allow someone to start walking all over his territory. He wasn't having it.

"WAIT ONE MINUTE!" Peter exclaims. Wincing at his voice coming out a bit too loudly, rendering Gwen's eyes to widen, but he powers through, he couldn't get embarrassed or he'd lose steam; he continues.

"Okay let's run with your little theory here..." Peter says, Gwen narrows her eyes, "...let's say that Reptile DNA let alone Stem Cells does have a regenerative effects on tissue replacement genetic diseases, cancers, and disorders, spinal cord injuries, all that stuff, but that's for Lizards!" Peter argues to Gwen rolling her eyes.

Peter holds his arms up over his head excitedly "That doesn't mean their compatible with HUMANS!" he says, pointing at all the animal cases, "All we know, you stick a Lizards DNA inside a me, who's to say I won't turn into a full blown lizard if not Godzil...

“Oh here we go with the science fiction…” Gwen interrupts, rolling her eyes, “…you boys and your toys and video games..." she sighs, making Peter's face go emotionless, "'re not going to sit here to my face that if we give people, hurt people, stem cells from Lizards, that they'll turn into Godzilla or some kinda lizard people..."

"No i'm not saying that." Peter says.

Gwen stares at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay that's not all I said..." Peter corrects, "...what i'm saying is, 'Life will find a way'."

"Dude that's from Jurassic Park!" Gwen exclaims.

"Its not about if scientists CAN do something..." Peter says, "...its about if they SHOULD do something."

Gwens eyes open wider and points at him, "THAT'S FROM JURASSIC PARK TOO!"

"OKAY! OKAY!” shouts Dr. Conner, stepping between Gwen and Peter, who are both red faced with conviction, “I see that your teacher has FAILED to inform me that we have two hidden geniuses in our midst." he smiles.

“Pfff…” huffs the spiky brown hair-kid, rolling his eyes.

“Uh like, hashtag blindsided, hashtag nerds unite, hashtag nerd-pocalypse." Liz Allen quips with a rolling of the eyes.


Everyone turns around at the voice of another man walking down a flight of glass steps that lead to above walkway encircling the room.

“DAD!” Harry shouts in excitement, watching his father stroll down the steps in his blue suit with ten other scientists behind him.

Curt smiles and points at the Harry’s father, “Everyone this is Mister Norman Osborn, CEO of Oscorp.”

All the kids turn around, smiling as Norman Osborn walking towards them all. Harry hurries over to his father, who, briefly pats him on the head and moves him aside to see Gwen and Peter.

“WELL Well well…” Norman smiles, brushing aside a now disappointed Harry who watches his Father stand before Gwen and Peter with gleaming eyes, “…that was a wonderful debate to watch. I’m quite impressed and that’s pretty hard to do, Harry can tell you that.” He smiles.

Peter and Gwen both smile awkwardly, embarrassed by their behavior.

“I’ll be keeping my eye on you two, that’s a promise.” Osborn smiles with a wink before turning his attention to Curt Conners, “But I must borrow…”he says, calling him over with a gesture.

“Hey Dad…” Harry says, getting his Father’s blank faced attention as Harry points to the Lab Technicians workstations, “I see you just put in the new holograms! SAH-WEET! When are you gonna get me one of th..”

“Harry!” Norman snaps, his tone piercing through Harry like a knife, “For once in your life can you stop being concerned about every shiny new toy that you see and try, and actually do this, LEARN something from the gifted people around you!” Norman chides.

Harry stares at his Father's almost demonic glares, feeling as if he wanted to melt away and spill into a storm drain. It takes everything for him to keep the tears from his eyes. If he spoke, he knew he'd cry, like many times before.

Harry remains silent. Lowers his face to the floor and silently nods.

"One day son..." Norman says, , “It would be nice to see you grow your mind more than the crap in your bedroom floor.”

Harry winces at the last stab at the struggling dignity he had left.

Behind him, Maryjane just winces, closing her eyes as if she had been stabbed too. Everyone remains quiet, looking at Harry almost as if a murder had just occured in broad daylight.

Seeing the air get tenser, Curt Conners hurries over, placing his hand on his shoulder, "What you need Boss?"

Curt was begging that the appeasement to his actual boss but also friends ego, would distract him, it did.

Norman turns to Curt and his face changes to an expression of delight so fast, a sonic boom could be heard from how fast he broke the speed barrier in his change in demeanor.

"Yes Curt, something came up..." he says, pulling him aside to talk privately.

Standing with his back the Class staring at him awkwardly, Harry’s can't bear to turn around. He could feel face had gone numb from how blood cherry red it had gotten. He was sure there were tears on his cheek, but he was too paralyzed to move to check.

Then he finally hears a friendly voice.

“Dude sorry…” Peter says consolingly, rushing in front of Harry.

Soon as Peter sees Harry, he struggles to keep a straight face, “…your pops is probably just having a bad

Immediately Harry pushing Peter’s arm off his shoulder with a sneer across his face.

“My dad is fine!” Harry exclaims, “He-he…he’s just being sure I’m strong that's all!" he excuses, "And I don’t need your hugs and kisses, we don't all need a perfect aunt and worlds greatest uncle dearest.” He spits, then storming off.

Peter watches Harry storm off, his feelings unhurt. Harry always, for the good friend he was, always had a bad habit of lashing out.

However Peter simply watches Harry go on his way as Maryjane sidles up next to him. Maryjane's green eyes fixed on Harry as he simply sits at a Technicians work bench alone, staring at a hologram of DNA.

“I’ll go talk to him.” MJ says to Peter, scampering over to Harry and sit next to him trying to talk.

Letting out a sigh, Peter feels the odd gaze of someone as the rest of the group disperses through the lab leaving Peter by himself. Through the dispersing group, Peter looks over to the wall of Spiders and sees Gwen Stacy,, sitting in on a white work bench, watching everything attentively.

However she quickly turns her head aside, acting as if she wasn’t looking with the level of keen interest she had. Peter notices Gwen’s blond hair glow extra bright from the florescent lighting in the wall illuminating from the spider-tanks behind her. It was odd, he never noticed how attractive she was. Almost angelic with all the lighting.



Watching all the drama unfold as a scientist walks over to him, Franklin ignores him the walking lab-coat and casually waves his hand at him.

"Move i'm watching a melodrama unfold, for like, the six hundredth and sixteenth time." Franklin exclaims, making the Scientist suddenly turn around and walk back where he came from.

With his arms folded, Franklin observes Peter approach the cheerleader in her white and green cheerleader outfit sitting by herself.

“Oh my gosh this is so piss yellow boring" he mumbles while reaching in his backpack and pulling out a red apple, "How the heck is this one suppose to be special."

Shining the apple on his shirt like the little menace he is, Franklin watches Peter and Gwen start to talk, but then Franklin's eyes notice the wall filled with tanks containing spiders right behind them.

Franklin brown eyes narrow. A thought skitters across his mind and sits in the middle of this thoughts like a Ringmaster in a Circus with the spotlights on him. A mischievous smirk appears on Franklin's face, and like that, he's decided.

Chewing the last morsel of apple in his mouth, he tosses the half eaten fruit over his shoulder and spins in his chair round and round. Then, Franklin holds out his arm, pointing his finger like a gun as he spins until he slows down and his finger aims at an unsuspecting Peter Parker from across the room, "Boop!" he mumbles, swiping his finger across the air.


“Hey uh, Gwen?”

Gwen, still keeping her head turned to the side, simply shifts her blue eyes at Peter, seeing him stand before her.

“You mind?” Peter asks, raising up his camera, “You’re like, the only one here with our school name on their clothes and at that, standing by the Spider-panel. You uh, mind if I take a picture of you?”

Gwen looks at Peter, with a raised eyebrow, "Why, so you can quote more Jurassic Park?"

"Oh c'mon Gwen!" Peter says, "You know you blindsided me, who knew the School's Blond Bombshell Beauty was a wizard with science."

Peter immediately curses himself, for having let out his thoughts into a full sentence on a girl he didn't realized he liked.

Gwen reluctantly smiles, hearing 'blond bombshell', she never heard that before.

Looking up at Peter, Gwen gets ready to say something, but her words get trapped in her throat. Her face drains. Her eyes dilate and she does everything she can to scream, but can't.

Peter sees Gwen's once welcoming demeanor, turn cold and, well, terrified.

"Hey Gwen you don’t look good.” Peter says, inching towards her, “Are you okay?" he asks, reaching out.

Gwen bolts out her seat, backing away from him.

Peter looks at her, almost embarrassed, "Okay okay..." he says, confused and hoping he's now not getting socially ruined by a girl in public.

But Gwen covers her mouth with both hands, shaking her head back and forth before pointing at him enthusiastically.

"Gwen..." Peter asks, seeing she's on the border of a panic attack, "...seriously, you're freaking me ou..."


Peter's neck turns to Maryjane's room-chilling, attention grabbing shriek from across the room. Peter sees her, pointing at him with terror in her eyes. Peter turns around, and his eyes open wide at the all the spider-tanks with glass doors, all swung open! Gwen Stacy screams at the top of her lungs with such a shriek the dead nearly rise.

Peter's struck with shock at the horrifying sight of hundreds of spider's crawlling down the cages as a red light cuts on from behind the tanks, bathing Peter in red light with an alarm blaring loudly.


Terrified, Peter is paralyzed at the sight of the spiders as blue and red speckled spider, descends from the ceiling with a thin crimson red webline, and right onto his nose.

"Uh...HEEEEELP!" Peter cries out.

"I GOT!!"

Peter turns around again, seeing Maryjane sprinting towards with him with a fire-extinguisher in both hands and raised up, driving it straight at his head.

to be continued here...

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@silverspidey: Great continuation of the story. I guess I made a mistske last issue by saying that it was a nice cameo from Johnny Storm, it was rather Franklin which is even better.

Great job with giving every character such a strong character. This is definitely the best part of your book.

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#7  Edited By silverspidey

@tdk_1997Thank you so much. yeah cameo'd franklin, he deserved a nod here and there. lol no matter what universe he's from lol.

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@silverspidey: “Seriously, in every universe, you're a pain." That is funny and accurate:) Well done

Also very cliffhanger ending on whether MJ is going to save Peter by breaking his face with a fire extinguisher! Going to be funny either way

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@silverspidey: Okay, I'm done for now, off to bed :) Great work, it's like Ultimate Spider-Man